9-05 – Justified

9.05 – Justified

3:00pm – 4:00pm


At the embassy we’re in the middle of the aftermath of the raid.  Kate is on her feet and so is Jack, who is being roughly frisked by Cordero’s men.  Kate watches silently.

Cordero rounds on Kate and says she had no right to get involved, the embassy is his jurisdiction, not the CIA’s.  Kate argues that if it wasn’t for her, Bauer would be dead.  Cordero snaps that he should be.  He shot 2 of his men.  Kate knows Jack wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, he was trying to stop an attack.  He tells her to save it for her superiors, he is going up the chain with this and she had better start clearing out her desk.  She answers that it wouldn’t be the first time today.

Jack is cuffed and searched and there is no flight key found.  Cordero orders Morgan to stay put and he demands to know where it is.  Jack has no answers for him as he again asks the question.  He asks Kate who thinks maybe it was lost during his battalions charge.  Jack starts to shove those men holding him and Cordero wants Kate out of there.  Saying she knows the way she turns her back on the room and walks out.  She walks by a marine and hands over Jack’s gun.  Once she is out of their sight, she gets on her comm unit to Chloe who was waiting to hear from her to be clear.

Chloe heard everything and asks if Jack is okay.  Belcheck watches while Kate confirms he is, he’s with the marines.  Chloe is happy he’s alive at least and Kate agrees.  She has the flight key and asks what to do with it.  She just needs a computer with a 4G network and Chloe will walk her through the rest.  She hangs up with Chloe and Ritter sees Morgan.  He can’t believe he’s alive and he wants to know what happened.  Kate managed to stop them from killing Bauer.

They head outside and Ritter asks if Kate really thinks Jack did this to stop an attack.  They’re walking to the car as Kate admits she does.  She reiterates the story about Al-Herazi and Tanner and shows Ritter the flight key.  He is shocked to see it and asks her to tell him she didn’t steal it.  She says that Bauer gave it to her, he wasn’t able to upload it to O’Brien in time.  Ritter asks in disbelief, “Chloe O’Brien?”  Morgan confirms and Ritter thinks this is crazy.  Morgan is worried it’s going to get crazier if they don’t get out of there.  They leave the embassy.

Ritter drives while Kate works her computer trying to get the flight data uploaded.  Chloe in her ear tells her to just plug in the key and the info should just keep uploading.  It’s at 77% and it should take about 2 minutes.  Chloe doesn’t know how long it will take for them to get the proof if they can even get it.  Morgan promises to get it to the right people if Chloe can find it while Ritter looks on skeptically.

Simone lays in bed with her severed finger bandaged.  An aide is working to make sure it’s dressed while she shivers with shock and pain.  Margot enters the room and waits until the aide is finished before approaching.  Margot sits at her daughters back and covers her shoulders with a shawl.  She knows that Simone is confused but she doesn’t want her to blame herself, this is not her fault, “It was mine.”  Margot admits.  If she had known what Simone’s husband was planning and acted sooner, this wouldn’t have been necessary.  Simone is ignoring her mother as she speaks and Margot leans over and kisses her on the face before walking away.

Margot heads downstairs finding Naveed on the computer where he can pilot the drones.  He asks how Simone is and she tells him that Simone will recover, “No thanks to you.”  She says a mother should never have to see their daughter go through something like that.  Naveed begs that she not hurt her again.  He will do anything.  Margot knows he will.  The take over message is being sent to the drones, Ian, Margot’s son, says ones all 10 codes are sent he can start piloting them.  Margot tells Naveed that if there if any kind of redemption for him it begins now.

Cross looks over Chloe’s shoulder and they’re half way though the code from the flight key.  Nothing looks suspicious yet and Chloe wants him to look harder.  Jack is going back to jail because of him.  Cross snaps that he knows, Chloe doesn’t need to keep reminding him.  She claims she does, ‘I’m thinking every day for the rest of your life.’  Before he can respond he sees something in the code and wants her to scroll back up.  He asks if she sees it and she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  He has found that they split the code into segments and embedded them into the transponder signal.  It’s almost impossible to spot but he isolates the code and shows it to Chloe.  This proves the drone was hijacked.  They highlight the code and take screen grabs to send them on to the CIA.  Morgan is going to send it to the CIA.

