9.09 – Anger Management

9.09 – Anger Management
7:00pm – 8:00pm


Wembley Stadium is smoking from the explosion on the pitch.

At the US Embassy the President’s people, the Prime Minister and his aides stand around a televisions watching the coverage of an explosion at the stadium.  Everyone is upset, including Audrey who stands alone, to the side of the others.  The Prime Minister has his hand in front of his face and finally says to turn it off.  Coburn complies and Audrey cries quietly.  The Prime Minster turns to Audrey and tells her, ‘Your father was a courageous man and a dear friend.  To sacrifice himself in such a way was an act of bravery that my nation will never forget.’  Audrey finds her voice to thank the Prime Minister.  She turns and see Mark standing there.  She has nothing to say to her husband but throws him a look of loathing and walks by him out of the room.  Davies’ aide, the woman yet to be given a name, says, ‘Let’s hope Al-Harazi keeps her word.

At the CIA they watch the same coverage but many agents are confused about this action.  Kate closes her eyes and Ritter asks no one in particular why Al-Harazi would fire into an empty stadium.  Kate corrects him quietly that it was not empty.  Nevarro and Ritter round on her while Nevarro asks what’s wrong with Kate.  She tells them that President Heller was in the stadium.  Ritter doesn’t believe what he heard and Kate explains that he agreed to turn himself over to Margot Al-Harazi.  Heller was the target.  They turn back to the images of the crater in the middle of the stadium.  They don’t think that Secret Service would ever allow Heller to do this but Jack broke Heller out and delivered him to the stadium.  This is real, the President is dead.  Gavin, a tech, is on the phone and says that the British Navy is reporting an explosion in the sea.  Before there’s a reaction, he relays there’s another one.  Kate fills them in that Margot said she would destroy the drones if Heller turned himself over.  She must be keeping her end of the deal.  They all stare at the TV.

Margot looks out the window at the stadium.  Ian has one drone left and Margot encourages him to dump it. Heller kept his word and so must they.  Ian sends it into a dive.  He tells Margot, ‘Machmood is looking down on you from above, Mother.’  She says he’s looking down on them all  she turns to Ian and preaches that he came into their lives and gave them purpose, something to believe in, something to fight for.  She wishes he was alive to see this day.  Ian looks back at the screen with the image of Heller on the pitch.  He sees a catch in the footage.  He points it out to his mother saying that it’s cloned footage in their feed.  When Heller looks to the right, the camera jumps back to him looking forward.  Margot is immediately angry and orders Ian to get the last drone back.  Ian is trying and she paces yelling for him to hurry up.

Emergency personnel arrive at the stadium and Jack is heading out to get back to his helicopter.  He says they’re clear and the camera pans to Heller trotting along beside him.  He assures Heller that Margot thought he was in the field when the missile hit.  Heller asks why Jack didn’t tell him what he was doing.  Jack knew Heller wouldn’t risk it. Heller asks if it worked and Jack says they’ll know soon enough if Margot starts destroying the drones.

Jack’s phone rings in Chloe is calling.  She tells Jack about the drones that were in a dive and then disappeared off of the radar.  There is one left and it’s also heading into a dive.  She just gets the sentence out when she says to wait.  It’s heading back toward the shore.  Jack swears, ‘Son of a bitch’ and Heller asks what’s going on.  He wants her to send the feed to the RAF and see if they can intercept the drone.   Chloe is doing that and Jack wants to know if she can get a location on Margot.  She is trying, she has it narrowed down to east London.  Jack is going to head that way.  They hang up and Heller protests that Jack should have let him take the hit.  Jack addresses Heller as ‘Mr. President’ and says he knows he was prepared to die but if there was a chance to save his life, he was going to take it.  There are 5 drones down and only one left.  Heller knows that the one drone can kill thousands but Jack reminds him not if they can get to Margot in time.  Based on where they were an hour ago, this mission was a success.

A car squeals into the parking lot and Heller asks Jack if this is ‘his guy’.  Jack confirms it is and Belcheck pulls up.  Heller wants to head back to the Presidential quarters but Jack argues that Margot knows he’s alive, he has to stay dark.  Heller listened to Jack before, he’s not going to again.  Belcheck has opened the door for Heller and Jack asks him, ‘Mr. President, please.  Get in the car and let me do what I know how to do.’  Heller half smiles and obliges Jack, getting in.  Jack closes the door after him and tells Belcheck, no cell phones, Margot might be using voice recognition.  He will contact Belcheck when they are clear.  Jack leave Heller with Belcheck and jogs over toward the chopper.

