9.01 – Jack Is Back

9.01 – Jack Is Back

11:00am – 12:00am

Those of you that are new to this, at the bottom of the page is “Miscellaneous Thoughts” on the episode.  Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes profound.  Hope you enjoy.

East London

Our first images are of an outdoor farmer’s-style market where people are selling goods.  It’s busy and we see Agent Erik Ritter walking through the crowds looking for something or someone.  Another agent follows Ritter as they weave through the people.  Agents are moving back and forth, to and from Ritter.

At the CIA, Agent Nevarro asks Jordan, a tech, about the satellite tracking.

Agent Kate Morgan is slowly packing up her office and she looks up out of the glass walls into the CIA bullpen and the action going on there. A woman named Mariano comes into Kate’s office and asks her to make sure she gets her keys and pass code before she is finished at the end of the week.  Kate agrees and then asks what’s going on.  Mariano says there’s a high value suspect in London.  Kate wants to know if it’s to do with Heller’s visit.  Mariano tells her that’s the present speculation.

Ritter is out of the marketplace down an alley.  He walks past a homeless man sitting against a building and 4 more agents materialize.  The ‘homeless’ man uncovers himself and pulls a panel out of the wall before tossing a camera into the building. The agents pull their guns out and Nevarro looks on from the CIA.  They all watch the black and white image as the two-wheeled camera rolls around.  They see Jack Bauer on a camp bed, apparently sleeping not too comfortably.  They say he is 30 feet from the south wall.  Ritter is ready to go and at that second a train comes by, distracting them momentarily. They move into where it seems many homeless people are sleeping, leading with flashbangs.  They get to where Jack was seen to find he is gone. People are running everywhere and Ritter sends his teams in all directions.  A figure goes toward some stairs, hitting a pipe on the ground on the way by.  An agent goes after him downstairs.  Once they are close to the bottom of the stairs, Jack pulls them over the railing onto the concrete.  He hits him hard in the chest and then knocks him out with another hit.  At the CIA they can see what’s going on from the gun camera.  Jack pauses and waits and then looks back at the camera.  The the CIA they identify that it is Jack.

Nevarro tells Ritter and the others that Jack has taken Miller out and has his weapon.  Two other agents are warned that Jack is coming their way, but it’s too late.  He is already taking them out as the warning comes in.  Ritter shoots in the direction of Jack who takes cover and fires back.  Once the gun is out of ammunition jack pulls the clip out and tosses the gun and clip in two different directions.  He takes off running while glass shatters in his wake from bullets that are fired.

At the CIA Morgan has come to see what’s going on, she observes that the roof is the best way out.  Ritter says Jack is headed for the outside.  Kate muses that that doesn’t make sense but Nevarro silences her.

Jack runs through the market and the CIA is on his tail, Ritter saying that he is heading toward the river.  Jack runs into a fence and appears to be trapped until he runs the perimeter, finds a step and, after looking down into the sand 2 stories below, launches himself over the fence.  He lands and keeps running but quickly sees a boat of agents.  Turning back he sees men in every direction, all with guns pointed at him.  He stops and Ritter has caught up.  He shoots a few warning shots at the ground near Jack’s feet.  Ritter orders Jack to his knees with his hands behind his head.  He tells those in his comm unit that they got him.  Jack looks up at the agents and then back down at the ground.

(The best title card ever)

“The following takes place between 11:06am and 12:00pm.”
“Events occur in real time.”

People outside are protesting with signs and yelling.

In a conference room overlooking them, President Heller is in discussion with his advisors about using drones.  The felling at the table is negative; the people are not comfortable using drones.  Heller agrees, he’s not comfortable with them either.  He admits that the ugly truth is what they’re doing is working.  He asks them worst case scenario, if they lose the base do they have anything new.  A man that must be a General says that there isn’t another country in the area that’s willing to host the US right now, in part because the Chinese are making it clear they don’t want them in the area.  They’re spreading their wings.  He says they have a carrier group headed for the Mediterranean for the first time in history. Boudreau says it’s designed to intimidate the British; the Chinese navy is calling it their ‘Friendship Tour’.  Heller muses that they’re taking a page from Franklin Roosevelt.  Boudreau is confused, asking, ‘Sir?’ and Heller elaborates that FDR sailed a great white fleet all over the world in the early 1900’s and called it the ‘Goodwill Tour’.  Boudreau looks around somewhat confused still as Heller concludes that it’s basically the same thing, just a show of force.

Heller is finished with the group and he tells them that he has to work on his speech.  He dismisses the group but Boudreau catches him on the way out correcting him that it was Theodore Roosevelt that sailed the Great White Fleet.  Heller takes the correction well and jokes with Boudreau that when he retires as his Chief of Staff that he will have a place on Jeopardy.  Heller reads Boudreau’s eyes and turns serious, whispering, “Don’t worry about me, that’s an order.”