The phone at Jordan’s desk rings and he answers.  He is concerned about Kate asking if she’s alright.  She is and wants to talk to Nevarro.  She fills him in about the screen grabs that are coming his way.  Jordan looks at them while Nevarro stands over him.  Nevarro asks what Jordan sees and he says it looks like an override code.  Nevarro doesn’t know what he’s talking about and Jordan confirms that it’s proof that the drone was hijacked.  There’s going to be another attack and they have to alert the president.

With Heller, General Coburn tells them that the embassy is secure and the hostages are safe.  Audrey’s question is if Jack is okay.  They confirm he is and she is relieved.  Boudreau’s phone is ringing and he finds Nevarro on the other end.  He wants to talk to Heller about Jack Bauer.  He presses that it’s urgent and Boudreau lets Heller know.  Heller wants it on speaker phone and Nevarro fills them in on his most recent information including that Jack was right.  The data from the flight key confirms it.  Coburn wants to make his own assessment but Kate, who is also in on the call, urges him to move now on this, they need to take immediate action or a lot of people are going to die.  Heller takes a second to think and then orders the drones to the ground.  World wide.  Coburn goes to the phone and orders a “Stage four UAV recall.”

Margot sees the drones change and that they are changing direction of the drones.  She orders Naveed to send the codes.  He tells her they won’t get all 10 if they do it now, but Margot doesn’t want to repeat herself.  Naveed pauses over the keys unable to do anything.  She snaps, “Don’t test my patience, Naveed.”  Finally after a few seconds he starts typing but looks unhappy about it.

Coburn sees the drones are responding, Heller watches the screens as well.  Coburn starts talking to Heller saying, ‘With that drone fleet on the ground…’ but Heller waves him off, they need to focus on one thing at a time.  One drone turns red on the screen and Coburn calls for an update.  They are re-transmitting the code but there is one drone not responding.  Heller sees another one and asks in confusion what is going on.  The General simply says, “Talk to me” in the phone and he then says they are doing everything they can.  Boudreau stands also to see the 6 drones on the screen not responding.  Coburn looks to Heller and tells him grimly, “We’ve lost them, sir.”



Coburn is briefing the president on the drones.  They are RQ29’s and they have 6 laser guided missiles on each of them.  It’s enough to take out half of a city block each.  There could be tens of thousands of casualties and if they go after a nuclear power plant the number increases 10 fold.  Audrey wants to know where they are headed and Coburn says the majority of them appear to be headed to London.  They’ll be in British airspace within the hour.  The drones are equipped with stealth technology so they can’t find them on radar.  They have no IR signature.  Heller muses that they created an aircraft that can’t even be detected by them.  Coburn is throwing everything they have at finding them but they are covering 700,000 cubic miles.  Heller wants to talk to Bauer and find out what he knows.  Boudreau already has him on the way, he assumed Heller would want to talk to him and he’s due any minute.  Boudreau takes a second to apologize.  He argued against Bauer and he feels responsible for this mess.  Heller listens, they were both operating form the same set of facts.  They now have to warn the British about what they are facing.  Audrey volunteers to set up a meeting.  They are going to keep the circle as small as possible.  Audrey leaves the room and Mark follows her out.

Mark stops Audrey in the hall saying that she was right.  He wasn’t arguing the facts before and he let his personal feelings about Bauer cloud his judgement.  He let her father down.  Audrey takes a step to him and says that she knows he is trying t protect her.  He can’t blame himself for what happens.  She says that her father needs him now more than ever.  Audrey has to go set up the meeting.  She puts her hand on his face and then walks away.

Morgan and Ritter arrive at the CIA and Nevarro is briefing the team on Margot’s children as well as her.  He orders his people to get into their sources and find them.  Jordan welcomes Kate back and she has a plan as to where she is going to start.  Nevarro, however, needs to talk to her.  They walk away and Ritter and Jordan exchange uneasy glances.

