9.11 – Targets


9.11 – Targets
9:00pm – 10:00pm

Screengrabs from this intense and awesome episode are at the bottom.


In the Presidential Suite, a young general briefs Heller about Cross and what’s happened with the override. While he talks, though, another military officer at the table is getting an update in whispers from someone else. Heller asks the Admiral pointedly if there’s a problem. He tells Heller that their KH12 satellite is tracking explosions on the Chinese carrier ShengYeng. Audrey asks if this is their doing and he tells them that it is below the water line. They have live footage now. The group around the table gets up en masse and goes to a monitor which is showing the fire and explosions on the ship. Mark quietly puts a hand on Audrey’s back.

Jack and Kate are still engaged in a firefight with the Russians. They alternate firing and Jack yells that they have to get behind the nearby building. Asking if Kate is ready he quickly tells her to go. He lays down cover fire while she runs. He follows her sill managing to take out some Russians. With a second to think, Kate asks, ‘Adrian Cross has Russians working for him?’ Jack figures it’s not Cross, it’s too sophisticated of an operation. They are getting ready to flank the operatives when more cars pull up. Jack and Kate continue to fire and manage to kill a bunch of them, but there is still gunfire coming their way.

Chloe watches the monitors while Cheng and his minions work with the tech. Cheng is asked if he wants them to reply to the American submarine that is confirming their actions. Cheng says no, he doesn’t want their transmission auto traced if there are any holes in the override security. Chloe asks why he would attack his own country and Cheng answers that China turned its back on him and is not his country anymore. One of the thugs has the CCTV feed from a quarter of a mile away. There are many screens of the gunfight between Jack and Kate and the Russians. Cheng sees something in one of the boxes and tells the thug to freeze the screen. He brings up the image larger and it’s Jack firing while taking cover behind the hood of a car and reloading his gun. Cheng says quietly, ‘Bauer’. He asks how he found them and wants to know if his men searched Chloe and Cross for trackers. They were both clean. Cheng goes over to the override device and starts to look at it. While he is busy Chloe sees a phone from one of her dead friends on the ground nearby. She glances over to Cheng who is busy looking at the override. He finds what he’s looking for, pulling a tracker node off of the device and slamming it down on the table. It’s time for them to go. One of them asks what to do with Chloe and Cheng wants him brought with them, ‘What’s in her head is extremely valuable.’ A thug grabs her from behind and pushes her forward. Chloe falls down and lands next to the phone on the ground. Picking it up sneakily she gets up and keeps walking. She gets past Cheng before he stops her. He grabs her arm pulling her hand up and revealing the phone. Unhappy, he threatens, ‘You’re trying my patience Ms. O’Brien. Do not cause any more trouble than you’re worth.’ The throws the phone on the ground and they leave the room.

Jack and Kate are still firing at the Russians and taking fire back. Kate sees a propane tank behind them and she tells Jack to aim for that. He does and it explodes, lighting at least one of the shooters on fire. Soon, though, Jack says he’s out. Kate is as well. Jack pulls out his tactical knife as a car pulls up. The men jump out of the vehicle and start firing at the Russians causing them to shoot back but they are outnumbered and are shot down. The agent from the vehicle yells for identification from Kate and Jack. Kate has her badge and comes out waving it while they’re instructed to keep their hands free. Once they seem to be satisfied with Jack and Kate’s identity Jack starts stowing his knife and walking forward. Jack sighs and tells them gratefully, ‘I’m glad to see you. We were ambushed.’ He needs a few magazines for an HK 30 and asks if they have them. The agent nods and one of the agents heads out to grab them. Jack pulls out his phone and says he has a clean signal to the override, it hasn’t moved. The agent arrives with the mags and Kate and Jack both dump their empty ones on the ground and reload. Jack doesn’t waste any time and says he’s going after the device. Kate tells the agents to lock down the area and she wipes blood from her lip and starts to follow Jack.

Chloe is in the back of a cube truck with Cheng and his men.

Jack gets to the location that the override is transmitting from and goes into the building with his gun drawn. He heads down the hallway and kicks open the door to the room where Cheng and Chloe were. He sees the dead on the ground and checks around the room, leading with his weapon. He gets to Cross and puts his gun away figuring he is safe. His phone says that the override is 1.8 meters ahead and Jack follows the signal to a desk. He picks up the tracker saying quietly, ‘Son of a bitch.’ Hearing something behind him Jack quickly draws his gun and spins but quickly stands down when he sees Kate in the doorway mirroring the same thing back at him. They both put their weapons down and Jack updates her that Adrian Cross is dead. Kate asks about Chloe but Jack doesn’t know. The override is missing and whoever has it was smart enough to take off the tracker. Jack goes over to the computers and starts to look around. Kate walks through the bodies and sees a phone. She picks it up and says it’s still recording. She plays back the file and hears Cheng tell Chloe that she’s trying his patience. Jack stops cold at the voice and once the audio stops Jack tells her twice to play it again. Recognition dawns over Jack’s eyes and he whispers, ‘Oh my god.’ Kate asks if he recognizes the voice and Jack answers absently, ‘I’ll never forget it.’ Jack commands Kate to bring her people in here and he needs to talk to the President. Kate gets her phone out and starts dialing.

