9.04 – Taking Sides

9.04 – Taking Sides

2:00pm – 3:00pm


Outside the embassy there is madness, people are running all over the place and soldiers are taking people into custody.  Jack is inside the embassy and he tells Chloe this on his comm.  Surprised, Chloe asks how and he explains that he created a diversion.  Adrian Cross standing over her shoulder drinking out of a mug muses, “Bit of an understatement.”  Jack knows that Kate Morgan and her partner saw him outside.  He’s got to get in and out with the flight key as quickly as possible.

As he makes is way through the embassy, Jack sees an agent with a DSS jacket and knocks him out, taking his jacket and access card.

Chloe tells Jack that they’re holding Tanner on the 2nd floor east wing, room 217.  Jack updates her that he has an access pass.  Chloe has a minute to snark that this wouldn’t have happened if Shel didn’t screw up Jack’s entry pass.  Chloe stares daggers over to her across the room and she looks timid.  She turns on Cross asking, ‘You wanted him caught, didn’t you?’  She reminds him that people are going to die if this attack happens.  Adrian’s goal is to expose the government, not assist them.  Chloe is angry and tells Cross to “Get out of my sight.”  Belcheck is standing around observing what’s going on and he comes over to Chloe after Cross has left.  He asks Chloe how she is going to get Jack out of there, his thick accent showing through on his speech.  Chloe has him in the security cameras and she has the schematic, she is going to talk him out.  Belcheck is concerned that the building is full of US Marines.  Chloe didn’t say it was going to be easy but she’s going to do what she can, ‘I owe Jack.  I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for him.’  Belcheck looks her over and admits, ‘We have that in common.’  He looks over to Adrian and says quietly that her friend is lucky they still might need his help.  Chloe defends him saying that Adrian is just doing what he thinks is right.  Belcheck asks, ‘Right for who?’  She looks away from him.

Kate and Ritter are introduced to Captain Cordero, a US Marine leading a team.  They brief him that he has a dangerous fugitive, Jack Bauer, in the embassy.  Cordero’s priority is to secure the embassy, the CIA will have to wait.  Kate argues that Bauer did this, he fired to incite the crowd.  He is there to get to Tanner and they don’t know what he’s going to do.  They will take a team up to where Tanner is.

Jack walks down the hall in a hurry, he sees Tanner through the small window in the room he’s being held in.  Jack uses his stolen card to code in and enters the room, talking immediately to Lieutenant Tanner.  Another person, Captain Denovo,  who Jack didn’t see asks if he can help him.  He is ready with his hand on his gun in his holster.  Jack thinks quickly and says he is a member of Diplomatic Security and he has an order to move them.  Denovo  hasn’t heard that yet but Jack explains there has been a security breach and protesters in the building.  While they are talking the phone is ringing in the room .  Jack works to keep the attention on him and urges that if they don’t go with him now he will not be able to guarantee the safety of him or the prisoner.  Denovo goes for the phone and Jack clocks him on the back of the head.  Tanner jumps in his chair at the violence and Jack rounds on Tanner.  Across the table he tells him not to be afraid.  He introduces himself and says he knows that he’s innocent and the drone was hijacked.  The technology that was used to hijack his drone is going to be used against civilians later today. He needs the data from Tanner’s flight key.  Tanner seems disbelieving at first and wants to know how he knows to believe Jack.  Jack answers, ‘Son, the point is, I believe you.  From what I can see, no one else does.’  If Tanner wants his name cleared, Jack is his only shot.  Tanner looks at Denovo and says that it’s on him.  Jack goes and finds it off the unconscious captain.

Chloe warns Jack that there are agents coming upstairs with marines as backup.  Jack has the key and Chloe tells him to get out.  Jack thanks Tanner, reassuring him that he’s going to be fine.  Outside of the room he asks Chloe to get him out of there.  He heads to the end of the hall down the rear stairwell.  As the door closes after Jack the agents round the corner to where he just was.