Heller asks for a phone, secret service will come and pick him up.  Belcheck tells Heller, ‘Jack said no phones.’  Heller speaks firmly, ‘I’m the president of the United States of America and I gave you an order.’  Belcheck turns to face Heller and says calmly, ‘I’m not an American citizen, this is not America.’  He locks the door to the car.

Jack takes off in the chopper, Belcheck drives away with Heller.

Jack calls Kate at the CIA and wants to be patched in to the Presidential quarters, he needs the staff to hear what he has to stay.  Kate relays this to Nevarro and Ritter and they jump into action.

Audrey is watching a news report about citizens leaving London via the tube.  The Prime Minister is nearby and muses that nothing causes a panic like telling people to remain calm.  General Coburn has a call from Jack who is flying the chopper and wants to be put on speaker.  Jack first asks if Audrey is there.  Audrey answers that indeed she is there and Jack speaks to her while the others listen saying, ‘Audrey, your father is still alive.’  Everyone in the room has a confused response and Audrey asks incredulously, ‘What?  What are you saying?’  Jack was with him a few minutes ago, he’s fine and he’s safe.  Margot believed them but figured it out in time for one drone to be saved and it’s headed to London.  The Prime Minister identifies himself and asks what the target is.  They don’t know but Chloe is sending them the video from the drone now to them and the RAF.  Boudreau wants to send the secret service to get the President but Jack assures him that he is with his men.  They might be monitoring the secret service.  Coburn has the video from the drone.  Jack fills them in on his plan to find Margot using the device.  Nevarro sends Kate and Ritter to back Jack up.  Nevarro asks if there is anything else they can do and Jack wants him to contact Chloe O’Brien, she can’t do this on her own.  Nevarro is on it.  Before they hang up Audrey calls Jack’s name and he looks surprised but says kindly that he’s still there.  Audrey takes a second to thank him.  Jack smiles to himself and says, ‘You’re welcome.’  Mark looks at his wife who glances back at him.  Jack looks like he’s thinking about something for a few seconds and then goes back to focusing on the helicopter.

Morgan asks the tech, Gavin about the tracking signature on the drone.  Gavin’s trying but he’s still getting up to speed on Jordan’s system.  Kate heads over to Nevarro and says it’s not like Jordan to disappear like this.  Nevarro says to let him worry about Jordan, her and Ritter should go and back up Bauer.  He will send a tac team to follow them.  They leave and Nevarro thinks.

Margot paces back and forth while Ian works on the computer with the drone.  He says he has him and she shows a video of Jack and Heller talking at the car after Belcheck arrived.  Margot looks at the video and Ian asks who is with Heller.  He zooms in on Jack’s face and Margot knows, ‘His name is Bauer, he’s ex-CTU’.  The drone is 12 minutes out if they don’t shoot it down.  Margot asks if that’s likely and Ian says they’re in the system and can see everything they can.  They could be tracking them right now.  Margot is upset, she tells her thug that they are expecting company.  She spits that she should have known not to trust a liar like Heller.  Ian can track him, they’ll get him.  Margot thinks for a minute and then says no.  She’s been staring at the TV and she surmises she wants Heller alive, she wants him to see what happens as a direct result of his cowardice.  She wants the course set for Waterloo Station.  It doesn’t need to be locked in yet.  She wants to be sure it’s accurate and that every life lost will be on Heller’s conscience.



Jack flies over London in the chopper and tells Chloe he’s over the east end.  Chloe can’t get a close location, just triangulate between 3 cell towers on Margot.  She has Margot somewhere in Hackney.  Jack needs more than that and Chloe will get back to him.

Chloe makes a call to Cross.  His people are moving large amounts of wires and computers.  Chloe tells Cross about Margot and the drones, she needs his help.  Cross tells her calmly that even if he wanted to help her friend Jack, there’s nothing he can do.  Chloe works him and tells him what she needs.  Cross actually has a new piece of software that might help, he agrees to use the satellites to help with a program he’s been working on.  Chloe will send the information but he confesses to having her computer in his background anyway.  She isn’t disturbed by this and he uses the information to track Margot’s phone and Chloe sees it working.  She’s happy and he seems interested when he says to let him know what happens.

Chloe calls Jack back and says Margot’s at Tundel House.  Kate is not far and she knows where it is.  Jack needs to know what floor Margot is on.  Chloe needs the noise cut out for that to happen.  Jack isn’t sure what she means and she elaborates phone, satellite, TV they create noise.  If they cut off the electricity she can probably pinpoint it.  Jack figures if they have an uninterrupted junction this will work.  He wants it found.