On the TV in the President’s conference room the subtitle over the images of the sinking air craft carrier is ‘Thousands Feared Dead’. They stand and watch the carnage. Ron has a phone call from Jack Bauer for the President. Heller tells the Admiral to get the Massachusetts to initiate the rescue attempts. He wants General Coburn brought up to speed when he gets to Euro Con.

Heller answers Jack’s call and Jack stands in the hallway away from the CIA operatives working to clear the room where Cross and his people are. The phone is on speaker for Heller and Jack apologizes for the noise, he makes sure Heller can hear him. Heller confirms ‘Loud and clear’. Heller asks right away if they found Cross and the override. Kate is listening in in the other room while Jack says that Adrian Cross is dead and the override device is gone, but he knows who has it. “Mr. President, you’re not going to believe this but it’s Cheng Zhi.” Audrey and Heller are both affected by this and Heller says that’s not possible but Jack confirms he just heard a recording of his voice on a phone left behind by Chloe O’Brien. Heller tells him, “Cheng was killed three years ago trying to escape from a Chinese prison. Our sources in China confirmed that.” Jack agrees saying he thought so too but, “We were wrong. Sir this man held me captive and tortured me for over a year and a half. I would never forget his voice. I promise you it’s him.” Heller tells Jack about false order and the sub destroying the Chinese carrier, “I guess we can assume the override gave that order.” Jack paces and concludes that whoever Cheng is working for is trying to start a military conflict between China and the west. Heller asks what makes Jack think he’s working with someone else and Jack tells Heller about the Russians that attacked them on the way there. Boudreau squirms behind Heller at this revelation and Heller tells Jack that it’s imperative that Jack find Cheng and the override device so that they can show the Chinese that they were not responsible. Jack understands and promises to keep Heller apprized.

Audrey has stepped away from the table and is standing with her back to the room looking out the window. Heller goes over to her and asks if she’s alright. She is upset and tells her father, ‘He was dead. Everyone said he was dead.’ Heller tries to comfort her but he is interrupted by Ron. Mark heads over to Audrey and asks if she wants to go. Audrey says no. Mark asks if she’s alright and she says twice that she’s alright.

Ritter quizzes Gavin on where Cheng went. Gavin is having some trouble with the satellite coverage. It’s offline and scrambled, the same with the CCTV in the area. Ritter wants to know why and Gavin thinks that’s quite the coincidence. Ritter berates him that he knows he’s still getting caught up on Jordan’s system but he needs to do this fast. Gavin says it’ll take a moment and Ritter tells him to tell Jack as he steps away to answer his phone.

Gavin fills Jack in on the status of the situation. He can’t track them and Jack didn’t see their vehicles because they were pinned down. Ritter comes back and tells Jack that the tactical agents found a tablet inside the van. They were tracking Jack using his com link. Jack doesn’t think that makes sense, it was encrypted. Gavin admits that’s true, only the station and the White House had the code. Jack asks why the White House and Gavin tells Jack that the President’s Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau requested it. Jack is angry but just lets Gavin know he copies. When he hangs up the phone he pulls his ear piece out and swears, ‘Son of a bitch’. He jogs out of the area with Kate in tow.



The truck with Chloe and Cheng continues to drive. Cheng makes a call, this time to Mark’s Russian contact, Enetol and Cheng tells him that ‘it’s done’. Enetol sees this and is watching it on TV. Enetol says that Bauer is still in the picture and Cheng reminds him that he was supposed to take him out. Enetol sent a team but Cheng is displeased, he should have sent a bigger one. They had traced the override to Cheng’s location and he asks where Bauer is now. He won’t stop until he finds Cheng, ‘We have history.’ Chloe is seen with a tear rolling down her cheek. Enetol instructs Cheng to get to the docks, he will have him sent out on a ship under a different flag. They need to be careful. Enetol has arrived at his house.

Jack drives the car while Kate hangs up the phone. Kate tells Jack that there’s no sign of Cheng, he made it outside of the CCTV network before it was restored. She asks what Cheng has to gain by starting a war between China and the US. Jack explains that Cheng was part of the old guard. Ten years ago when the political landscape in China shifted, Cheng and a group of extremists pushed for complete power but lost. “He was in prison. Up until today the entire intelligence community thought he died there. The Russians must have helped him escape.’ Kate surmises the Russians are behind the attack on the carrier. That’s a dangerous game even for them. Jack tells her this might be an off-book intelligence operation but either way if China goes to war with the US, Russia will have a freer hand to expand into Eastern Europe. Kate understands but she asks, ‘Why the hell is Mark Boudreau helping the Russians?’ Jack says that they’ll find out soon enough.

Mark crosses over to Audrey who is thinking and seems to be upset. He says that she doesn’t have to stay if she doesn’t want to. Audrey is frustrated and says no, she’s fine. She wants him to let her do her job, her father needs her and she’d like to think the country needs her as well. Mark backs off.

