9.07 – Deadline

9.07 – Deadline

5:00pm – 6:00pm


At the scene of Simone’s bus ‘accident’ there are ambulances and police, including police on horseback checking out the situation and interviewing people.  The neighbor that chased after Simone stands with Jasmine, it looks like he’s given her his leather jacket.  Simone lays unconscious on the ground and the paramedics work to prepare her for transport.  People around watch and a cop talks to the driver of the bus.  He explains quickly that the woman was chasing someone, a little girl.  He points Jasmine out to the officer and he goes over to speak to her.  The officer asks kindly if Jasmine knows the woman, if she is her mom.  Jasmine answers quietly, ‘She killed my mom.’  The cop stands back up and looks surprised as Simone is loaded into the ambulance.

MI-5 gathers up the remaining men that were with Rask as well as their own dead agents.  Kate gets patched up and the car that Jack drove up in sits smoking nearby.  Jack is searching another car for the keys and finds them in the visor.  He stands and on the other side of the car sees Belcheck being brought over with Rask’s men.  He immediately goes over to him and as he walks he opens his tactical knife.  He gets behind him and cuts his zap strap ties holding him.  One of the MI-5 agents is angry and asks Jack what he’s doing.  Jack grumbles that Belcheck is with him.  The agent says he gave Jack some leeway because of what he did for his men but they have protocols.  Jack doesn’t care about their protocols, MI-5 shouldn’t have been there in the first place, they almost got Jack and Kate killed.  The agent was there on orders from the Prime Minister’s office and the agent tells Jack to have his President take it up with them.  Jack is sure he will.  He tells Belcheck quickly in Serbian that he will call him.  Belcheck nods and Jack leaves.

Jack goes to Kate and asks how she’s holding up.  Kate is okay but wants to know that what they did is worth it.  Jack explains about the number they got for Simone and they are running it down.  Jack’s phone rings and it’s Chloe calling.  She’s looked at the CCTV in the location of the cell phone and there was a woman hit by a bus.  She’s looked and it’s Simone Al-Harazi.  Chloe thinks she’s alive but she doesn’t know for sure, it doesn’t look good.  They’re putting her in the ambulance now.  Jack asks if there’s any sign of Margot, which there isn’t.  As Chloe looks a note pops up on her screen warning her to get out of there.  Chloe hesitates in answering Jack while she crosses the room and looks out the window seeing police officers coming into the building.  Chloe tells Jack that they are probably taking her to St. Edwards.  Quickly she says she has to go and hangs up on a puzzled Jack.  He grabs Kate by the arm and helps her to the car.  He says they’re going to the hospital and he jumps in the drivers seat taking off.

Boudreau has acquired the contact info for Margot Al-Harazi.  It was delivered on a video stream and he believes it’s authentic.  Heller and Boudreau discuss why she would send them and they agree that it’s part of her game, with the deadline approaching she’ll be expecting Heller to want to discuss terms. They are unable to trace the stream because it came in on a secured video feed.  Heller’s phone rings and he answers it, dismissing Mark.  Jack is calling and he quickly fills Heller in on the situation with Simone being injured.  They don’t think that her mother knows yet and Jack would like to keep it that way.  Jack tells Heller where she’s going and he says that she’ll be put under guard.  Jack needs full access, he doesn’t want to keep working against British Police.  Heller promises complete cooperation from them and Jack has one more thing for Heller.  He explains about their operation being interrupted by MI-5 and that it was disaster.  They claimed that they were ordered there by Davies.  Heller apologizes, he had to take the PM into his confidence in order to get him to not put soldier’s on the ground but he promised not to intervene.  Jack is unimpressed, that is not the deal they made.  He is unhappy, there were 5 British soldiers killed.  Heller is paged in that the PM is there so he has to go.  Heller hangs up on Jack who is unhappy.

