9.06 – Right

9.06 – Right

4:00pm – 5:00pm


The CIA agents are trying to recover from the attack at Margot’s other house. Ritter is moving and trying to stand, Nevarro steps to his side and pulls him up.

Heller paces around the room and asks how many men that they lost in the ambush. It’s too soon for them to say and the Prime Minister says that his immediate concern is for London. There are 5 more drones in the air. Heller has fighters searching the skies and they are ready to coordinate with the RAF. The Prime Minister wants full access to their search. General Coburn stalls that it’s sensitive information. The PM is immediately angry and can’t believe he is hiding behind protocol when it was them who assured him that the CIA had this matter in hand. Heller commands Coburn to provide the Minister of Defense with all the information the Prime Minister is asking for. Heller again says he wants to coordinate their efforts with the RAF. There’s a pause and he says he’s repeating himself. He looks at Audrey who appears concerned. The PM is going to head to cabinet and decide when and how to make the information about the drones public. Boudreau offers to see the PM out but he says he knows the way. Audrey asks what she can do for her father and Heller wants the Secret Service to bring Jack to his office. Boudreau says nothing but looks on.

Heading down the stairs the British PM’s aide starts talking. She says she has been loathe to bring this to his attention but they have obtained intelligence that Heller is secretly being treated by a neurologist, possibly for Altimeters. The PM is shocked saying that they are counting on a man to protect their soil who hasn’t got his wits about him. ‘God help us.’

Heller sits at his desk slowly taking some pills from a prescription bottle. Jack is brought in and he notices what Heller has been doing. He doesn’t try to hide it from Jack but doesn’t address it, just telling the agent to leave them. Jack sits across from Heller, his defenses still up. Heller explains to Jack about the failed mission to locate Al-Herazi and the drone taking out the team. Jack asks if all the drones are in range and Heller confirms that one is but the others are 2 to 3 hours away. He asks Jack if he is absolutely certain that the arms dealer Jack spoke about before knows the whereabouts of Margot. Jack can’t be absolutely certain but he believes he can locate her. He has done business with her for years. This is their only way. Heller asks if Jack thinks this man will make a deal. Jack diligently and somewhat confusedly states that like he told Heller before, this man can’t be bought and he won’t be broken in time for the attacks. Heller says alright.

At the CIA the numbers right now are 4 dead and 6 wounded. Nevarro holds out a tactical helmet with a camera on it and speaks to Jordan. Ritter has some burns but he’ll be alright.   They are told that the President is on the line for Nevarro and he is patched through. Seeing Nevarro in colour we see he’s dirty from the attacks and has a couple of head wounds that have bled down the side of his face. Heller says that Nevarro is on speaker with Jack Bauer and he has a plan to bring in Al-Herazi. They are not to track him or use any surveillance. He asks if Nevarro understands but he isn’t sure he does. Heller clarifies, ‘You are to give Jack Bauer whatever he needs plus silence.’ Jack starts his list which is a clean phone, a civilian car, unmarked, a small weapons package and a field interrogation kit. Jordan will take care of that. Jack continues that they have an agent, Kate Morgan, he wants her assigned to him. Nevarro explains that she’s no longer on their active roster, she was headed back to Langley. Jack looks to Heller who simply says, ‘Put her back in the field. Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her.’ Nevarro agrees with a ‘Yes sir.’ Jack thanks him and will get started.

Kate is in her office looking at footage of the mansion explosion and Jordan enters her office. He looks confused and Kate asks what’s wrong. Jordan explains that the President just sanctions a mission for Jack Bauer and Bauer wants her. Jordan doesn’t like it though, she won’t have any back up. Kate is surprised and asks if Nevarro signed off and Jordan just tells her there’s a chopper warming up to take her wherever Bauer wants.