Ron has a call ready for Heller from the Chinese President Whey. Heller goes into his office and pulls on his jacket, preparing for the meeting. Outside the office the rest of the team watches. Once Ron is ready Heller says he’s calling about the attack on the air craft carrier. It was initiated by an American submarine but it was a mistake. Heller continues that it was not ordered by him or anyone else in the American chain of command. Whey asks if the commander acted on his own but Heller says he did receive an order that he believed was authentic but it was issued by someone who penetrated their network, someone they both know. Whey asks who and Heller tells him Cheng Zhi. Whey doesn’t believe Heller reminds him he was killed 3 years ago. Heller asks if he produced Cheng as well as the device if this would be satisfactory. Whey isn’t convinced saying that it was well known that Heller and his country disapproved of the air craft carrier in the Mediterranean. Heller cuts him off begging him to believe him. Whey isn’t so quick to placate Heller and threatens that they will do what Heller has forced him to and whatever happens today is on his head. Heller looks out to his people as the call finishes.

Heading over to his advisors, Heller thinks aloud that they need to deliver Cheng and show the device to him. They may be able to get him to back down. They need to catch Cheng and do it quickly. They are to use all their resources on this and give Jack Bauer whatever he needs to get it done. Heller starts giving orders to Mark for a crisis management plan. Audrey thinks for a second as people get to work. She approaches her father and says she knows this is a long shot but she has a contact at the Chinese embassy, Chelle, which she had worked on a trade agreement with. Her father is in a position that may be able to help them. She wants to go to her contact, she knows that she will take Audrey seriously. Heller agrees to let her give it a try. One of the military men comes back to Heller and tells him that they have detected movement from the Chinese, 6 aircraft. They don’t know where they’re headed, it’s too soon to tell but the Chinese are not wasting any time.



Jack drives and is already on the phone with the White House switchboard. He asks to speak to Audrey Boudreau. Kate is in the passenger side of the vehicle and she glances over at Jack. Audrey sits in the back of a limo and she answers her ringing phone. Jack identifies himself and starts to say he has something to tell her but Audrey cuts him off saying, “Kill him.” Jack doesn’t hear her, they were talking at the same time and Audrey says again, ‘Cheng. Do what you have to first and then you kill him.’ Jack is surprised by this and asks how she knows about him. Audrey was standing next to her father when Jack called. Jack sighs and explains carefully, ‘Look, I need you to know the only reason I surfaced today was to try and protect your father.’ Jack sighs and looks uncomfortably at Kate. ‘For you. Also because I think he’s a really good man. Things have gotten complicated and some things are going to happen.’ Audrey smiles on the other end of the phone and Jack says quietly, “I just don’t want you to hate me forever.” Audrey stops him from talking and smiles. She’s upset but seems happy as she tells him, “I could never hate you. I never have.” Jack drops the phone a little bit and looks forward stoically. Audrey smiles with tears in her eyes and tasks him, ‘Do what has to be done, you hear me Jack?’ Jack confirms he hears her. She smiles and he thanks her before he abruptly says he has to go. He hangs up the phone and Audrey is slower but does the same. Jack is focused on the road ahead but Kate, sitting next to him, gapes at him in surprise.

Heller is told that the Chinese aircraft are in the air and holding at 30,000 feet. They don’t know the target for sure but it is consistent with their naval base in Okinawa. The general is worried, they have to stand ready to respond with force, otherwise their defense of Japan and South Korea will be threatened. Heller cuts him off saying he understands. Heller thinks they are responding in force but he believes it’s insufficient. The General wants the nuclear alert level raised. Heller thinks it’s premature. The General argues that they can’t afford to be unprepared. Heller does not want to be the first to threaten the use of nuclear weapons. The General says they have nuclear superiority of 10 to 1. If it comes down to it the Chinese are going to blink. Heller asks what makes him think they’ll blink and Heller repeats himself, 10:1. Heller reminds him they fired the first shot, even though it was unintentional. He wants to leave the alert level where it is.

Out of nowhere Jack is in the room, brought in with apologies for interrupting from Secret Service but he said it was important. Heller thought that Jack was on the hunt for Cheng and Jack says he was but he needs to speak to Heller and Mr. Boudreau privately. Jack and Heller lead the way into Heller’s office with Mark behind them. As he closes the door, Jack crosses to Mark and already has his gun out. He pins him against the door and accuses him, ‘You set me up for the Russians you sonofabitch.’ Heller tells Jack to take it easy but Jack doesn’t back down explaining quickly that the Russians attacked him using his com link and Mr. Boudreau gave it to them. Heller looks to his Chief of Staff and pleads, ‘Mark, tell me that’s not true.’ Jack takes his hands off Mark but keeps his gun on him threatening, ‘Tell him the truth, NOW!’ Mark swallows hard and pauses for a second before saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ Heller snaps, “SORRY? You’re working for the Russians and you’re telling me you’re sorry?’ Heller is angry but Mark defends himself. He wasn’t working for the Russians, he claims he thought Bauer was a traitor and was there to assassinate him. Mark reminds Heller that the Russians have been pushing for 4 years for them to turn Jack over so he admits to forging Heller’s signature on a rendition order. He thought he was killing 2 birds with one stone. Heller is in disbelief and Mark is telling him as long as Jack Bauer was free it was a political liability. Mark was trying to turn it into an asset. He was doing his job. Heller echoes that and Mark tells him not to be so naive. His job is to keep Heller’s hands clean and that means his get dirty, ‘I had no idea Enetol Stolnavich was working with Cheng.’ Jack says dangerously behind him, ‘Stolnavich’s cover is a deputy foreign minister, he’s a covert intelligence operator you idiot, and if the US goes to war with China, who do you think benefits?” Jack is angry now and Mark is shocked. He looks to Heller who is shaking is head while he whispers, ‘Russia’. Mark turns away in shame and sits down covering his face with his hands. Heller leans over his desk and tells Mark he is arresting him for treason. Mark looks up at Heller sadly and Jack offers, “Mr. President, I can still use him.” Jack asks Mark if he’s had personal contact with Stolovich and Mark says he hasn’t returned his phone calls but he knows where his residence is. Jack wants him to set up a meet. Mark agrees immediately and Heller wants to be kept posted.   Heller crosses the room to leave and Mark tries to repent to Heller. He cuts him off, though, waving his hand and saying, ‘Enough. I don’t want to hear any more. Nothin.’ Heller leaves and Jack asks where he lives. Boudreau tells Jack it’s in Knightsbridge in a heavily guarded compound. Jack says they’ll have to figure out something on the way there. He heads to the door and barks at Mark to move.