Davies enters the room and starts to say he heard what happened.  Heller cuts him off and yells that he asked him to let Jack Bauer handle this alone, he gave him his world.  Alistair corrects that he agreed to hold off putting soldiers on the ground but trusting a foreign agent is another thing entirely.  He starts to argue about what his surveillance showed but Heller cuts him off again arguing that he had no business surveiling Jack in the first place.  The PM fires back that they have less than an hour before Margot’s deadline to hand him over and she plans to reduce this city to rubble and flames.  He can’t sit idly by and do nothing.  Heller says no one is doing nothing, ‘We’re working our asses of here.’  He implores that they need to be working together.  Davies thinks they have worked together, they’ve known each other for years.  He calls him James and says he considers him a friend.  Under normal circumstances he would never doubt his judgement.  Heller feels it coming and prods, ‘but’.  Davies asks, ‘But, is there something you’re holding back from me, James, concerning your health?’  Heller knows where this is going but asks, ‘What about my health?’  Davies tells him that if what he’s heard is true, he has his deepest sympathies.  Heller has calmed down and says if he had a concern about his health, he should have come to him and asked.  Alistiar is asking now.  Heller tells him flat out that if he thought for one moment that his health risked anyone’s life, he would resign his presidency immediately.  Davies say it was is mistake and asks Heller to accept his apologies.  He appears to be unhappy as Heller walks away.  Heller comes back around and says they still have a chance to avoid a full scale attack.  Despite their interventions, Bauer has a line on Al-Herazi.  Heller asks if he can count on his full cooperation this time.  Davies personally gives him his world that he will have anything he needs.  Heller thanks him.

In the ambulance the medics are assessing an unconscious Simone.  They find her injured finger that appears to be not related to the accident but recent.  Her phone rings and the medic digs it out answering.  Margot is calling and he EMT identifies himself saying he has a trauma patient in her 20’s.  She’s  female with reddish brown hair.  Margot admits she’s her mother and asks what happened.  He explains it and says they are going to do everything they can for her.  She is advised to make her way to the hospital as soon as possible and the police will probably want to talk to her.  Margot hangs up as he asks for her name.

Margot tells Iam about the accident and that the police are involved.   Ian is worried they know who she is and Margot is unsure at this time.  Ian also brings up Naveed’s sister and her child.  Margot asks who they have in the area and Ian says Kareem is nearby.  Margot wants him sent and to find out how badly Simone is hurt and if they know show she is.



Jordan works on his computer playing around with the Phoenix program he is running on info about Kate’s husband.  An agent behind him clears his throat and Jordan turns to see him standing there.  He calls the man Gavin and asks what he’s doing.  Gavin, speaking with an English accent, says he isn’t doing anything so Jordan asks what he wants.  Gavin wants the body count from the explosion and he asks for Jordan’s access code.  Jordan wants to send the files to his directory and Gavin says fine, he would like them as quick as he can.  Jordan looks across and sees Nevarro working.

Nevarro’s phone rings and he picks it up, grabs a scrambler from a cabinet and then answers.  The voice on the other end says he thought Nevarro was going to stop his analyst.  He is running the retrieval program right now.  Nevarro looks around suspiciously and asks, ‘You have access to our system?”  The voice taunts that of course they do.  And if he analyst sees those partitions he will know that Nevarro was the source of the information sent to China.  The voice wants something done but Nevarro is hesitant, “He’s just a kid.”  The voice asks if Nevarro prefers prison for the rest of his life and Nevarro wants someone sent to him, a cleaner.  The voice turns around as he talks revealing that it’s Adrian Cross.  He says he’s just the middle man, Nevarro has been well paid.  Sort it out quickly.  They hang up and Nevarro looks at Jordan through the glass in the CIA.

Jack and Kate walk through the hospital and they introduce themselves to Helen McCarthy, a Chief Inspector.  She will give them any support they need.  Jack is grateful and they’re updated on the status of Simone who is unconscious and that they have Jasmine and her mother, Farrah is dead from a stab wound.  Jasmine is in shock and getting checked over.  Kate is going to go to her and Jack to Simone. He wants the wing cleared with access by authorized personnel only.  Jack gets to the window where they’re working on Simone and he looks in and knocks on the glass.  The doctor comes over and he asks about her condition.  She’s stable and they are taking her for a CT.  Jack wants to talk to her before that and that’s not possible.  Jack is not asking, there are more lives at stake than hers.  He needs her conscious.  After being snappy, Jack asks ‘Please’.  The doctor agrees and he goes back into the room as Jack watches.

Kareem walks the halls and enters the linen room.  He finds some uniforms and pulls out one that he figures will do.  He draws his gun and cocks it and then starts getting changed.