Margot comes in the room where Ian is piloting the drones. He updates her on the location of the drones and then says he’s worried about Simone. Margot, who was on her way out of the room, stops and turns back. Ian understands what she had to do with Naveed but she shouldn’t have done it in front of Simone. She had real feelings for him. Margot has no reason to doubt Ian’s sister but he says that she was in love with Naveed. Margot slaps Ian and says shortly that if he second guesses his sister, he is second guessing her. Margot leaves while Ian works his jaw after being hit.

Simone stands and watches as the thugs cover Naveed’s body with a white tarp. Margot arrives and says that she doesn’t have to watch this. Simone is fine. The thugs open up the back door to take him out and she closes her eyes, she’s upset. Before they get him far there is a ringing and they realize it’s coming from Naveed’s body. The put him down and search him finding a phone in his pocket. They hand the phone to Margot and he has received a voice mail from his sister who is upset and confused. First Naveed told her to pack her bags and now he’s not picking up his phone. She’s worried and wants to know if they’re still getting out of London. Simone didn’t know that he had contacted his sister but she doesn’t know about the operation. Margot says Simone doesn’t know that. She sends Simone to her to find out exactly what she knows and if she’s told anyone else. Simone asks what if she has. Margot tells her to think about what they’ve sacrificed this far, what she has sacrificed. Simone sighs and Margot says she trusts her to do what needs to be done. Simone nods and turns to leave.



Jack is in a room at the embassy preparing himself with the things the CIA sent. He loads a gun as the door opens and Mark enters. He hands over a phone to Jack saying the CIA delivered a clean phone. Jack thanks him and barely looks at him holding his gruff exterior with Mark. Mark doesn’t leave and instead introduces himself. Jack says quietly, ‘I know who you are, I just didn’t expect the Chief of Staff to make the delivery.’ Mark observes that his wife came to visit Jack, what happened. Jack thinks he should ask her but Mark is asking Jack. Jack puts his bag over his shoulder and explains that they talked. He turns to face Mark who tells Jack that when he first met Audrey, she was in pretty bad shape and in large part that was because of him. He claims to be worried what his presence might do to her. Jack asks nearly angry, “What do you want from me?” Mark steps closer to Jack and says he wants Jack to stay away from her. Jack tells him, ‘Mr. Boudreau, if I live through today, which, by the way, is highly unlikely, I’m going straight to prison. I’m the last think you need to worry about.’ There’s a knock at the door and a secret service agent is there to tell Jack that Kate Morgan is on her way and should be arriving shortly. Jack asks Mark to excuse him, he has to go. Before he gets to the door though, he pauses and grumbles, ‘She said you were good. A good man, and that she’s happy.’ Jack turns to look Mark over and then leaves Boudreau thinking in the room alone.

Jack calls Chloe who is concerned, she saw him arrested and wants to know where he is. He doesn’t have time to explain but asks if Belcheck is there. He is and Chloe puts Jack on speaker.

The Prime Minister discusses the idea of informing the public about the drones. He has no intention of causing a panic and right now it is precautionary. Heller is calling and the PM hopes he has good news. Heller asks him if he is going to put military on the streets. If he is, Heller would like him to wait at least an hour. He explains that Jack Bauer has mounted an operation to draw in a business associate of Margot Al-Herazi and needs some time. The PM is shocked saying Bauer is a disgraced agent with intentional warrants out against him. Why doesn’t Heller pick up this person himself. Heller explains Jack’s take on it but the PM isn’t so quick to be supportive. Heller asks him again to not deploy any military and the PM agrees but he wants to be apprised of every detail. Heller agrees and they hang up the phone. The PM muses that by allowing Jack Bauer to direct an operation, James may be losing his mind after all. The same adviser from before steps in saying that she hopes she’s not speaking out of turn but she’s not sure they should be placing this kind of faith in his judgement, especially in light of his condition. The PM wants MI-5 to find out exactly where Bauer is going and who he’s contacting.