At the CIA Ritter is having trouble with the schematics of the Enetol’s house. Jack and Kate will take what he has, old is better than nothing. For security he has one guard at the main gate but they have no idea how many it total. Gavin needs to know the name of the security system before he can get past it. Jack will get it for him. In the back of the SUV while Kate drives, Jack hands Mark a wireless comm unit and explains that he will be able to hear everything he and Morgan say. Jack asks Kate for the camera and she hands him back a small package. He instructs Mark to turn to him and then pins a small US Flag onto his lapel. He wants Mark to stand in front of the security panel when he gets to the door so they can identify what they have. They are set and Mark, looking worried, asks what happens if he doesn’t go for it. Jack tells him that he needs to persuade him, adding, ‘You’re good at that.’ Mark asks cautiously, ‘What happens when the bullets start to fly.’ Jack answer, ‘You’re gonna wanna try and stay low.’ He warns Mark that as soon as they enter the house things are going to happen fast. Stolovich will want to get a secure area of the house. He asks Mark to try and slow him down. Mark tells Jack that he understands if Jack hates him because of what he tried to do to him, he thought he was doing what was best for the President and the country. He’s committed to do whatever it takes to make it right. He looks to Jack for approval and Jack looks back to him with an imperceptible expression. He says the camera is on line. Mark tugs at his jacket and touches his ear in preparation.

Cheng and his posse are still in the back of the truck. They should be there within the hour. His tech works to try and prepare the truck to get through security at the port but his skills are not up to par. He thinks they might have better luck if Chloe does. As they talk about inspecting cargo, Chloe grabs a pipe from a box nearby and starts swinging. She hits most of the thugs and manages to get far enough away to open the door and jump out of the vehicle. It’s still moving and she rolls off the embankment and down the hill. Shortly up the road the truck stops and the minions jump out in search of her. Chloe has stopped rolling at a tree and appears to be unconscious. The thugs have lights and are spreading out to search and speaking in Chinese. Cheng stays on the road and before long there are a few military trucks coming towards him. The driver stops and asks if Cheng needs any help. He smiles trying to please the military man and says no. The officer tells him he has to move his truck, there’s no stopping there. Cheng answers diligently, ‘Yes sir.” He turns to his people and tells them to leave her. They jump in the back of the truck, shut the door and drive off. Chloe remains unconscious in the forest.

With the President the military commanders update him that the Chinese planes have cleared their airspace but they haven’t fired yet. The US squadron is in the air as well. Heller has not heard back from Jack or his daughter and the British Prime Minister also got through to the Chinese but he had no more luck than Heller did. Heller walks with Ron and pulls his bottle of pills out of his pocket. He gets the lid off before he drops them on the ground, the little blue and red pills going everywhere. He swears, ‘Dammit’ and bends to retrieve them. The two high-ranking military officers in the room also go over to assist Heller but Ron is closer and drops to his knees, waving off the men. Heller says he’s good and once they are all collected, Heller looks up at the men still standing looking to help. Ron assists him in getting up with a hand under his arm. The young commander takes the phone and tells Heller that he is getting confirmation of 2 SC19 missiles launched by the Chinese but their destination is unclear. Before they can do anything else the satellite images go down and they are left looking at black screens. Heller asks what’s going on and they tell him that they appear to have taken out 2 of their surveillance satellites. Heller wanders away and they want to move him to a more secure location and also move the level to DefCon 3. Heller closes his eyes for a second and they ask, ‘Sir?’ Heller thinks and then nods his head giving them the go to raise the level.



Jack, Kate and Mark pull up near the Russian house. Ritter and Gavin are ready to go. Jack wishes Mark good luck and he gets out of the car, walking away from them as Kate watches. He slowly makes his way up to the gate as Jack gets in the front of the SUV with Kate.

Mark goes to the guard that’s standing on the other side of the fence and tells him he needs to speak with Stolovich right away. Tell him it’s Mark Boudreau. The guard looks skeptically at him and Mark says please. He gets out the phone and dials. Jack watches from the SUV.

