9.02 – Misguided

9.02 – Misguided

12:00pm – 1:00pm

(As always, thoughts at the bottom)

We see set shots of London and Chloe walks down the street looking disheveled but at least upright.

At the CIA they are working on the wounded agents.  Kate is there and an agent hands her a box.  It is everything that Chloe came in with.  Kate thumbs through the box asking if that’s it, it’s not much.  Dean, the “Special Activities” Agent is being treated nearby and says that the cell phone is stolen; he has local police running down the shipment in case they are using more with the group but they can be slow.  Kate has her own procedures.

She makes a call finding a cop at the scene of an accident.  His name is Ken and she has sent him the number, she needs the numbers from the other phones in the same lot.  Ken has reservations, he says it’s risky but Kate threatens to tell his DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) that he has been on their payroll for the last few years.  He thinks she would be in just as much trouble as him but she disagrees.  He reluctantly agrees but states that this is the very last time. She gives him 20 minutes.

Ritter goes to Navarro and asks what Kate is doing.  Navarro explains that he has reinstated Kate until Bauer is caught, she was the only one who knew what Bauer was doing, she’s earned this.  Ritter counters that she wasn’t that perceptive about her husband.  He starts asking if he is expecting that they work together but Nevarro cuts him off saying he expects him to do his job without questioning his orders.  Ritter leaves and Nevarro shakes his head.

Chloe is still walking, down an alley.  She comes across a chain link fence with ‘No Trespassing’ signs.  It appears to be an abandoned building.  She pushes one of the signs aside revealing a large hole.  She climbs through, across the yard and into the building.  The building is called “Centre” but the T has fallen down.  Inside the building there is graffiti lining the walls and Chloe coughs as she climbs the stairs, down the hall and codes into a door.

Inside there are a handful of hackers working including a red-headed man with an exceptionally thick Irish accent.  They are all happy to see her, call her name and there are hugs around.  They ask what happened and one of them comments that she looks terrible.  Adrian Cross, the boss, comes across and gives her a hug.  She has been gone for 3 days and he asks where she has been.  Chloe is uncomfortable explaining but says that she was locked in a CIA black site.  He lets her go and questions her further.  She stalls and says slowly that they grabbed her when she was making a supply run on her own.  She apologizes that she was careless.  Cross wants to know how bad they have been compromised but she didn’t say a word.  Cross asks in disbelief, ‘They let you go?’  Again she stutters with a long ‘um’ before she says a guy that she used to work with broke her out and told her to get somewhere safe.  She admits this sounds crazy.  Cross thinks that’s impossible but she grumbles, “Not for him.  He’s the former head of CTU, Jack Bauer.”  Cross sighs, he is unhappy and orders them to shut it down.  They’re going to move to another spot.

Before anyone can do anything Jack yells into the room for no one to move and keep hands where they can see them.  Chloe is bewildered and asks Jack what he is doing.  Jack ignores her repeated questions and goes to Cross.  He says dangerously, “So you’re Adrian Cross.”  Cross doesn’t need an introduction from Jack; they see enough of him in the files they take.  Jack asks the group which one of them is Derek Yates. There’s no response so Jack bellows it again.  Cross calmly tells Jack that he no longer works for them, they had a clash of styles.  Jack tells Cross he is going to help him find Yates.  Cross can’t do that but Jack says he has no choice.  Cross corrects him that we always have a choice, that’s what his group represents.  If he helps Jack, what would happen to his credibility?  Jack doesn’t want to hear it, echoing him and then holding him by the throat against the wall.  He kicks him and pulls his gun on him while Chloe protests right beside him.  Jack whispers that he’s not going to ask him a third time.  Chloe begs Jack to stop and volunteers to help Jack.  She sourly promises to help him.  Jack looks to Chloe and leaves Cross alone sitting in a heap.