Kate heads into Nevarro’s office.  He has to take her off the roster, Captain Cordero filed a complaint about the standoff.  It got back to division who didn’t understand why a transferred agent was in the field.  Kate smoothly answers that she hoped he explained to them about the situation.  Nevarro did but it didn’t matter.  She is going to call them himself but he tells her not to.  It won’t do any good.  Nevarro wants her to file her after action report.  He says that she proved what she needed to prove.  Kate asks what that was and Nevarro claims that this was about Adam, to make up for what her husband did.  She should feel good about what she accomplished today.  Kate now has tears in her eyes but doesn’t say anything.  He crosses behind her running his hand across her back on the way out the door.  He promises that they will get through this.

Jordan comes up and has something that Nevarro needs to see.  He brings up a video where Margot is talking about the missile that targeted her husband.  She claims he was part of a legitimate struggle but was called a terrorist.  The strike that killed him killed 23  people including 6 innocent children.  She was spared for the purpose of getting justice from those responsible, President James Heller.  She will take the lives of innocents unless Heller surrenders in three hours at a place of her choosing.  Thousands of people in London will die in his stead.

Heller says he condoned the attack.  He wants everything they have on it.



Cross’s people are watching the announcement.  He claims to Belcheck that they aren’t leaving because of the drones.  They’ve done everything he has asked them to do, will he allow them to leave.  Belcheck gives a silent nod and Cross orders them to pack it up.  Chloe thinks there might be more they can do but Cross says it’s time to go.  Chloe is worried that people are going to die.  Cross says that’s not their job.  He reminds her what the government did to her at the black site, and they’re still after them.  He knows that what he did to Bauer was wrong but he was protecting them, the 6 years of building they did.    It’s important and they’re not going to lose it.

Coburn shows Heller and his staff video footage of the drone strike that killed Margot’s husband.  He points out the person crawling away and says that it’s believed that is Margot.  Heller sees bodies of children so she was telling the truth.  Heller asks why he wasn’t told about this.  Boudreau seems to have been responsible and claims to have been letting him focus on achieving his goals.  Heller is unhappy that this was covered up even from him.  Boudreau tells him that he thought the burden of specifics would distract him from his goals.  Heller accuses him of not trusting him with the truth, that he wouldn’t lobby as hard for the drones if he was honest.  Boudreau was protecting him because collateral damage is always a factor but drones give them the fewest civilian casualties.  Heller said it himself, Boudreau has head him say it.  It’s what he believes and until he hears Heller say otherwise he will do what he can to further his policies.  Audrey defends Mark saying he made the right call.  They need to not forget who the enemy is.  Heller figures this will be a moral victory by Margot, she doesn’t think for a minute that he will give himself up.  When she starts blowing up civilians she is going to blame him and half of the world is going to agree.

An agent pops in and says they are bringing Mr. Bauer in now.  Heller thanks him and with the door open Audrey looks to see Jack come by, bound in cuffs and led by agents.  She looks to Mark then away.

Heller leaves the room and goes down the hall after Jack.  Briefly the screen splits and Jack, Audrey and Heller are seen.  Quickly, Jack’s box turns to Boudreau.

