9.08 – Resignation

9.08 – Resignation

6:00pm – 7:00pm


Simone is wheeled into the CIA and Kate and Nevarro follow.  She has swelling in her brain and they’re going to need to drill a hole and relieve the pressure.  They’re not going to be able to talk to her for a while.  Kate asks if it’s possible for her to be woken up and the doctor says maybe for a few minutes but it would kill her.  They need to wait maybe an hour or two.

Ian packs up the things from the house and loads them into an SUV.  Margot comes outside and tells him she had an interesting call.  He asks if it’s about Simone but Margot is ready to assume the worst about her.  She’s alive but may have betrayed them.  She received a call from President Heller.  He has agreed to surrender if they destroy the drones.  Ian doesn’t believe him, it has to be a lie or a trick.  Margot is not committal and Ian reminds her that when she posted the video online she said he would never agree to this.  She admits she didn’t think he would but maybe she was wrong.  Ian asks her even if Heller is serious is she actually intending on actually destroying the drones.  They’ve been planning this for so long.  Margot is resolute that if a murderer like Heller can keep his word than so can she. Ian seems unhappy and they will discuss it on the way.  Ian is handed a case with the control device in it and they get in the SUV as a thug joins them and they roll out.

Jack sits in the Presidential home on an ornate chair while people walk by in conversation and a Secret Service agent watches over him from across the hall.  His phone rings and it’s Kate calling.  She updates him that Simone is not good.  They’ve induced a coma and she might die if they wake her up.  Jack doesn’t seems to care, they’re running out of time.  Push the doctor.  They need her awake and if she dies, so be it.  He hangs up and the Secret Service agent looks distastefully at Jack and then away.

Nevarro codes into a cabinet in his office and pulls out a scrambler.  He calls the shooter from the harbour where Jordan was and asks if it’s done.  He’s not sure and Nevarro asks what that’s supposed to mean.  He explains he doesn’t think the shot killed Jordan.  He’s wounded though.  Nevarro wants him caught, the longer he’s out there the better chance he’ll figure out what Nevarro did.  Neither of them can afford that, he needs to make sure Jordan is dead.  They hang up and the assassin looks around seeing a trail of blood leading out of a gate.

Jordan walks down an alley.  He’s in pain and holding his shoulder.  He pulls his phone out of his soaking wet pocket seeing it’s also soaked and not working.

Jack brought into the room with Heller and he greets him with a ‘Mr. President.’  Heller understands that they’re running out of options but Jack is not giving up.  Heller asks though that they have no real reason to be optimistic.  Jack admits that the percentages are not in their favour.  He says he’s sorry.  Heller tells him kindly, “Don’t apologize Jack, you’re the only one that even came close.”  Heller invites Jack to sit down which he does with a puzzled expression.  Heller needs Jack to do something for him but he’s not going to want to do it.  Jack will do whatever the President needs and Heller admits that he spoke with Margot Al-Harazi.  He has a recording of the pertinent parts of their conversation.  He spins a laptop so Jack can watch the conversation.  The pair negotiate that Heller will be at Wembley stadium in the center of the pitch by 7am and Margot will dump the drones in the channel off of Dover.  Heller makes Margot swear of the soul of her husband.  They have an agreement.

Jack is obviously unhappy with this and starts talking to Heller right away.  He won’t lecture Heller on this but it’s a matter of national policy that the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.  Heller corrects Jack that it’s not a national policy issue, Heller has submitted his resignation effective in an hour. This is a personal decision, not an act of state.  Jack still is unhappy, there has to be another way.  Heller, now sitting across from Jack says he’s listening.  Jack doesn’t have an answer or another way out of this.  He looks away and asks what if she doesn’t keep her word.  Heller explains then the world will peg her as a liar and hypocrite.  It will discredit her and everything she stands for.  Jack is amped up again and tells Heller curtly that he admires his willingness to sacrifice himself in order to resolve this situation but he will not be a part of this.  They are still running numbers and there is still chance to stop this from happening.  Jack stands preparing to leave.  He grabs his bag and stands saying he’s sorry.  He gets to the door before Heller stops him by saying his name.  Jack pauses with his hand on the doorknob while Heller tells him quietly, “I’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.”  He’s known for 6 months and ‘in another year I won’t recognize a single face in the room.’  It’s only a matter of time before this is public knowledge and he will be forced to retire.  Jack turns to Heller telling him quietly, ‘This isn’t just about you.’  Heller is angry now and steps towards Jack yelling, ‘I know it’s not just about me,  it’s about those dead bodies in the hospital parking lot!  It’s about the thousands that will die the next time she attacks and you and I both know she’ll attack again.’  He has brought himself close to Jack and now backs off but stares angrily at Jack who hasn’t left yet.  He stands and watches while Heller takes a breath and says clearly, ‘Let me make it real simple for you Jack, if you were standing right here in these shoes, in my position you would do the exact same thing.  Face it son, you and I are the only chance they have.’  Jack looks down to the ground thinking and then back at Heller asking, “What would you need me to do?”  Heller needs Jack to get him to Wembley Stadium in complete secrecy and he needs to do it now.  Jack asks if he has told Audrey and Heller shakes his head.  Jack looks at the ground again and then tells him that in order for this to work he’s going to have to find one more person he can trust to help from the inside to help get past secret service and British security.  Heller says to stay there, give him a minute.  Jack looks around like he can’t believe this.