Chloe wants to know why Jack is looking for Yates.  Jack just stares at her and she snaps that she needs to know what he’s doing or she can’t begin to find him.  Jack explains briefly that 2 weeks ago he intercepted intelligence framing an assassination attempt on Heller that was to take place in London today.  The name linked to it is Yates and this organization, “Your organization” he snarls at Chloe.  He continues asking if Chloe wants that on her hands.  She looks away and Cross pipes up that Yates got greedy.  He caught him selling some information to auction and he was caught hacking into a military weapons system.  He doesn’t know why he did it but Cross told Yates it was time for him to go.  They don’t do things like that, they simply acquire information and disseminate it.  Jack muses that he makes it sound like what they do is benign, but they both know it isn’t.  Jack wanders away as Cross asks, “Do we?”  Jack doesn’t like that and snaps at Chloe to get started, he doesn’t want to be there any longer than he has to.  Chloe starts giving orders to the techs while Belcheck stands aside, surveying.  Jack watches Chloe with an indeterminate expression while she heavily sits in a chair at a computer terminal.

Cross walks back towards his workstation, separate from the others.  Belcheck moves follow but Jack waves a hand for him to stop.  Chloe gets Jack’s attention while telling him, “You were my friend.  If you wanted my help you should have just asked.”  Jack is saddened by this and closes his eyes.

In a grungy apartment block there are men listening to bad music and moving lots of drugs.  A man in a toque asks another one how long the junkie is going to be here.  He motions to a room where a man works at a computer and a woman sits on the couch.  The large man sitting in front of the door says that he is paying his way, don’t worry about it.  Toque inquires about the lady as well, but he is told not to worry about it.

The man in the room, Yates, plugs a USB drive into a computer.  The woman he is with strides over and puts her arms around him.  He says he is working.  She speaks with a Russian accent or similar and tells him he is working too much.  She whines and starts to rub his chest and he threatens to send her to the other room.  She coos that those men scare her.  He says they’re protecting them.  She wants to know who from and his phone rings.  “Speak of the devil.” He muses.  He answers and on the other end of the phone is an older woman.  She is not named in this scene, but her name is Margot.  She is watching the video of the drone taking out the team in Afghanistan that Yates sent.  They are not onto him and he claims he found the perfect patsy to take the fall.  The woman with Yates is all over him, trying to sit on him and get is attention.  Finally he pushes her off as she protests.  Margot asks if there is someone there and Yates lies that it’s the TV.  He hasn’t told anyone about their deal and it is on schedule.   She wants him to come to their arranged meeting and he hangs up the phone.



In one of the boxes a US flag is brought down to half mast.

In an empty hangar Tanner, the drone pilot, waits for something to happen.  A man comes in to ask questions and Tanner is frustrated, he calls him Greg and says he won’t let him talk to his wife.  Greg wants to keep it more formal, they should stick to ranks right now.  He asks what happened with the drone.   Tanner explains the drone armed itself and fired.  Greg says that missiles don’t arm themselves.  He has evidence of Tanner writing on a message board that he was going to “put Shepherd down” but Tanner says he would never write anything like that.  He is shocked saying that Greg knows him.  He wouldn’t do this.  Tanner wants his flight key; the data would log his keystrokes.  Greg has already checked it and all the commands came through Tanner’s system.  Greg pressures him that the sooner he comes to grips with what he did the more he can help.  Greg gets up to go and Tanner appeals to his retreating back that there has to be something on his key, something that will clear him.  He gets no response.

Heller is speaking at a function with the British Prime Minister who he calls Alistair.  They chatter and Audrey comes over.  Heller introduces her and Alistair says he knows her.  Audrey tells her father that the General would like to talk to him.  Heller crosses to him and they fill him in on the drone attack. Two of the officers killed were British.  Heller is shocked by this, it happened by their hand.  There will be implications of this.  Heller wants to Prime Minister to hear it from him.  As he turns to cross back to tell him, Heller sees the Prime Minister’s own military people are already informing him.  He looks quickly across to Heller and then leaves with his people.  Heller watches, unable to do anything.

Ron steps up and has a call for Boudreau, its Nevarro.  Boudreau steps out and answers the phone. Boudreau asks what he wants and Nevarro has been trying to reach him, he tells him that Bauer has escaped.  Boudreau incredulously states that they just apprehended him.  Nevarro says that might be what he wanted, Jack broke out a prisoner and it might have been to affect a rescue.  He wasn’t in London to get at President Heller; it looks like this is why he was there.  Boudreau still thinks he might be there to carry out a threat.  Boudreau doesn’t want Nevarro to tell the Brits, just reacquire Bauer quickly or he can kiss his career goodbye.

