9.03 – Whatever It Takes

9.03 – Whatever It Takes

1:00pm – 2:00pm


Jack drives along the roads tracking the couple.  He sees a pub, the Vauxhall Griffin that they have tracked them to.  He tells Chloe to cover the other exit in the back.  He jumps out of the car and heads towards the pub.

Jack enters the pub and the bartender is busy, he says he’ll be with Jack in a minute.  Jack thanks him and looks over the pub.  He sees 2 mostly drunk beers and the bartender bringing two fresh ones over.  He also notices the jacket that the woman, Simone was wearing.  He heads toward the bathroom and upon entering sees Yates dead on the ground. He pulls his gun out and sweeps the area finding no one else in the bathroom.  He updates Chloe on the situation and that Yates was killed in an up close and personal way.  It was a professional hit.  The girl isn’t there so she’s either the killer or they have another player in this situation.  Chloe is looking for signs of her leaving and Jack heads out the back door.   He finds the wig in the dumpster and tells Chloe they’ll have to ID her from the case she is carrying.  Yates’ case.  He sees the Kennington tube station across the road and Chloe has tracked her carrying the device.  She is heading north.  Chloe picks Jack up in the car and Jack wants to know what the next stop is.  Chloe tells him it’s Waterloo, the ETA is 4 minutes.  Jack says they need to make it in 3.  Chloe pulls out.

We see Simone pull out on a train.

Kate and Ritter have a group of prisoners from the raid.  They appear to be under an overpass and the men have their hands bound behind their backs.  Kate shows a photo of Jack on her phone and wants to know who he is.  No one says anything and Kate presses that they exchanged gunfire with him, he took them on but they have no idea who he is. She assesses the guy that Jack strung up last episode and observes aloud that he has a nasty rope burn.  She tells him that the swelling will continue until he can’t breathe anymore.  The man, Donny, starts to talk saying that he was there for Yates but Basher warns him to keep his mouth shut, she’s playing him.  She rounds on Basher saying that he’s obviously in charge.

Ritter’s phone rings and he steps away to answer.  It’s Nevarro saying he just got a call about armed Americans shooting up a housing complex.  He wants to know what Ritter and Kate are doing.  Ritter almost had Bauer and they’re trying to find out why he was there.  Nevarro confirms that they’re still there and tells them to get out.  They’re in the middle of a diplomatic crisis.  They can’t be caught running an operation on British soil.  Ritter says Kate is still questioning but Nevarro tells them she’s not even officially there.  If this goes bad it’s on Ritter.

Basher is trying to work out a deal to be freed, Kate warns him to stop wasting time.  Basher doesn’t care who they are but he knows they’re not the police.  Basher continues “Why don’t you do us all a favour and piss off.”  Ritter calls Kate aside and warns her that local police are on their way.  He wants the prisoners cut loose.  The other agents step in and start to do just that but Kate heads back over to Basher.  She steps behind him and knocks him out with her gun.  Ritter is shocked and protests but Kate knows that he knows something and he wasn’t in a hurry to tell them.  She grabs Basher’s arms and tries to move him.  Ritter doesn’t want to participate in this so she tells him he had better leave then because she isn’t going without Basher.  Ritter asks rhetorically if she knows what the British Police will do if they find out CIA agents are in the middle of this.  Kate does know.  Ritter resigns to helping her.

Jack is driving and gets around a car finding the tube stop for Waterloo.  He jumps out of the car and Chloe says she’s going to follow on the surface streets.  Jack goes running into the station, through the gate on the tail of a paying customer.  He has beaten the train to it’s stop and he wants to know what car she got on.  Chloe tells him it’s the 5th one from the front.  He waits and then heads to the back of the train, counting cars.  He gets on and as the train pulls out he gets slowly close to where Simone is.  He brings himself close enough to see her and then turns away trying to look inconspicuous.  Simone however has seen Jack and pulls out a knife.  She slices her own leg creating a rather large cut that bleeds profusely.  Jack slowly turns and sees that she’s watching him.  She makes a move to get off and he follows getting out of another door.  As she gets off into the crowd she wipes some of the blood from her leg onto her cheek.  Jack confronts her and tells her to put the case down but instead of complying she screams for help, that this man is trying to kill her.  Two men close in on Jack and he tells them she’s lying.  They don’t back down so Jack takes them down and follows Simone.  He updates Chloe that she has gone to the 2nd level.  Simone runs past a man that is working in the tunnels and then slips behind him into the underground tunnels.  Jack runs right by as the worker closes off the gate, Jack doesn’t even stop.  He asks Chloe if he has her, she must have found another exit.  Chloe is on her computer as Jack comes up to the street again.  He starts running in Chloe’s direction in search of Simone.  Chloe looks up and sees a man with a shaved head with a child under ten and a woman.  A nice little family chatting and crossing the road near her.