Kate and Ritter are almost at Margot’s location.  Ritter thinks she must have set up a perimeter and sure enough they round the corner and start taking fire.  They stop the car and start firing, Kate says there are 6 guards at the entrance.

Margot sees from the window that there is someone there.

Kate and Ritter’s SUV is peppered with shots and they take cover.

Chloe has the power in the south entrance.  Jack instructs Kate to take out the power box so Chloe can get a location.  Kate sees it and Jack says he’s going to land on the roof.  He brings the chopper closer.

The drone closes in on London.  Those at the Presidential office see it.

Jack has landed on the roof and jumps out of the chopper.  He pulls his gun as he hears the gunfire below.  He makes his way towards the entrance through the air conditioning units and when the door opens to the entrance, he shoots the first man.  Jack misses the 2nd and gets closer.  Missing again the shooter tracks Jack.  He works his way back towards the chopper and Jack shoots and kills him from on top of one of the A/C units.

Ritter and Kate are still shooting to protect themselves.  Jack asks Ritter for a grenade which he grabs from the back of the SUV.  Kate needs to get closer and he jumps in and starts the car while she fires.  He moves them a little closer to the power box and Kate tosses the grenade to it.  It blows and takes down the power to the building as they drive a little further away.

Margot’s power goes out but Ian has back up power, they are still in control.  They’ll be in range of London in 5 minutes.  Margot wants him to lock the coordinates in.

Jack asks Chloe if she has it and she says it’s the 5th floor in the middle suite.  Kate is still outside, she hasn’t made it in yet.  Her backup has just arrived.  Jack is working his way down the stairs and makes it to the hall on the 5th floor.  As he rounds the corner a group of thugs start firing, blowing holes in the walls above Jack.  He says he’s taking heavy fire, he needs to find a new way in.  He heads away and Chloe says he doesn’t have long.  They are targeting the drone.

Boudreau sees they are targeting Waterloo station and the Prime Minister picks up the phone and calls for an immediate evacuation of the station.

Chloe says they are 3 minutes away from hitting the station.  Jack is moving back upstairs.

Kate reloads her gun as her and Ritter head toward the building.  They continue to fire and Ritter fearlessly knocks a man through a glass window, shattering it.  They’re heading upstairs.

Ian has targeted the station and he wants to leave.  If they’re going to get out, they’re going to have to leave now.  Margot isn’t leaving until it’s done.  Ian argues it’s locked in and it will fire when it’s in range.  They don’t have to be there.  Margot wants to stay but Ian says fine, she doesn’t need him.  He grabs his jackets and makes for the door but Margot pulls a gun and cocks it as his back telling him to sit down.  He pauses and she says, ‘Your step father stood for a cause and he didn’t back down, he didn’t run away.  He was prepared to die for what he believed in and so should we.’  Ian thinks for a second and then admits that she’s right.  ‘We succeed or die together.  For Machmood.’  Ian comes back to her mother and looks at her.  She hugs him and kisses him on the cheek.  She tells him she loves him, ‘no matter what happens.  Remember that.’  Ian smiles.

Jack is back on the roof and pulls a bunch of electrical cabling.

Kate and Ritter find the same guys that shot at Jack.  They engage them.

Jack ties into the wires.

Kate and Ritter continue their gun battle.  An agent with them is shot and the 2nd one gets through.  Kate and Ritter both shoot and take out some of the thugs.

Jack rappels down the side of the building using the cables as a rope.

A man with a semi-automatic fires at Ritter and Kate shoots him.

The presidential quarters have all of the people there surrounding a television watching the people scramble out of the station.

Jack makes it down to the window and Ian sees him.  He turns shooting and Jack takes cover behind a beam.  Ian moves towards the shattered window leading with his gun.  He moves slowly and when he gets close to the window, Jack grabs Ian’s outstretched arms and pulls him out the window.  He falls the five stories landing with a thump on the concrete while Margot screams.

Jack jumps in the window and Margot goes for a gun.  Before she gets there, Jack shoots her in the shoulder.  She reels and Jack unties and jumps into the room.

The Prime Minister asks how long the people at the station have.  It will be about 30 seconds.  Davies says quietly they’re not going to make it out in time.

Jack has a hold of Margot, pinning her to him with his left hand.  Chloe explains that he can override the missile launch, he can divert it and look for the targeting to change the trajectory.  Margot struggles while Jack holds her and takes over control of the drone.

We see the missile steer away from the station and into the canal.

Audrey sees nothing happens and smiles saying quietly, ‘He did it.’  There is light applause around the room and the Prime Minister is happy.

Margot starts to preach that hundreds of people died because of Jack and Heller.  They think they won but this is all on his head.  Jack grumbles, “The only death I have on my head is yours.”  He struggles to the window and throws Margot out, her landing with a thud next to Ian.