Stolovich is in a red and black robe suit jacket and smoking a cigar and he answers the phone with a ‘what?’ The thug at the front tells him that Mark Boudreau is there, alone. Stolovich casually says to send him away. The thug tells Mark that he can’t see him right now but Mark wants to plead his own case, he wants the phone. He says it will just take a second and Stolovich hears this and agrees. Mark is given the phone and Stolovich asks what he’s doing there. Mark is claiming he’s looking for asylum because Heller found out that he forged the arrest warrant. Mark claims that he has to help, he can’t go to prison. Stolovich is unmoved, it’s not his concern. Jack urges quietly in Mark’s ear, ‘Come on.’ Mark continues saying he’s the White House chief of staff, he has lots of information, intelligence briefings, things that could be an asset to him and his country. Stolovich tells Mark to go to the embassy in the morning if he wants asylum. Mark will not last until the morning, he’s being watched. He tells him to think of how much of a hero he will be when he turns Mark over. Stolovich puts the phone down for a second and Mark says his name a few times until he opens the gate. Mark gives the phone back to the thug and Stolovich wants Mark searched. He uses a metal detector and waves it over Mark finding nothing. Jack continues to watch from the van.

Jack says that Mark is in and Ritter and Gavin need the security panel so they can get the type. Jack relays to Mark that he needs to get closer to the security panel. Mark does as he’s told and they manage to get the make off of the panel so Gavin can get into it. He comments that it’s high end for a home security system. He will work on disabling it remotely and sending a jamming signal. Jack asks to see the security personnel in the home and Mark chances a glance down at his flag camera and then slowly pans the room. Jack thanks him.

Stolovich appears at the top of the stairs shrugging back into his black jacket and after confirming that Mark is clean he tells him to follow him. Mark and Stolovich head into an office room on the ground floor closing the door behind them.

They sit down across the desk from each other and Stolovich says that he would like some of this intelligence that Mark says he possesses before he makes a deal. Mark tells him no, first he needs money. Stolovich muses that it always comes down to money.

Jack wants to move in, he and Kate get out of the SUV. Gavin is hesitant that he has the right codes and if he doesn’t he could set off the alarm and inform the police. He’s working as fast as he can.

Jack and Kate are in the bushes near the residence and Gavin works magic and gets it. Jack wants him to open the gate on his command. Gavin confirms the signal is jammed and Jack gives him the go to open the gate. Gavin smiles at his handiwork as he watches it open. The guard comes over and Jack quickly shoots him.

Inside the residence Stolovich sees the security cameras go down in his monitor and he glances at Mark who looks guilty. Stolovich opens the top drawer of his desk and goes for a gun. Mark jumps out of his seat and gets a hand on his arm. They struggle and the gun hits the ground.

Jack and Kate are ready to breach the door. Kate opens it up and they step forward.

Stolovich hits Mark in the head and Mark goes for the gun. They struggle over it.

Jack shoots the first guard he sees.

Mark and Stolovich go crashing through the glass door landing on the carpet next to each other.

Jack and Kate work through the guards, killing them one by one as they close in. Jack leads the way.

Stolovich has taken a large piece of glass in his neck. He feels for it and then pulls it out as Mark crawls over to him. He is also worse for wear with numerous cuts and scrapes on his face. Mark is calling Enetol’s name when Jack makes it into the room and tells Kate that Stolovich is down. He asks if Mark is okay and he claims he is, he pulls himself up to sit. Jack gets to Stolovich and tells Kate to get a towel now, he’s bleeding out. Jack tries to get his hand over the wound and leans over asking ‘Where is Cheng?’ Stolovich opens his eyes to see Jack over him and gurgles, ‘Bauer. My country has not forgotten and will not give up until you pay for what you have done.’ Jack whispers, ‘Come on you son of a bitch.’ But as Kate brings him a towel and Jack shoves it on his neck, he groans, ‘He’s gone, he’s gone.’ Jack is upset by this and Kate pulls her earpiece out and watches. Jack sits back on his heels and heaves a sigh.

Audrey is in a park in the dark with 2 secret service agents. A woman comes to her and even though Audrey says its fine the agent checks her with a metal detector. The two meet and Audrey thanks her for coming on such short notice. Audrey explains that about the override and Cheng but that they can’t prove it right now. She hands over a card with information about the device on it to Chelle, her contact. Chelle is hesitant and can’t make decisions for the country but Audrey asks her to take it to her father and let them analyze it and decide if that’s enough to pass on. They are hoping that this evidence plus Cheng will be enough to prove that the attacks were not the US’s doing. She can’t speak officially but if there’s enough evidence including proof of Cheng being alive that they should be able to resist the hard liners and back away from retaliation. She takes the information from Audrey and they share a quick hug before she steps away. Audrey calls her and she pauses for Audrey to thank her. Suddenly a shot rings out and Chelle falls. Immediately the furthest secret service agent from her falls as well. As the closest one goes to try and protect Audrey, he also falls to the ground. Unsure what to do she tries to get to Chelle but a shot is fired at her feet. Audrey stops in her tracks and screams before standing still looking scared.

In the split screen we see Chloe waking up, Heller moving around, Chloe starting to walk around, Jack, Mark and Kate searching Stolovich’s place.