Kate is frisked outside a car and an agent checks her with a metal detector. He reports to Jack that she’s clean. She snaps that he gave her clear instructions not to have anything with her. She is handed her phone back and Jack comes over to her saying he wanted to make sure she understood the rules. Kate doesn’t understand why he would ask for her if he doesn’t trust her. He says she seemed like someone who can handle pretty much anything. He gets close to her and ask why she was being sent back to the states. She asks if this is relevant and Jack doesn’t answer but just looks at her questioningly. She spits that she was married to a man that was convicted of selling state secrets. Jack asks if she was implicated and she says no but she didn’t catch it when it was happening right under her nose. Jack accepts this and asks if she is familiar with an arms dealer named Karl Rask. She says they’ve been hunting him for years. She asks if he’s in London and Jack says yes and he knows for a fact that he is working with Margot Al-Herazi. Jack’s plan is to play into his greed and use him to get information on Margot. Kate asks how he knows about Rask and Jack says casually, ‘Because I spent the last two years working for him.’ Kate is a little bit shocked and he continues as he circles the car to get in, ‘Unfortunately for us I think the second he sees me, he’s going to want to kill me. Get in the car.’ Kate does and Jack drives away.

Jack’s phone rings and Chloe is calling. She has uploaded Rask’s info to his phone and set up a bank account in his name. She is ready to insert a virus into Rask’s account as soon as he logs in to his bank account and trace his interactions. In the background, Belcheck is leaving with his guns and heads out behind Chloe.

Audrey sits at a desk thinking and she appears to be stressed out. Boudreau comes in and says, ‘I saw Jack today before he left.’ Boudreau plants himself on a couch across from Audrey and says he heard she saw him as well. Audrey was going to tell him and Boudreau admits to telling Jack that he was concerned about him being back. Audrey says that wasn’t necessary and Boudreau admits that it was probably more for him then for her anyway. Audrey wants to know what Jack said and Mark says he said he would be gone soon. Audrey appears sad at this revelation. Boudreau’s phone rings and he checks the caller ID before he says he has to take it, it’s the Russian embassy deputy foreign minister. Mark leaves and Audrey closes her eyes and then rubs her face thinking.

The Deputy Minster of Russia talks to Boudreau and offers his assistance to Heller with the terrorist threat. He also has the transfer order the President signed for Jack Bauer. He wants to know when he can take him into custody. Mark says that the President has actually rescinded the order because of a change in circumstances.   The deputy minister is unimpressed, they are aware of how strongly his government feels about justice in this matter. They can’t do this without explaining what’s going on. The deputy minister wants Heller himself to explain to Moscow why he is reversing this order. Boudreau says he’s not available and the deputy minister asks when the can expect his call. After Mark hesitates the man scoffs and asks why he is uncomfortable involving President Heller in this. Boudreau does’t want to make a big issue out of this, they can talk about it and figure something out. He wants to meet privately and the deputy minister will get back to Mark. The minister says it will be today. Mark hangs up the phone and the deputy minister looks at Heller’s signature on the order, thinking.

Jack drives and talks to Chloe, they’re on the way. He hangs up with her and Kate starts talking saying that she’ shaving a hard time wrapping her head around Jack working for Rask. Jack explains that in the last 11 months, two of his significant clients have been brought down, a human trafficking ring and an international drug cartel. He is using his position in Rask’s organization to make sure people like that can’t keep doing what they are doing. Kate is surprised and asks why, who is he working for. Jack answers with a smile, ‘No one, this time I’m doing it for me.’ Kate asks why Rask wants to kill Jack and he says that he disappeared when he heard about the threat on Heller. Rask is going to think he’s the leak. Kate wants to know the plan and Jack tells her to hold on. He pulls off into a tunnel and turns to Kate saying Rask had him working with a guy named Nils who is dead. He needs Rask to think that Nils was the informant and that Kate was his CIA contact. The only way to make it work is to hand Kate over. Chloe has put evidence on her phone linking her to Nils, they are going to offer Kate to them. Kate surmises they are going to want to interrogate her and Jack knows, that’s why he wants to deliver her unconscious. If she’s unconscious no one can interrogate her. He grabs a syringe kit and says he wants to give her 5 cc’s of propofol to knock her out. Kate asks what happens if that’s not enough time and Jack explains that he has a guy on the ground that will be covering her. But this isn’t a guarantee, ‘This is a long shot and there’s a very good chance we’ll both end up dead.’ Jack understands if she doesn’t want to do this, he can’t force her to and it’s a lot to ask. Jack is looking away while she composes herself then grabs the needle and sticks it into her own neck saying, ‘Just make it count, Jack.’ He looks on, shocked.



