9.10 – Allegiance

9.10 – Allegiance

8:00pm – 9:00pm


Kate’s phone rings as she watches the body bags wheeled out of where Jordan was found.  Jack is calling and he needs help.  He is in an alley and explains about Nevarro’s connection to the killer.  Kate is surprised and Jack also tells her that he took off with the override which is more dangerous then they thought.  It can get into multiple weapon systems from other countries as well.  Jack is in pursuit and wants CCTV tracking on Nevarro sent to his phone.

Nevarro makes a call and it’s Cross, still using a voice scrambler.  Cross is at a cafe, Chloe sits not far away while Adrian walks away.  Nevarro has the override and he is almost at the square.  Cross wants a meeting at Liverpool Street station.  Cross says he will find Nevarro and a car will arrive to take him out of the country after he’s given him the device.  Nevarro isn’t so quick to trust Cross’ word but Cross reminds him he has two choices, keep up his end of the deal or spend his life in a federal penitentiary if he can avoid the death penalty.  Nevarro will be there in 5 minutes.

While Adrian has talked on the phone, Chloe has gotten up and come over to him.  He hangs up with Nevarro and turns finding Chloe standing right behind him. He jumps and she asks what’s going on.  Cross is taking the override back.  Confused, Chloe asks, ‘Yates’ device?’  Cross corrects, ‘My device.’ Cross had told Chloe that Yates designed it but now he corrects her that Yates engineered certain aspects of it but he designed it.  Chloe is unimpressed and Cross continues that Yates stole it from him, modified it for the US drone system and sold it to terrorists to line his own pockets, he didn’t give a damn that it could be worth far more.  Chloe doesn’t know what he’s talking about, far more than killing millions of innocent people?  Cross and Chloe work their way up the stairs out of the restaurant and says he’ll save lives.  He is going to get past the firewalls and break into every nuclear arsenal and share the information with every country on earth.  ‘How effective can a country’s weapons system be if their adversaries can take control?’  Chloe answers hesitantly, “Not very?”  Adrian says right, in one stroke, technological warfare is obsolete.  Chloe doesn’t look convinced and she steps away from him and sits down.  She explains the override is locked up at CIA but Cross says it’s out already, Nevarro will deliver it, ‘He and I did some business together, he provided me with classified files, some of which I then brokered to the Chinese intelligence.’  She doesn’t look impressed and he continues, ‘Operations cost, Chloe, even ours.  Chinese were willing to pay, they think they were exploiting me, I was using them.  It’s all part of the same fight.  Better world.  A world you would have wanted for Morris and Prescott.”  Chloe is close to buying in and Cross keeps working, “Have some faith in me, we’re so close.”  He steps to her and says, ‘Come on.’  She stands and they hug.  He asks her, “Are you with me?”  She gives an imperceptible grunt.

Jack’s phone rings and it’s Gavin, the CIA tech calling.  He identifies himself and that he was told to call Jack.  He tells him Nevarro shut down their access to the cameras so Jack asks for satellite coverage.  Also he wants a tac team for back up.

Nevarro makes his way down an alley and he steps out onto the street while checking behind him.  He is nearly hit by a truck that honks at him.  This attracts Jack’s attention and he starts to chase Nevarro.  Running down a sidewalk, Nevarro sees a military officer talking to a couple of civilians.  Nevarro uses his handgun to knock the soldier out and the civilians step back while Nevarro takes his automatic rifle and shoots at Jack.  Jack dives behind a pile of beer kegs and manages to avoid the fire. Nevarro takes off and Jack follows down an alley shooting when he can.  Nevarro takes cover behind a pile of boxes and garbage and Jack comes down the same alley.  He slowly approaches the spot where we saw Nevarro but when he rounds the corner, Nevarro is gone.  Jack runs after him.  Nevarro appears to have made it to the square where Cross is to meet him and he sees the Liverpool Street station sign.  Nevarro crosses over that way and makes a call to Cross.  He directs Nevarro to a construction wall.  There’s a cement mixer that has money and papers in it.  Nevarro finds it and is told to dump the override through a hole in the wall.  Cross has to prod him to do it now and finally Nevarro drops it and asks where his car is.  Cross, on the other hand, has grabbed the bag and hung up the phone.  Nevarro has no car although he keeps asking the dead line what happened.  Cross goes to Chloe and they walk away casually.  Jack sees Nevarro who spots Jack and runs into the street.  Jack gets close enough, draws on Nevarro and demands, “Don’t you move.”  A car that shows up contains a tac team that jumps out and helps secure Nevarro as Jack orders him to interlock his fingers behind his head.  Jack is over him asking where the override is.  Nevarro has no answers and Jack says to cuff Nevarro while he runs off.

Jack runs into the subway station and is on the top level.  He can see the people down below and manages to spot the bag that Nevarro had been carrying.  He whispers, ‘Dammit’ and heads downstairs.

Cross walks casually with Chloe though the crowds down the escalators.

Jack runs down pushing people out of the way and yelling for them to get out of the way.

Chloe and Cross make their way onto a train.

Jack continues to shove and run down the escalator trying to catch up.

Cross and Chloe sit down on the train.