Kate visits the pop machine and buys a drink.  She shows her badge to an officer and then heads over to where Jasmine is sitting on a gurney in a curtained area.  She asks kindly if this is Jasmine and then wants to sit with her for a while.  The doctor leaves and Jasmine stares forward.  Kate offers the pop to Jasmine saying she hopes she likes ginger beer.  Jasmine takes it and Kate sits down.  She wants to ask Jasmine a couple of questions and Jasmine is interested asking if Kate is American.  Kate is and says that’s she’s really sorry about Jasmine’s mom.  She asks Jasmine to tell her what happened, if she knows the woman who did this.  Jasmine tells Kate that it was her aunt Simone.  Her last name used to be Chibaz and she married her uncle Naveed a couple of years ago.  She explains what happened and that she heard her aunt Simone tell her mother that they had to get out of London, that she was trying to protect them from Simone’s mother.  Kate jumps on this asking about Margot, if Jasmine knew her or where she might be.  Jasmine never met Simone and Kate thanks Jasmine saying she’s a very brave girl.  She thanks her and  says she is going to try and get back to see Jasmine if she can.  Jasmine asks what will happen to her Aunt Simone.  Kate doesn’t know and Jasmine says, “I hope she dies.”  Kate doesn’t have an answer and leaves.

Kate calls Jack and asks if Simone is conscious.  She is not and Kate fills Jack in on what Jasmine knew.  She concludes that Simone was betraying her own mother.  Kate thinks they have a real chance at turning her.  Kate is coming back to Jack who hangs up the phone.

Kareem is skulking near Kate and calls Margot to fill her in.  He hasn’t actually seen Simone and he tells her they’re in lock-down.  This confirms that they know who Simone is.  Margot concludes they’re going to do everything they ca to get her talking but Kareem says it won’t take much.  He tells Margot that Simone was already working against her and the girl is alive.  He tells her about the ‘American woman’ that questioned Jasmine and that she was protecting them from Margot.  She is unhappy to hear this and instructs Kareem to find out exactly where Simone is in the building and they will take care of the rest from there.  She hangs up the phone and tells Ian to get everyone to start packing up.  Ian turns and echoes the same thing to the guys nearby.  He turns back to his mother urging that she doesn’t have to do this.  Margot isn’t turning back, Simone betrayed her one, she won’t let her do it again.  She wants the drones moved into range of the hospital.  Ian complies.



Jordan’s desk phone rings and Nevarro calls him into his office.  The CIA workers are watching the Prime Minister, Davies, address the nation about the potential attack.

Nevarro is putting the finishing touches on his outfit, tying his tie.  Nevarro has a dead drop in Camden that a high level asset left a possible lead on Al-Harazi and he wants Jordan to go and pick it up.  Jordan is surprised and kind of proud when he asks, ‘Me? Into the field?’  Nevarro explains they’re short handed, they’ve lost a lot of agents today and Erik’s not fit enough to go out.  Jordan is happy to fill in and Nevarro wants this to stay between them.  The drop is on a house boat and Jordan is to make the pick up and come back to the CIA.  Should be straightforward.  Jordan is excited and heads out the door.  He pauses, turns, and thanks Nevarro for trusting him with this.  Nevarro says he’s earned it and Jordan leaves.

Boudreau and Audrey are watching the press conference from the PM and Heller enters the room.  Boudreau pauses the computer they’ve been watching and asks if everything is alright. Heller is fine.  Heller is told that Davies is going public and he knows, he had a conversation with the PM earlier.  He knows about Heller’s condition, he asked him about it.  Boudreau is unhappy and stands asking what he said.  Heller is sheepish admitting he didn’t handle it very well, but it doesn’t matter.  It won’t be long before everyone will find out and everything he does, every decision he makes will be second guessed.  It will be impossible for him to run the country.  They hear this as resignation and question that he was going to finish his term.  Heller says that this was an arrogant and vain to think that he could do that.  He calls Mark and then pauses before continuing that when the crisis is over and they get back to Washington he wants him to set up a meeting with the vice president to bring him up to speed on the transition.  Heller leaves Mark and Audrey together.

Jack observes Simone while she’s still unconscious.  He looks at her hand, rotating it and observing her mangled and missing little finger.  He leans over her and asks if she can hear him.  He repeats himself and she asks where she is.  Jack answers that she was in an accident.  As she comes around further she says Jasmine’s name and Jack says she is safe.   Simone looks at Jack and says groggily that she knows him, he was following her in the underground.  Jack introduces himself and consoles her, her instinct to protect her family members from what her mother is doing today is right.  He asks her to think of the hundreds of thousands of innocent people that are going to die if she doesn’t stop her.  Jack asks her to help, she’s the only person that can stop what’s happening.  Kate enters the room and silently watches Jack interrogate her.  Simone turns on Jack, just because she took pity on Farah and Jasmine doesn’t mean she would even think of betraying her mother to him.  Jack picks up her hand repeating her mother, is that who did this to her.  He touches her hand where the finger was cut off and she squirms.  With tears in her eyes Simone chants that her mother loves her and would never do anything to harm her.  Jack pushes her finger down from the stub and she says nothing.  She squirms and then passes out.