Nevarro and Ritter arrive back at the CIA. Nevarro comes straight to the floor and Jordan stops him wanting him to have a look at Kate’s husband’s files that he’s been checking on. Nevarro wants it to wait but Jordan presses that he’ll want to see this. He was doing some routine maintenance sweeps and found a partition gone and a sector missing. Nevarro, still dirty and bleeding, thinks it can’t be deleted but it has been, Jordan needs authority to run a phoenix retrieval program to find the ghost data. Nevarro wants him to hold off and stay focused on the current threat and drones. They will figure out who screwed up when they have more time. Jordan answers, ‘Yessir.’

Simone has gone to her sister in law who is waiting on the street for something. She is happy to see Simone and they hug. She asks if Naveed is with her and when Simone doesn’t answer she asks if something is going on. She fills Simone in on the message simply saying to pack her bags and get out of town. Simone makes up an excuse that he’s stressed with his dissertation coming up and he wanted to clear his head out of town, she apologizes if it was made to sound serious. A young girl, Jasmine, comes out of her apparently music lesson and is excited to see Aunt Simone. Simone is happy to see her as well.

The PM is in his office and one of his men comes in and shows a thermal image of Jack putting Kate in the boot of the car. The PM doesn’t know what he’s doing and he doesn’t want to alert the Americans, they will handle it themselves. He wants them to assemble a team.

Jack is alone in the front of the car and codes into a garage door on a warehouse. He drives in and gets close to a bunch of sitting vehicles before shots ring out. Jack stops the car and a thug orders him out of the car. Jack complies and they turn him around against the car and frisk him. Rask steps out of the shadows and says he never expected to see Jack’s face again. He sent him and Nils to make a pay off with $200,000 of his money and now Nils is dead. Jack knows he is. He says he killed him because he was working with the CIA. One of the thugs kicks Jack so he hits the ground and then hits him in the face. Rask asks if he is supposed to take Jack’s word for it. Jack looks at him, cut on his head and a nosebleed and tells him no, of course not. There’s a CIA contact in the trunk of the car. Rask sends one of his men to open it but then changes his mind telling Jack to do it. Jack pulls himself up using the car and gets over to the trunk, opening it and revealing Kate there, unconscious. He kept her alive, she has been given a shot of propofol to keep her quiet. Rask has his men search her and they find her CIA ID and her phone. Rask wants to know where his money is and Jack has it in an account waiting for him. Jack wants to make things right, but they should keep the agent alive, she’s a valuable asset. Rask has something to counteract the propofol, they pull her out of the car and Rask wants them to find out everything she knows. Jack looks unhappy as they grab him by the collar and bring him away from the car.

Kate is dragged into a room. The thugs remove her shoes and socks. Belcheck watches from across the street on a building. He sees her. Chloe reminds him this is their only chance to get Margot and they can’t until Rask accesses the account. The thugs inject Kate with the counter drug and Belcheck warns that they might not have that kind of time.



Simone calls Margot and assures her that everything is okay, Naveed didn’t tell his sister of the plans. She is coming back to the house. Margot says they’re too close to finishing this, they can’t take any chances. Simone reiterates that she doesn’t know anything. Simone looks over her shoulder at the daughter and tells her mother that she has her daughter with her. Margot says she then has two loose ends to take care of. Simone says that this isn’t a problem but it is obvious she is not a fan of this action. Margot wants her back as soon as she can. Simone looks at the two of them and shakes her head. She returns to the sister in law and the niece who appear to be buying nuts from a street vendor. They invite Simone over for dinner. Jasmine likes this idea and she agrees.