Belcheck continues to drive Heller.  Heller asks from the back seat, “What’s your name?”  Answering quickly, Belcheck gives Heller his name.  Heller wants to know Belcheck what and he answers, ‘Belcheck.  One word.  Like Madonna.’  Heller smiles and Belcheck pulls up to the US building.  The agents are waiting and one of them talks into his com that ‘I have POTUS.’  Heller gets out and Belcheck does the same.  He’s ordered to put his hands behind his head.  Heller intervenes commanding them to show this man respect, ‘he’s with me.’  He tells them to let him go.  Belcheck watches Heller leave with respect in his own eyes.

Inside, Heller heads down the halls with secret service.  He enters the meeting room and goes right to Audrey who is there with the British PM along with the rest of the entourages.  Heller hugs his daughter and she’s relieved, she thought she lost him.  He apologizes for putting her through this.  He turns to the PM who tells Heller with a half smile that ‘That was a damn foolish ting to do but I understand your reasons.  On behalf of a very grateful nation I thank you.’  Heller thinks Davies would have done the same thing in his position.  Davies looks unsure but Heller moves on to Mark.  He hugs him and apologizes that he put him in a bad spot.  ‘I’m sorry my friend.’  Boudreau is glad Heller’s okay.  Heller gets back to business asking if Bauer is in possession of the override.  They confirm he is and Margot Al-Harazi and her son Ian are dead.  Heller requests Jack on ‘that phone.’

Jack is packing up Margot’s place saying he wants everything with them, all the hard drives.  Jack’s phone rings and Heller’s voice comes over the line saying, ‘Jack, it’s me.  I’m safely in the office and I have you to thank for looking after me.’  Jack says it was his honour.  Jack is getting ready to head back with the override.  He needs it analyzed so they know what they’re dealing with.  General Coburn will send someone to the CIA and Jack thanks him.  They hang up and Jack makes his way to the door telling an agent he passes that ‘You’re with me’.  He comes down to the main level and Kate is there.  He somewhat awkwardly shakes her hand and tells her ‘good work’.  He smiles at her and says he’ll see her back there.

Kate’s phone rings and it’s the officer from an early episode calling.  Kate is surprised to hear from him, she thought he was through giving her information.  He has something she’s going to want to hear.  He explains he’s at a motorcycle repair shop where he has 2 dead and he believes one of them is hers.  She is immediately concerned and the cop tells her that one of them had state department credentials on him, Jordan Reed.  Ritter is hovering nearby and sees Kate’s reaction.  He asks what’s wrong. She doesn’t answer Ritter or the cop when he asks if she knows this guy.  She recovers after a few seconds finding her voice and doesn’t confirm, just asks what happened.  He explains that they were both shot, there’s no ID on the 2nd body.  Kate will be there as soon as she can.  She hangs up and Ritter again asks what’s wrong.  Kate tells him it’s about Jordan.  Ritter thinks they finally heard from him but Kate says he’s dead.  Ritter is shocked and asks how.  Kate is going to Camden to find out what’s going on.  Ritter follows her saying he’s with her.

Kate is in a hallway and calls Nevarro.   Nevarro stands near some techs as Kate tells him that Jordan is dead.  Nevarro repeats what she says alerting the techs nearby.  Kate doesn’t know what happened but she is going to go find out.  She tells him what she knows and Nevarro claims to not know what he was doing there.  She says there are 2 bodies and Nevarro wants her to call when she finds out more.  Ritter has been standing in an elevator holding it for Kate.  She joins him and they head down.

At the CIA the techs ask about Jordan and Nevarro dismisses him saying, ‘Not right now, Gavin.’  Nevarro goes right into his office and into his cabinet.  He attaches the scrambler to his phone while looking not terribly well.  He calls Cross and says he has a problem.  He tells him what happened and that the other body was found.  That operative can be traced back to him.  Cross claims he was just a middle man but Nevarro was told by him once that he needed he would help him, he’s asking for money, paperwork and safe transport.  Cross needs something in return, they’re bringing the override to him.  Nevarro asks how Cross knows about that but he doesn’t answer, he wants it.  Nevarro says it’s useless now that the drones are grounded, why does he want it.  Cross says that again, it’s better if Nevarro doesn’t know.  Cross wants it brought to him and he will make sure Nevarro has everything he asks for.  Nevarro is doubtful, it will be on lockdown when it gets there, he can’t just walk out with it.  Cross doesn’t care.  He says to find a way and ring him when he has it.  Nevarro hangs up the phone and thinks.