Not far away, Simone gets into a cab and drives off.  Jack asks if Chloe has her and Chloe doesn’t answer right away.  Jack asks again and Chloe says she must have missed her.  She tells Jack where she is and he arrives, getting back in the car.  He is irritated asking how Chloe could have missed her.   Chloe snaps that, ‘I just did, okay?’  She has turned sour and tells Jack that he made her help him find Yates and she did, now she wants to go back.  Jack is puzzled and asks what’s going on.  Chloe huffs that she missed her because, ‘For a second I thought I saw them.’  Jack asks who and Chloe tells him Morris and Prescott.  ‘I froze.  I knew it couldn’t be them.’  Looking onto Jack’s blank stare she concludes, ‘You don’t know.’  Jack asks reluctantly, ‘Don’t know what?”  Chloe stares at him and says, “They’re dead.”  Jack is surprised and asks how.  Immediately Chloe is emotional and explains that Morris was driving Prescott home from soccer practice.  They stopped at a light and a truck slammed into them.  It was dark and there was only one witness but all she saw was the truck driving away.  Chloe cries and Jack leans over pulling her into a hug.  He tells her, “I am so sorry.”  He is upset by this as well and she pulls away from him continuing, ‘I was the one that always took him to soccer practice but I had to work late.  It was supposed to be me.  They were targeting me.’  Jack seems disbelieving, ‘Why would someone target you?’  Chloe explains, ‘Because, Jack, I know what happened the day you disappeared.’   Jack sighs and looks around.  He offers advice to her, ‘You can’t bring back the ones you love.  Trust me.  But you can honour their lives by helping others.  It’s the only way forward.’  He encourages her that she may not give a damn about Heller but if these attacks happen innocent people will die.  A lot of them.  Jack doesn’t want to make her do anything but he asks her to please help him stop these attacks from happening.



Boudreau works at his computer in his office.  There’s a knock at the door and it’s Ron.  He has looked at the options of handing Bauer over to the Russians once they’ve caught him again.  The request requires the President’s direct approval.  Ron has drafted the executive order that Heller will need to sign.  Boudreau will take care of it.  They are planning on keeping it quiet.  Audrey comes in asking what they’re talking about and Boudreau covers that it’s a concern about Tanner.  Ron leaves them alone and Audrey had been coming to talk to Boudreau.  She reminds him that his job is to prepare her father, not humiliate him.  She accuses him of punishing both of them.  Audrey thinks that if Heller says he can do it, he can.  Boudreau thinks the disease if affecting his judgement.  Audrey defends her father but Boudreau will not be swayed, he says it is a fool’s errand to try and talk to parliament now.  He has staked his entire administration on getting this done and Mark says he will get it done, but not here and not now.  He thinks he needs to go home and send supporters using back channels.  Audrey doesn’t think he’ll go for it.  Be thinks he might if it comes from her.  Audrey sighs heavily.  After some more convincing by Mark she agrees to talk to her father.  Audrey leaves Boudreau in the office and he wanders over to his desk.  He thinks for a second and looks over the order to turn Jack over to the Russians.  He signs ‘James Heller’ on the dotted line and stands there looking guilty.

Jack and Chloe still drive in the stolen Volvo.  She has found a facial match on the daughter, Simone Al-Herazi.  Jack knows the name and asks if she is related to Margot.  Chloe explains that she is her daughter from her first husband who died when the children, her and her brother, were 3 and 5 years old.  After, Margot married a terrorist leader, Mohammed, and she was radicalized.  He was killed in a drone strike in Yemen 3 years ago.  Margot barely survived.  Jack does the math quickly saying that if it was 3 years ago Heller would have authorized it.  They are going to have to go back and see Cross.