Jack is close and yells that it’s a police emergency.  The train leaves and Jack sees Cross.  He runs beside it and Cross sees Jack but says nothing.  Chloe is looking the other direction, ahead of them.  Jack yells Chloe’s name but inside the train he can’t be heard.  Jack can no longer keep up and he stops running.  Chloe finally turns to Cross and then looks down to the bag.

Jack calls the CIA and wants a track on the train heading westbound from Liverpool Street Station.



Jack watches Nevarro get cuffed and is told that the emergency brake on the train Jack was tracking was pulled while they were in the tunnel.  There is no CCTV there and Jack thinks the getaway was planned.  Jack’s phone rings and its Kate.  She with Ritter back at the CIA.  Jack explains to her about Cross taking the override, he wants an all agency search.  Jack tells Kate that Chloe O’Brian was with Cross, he saw her himself.  Kate and Ritter both think that doesn’t make sense, she’s been helping them all day.  They discuss the idea of Chloe playing them and biding her time to get the override to Cross.  Jack pauses for a second and then says, ‘My gut says no, but I can’t be sure.’  Jack is coming into the CIA with Nevarro now.

Kate and Ritter are walking down the CIA hall and Kate tells Ritter that he’s the ranking officer now.  He steps out and asks for everyone’s attention.  He informs them that Nevarro has been taken into custody and was responsible for the death of Jordan Reed and the theft of the override.  Ritter is taking over for the time being.  He’s going to review their assignments but for now they are to get back to work.  He looks back to Kate who nods reassuringly at him.

Kate tells Gavin that he needs to get into Jordan’s system and find out what he was working on to do with Nevarro.  Something that was worth killing him for.  Gavin gets down to work.

Heller heads into his quarters, walks over to a bottle of a dark liquid, pours it and picks it up in a glass.  Audrey comes into the room and tells him, ‘Dad, you can’t mix alcohol with your medicati-‘ but he downs the drink and she smiles.  “Just the one” he promises.  Air Force One is fueled and ready on the tarmac and Heller is pleased.  He isn’t as pleased that he came over to the UK to keep the drone bases in Diego Garcia and he’s going back with nothing except a slew of British and American lives on his conscience.  Audrey argues that he’s not the reason.  He was willing to give up his life to save others, he should not blame himself for anything.  He wants her to tell the Secret Service that he’s ready to go home.  They also need to make a call to the Vice President and that he’s getting ready to make the announcement and he should prepare to take over.  Audrey looks sympathetically at her father and and tells him kindly, ‘Dad, we already talked about this.’  She doesn’t finish her thought when Mark barges in the room talking.  Audrey snaps at him saying, ‘Mark, please’ but he keeps talking telling them there’s a call from Ritter at the West London Station.  When Ritter answers Heller asks where Nevarro is and Ritter explains about Nevarro and the theft.   He mentions Jack having apprehended him and after thoroughly explaining it all Heller wants Jack given whatever he needs and keep him posted.  Ritter agrees with a sigh.   Heller asks for a full report from DoD on what they got from the device and what kind of countermeasures they can use.  Air Force One is to stand down, he’s not going anywhere until they’ve figured this out.

Gavin stops Kate as she walks by, he has something for her.  Jordan was running data restoration on some files Nevarro was working on last year and deleted.  The files show that the intelligence files that were linked to the Chinese from Kate’s husband originated from Nevarro.  Kate is shocked and asks, ‘You’re telling me Nevarro sold the intel and made it look like my husband did it?  He set my husband up.’  Ritter has comes up behind Kate and asks Gavin if that’s right.  He pauses and then confirms it.  Kate is emotionally affected by this and steps away as she sees Nevarro coming in the CIA with the guard.  Kate is infuriated and yells to him calling him a son of a bitch.  She tries to go to him but Ritter grabs her from behind.  He sends her to her office but she can’t do that.  Ritter turns it into an order and Jack pauses seeing the commotion.  Kate leaves and Jack crosses to Ritter.  He wants to know what that is about and Ritter fills Jack in.  They are planning to send Nevarro to Special Activities but Jack argues that won’t work.  Nevarro was in covert ops, he was trained to resist the exact same techniques.  Ritter wants to know what Jack suggests and Jack wants to talk to him.  Ritter starts to protest but Jack says Nevarro sees Ritter and everyone else there as a subordinate. Nevarro knows Jack’s history.  Ritter agrees tentatively and will let him in as soon as Nevarro is set up but if Jack crosses the line he’s pulling him.  Jack tells him dangerously, “Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t asking. That was me being courteous.”  Jack walks by Ritter towards interrogation deliberately ramming into Ritter’s shoulder.

Jack enters Kate’s office.  She paces and cries quietly.  Seeing him she tells him tearfully, ‘I don’t need you to say anything.’  Quietly, Jack says, ‘I know.’  He steps forward and she continues to cry.  After a second he says optimistically, ‘At least your husband’s name is cleared.’  She continues to move and tells him, ‘It’s too late, Jack.  My husband was given a life sentence and he hung himself a month into his sentence because of that son of a bitch I thought was my friend.’  Jack awkwardly says he’s sorry.  He has to interview Nevarro, he needs to find the override.  She needs to decide whether or not she wants to stay in.  ‘No one will fault you if you step aside.  Especially me.’