Audrey stands still and her phone rings causing her to jump. She picks it up and Cheng’s voice is on the other end. He tells her that his assassin has his weapon trained on her. She needs to sit back down on the bench and not move and maybe he’ll allow her to live. Slowly she sits closing her eyes. She takes the phone away from her ear while her eyes fill with tears.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • Jack and Audrey’s moment from the 5th episode was sweet to bring back in the previouslys. Especially since they get another one in this episode.
  • That military guy advising Heller seems way too young to be that high ranking to be advising the President.
  • Mark is trying to silently apologize to his wife in the very first scene when he puts a hand on her back.
  • I grudgingly concede that Jack and Kate are good together in the field. I am pre-biased against Kate for two reasons. One is that her name is Kate. Bad memories of another blonde from 24’s past. Also there was almost right away talk of her ‘taking over’ 24. I, for one, am totally against this. I’ve been on this soapbox before. A lot. 24 is Jack, Jack is 24. No one else can be the ‘Jack’ of this show. Least of all a little blonde woman with a chip on her shoulder. If I wanted to watch that, I’d watch Homeland (which I do, but if you put Kate in as the main character in this show, it IS Homeland). Nothing against the actress or any of that, she’s good, but it’s not why I watch 24.
  • I think they used the footage of Jack reloading over the car hood twice. Once for Cheng’s screens and once when we were watching ‘live’.
  • Cross seems to have a pretty sophisticated operation. Jack writes him off pretty quickly.
  • So is Cheng the mastermind? Or is someone else behind this?
  • I’m so glad we got rid of a ‘c’ name. Cheng, Chloe and Cross was getting a bit too much.
  • I love how the guys at the Presidential retreat travel as a pack.
  • Cheng is good. I’m impressed with his ability to foil Chloe’s plan. However, he’s not smart enough to make sure she didn’t manage to hit record that fast.
  • However, how in the hell did she manage to hit record that fast?
  • SFX did a great job with the guy on fire during the gunfight. The best part was he was still firing for a few seconds while he was burning.
  • Pretty sure Jack would have found those tanks without Kate’s help.
  • We’ve seen this before from Jack, his unwillingness to give up, ever. He runs out of ammo he’s ready with his tac knife… however knife vs. gun is not very favourable for him. But whatever.
  • You know it’s a good day when Jack Bauer is happy to see you.
  • I guess Kate got hit in the face in the car accident. I was surprised to see she was bleeding after the agents got there.
  • HK-30 or P30 is a ‘newer’ HK pistol listed as a “police and security pistol”. It has P30also apparently “been adopted by several European police agencies” so that makes sense that they would have rounds and clips. Comes in 9mm and .40 S&W.
  • I would have expected Jack to be a little more worried about Chloe.
  • That was a nice moment of tension between Jack and Kate with guns drawn.
  • It’s nice that Kate didn’t ask Jack for anything when he told her to bring her people to Cross’s hideout. She just does it.
  • I know I’ve probably said this a bazillion times but I just cannot get over Kiefer as an actor. The nuance of his performance in this episode is just ridiculous. When he hears Cheng it’s like a whole different personality. Amazing. I have missed him so much on TV.
  • What is ‘Euro-con’? I’m assuming that’s just code for ‘The actor you are trying to reach is currently unavailable. Please try again next week.’
  • SO who are these Chinese sources that confirmed Cheng was dead?
  • There’s something a little more real about Jack admitting that he was tortured than hearing other people say it. It’s tough to hear him acknowledge it like that.
  • All in all, Audrey handles the Cheng situation rather well. Since the last time he was in her lift she was basically a vegetable, that’s an improvement.
  • Here’s hoping the writers don’t ‘regress’ Audrey and make Jack have to try and bring her back again. It was a little obnoxious the first time, we don’t need it again.
  • Actually her strength, especially to Mark, is kind of nice.
  • A word about cell phones: It seems like maybe the actors are just using their own cell phones? I don’t know, but they all have a variety of phones, iPhones, Androids, whatever. The only thing is they have ‘SPRINT’ printed loud and clear on them.
  • It seemed for a while it was gonna be ‘bad guys use iPhones’ but I think that’s negated now.
  • So a complete world war can only be averted if Jack finds a bad guy. There’s a new twist. Oh wait…
  • How many times have we heard Ritter called ‘Erik’? I think it happened more times this episode than in the entire season. And he even calls himself ‘Erik’.
  • The CIA obviously needs a Chloe working for them. No offence to Gavin, but he’s no Chloe.
  • He is however, NEEDING to say ‘Beam me up, Scotty.’
  • Poor Gavin, he’s doing what he can. Ritter needs to back off, he’s too much of a boss already.
  • Well Jack took the info about Mark getting his tracking info quite well… on the surface. He didn’t lose his mind and go speeding out of there to go in hot and beat the hell out of Mark. Impressive.
  • There has been quite a bit of discussion this week about ‘son of a bitch’ and particularly ‘dammit’. They tell us that Jack uses those in place of other words that would not be available to his vocabulary on the channels 24 airs on. If only it was on cable. Jack would be dropping f-bombs left right and center.
  • Kate gets a little bit lost dog in this episode, just following Jack around. A little annoying. Also, did she have any lines after the first 15 minutes?
  • I guess it’s still personal for Cheng, even after all this time.
  • ‘We have history’, yeah, that’s kind of an understatement.