Chloe works at her computer terminal and looks to Belcheck standing, waiting for action.  Jack also stands silent while Cross is on the phone.  Chloe speaks up observing Jack’s friends tattoo.  She tells him it’s a Serbian mob tattoo with 1 slash for each murder committed.  We can see that there are at least 6 slashes.  Chloe asks Jack, “What the hell have you been doing for 4 years?”  Jack just asks what she has on Yates.  She doesn’t have anything yet, he is underground.  Chloe is angry with Jack and asks why he is doing this; does he have some fantasy that if he stops the attack and saves Heller all will be forgiven, that he can go back to his daughter and her family?  Jack grumbles that there’s no going back for him.    This is bigger than Heller.  Chloe doesn’t believe him, ‘I know you Jack, for better or for worse.’  Jack reminds Chloe that she knows Heller; she knows he’s a good man.  Chloe doesn’t know that, and she says he didn’t answer her question.  Why is Jack doing this?  Jack responds, “I owe him, I owe his family.”  Chloe corrects that he means Audrey.  Jack looks down in hesitation.  Chloe charges on, condemning Audrey and her dad, they are party to the same system that screwed them both.  She challenges him, “At least I’m doing something about it.”  Jack finds that ridiculous and asks, “How, by leaking classified information and military secrets?  I’d rather die in the field.”  Chloe argues that international agencies keep secrets because what they are doing is criminal Jack scoffs at her saying she is smarter than that, “I can see you talking but all I can hear is Adrian Cross.”  Chloe opens her mouth to answer but has nothing to say.  Then she finally tells him sullenly, “You don’t get to judge me Jack.”  He looks at her and she continues, “Not after what I’ve been through.”

The techies have been watching a video of the drone attack, its friendly fire but it’s generating a lot of chatter.  The pilot said he didn’t do it and someone or something took control of the drone.  Jack and Chloe are interested and come over; the drone was piloted from UK.  It was created by Millstar Satellites.  They know that that is the same system that Yates was looking into.  Jack puts it together; they are going to use a drone to attack Heller. Chloe thinks aloud that there are easier ways to assassinate someone but Jack figures this must be a dry run.  Chloe wants Jack to tell the police but there’s no point, they think he’s a terrorist.  His only play is to find Yates.

Cross comes out and tells them that they found him hiding in the projects.  A man named Aaron Brashear runs the building, goes by the name Basher. He was Yates’s supplier and is a nasty piece of work.  He gives Jack the address and Jack thanks him getting ready to go.  Cross stops Jack and tells him he can thank him by leaving and never coming back.  Jack glances at Chloe and agrees.  Chloe is worried about Jack.  She warns that he can’t go in there blind, she offers to track using the CCTV, but she has to be outside.  Jack is hesitant; he can’t ask her to do that.  She knows he is going to need comm support.  Jack turns and speaks to Belcheck in Serbian and tells Chloe to get what they need.  Chloe asks Cross to let her do it; it will get Jack off their back.  He doesn’t say no and she tells the tech’s to pull up satellite coverage.



Heller wants to call the Prime Minister and request to speak to parliament. Boudreau and the General are with Heller, Boudreau doesn’t think that’s a good idea, he is worried he will be facing a hostile mob who are already blaming the US government about the drone attack.  Heller asks for the name of the drone pilot.  The General says his name is Chris Tanner.  Heller wants him brought to London and to turn him over to the British for interrogation.  The General can’t do that, it violates their agreements with the military.  Heller notes his argument but he wants him brought there anyway.

Heller goes back to his office and Boudreau follows nattering that this will not get the votes he needs to keep the base here.  Heller doesn’t care; it may force them to hear what he has to say.  He’s not going to prepare a speech, he is going to apologize from the heart to each and every one of them and respond honestly.  Heller likens it to an election stop where he did something similar but Boudreau counters that they aren’t farmers.  They will call Heller out and call him a liar and a murderer. Boudreau says, ‘It’s brutal for someone who,’ he pauses, ‘Who, who isn’t at the top of their game.’  Heller interprets that Boudreau doesn’t think he’s up to this.  Boudreau doesn’t argue.  Heller gives a smile and placates, “You didn’t think I was up to Ohio either.”  Heller thanks Boudreau, dismissing him and sits.  He continues to smile and Boudreau leaves unhappily.