Kate is just coming around and one of the thugs pushes her hair from her face and then tries to wake her up. She comes to and the pick her up and fasten a chain to her arms that are bound behind her back. They pull her up just high enough so that she’s on her toes and the lead interrogator asks what offer she made to Nils to get him to turn. Was it immunity? Money? Or something else. He grabs her by the face and looks her over. The second guy grabs a bag of items and puts it down. The first thug gets a knife from the pile as she is raised up off her feet totally with her arms behind her back. She yells in pain and he asks if the CIA is working with anyone else in Rask’s organization. Kate doesn’t answer and he cuts her deep along the upper thigh. He pulls her closer and asks if there’s another operative they need to be worried about. Finally Kate speaks saying Nils was it. He looks at her and says he doesn’t believe her. The second thug grabs a bucket and tosses a pail of dirty water on her. She yells and they grab two charged conductors. One of them rubs them together creating sparks and then zaps Kate with them.

Belcheck watches from outside and says they’re not wasting any time. Jack has to hurry. Chloe says all Rask has to do is sign into his account and they will be fine.

Rask is questioning Jack saying that it’s been two weeks since he heard from him. Jack explains that the CIA was all over him, it was too risky to make contact. Jack says the money is in his account in Hamburg GGS. Jack offers to log him in but Rask says he knows GGS. If Jack set up the account he must have dealt with Metzker, right? Jack looks away from Rask saying it doesn’t matter who he dealt with. Rask presses Jack to answer the question. Chloe is furiously looking on her computer to find this man and Rask asks what his first name is. Jack doesn’t like being tested and Rask is angry, he throws his glass down, breaking it on the floor. It’s a simple question for Jack, just answer it. Chloe says that Metzker isn’t listed in the bank’s directory but part of it is locked. She keeps working. Rask, meanwhile, grabs a gun and presses it to Jack’s neck. He says that if Jack opened an account there he met Metzker. Chloe can’t gt in, he might be bluffing, but he might not be. Jack stares down Rask and says calmly that there is no Metzker at the bank. Rask says there is, Jack is lying. He moves the gun to between Jack’s eyes and holds it there accusing Jack of informing on him. He asks why Jack is really there. Jack reiterates that there is no Metzker. He asks if Rask wants his money or not. Rask presses harder and Jack closes his eyes. After a few seconds, though, Rask backs off. He’s impressed. Jack is right, there is no Metzker. He tells the others tat Jack didn’t even break a sweat. Jack takes a quick breath while the others aren’t watching. He hands over the log in and confirmation codes to Rask. His money is waiting. Rask takes the paper and tells his crony to open a secure line. Jack watches as Rask says this will take a moment. With the spotlight off of Jack, he looks troubled.

With Kate they have broken out a large drill. One of them tests it and Kate makes an indiscernible noise. Belcheck says that Morgan is in trouble. It’s now or never. Chloe tells him to wait. Belcheck argues that she doesn’t understand. They’re going to kill her. He has to take them out. Suddenly Belcheck is knocked out from behind. Chloe calls to him and tell Jack in his ear piece that something has happened to Belcheck. He’s not responding. He’s dragged away from the spot he was in by a man in black, it’s MI-5. One of them confirms the advance team is in position. He sees across to the thugs electrocuting Kate but he is called down. Their job is to apprehend Bauer. They are ordered into position and await orders.



Rask is given the green light to enter his information, they have a secure connection. He uses a fingerprint scanner to log in.

Kate tells her thugs that there’s going to be another raid, on their next operation. The thug says there are several more operations. Kate says she will tell him what he wants to know.

Chloe says that they’re on the banking site. All he has to do is enter his info and his pass code. Jack watches carefully and as Rask is about to hit enter MI-5 bursts into the building. A gunfight ensues and Chloe tells Jack that Rask needs to hit enter. It didn’t go through. Jack tries to get to the computer as people everywhere get shot.