Cordero, leading the troops and the CIA, tries to swipe into the room.  He calls for the medic as he sees Denovo on the ground through the window.  He asks for an override and quickly he is let into the room.    He says that Denovo is a ‘casualty’ but they are clear.  Cordero asks where Bauer went and Tanner has nothing to say.  Denovo, however, says that he’s gone but he took Tanner’s flight key.  He was wearing an embassy security jacket and has an access pass.  Cordero orders an override on all the passes and a lockdown of the building.

Jack heads down a back staircase toward the basement.  Chloe guides him to a door saying that he can get out there and it will take him to street level  Jack runs the last bit of the hallway and swipes his pass.  Nothing happens.  One hand on the wall he swipes again but finds no reaction again.  He says they are locked, the key card is useless and he throws it down on the cement.  He needs another way but Chloe doesn’t seen one and there are more marines looking.  They’re everywhere.  Jack is looking at the ceiling following cables with his eyes.  He says that every embassy has a shielded communications room.  It won’t get him out but he needs to find it.  Chloe is near panic saying that Jack is not going to get out of there, they’re going to put him in prison.



At Margot’s place, the override is plugged into the computer.  It’s in they just need to work on the software.  Naveen will be able to pilot the drones in less than an hour.  Margot is pleased.

Naveen and Simone are in bed.  They discuss their future and Naveed says that travelling and family sounds weondeful but it doesn’t change how he feels.  She sits up and says that she understands his doubts but they don’t have a choice.  She says she must realize what her mother will do if he refuses.  Naveen is not going to give her the chance.  He wants to leave, both of them.  Simone thinks he can’t be serious.  Even if she agreed it’s impossible.  Her mother’s people are watching, they won’t get past the front door.  Naveen has scoped out an exit during a supply run when no one is watching the gate.  He has keys and a car parked not far.  Simone realizes he’s made up his mind about this and he agrees and says he could have left a week ago but he waited for her.  Simone begs him to just go through with the plan and then they can leave and never be part of her mother’s plans again.  He doesn’t believe that Margot would let Simone go.  He tells her, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I am leaving today as soon as Naseem goes on the supply run.’  He knows he has put her in a terrible position but she needs to make a choice.  Her mother or him.  She thinks for a second and then agrees to come with him.  She lays back down but appears troubled.

Nevarro talks with Kate on the phone.  She thinks that it doesn’t make sense if Jack and Tanner were working together.  Jack didn’t release Tanner, he just wanted the flight key.  Nevarro wants to know why but she doesn’t know.  He’s still at the embassy though and they are searching floor by floor.

Chloe is giving Jack directions.  There’s a fire door on the left and Jack sees some people coming out of it.  He grabs a man and tells him not to turn around but to open the door.  He gets inside and there are 2 women already in there.  He tells the man he came in with to get into the corner and don’t move.  Chloe tells Jack that all he’s going to need is a terminal with a USB port which he finds.  She gives him an IP address of 2.718.281.828 and Jack types it in.  He asks about the marines and Chloe confirms that they’re really close.  Jack takes a second and tells Chloe that no matter what happens she has to get the evidence to President Heller.  She says okay but he wants her word.  Fighting tears she tells him that he has her word.

Jack’s connection is terminated and he asks what happened.  She doesn’t know but Adrian tells them that the data is encrypted and it has to be unlocked on Jack’s end before it can be sent.  Adrian offers to send a program to decrypt it and uploads it.  He starts the process but it’s not moving quickly.  Jack asks how long this is going to take.  Chloe looks back to Cross who has no idea.  It depends on the level of encryption.  The hostages look on as Jack waits.  Chloe warns Jack that there are agents coming his way.  Jack asks if they are wearing body armor and Chloe says it looks like it to her.  Jack asks for the name of one of the hostages.  She says it’s Jenny.  He asks her to come towards him and open the door when he says to.  She agrees hesitantly and he encourages her saying she’s doing great.  Chloe says that they’re on Jack so he tells Jenny to open the door.  She does and Jack shoots two of the marines directly in the vest.  They go down and he yells that he has hostages and they are to stay back.  He yells for the door to be closed as gunfire rings out.  The door is dented but not penetrated as Jenny cowers behind it.