Jack sits in a chair without cuffs and looks down at the ground.  He hears the door and looks up seeing Heller standing there.  A little bit of what could be fear crosses Jack’s features and surprise, but he doesn’t stand.  Heller dismisses the agent saying that they’re fine.  Heller sits down across from Jack.   Without any formality he says that they’ve confirmed there are six drones headed for London.  Jack tells him, “So I was right.”  Heller tells Jack about the video and asks Jack if there’s anything he can tell him to help catch her.  Jack does know someone, a man who is an underground arms dealer.  He did business with her for years and she trusts him, he thinks they’re still in contact.  Heller wants the name and they’ll pick him up.  Jack isn’t giving it up, this man has been to the worst prisons in the world and didn’t talk.  The best way is for Jack to reestablish contact with him and acquire the information on Margot by stealth.  Heller clarifies that he wants him to put Jack back in the field.  Jack confirms, until Margot is captured.  Heller calls it a ‘big ask’ under the circumstances.  The Russians have been wanting Jack already and if they find out they had him and let him go Heller would have a larger crisis on his hands than he does right now.  Jack promises the he’ll surrender as soon as she is neutralized.  Heller can’t do it.  He asks again for the location.  Jack can’t, he says he’s sorry but he’s not going to let him blow the only lead because he’s worried about what the Russians will do.  If he wants to catch Margot Al-Herazi, they’ll have to do it his way.  Heller looks at Jack and asks quietly, “You’ve been in exile for 4 years, Jack.  Haven’t you learned anything?”  Jack’s face hardens and he says dangerously, ‘Mr. President, I hope you consider my request while you still have time.’  Heller looks away from Jack and there’s a knock at the door.  The Prime Minister is on the way.  Heller tells Jack to think about it.  Jack says nothing.

Naveed is on schedule, the first drone is 14 minutes away.  He wants to see Simone, he’s her husband and loves her.  They have time.  Margot says alright.  Ian watches.

Naveed heads upstairs and goes to see Simone.  He is worried about her, she needs a doctor.  Simone never thought her mother would go this far.  He leans over and whispers that he made the video that was released traceable to this location and then hid evidence in the floorboard in Margot’s bedroom.  He is going to claim that Simone was held against her will.  He says he loves her and she nods.

Ritter wants his team to gear up, they have a possible location on the Al-Herazi tape.  Jordan found it and he doesn’t know if he’s that good or that lucky but he’ll take it.  Nevarro is gearing up as well to go.  Ritter is surprised but Nevarro is running point.



Jack sits in the same chair looking at his hands and at the ground.  He appears upset.  The door opens and he looks up to see Audrey standing there.  His expression softens and Audrey dismisses the agent, Tom, saying it’s okay.  Audrey takes a few steps into the room and Jack stands up.  They stare at each other for a few seconds before Jack says quietly, “You shouldn’t be here.”  Audrey is upset and already has tears in her eyes.  She stutters that she just wanted to tell him they have a lead on Al-Herazi’s location and there’s an operation already in progress.  Jack nods saying that that is good news.  She takes a few more steps to him and they look at each other.  Tears are falling for Audrey as she says, “I don’t even know where to begin.”  Jack is shaken by her presence and admits, “Me neither.”  She closes her eyes to steady herself and Jack asks earnestly, ‘I hear you’re married.  Are you happy?  Is he good to you?’  Audrey doesn’t answer, instead she leans her head closer to Jack and cries, “I knew I should have defended you more when I heard about those things.”  He leans in and they rest foreheads together.  He quiets her and admits that everything they said was true.  He’s holding back tears as well as he looks at her.  ‘It was complicated, but I killed those people.  I’m sorry.’  Another tear rolls down Audrey’s cheek as Jack says again that he’s so sorry.  They rub noses resting on each other until Jack gravels at her, “You should go.”  They both don’t like this but he continues in rapid succession, “You need to go.  Go, now.”  She cries harder and they stay together for another second before she pulls away.  She goes straight out of the room.  We see both of them upset, Audrey crying and Jack’s chin shaking as he looks at the closed door.   Audrey walks down the hall trying to compose herself.

Heller greets Alistair, the British Prime Minister.  They discuss the tapes and Heller assures Alistair that Margot can actually carry out the threats. Heller wanted to talk about the drones.  He says there are 6 drones over the north Atlantic that are out of their control  Alistair is angry, he doesn’t understand how this is possible.  Heller is still sorting it out.  Alistair supported the base with serious political cost to him and now British citizens will die because of it.  Heller thinks they have located the person behind it.  Their local CIA chief Nevarro is personally leading the assault on where they think they are hiding.  They will feed information to the monitors as it unfolds.