Once alone, Heller’s expression changes to deep thought. Boudreau goes toward his suite and Audrey heads him off at the door.  She passed General Coburn and he seemed upset, she asks what’s going on.  Boudreau clears the room and explains to Audrey what happened with Heller.  Boudreau wants her to talk him out of it.  Audrey wants to let him try but Boudreau doesn’t think he can handle it.  Audrey recalls him telling her not to worry about the slip this morning but he sticks by that.  However pressure can accelerate his condition.  Audrey wants to prepare him for it, like a debate.  She’ll help.  She reminds Boudreau that all they have to do it get Heller though this trip.

Yates works on his computer while his girlfriend watches coverage of the drone on TV.  She confirms that it’s him and asks if he feels bad.  He explains that those people were already dead and they didn’t know it.  After today the doomsday clock is set at one minute to, the whole world is going to hell.  The American President is going to die on their soil ironically and poetically killed by US drones.  It won’t go unanswered.  His plan is to go to Greenland, where the economy doesn’t depend on other countries.  In 28 minutes, after he sells the tech, he can afford better places then the one they are in now.

At the CIA they have found the vehicle that Jack was in abandoned.  Kate has 2 phones that were activated from the group that are close together, their best lead is to assume its Bauer and O’Brien.  They are in a housing project and Nevarro sends Kate and Ritter to check it out.

Chloe and Jack drive up in an unmarked black van.  Chloe says that Basher is in the building in the middle.  Basher and his men are dangerous.  Chloe needs a few minutes to get the CCTV up and running.  They test the comm. And Jack heads out, Chloe moving to the back of the van.



Tanner is brought into a van for transport.  He looks angry as he stares at the other soldiers in the van.

Heller practices his speech with Audrey and Boudreau.  Boudreau is asking questions and Heller has good answers. He pauses during one question and Boudreau continues to press.  Heller has answers still and Audrey starts to look proud of him. Heller says that the names of those lost will be in his heart forever.  He argues that if they withdraw the death of 3 men will serve as a call to surrender.  Boudreau and Audrey are stuck at this and Boudreau corrects that it was 4.  He heats up angry about who they should strike from the list.  Heller stutters and Boudreau keeps pressing.  He wants the name other British soldier that was killed.  Heller pauses to think and he can’t come up with the name.  He checks his notes and Boudreau calls him out on that too.  He brings up the line about holding the names close to his heart.  Boudreau stands and demands the name.  Audrey also stands trying to stop her husband saying, “Dammit, Mark.”  Heller calmly grabs his binder and starts to leave; he thinks he has a little work to do.  As he turns to leave, Boudreau seems to re-think his harshness and calls Mr. President.  Heller pauses and then tells them the name was Lieutenant Wilkins; he was a married father of three.  Audrey smirks at Boudreau and he defends himself that he needs to know what he’ll be up against.  Audrey leaves, angry at her husband.

Jack sees a guard; there are 2 in the front and 1 in the back.  Chloe tells him the building has 10 floors and 200 flats.  Jack figures Basher will want Yates close to him.  He asks if she can cut a camera.  She warns him someone might notice but that’s what Jack is counting on. Chloe does it.

In Basher’s apartment they’re still packaging drugs.  Basher looks up and sees that a camera is out.  He calls to Mick who is playing on his phone.  He tells him a camera is playing up and Mick gets up to try and make it work.  He wiggles the cables and it comes back up.  They see a man hanging from a balcony and Mick comments, “Bloody hell, Bash.”  Basher orders them to go downstairs and help and let him know what’s going on. Yates opens the door and asks what’s going on.  Basher tells him to get back in there and lock the door.

Jack comes up the stairs and Chloe sees the video on the 4th floor of two of them coming to Jack.  He waits in hiding as they go downstairs.  Jack moves in down the hall, looking around and keeping it clear.  Chloe tells him it’s the 2nd door on the right.  Just as he gets there the door opens and Mick comes out.  Jack grabs him as a hostage and heads back in.  He has a gun on him and tells them to stay calm, he wants to talk.  Two thugs have guns on Jack as well as Basher is in the room standing by the table.   Jack assumes correctly which one is Basher and that he is protecting Derek Yates.  Jack asks if there’s any chance he can hear.