Jack is flying the chopper ‘CIA One’ and he is less than 5 minutes out.  He has the evidence in hand.

The officer that called Kate clears the crime scene of his people.  Kate and Ritter come in and the cop asks if this is their guy.  Kate stands at a distance while Ritter gets a little closer.  He identifies him as Jordan.  Kate is upset and Ritter asks if she is okay.  She doesn’t answer, just asks what happened.  The cop takes them through the scene showing them blood stains, a wrench that matches the killers scalp laceration, a blood trail outside.  He can surmise that Jordan was shot somewhere else and they came here and struggled.  Jordan died of a knife wound but the other was shot. Ritter concludes in surprise, ‘They killed each other.’  The officer doesn’t know who the other guy was, he has no ID and there aren’t even any labels on his clothes.  Kate has somewhat regained her composure and the officer’s phone rings.  He leaves to take the call and Ritter asks what Jordan was into.  Kate says nothing, at least nothing she knew about.  She looks around and ask then asks Ritter for his phone.  He hands it over asking why and she explains she wants to run the fingerprints on the other guy.  She needs to find out who he is and why he wanted to kill Jordan.

Chloe is out of the pub she’s been working in and her phone rings.  It’s Jack and he’s at the CIA.  He has the override and he wants her to take a look at it.  Chloe seems to have changed, she doesn’t answer and Jack asks if she hear him.  She confirms she did but she’s not coming.  Margot is dead and it’s not her problem anymore.  She is sullen and Jack wants to know where she is.  She doesn’t answer, just saying it was good to see him today, it was like old times.  Jack seems confused and Chloe continues that she hopes he gets back to see his family soon.  He calls her name but she doesn’t answer, hanging up the phone as a car pulls up.  She gets in.

Jack enters the CIA.

Cross is in the car that has picked up Chloe.  He asks if she’s okay and thanks her.  She asks for what and he says for giving him another chance.   She nods but seems not too confident.  He drives away.

Jack walks through the CIA with the override in a case.  Nevarro comes to meet him and asks if that is it.  He seems eager to see it and Jack explains that Coburn is sending a DOD tech to analyze it.  They are told that he just got there.  They want the override locked down in a secure room.  They need to identify the possible breach in their system before a single drone is put back in service.  Marina, a tech, says they can take it to a tech room.  Nevarro grants them anything they need.

After the override is headed to the safe room Jack asks where Agent Morgan is.  Nevarro explains she’s in Camden, one of their agents was killed.  Jack is confused and Nevarro briefly explains what happened.  Jack is immediately suspicious asking if they think it was connected to the events today.  They don’t know.  Nevarro claims to not know anything until they have an update.  Jack again swears, ‘Son of a bitch’ and calls Kate.  He asks dangerously what the hell happened. Kate tells him what she now knows and Jack snaps back at Nevarro that he didn’t tell him there was another body.  Nevarro says he’s getting the news the same time as Jack.  Ritter has the fingerprint ID and the man is a no-code.  His identification is classified.  Jack tells them that he’s a covert operative and his ID is protected.  He’s a professional.  Behind Jack Nevarro is squirming as he listens to Jack putting the pieces together.  Kate can’t make sense of this, Jordan was a techie.  Jack wants the print sent to him, he will try and identify it through his channels.  Jack works his phone as Nevarro asks what he’s doing.  Jack is going to send the print to a friend at Langley, if anyone can break the code he can.  Nevarro has a guy that does this too, he’d rather send it to him.  Jack offers, ‘You send it to your man, I’ll send it to mine, we’ll see who gets it done first.  Jack says it shouldn’t take too long as he fights with his phone to get it to do what he wants.  He makes a call and Nevarro eyes the override through the glass walls.



The override is with the tech and Jack hovers nearby along with Nevarro.  He talks to his contact and he is told that he got nothing so far.  He’s still running it and if the guy is covert op’s it’s not surprising he didn’t get anything yet.  He’ll run it through the secure database now and see if he gets a match.  He’ll get back to Jack.

Hanging up the phone Jack turns his attention to the override.  The tech explains that all military defenses run on the same security code.  It uses a 2048 algorithm. The override is designed to break through the firewall and do anything the user wants. It’s unlimited to any defense system out there.  This was not just about the drones.

Jack’s phone rings and he looks at the caller ID seeing Audrey’s name listed.  He says he has to take this call and he steps out of the room.

He answers the phone using Audrey’s name.  She is standing in the hall alone and seems hesitant.  She stutters that she wanted to call and thank him personally.

Inside the room with the override, Nevarro looks at Jack with his back to him out on the floor.