Heller talks to Boudreau who argues about Al-Harazi not keeping her word.  Heller argues this is personal, she believes Heller killed her husband and blames him, he is going to give her no reason to destroy more buildings.  Mark is unsure that she needs a reason.  He believes what she told him.  He tries to convince Mark saying he has been a friend and loyal supporter for years.  He asks him not to deny him this last service.  Mark doesn’t think it’s a service to facilitate his death.  Heller isn’t going to debate this with Mark, is he with him or not?  Mark looks down and sighs.  Heller takes this as a sign of compliance and Heller tells him he wrote a letter to the Vice President that Boudreau is to deliver once he’s dead.  He wants the transition to be smooth and if he is asked, Heller is sure Boudreau will serve the new President as faithfully as he has Heller.

Kate’s phone rings and it’s Jack calling asking about Simone.  She has no update and Jack is angry.  He told her to push the doctor.  It doesn’t matter what happens to Simone, things have changed where Jack is.  Kate asks for information and Jack warns her to keep this between them but Heller is going to comply with Margot’s demands.  Kate says she doesn’t believe it but Jack tells her, “You better believe it.  The only way to stop this is to find Margot fast, so wake the bitch up.”

Kate goes into the clinic and tells the doctor that she needs him to wake up Simone.  The doctor argues that he told her before, Simone will probably die if he wakes her up.  Simone corrects him that he didn’t say probably before.  She pulls her gun and demands that he wake her up.  The doctor says that if Simone does it’s on Kate’s head.  She doesn’t care, he needs to move quickly.  Two nurses stand nearby as the doctor injects Simone with something to wake her up.  She tells him to step away as Simone comes around and Kate tells her she almost died.  Simone remembers and Kate says her mother tried to kill her.  She tried to save her sister in law and there are thousands more that she can save.  She asks where her mother is.  Simone hesitates and Kate empathizes, she knows what it’s like to be betrayed, she has the opportunity to save women and children just like Jasmine.  Simone whispers 10 Broadmore, Hampton.  She won’t be there though.  Kate needs to know where she thinks Margot is and Simone doesn’t know, they won’t find her.  Kate needs something else, anything.  Simone says her husband, Naveed, hid a disc under the floorboard upstairs in the house with a way into their systems.  Simone stops talking and the doctor says she is seizing.  Kate goes to the phone and dispatches the team to Margot’s house.

Jack sits thinking and Heller comes into the room with Mark a few steps behind him.  Jack looks up and Heller addresses them as ‘gentlemen’ saying they’re the only two that know what’s going on.  They need to put aside their differences and work together.  Heller tells Jack to call when he has a plan, time is short.  Mark hesitantly makes his way over to Jack and says he never thought this would happen.  Jack agrees and walks away.  Mark says they have to find a way to trust one another but Jack says the President gave him an order, that’s good enough for him.  Mark asks what Jack needs and Jack asks for the secret service protocols for the day and codes for the doors.  Mark can do that.  Jack needs British Security locations too.  Mark agrees, it’s trickier but he can do it.  Jack wants him to clear the hallways from the room, as far back as possible.  Mark will call a staff meeting and pull everyone in.  Jack wants Audrey in it too and it will happen in 15 minutes.  Jack needs a car outside and a chopper outside the perimeter, the gate number and codes for Wembley Stadium.  If he needs anything else he’ll call Mark.  They part ways and Mark stops saying that Audrey is never going to forgive him for this.  He leaves the room and Jack’s phone rings.  Kate is calling and she updates him on the development with Simone.  They might be able to get into the system.  Jack doesn’t like ‘might’ and wants the drive uploaded to Chloe.