Nevarro is all hooked up to the same machines Jack was in the first episode.  A tech looks at the readings and Jack and Kate come into the room.  Nevarro’s respiration and thermals are elevated as expected but it will be hard to get a reading until they establish a baseline.  Jack heads out of the room grumbling that he doesn’t need bio-metrics.  Ritter calls after him to remember the ground rules.  Jack snaps back, ‘Right’ and closes the door.  Kate would like to observe, she tells Ritter unconvincingly that she’s fine.  He nods.

Jack goes into the interrogation side of the room and tells the guard to take off his cuffs and give them the room.  The guard does what he’s told and Nevarro rubs his wrists.  He puts his hands flat on the table and Jack tells him that he knows the drill but he’s going to lay it out for him anyways.  The CIA knows he had Jordan Reed murdered and that he was selling secrets to the Chinese.  He had Agent Morgan’s husband framed and he was a federal agent.  Jack was an eyewitness to him stealing the device and handing Adrian Cross a weapon of mass destruction.  The only outcome is the death penalty.   If he cooperates Jack is pretty sure he can get them to take that off the table.  Cross tells Jack that the truth is he never knew he was dealing with Adrian Cross, they kept in anonymous but he can help Jack find him and the override.  He has to move quickly.  His demands are an immunity agreement signed by the president.  End of discussion.

Kate watches with Ritter and balks, ‘No one’s going to give him immunity.’

Nevarro reminds Jack before he objects that they are dealing with weapons of mass destruction.  Jack is going to ask him one last time nicely, where is the override device.  Nevarro taunts Jack they both know they are not going to let Jack hurt him.  Agent Ritter is the acting head of station and he won’t let Jack ruin his career.  Anything Jack says or does will be a waste of time.  Nevarro pauses and looks at Jack saying, ‘tick tock.’  Jack circles to Nevarro and tells him calmly, ‘I assure you full immunity is not on the table, but your hand is.’  Jack grabs his gun and hits Nevarro’s hand hard a few times.  He goes over onto the ground and Jack knees him in the face demanding to know where the override is.  Nevarro has nothing to say and guards and Ritter storm the room.  Two guards pull Jack off while Ritter attends to Nevarro who is in pain on the ground.  Jack pulls himself away from the guards angrily and Ritter calls for a medic.  Kate comes into the room and Jack sees what’s coming calling her name in warning.  She screams that they can’t make a deal with him.  Yelling ensues while Kate and Jack are removed from the room.  Ritter follows them out ordering them both to go.  Kate tries to go back for more but Ritter repeats himself.  If Nevarro has a way to find the override device it is his job to make a case to the president.  The rest is up to him.  Ritter leaves Kate and Jack both standing in the hallway steaming.



Boudreau and Ron walk down a hallway and Boudreau asks for an immunity agreement for Steven Nevarro to be drawn up.  Ron is confused but Boudreau snaps he doesn’t need to understand, he needs to draft if up ASAP.  Boudreau sees Audrey standing in the hallway outside his office.  Ron asks him if he wants the link sent to his office or cell.  Mark doesn’t answer and Ron asks a puzzled ‘sir?’ Before Boudreau tells him his office.  He thanks Ron and approaches his wife.

Boudreau heads into his office with Audrey and closes the door.  She apologizes for snapping at him when she was with her father.  He tells her its okay but his body language says otherwise.  She empathizes that she knows her father put him in an impossible situation when he told Mark not to tell her about turning himself over to Al-Harazi.  Mark calmly says that that is not what this is really about, this distance between them.  Audrey is confused asking what he means and he tells her coldly that the moment Jack Bauer showed up in London things changed for her.  “It’s the truth, admit it.”  He snaps while shaking his head.  Audrey pauses and then tells him that the things that happened between her and Jack were a long time ago.  A hint of a smile crosses her face, betraying her words.  Mark admits that’s true but she has clearly not resolved her feelings for him.  Audrey is surprised at Mark asking why he is going there.  He claims he is tired of dancing around it like this.  ‘I want to know where I stand.’  Audrey looks at him and answers, ‘I made a commitment to this marriage and I intend to honour it.’   Mark retorts coldly, ‘I’m glad I’m an obligation that you’re taking seriously.’  Audrey says that’s not what she means and he wants to know what she means then.  Audrey is frustrated with her husband and says she can’t talk to him when he’s like this.  She turns to leave with him calling after her.

Boudreau stands in his empty office and paces, thinking.  He reaches a decision and pulls out his phone calling the Russian contact that was looking for Jack.  His aide answers the phone in the back of a car and he passes the phone over.  The Russian asks right away if Jack Bauer is ready to be turned over.  Mark says not exactly and the Russian thinks Moscow will not be happy with that.  He will have to let the state department hear how Boudreau forged the signature on the order for Jack Bauer’s rendition order.  Mark doesn’t have him but he can tell the Russian how to find him.  He has his attention and Mark explains Jack is in the field using an encrypted CIA com line.  He has the transmit code and their men should be able to pinpoint his location using it.  That is deemed satisfactory and his aide will text Mark on a secure channel so he can upload the code.  Mark’s involvement will be between them and if they find Bauer no one will never need to know about this.  They hang up and Mark receives a text.