Simone is in the kitchen in her bathrobe and Margot comes in asking if things went well.  Simone doesn’t really say anything and Margot smiles asking if she would like a cup of tea.  She agrees and lights the burner.  Simone half smiles and seems to be thinking when Margot says that she is trying to find the right words to tell her something.  Simone asks if it is that obvious.  Margot guesses that it’s Naveed and Simone says he can’t go through with it, piloting the drones.  She says that he’s planning to leave.  Margot seems not surprised and Simone asks that she not hurt him, Simone loves him.  Margot says that he is very lucky that is the case and that this family was worked too hard for too long to let anyone or anything to get in its way.  Naveed may be a husband to her but she has to understand that she will do whatever is necessary to get him to pilot the drones.  The kettle is boiling.

Heller has calmed the cabinet from last episode and he speaks to them.  They generally seem quiet and somewhat content although anger is visible.  Heller is talking about moving forward together and speaking very well.  Audrey and Boudreau exchange glances as Heller talks about the threat they face and the enemy that is sworn to destroy their way of life.  Boudreau’s phone rings and he ducks out of the room to answer it.  It’s Nevarro calling him to update him on the Bauer situation.  They haven’t  exactly apprehended him, he has taken hostages in a room at the American Embassy.  Nevarro doesn’t know why but he does know that his appearance will no longer be a secret.  The marines are involved so it’s only a matter of time before this moves up the chain of command to the President.

The decryption program is running, but slowly.  The phone in the room is ringing.  Cross says the problem is on Jack’s end, the computer is a single core.  Chloe wonders aloud if Cross is just trying to screw Jack over again, how does she know he’s telling the truth.  Cross looks to Chloe and says that it’s for her, not Jack that he is helping.  It’s going to take 20-30 minutes for data to be decrypted and transmitted.

Jack answers the phone in the room and it’s the marine in charge, Kevin Cordero.  He wants to find a resolution without a loss of life, him or his hostages.  Jack warns him to stay back or he will kill the hostages.  Jack hangs up.

Cordero turns to his team and says he wants to go in there and not give this son of a bitch a chance to fire on his men again.

Jack looks down to his hostages who are scared and crying.  He comforts them that he needs them to take him seriously but he has no intention of hurting any of them.  He understands how difficult this is but he needs them to try and stay calm.

Ritter and Kate are questioning Tanner about his connection to Jack.  They explain that he is 3 levels below them surrounded by marines so any help he was expecting from Bauer, he shouldn’t.  They want to know what the relationship is between him and Bauer.  Tanner says he just met him today.  Ritter is disbelieving and Kate asks why Jack would go to so much trouble if he didn’t know him before.  Tanner says that he said he knew he didn’t kill the soldiers and the drone was hijacked by someone who was going to use the same technology for an attack.  The flight key proves what happened and they can use it to stop the attack.  They thank Tanner and leave him.

Outside, Ritter thinks they should have pushed him harder but Kate thinks he told them everything he knows.  Ritter still seems skeptical but Kate says if there’s a chance of attack they need to know.  She has to talk to Bauer.

Heller wraps up his speech saying ‘God bless the UK, God bless America’.  They are happy and applaud.  Audrey closes in and gushes that he did fantastic.  Boudreau also comes over and wants to talk to them privately.  They leave the cabinet.