Outside her large home, Margot is clipping flowers and Simone approaches.  Margot sees the cut on her leg and asks what happened.  Simone explains that the American that was after Yates came after her too.  She got away but barely.  She has no idea who he is but she is sure she wasn’t followed.  She hands the case over to her mother who then welcomes her home and hugs her.

Simone’s brother is working on a computer in a basement.  They share a quick kiss and he takes the briefcase.  He has a quick look over it and assesses that he’s used a non-standard hardware bus.  Margot asks what that means and he says he has to change his system before they’re on line.  It will take an hour, maybe more.  Margot wants it to be less.  The targets of the strikes are up on the screens and Margot says that the targeting is done.  Another man walks in and Simone goes to him.  They share a chaste kiss and Margot intervenes asking what’s wrong, he looks like he swallowed a rat.  She reminds him that he hasn’t seen his wife in 3 weeks, he should give her a proper kiss.  He obliges, kissing Simone again until she pushes away with pain from her leg.  He asks what happened and Margot says she is going to get in cleaned.  Simone gets a head start out of the room and Margot will be a minute.  She pulls Simone’s husband aside and tells him that she knows what she asked Simone to do with Yates is disgusting but he needs to not blame Simone or her.  He says he doesn’t blame Margot.  She tells him that her husband sent her on missions where she was supposed to get closer to other men and he got over it.  He wants to know how and Margot simply states that it needed to be done.  They are fighting a war and all that matters is that they win.  Someone has made a sacrifice and she asks that he let her be a wife to him.  That’s what’s best for everyone.



Jack and Chloe back to Adrian Cross’s hideout.  He wants to know where they’ve been, he was tracking Chloe’s cell.  She had to dump it, they were tracking her.  They tell him that Yates is dead and he asks why Jack is there then.  Jack explains that Yates designed an override for 10 drones with 6 hellfire missiles.  Does Cross know what kind of damage that can do to a city like London? Cross argues that wouldn’t even be an issue if Jack’s government hadn’t filled the skies with unmanned aircraft.  Jack wants Cross to help him find and stop the drones.  Cross asks Jack, “Has anyone ever mentioned your spectacularly rude habit of asking for a favour accompanied by the threat of a gun?”  Chloe finds information about the hijacked drone.  Adrian is skeptical about the fact it was actually hijacked.  They find that the flight record is coming to the US embassy in London.  Jack wants to get the proof to Heller of the hijacking, he asks how quickly they can get him clearance to enter the embassy.  Chloe can do it quickly if she has help.  She looks at Cross.  Jack looks to him and asks, ‘Please’.  He thinks for a second before agreeing to do it.  Jack is going to need schematics of the embassy and a wireless comm unit.  Chloe copies.

Basher is in the back of the vehicle with Ritter and Morgan.  He sticks by the fact that he’s not saying anything, he doesn’t care who they are.  They slow down in a tunnel and there are thugs hanging around looking tough.  She heard that Basher had a problem with the Tomo boys last year, that he ripped them off on a heroin deal and killed one of them.  This gets Basher’s attention and they offer to let him out of the car, or they can wait for the thugs to come over.  She unlocks the doors. Basher agrees to tell her whatever she wants, but she has to drive the car.  Kate needs to hear what he has to say.  Basher blurts out that Yates was working on something to do with drones and he needed protection.  The cash was massive but he doesn’t know who was paying.  Kate doesn’t think that’s good enough and she slips the window open a bit.  This interests the thugs and Basher continues that they were talking about someone named Tanner.  He yells 3 times for her to drive the car before finally she tells Ritter to go.

Tanner is in the back of a vehicle driving to the US embassy.  Outside there are protests about Heller and the drones.  The man with Tanner says that if they knew who he was they would tear him limb from limb.