At the CIA Jordan says the team is 8 minutes away.  Kate steps up to watch and Jordan says that he thinks she should be leading this assault, not Nevarro.  He is taking the credit and she figured it all out.  It’s not right.    Kate sees the house on the screen and wants a second.  She steps aside and calls Chloe.

Chloe picks up and they talk about the Al-Herazi tape.  Chloe has seen it, it’s all over the internet.  Kate says they’re on the way to the location that they back-traced. Chloe advises her to give her programmer a raise but Kate thinks it was too easy.  They agree that Margot has dedicated her whole life to this, she wouldn’t make this mistake.  They already have the team on the way but Kate wants Chloe to look at the tape.  Chloe looks around and sees her people packing up but says she’ll need to see the original and access to the network.  Kate asks if she already has access and Chloe smirks that she’s good, but she’s not that good.  She can, however, tell Kate how to open a socket.  Kate agrees.

Naveed is working at his computer and Margot and Ian are nearby.  He checks his watch and Margot says, “They’re not coming Naveed.”  He says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about and Margot accuses him of being a terrible liar.  She tells him that Ian detected what he did to the video, he switched off the buffer so they could find them.  Naveed immediately says that Simone didn’t have anything to do with this.  Margot says Simone will never have to pay for his sins again.  She motions a goon to come over and Naveed says that there won’t be anyone to pilot the drones.  However, Margot says that Ian has been watching him and he’s a quick learner.  He believes he can do it and they’ll soon find out.  The goon punches Naveed and then starts to kick him while he’s down.  They drag him out and Ian takes his chair.  Margot tells Ian that the Americans will reach the other house in five minutes.  He needs to be ready for them.



Chloe is working to help Kate and Cross comes over to her.  He says they’re leaving but she’s going to help with the Al-Herazi tape.  Cross doesn’t like it but she argues that she’s not going anywhere.  Cross grabs her arm but Belcheck steps in saying that if she wants to stay, she stays.  Cross argues that it’s none of his business.  Belcheck doesn’t back down and says he knows people like Cross, they act like they’re one thing but they’re not.  He tells him to take his computer and go.  Cross turns back to Chloe and says that he can’t believe that she’s doing this.  Chloe has to do this, she doesn’t want Cross to go.  She asks him to stay and help her but he simply says, “I love you Chloe.” Before turning and leaving her.  Belcheck also walks away while the other programmers leave as well.

Ritter and his crew are at the house.  Jordan at the CIA watches with another agent.  Nevarro leads the team forward into the house.  There’s a car outside but no lights and Jordan gives them the green light to proceed.  Nevarro splits the teams up and sends them in.

Margot is two minutes out from being in firing range with the drones.

Nevarro and Ritter close in to the house.  An agent blows the lock and they enter the house.  They clear the entry way and Nevarro heads upstairs.

Chloe has seen something and calls Morgan.  Her phone rings and Chloe tells her that Margot’s tape had a missing security buffer.  Kate knows but Chloe says it led to an IP redirect.  It’s a trap.  Kate asks if Chloe is sure and she is, she’s staring at the code right now.  Kate turns back to the video of the operation and gets on a com unit.  She warns Nevarro that it’s a set up and he wants to know how she knows.  She doesn’t have time to explain and Nevarro believes her giving the code to abort.

On the screens with the president, Boudreau sees them pulling out and asks why.

The drone flies overhead and Ian is in position.  Margot gives the go.

The teams are heading out of the house and Ritter and Nevarro realize they’re missing one of the squads.  Nevarro heads a few steps towards the building before it blows up.

At the CIA the screens go blank.  Kate calls for Steve, then Erik.  There’s no answer from either of them.

In the split screen we see Kate, Jack wandering, Margot, Ian, the President and his people, injured agents and the blank screens.