Audrey sits at her computer typing and Heller stands outside watching her silently.  He steps forward and she greets him.  She’s preparing for the staff meeting with a plan to help the British deal with the drone attack.  Heller sits on a couch across from her and asks her if she still has ‘that picture’ of them with her mother at the beach.  Audrey is kind of surprised and asks if he means the one when she was little.  He does and asks to see it.  Audrey finds it in her bag and tells him it’s kind of her good luck charm.  She used to believe when she had it with her nothing bad could ever happen.  She pulls out a folded wallet insert and sits next to her father asking with a smile if he’s ready.  He is and she opens it up.  He chuckles at the sight of it and muses that Audrey was great looking then too.  She looks to him and asks if he is okay.  He tells her, “Apart from this being the worst day of my life, I’m doing great.”  Their eyes meet and Audrey sighs apologizing.  She has to get back to work.  She stands and gives him a kiss on the cheek and the exchange I love you’s.  He continues to watch her as she goes and sits back down behind the desk.  She gets down to work and he watches as his eyes fill with tears.  He stands silently and carefully places the photo down on her desk taking care that it’s open and facing her.  He turns his back and wipes his eyes as he walks out.  She doesn’t look up until the door clicks closed behind her father.



Boudreau comes in the room with Jack and hands him a chip which Jack plugs in his phone.  It’s the secret service detail for the next 30 minutes.  Jack thanks him and asks about the Brits.  Mark is working on it along with the chopper and the gate code.  Jack thanks him again and Mark says there’s a staff meeting in 3 minutes so the halls will be deserted.  Jack compliments Mark saying good work and then calls the President asking him to meet in his office.   Boudreau opens the door letting Jack out and wishes him luck.  Jack is going to need it.

Jordan has made his way to a pay phone and calls Nevarro.  Jordan is panicking and says that someone tried to kill him.  He doesn’t know who and didn’t even get a good look at him. Nevarro agrees to send someone immediately to get him and tells Jordan to calm down.  He asks where he is and Jordan tells him he’s in a back alley on the south side of the canal.  Nevarro tells him not to move.

Nevarro calls the assassin back and tells him where Jordan is.  He wants him to finish this now.

Jack is in the office with Heller snapping on rubber medical gloves.  While he works he explains that they might be able to get access to Al-Harazi’s computer files.  Jack will keep Heller posted but Heller isn’t going to be counting on a hail Mary.  Jack is pulling things out of a large medical kit and he takes his supplies and sits in front of Heller.  He has rolled his sleeve up and Jack sprays a liquid onto Heller’s arm.  He seems hesitant asking if Jack is sure this is necessary.  Jack answers yes, sir.  Heller tells him, ‘You know the secret service doesn’t check on the presidential transponder signal very often Jack, honest.’  Jack can’t afford to take the chance, it has to come out.  He warns Heller that this is going to hurt.  He grabs the knife and slices into Heller’s arm while he squirms and squeals trying to cope with the pain.  Heller muses with a chuckle, “You’ve done enough damage as a federal agent Jack, thank god you didn’t become a surgeon.”  Jack doesn’t have a direct answer but asks if he told his staff he wanted to stay undisturbed.  He did, they think he’s going to be in his office hard at work all evening.  Jack has the transponder and he drops it in a little wooden box.  If an agent wants to check for a signal, this will confirm what he said.  Jack puts the box on Heller’s chair and puts a band-aid on Heller’s inner arm. Jack puts away the medical supplies and says that he’s waiting for Mr. Boudreau to confirm everyone attended the staff meeting.  Heller has put a jacket on and a hat while Jack’s phone rings with a text.   Heller asks if that is it and Jack confirms.  He grabs his bag and they head to the door.  Jack pauses and asks Heller, “Mr. President, are you sure about this.”  Heller is and Jack checks his PDA.  They leave the room and Jack locks the door behind them.