Margot is stitching up Simone who winces from the pain.  She shouldn’t have cut so deep but she was improvising.  They discuss the American that followed her and Simone doesn’t know how he followed her.  Margot asks if maybe she was careless but she disagrees and he can’t find them there, they’re safe.  Margot is taking some liberties in stitching up Simone and seems to be hurting her more than necessary.  She lectures that they have the opportunity to change history and with a plan of this magnitude there is no margin for error.  They can never let down their guard.  Simone winces again as she continues that if Simone thinks she is safe she wants to remind her that she’s not no matter where she is.  But Simone knows that, Margot taught her that already.  She pulls hard on the stitches and Simone admits she knows.  Margot cuts the thread and says ‘All better.’  Simone smiles and sits up before Margot leaves.

Kate and Ritter drive, they have rid themselves of Basher.  They discuss the lead and Kate thinks there’s something they’re not seeing.  Ritter doesn’t know but he grudgingly admits that she is sharp.  To track Bauer like she did and get Basher to talk, if she doesn’t mind him saying, and he means no disrespect but it makes him wonder how she missed what her husband was doing.  Kate admits she asks herself the same question ever day.  The phone rings and Nevarro is calling.  He has heard that they have assaulted and kidnapped a UK citizen.  It was a lead to get to Bauer.  Nevarro had ordered them to disengage but the intel led them to a link between Bauer and the drone attack.  Nevarro asks if they think Bauer conspired with the pilot but they don’t know.  They are going to the embassy to talk to the pilot.  The call ends and Morgan says that Nevarro wants to apprehend Bauer as much as she does.  Ritter didn’t think that was possible.

Heller is sitting on the couch in a bathrobe watching the news.  Audrey comes in and sits down.  They agree that the crowd and protesters want blood.  Heller doesn’t know if it’s Tanner’s or his. She wants to talk about the parliament appearance.  Heller knows that Mark sent her in to talk to him, he was wonder what took so long.  Audrey says they are concerned that he is going in front of a bunch of angry MP’s that might kill any chance they have to keep the base.  Heller is firm, he appreciates the concern but he is not going home without the base.  Audrey assesses her father and says that she knows Mark can seem controlling at times but he’s just doing what he thinks is best.  He asks Audrey how she and Mark are getting along.  Audrey seems somewhat surprised and says good but she seems unconvinced.  Heller kisses her on the cheek and she will let him finish getting dressed.

At the protest outside the US embassy, Jack crosses the street through the crowd.   Cross’s group is working on his credentials still.  They don’t have a location on Tanner but the information will be on the flight key.  Jack weaves through the crowd and pushes past a man who is immediately heated.  He looks at Jack and says that he’s either with them or against them.  Jack doesn’t engage him and keeps going.  He gets in line to get through security.

Cross looks over to Chloe and sees she’s busy.  He goes to a programmer and sees that she’s in the log with Jack’s new ID.  She is about to insert the information and codes but Adrian takes over the keyboard and types in a set of numbers.  She tells him that’s not a valid field code, he’s going to get Bauer flagged.  They look again to Chloe on the phone and she presses that Adrian will get Jack arrested.  Cross slyly runs a hand over her face and she rolls her eyes and uploads the invalid card.  Cross watches Chloe work.

Outside the security gate, Jack waits.



Simone’s husband enters the bedroom and she’s there waiting for him.  He silently goes to the cupboard as she repeatedly questions what he’s doing.  He pours himself a drink and Simone says her mother would be furious if she knew he was drinking.  She tries to cozy up to him but he just tells her not now.  He is unhappy but she reminds him that they talked about this, he knew what she had to do with Yates.  This is not what’s bothering him, he doesn’t know if he can do this.  He knew what he signed up for but the closer they get the less he’s sure.  He tells her that last night he had a nightmare where he killed all of these people, women and children were lying the streets burned.  She says it’s natural to be scared, it’s the same for her.  They sit down and she admits it’s no small thing to kill a man, to watch the life go out of him.  She didn’t think she could do it but she did and he will too because what they are doing is necessary and just.  They are going to get through this together.  She kisses him and they lay back on the bed.

In another room, Margot watches Simone and her husband on a hidden camera.