Kate is still being interrogated and the thug claims he’s had enough of her lies. The other thug hears something and they pause just before drilling Kate in the head. One of them goes out to check on the situation and Kate gets her legs over the other one and holds him in a headlock with her legs. She manages to get high enough to unhook herself from the chains holding her up. They both fall to the ground heavily.

Outside the room where MI-5 is working their way though the thugs, Jack shoots and takes out a variety of them as well. He sees an agent go down and then gets is gun killing one of Rask’s men. He makes his way to the computer and hits enter while firing to protect himself.

Chloe says the virus in the system.

Kate gets up slowly as the thug comes to. She manages to get a hold of his gun and shoots him. Relieved to be free, she takes a few deep breaths and lays back wincing.

Rask fires back on the MI-5 agents and Jack gets close enough to tell him to put his weapon down. When he doesn’t comply immediately Jack threatens him to give him an excuse to blow his brains out all over the wall. He looks to Jack and then puts his gun down. Jack orders him to his knees with a yell of ‘NOW!’. MI-5 closes in and tells Jack to drop his gun. He does so and also identifies himself as an undercover working on behalf of the President of the United States. One of them comes forward and asks Jack to please come with them. He helps Jack to his feet but as he does, Rask makes a break for a fallen agent and grabs a grenade from his vest. Jack sees it just as Rask pulls the pin and he shoves the soldier down that helped him up, protecting him from the blast. After the explosion, Jack turns over the agent seeing him cut and whispers, ‘Son of a bitch’. Chloe asks Jack in his ear if he is okay and Jack confirms he is. Chloe wants to know what MI-5 is doing there but Jack works to tie off the artery’s in the soldier while he says he doesn’t know. He asks if she got anything, Margot would have gone dark 30 days before an operation like this one. Chloe should start there and work backwards. Chloe has the information she’s looking for. There is a phone number associated with the transactions. She can get the location, it’s a mobile and it’s in London.

Simone is in Naveed’s sister’s house and they are sitting at the table. She is offered something to drink but declines. She’s obviously uncomfortable and the sister tries to figure out what’s going on asking if everything is alright with Naveed, if they are having problems. After thinking for a while and dodging questions, Simone breaks and tells her to get out of town with her daughter right now. A tear falls from her eye and Naveed’s sister ask if something has happened to him. Simone’s demeanor has worried the sister and she gets up and goes to the phone. She says he’s going to call the police. Simone tries to stop her saying she’s trying to help her. Simone has drawn a knife and the sister calls her daughter, Jasmine, down the stairs. They struggle over the knife and Simone ends up stabbing the sister but quietly says she’s sorry. She falls to the floor and Jasmine arrives downstairs. She goes running out the front door calling for help. There is a man next door that’s coming home with groceries and wants to help Jasmine. Simone calls after for her to listen to her. She follows while the neighbor also gives chase. They head down the street while Chloe watches the movement on the cell phone that Simone is carrying. They make it to a cross street and Jasmine manages to duck through traffic without being hit. However, Simone quickly gets in front of a bus and falls to the ground. The neighbor arrives with Simone and the bus driver steps out confused.

In the split screen we see Chloe watching the blip on the screen, Jack and Kate, Margot, the drones and Ian, Heller looking out the window, the Prime Minister and Jordan running his retrieval program anyway.

Nevarro is in a back room or roof type area of the building. He looks around suspiciously and then gets out his phone. He attaches a scrambler to it and makes a call. An unknown voice on the other end answers and Nevarro says there’s a problem, one of the analysts is digging in Adam Morgan’s file and he knows about the data files and the missing sector. He has dissuaded him from looking further into it for now. He might be able to retrieve the files he deleted which Nevarro was told was not possible. Nevarro isn’t sure that Morgan is still trying to clear her husband. The voice says to make sure nothing is recovered, if the evidence Nevarro planted against Kate’s husband get out there is no way for them to protect him. Nevarro hangs up the phone.