Audrey, Heller, Boudreau and a few others head into a room and Boudreau explains that there’s a hostage situation at the embassy.  Heller asks who took hostages and Boudreau finally answers, Jack Bauer.  Audrey echoes his name in disbelief and Boudreau explains about him firing into protesters  and also shot 2 marines.  He is threatening to kill the hostages.  Heller wants to know why Jack would do this and Boudreau fills them in about the CIA picking him up and him escaping.  Audrey demands to know when he found out and Boudreau tells her.  They have an assault team ready to go in and Audrey concludes that they’re going to kill him.  Heller is not authorizing anything until he talks to him.  Boudreau clarifies, ‘Talk to Bauer, sir?’  Heller answers, “Yeah, make it happen, Mark.”



Naveed is packing and is good to go.  Simone is with him but Margot arrives.  He is shocked to see her and can’t believe Simone told her.  Margot assures Naveed it wasn’t easy for her, her daughter loves him very much.  Naveed looks to the thugs she brought and Margot gives him one chance to rectify his mistake and his honour.  He needs to tell her he will pilot the drones.  Naveed won’t murder innocent and Margot spouts hat there is no innocents when countries let people like Heller and Davis lead them.  Naveed sticks to his guns and says this is wrong.  If Simone ever got free of Margot she’d see it too.  Margot calls his cowardice and if her husband was alive he’d be sickened by this.  Margot tells him, “You will pilot the drones.”  But Naveed answers, “I will not” no matter what she does to him.  Margot calls Simone over and the thugs grab her.  Margot says to start with her left hand.  Naveed is held back as they hold Simone down.  She squeals, “What are you doing?”  and Margot answers, “Whatever is necessary my love.”  The thug lays a blunt looking chisel down on her finger and after getting the go from Margot hits it with a hammer and takes off part of Simone’s finger.  She screams and Naveed begs her to stop.  They set up to go again until Naveed agrees, begging Margot to stop hurting Simone.

Kate is trying to convince Cordero to let her talk to Bauer but he thinks Jack is unstable.  He shuts her down and strategizes with his team about getting in the room.  Kate defends Jack to Ritter saying that he shot the marines in the vest where he knew it wouldn’t penetrate.  She wants to go over Cordero’s head.  She calls the CIA where Jordan answers.  He puts Nevarro on and Kate fills him in on the situation.  Nevarro can’t overrule the military but Kate says he knows people that can.  Nevarro figures she means the Chief of Staff but he’s not very happy with them right now.  The President needs to know about Jack’s claims.  Nevarro confirms that Jack will get to talk to the President and Kate wants to be patched into that call.

After they hang up Jordan thinks Kate might be right again, she was right this morning.  Nevarro accuses him of clouding his judgement because of his feelings for Kate.  Jordan seems surprised and Nevarro reminds him that Kate is not infallible.  She was wrong about her husband and there are some mistakes you can’t recover from.  The call from the President comes in.

Jack glances over to the hostages and back to the screen.  It’s 55% completed.  He answers the ringing phone saying that he thought they had an understanding.  The voice that comes through, however, is Heller saying, ‘It’s me.’  Jack stares blankly at the phone thinking for a second seemingly making a decision before he picks up the receiver, blinking long and saying, “Mr. President.”  Heller responds, ‘To be honest, I never thought I’d have to hear your voice again.  I liked it that way.’  Jack takes the criticism well simply saying, ‘Yes sir.’  Heller says he’s hearing Jack shot two people in the embassy but Jack defends that he barely grazed them.  Heller asks how he knows and Jack says coldly that he pulled the trigger.  Outside we see Kate listening to the phone call.  Heller wants to resolve this before he make any decisions.  Jack tells him his suspicions about the drone fleet being used against them, the override, Tanner and Yates being found dead.  He explains Margot’s involvement and that she will use the drones without mercy.  Heller wants to know what he is doing in that room and Jack explains he’s unloading data from the flight key.  He is working with people who can prove that the device exists.  As soon as he has the evidence he is going to turn it in.  Heller asks who Jack is working with but he can’t say.   Cross and Chloe appear in another screen.  Jack asks for 15 minutes and then he will hand himself over without incident.  Heller asks why Jack didn’t just come to him with this but Jack tells him quietly but angrily that ‘With all due respect it was your state department that labeled me a terrorist and a wanted man.  I didn’t get a chance to defend myself which I thought I’d earned.’  He knew he had to arrive with the device or evidence.  That is the only way anyone would believe him, ‘the only way you would believe.’  Heller will get back to Jack.  Jack says lastly, ‘Whatever differences we had, I never lied to you.  I always told you the truth.  I’m telling you the truth now and I suggest you believe it.’  Heller answers, “I hear you Jack.”