A convoy brings Heller into the British Parliament.  The Prime Minister waits for him.  Heller exits the car with Audrey and Boudreau behind him.  The

Convoy brings Heller in PM waits.  Heller to him Audrey and Boudreau behind.  The PM says that handing over the pilot may have stopped the bleeding for a bit but the he is recommending that Heller doesn’t address this ‘surly bunch.’  Heller quotes Winston Churchill saying that having enemies means you stood up for something.

Boudreau speaks to Audrey and she did try to talk him out of it but Boudreau needs to stop making everyone else’s decisions for them.  She accuses him of keeping her in a little box like a fragile keepsake.  She thinks it might be habit from taking care of her but ‘I don’t need that anymore.’

The parliament is being called to order and there is chatter among those sitting as Heller comes in.  The speaker gives the floor to the PM who then introduces Heller to offer some words.  Heller comes over and he looks over the group in front of him.  As soon as he starts speaking, ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ a member yells out loudly and angrily asking what he is going to do about today’s attack.  He consoles that there are no words to express but is cut off again by another man yelling that it was murder, he can’t control his soldiers or his weapons.  The chatter raises and Heller takes a breath and looks around.

In the split screen we see the Prime Minister, Heller, Audrey, Simone’s brother, Margot, Simone and her husband lying with their backs to each other, Jack in line at the security, Ritter in Kate arriving at the embassy, Cross’s techs and Chloe.

Ritter parks the van and they get out at the embassy.

Jack is still in line at security and he steps forward.  The guard asks why he is there and Jack says to deliver classified diplomatic documents.  The guard wants this sunglasses off and Jack complies apologizing.  He looks at Jack’s ID while Kate and Ritter move in that direction.  The guard goes into the booth with Jack’s ID.

Chloe is surprised as she watches this.

The guards scan Jack’s ID giving the name Ron Fairbanks.  It comes up as a resource field mismatch.  Jack sees what’s going on and asks in his comm what’s going on.  Cross says everything should check out.  Chloe sighs that the ID is not working.  Jack looks behind him for a way out.  He’s calm but Chloe is worried back at the hideout.  She tells Jack to get out.  Jack can’t, he has to get into the embassy.  He slowly backs away. Once he’s not far he drops his bag and the guards see him.  He’s on the move, they’re going to call it in.

Jack slides his jacket off and puts it over his hand before he punches a police officer and takes his gun.  Chloe warns they’re after Jack and he now has the gun covered by his jacket.  He sees the gate opening for a car to come in and he starts shooting low into the crowd.  He then yells, “They’re shooting at us!”  The protesting crowd starts to run and Jack and another group run forward into the gates and through the officers trying to keep people out of the embassy.  Kate and Ritter are also in the crowd, running with their guns drawn.  In the mass of people moving forward Kate sees the back of Jack’s head.  She calls out his last name and Jack pauses and looks back.  They see each other and Jack takes off around the corner toward the building.  Kate is still chasing and yells, “Bauer!”.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

    • I think Jack should have just stopped for  a beer. He probably could have used one.  Isn’t beer always the answer anyway?
    • That split second where Jack comes into the bathroom and sweeps with his gun – The intensity and speed of that was one of the things I missed most about 24.  Just the way it’s acted, the way it’s shot, the way it’s presented.  This is serious business.
    • I’m not sure what made that a ‘professional hit’ on Yates.  Nasty, yes.  Although I guess it would take a professional to stab someone in the side of the head like that and not freak right out.
    • There’s classic 24.  You have 4 minutes.  No, we need to do it in 3 minutes. We are always running out of time.
    • I was so excited when we got to go into the tube stations and trains.  That’s wicked for someone that’s never been to London to see.
    • I kinda have a thing about trains, okay?
    • It’s kind of cool that they call it the ‘tube’.  In Vancouver it’s the Skytrain, in Calgary it’s the C-Train (which, as someone from the coast, I first thought it was ‘sea train’ and I was like WTF, there’s no SEA in Calgary, ANYway) and a lot of places it’s just the subway.  But no, in London it’s the tube.  Just so iconic.
    • Google maps gives the drive as 6 minutes and the other option “Take Public Transit (Subway)” as 3 minutes. 