Jack tells Audrey humbly that there were a lot of people involved in stopping the drones.  That isn’t what Audrey is talking about.  She knows her father was willing to sacrifice himself and she knows he would never let that happen.  That means a lot to her.  “I’m not ready to lose him.”  Jack has a beep in his phone and he pulls it away from his ear to look at the screen.  It’s Marlow calling.  He tells Audrey that he has to take this call.  Her tone changes and she says it’s alright.  Jack promises to find her as soon as he can.

Nevarro watches Jack walk away and realizes this is his chance.  He steps behind the tech and uses his arm to choke him whispering, ‘Shhh’ behind him.

Jack answers the call from Marlow saying, ‘Talk to me’.  Jack logs on to a computer.

Nevarro has rendered the agent unconscious and puts him down on the ground.  He checks to see there’s no one looking and grabs a bag from nearby.  He empties the items out of it and puts the override inside before leaving the room out a side door.

Marlow gives Jack the name of the killer, James Harmon.  He’s a top level assassin and was with the government until a failed mission in Cairo.  There were 4 seniors he was supposed to report to.  He reads the list down as Jack looks and sees the 4th one was Steve Nevarro.  Jack puts it together and hangs up on Marlow.  He looks up and sees Nevarro no longer in the room.  He jogs across and opens the door to find the agent on the ground.  He pulls his gun out but there is nothing to see.

Nevarro heads to the door and tells the guard agent that there has been a report of a possible security breach.  He is not to let anyone through.  He instructs him to shut the door behind him.

Jack runs down the hall after Nevarro.

Nevarro heads down the stairs.

Jack leads with his gun to the guard agent threatening that if he makes a sound he will kill him.  Jack knocks him out and heads out the door and goes downstairs.  He pauses and hears noises and then takes off in that direction down a hallway.  Nevarro fires on Jack who takes cover.  Nevarro gets out of the hall and closes the door to provide cover from Jack’s fire.  Jack follows though the door close behind.  Jack finds the end of a hallway and a ladder which Jack climbs.

Nevarro runs down an alley or hallway and Jack catches up but has no shot.  He follows Nevarro through a door that appears to be a fire exit.  Nevarro runs down an outside alley and Jack follows.  He sees him and speeds up.  They get out onto a street and Jack doesn’t see Nevarro.

In the split screen we see Boudreau with the papers to transfer Jack, Audrey with Heller, Kate, Ritter and finally Cross.

Cross pulls into a gas station and Chloe gets out of the car saying she’ll be right back.  While she’s gone Cross makes a call to Nevarro who is walking on the street and seems to have lost Jack.  He says he has the override but he is hesitant and Cross asks if there is a problem.  Nevarro wants to know why Cross wants the part.  Cross doesn’t answer, only asks if he wants to leave the country or not.  Nevarro asks where they should meet.  Cross says at Finsbury Square, he’s to call when he there.