Jack crosses the room and he is obviously agitated as the pair leave the room into the hall.  Jack speaks quietly apologizing.  He shouldn’t have done what he did.  Standing in front of the door to Simone’s room he grumbles, ‘I just hate these people.  For thinking there could be anything that would justify what they’re doing.”  They agree she’s not going to talk and Jack asks if Jasmine might be able to turn her.  Kate isn’t impressed with that and says that she’s traumatized and scared of Simone.  Jack reminds Kate of the deadline.

Over Kate’s shoulder Jack sees Kareem with a gurney and a cell phone.  He asks if they were locked down.  The inspector, McCarthy, says they were.  She takes a few steps towards him asking for his ID but Jack sees that he’s not right.  He grabs the detective and pulls her down behind a wall just as Kareem pulls a gun and starts shooting.  Once he runs off Jack, Kate and McCarthy give chase. Jack orders McCarthy to take the elevator.  Jack and Kate chase him down a hall and they get to a set of swing doors.  Jack orders Kate on the left and the break through together checking a hallway each.  They both have nothing except scared civilians and Jack sees him through a glass door straight ahead.  Two guards also see and they are closer, running after Kareem with Jack and Kate chasing them.  They get around a corner and as Jack yells for the guards not to fire, Kareem draws a gun and prepares to shoot at them, so they fire, shooting Kareem in the chest twice.  He falls and Jack comes up to him and swears.  Jack checks the phone on Kareem and finds a series of text messages revealing that they have 8 minutes before a drone strike.  Jack explains this to McCarthy and says they need to clear the hospital now.  When they don’t move he barks again, “NOW!”  Kate hits the fire alarm and Jack heads to get Simone.  Kate will meet Jack outside and Jack watches like he wants to stop her as she runs down the hall.  He lets her go.



Chloe finds a pub and sets up with her laptop at a table.

A drone flies and Margot is told it’s a minute away from it’s target.

Jack is on the phone to Chloe while he moves through the hospital.   He asks if they can pull the number off of the phone they got from Kareem.  It has been routed to a phone that’s a dead end. Jack gets into Simone’s room and tells the doctor that they have to go.  He grabs Simone and manhandles her off of the gurney.  Jack explains her mother is targeting her with a drone and as they take a few steps out of the room Simone argues that her mother would never do that.  Jack lets her go and she staggers to the wall and down to the ground.  He tells her that if she actually believes that then she can stay here.  Jack takes a few steps and Simone quietly calls him back asking him not to leave her.   He steps back and grabs a jacket nearby, tosses it over her shoulder and pulls her up and towards the door.

Kate is looking for Jasmine and asks a worker if she has seen her.  People are evacuating and Kate goes against the tide to search for Jasmine.  Kate pulls curtains searching and finds her on the ground scared of the chaos.  Kate tells her that they have to get out of there.  She says she will take care of her, but they have to get out.

Ian and Margot have the hospital in the range of the missiles.  He sees that they’re trying to evacuate.

Kate and Jasmine run and Jack and Simone do the same.  Hospital employees help sick and injured people out.

Ian is targeting the hospital and Margot wants him to zoom in.  They may have gotten out but Margot tells him to fire anyway.

Jack and Simone as well as Kate and Jasmine have exited the building.  They find each other and Kate gets to Simone’s other side while holding Jasmine’s hand.  They get a short distance away before the drone finds it’s mark and blows up the hospital.  As they run Jack reassures Jasmine that it will be alright.  Jack sees Chief Inspector McCarthy and they leave Jasmine in her care.  As soon as it’s safe they will contact her.

Margot tells Ian to find Simone.

Jack loads Simone into the back of his car and Margot sees the three heat signatures getting into the vehicle.  Ian tries to lock on the target and fires.

Jack drives the car and a vehicle behind them explodes closely behind them.  They get away unscathed and they drive away.  Ian has a visual on them and he tries to follow them. Margot is unhappy.