View Tube Stations in a larger map)

  • It sure didn’t take Kate and Ritter long to get those prisoners all sorted.
  • Kate is smart, I do agree the way they’ve written her is kind of like old Jack, but still post-Teri death.  He was badass before that, but not ‘lying-to-prisoners-and-threatening-death’ badass.
  • I laughed about the ‘armed Americans shooting up a housing complex’.  As opposed to legged Americans? (I know, I know…)
  • So at the beginning of the episode Nevarro is against Kate, telling Ritter that this is his problem.  Later he’s for Kate and against Jack (although they’re always against Jack) I don’t know.  I see him as not being able to be trusted.  I seriously think that he set up Kate’s husband.  
  • I love Basher telling Kate to “piss off”.  It’s the accent.  It makes it hard to take him seriously.  Even though his name is “Basher”.
  • When Ritter isn’t whining about Kate’s involvement, I actually kind of like him.  He didn’t grate on my nerves at all this hour.
  • Fare gates, they can’t stop Jack Bauer.
  • I think he should have stopped and bought a ticket.  It’s all about setting a good example and hey, you’re moral line has to be somewhere.
  • That is one long train.  I am so impressed with London’s transit system.
  • It’s been a few years since 24 was on and now everyone and their dog has wireless ear pieces.  Jack looks twice as conspicuous with that old (apparently the same) ear piece that he’s wearing. 
  • That was one ugly cut that Simone gave herself.  And she’s a smart, quick thinker too.
  • And when Jack ran by the worker I said aloud, ‘rusty’.  He should have caught that.
  • As soon as I saw the family that lightly resembled Chloe and Morris I knew.  It was too obvious at that point that they were dead.  It was just a matter of how.
  • Last time I checked Jack didn’t make Chloe find Yates. She volunteered.
  • That little question seemed kind of backhanded from Jack when he asked Chloe, “Why would anyone target you?”  Like she’s not important enough for that or isn’t worth targeting.  I was surprised by it.
  • I wonder where Chloe was working when Morris and Prescott were killed.  Are we talking the US or London or somewhere else?  Was she working for the CIA? CTU? Or at Starbucks?
  • Oh Jack.  Another pair of innocent lives lost that will weigh on his conscience.  It’s kind of cruel for Chloe to effectively blame him for it even if it was true.  He couldn’t have done anything about it, didn’t know.  But we know that Jack will take that as his personal fault and carry it with him just like all the other death’s he’s been ‘responsible’ for.
  • So now I guess we know why Chloe was so sour towards Jack.  If she blames him then it makes sense.
  • I’d like to know who targeted her and why.  Also was the point to kill her? What good does that do?  If that was the point then was it the Americans, someone part of the cover up?  Who?  The only one that knew was Taylor, probably Rob and Cole.  If they were trying to capture her and get information, how did Morris end up dead?  So many questions.
  • Also, 24 rules, they’re not actually dead until it happens on screen.
  • Oh god, please don’t bring Morris back as a bad guy. 
  • It feels kind of like extortion for Jack to tell Chloe that the only way forward is to help others.  Like, it’s what to say to get what he wants?
  • He should have said something like ‘Take it from the guy who’s lost EVERYONE, you can’t bring back the ones you love.’
  • Line of the week contender: Jack: You can’t bring back the ones you love.
  • Boudreau is obviously pulling all the strings in Heller’s presidency.  By him being Chief of Staff and Audrey’s husband it lets him control it all.  I’m glad that we’re seeing Audrey stand up to him though.
  • I was shocked when he signed for Heller on the orders on Jack.  It’s probably not the first time he has signed for Heller.  He can use the Alzheimer’s as the reason Heller doesn’t remember signing off on things.  Maybe it’s not as bad as Audrey and Heller think it is.  If he’s not remembering things because they didn’t happen he might not be as sick as it looks.
  • I think Margot should have been doing the Addam’s family thing and cutting the heads off of the flowers in the garden.
  • It would sure be nice to get some names on these characters.  Until then it will be Simone’s brother and Simone’s husband I guess.
  • Shocking, there’s a delay for something technical, the terrorist boss wants it done quicker. 
  • Interesting when Margot tells the husband not to blame Simone or her and he says he doesn’t blame her.  Doesn’t say anything about Simone though.