Jack and Heller make their way down the hall, Jack in the lead and checking his PDA for agents.  He holds up Heller for an agent to go by and then motions him forward.  They go through a door and into a basement area.  Jack’s signal is breaking up and he sees a fire exit.  They make it to an exit security booth and they pause waiting to see if anyone appears.  A door opens above them and an agent steps into the area.  Heller greets him as Agent Harwell and explains that he’s getting some exercise, taking the stairs.  The agent starts to say Heller shouldn’t be here but Jack takes him out with a punch.  Heller quietly says, “Jesus Jack” as he drags the agent to the small room saying they need to lock him in.  Jack codes out of the building and they come out in a stairwell that leads up to the street level.  Heller puts his hands in his pockets and keeps his head down while he follows Jack. It’s starting to get dark and Big Ben can be seen in the background.



Jack pulls up in a car where Ron waits near a helicopter.  Jack gets out of the car and goes over to him while he says that Boudreau said he wanted a chopper with no pilot.  He starts to say that he needs to know Jack is certified but Heller has gotten out of the car as well and Ron notices him when Heller tells him he did a good job.  Jack is already in the chopper as Heller tells Ron to keep this between them.  Ron doesn’t really have anything to say as Heller gets in the chopper as well.  Ron backs off and Jack gets them in the air.  He tells Heller it will be 10 minutes before they get to Wembley. They fly over London.

The assassin after Jordan walks down the alleys and he hears police going by on the road.  They go by and he has picked up a trail of blood leading to a half opened garage door.  He slips underneath and looks around.  Jordan appears and hits the thug in the head knocking him out and takes his gun.  He also searches him and takes his 2nd gun from another holster.  Jordan turns him over and tells him to get up.  He repeats his order and tells him to put his hands on top of his head.  The assassin goes for his other gun but Jordan has already relieved him of it.  Jordan says he knows Steve Nevarro sent him to kill him.  The assassin looks at Jordan and asks if he even knows how to use a gun.  Jordan threatens that he doesn’t want to find out.  The assassin asks if the safety is on or off.  Jordan looks like he’s not going to buy it but then tilts the gun a little bit sideways.  The assassin has produced a knife from his back and runs at Jordan.  They both go down and the killer gets on top of Jordan trying to stab him.  Meanwhile the phone is ringing on the killer.  The assassin manages to get his knife into Jordan’s chest while Jordan fires the gun at him.  The assassin lands off of Jordan who lays on the ground with the knife sticking out of his chest.

Nevarro is the one calling the assassin but he doesn’t answer.  While the phone rings Nevarro sees Kate milling around Jordan’s desk.

The tac team is at the Al-Harazi house and there’s no sign of anyone.  They sweep the hallways finding nothing but silence.  It’s clear and they start pulling up floorboards.  Kate gives them orders to tear the place apart if they have to, and do it quickly.  One of the guys has found something, a dusty hard drive under the floorboards.  Kate wants it uploaded back to station right now and for them to keep looking just in case.  She walks near Jordan’s desk and asks the agent nearby, the one that was standing suspiciously behind Jordan a few hours ago, where agent Reed is.  Leonard, the tech, answers that he left an hour ago and didn’t say where he was going.  Kate explains about the disk and that she wants it sent to Chloe O’Brien.  He starts to argue but she tells him to just do it.  She calls Jordan who doesn’t answer his phone.

Kate goes over to Nevarro and is looking for Jordan.  He’s not there and agent Leonard said he left an hour ago.  Nevarro claims to know nothing and they discuss where Al-Harazi may have gone. She has a 30 minute head start and 500 miles of potential hiding places.

At the new place, the Al-Harazi’s unload their gear.  Ian has active control of the drones, it’s like they never even moved.  Margot wants one in position for Heller and the others for destruction once he is dead.  Ian is hesitant saying ‘If you say so.’  He laments that it seems like a waste but Margot figures that if Heller can keep is word so can she.  They will find out soon enough if he does.

Jack flies the chopper containing himself and Heller.  He points out Wembley Stadium to him as Heller appears to be upset, but is quiet.  Jack puts the chopper down in the parking lot.

Jack’s phone rings and he has Chloe calling.  Simone was right about the drive and it might contain a way into Margot’s system.  Chloe has concerns about the firewalls, there are many things stopping her from getting to the drones.  Jack asks how long but Chloe is doing the best she can, she wants him to know that.  Meanwhile, a man has come up behind her and is trying to talk to her.  Jack asks her to do what she can and get back to him.  He hangs up and turns to Heller.  He apologizes but says they have to go.  They both head out of the chopper and move toward the stadium.