After hanging up Jack tells Chloe there’s not much time.

Heller asks his advisers if this is possible.  They throw around the idea of a cover up and Boudreau mentions he broke Chloe out.  Audrey is surprised to hear that name and Boudreau talks about Open Cell and them liberating 30,000 secret government documents.  Jack might be buying time to get information to them.  Audrey defends Jack but Boudreau argues against him.  Boudreau thinks this is a clear call but Heller tells him sternly that maybe it is for him but he and Audrey know Jack Bauer, he doesn’t.  Heller walks away and Boudreau tells his back that all he’s ever seen is the damage he leaves in his wake.  The killing spree he went on 4 years ago, nearly assassinating the Russian president and fleeing the country because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in jail. ‘This is not the same man you once knew.’  Heller turns back to the room and addresses General Coburn giving the marines the go when they are ready.  Audrey closes her eyes and then stares down Mark’s back.



Chloe heads over to Cross’s computer and plugs in a USB port.  She wants to show him something and images and video of drone attacks and explosions are seen.  She says that the drones are carrying even more powerful bombs.  Cross stands by that the government shouldn’t be killing people by remote control.  Chloe wants him to imagine what would happen if Margot Al-Herazi got a hold of them.   They are all convinced that Jack is a terrorist and they’re going to kill him.  If he has a better way, she asks him to tell her now.  Cross says he’s sorry.  So is she.  She wanders away and Cross asks what it is with her and Bauer, why can’t she just let him go.  Chloe looks back saying nothing.

Cordero briefs his marines saying that Bauer shot two marines and they are going to do whatever they feel is necessary in there.  Whatever decisions they have to make he will back them up.  He lets them go and then corers one saying that he is to take Bauer out the instant he gets a shot.

Kate is on the phone to Nevarro saying that what Bauer told the President explains everything so far.  Jordan is looking up Al-Herazi and finds her history.  Kate argues if they kill Jack they lose their only chance to get the drones.  Nevarro says the President has made his decision.  Kate understands.  Once off the phone she pulls Ritter aside and tells him that she overheard marines talking about a vent that leads to the communications room.  She wants to go in there.  Ritter thinks she’s crazy, Bauer is going to put a bullet in her if she goes in there.  Kate doesn’t think he wants to kill anyone.  Ritter asks doubtfully that he would turn himself over for her and not the president?  Kate is going to convince Bauer that she’s on his side.  He tries to talk her out of it but she is firm, it’s her risk to take.  He shakes his head.

The marines prepare to breach the room.

Audrey and Boudreau leave the room with Heller.  He calls her sweetheart but she’s angry.  He thinks she is clouded because of her history with Bauer but she accuses him of patronizing her. She says he is putting his personal agenda in the way.  She wants to know how he couldn’t tell her that Jack was in London.  He claims he was gathering facts still but she doesn’t believe him.  He made the wrong call.  She knows Jack is telling the truth, she knows him better than anyone in that room.  That is her measured opinion and ‘God help us if I’m right.’

Jack’s program is still only 69% completed.