The programmer we met a few hours ago, Shel, answers the phone finding Cross on the other end.  They will be ready in 15-20 minutes.  Cross is fine with that, he and Chloe will see them then.  She asks if Cross told Chloe everything and he confirms he did.  He opens a car door for her and then puts the device in the back.  She pauses taking her jacket off and then puts it in the back as well over top of the bag with the override.  She slyly picks it up and has it covered with her jacket.  She looks inside the car and tells Cross that she has to pee and apologizes.  She motions to an outhouse nearby at a construction site.  He says alright and waves her away.  As he watches her walk towards the outhouse a truck comes down the deserted road.  Seeing it she waves and yells for help.  She has the drivers’ attention until a shot rings out shattering the driver’s side window.  The truck takes off and Cross approaches her as she yells for the truck to not go.  Cross grabs the bag angrily asking her why she insists on disappointing him.  Chloe isn’t dissuaded though and asks what’s wrong with him.  He can’t actually think his plan would work.  Cross doesn’t want to hear anymore and he tells her to just get in the car.  He has a gun in his hand which doesn’t go unnoticed by Chloe.  She asks defiantly, ‘Are you asking me or telling me?’  He says coolly, ’I think you know the answer to that.’  She turns and walks away from him toward the car.

Nevarro is in the clinic getting patched up with a full cast on his hand and arm.  He asks the doctor for something for the pain but he was instructed not to give him anything.  Nevarro answers, ‘Naturally’ as Kate walks in the room.  She pulls her gun and tells the doctor to get his hands up, same for the guard.  She takes the guards gun and has them both get down on their knees.  Nevarro asks what she’s doing and she tells him to shut up and backhands him across the face.  She accuses him of framing her husband, he is dead because of him.  Kate is angry and upset and Nevarro reminds her that she has a long career ahead of her.  She says when Adam was arrested she blamed herself for not knowing what he had done.  Nevarro pretended to be her friend.  Nevarro tells her if she kills him the CIA will never get their hands on the device.  Kate shoves the gun under his chin and tells him, ‘I don’t give a damn about that.’  Nevarro is scared and tries to calm her saying, ‘Easy, easy.’  Jack comes storming in the room and Nevarro begs, ‘Bauer, get her off me.’  Jack tells Kate to put the weapon down but she tells Jack, “Back off Bauer, this has got nothing to do with you.”  Kate stands with her gun on Nevarro’s chin and Jack is across the room having not drawn his gun yet, but has his hand on it.  They need him alive to know what he knows.  Kate doesn’t believe he knows anything, he’s playing them.  Nevarro says that’s not true and Jack draws his gun and demands Agent Morgan put the gun down.  She keeps yelling that he has no idea where the device is.  He’s lying just like he lied about everything else.  Nevarro admits he put a tracker on the device, he can tell them where it is.  Kate yells that he’s a lying bastard and moves the gun to his forehead.  Jack again demands she put it down and steps in a little closer.  Nevarro offers the code and Kate doesn’t believe him, she’s going to put a bullet in his head.  Jack yells Kate’s name louder trying to get her attention and to put the weapon down.  Nevarro screams out a bunch of numbers and says that’s the code.  Kate steps back and says coldly, “Did you get that?”  Jack touches his ear piece and steps away saying, “Gavin?”  Gavin sits at his computer and has entered it.  He says it seems to be legit, it’s already locked down to a 4 mile area.  Jack tells them that he’s locked onto the override device, “It worked.”  Jack walks and Kate stands staring sadly at Nevarro.  She says to him, “You’re done, you’re going to be executed for murder and for treason and I’m going to be there to watch.”



Ritter asks Jack what’s going on and Jack explains that Morgan broke Nevarro, they got a lock on the override.  They need to move on it now.

With Heller and his people, a general mentions a Chinese air craft carrier in the Mediterranean that is fraying peoples nerves.  Heller wants to know if he should alert NATO of the breach but they advise against it, it will be destabilizing if they know people have access to their defense systems.  Mark comes in with the agreement for Nevarro but Heller says they no longer need it, they got Nevarro to talk.  He explains about the tracker and that Jack and the tac teams are trying to locate him quickly.  Mark asks, ‘Bauer is involved in the operation?’  Heller says yes, he’s leading it.  Boudreau looks unhappy behind Heller.

Jack drives with Kate, they are 5 miles from the perimeter but something is blocking the signal.  Gavin will do what he can to get a smaller search radius for them.  Jack orders the teams to split up and come at the location from different angles so Cross doesn’t see them.

Jack looks over to Kate who is silent but composed.  He asks if she’s okay.  She sighs and explains carefully that the last time she saw her husband he was in custody and they were going to go over his appeal.  He was really happy to see her until he realized she no longer believed him, ‘I’ll never forget the look in his eyes.  I know that was the moment he decided to take his own life.  Not because he was convicted but because I had deserted him.’  Jack watches the road and says nothing as she asks, ‘How am I supposed to live with that?’  Jack tells her simply, “You just do.”  He tells her his story, ‘Four years ago my partner, my friend was killed and I took as much revenge as any man could possibly take.  It cost me everything.  What was left of my family, everything.  Somehow I thought it would ease the pain.  It doesn’t and somewhere in your heart you have to really accept that.  And then you can begin to forgive yourself.’  Kate looks away from Jack out the window.