Inside the room, Yates looks out the peephole in the door.

Jack wants to make a deal.  Basher asks if it’s for Mick, he says he’s sorry but he’s not worth it.  Jack corrects him that no, it’s for him.  He explains, “I can tell you consider yourself a pretty intimidating group.  You probably think I’m at a disadvantage.  I promise you I’m not.  Give me Derek Yates and I’ll give you the opportunity to walk out of here without being harmed.  I suggest you take it.”  Basher looks over and one of the thugs shoots.  Jack shoots back and all hell breaks loose.  He slashes Basher’s throat and takes out the others.

Yates has seen enough, he breaks the window and helps his girlfriend out.

Jack grabs another gun and Basher lies on the ground still bleeding.  He gets into the room and sees that Yates is gone.  He grabs the memory stick from the computer and pockets it.  He heads out the window and sees them running on a walkway nearby.  He gets his gun up but is too slow.  He gives a ‘Dammit’ and runs after them.

Kate is close to Jack and Chloe in the van with Ritter.

Chloe’s phone rings and Cross says that they have company coming.  He is sure they’re from Langley, they’ve been tracking them.  He warns her to get out.  She hangs up and thinks.

Kate and Ritter round the corner and they see the van.  Three SUV’s close in and surround it.  Ritter demands that whoever is in come out.  Nothing happens and so they open it up.  The van is empty except for a computer that is firing sparks.  The phone is sitting on the table.  They can’t be far.

Jack runs downstairs trying to catch Yates.

Yates exits the building with his girlfriend in a hurry and Kate and the agents stop him.  They have a photo of Jack and ask if they’ve seen him.   He says that he’s crazy and upstairs with a gun.

Jack sees him and calls for him to freeze. He’s in the open and the agents turn their guns on him.  Yates takes off and he yells back to their commands that they need to stop the couple.  The agents don’t move, only yell for Jack to get down.  He does but pleads with Agent Morgan to trust him.  She needs to stop them.

Suddenly shots ring out from above and Jack is hit in the arm.  He goes down sideways and the agents take cover.  Basher is shooting from the balcony.  Jack winces and gets up, taking off into a doorway next to him. Kate sees him and goes after him.  Ritter calls to have this place locked down, they have Bauer.  The agents follow them down the stairs.



The CIA tracks Jack down into the garage.  They split off and move slowly and quietly.  Jack sees them and waits with his gun out behind a pillar and car.  He listens as they pass the other side of a car.  Kate comes up the other side and he shadows her and then grabs her, quietly ordering her weapon down now, slowly and all the day to the ground.  He gets her against the back of the car and then whispers that they’re chasing the wrong guy.  He continues, “You seem smarter than the rest of them so I’m going to tell you this only once.  I’m trying to stop an attack on Heller and you are getting in the way.”  He pauses and she pushes back trying to fight Jack off.  He tells her ‘That was a mistake’ and then head buts her, knocking her out.  He checks on her and then looks for a way out.  He sees daylight creeping through a vent above him.

Ritter calls quietly for Kate; the noise of Jack hitting her drew their attention.

Quickly Jack jumps to his feet, gets the vent out and climbs out, landing in a driveway.  The agents see him and give chase.

A Volvo squeals into the driveway where Jack stands.  He panics, his hands out in fear until Chloe leans out and tells him to get in.  Jack wants to drive and she moves over.

Ritter has found Kate.  He radios they have a man down and he goes to help her as she wakes up.

As Jack speeds off, Morgan looks unhappy that Jack got the best of her.

Jack asks Chloe where she got the car and Chloe tells him somewhat proudly, “I stole it.” She pauses and then elaborates, “I hotwired it.”  Jack thinks and then tells her, “Good job.”  Chloe is concerned, Jack is bleeding.  Jack brushes it off, it just grazed him.  He updates her that Yates got away but he took a flash drive from his computer.  He hands it to Chloe who already has her computer running on her lap.  She plugs it in and finds schematics for drones.  The program can commandeer up to ten drones.  Within seconds after discovering the information the drive starts to erase itself.  She is trying to save it and Jack is egging her on but no amount of yelling is going to save the information.  She pulls the drive out because it was erasing her hard drive.  Jack concludes that Yates was carrying a case; the program must be in there.  He wants Chloe to track him using cameras, he was headed south.