In one of the boxes, Jack codes him and Heller into the stadium.

Nevarro’s phone rings and he puts on the secure hardware.  Cross is calling and he wants to make sure the analyst has been taken care of.  Nevarro assures him that he doesn’t need to worry about it.  They hang up.

Cross makes another call, this time to Chloe.  She answers, ‘I told you I’m working as fast as I can.’  She realizes it’s him and she says she’s really busy.  He asks her if she thought he was Bauer.  Cross has found a new place and they’ll be safe there for a few weeks.  He asks her to come back.  Chloe says maybe after, she’s doing something really important right now.  Cross reminds her that she used to think what they did was important.  Chloe tells him nothing has changed, she’s just helping Jack right now.  She says goodbye and hangs up.

Boudreau heads into Audrey’s office and then asks the agent where Mrs. Boudreau is.  The agent says she’s with the president.  Mark is unhappy, he was not to be disturbed.  The agent, mystified, says he didn’t think it applied to her.  She just went in.

Inside the room Audrey stands crying looking at a piece of paper.  Mark opens the door and sees her, closing it quickly.  She sees her husband and goes to hug him, crying saying she can’t believe this.  After a few seconds she pulls away looking him in the eye.  He avoids her gaze causing her to accuse him, “You knew?”  He won’t meet her eyes and she asks him, ‘Tell me it’s not too late.’  Boudreau answers quietly, ‘It is.’  She asks, ‘You helped him?’  Mark almost shrugs, ‘It’s what he wanted.’  Audrey is upset saying that he knew that he wasn’t well and he helped him.  She asks, ‘How could you not tell me, I could have changed his mind.  I could have tried, at least I could have said goodbye.’  Boudreau knowingly says that he doesn’t think her father could have done that.  Audrey goes off saying that Mark basically ‘killed him with his bare hands.  I can’t trust you ever again.’  She slaps him and grabs the front of his jacket.  Mark says evenly and sadly that her father was the gratest man he ever knew and it was a priveldge to serve him.  Today he asked for one last service and I hated doing it with every fibre of my being but I’d do it again.  If you can’t live if that, so be it.’  Audrey leaves him and goes to the window.  Mark tells her back that she can do what she has to do but “We will be quiet about this because that is the way your father wanted it,  do you understand me?”  She looks out window and cries asking, ‘How will we know when it’s over?’  Mark says they will get a call.  Audrey wants to know if someone is with him now and Mark confirms it.  She wants to know who and Mark tells her it’s ‘someone he trusts as he trusts me.’  Audrey turns to her husband who is near tears now.  He moves to the door, shakes his head and leaves.  Audrey cries.

Jack and Heller are down a tunnel leading to the stadium grass.  Heller says obviously, “End of the road, Jack.”  Jack looks to the President, obviously unhappy with this situation.  Heller speaks again, “I gave you a Presidential Pardon.”  Jack repeats the word and Heller tells him, “All charges from four years ago vanish as well as any from today.  You can go home again, Jack.”  Jack says quietly, ‘Mr. President, I’m not looking for a pardon, especially not for this.  I think what you’re doing is wrong.’  Heller stares out at the stadium and says, ‘This is the right way for me to go.’  He turns to look at Jack and they exchange glances before Jack says quietly, “Yessir.”

Jack’s phone rings and it’s Chloe calling.  She has managed to isolate the drone but the drones themselves have been impenetrable so far.  She needs more time.  Jack asks how much.

Heller says they’re out of time and starts walking forward onto the pitch.  Jack calls after him, ‘Mr. President!’ and takes a few steps after him.  He puts the phone down and watches.

In the split screen we see Jordan lying motionless, Chloe working, Heller walking slowly onto the field, Simone, Audrey crying, Kate at the CIA.

Heller walks out into the middle of the stadium and looks up into the sky.  He stands in the centre between the goal nets.  He slowly removes his hat and then takes his glasses off, stuffing them in a pocket in his coat.  He casually looks around and zips his jacket up all the way.  He stands waiting.