Chloe arrives at the car door and Cross reaches across to open it for her.  They smile at each other and she leans across.  They share a quick kiss and she asks where they are going. Cross has to meet a friend and she smiles while she does up her seat belt and they pull away.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • Jordan finally got a title: CIA Comms Chief Jordan Reed.  Too bad it took this long to get his actual title.
  • Again, is it significant that Audrey’s blow up about not trusting Mark is there? Is this foreshadowing that she will not be trusting him? 
  • How can the drone  say ‘target destroyed’ if it wasn’t?  Was this Chloe’s doing?
  • I wonder if Wembley knew that they were going to blow up the pitch (even though it was CGI).  Apparently they were a little sticky about who and what could get on the pitch, I bet they’d be right pissed at the idea of blowing up the field.
  • Does the Prime Minister have how own office to be in?  Why is he spending hours and hours in the US office?
  • The more I see of Stephen Fry, the more I like him.  He really is doing a good job.
  • That was a nasty, nasty look that Audrey threw at Mark when she’s dealing with the loss of her father.  Ouch.
  • On the things I don’t like, I don’t like the woman with the PM.  Not only is she excessively exuding evil, but she’s not a very good actress.
  • Is there only one TV station in the UK?  Why is everyone watching the same thing?
  • It’s interesting how the expressions of Ritter and Nevarro change when they think the President was the one that was killed in the explosion at the stadium.
  • I swear that the tech they call Gavin in this episode had a different name last hour.
  • I wonder what happened to the original husband of Margot?  The kids’ father?  Did she go all black widow on him?
  • Do they really need the father in law for something to believe in?  Can’t they protect animals or something instead?
  • I’m not sure why I enjoyed the scenes where Margot was stressed out and yelling so much, but I did.    Maybe because she’s usually so calm and collected it was kind of refreshing to see her lose her shit.
  • Chloe’s losing her touch to be found out that easily by Margot and Ian.
  • There was some chatter about Heller being alive but it seemed like he was alive.  I have to say, as much as I preditcted some things this season, this was a surprise.  It does explain the reason we didn’t see Jack at the end of last episode, though.
  • Also, this explains how they were allowed by FOX to ‘kill’ a sitting US President.  Figured that would be a no-no.
  • Jack also didn’t know that they could do it while Chloe was working on it.  It seemed like this wasn’t a plan, but more of a last second way out.
  • Is ‘Son of a bitch’ the new ‘Dammit’?
  • If the RAF has the video footage of where the drone is, why couldn’t they just shoot it down?
  • It’s still kind of weird to hear Heller called ‘Mr. President’, especially by relatively anti-government Jack.
  • And Belcheck’s back.  I like him.
  • I don’t like, however, the contrary Heller that makes an appearance at the car.  Jack saves Heller’s life.  He listens to him and saves his life.  Then he just wants to keep him safe and Heller goes all anti-Jack.  Then, later, he thanks him again.  Like, seriously, get your shit together.
  • Also, Jack did pretty well the last time Heller listened to him.  They did bring down almost all of the drones.  What does it take to please this guy?
  • Hilarious that Belcheck puts Heller in his place, “I’m not an American citizen, this is not America.’ 
  • I was reminded of the scene in x-men when they try to convince Wolverine to join the cause because the US needs him.  His answer, “I’m Canadian.”
  • Now the PM got jokes.  “Nothing causes a panic like telling people to remain calm.”  Someone get these writers a medal or something.  They’re really branching out.  It used to be just Tony that got to tell bad jokes.
  • It’s sweet that Jack asks for Audrey specifically.  It’s a little awkward that he’s talking to her directly with everyone else there.
  • So after 9 years, multiple presidents, multiple agencies, multiple countries, finally, FINALLY there’s a group that listens to Jack unquestioningly.  Jack just gave orders to the CIA station, the ‘White House’ in London and the Prime Minister of along with all of their aides, not to mention a Military General.  And they just do it.  He tells them to work with Chloe, and they just do it. Jack and Chloe are both fugitives, and they just do it.  However, this is one of the few times when they maybe shouldn’t be taking orders from a fugitive, but whatever.
  • It’s funny when Jack calls Belcheck ‘his man’.  It sounded like he had a whole force of guys wwaiting to help.
  • Jack is so still in love with Audrey.  So, so much.
  • I love that whimsical look that Jack gets in his eyes when he’s being all lovey.  We don’t see it a whole lot in 24.
  • Also,  Nevarro sends Ritter and Kate with no questions asked.  Last time I checked, Kate was to be sent home.
  • What’s Margot’s history with Jack?  Why does she recognize him after all this time? 
  • Ironically, Heller wanted to listen to Margot and give her what she wanted.  Jack is the liar Margot should be storming about.
  • Why would Margot not let Ian just lock in the coordinates?  Other than her and Ian need to be there when Jack gets there so he can kill them and we can move on to the next plot?
  • Beautiful night in London.  This is making me want to go there.
  • Cross actually seems interested in what’s happening after he gives the info to Chloe.  Weird.
  • How can Jack not know what ‘noise’ is but know what an uninterrupted line is? 
  • Convenient timing for the teams to engage Kate and Ritter – right after Kate says they should be there.
  • Jack should always be transported by chopper. It’s just so much more convenient for the plot.  Plus the visuals are awesome.
  • A good old fashioned gun fight, so 24. 
  • Kate throws like a girl.  Really a lot like a girl.