Miscellaneous Thoughts: 

  • Love that we see Audrey and Jack in the previously. Jack looks so anguished.
  • Is that a different cut?  I can’t bear to go back and look again, but the Jack and Audrey scene seemed different.
  • Interesting that they put the Jack Audrey scene before the Boudreau card.  Not the Jack or Audrey card.  So it’s more relevant to him than either of those two?
  • Holy man, what is Simone’s deal? How can she let Margot do what she has done?
  • Jack was last again, even though he sat in a room for an hour.  That’s a good (?) sign?
  • I sometimes wonder if the guys that cut the previously’s put as much thought into it as I do. Or are they randomizing it to screw with me?
  • I wonder if the actor who plays Ritter just couldn’t be there for the filming of this hour.  He was only in it really from afar, it could be anyone.  Too bad, after all the whining I was starting to like him. #BringBackRitter
  • #BringBackTony! It had to be said.
  • I was just waiting to see Boudreau do something schemey when he offered to walk the PM out.
  • Did anyone else love that they worked the word ‘loathe’ into the season?  That’s not the context I usually use it in.  I usually use it in the Grinch way, you know? “Loathe entirely!”  For example, Kate Warner: Loathe entirely.
    • loathe  (l)
    • tr.v. loathed, loath·ing, loathes
    • To dislike (someone or something) greatly; abhor.
  • Oh Mr. Prime Minister, you don’t need god to help you, Jack Bauer is on the case. 
  • I was kind of shocked that Jack didn’t use his knowledge of Heller’s pill-taking to try and extort something out of him.  Wouldn’t be the first time we’d seen that.  He had to be able to figure out by the repeated statement that he isn’t as sharp as he was when Jack worked for him.
  • Nevarro looks kind of rough there.  I prefer the black and white version.
  • Heller has some zingers in this episode, sick or not.  Line of the week contender: Heller to Nevarro – “You are to give Jack Bauer whatever he needs, plus silence.”  Okay. That should be crystal clear.
  • Line of the week: Heller to Nevarro: “Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her”
  • Jordan must have read Jack’s file.  He looks like Kate is already dead when he goes to delier the news that Jack wants her.
  • Do choppers warm up?
  • I just read a write up where they called Margot’s son “Liam”.  Sounded like Ian to me, whatever.  Take it interchangeably, maybe I’ll start calling him Iam.  Name tags.  We need NAME TAGS.
  • Well it’s really hard to tell which child is Margot’s favourite.  She kind of beats up on both of them. 
  • I like Iam.  He’s a good looking guy.  Too bad he’s probably gonna end up all kinds of dead.
  • Jack appears to have no time for Mark… until he realizes how uncertain he is about Audrey.  Effectively, how threatened he is by Jack.  It’s kind of sweet if you think about it.
  • Mark OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know Jack.  He could probably identify everyone in the US government, the idea that Mark feels the need to introduce himself shows he didn’t do his homework.
  • That little conversation driven by Mark just felt like junior high school.  “What did you say to my girlfriend?” “Ask her.”  “I’m asking you.”  “Oh yeah, well wanna go?”  “Bike racks, after school.”
  • Jack should have answered, “I did her” when Mark asks what happened.
  • I don’t know how I feel about Mark bringing up the blame Jack thing for Audrey’s condition.  He has to already feel terrible.
  • Jack, LIAR! Audrey did NOT say that Mark was a good husband OR that she’s happy.  She, in fact, ignored those questions and went right to Jack.  LIAR LIAR LIAR! 
  • The PM is trying to figure out what to do about the public and the attack, but wouldn’t they know already because of the video that Margot made?
  • I have trouble with the word “disgraced” in relation to Jack.
  • I wonder who on the writing staff is the Bruin’s fan?  Rask?  Really?  Like Tuukka Rask, the goaltender for the Boston Bruin’s hockey team?