Ian controls the drones and sees the stadium.  Margot orders him to move in to find out if Heller is really there.  They see that it’s him and she wants him to get closer and engage facial recognition.  Sure enough the softare confirms that it’s “James Heller.  US President.”  Ian confirms that the missiles are ready and he prepares to fire.  Margot says, ‘I’ll do it.’  She reaches her hand to the controls and Ian helps her guide the drone to the right place.  Ian lets go and Margot closes her eyes for a second and then looks at Heller.  She locks the signal and pulls the trigger.  The pitch explodes and the machines beep.  Margot and Ian exchange glances as the screens read, ‘Target Destroyed.’  She turns away and sighs.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • As soon as Naveed and the floorboards were seen, it was kind of obvious that Simone was going to cave.
  • So, as 24 tends to work this way, I’m really wondering what information has been sent to China as part of this Cross/Nevarro/Kate’s husband thing.  Is this relevant to anything in the past? Why China?  Who is the bigger boss here? Does this have anything to do with Audrey all those years ago?  Or Jack?
  • So assuming that Heller is out of commission at the end of this episode does Mark turn Jack over?  How does that work with Audrey?  Will she be the one to ultimately save Jack?
  • Maybe it’s just because I recently watched old 24 episodes, but I was really reminded of Tony being brought into the CTU infirmary after the car explosion in Season 5. 
  • So I’m guessing that the Al-Harazi’s end game was indeed to blow up half of London.  Which I guess proves a point for Heller and terrorism and all that.  But really, wouldn’t it make more sense to blow up, you know, the US?  Because Margot seems to be from England it just seems odd.
  • I am totally expecting Ian to take over and blow some shit up once Margot kills Heller.  He seems so much like he doesn’t want the game to be over, even if Heller is dead.
  • It’s kind of nice to be dealing with a terrorist with ‘morals’ like Margot.  Shocking, really.
  • It’s always hilarious to see Jack in places like a Presidential suite.  Everyone in suits and ties, Jack sitting there in worn battle gear, all cuts and bruises and attitude.
  • That’s a great moment between that Secret Service agent and Jack in the hallway.  Everyone has a job here.
  • When did Nevarro get so cold blooded about Jordan?  I guess it’s easier to order a death when the kid isn’t sitting in front of you but wow.  He’s not backing down now.
  • Poor Jordan.  I hope he doesn’t end up dead.  It would sure be nice if they found him alive.
  • Jack’s respect level for Heller seems to have increased in the past hours.  As much as he doesn’t like what’s going on, he’s still doing it because Heller is the president and Jack, no matter what seems to happen, is still a faithful servant.
  • So, did they just not have enough time last episode to give us the details that Heller and Margot set up?  It seems like an easy way to show us the arrangements of the exchange.
  • Line of the week contender, Heller to Jack: “Don’t apologize, Jack, you’re the only one that even came close.”
  • I do have to say that the writers have done a good job of writing Heller as consistently inconsistent.  Even way back in Season 4 he was a little all over the place on his beliefs and his choices.  He seems to march to the beat of his own drummer.  I’d sure like subtitles as to what’s going on in his head.
  • I thought the line about swearing on the soul of her husband was a little ridiculous.  “Do you pinky swear?”  I mean really, are we 12 here?Strait_of_Dover_map
  • Why would Heller pick Dover?  It’s a little close to land.  I maybe would have said somewhere closer to the north sea where there’s a more open channel. 
  • Does it matter if it’s the President that’s being killed or just a normal (ex-presidential) citizen?  It’s still negotiation with terrorists. 
  • I’m thinking that not a lot of people would support Margot’s cause anyway.  Those that would ‘peg her as a liar and a hypocrite’ really aren’t consequential in the grand scheme of things anyway.
  • I really wanted Jack to say he knew about Heller and his illness.  Because, let’s be real about this, he probably did.  He saw the pills, he’s seen the forgetting.  He knows.
  • Wow, the scene with Jack and Heller just crackled as Heller yelled at Jack.  This is why I miss 24. You just don’t get stuff like this on other TV. 
  • It’s sweet that Jack’s first real question is about Audrey.  He still cares for her.  I can’t wait to see them together again.
  • Heller hits the nail on the head with Jack saying that he would do the exact same thing.  It’s so true.  It wouldn’t be the first time we’d seen it.  Jack knows it, we know it, Heller knows it.