Jack moves to the door with his gun out and he can hear them getting ready outside.  Chloe urges him to surrender but if he does this will be all for nothing.  He’s going to hold them off as long as he can until the transfer goes through.  He goes about redecorating the room, tossing tables and stacking things in front of the door.  Chloe thinks they’re going to kill him unless he gives up.  Jack lays a table down in front of the hostages and preps them saying when they blow the door it’s going to sound like hell.  Stay low and he promises they’ll be safe.  Cover their ears and keep their heads down.  He tosses another table.

Outside the marines have detected another heat signature moving towards the room.  Ritter says it’s Agent Morgan.  She is trying to get Bauer to turn himself in.  He wants them to give her that chance.  Cordero has orders and he is executing them.  Ritter tries to stall, his orders are to shoot first and ask questions later.  This angers Cordero who demands Ritter out of his sight.

Inside the room, Jack hears movement in the vent.  He shoots in the general direction and outside Ritter draws his gun.  The marines are 60 seconds away.

Inside the vent Kate yells to Jack that she’s unarmed.  Jack wants her to back off.  Kate says that she heard the call with the President.  He may not have believed Jack but she does.  She explains she is going to come down from the roof and she is unarmed.  Jack has his gun out and waits as she drops down into the room.  Kate is his only chance to get out of there alive but Jack says it’s not a priority, the flight key is.  They are less than 5 minutes away from getting it out of there.  Kate says the marines will kill him.  Chloe is listening in as well.  Kate wants him to give her the flight key and she will finish sending the information and get it out of there.  Jack asks, ‘Why the hell should I trust you?’  Kate really does believe him, and he doesn’t have another play.  Chloe urges Jack to listen to her.  Jack thinks, his gun still on her.

Outside they’re ready to breach.  Ritter is ready to follow.  They count down from 3 and blow the door.  Dust flies everywhere and as the marines enter Kate has her hands up behind a table ordering them not to fire.  Bauer is in her custody and she commands them to back up.  Jack is face down on the ground, hands behind his head and Kate with her knees on his back, protecting him from the marines.  She says it’s a CIA matter now, he is in their custody.  She quickly says she wants Ritter’s cuffs and they’re going to get out of there. The marines secure the hostages and Kate cuffs Jack, still on the ground. Kate moves Jack to his side and then pulls him to his knees.  A marine approaches them and she shoves him away telling them to back up.  Jack watches her carefully, gratitude in his eyes.  She stands between the marines and Jack while he appears to wince in pain.

In the split screen we see Nevarro, Chloe,  Simone’s brother and husband.