  • I guess different situations add perspective. I’m not saying I miss the ‘complain about everything Kate does’ version of Ritter at. All.  But it’s kind of a 180.
  • That was certainly heavy fire that Jack was taking.  Big holes in the walls.
  • Was Ritter a football player in high school? He’s got some skills.
  • It was rather telling that Ian wanted to take a run since he’s been pretty devoted, but I guess he’s been devoted to the cause when it was killing people but not so much when it comes down to him possibly ending up dead.
  • It was also rather shocking that he changed his mind.  Margot does have control over those kids.  What did she do to them as children?
  • When Margot told Ian that she loved him no matter what happens that meant that he was dying.  And soon.
  • That’s a rather convenient place for all that cabling. 
  • Are cables usually that strong? Strong enough to hold Jack up?
  • Wow, I really wish they hadn’t shown Ian getting tossed out the window in the trailer.  It really would have been much more shocking if we hadn’t all seen it coming. 
  • Although, it was still shocking.
  • Jack is literally subduing a terrorist with one hand while saving thousands of people with the other.  Now THAT’s impressive.
  • Line of the week: Audrey of Jack: “He did it.”  Not only did he do it, he did it with one terrorist tied behind his back.
  • The little applause was hilarious around the PM and President’s people.
  • Obviously Season 8 ‘I’m-going-to-kill-everyone-that-pisses-me-off-Jack’ hasn’t really gone anywhere.  Jack should maybe have picked up some anger management classes in his exile.
  • Even Belcheck is getting in on the joke, ‘Belcheck.  One word.  Like Madonna.’  Yep, can see him up on the stage singing, just like Madonna.  Quick, someone get that man some sequins!
  • It was sweet of Heller to make sure Belcheck was set free.  That’s not the first time today he’s been let off the hook by someone above him.
  • I don’t know if I could ever be that serious using an acronym like ‘POTUS’.  It makes me think of some kind of bird or something.
  • Love the man-hug between Heller and Boudreau. 
  • Heller wants Jack on “that phone”, not just any phone, “THAT phone”.  Picky picky picky.
  • How does Jack know what Coburn’s voice sounds like? 
  • And now safely back at the office Heller is thanking Jack.  The pendulum swings.
  • No, there’s no awkward potentially sexual tension between Jack and Kate. None at all.  How does sarcasm translate over the internet?
  • Nevarro, as an officer with a security clearance (that’s about to be revoked) should know better than to repeat sensitive information with other people around. 
  • Ritter seems to care about Jordan too.  Weird since he just met him.
  • Wouldn’t someone notice that Nevarro has been acting rather… strange?
  • I was happy that I got to use the phrase ‘ring him’ in a summary.  I feel so English.
  • Ooh, Jack gets to be ‘CIA One’.  Special.
  • There were a lot of things that happened in the last 16 minutes of this episode.  Really, if you think about it, it changed the landscape of the season.
  • Well I guess Kate’s not dating Jordan now.
  • Very curious about the dynamic of the relationship between Chloe and Cross.  What did he say to her in order to get her to change so drastically on Jack and the CIA?  She sure doesn’t seem happy about the changes.
  • Jack is just up in everyone’s business here.  He’s mad at Nevarro for not filling him in on Jordan’s death.
  • Nevarro lied and Kate would have known it.  She told him there were two bodies.  Then she was on the phone when Nevarro told Jack he was learning at the same time he was.
  • It sounded like Jack called Nevarro a bitch the way he said sonofa BITCH.
  • They missed a chance with the guy Jack called at Langley.  It could have literally been ANYONE from the 24 past.  There didn’t need to be any explaination at all.  Seriusly, it could have been Aaron Pierce, Tony, Cole, Chase, Kim, Kim’s husband  it really doesn’t matter.  But no, they go with some guy we’ve never seen before.  Disappointing missed opportunity.
  • 2048 algorithm?  Is that a toss out to the game 2048?  If you don’t have it on your smartphone, get it.  It’s addictive. 
  • Who puts all the defense systems behind the SAME algorithm.  Basic security, don’t use your password for more than one thing… don’t use your algorithm for more than one thing.
  • Audrey always had bad timing with the lovey moments, didn’t she?
  • Again, I’m not terribly sure about the layout of the CIA.  Is that tunnel and ladder part of the actual building?  Or did they leave twice?
  • Nevarro is now the owner of his very own Jack pack.
  • I love how Nevarro tries to console the agent he takes out with the ‘shhhhh’.  Made me laugh.
  • The Jack/Nevarro foot chase had a serious James Bond feel to it.  It must be Nevarro’s suit.
  • Why didn’t Jack call for back up?  Wanted to display is lack of anger management skills a little more?
  • Did we finally witness someone pee on 24? (Sort of)  Chloe left the car and came back without buying anything at a gas station.  She went to the bathroom.  It’s about time.
  • At least Nevarro seems to have some reservations about handing over this device to Cross.  But not enough to value his own ass over the security of his country.
  • Cross is such a gentleman, opening the door for her and everything.
  • And there’s the confirmation.  Chloe isn’t just with Cross’s ideals, she’s WITH Cross.  Creepy.  He seems way too old for her.
  • Michael Wincott is 56 years  old (January 21, 2958).  Mary-Lynn Rajskub is 43 (wow she seems younger – June 22, 1971).  No wonder the kiss was a little chaste. 
  • On a total aside, google gave me other answers too… apparently Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) is 51.  And while Kim Raver (Audrey) seems so much older than Chloe in the show, she’s 47.  Kiefer, if you’re wondering, is 47 right now (2014).

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