  • When Jack told Kate that they’d ‘find out soon enough’ why Mark was working with the Russians, there was no soon enough for those of us that had been waiting for weeks for Jack to figure it out and cap the snakey jerk.
  • As much as a snakey jerk that Mark is, Audrey is pretty snarky to him. Not that he doesn’t deserve it.
  • Does Audrey actually have a title other than President’s daughter? Like is she in the chain of command?
  • It was nice to see the return of the multiple boxes and camera angles for the same scene when Heller was getting ready to talk to the Chinese President and we also saw the outside room with Mark and Audrey.
  • Does Kate call Mark ‘Martin’?
  • William Devan who plays Heller is from New York. Every once in a while I hear his New York accent poking through his presidential-speak.
  • Wow the Chinese are moving pretty quickly to possibly start a world war. Although, I guess the US started it.
  • Where in Heller’s mind is it a good idea to send Audrey out to do this meet? From the first time she mentioned it I think we all knew where it was going.
  • It’s gotta be hard for Jack to call Audrey, ‘Audrey Boudreau’. Little knife in the heart every time.
  • Line of the week contender: Audrey to Jack: “Kill him.” Well, there’s no beating around the bush there, is there?
  • There’s this real connection between Jack and Audrey when you think of their history. They both endured the worst that the Chinese had to dole out from Cheng for a length of time. It’s safe to say likely that neither of them yielded any information to the Chinese. They both withstood nastiness for the good of the country.
  • I wonder if that would have come up in Heller’s election platform.
  • Poor Kate, stuck in the car with Jack when he’s having a heart to heart with Audrey. Most people probably believe Jack doesn’t actually HAVE a heart, but when he brings it out he sure can put it on the line.
  • It’s kind of sweet that Jack is calling ahead and effectively asking for permission to put Audrey’s husband in prison. I mean, he doesn’t do it in so many words but he’s feeling out where she is there.
  • So, Jack could very well be responsible for 2 husband demises of Audrey.
  • That line about Jack surfacing to protect Heller for Audrey was so sweet. I think the line right after, ‘Because I think he’s a really good man’ is terrible. It just killed the mood.
  • Oh the feels, “I just don’t want you to hate me forever.” Oh. My. God. For a guy who said he had no friends a while ago, he sure cares what Audrey thinks.
  • Also lots on the line when Audrey admits she’s never hated Jack. She claimed to as she slapped him silly as her husband’s body cooled, but I guess we all say things we don’t mean sometimes.
  • Jack must be infuriating to deal with on a personal level. That’s got to be the 3rd time this season he’s been having a deep conversation and then says, “I have to go” and hangs up instantly.
  • Not only can Jack talk on the phone and drive, but he can pour his soul out while he drives. Kate couldn’t have taken the wheel?
  • I do like Heller’s hesitation to going nucular. Or Nuclear. Or however they’re going to say it.
  • Hilarious that Jack can just waltz into a high-level meeting when they’re on the brink of war. “Well, Jack Bauer said it was important.”
  • Mark needs new pants the second he sees Jack. You can see the panic in his eyes. To his credit, he didn’t run. Or cry. I would have cried. But I also wouldn’t have sold Jack to the Russians.
  • Line of the week from the second it was uttered, Jack to Mark: “He’s a covert intelligence operator you idiot.” Oh more of that please.
  • I love that Jack’s finger is on the trigger all the time. That’s not training. Should be off until you’re ready to fire.
  • Can we start a petition that every time Jack addresses Mark he ends it with “you idiot”?
  • That was very gratifying, Jack coming after Mark like that. Awesome.
  • ‘Sorry’ really isn’t going to cut it.
  • It’s great the Heller believes Jack and goes after Mark like that.
  • It is somewhat redeeming that Mark cops to what he did and has a semi-valid reason. I mean, he doesn’t know Jack (in more ways than one) and if he really believed he was a treat, that’s good. However, it would seem he saw Jack more of a threat to his marriage than a threat to Heller and his safety, especially the further it went.
  • Anyone else impressed Jack managed to get through Mark’s reasoning without rolling his eyes?
  • And then, Jack saves him from immediate incarceration by saying he can use him. See, who says Jack holds a grudge?
  • That should be fun for Heller to explain to his daughter, how do you lead into that conversation, ‘Yeah, I’m sending your husband to jail for treason. He’s probably gonna get the death penalty, so yeah, wanna see that photo of us as a happy family again?’
  • That office of Heller’s must be pretty soundproof to not have the secret service storming it when Jack was tirade-ing at Mark.
  • Jack did a good job of keeping the snark to a minimum when he was setting Mark up for the meeting. Impressive.
  • Stay low, always a good tip when the bullets start to fly.
  • Why does Mark care if Jack hates him? He just stood in front of the president and admitted to working on a deal to turn him over to Russia because he’s a liability and was going to kill the president. ‘Liking’ him should be the last of Mark’s worries.
  • Evidently, Chloe really is the only competent tech in the 24-verse.
  • Chloe’s gained some skills in fighting since she’s been on the run. Well done.
  • Chloe, that’s how she rolls. (I know I know, groan).
  • Chloe should have yelled: “Aaaaaasssssssssssss, yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssshhhhhhhhh!”
  • Wow, Cheng sold the niceness really well. I’m not sure we’ve seen that before.
  • Truck driver, why u no ask Cheng more questions? GAH!
  • It is relatively unlike Cheng to leave Chloe like that.