In the split screen we see Kate with an ice pack on her head, Audrey, Heller taking pills and Boudreau looking worried. Also, Chris Tanner, the drone pilot.

Yates has made it to a pub with his girlfriend.  It appears they got away but they’re going to hang out a little longer to make sure they’re safe.  She asks about his work and Yates says they have to find a buyer. She’s surprised but Yates asks who she thinks sent the guy to get them.  Why pay him when she can kill him and get it for free.  The girlfriend takes his hand and he says it’s alright.  He’s still going to clean up; there are plenty of people that will pay for this technology.

He takes the case and goes to the bathroom, on the way by he orders 2 more beer from the bartender. Yates puts the case down and goes to take a leak.  The door to the bathroom opens and the girlfriend is there.  He turns and smiles saying she is unbelievable.  She crosses to him and says that she wants him now.  He muses that he knows she loves doing it in public places but she’s going to have to wait for him to finish.  Before he can do anything, though, she produces a tactical knife and stabs him in the side of the head, turning the blade just a bit once it’s in there.  She drops him and grabs the case.

Now outside of a back door in an alley she pulls off her fake eyelashes and wig.  She gets out a phone and calls Margot saying she got the tech but there was a problem.  An American came after them.  She’s never seen him before but they barely got away.  She is sure she isn’t being followed but Derek thought Margot was going to double cross him and he started talking about finding another buyer.  Margot finishes that she took care of him.  The girl confirms it.  Margot tells her, “Come home as soon as you can. Mommy’s waiting.”