Margot walks downstairs with Ian.   They find Naveed and Margot tells him that Ian has proven himself so he knows what that means.  Naveed is in pain and Margot takes a gun from a thug.  Naveed begs her not to do this.  Margot scolds, ‘I trusted you like a son.  Trusted you with my daughter.’  She put her faith in him. Naveed says he couldn’t do it.  He couldn’t murder all of those people.  Margot says he has no idea, he didn’t watch the person he loved burn to death.  Naveed doesn’t think that justifies any of this.  Again he asks Margot not to kill him.  Simone has walked down to see what’s going on and she stands quietly behind her mother in the door way.  Naveed says that Simone wouldn’t want her to do this.  Margot tells him to ask her then.  Naveed says Simone’s name and she doesn’t answer him.  He repeats it, upset.  Simone doesn’t answer again and Margot thinks Naveed has his answer.  She shoots him in the head.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • Jack is the 3rd previously.  I don’t like that.  He should be the last one in my opinion.  Nevarro, Boudreau, Simone, Margot and Kate are all after him.
  • I have to say I hear more and more whispers of Kate maybe taking over the show.  I had hoped they would have learned years ago that there is no other Jack Bauer.  Jack is 24.  24 is Jack. 
  • Showed Jack again in pain in the previously.  I’m wondering if this is significant.  Are they holding a bombshell?
  • They’re a little rough wit Jack there.  Jeez, go easy.
  • Only a real jerk would argue semantics of who’s jurisdiction when they just caught the bad guy with no fatalities.
  • I guess, however, if you were planning on killing the hostage taker having someone step in could cramp your style.
  • Line of the week contender: Cordero tells Kate that she’d better start cleaning out her desk, Kate answers, “Wouldn’t be the first time today.”  Ha, love the comedy.
  • Nice that Jack has made it full circle back to the silent treatment again.
  • I think Cordero is stupid.  I mean really, Kate saved Jack, why wouldn’t he even attempt to find it on her.  Seems pretty obvious to me.
  • Nice job for Jack to get himself some attention there.  That’s some of the only attention he’s going to get this hour.
  • Chloe’s concern for Jack is rather sweet.  And so is Belcheck’s.
  • I like this version of Ritter, the one that’s willing to listen.  Actually, I quite like the actor that plays him.  I find him to be doing a good job.
  • I also like the way they’ve written him as the grounded “good cop” to Kate’s off the rails “bad cop”.  They make a pretty decent pair.
  • 77% seems a little low for that upload.  And then it’s only 2 minutes away?  I don’t know about the math on that one.
  • I keep forgetting that the drivers are on the other side.  Obviously, I’ve never been to England and it doesn’t bode well if I ever do.  I’m likely to forget and drive on the wrong side.
  • Lotta good that little shawl is going to do to help Simone feel better, Margot.
  • There’s some serious mind-screwing going on if Simone could ever blame herself for what happened. 
  • Margot made good time getting downstairs.
  • FINALLY they give us a name for Margot’s son.  Ian.  About bloody time.
  • So, Chloe is with Cross? Like dating Cross?  It seems that based on the ‘rest of your life’ comment and the fact he says he loves her that they are an item.  That’s just… weird.
  • Cross out-geeked Chloe there.  He spotted the code.  Wow.
  • Jordan would work well with Kate as an item.
  • For a guy that a few hours ago claimed to not have any friends, Jack sure has a lot of people concerned about his safety.
  • Boudreau was trying to hide that call from Heller when Jack called.  Good for Nevarro to make sure he gets what he wants.
  • Finally someone listens to reason.  Lesson one: Jack is always right.  Sometimes it just takes a while.
  • I thought Margot was going to cap Naveed right there when he didn’t execute the commands right away.
  • I wonder what Coburn was going to ask Heller about with the drones on the ground. 
  • Well those are words you don’t want to hear, “We’ve lost them” (the drones).  Did they go to commercial so Heller could have a swearing fit?  Because that would be my reaction.
  • So bets right now that they go for a nuclear plant?  Just because Coburn mentioned it.
  • Of course the drones can’t be tracked.  Seriously. 
  • I get the sense that Mark doesn’t trust Audrey. 
  • Ooh and he admits that he’s wrong.  Wow, that’s impressive.