Cross and Chloe arrive at their destination.  He explains he’s moved everyone there, it used to be a tech program at a college but budget cuts closed it.  They enter the building and Cross thinks they’ll all be very happy to see Chloe.  She clarifies that they know what he’s planning.  They do.  They have made it down the hall and Cross opens the door.  He sees his people all dead either at their stations or on the ground, many with bullet wounds to the head.  Cross is shocked by the carnage and puts his hand to his mouth looking away.  He can’t bear to see his people dead.  Chloe sees one of them, the large red-headed tech, is still barely alive.  She calls him Statch and crosses over to him.  He’s fighting to breathe and she tries to comfort him.  Cross tells her in a gravelly voice that they have to go.  She doesn’t answer him, just tries to help the dying man and Cross says again they have to leave.  Before anything can be done, though, someone says ‘Stay right there.’  A group of about 6 men, all Chinese, enter the room led by Cheng.  He orders them to take the device and one of them does.  Cross covers his eyes again, not able to look into the room as one of the men callously knocks a body off of a stool and opens the case with the device.

Cross asks why Cheng did this and Cheng says he didn’t do this, Cross did when he tried to deceive them.  Cheng paid him to develop the override, not to give it away to the rest of the world’s governments. Cross corrects him that his government got what it paid for but Cheng doesn’t work for the Chinese government anymore.  Cross is still sickened by the sight of his team and trying to hold his emotions in check.  Cheng notices Chloe and observes smugly, “Mrs. O’Brien, you’re a long way from home.”  Cross is now looking down at the ground as Cheng speaks to his tech.

Chloe takes this chance to berate Adrian for working with Cheng asking, ‘Are you insane?’  Cross asks how Chloe knows him and she explains that he used to be Chinese intelligence, head of security of the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, “His own country had him arrested, he’s supposed to be rotting in prison.”  Adrian shakes his head and Chloe continues, “He kidnapped Jack, had him put in a secret prison outside of Beijing and tortured him for over a year.  And when Audrey Heller went to go look for him, he did the same thing to her.”  Cheng comes back over to Cross and tells him the device has been modified.  He wants to know what Adrian did.  Cross looks at the ground and tells Cheng that Yates modified it so it focused on the US Drones.  Cheng tells him he will restore it to the original state but Cross doesn’t have the expertise for it.  Cheng nods and claims to believe him. He turns to Chloe however and says, ‘I’m sure you can manage, right?’  Chloe stares Cheng down saying, ‘I’m not gonna help you.’  Cheng coolly draws his gun and fires at Cross, taking him down with a bullet to the knee.  Chloe yells ‘No’ and goes to his side as he grunts in pain.  Cheng tells her, ‘The next one is in his brain.’  Hearing Cross still groaning she says fearfully, ‘Okay, stop, I’ll help you.’  Cheng waves her forward and Chloe walks away leaving Adrian groaning on the ground.



Mark is calling his Russian contact but he’s not answering.  He quietly begs for the man to answer but the voicemail of Enetol Schtolovich kicks in and Mark, voice full of stress, says he left him 3 messages.  He needs to call him, ‘Do not apprehend Bauer.’ He wants a call as soon as possible.

Jack drives and Gavin claims to have a lock on Cross’s location.  Jack is three minutes out.  Ritter chimes in from the CIA that Jack needs to not wait too long when he’s calling for back up.  He knows Jack has a history with Chloe O’Brien.  Jack snaps that the priority is the override, ‘Stay focused on your job and stop worrying about me.’

Chloe works at the computer while Cheng hovers around.  The bodies of Cross’ team are all over the place.  Cross seems to be managing the pain from his gunshot but his eyes are closed.  Chloe is asked how much longer this will take but she doesn’t know.  Cheng accuses her of stalling but she is working on the buffer configuration.  It will be done when it’s done.  Cheng is called over to his own tech who tells him something and Cheng orders Chloe to get up.  His thugs grab her and sit her back down next to Cross.  Cheng’s people have it from here.  He turns a laptop screen around and says that one of his men had mirrored her screen.  She tried to sabotage the device.  They only needed access to the framework interface.  He thanks her for opening the door for them.

Cross sighs next to Chloe and as Cheng gets back to his work, Cross sadly says that they’re not going to get out of this alive.  Chloe asks him not to say that.  Cross has something to tell Chloe about her husband and son.  He has her attention and asks what it is.  Cross is breathing heavily and still not acknowledging the dead in the room.  He explains, ‘About a year ago I came across some documents that disproved what you were led to believe about the car accident and their deaths.’  She asks him what he means and he continues that it was an accident.  ‘Chloe, no one as trying to kill you, an accident was responsible for killing your family.’  Chloe has tears in her eyes and is angry at Cross asking why he would keep that from her.  Cross moves and winces before admitting he didn’t want her to leave.  He was going to tell her eventually, ‘No matter what, the truth is always the best.’  She asks angrily, ‘What truth?  The truth when you decide to tell it? Look around you.  All your work has led to this.’  Cross asks her, ‘Please don’t ask me to regret what I’ve worked for.  I don’t.’