At the hospital, people are injured as they try and get away from the rubble of the hospital.  We see people missing limbs and others trying to help.

Jack speeds past the remainder of the hospital with Simone in the back seat.  She looks out the window seeing the carnage her mother has caused, including someone on fire.  She closes her eyes.

Jack weaves in and out of traffic trying to get away.  They aren’t going to stop until they kill them, Jack begs Simone to tell them where her mother is.  Kate calls Jack’s attention back to the road as he doges another vehicle.  Ian has them and is trying to acquire them.  Jack is doing some evasive driving and slides into a turn and then jumps down an alley.  Ian shoots at the vehicle but the alley is narrow enough that the missile hits a building instead.

Ian needs to bring the done down lower, it might be spotted but it increases the chance of hitting them.  They are down to their last missile and the other drones aren’t in range yet.  If they miss now they won’t have another chance.

Jack gets stuck in traffic and comes to a stop.  He backs up but finds a car right behind him.  He says they have to switch cars and tells Kate to follow his play.  He jumps out with his bag and Kate gets out and grabs Simone. He sees what’s causing traffic to be stopped, a bunch of lumber has fallen off a truck ahead.  Another driver gets out of his vehicle to see what’s going on and Jack hits him knocking him out.  Jack gets in his larger vehicle and Simone and Kate get in as well.  It’s a Land Rover style larger vehicle and Ian can see what they’re doing.  He has no lock on the vehicle yet.

Jack drives the Land Rover out of the traffic and through the lumber that is off the truck, also driving into a few other vehicles.  Simone is unconscious in the back seat.  Jack finds another open road and takes off.  Kate gets Jack’s attention and motions forward, Jack sees what she’s pointing at, a tunnel.  They pull the vehicle in and a train passes overhead.  Jack needs to switch cars and he tells Kate to get his bag while he grabs Simone.  Another car drives up and Jack waves his gun and orders the driver out.  He obliges and runs off.  Jack asks Kate if there’s an infirmary at the CIA station and she confirms there is.  They load Simone into the back and Jack walks away from them to a homeless person nearby.  Jack tells them not to move and grabs a large piece of cinder block.  He opens the car door from the Land Rover and puts the block down on the gas petal.  The vehicle revs and Jack throws it in drive.  It goes speeding out of the tunnel as Jack drives their new vehicle in the opposite direction.  Not long out of the tunnel, the Land Rover explodes.

Ian rejoices in the hit and Jack drives in the other direction.  Margot isn’t as quick to celebrate and asks Ian to bring the video back.  He does and they zoom in on the SUV.  It’s empty.  She’s angry and Ian looks disappointed.

Jack drives in the front of the newest vehicle and Kate is in the back seat with Simone.  She reports Simone is in bad shape.



Jordan heads to his drop and walks around looking for his drop.  He sees a boat with the name of ‘Sophie’ and a cabinet outside.  The cabinet is locked and he looks around and then into the water.  Out of nowhere a shot is fired and hits him in the arm.  He goes over into the water and the shooter appears.  The shooter looks into the water waiting for Jordan to surface. He does not and the shooter keeps looking.

Mark waits outside an the Deputy Minister arrives.  He insists that Mark and the US hand over the criminal Jack Bauer.  Mark explains that Heller enlisted Bauer to help in the terrorist situation.  The rendition order was signed in haste.  The Deputy Minister doesn’t think it was signed by Heller.  Mark pretends to be insulted but the DM thinks that is why he didn’t want to put the President on the phone.  He starts to talk about Mark’s wife’s history with Bauer but Mark won’t hear it.  The DM doesn’t back down, he forged the President’s signature.  That’s treason.  He tells Mark to think about his wife or his job if the word got out.  Mark says Bauer is in the field, he couldn’t get his hands on him now if he wanted to.  The Minister clarifies that the man responsible for murdering his good friend Michael Novokovich and attempting to assassinate their president will not be turned over to Russia to face justice.  Mark is saying to give him time.  Once Bauer has served his purpose everyone will get what they want.  The DM wants Mark to make it sooner rather than later for everyone’s sake.  He will expect Mark’s call.  He leaves Boudreau looking unhappy.

In the President’s quarters the TV is on.  Heller watches it as they talk about the potential drone attacks.  Heller picks up a phone and makes a call.