The computers are online and Margot sees the screens active.  She tells him to filter for US drones over Europe, the 10 most heavily armed.  They will pick the ones closest to London and Naveed will take over the piloting.  She asks him, “Yes?”  Naveed is sitting at the computer and pauses before saying “Yes” and heaving a sigh.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • That little blip that leads to the 24 logo still makes me ridiculously happy.  I don’t think it’s going to wear off before the show is over.
  • Line of the week contender, right off the bat: Adrian Cross on Jack’s diversion, “Bit of an understatement.”
  • There’s something inherently right about Jack with a jacket that says ‘Federal Agent’ on the back.  Just feels like home.
  • I’m all for everyone having their own opinions on things but I’m now getting a wee bit tired of Cross’s constant reminders of what he stands for.  We get it.
  • So did Belcheck just hang out with Cross for the last few hours?  I mean the guy can’t be good company.
  • There were two “Get out of my sight”s in this episode.  One from Chloe and one from Cordero.
  • Wow I bet Belceck is a riot at parties.  The type that sits in the corner, drinks ‘till he’s shitfaced and then starts a fight.
  • I wonder how Jack saved Belcheck.  Was this in the last 4 years?  Before that?  Will we get the story?
  • I think that Belcheck would cap Cross in 4 seconds if it wasn’t for them needing him.  I like that he’s dangerous. 
  • Kate wins the cool word of the week award with ‘Incite’.  I love that word.
  • How many times are we going to go over Jack’s history and then what he’s done today? 
  • Maybe Jack is rusty.  How do you not clear the room?
  • What kind of marine is Tanner?  He jumps about 2 feet when Jack clocks Denovo.
  • This episode we have Denovo and Cordero.  Do they get a bonus for each name that ends in o or something?  Don’t forget Nevarro.
  • Speaking of names, why can’t we ever have easy, short names any more.  You know, Tony?  Kim?  Bill? Nina? George?  No, no, we get Margot Al-Herazi, Simone Al-Herazi.  Do you know how hard this shit is to type all the time?  I miss the days of Audrey Raines.  Rolls a little better than Audrey Boudreau.
  • While we’re talking about names, almost every time I type Kate I think about Kate Warner.  Then I cringe.  Why did it have to be KATE?  Is that a writer’s wife or something?  They could have just called her Kim since she looks so much like her.
  • Quick thinking for an excuse for Denovo there.
  • Early in the episode, Jack tells Tanner that he should trust him because he believes him.  Then at the end it’s the exact same situation with Kate believing Jack. 
  • I love that Jack calls Tanner ‘son’.
  • Could they have found a more innocent looking guy to play Tanner?
  • When did Jack disable the key pad?  How?  And Chloe couldn’t have done it or else she could have let Jack out of the one in the basement.
  • Denovo was sort of unconscious? He heard what Jack was saying?  I’m confused.  Jack is rusty.
  • There was also a lot of ‘Don’t be afraid’ in this episode.
  • Maybe it’s the junk collector in me, but I would have kept the useless key card.  You never know when shit can come in handy.
  • Chloe’s just a Negative Nelly today, isn’t she?  “They’re going to put you in prison.”  Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  • Oh really now.  I’ve known Simone for 3 hours now and I know damn well she wasn’t about to go with Naveen.  He’s married to her and actually thought this would work?
  • Nevarro is sure quick to believe Jack is the bad guy here. 
  • Just FYI the IP address given, 2.718.281.828 leads nowhere.  Yes, I checked.
  • Jack appears to know early in this episode that he’s screwed.
  • Not sure if Adrian is helping or making things more difficult.
  • I gotta say, if I’m ever held hostage, I hope it’s by Jack.  He is so comforting to his poor hostage pawns. 
  • I thought for sure that Jenny would end up shot through the door by one of the marines.
  • This whole Margot/Simone/Naveed thing is a little creepy.  She just did her husband while Margot watches and then they’re having a little cup of tea.  It’s creepy and a little uncomfortable.
  • I can’t believe I just said that about that situation after the things we’ve seen on this show.
  • Heller the rock star.  I’m impressed that he managed to calm the cabinet down.  I’m also impressed that we didn’t have to see it.
  • I kind of hoped with the whole ability to jump thing that we wouldn’t have to wait through a 30 minute decryption and Jack sitting in a room.  Call me crazy.
  • Who in the hell still has a single core computer?
  • I would normally also flame the idea that the computer might not have a USB port, which Chloe specifies.  However, if it’s a single core then who knows what might be missing.
  • That little chat to the hostages seemed to work by Jack.
  • And finally the bomb hits.  Jack’s name is said in Audrey’s presence. She takes it rather well it seems. 