Cheng’s thug claims he is inside the network command server.  Cheng tells him to draft the order.  Chloe wants to know what order which gets Cheng’s attention back to her and Cross.  He says they’re almost done there and says, ‘I don’t have any use for you anymore.’  He raises his gun, Chloe sees what’s coming and yells ‘no!’ and jumps to Cross, but there’s nothing she can do, Cheng shoots Cross in the head.  Chloe cries.

Jack drives and wants to tac teams to hold their positions.  He’s giving orders to the CIA when a Mack truck comes out of nowhere and hits Jack and Kate’s SUV square in the side.  Ritter hears the commotion and asks what’s going on.  Gavin also tries to raise Jack and Kate.

At the scene, Jack and Kate get out of the SUV through broken windows and Kate confirms to Jack she’s okay.  Inside the truck that hit them they are heading to make sure Jack and Kate are dead.  Jack tells Kate there are two shooters in the truck.  He gives a go and they both fire at the truck.  Another car of backup shows up for the Russians and Jack and Kate shoot at them.  Yelling in Russian can be heard.

Cross lies dead on the ground and Chloe stands nearby.  She sees that Cheng is sending orders to the USS Massachusetts, a nuclear sub. She asks what he’s ordering them to do.  Cheng just tells his guy to send it which he does.

On the submarine they have an incoming tactical action message.  It is handed over to the captain and they go over to a safe, opening it up.  They compare codes on the paper from the safe and the one that was sent, they match.  One of the seamen asks what it is and they’ve been given a fire order to sink the Chinese carrier Sheng Yeng.  The Captain is asked if it’s a drill but it came from command.  He gives the order to flood the torpedo tubes.  After a few seconds he’s told they’re ready.  He hesitates for only a second before giving the order to fire torpedoes 1 and 2.

In the split screen we see Chloe, Mark, Ritter and Gavin, Heller, Jack, Cheng and the air craft carrier.