  • Defcon what? DefCon 24! That means nuclear war with Jack Bauer angry. Shit’s really hitting the fan now.
  • Oh the moment when the two guys who are trained to do anything for the commander in chief, the President, aren’t able to do anything to help the old man pick his meds up off the floor is priceless. Like it’s going against everything they’ve ever known to let him pick the pills up himself.
  • Do we want to get into the semantics of missiles from planes taking out satellites which are not on the planet, but outside of earth? No? I didn’t think so either.
  • Those are some grave and slow steps that Mark takes as he walks away from Jack and Kate in the relative safety of the SUV. But I guess I’d rather go a round than an angry Russian then Jack Bauer.
  • Anyone else really want to touch Solovich’s smoking jacket? It seems like it’s nice and furry.
  • At least Mark knows that he comes off as a wuss and he uses that to his advantage pleading that he won’t last until the morning.
  • Does Stolovich know Jack Bauer’s history? Because having someone in another country’s embassy has never stopped him before. In fact, it was kind of the beginning of the end for Jack’s happiness. When he stole the source from the Chinese embassy in Season 4, everything after that was just trying to stay out of trouble and prison. But I digress. If they were really after Mark, does he think that having him in his house would stop Jack?
  • Worst. Search. Ever on Mark. He didn’t even wand anywhere near where the metal for the transmitter or the camera were.
  • Also, Mark is the most un-subtle undercover operator ever. I particularly love the part when he looks directly down at the camera when Jack tells him to view the guards inside the residence.
  • As much as Gavin is kind of useless, I do enjoy the joy and pride he seems to take in his work.
  • Not many secret meetings can effectively happen behind glass doors, like in Stolovich’s office.
  • Mark did do a good job of selling his cover to Stolovich. Jack picked the right person.
  • Mark also has good reflexes when Stolovich is going for the gun. It was impressive that he didn’t just stand there and get shot, but tried to prevent it.
  • There were some gruesome guard deaths in the house.
  • Speaking of gruesome, Stolovich’s squirting blood from his neck was all kinds of squirmy.
  • How nice for the last thing for Stolovich to hear is Jack calling him a son of a bitch.
  • Mark is tougher than it seems most of us gave him credit for. Not many people could go crashing through a glass window like that and say they’re fine.
  • Is anyone going to tell Audrey that her husband’s got a treason rap hung on him?
  • How many times have we seen vital prisoners or witnesses die under Jack’s hands? Not complaining, but really, he should be used to it by now.
  • I wonder if the actress playing Kate doesn’t like the earpieces. She’s seen pulling them out a few times.
  • So, um, who allows Audrey to set this meet up? Like, who is responsible for the details? When they are moving the President to a secure location, why is his daughter allowed to be in a park, in the dark, with 2 agents and only 2 agents? Seems a little unusual. Especially since Secret Service’s job is to protect the whole family, as seen in Season 1.
  • Did they not scout the building or at least have an agent over there for Audrey’s meet?
  • Jack is going to be pissed off when he realizes what’s gone on.
  • Cheng moved pretty quickly on Audrey. Makes you wonder if someone inside is feeding him information or if maybe Chelle was part of his plan.
  • Good to see Mark up and helping toss Stolovich’s place and interesting to see Jack letting him help.
  • Audrey’s phone has the loudest vibrate ever. I jumped just like her.
  • Also nice to see Chloe up and around.
  • Thinking that Cheng might see Audrey as unfinished business. She maybe was negotiated to freedom and he didn’t get to kill her. This may not bode well for Audrey’s future.
  • Spent some time watching episodes 1 and 2 this week. Had a few thoughts that tie in to this episode in particular.
  • When Chloe first asked Jack why he had surfaced and she was grouchy that he made her help out Jack explained it telling her, ‘I owe Heller, and his family.’ Chloe called him out on it right away saying that he meant Audrey. She knows Jack for sure.
  • Watching older episodes also made me curious how much Jack knew already before he even got involved. In the first episode Mark had Jack transferred to special activities which ultimately caused him to break Chloe out of there. Mark expedited it because it was Jack and his history with Audrey. Did Jack know this was going to happen? How good is he, really?
  • So this is it, the eve of the finale, again. Will Jack die? Will Chloe die? Audrey? I’m thinking Jack makes it and since Audrey is in mortal peril right now, she’ll also survive. Odds of death based on my 24 experience:
    • Jack: 0/10 – I just hope they’re not stupid enough to kill Jack.
    • Chloe: 6/10 – I think she has a greater than 50% chance of not making it out alive. It just feels like time, and they primed us for it last episode.
    • Kate: I would like to think it’s an 8/10 chance of death, but I’ve been hearing rumors about a possible show takeover by her, so I don’t think they’d kill their potential golden goose. So, unfortunately, I will officially (and grudgingly) give her a 2/10 chance at death. 80% chance of survival.
    • Audrey: 2/10 – If this is really it, it’s Jack’s chance to be happy. 80% chance of survival.
    • Mark: 9/10 – This is where my money is going. If there’s a death, I’m thinking it’s going to be Mark. Ties up the ‘Audrey married’ angle and frees her up to end up with Jack.
    • Heller: 3/10 – Will FOX let them kill a sitting president? My money’s on no. But I bet they wanted to.
  • It’s been fun, folks. Thanks for hanging in and see you on the flip side of the finale.


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