  • That was quite the scene with Audrey, Boudreau and Heller when they find out about Jack and Heller wants to talk to him.  I was hoping for a face to face but I guess that will be the next episode.
  • “Make it happen, Mark”  Bwahahaha.  Boo-yah.
  • I love how Audrey thanks the guy that opened the door.  So polite.
  • Kinda knew this was not going to go well for Simone.  Even though in Margot’s eyes she did the “right” thing, the mission is more important.
  • I’m very curious what Naveed’s connection to Margot’s husband is.
  • That is an ugly way to lose a limb.  Eww.  That thing didn’t even look sharp.  
  • Haven’t seen Jordan in a while. Nice of him to return.
  • And also nice of Jordan to be on the same side as Kate.  Not that it was unexpected.
  • Nevarro just keeps bringing up the husband.  Again, I wonder what that’s all about.
  • It’s good for Jack to have an ally in Kate.  At least someone other than Chloe believes him for a change.
  • There’s a wrong assumption, Jack assuming that was Cordero on the phone.
  • And this is what is the best thing about 24.  The acting is always so superb that you can’t help but feel for the characters.  Kiefer is amazing in the scene with Heller on the phone.  The raw emotion of it is just awesome.  Not to mention the subtlety of his feeling for Heller.
  • Biggest ouch of the week, Heller to Jack:  To be honest, I never thought I’d have to hear your voice again.  I liked it that way.’  Its telling that he uses the words ‘have to’.
  • Why did Heller even ask about Jack going to him?  I mean really.  He was the one that told Jack he never wanted to see him again.  You can’t blame Jack for that.
  • I love that Jack is a little pissed off about not getting a chance to defend himself.  I would also agree that he had earned that will all the years of service.
  •  I couldn’t help but remember the David Palmer line about Jack, “I know the man.”  Same situation.
  • Boudreau is quite the string puller with Heller. 
  • So, of course, because 24 rarely leaves a lead unplayed, go on over to open-cell.org. 
  • What in the hell is that on the floor of Cross’s place?  The glowing bust with headphones?  Who is his interior designer?
  • I don’t think that showing Cross images of explosions is really going to change his mind.  He knows what drones do.
  • Curious if Cross knows a different way and is holding out or if this is really the best he can do?
  • Have I mentioned this yet?  I wonder if Cross’s name is a throw to Roger Cross, the actor that played Curtis Manning in Seasons 3 through 6.  He’s a good actor and a super nice guy.  (Twitter @therogercross). He films Continuum here in Vancouver and he’s super friendly.
  • Indeed, why can’t Chloe just let Jack go?  I mean, she’s separated herself from everything else in her past life.  But Jack has proven time and time again that he is special.
  • Well that’s rather abrupt of Cordero to essentially order the execution of Jack.
  • Obviously Ritter doesn’t know Jack’s history with the President.  He is not on Jack’s favorite people list. 
  • Audrey is being nice and strong to Boudreau.  That’s nice.  In the past she was a little bit of a damsel in distress, running around, getting kidnapped, being indecisive and breaking Jack’s heart.  She has learned to stand up for herself.
  • I want to make fun of the ‘sound like hell’ line but I just can’t seem to come up with anything other than “What does hell sound like?”  I mean, we all know Jack’s effectively been there. (See also China capture)
  • How can Jack promise the hostages are going to be safe?  The marines are coming in firing and he knows better than anyone what crossfire can do.  That’s a big promise.
  • Note to self: don’t tell any secrets to Ritter.  I understand why he spilled so fast on Kate but it didn’t take much to get him to tell them what’s going on.
  • Speaking of ‘Shoot first and ask questions later’, way to almost kill your only ally, Jack.
  • Chloe is also vying for Jack to listen to Kate but how does she know she’s trustworthy?  Jack is cautious and so should she.
  • Ritter sure didn’t ‘get out of sight’ that quickly from Cordero.
  • There’s something about someone protecting Jack like that that just makes for great TV. 
  • I just loved that last second when Kate stood in front of Jack and was between him and the marines.  Although, I would have liked to hear them try and explain shooting him at that point.
  • I was strongly reminded of the Disney movie The Fox and the Hound when Kate wasThe-Fox-and-The-Hound-the-fox-and-the-hound-14125216-445-362
    protecting Jack at the end. 
  • I’m trying to remember, other than the grazed gunshot in the arm, Jack should still be relatively healthy at this juncture.  I was surprised to see him wincing like that when Kate stood him up.  It makes me wonder if there’s something that we don’t know about Jack’s health.  He does seem to be rather flippant about sacrificing himself.


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