At Cross’s place, Cheng and his men watch as the carrier is hit.  From above we see a large explosion, even on the grainy screen in front of Cheng and Chloe it’s obvious, the carrier has been hit directly.  Chloe cries ‘oh my god’.  The carrier is on fire and no doubt that it’s going down.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • I wonder if Ron has figured out that Boudreau forged the papers on Jack.  
  • Thinking that Cross is the big man that orchestrated everything.  I can’t see anyone else over top.
  • Where in the hell did Nevarro have time to take the CCTV cameras off line?
  • Cross just has a great way with words.  Maybe it’s the accent but everything just sounds better and smarter coming out of his mouth.
  • It’s great that Jack is ‘in pursuit’ while he walks down the road.  No one said it was a fast pursuit.  It’s not like there’s nuclear war on the line or anything.  
  • How and when did Cross have time to create that device without Chloe knowing?  It seems as though they may have been living together.  One would think she may have noticed him putting together a weapon of mass destruction in his spare time.
  • I’m not exactly how Cross could even think this might work.  What is the end game?  Like, after he exposes the nuclear arsenals of every country on the planet what’s going to happen?  They’re just going to walk away from them all together?  More likely they’re going to blow the shit out of each other.  
  • I can’t believe Cross played the dead husband and child card to get Chloe to do what he wants.  That must be how he got her in all this in the first place.
  • Chloe’s hilarious with her answer of a questionable, ‘Not very?’ For a guy who appears to be dating her he sure doesn’t seem to know her that well.
  • I wonder if a lowly teach like Gavin would have some hesitation about calling Jack who used to be a fugitive until just a couple of hours ago.  If he’s read Jack’s file he knows that he’s a badass.  
  • See, beer does save lives.   Is there anything it can’t do?
  • I didn’t really appreciate the false set up with Jack and Nevarro when he was hiding.
  • I know I’m being picky here but there have been some liberties with time in a couple of episodes now.  When Nevarro was running, we saw him and then instantly he had a phone and was talking to Cross.  Too fast.
  • Pretty sure the passport Nevarro picks up is Canadian.  We don’t want him!
  • Wouldn’t Cross be worried that Nevarro could somehow lead back to him?  You know, by like, planting a tracker on him? It seems that it would have been in Cross’s best interest to make sure Nevarro was safely away.  But hey, that’s just me.  
  • I just don’t see Jack missing Chloe walking with Cross the first time he spots the bag.
  • Chloe just couldn’t have looked to see Jack?
  • Also, those are some soundproof trains.  Where I live the trains are the furthest thing from soundproof.  You’d certainly hear the Jack Bauer bellow over top of a departing train.
  • If Jack can’t trust Chloe, who can he trust?  We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when he didn’t accuse her but figured he’d wait it out.
  • Kate takes it well when Ritter takes over.  Really, that should be her in charge since Nevarro was responsible for her being transferred.  
  • That was quite the speech that Ritter pulled out of his ass there.  Well done.  Very well said.
  • He also seems like he doesn’t want to be in charge the way he stresses the part of the sentence, ‘Time being’.  As in maybe he’s not there long.
  • Or maybe the time being is until he’s inevitably killed.
  • Speaking of un-appreciated things.  I also didn’t appreciate the set-up with Gavin and making him look like a bad guy before.  He seems like a good guy now.  But this is 24 so you never really know.
  • Heller should probably need more than one drink.  He just about died a very short while ago.
  • So funny, line of the week contender, Heller to Audrey: “Just the one.”  Nicely done.
  • Not gonna lie, I’m excited about the prospect of Audrey leaving Mark and getting back together with a retired Jack.  If we all remember right, she broke it off with him because she couldn’t be part of the Federal Agent life.  If this is truly the end of 24, then it would be perfect for them to end up together and ride off into the sunset. (or fly, maybe…)
  • So Heller doesn’t trust Jack to protect him but he does trust Jack to stop the device from being caught?  I have problems with Heller’s dual personalities.  It’s like the writers are trading episodes and can’t agree which Heller is the real one.
  • At least Kate didn’t get her gun out right as soon as she saw Nevarro and cap him.  That would have put a damper on her getting her career back together.
  • The way Ritter is arguing with Jack doesn’t exactly scream, ‘Give Jack whatever he needs.’  You know? The order he just got directly from the president.
  • So we’ve had pretty minimal counter reaction to Jack in the last few hours, until now.  It’s always bureaucracy that holds Jack back, isn’t it?
  • At least Jack knows the score.  Line of the week: Jack to Ritter: “Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t asking. That was me being courteous.”
  • The little brush against his shoulder on the way by was also very hilarious.  Also a little bit childish, but so funny.
  • Why oh why would Jack go after Kate to try and make her feel better?  We all know Jack isn’t very adept at making anyone feel better about anything.  He’s not really a feelings kind of guy.  History states he tends to get pissed off and either put his foot in his mouth or his fist in someone else’s.
  • Speaking of foot in the mouth disease, he does a good job of that when he tells Kate that the silver lining is her husband’s name is cleared.  Nice.  Too bad he’s dead.
  • I know that Kate’s husband had a name, it was Adam.  Nevarro, Ritter, all the CIA people KNEW his name because most of them (except Ritter) worked with him.  Why do we keep calling him ‘my husband’ and ‘Kate’s husband’?  It’s really annoying and I can only think it’s for our benefit.  Like we’re not going to be able to figure out who they’re talking about if they don’t call him that.  I think we’re smarter than that.  Its okay, writers, we’ve got it.
  • The tables have literally turned between Jack and Nevarro and the first episode when Nevarro was interrogating Jack the exact same way.
  • Wow, Nevarro looks pretty good.  There’s some eye candy for some of us.
  • The smarmy jackass side of Ritter is kind of fun.  He’s pretty cocky in the face of Jack Bauer.  Until Jack starts wailing on him, then he’s a little bit of a wuss.
  • I actually got chills with this line: Tick tock.  
  • Oh line of the week contender (runner up actually): Jack to Nevarro: “Immunity isn’t on the table.  But your hand is.”
  • That’s a hilarious little cool down party in the hallway with Jack and Kate when they get kicked out of the interrogation room.  Standing there all banned while Ritter deals with Nevarro.  “Go to your corners!”
  • Ritter is an excellent yeller. He’s got a great bellow.
  • Somewhere in that mess of yelling and hitting, someone, somewhere said ‘Sir’ while Nevarro was on the ground.  I hope it wasn’t Ritter talking to Nevarro, he ain’t your boss no more, buddy.
  • Jack has acquired, I think an even worse temper then he had before.  This is not Jack’s fight, it’s not like Nevarro put HIS husband in prison.  But he’s going all Nina-interrogation on Nevarro.
  • Poor Ron, he really does get the shit end of the stick all the time.  All orders, no answers from anyone.