Jack is in the car with Simone and Kate and his phone rings.  Kate says Simone’s pulse is weak and Jack answers.  It’s Heller calling and he says he’s watching the devastation at the hospital.  Jack says they have Simone but she’s in bad shape.  They are going to take her to the CIA infirmary and try and keep her alive.  Jack doesn’t think they have any realistic chance to get to Margot before the deadline.  He admits they’re running out of time.  Heller says, “I have to see you, Jack.”  Jack is confused asking, “sir?”  Heller will explain when he gets there.  Jack answers with a “Yes sir.”  He hangs up.

Jack tells Kate that the President needs to see him.  The residence is on the way so he will go there and then Kate can take Simone to the CIA.

Heller hears a knock at his door and Ron arrives with his jacket and Margot’s contact information as he requested.  He dismisses Ron and tells him that he isn’t to say a word about this to anyone, including Boudreau.  He confirms he understands and then starts to ask, ‘What exactly are we…’ but Heller simply thanks him.  Heller reflects for a minute and then stands up crossing the floor to a computer.  He starts to type.

In the split screen we see Jack, Kate, Ian and the house being packed up, the drones, Margot upset looking at a photo of young Simone and then the water where Jordan disappeared.

Jordan pulls himself out of the water onto the steps, soaking wet he leans against the half wall below the walkway and winces in pain as blood seeps from his arm.

Heller puts on his jacket and straightens himself out.  At Margot’s house her computer rings.  She turns it on and sees Heller standing there.  He greets her saying ‘Margot Al-Harazi.’  She responds, ‘President Heller.  I’m surprised.  I didn’t think you were man enough to make this call.’  Heller was given a deadline and asked to surrender.  There is still time to comply if he chooses.  Margot surmises that the fact he made this call suggests that he has already reached his decision.  Heller asks if he does surrender himself, can he trust her to keep her word.  Margot rephrases his question, he’s asking if he can trust her.  She is concerned that he is playing her but he assures her that no one else knows about this.  It’s just the two of them reaching out to one another.  Margot agrees if that’s true they can do this on her terms.  She gives her word this will be over.  No one else will die.  Margot is waiting for his decision and he tells her, ‘As you suggested, my decision has already been made.’