  • The little scene with Jack and Kate when they meet up is kinda fun.  I like that she doesn’t quite understand him and he doesn’t quite trust her.  They’re good so far in the field.  Relationship? Do not want.
  • Also, that’s a million dollar question expression when she asks if it’s relevant about being sent back to the states.
  • Never thought such a simple statement such as ‘Get in the car’ would bring me so much happiness.  How I’ve missed Jack.
  • At least Boudreau is honest with Audrey about why he talked to Jack.
  • We all knew the whole forgery thing was going to come back to haunt Mark.  Let’s see if he tries to convince Heller he signed it and forgot.
  • Russian Deputy Minister: I am the eggman…. I am the eggman… I am the…. ______________? Koo-koo-katchu!  (Oh come on, you thought it too.)
  • However, he is persistent.  And quick.  He’s not taking any crap from Mark.
  • Line of the week: Jack about his work with Rask: “This time I’m doing it for me.”  Also known as, I’m still working and stopping bad guys, because I can.  Because I’m Jack Fucking Bauer.
  • Jesus, Kate is a badass.  I’ll just stick myself with a needle, it’s fine.
  • Oh Jordan, you keep asking questions you’re going to end up a liability.
  • Of course the sister would have a young, awfully cute, daughter.
  • Speaking of cute.  The boot of the car?  Oh god, love the accents.
  • I still, after all this time, feel bad when Jack gets beat up.  But I also feel a sense of anticipation because I know that Jack will probably kill that person.
  • It’s also kind of cute that Belcheck cares.  I’d like to know his story since Chloe thinks he’s been up to bad things.
  • Margot is slowly losing Simone.  Nice to know she draws the line somewhere.
  • So Kate is this years Chase?  The one that gets beat up and tortured instead of Jack.
  • I wonder what ever happened to Chase.
  • Okay, that looks painful.  The way they pull Kate up.  I’m kind of curious how they even filmed that.
  • Couldn’t they have found a clean bucket of water?
  • I also still hate the idea of a gun on Jack.  It just makes me feel ill. 
  • Breaking a little glass doesn’t make Rask seem any tougher.
  • Jack had a 50/50 chance of getting the right answer about Rask.  Either he exists or he doesn’t.  I’m glad he doesn’t.
  • It would have been interesting to see how this went down if Belcheck had saved Kate.  With the reinforcements there it actually helped Jack’s chance of survival. 
  • Okay, my laptop that I am typing on is 5 years old.  It has a pretty decent fingerprint scanner built into it.  Why does Rask have an external USB one?  Especially a giant one like that.
  • What’s the point of a ‘secure connection’ of Chloe can hack it.  Not so secure, boys. 
  • And also of course, MI-5 would show up RIGHT as Rask is going to hit enter.
  • Anyone else think it would have been great if the MI-5 people are the people from the TV show MI-5?  A lot of people cross-recommend those two shows saying if you like MI-5, you’ll like 24 and vice versa.  Would have been fan-freaking-tastic.  Missed opportunity.
  • This is why Kate is not Jack.  Jack can kill people with his thighs.  They’re a lethal weapon.
  • Aww, after screwing up the operation, at least that MI-5 agent said please to Jack and helped him up.
  • Why would Margot give Simone’s phone number for the banking transactions?
  • Simone seems to have recovered from the finger pretty quickly.
  • Convenient timing for the neighbour to be coming home.
  • Jamine: Frogger champ. Simone: Frogger loser.
  • That was a nasty hit on Simone.  I particularly enjoyed the 3 to 5 foot air time.
  • And there it is, Nevarro is bad.  All kinds of called it.  So so much called it.
  • The voice is English.  At first I was hoping, praying that it was Tony.  Too much English for Tony, though.  Besides, if they bring him back bad, again, I’d be right pissed.
  • So I guess the question about Nevarro is, what’s in it for him?  Is he just bad for fun? Money?  Interesting to find out.  Why was Kate’s husband targeted?  

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