  • I think we’ve seen the expression that Audrey gives Boudreau before.  She gave the same one to Jack before she crushed his heart.
  • Ritter seems to have crossed over to the Kate side.  He seems unhappy when he knows she’s going to be in trouble.
  • What kind of briefing doesn’t include the names of the targets.  Nevarro just calls them Margot’s children.  Uselsess.
  • Gotta say, I missed that little glass popping air-seal sound they use in this show when they open the glass doors.
  • Speaking of which, why the hell are all the doors in every government office made of glass? Every CTU building and now CIA has glass walls.
  • I have this feeling that Nevarro didn’t even try and get Kate out of trouble.  He didn’t make another call, that’s why he told her not to.
  • There he is bringing up the husband again.  Again I think that he’s in on it.
  • Nevarro puts the moves on Kate there too.
  • I’m laying bets that Heller will want to go for the trade.  Even if it’s only a ruse.  But if he ends up dead, he’s already sick anyway, right?
  • Eww, the thought of Boudreau running the country is not good.
  • So I guess yes, Belcheck was hanging out with Cross the whole time.
  • Boudreau is so sneaky.  I’m glad Heller was mad and I’m angry that he didn’t tear further into him.
  • I love the way they cut Audrey looking from Jack to Mark.  Not even a comparison, there, hon.
  • Jack’s interaction with Heller is so interesting.  It’s so telling that he doesn’t stand for him.  Jack has always had respect for a president, unless it was Logan.
  • He also doesn’t talk to Heller in the same tone he talks to most presidents.  
  • Do we really think that Jack would surrender after Margot is caught? Maybe he’s tired of running.
  • Heller is being so short sighted by not letting Jack go and get the information. 
  • I love the attitude by Jack that Heller’s people effectively will just screw up his lead so he’s not telling.
  • Heller is the master of just killing Jack with words, “You’ve been in exile for 4 years, Jack.  Haven’t you learned anything?”  Ouch, man, ouch.
  • Naveed is just a man with many different plans.  Too bad none of them work out.
  • There isn’t enough I can say about the Jack/Audrey scene.  I always had a little bit of a problem with Audrey because she seemed a bit too weak for Jack.  Too waffle-ey.  However, in this season she has shown that she can be strong and stick up for what she thinks is right.  As the series evolved I do kind of feel they’re a good match, at least out of what they’ve given Jack.  She obviously cared for him and the same goes for him of her.  I HATED Kate Warner.  I think Clowwwudia was a good match but she took the quick death exit.  Renee was a good fling but I just couldn’t see them long term.  They’d come to blows over who had to get up and make coffee in the long run.  Teri, of course, worked, but Audrey I think is the most similar and also the best of the rest.
  • It just hurts my heart watching Jack react to Audrey.  Telling her she shouldn’t be there.  He knows what’s going to happen and ultimately banishing her because he knows they’ll end up showing physically their feelings.  That’s some powerful stuff.
  • Oh and then he apologizes for killing ‘those people’.  He never seemed to be sorry to himself about it.
  • I just really wanted them to kiss, even though she’s married.  Boudreau doesn’t count.  He’s a scum bag.
  • Oh could you imagine if Heller walked in on them?  That would be shit hitting the fan.
  • I really do think that a ‘station chief’ is a stupid title.
  • Jordan must be new to this.  Isn’t that how bureaucracy works?  Some lackie does the work and the guy in charge takes the credit? 
  • I like Chloe’s reaction to them getting the info off the tape,  give them a raise!
  • Line of the week contender: Margot to Naveed: “You’re a terrible liar.”
  • Belcheck: Man of few words.
  • Too bad Naveed got the bullet treatment.  I kind of liked him.  I liked him best alive.
  • So, again I am officially complaining about the lack of Jack.  2 ½ scenes are NOT enough.  Especially when one of them is a powerhouse like the Jack/Audrey scene that shows off the acting chops of Kiefer Sutherland.  It feels like such a waste to have that much talent sitting there for 85% of the hour doing nothing.  I had some trouble with this episode holding my attention.  Hence why this summary was 2 days late.  

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