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • Margot’s demands are back in the previously’s which should be a sign of the hour.
  • Starting to wonder when the time jump is going to happen.  It’s been 7 hours now and they said it would be a whole day.  So either they’ve got a big jump coming or they’re going to go a few on and a few off for the last 5.  OR, they’re not actually going to cover 24.
  • I could see it being hard to make a jump, especially since it’s the same writers that have always been on the show.  It must be tough to just forget some hours.
  • And, last point. 5 HOURS LEFT?  I don’t want it to end.  And the way Kiefer Sutherland’s been talking, he’s done.  So that’s it.  So, so sad.
  • In the previously’s, that was a different cut for the PM’s aide talking about Heller’s Alzheimer’s.
  • I kind of like the police on horseback.  That was cool.
  • Bus driver: Hilarious.  “She just ran out!” 
  • As if Jasmine needed to be any cuter, let’s put her in an oversized jacket.
  • Was there an Eskimo standing there watching the bus crash scene?
  • Took a second when Jack went over to Belcheck with the knife.  I thought he was going to kill him but then he changed his expression and released him. 
  • Is anyone else dying for more information on Jack and Belcheck’s history? I’m so curious.  Especially the Serbian.
  • That was a great little pissing contest with Jack and the MI-5 agent.  He’s waving around that he was sent by his PM and Jack’s basically doing the same about the President.
  • So someone is still looking out for Chloe.  That was a nice little note that was sent to her warning her to leave.
  • All this ‘can’t trace’ from Boudreau sounds like they need a Chloe working for them. Or, actually, the one and only Chloe.
  • No matter what happens, Jack is still a good guy.  He doesn’t want to keep working against British police.
  • How the heck did Jack get a secure line in a car/on that cell phone?  Additionally, how did he get it to display on the cars stereo?
  • It’s also kind of sweet how unhappy he is that there were British soldiers killed.
  • The scene between William Devane and Stephen Fry this episode was cracking.  The two of them both were magnificent.  I always enjoyed William Devane’s performance, especially when it mattered but I never really took Stephen Fry seriously.  Lesson learned.  Wow.  From angry to caring and back.
  • There’s another relationship that some more background would be appreciated: Heller and Davies.  Touching that Davies considers Heller a friend.  It was weird hearing him called James.
  • Margot is just cold.  The way she goes right to the idea of police, not if her daughter is okay, really shows a lot.
  • On the bad acting side, the guy that was standing behind Jordan was terrible.  I couldn’t decide if he was supposed to look awkward or if he just was a terrible actor.
  • Tip for Jordan, if you’re going to work on something that your boss explicitly told you not to, you should at least make it look like you’re doing what you’re supposed to and also not do it in the wide open.
  • Why is Nevarro working downstairs? He has an office.
  • So, earlier Chloe said she didn’t have access to the CIA system.  I guess Cross was holding out on her in more ways than one. 
  • Also, it wasn’t the system that told Cross what was going on, it was Capitan Obvious behind Jordan.
  • This makes sense how they keep Cross in the show.  However, I gotta say that the Nevarro bad twist is a little predictable.  The government really needs to change their hiring policies, and you think they would have after the first seasons of 24.
  • What was Cross doing with Chloe then? Was he using her for info?  What’s his interest in setting up Kate’s husband and giving information to the Chinese? Does it have anything to do with Jack?
  • Finally people willing to work with Jack.  Yay for the Chief Inspector.
  • My FOX feed cut off the first few seconds after the commercial break after :24.  So apparently Ritter was in this episode, but not my version because I didn’t see those split screens.
  • Hopefully he’s not getting paid by the word.
  • Ginger beer… that sounds… interesting.  I’m sure Jack could go for a real beer right about now.
  • That seems like quite the breach of protocol, talking about sensitive information in a public place like a hospital.  I know they can only do what they can do in 24-land but that’s just not good.
  • Would it have really been that hard for Margot to give the instruction to the thugs?  Instead she tells Iam to tell them to pack it up.  They’re RIGHT THERE.
  • Way to turn a cute little girl into a cold blodded killer, 24.  I’ve missed that.
  • Bets right now on if Jasmine finds a gun and kills Simone somehow? Hey, crazier things have happened.  (See also Stephen Saunders’ death and Rossler’s death)
  • Nevarro seems to have taken a long time to get changed.
  • Jordan is pretty cute and excited when Nevarro sends him into the field.  Too bad he had no idea what was happening.  Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  • And again, we’ve lost Ritter for the hour.  We’re just told he’s “not fit enough to go out.”  He looked pretty fit overall to me.
  • How could Boudreau not know about Heller meeting with the PM? 
  • I thought Heller handed the situation with Davies quite well, really.  But that’s just me I guess.
  • Every move Boudreau makes to defend Heller makes me wonder if he’s just defending his own interests.  He’s effectively allowed to do whatever he wants as long as Heller is in power. 
  • For a second I thought that after Heller said he wasn’t going to finish his term and then he called Mark’s name he was going to say, ‘You’re going to take over.’  Was I ever glad he didn’t.
  • Jack just had to get some torture in, didn’t he?
  • Simone is just parroting Margot when she talks about her mother not hurting her, etcetera. 
  • Looks like Jack’s been out of it a while, though.  He seems pretty upset that he had to interrogate Simone like that.
  • I actually laughed when Jack said, “I just hate these people.”  That was a BIG gap after that line was delivered and I was wondering if he was going to continue or leave it there.
  • Line of the week:  Jack about terrorists: “I just hate these people.”