  • Heller called Jack ‘son’.  That was interesting.  I expected Jack to say ‘I’m not your son.’
  • Speaking of son, what happened to the ever-so-high Richard Heller? He conveniently disappeared before his dad was elected President?
  • Of COURSE Jack needs someone on the inside.  As soon as he said it we all knew who Heller was going to come back with.  It had to be Boudreau. More for plot purposes than anything.
  • When Heller went to Boudreau I kind of expected he would interevene and step in to stop everything once Heller was gone.  But there’s also a lack of respect for Mark with Heller which we’ve seen by hiding things from him, forging his signature and so on.  So he probably would be okay with his death too.
  • Jack has gotten some EDGE in the last few years. Could anyone see Season 1 Jack saying ‘Wake the bitch up?’  Love it.
  • However, I think we can all agree that Season 1 Jack would actually have woken ‘the bitch’ up the same way that Kate does.  Either that or he would have knocked the doctor out and done it himself.  He’s always been a little more ‘hands-on.’
  • Kate got a zinger too when she said the doctor didn’t say Simone ‘might’ die last time.  Nice.
  • That was kind of a strange flip by Simone.  She wasn’t going to tell Jack anything, Kate didn’t do anything different but she flipped this time.
  • Hahaha, Heller calling Jack a ‘Gentleman’ minutes before he is shocked by his brutality.  Was his mission to prove Heller wrong? “I’ll show you a gentleman.”
  • That photo of Audrey and Heller is hilarious. 
  • That’s a nice little moment with Audrey and her father.
  • How can she not notice that something is seriously wrong with her dad and just go back to work? 
  • Another example of Jack being more into Heller.  He trusts him on his word about Mark and doesn’t need anything else to work with him.
  • Jack should sympathize with Audrey not forgiving.  We all remember how Audrey reacted to Jack ‘killing’ Audrey’s ex-husband Paul in Season 4.  It took a while for that to go away. 
  • Makes me wonder how much Mark knows about Jack and Audrey’s past.
  • So, are all of Audrey’s men 4 letter words?  The ones we’ve met are: Jack, Paul, Mark. 
  • Was Mark looking for sympathy from Jack?  I’m not sure he’s going to get it.  Especially if Mark ends up sending him to jail in Russia.
  • It’s almost like Jack likes Mark, he tells him ‘good job’.  That’s something.  You know, something better than a punch to the face.
  • I’m not gonna say Jordan deserved a knife to the chest but why would he call Nevarro?  If it was me, I’d be calling Kate.  He obviously had a thing for her and we’ve established that she’s a bad-ass agent.  If he even remotely suspected that Nevarro set it up why would he call?  Did he really think he could take out the professional hitman on his way to kill him?
  • Wasn’t Heller ex-military? He’s kind of turned into a wuss in his old age.
  • Actually, my copy of “24: The Official Companion – Season 3&4” lists Heller as “US Army – Air Defense Artillery Office, Pilot and Instructor, Captain, Retired Reserve”  So yes, he is ex-military
  • And Heller also gets a zing on Jack, I love this line: “You’ve done enough damage as a federal agent Jack, thank god you didn’t become a surgeon.”  Jack’s lack of reaction is also priceless.  I mean, what do you say to that anyway?
  • Also, Heller took Jack out in a similar way that Jack took the guard out in Season 5 at the airplane hangar when he was dealing with Logan and the conspiracy recording.  He’s not that far away from this stuff.
  • Why isn’t Jack using military hand signals with Heller?  He knows them as he was using them in the Season 4 episode when Jack rescued him and Audrey from terrorists.
  • Could we see a floor plan of this building? I can’t figure out how it’s laid out.  Their upstairs, they’re downstairs.  Who knows?  All I know is the sequence with Jack and Heller going down and out felt weird for a building layout.
  • They’ve done a great job of showing off London in this show.  Especially this episode with the chopper.
  • The sundown episodes are always tough. I remember reading an interview with Jon Cassar about this exact thing.  Not a serious complaint but I felt like this one was particularly poorly done.  Sequentially,
  • When Jack and Heller leave it’s dusk at 6:30
  • At the :37 commercial boxes, it’s light were Jordan is but dark where Jack and Heller are.
  • It’s just getting dark when Jack and Heller take off in the chopper
  • Then (2 minutes after commercial and in the next scene after Jack takes off) it’s absolutely pitch dark where Jordan is and they’re chasing him.
  • Ron is just the multi-use man, isn’t’ he?  He’s with the President, he’s getting choppers ready.  HE’s everywhere.
  • See, that chopper didn’t take any time to warm up.