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • Hmm, no previously’s.  I guess they figured we could remember the last hour.  The good news is, that gives us more action this hour.
  • It was nice of them to give us some of the nicer sights of London at the very beginning of the episode before we dove into grungy apartments and the projects.
  • Speaking of nice sights, that giant ferris wheel they showed?  They’ve built one in Vegas now too.  It looks exactly like the one in the credits, but apparently it’s bigger. (More info?)
  • Well, they really are getting Kate to be Jack-like.  With her own back-pocket dealings and everything.
  • I sense that this season is going to cause me to do some extensive Googling on some of the terms.  DCI was the first one.  I wasn’t sure I heard right, but I did.
  • I just had to throw in the “Special Activities” phrase again…even though “Special Activities” is now literally a hole in the ground.  I think it would be an improvement over their previous decor.
  • Ritter, STOP WHINING!  Damn.  I really want to like his character but if all he’s going to do is bitch about Kate, I’m out.  He’ll be on my shit list so fast…
  • See, here’s good, logical Nevarro.  Telling Ritter to just follow his orders.  I love the eye roll too.  That’s the good cop.  Let’s see how long that lasts.
  • Is there a meaning to the building they are in with Cross?  It was called something ‘Centre’ and is obviously abandoned.  I couldn’t turn anything up in a search.
  • And here we go into the ugly part of London.
  • This season is also going to be tough for understanding some of what these guys are saying.  I’m a Canadian so it takes me a while to tune my ear to some of the dialects.  I didn’t catch a few of the lines the first time when they were delivered.  I have a whole new respect for people of other areas trying to understand Jack.  I mean, sometimes he talks FAST.
  • There’s a ‘welcome back’ for Chloe – ‘You look terrible.’
  • So 3 days, that’s how long they had her.
  • Cross is an interesting character.  It seems like his people are afraid of him the way they back off when he comes in the room, but he hugs Chloe.  But then she doesn’t seem terribly comfortable talking to him.  I’ll be interested to see where his character goes if he sticks around.  It’s almost like they were waiting for him to start killing people.
  • It’s weird to see Chloe that fearful and hesitant.  Usually her hesitation is quickly followed up by a smarmy remark of some kind.
  • I wonder what ever became of Morris and their kid? Morris was from the UK…
  • Line of the week contender: Cross: “That’s impossible.” [Breaking her out of the CIA] Chloe: “Not for him.”
  • You gotta feel bad for Chloe.  Jack used her to get to Cross.  But I also wonder if he knew she would help him in the end.
  • Chloe obviously cares for Cross, the way she seemed worried when Jack was after him. But again, it’s hard to tell if that was just fear of being excluded from the group.
  • So Jack heard about the threat 2 weeks ago and traced it to Yates.  When did he trace it to Yates because why would he wait until today to move on it?  Just likes the pressure?  Figures, ‘No big deal, I’ve got shit to do, I can stop a presidential assassination in one day’?  Likes the challenge of having to break Chloe out of the black site instead of just coming to her when he first found out?  Any other ideas?
  • Gotta say, I like Belcheck.  He’s kind of like a guard dog for Jack.  A guard dog with explosives and guns.
  • And, of course, Belcheck was right.  Jack should have just asked Chloe for help.  Use your words Jack, not your guns.
  • It was painful to watch Jack react to Chloe’s words about just asking him though.
  • I am so sad, they cut, what I think would have been the best line of the episode from this.  Unless it’s coming later but during the half an hour preview show where they interviewed the cast, Chloe, Cross and Jack were standing around in the hacker home and Jack is demanding something of Cross on the computers, waving his gun around.  Cross delivers this gem to Jack: “Has anyone ever mentioned your rather spectacularly rude habit asking for a favor accompanied by the threat of a gun?”  I even Tweeted it, it was so good.  It seems as though it’s now on the cutting room floor. :( 
  • I’m glad that the woman with Yates turned out to be the daughter of Margot.  She was super annoying as the overly horny girlfriend.
  • For someone that knew everything that was going on, she was sure a pain.
  • “Speak of the devil” regarding Margot.  Nice.  She is the ‘big baddie’.
  • Just putting it out there, I’m a Vancouver Canucks Hockey fan (I know, I know…) and they have a quite fantastic defenceman named Chris Tanev.  The name Chris Tanner keeps making me think of the Canucks.  And then it makes me sad because, seriously? What the hell were they doing this year.  /hockey rant.
  • Gotta feel bad for Tanner.  You screwed, bud.
  • So, I don’t really know what the British Prime Minister’s name is.  Originally it was supposed to be Trevor Davies but Heller calls him Alistair. I don’t think it’s the Alzheimer’s speaking because he didn’t looked confused, which leaves the rest of us confused.  Is that just the special US name they have for him?
  • In any event, I find it hilarious that the part is being played by Stephen Fry.
  • On a total side note, I’m going to see Fry’s comedy counterpart, Hugh Laurie next week.  He’s an amazing New Orleans jazz pianist.
  • Ah Boudreau, if you only knew the history of catching, and then promptly losing Jack Bauer.  Oh wait, we saw him READING the file… he should know.
  • I am very curious about Belcheck’s history.  Last time we heard anything about Jack and Serbia it was the Drazen mission.  They’re not exactly friendly.
  • Chloe is obviously mad and obviously changed.  She knows how to get the needles into Jack. I can’t believe she went there about Kim going back to her family, his life before.