  • I was kind of confused about Jack’s expression when Kate left to get Jasmine.  He looked like he didn’t want her to go or was worried about her.  He just met her.  That was fast.
  • Smart move to push the fire alarm, Kate.  She is a thinker, that one.
  • The idea of Chloe setting up her laptop to get some work done in a put is just hilarious.  Are there no coffee shops in London?
  • How can Simone think her mother wouldn’t come after her?  Three hours ago she cut off her finger.  Talk about deluded.
  • I don’t know anything about drones but that thing seems to have some pretty awesome capabilities.  Infrared camera?  Ability to treat it like recorded video to back up and zoom in?  Impressive.
  • Jon Cassar said that this was a very tough episode to do.  It makes sense with all the different camera shots, the drone, the chase, explosions, tunnel.  We should all be really grateful that he’s so dedicated to his craft because it sure looked flawless when it was on screen.
  • We all know Jack is just trying to help Jasmine but it’s hard to reassure the kid when they’re running from an exploded building with her severely injured aunt that killed her mother.  Therapy bills will be huge.
  • I did kind of laugh though with the ‘explosions’ while they drove away and Jack and Kate lurched forward.  We all know that was done on a screen so it just seems so… weird.
  • If Simone is going to turn, now is the time.  After seeing all the people her mother just killed to shut her up that should be pretty convincing.
  • The car Jack is driving in the beginning of the chase is a Chrysler 200, I think S and likely AWD.  It’s pretty nice looking, especially in black.  Especially with Jack behind the wheel.
  • During the chase in the Chrysler, have a look at the radio.  It keeps changing stations.  It was 97.9 early and then went to 89 and then over to AM at the end.  Is that what Kate was doing?  Changing the station? ‘What’s good music for a car chase?’
  • The SUV type car Jack gets in during the chase is a left hand drive.  I kind of wonder how common that is over there.  In BC where I live there are a few right hand drive vehicles, they always freak me out on the highway because I don’t think they can see properly when they change lanes.
  • And the good Samaritan takes a hit again.  Jack knocks him out and steals his car.
  • I had to listen to Jack say ‘infirmary’ about 5 times before I could figure out what he was saying in the tunnel.  For some reason he was talking really fast and maybe the acoustics of the tunnel didn’t help.  I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was talking about at first.
  • For someone kind of reserved at first about killing his own sister, Iam sure rejoices when he does finally get the car.
  • When did the act of killing people get to look so much like a video game?  Is that why video games are everywhere?  We’re actually training military killers?
  • Oh Jordan, how naïve you are.  Does he even know how to use a gun? 
  • Oh the walrus is back.  He’s a smart walrus too, to figure out that Heller never even saw the order.
  • There’s no way Audrey doesn’t find out about Mark wanting to hand Jack over to the Russians.  She already crossed the planet once to try and save him from the Chinese.  She’s not going to let him go so easily.
  • It seems as though Jack just can’t help but respect the President, even when it is someone as repellent to him as Heller.  He still calls him ‘sir’ and he still comes when he’s called like a good soldier. 
  • Why oh why would Heller be asking Jack to get him to the meet with Margot?  I guess he could see it as Jack is an outlaw anyway and going to prison for the rest of his life so what’s another act of treason? But really, I was hoping Jack’s name would be cleared in all of this.
  • I don’t know the technicalities of this, but I’m sure that anyone in on this would be going to prison, including helpful man, Ron, who only brings his coat and the information before being ordered not to tell anyone.  The President’s safety would circumvent his orders.   He would have to tell.   We’ve even seen Pierce do things against Palmer to keep him safe.  Ultimately it’s not up to him.
  • Heller says Boudreau strangely.  More like ‘Booo-drau’.  Also, this isn’t the first episode where I’ve detected William Devane’s New York accent this season.
  • Also, I’m pretty sure I heard Yvonne Strahovski’s Australian accent this episode as well.
  • I know this is hard for them but when Jordan pulled himself out of the water onto the stairs there was already ‘blood’ on the wall.  Obviously from a previous take.
  • So how long before Jordan calls Kate?  She’ll be the only one he can trust I’m sure.
  • Wow, Margot does have feelings.  Is that sadness she’s portraying for 3 seconds in the split screen at the very end of the episode after killing her son-in-law and attempting to kill her daughter?  Very compassionate.  
  • Heller the one finger typer.  How can a guy that can’t type run the US?  Actually, never mind. 
  • Heller has already been in trouble where Jack had to save him, anyone remember the first 6 episodes of season 4?
  • I would just like to say, CALLED IT AGAIN.  I’m 2 for 2 on the big reveals at the end of episodes.  I’ve been saying Nevarro is bad all along and also called that Heller would want to sacrifice himself since he’s sick already.  Either they’re getting less creative or I’m getting better at guessing.  (Episode 5 Prediction)
  • That screaming music by Sean Callery is just a little bit of foreshadowing that something terrible is going on.  He uses that in the series when there’s something truly nasty going on.Sean Callery and Kiefer Sutherland
  • Speaking of Sean Callery, I would just like to say that he writes some of the best music for TV I’ve ever heard.  It’s always almost perfect.  Not intrusive, captures characters with his character themes so well.  It’s just great. 
  • I also learned that Callery was on Homeland.  Makes sense since he’s buddy buddy with Howard Gordon as well as a boatload of other 24-ers that are on that show. (IMDB Link)
  • And finally, what in the hell is that clock behind Heller when he talks to Margot?  There are some really odd set designs this season.  

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