  • Did they cut a scene after Jordan knocked out the thug?  He was unconscious enough to not notice that Jordan took his gun but awake seconds later.  Confused.
  • Don’t they give basic training when you start a job with the CIA?  Even Chloe knows how to use a gun for crying out loud.
  • Although, maybe they just do that when they know you’re going to be working with Jack Bauer.  I mean, really, you’re going to need to know if you’re around him long enough.
  • That drive is pretty dusty.  How long ago did Naveed hide it? I got the impression it was just a couple of days.
  • So, is that suspicious tech a good guy then?  Hampton?  He seemed obviously bad when he was hovering behind Jordan and then possibly calling Cross with updates.
  • Full moon too, that’s an amazing night in London.
  • Where’s Chloe’s tazer? She should just take out the people that bug her. 
  • Wouldn’t people get suspicious of Nevarro continually making phone calls with a secure thingy on his phone?
  • Cross seems to know how to talk to Chloe to get his way.  He has quite the pull over her.
  • It’s still weird to hear Audrey called Mrs. Boudreau.
  • Audrey still reacts the same way to bad news as she always has.  She had a very similar reaction when she thought her father was dead and when Paul was killed as well. 
  • The difference between the on-screen chemistry between Kiefer Sutherland/Kim Raver and Tate Donovan/Kim Raver is so huge.  The scene where Audrey loses her mind in Season 4 when Jack lets her ex-husband Paul die his so electric it’s hard to watch.  She slaps Jack there just like she does to Mark now but it just doesn’t have the same passion.  Although, it might be that Kiefer gave her the green light to slap him, and slap him hard during that scene.  Now that’s commitment.
  • Mark has control of Audrey, doesn’t he?  He tells her exactly what to do and she listens.  I’m a little surprised.
  • Again, I love how Sean Callery recalls themes we’ve heard before in the series.  The music he uses for Audrey dealing with her father’s impending death is the same death music we’ve been hearing for a long time now.
  • Line of the week, just because it made me sigh with the thought: “You can go home again, Jack.” – Heller to Jack. 
  • Hopefully he’ll keep the pardon even though he lived.  It should give him more reason to set Jack free since he saved his life and all instead of assisting his death.
  • Here’s a thought.  We haven’t seen a time jump yet.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll end up going right to the end, Jack being pardoned and him jumping on a plane.  It’s between 10 and 11 hours from London to LA.  We can go from 10:45pm to 10:51am in LA, have Jack land and greet Kim and her family at the airport living happily ever after.  I mean, Kiefer’s said this is it so why not let Jack be happy?  He spent this long being miserable, after all.  I don’t think that would cheapen the series like a Jack death would.
  • Why is Jack whispering at the stadium when he tries to call Heller back? Is there someone else there?
  • When Heller walks out onto the pitch, you can see the track her took in a previous time when they show him from above.  Or maybe it was the camera men.
  • Speaking of camera men, in the behind the scenes for this episode they talked about that Wembley only allowed 5 people to walk on the pitch.  I didn’t realize they were that protective of something that people RUN in CLEATS on.
  • I love Heller’s demeanour as he waits for his impending doom.  Just another stroll through a soccer stadium alone in the dark.  He looks up like he’s checking the weather instead of looking for the thing that will ultimately kill him.
  • Does facial recognition give titles as well as names?  That seemed a little far that it would title it ‘US President.’
  • That was a sweet little son/mother moment between Ian and Margot.  Too bad it was over killing someone.
  • So they just killed a sitting US President.  That’s different.
  • I really wanted to see Jack after the bomb, I wanted to see his reaction.  I feel like we missed a ‘DAMMIT’.
  • In case you were wondering why the roof would be open and the stadium is unattended (like I was) apparently Wembley is “Partially Retractable” roof.  Interesting.

Potential spoiler:

  • In researching some info on Tate Donovan on IMDB I noticed that all 12 LAD episodes are listed on the site.  They show no time jump. They also show Tzi Ma returning to the cast starting next episode (AKA the Chinese torturer, Cheng Zhi.)  Who knows how accurate that is but I’ve been asking about Jack’s China connection and Kate’s husband since China was first mentioned.  Will he return?
  • Although, the same source also has Margot and Jordan listed in the last few episodes… so do with it what you will.


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