  • Mark and Audrey’s relationship is obviously rather complicated.  There are all kinds of circumstances that we didn’t see leading up to now.  I still wonder how she ever fell in love with him.  Possibly she fell in ‘need’ with him when he helped her come back from whatever happened in China.
  • I, for one, appreciate the honesty from Mark.  I mean, he’s lying about everything else, at least he’s honest about his feelings to do with his marriage.
  • Audrey’s voice says she’s done with Jack but her smile when she talks about him says otherwise.
  • That is one cold way to address your marriage: “I made a commitment” and then Mark calling him an ‘obligation that she takes seriously.’  Ouch all day.
  • So that call about Jack to the Russians after the fight with Audrey proves that Mark’s motives are personal.  They’re not to protect the president or the country.  He’s doing this because he’s threatened by Jack and is afraid that the big scary ex-federal agent will swoop in and steal his wife.  What a dick.
  • Couldn’t Cross find somewhere nicer for Chloe to use the washroom?  Even the idea of a construction site outhouse is nasty.
  • Would that thing be unlocked anyway?
  • What was Chloe’s plan if no trucks showed up?  Dump the override in the toilet?
  • See, Chloe is still good.  All this talk about her and Jack being in different places and on different sides, but here we are at hour 10 of 12 and she’s doing the right thing.
  • I’m starting to get ‘Chloe death’ vibes.  I don’t know, I just feel like it’s been a while since they killed anyone we like.  However, I guess that could be a function of the fact that there aren’t many characters around that we know well enough to really like.  Jack, Chloe, Heller and Audrey are pretty much the entire list.
  • After all the complaining I’ve done over all the years about Chloe, I actually think I like her now.  I would certainly be sad if she died.  I’m not sure what caused the change, but there’s a different feel now.  She’s more of a person and less of a personality disorder.
  • Nevarro is certainly cool under pressure.  He’s trying to reason with Kate right off the bat.  
  • Anyone else that didn’t think the Nevarro/Kate interrogation wasn’t a set up think that Jack was going to shoot Kate?  I’m waiting for a big death, I think.
  • You know it’s rough when you have to beg the guy that just broke your hand to save you.
  • That was a great little scene between Jack and Kate and Nevarro.  Excellent acting and execution all around.  Already going to miss 24 and it’s not even over yet.
  • And Ron gets to be the sucker again.  He gets the agreement drawn up for Nevarro in record time and when Mark delievers it, nope we don’t need it.  Sorry, no one told you?  
  • The look on Mark’s face is priceless when Heller confirms that Jack is leading the operation.  
  • Who is Jack to be giving advice on how to deal with your demons?  He’s the champion of not dealing with his issues on deflecting them on others.  Maybe he’s a new man now?  Probably not, though.  Methinks he’s only on this case right now because Kate’s problem with Nevarro being a traitor reminds him of Nina and his wife.
  • Speaking of which, he maybe could have brought Teri up instead of Renee when he’s talking about revenge and feeling better.  I mean, he killed his wife’s killer and said it didn’t change anything.  He already admitted that to Tony when he was going to kill those responsible for killing Michelle.  And Jack obviously didn’t learn from that because he went on a huge revenge tilt when Renee was killed.  And now he says that didn’t help either.  Some people never learn their lesson.
  • Hilarious tweet from Mary-Lynn Rasjskub (Chloe O’Brien) while this scene was filming: “Jack’s bumper sticker : ‘Revenge Doesn’t Pay’  Well played.
  • Anyone else really really feel bad for Cross when he sees all his people dead?  That was just spectacularly acted.  From the time he sees it to the time he dies, I don’t think he looks into the room once.  The expressions, I totally get why they cast him.  I was almost sad to see him die.  He brought humanity to the character of Cross and made him not a raging lunatic but someone who is trying to do what he thinks is right. Gee, where have we heard that before in 24?
  • Oh Cheng, how we didn’t miss hating you.  
  • That whole scene with the dead techs and then Cheng’s return was quite the shock.  Even though I’ve been questioning the inclusion of the Chinese from day one, the first time I heard it, it still was a surprise to see him there.  We just went nuclear, folks.  Literally.
  • Cheng as a freelancer is just terrifying.  Being part of the government allowed him only certain freedoms.  Now, however, he can do whatever the hell he wants.
  • There are some interesting parallels between Cheng and Jack.  They were both government agents and ended up being forced out working on their own ruthless agendas for what they think is right.  It’s a fine line between bad guy and badass good guy.
  • Nice little catch up for those that haven’t watched the first 8 seasons of 24.  Cheng in a nutshell.
  • I thought Cross was supposed to be some super-programmer that can do anything.  Is he just too chicken to get involved or is Chloe really better than him?
  • It’s not 24 until someone gets a bullet in the leg now is it?
  • Finally Russian walrus has a name, Enetol Schtolovich.  Actually, I’m just going to keep calling him ‘The Russian’.  That’s way too hard to type.
  • Ritter and Jack are quite cold to each other.  You’d think Ritter would be a little more open to Jack.  It’s not like he’s looking for Ritter’s job or anything.
  • When Cross came clean to Chloe, you knew his minutes were numbered.  She had to know her family wasn’t killed because of her so she can get her life back on track and move on past this part.  However, that’s if she gets out of today alive.
  • So Chloe doesn’t have to be mad at the government and Jack for what happened to her family.  She can move on.
  • I still think that if this show were to keep going (I know, I know, not happening) that Morris and Prescott wouldn’t actually be dead.  It just would make for excellent television.
  • That’s gotta be hard for Chloe.  Really it seems the only person she has left now is Jack.  No family, no friends, they’re all dead.
  • How could Jack and Kate possibly be okay after that hit?  
  • For a split second I thought that the car that showed up at the scene of Jack and Kate’s accident was CIA.  And then I remembered what show I was watching.
  • Any chance of Tony showing up to save Jack? No?  Damn.
  • I was kind of hoping that the Russians would show up for Jack when he was trying to fight the Chinese.  Then they CIA could just go home and let the Russians and Chinese just kill each other.
  • Bwahahaha, seamen.  Sorry, just had to.  Obviously, 4 years have passed and I, for one, haven’t matured.  :P
  • Sooo, we’ve got pretty much World War III on our hands here.   Awesome.  
  • How in the hell are they going to tie this up in 2 hours?  I know there’s still technically 14 hours left in the day but 2 hours of air time.  I’m starting to wonder why we wasted all that time with Margot and Simone when this was where we were going.
  • This show keeps getting better and better.  Really.  Where was this in the last few seasons?  Can we go back and just have a do-over on Season 8?  Because really, if it was firing on all cylinders like this season is, it would have been WAAAAAAY better.
  • For the second week in a row, I have to say that this hour was the best hour yet.  I love where this is going.  We have a direction and only 2 hours to figure out how to get out of it.  Beautiful.

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