  • Cross doesn’t seem too worried that Yates is dead.
  • I keep wondering if Cross is a throw to Roger Cross who played Curtis Manning all those years ago.  Coincidentally, he films in Vancouver for Continuum.  Super nice guy.
  • And there it is: Line of the week – Adrian Cross to Jack: “Has anyone ever mentioned your spectacularly rude habit of asking for a favour accompanied by the threat of a gun?”
  • How can Adrian blame Jack personally for the drones existence.  He hasn’t exactly been working for the government for the last 4 years.  And Chloe is also American, why doesn’t he blame her?
  • Did Cross just teach Jack some manners?   He said please the 2nd time.
  • Smart move by Kate to get Basher to talk.
  • It was hilarious watching him get increasingly fidgety as they sat there.  He was climbing the walls when she rolled the window down.  
  • I feel really bad for Tanner.  Especiually after that jerk seemed so pleased with himself saying that the protesters would take him apart.
  • I found Margot creepy when she was stitching up Simone.  It only got worse later but she seemed to enjoy physically enforcing her point with her daughter.
  • Ooh and that little ‘All better’.  Creepy creepiness.
  • I’ll never hear the word ‘magnitude’ the same again after watching Despicable Me.
  • So did Kate and Ritter just pull over and let Basher out after all that?
  • The whole Kate’s husband thing really isn’t adding up.  Spill it, boys. 
  • See, later now Nevarro is letting Kate do what she wants to find Bauer. 
  • I wonder also if there’s some kind of connection with Jack and either Kate or Nevarro.
  • I just didn’t like the little line about it not being possible to want to find Jack more than Kate does.  I don’t know.  She’s interested but it’s not like super crazy yet or anything.  She hasn’t coloured too far outside the lines… yet.
  • Heller is obviously used to Audrey doing Mark’s dirty work for him.  He calls Audrey out on it pretty quick.
  • So what’s the deal with Audrey and Boudreau?  Have they not been happy? Is there room for Jack?
  • I have to say that I think other than Teri, Jack’s original wife, his best match has been Renee even though she was a lot younger than him they were made of the same material.  Jack and Audrey just don’t really fit.
  • I was really hoping that Jack would take that guy down that was yelling about being with or against them. 
  • What’s the deal with Cross?  Why so personal on Jack?  I mean I guess Jack pulled a gun on him but still, that’s a little extreme.
  • I’m curious about the nature of the relationship with Cross and his people there.  It seems a little… sleazy.
  • That took a long time for Jack to get to the front of the line at the embassy.  Especially if they were just supposed to do the quick ID check and not go into the little security hut.  It wouldn’t have taken that long to clear those few people in front of him.
  •  I wonder if Simone’s husband is only her husband for some reason to do with the attacks. 
  • Classic 24 that the white family is the terrorists and the non-white person has the doubts.  I like it. 
  • Sounds like Margot is just a little controlling too.  Maybe she should hook up with Mark.
  • I wonder if Yates was Simone’s first kill.  I get the sense it wasn’t.
  • Why does Margot care if Simone’s husband is accepting her back with him?  What part of the plan is he?  Or does she just like watching the kinky stuff?
  • I love the cabinet being called a ‘surly bunch’.  Hilarious.
  • Way to put Mark in his place, Audrey.  Too bad that will probably backfire big time.
  • They certainly are a surly bunch. 
  • Well that was fast with Simone and the hubby.  Eek.
  • It would have been awesome if Kate and Ritter had gotten in line behind Jack to enter the embassy.  
  • Not subtle on the exit there, Jack.
  • I like his quick thinking with the shooting at them.  And he’s still Jack, aiming low to not land a body shot on anyone.
  • I’m sad he dropped his bag.  I liked that bag.
  • How long before Chloe figures out that Cross screwed Jack over?  Will she confront Cross? Will that get her in dangerous trouble with him? These questions and more answered next time on ‘Our creepy anti-government organization’s weird relationships exposed’.Is Jack Trolling Kate?
  • What in the actual fuck is Jack doing stopping when he hears Kate call him?
    Seriously? Like for real.  There’s no way in hell is training would allow that.  Unless, of course, he was stopping to turn and give her the giant troll face.

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