  • Line of the week: Jack’s tortured “There’s no going back for me.”
  • I totally get Jack’s allegiance to Heller and the feeling that he owes them.  After what happened with Audrey and the responsibility he no doubt feels coupled with the blame Heller put on him, he wants to try and make it up to him. That’s Jack.
  • In case you’re wondering, the episode where Heller directly blamed Jack was Season 6, episode 20.  Here’s the summary.  At the very end Heller tells Jack, “You’re cursed Jack. Everything you touch, one way or another ends up dead.”  Still hard core.
  • I love how Jack calls out Chloe for being Cross’s puppet.  It’s true.  She’s just spouting his ideals.
  • Also, Chloe must really believe in this group.  Her arm tattoo that we saw last episode of the skull is the same as the backgrounds on some of the computers at Cross’s operation.
  • Telling little line, though, “You don’t get to judge me, Jack, not after what I’ve been through”.  Do we get to learn what that is?  We only have 10 more hours folks.
  • Basher.  That’s a great nickname.  Sounds like a nice friendly chap, doesn’t he?
  • Still interested in the relationship between Chloe and Cross. She’s asking his permission.  Weird.
  • I love the whole, ‘Noted but we’re still doing what we want’ thing from Heller. Not the first time we’ve seen that on this show.
  • Gotta say, I don’t like Boudreau.
  • Heller seems really naive.  I have trouble believing that he could get elected.
  • Boudreau better be careful.  We don’t want to insult an entire state here, do we?
  • Heller is also pretty condescending to Boudreau.
  • And the General finally has a name! General Coburn.
  • So what happens after this trip?  Audrey says they just have to get him through this trip.  Is there an election coming? A takeover? Audrey for President? That’s kinda scary, actually.
  • Interesting place to flee too, Greenland. That’s the cold one, right?
  • That is a shiny, very obvious ‘covert’ van that Jack and Chloe are in.  Why don’t they just paint ‘surveillance services’ on the side and be done with it?
  • Well it sure didn’t take long for Jack and Chloe to be back working together again.  After all that talk about different sides and beliefs, not the same yada yada, here we are one hour and 34 minutes in back like everything has always been.
  • Why didn’t Belcheck go with Jack for the op?
  • Since we’re seeing Tanner’s transport I’m wondering if something is going to happen while he is on the move.
  • Boudreau is hard on Heller there.
  • Granted, that was a pretty big screw up.
  • I love Audrey protecting her father.  We’ve seen Audrey protect people from Jack before with the same tone.
  • Heller takes the criticism very well.  I’m impressed.  I’ve always liked Heller, reasonable.  Except of course when he was terrible to Jack.
  • That’s a lot of drugs they are packing at Bashers.
  • I keep thinking of  Basher from Ocean’s 11.  I think I like him better.  “That poxy demo crew haven’t used a coaxial feed to batten the main line, have they? Instead they’ve gone and nosed up the backup grid, nosed it right up!” [Ocean's 11]
  • OMG, Don Cheadle! How about him on 24?  Amazing actor.
  • Good to know everyone is playing on their cell phones instead of working these days. 
  • And again with the accents.  I like it, but it’s tough to understand at times.
  • That little scene with Jack and the crew of Basher’s is priceless.  
  • Sorry Mick, you’re just not worth it to Basher.  I’d quit if I were you… and if I were alive.
  • Come on, Jack, you know they’re going to try and get away, that’s what bad guys do.
  • Smart play by Jack to grab the memory stick.  Too bad he couldn’t catch Yates.
  • That was awful sporting of Cross to warn Chloe that the CIA is coming.  He does seem to care.
  • Chloe made quite the quick getaway.
  • Chloe also made quite the quick makeup fix.  It got all organized again after her getting out of the black site.  
  • I don’t know about you but if I was tortured in a CIA black site for three days the first thing I would want is a shower, presidential threat or not.  That shit can wait.
  • Quick thinking by Yates to tell the CIA that Jack is crazy and with a gun.  
  • That was a lot of agents with guns on Jack.  The 2nd time in 2 hours that he has found himself staring down the long end of many CIA guns.
  • I can’t decide if I’m happy that Jack didn’t do the job right with Basher and kill him properly or disappointed in his slip up. 
  • And here we are 2 hours in and Jack has been grazed by a bullet. 
  • I know they cut it that way on purpose but I thought he was hit bad from the preview.
  • Jack did a good job of hiding and grabbing Kate there.  I also like what he told her, ‘You seem to be smarter than the rest of them.’  Nice.
  • Yeah, I don’t know what she was thinking trying to get away from Jack. I thought she was the one that knew him.
  • There was a real look of panic in Jack’s eyes when the car comes around the corner.  
  • Why you gotta drive, Jack? Chloe got the car, doesn’t she deserve to drive?
  • At least Ritter doesn’t lecture Kate on Jack getting his hands on her… yet.
  • I love how proud Chloe is of stealing the car.  Girls got skills.
  • Also interested in the undecided look on Jack’s face.  I sense he feels a little responsible for Chloe having to learn skills like stealing cars.
  • I think we all knew that that USB key was going to have an erase everything function, right? That’s just how it works in 24 land.
  • Yates and the girlfriend sure got through those beers quick. Wow.  I’m impressed.
  • The woman killing Yates was rough.  The whole knife in the ear/head/temple area?  Ugh.  I missed 24 and the shocking ways they continually kill people.
  • Also, that little turn of the handle, just to make sure gave me a nasty shiver.
  • As soon as she pulled the wig I was like, ‘The daughter!’  I had no idea before that. 
  • Phew, 2 down, 10 to go.  Everyone enjoying the ride?


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