Ron, a man in the meeting, catches up with Boudreau with a call from the local CIA.  It’s Nevarro calling.   He has information that they have captured someone that had a multiagency warrant out on them and Boudreau was on the top of the alert list.  Nevarro tells him it’s Jack Bauer.  Boudreau asks if he is sure and Nevarro is.  They discuss that he has been caught with Heller in town and that it can’t be a coincidence.  Boudreau says clearly that Jack Bauer is a traitor and he must be there to do the President harm.  Nevarro will interrogate him but Boudreau claims there isn’t time.  He wants Jack sent to their “Special Activities” section.  It will take some paperwork but they will do it.  Lastly, Boudreau orders that Jack’s capture be kept quiet.  Once he is off the phone, Ron asks about the President.  Boudreau reiterates that he wants to one to know.

Nevarro comes over to Kate Morgan and she congratulates him on getting Bauer.  Nevarro is awkward and admits that he hates to lose her, it’s not fair and it’s not her fault.  He’s about to leave but Kate thinks aloud asking why Jack didn’t get out on the roof.  Showing the schematic of the area, he could have gotten anywhere from there.  Nevarro brushes it off thinking that maybe he didn’t scope out an escape route.  Kate reminds Nevarro that Jack has been on the run for 4 years.  He hasn’t made it that far by being careless.  She thinks he is up to something.

Jack is riding silently in the back of the car with the agents.



U.S. Air force Base

Lower Heyford, U.K.

A young man in army fatigues runs into a room, he’s late.  The man already there says that Major Shepherd wants a call and he sounds pissed off.  The late man checks in as Chris Tanner and the first one hands over the drone controls.  Before leaving he wishes him luck with Shepherd.


A US convoy rolls.  Major Shepherd answers his phone and chews out Tanner for making a mistake.  He says Tanner is on base until further notice.  Tanner says he has a weekend pass coming to see his wife but Shepherd says it’s revoked.   Tanner hangs up the phone angry with Shepherd.

Nevarro is walking with another agent saying he wants to interrogate Bauer before he’s handed over to Special Activities and they do ‘God knows what to him.’

Outside, Jack’s convoy pulls in.

Agents pull Jack from the SUV, Ritter follows Jack into the building.

Morgan is shredding papers and sees them pull in on the CCTV.

Jack is walked in and Ritter gives the order to lock him down in interrogation.  Jack keeps his eyes down not looking at anyone while Morgan watches.  She congratulates Erik on the good grab and he gives her a cold ‘Thanks’.  Kate wants to look at the file but Ritter isn’t giving it up.  He mocks her idea that Jack was going to the roof and tells her she is not cleared.  He leaves her unhappy.  Jordan directs her attention to the TV’s where they can see Jack being chained to a chair in interrogation.  He is silent.

Ritter goes straight to Nevarro and complains that Kate was looking for information about Bauer.  He wants to know if she is still being transferred.  Nevarro cuts through the BS and accuses him of wanting Kate’s job.  Ritter denies it but Nevarro isn’t buying it. Ritter reminds him that her husband sold information to the Chinese.  Nevarro asks him to cut her some slack, it’s just a few more days until she goes.

Morgan is cleaning out her desk.  She finds a photo of her and her husband.  Turning it over it’s been written out to her with an “I love you” on the back.

Jordan interrupts her contemplating by coming in her office.  He says he pulled the intercept but before he gives it to her he wants her to fight for her job, she worked her whole life for this.  Morgan says she did fight, when she was locked in a room for 2 months when she had to explain what her husband, Adam did.  Jordan nods and says that she was cleared.  She deserves to be there.   She asks, “Do I really? Because I think Adam proved otherwise.” He doesn’t seem to like that answer but brings her the file.  He brought it straight to her without looking at it.  She opens the file and almost immediately points out the message from Prague police about Bauer, the time stamp is out of sync with the rest of the traffic.  Jordan concludes that the tip couldn’t have come from Prague.  It’s been planted.  Jordan says that he’s is about to be handed over to Special Activities, and once he’s down that rabbit hole, he’s gone.

Nevarro enters the room next to where they’re holding Bauer and asks if they have a baseline on him.  Jack is sitting chained to a chair, shirtless with scars visible and hooked up to a variety of monitors.  The agent in interrogation says they don’t have a reliable baseline, his readings are so steady it’s unnatural.  Pulse and thermal completely static.  Nevarro looks through the window and says, “Let’s see if we can shake him up.”

Nevarro swaggers into the interrogation room and sits down introducing himself as the head of station.  He tells an unresponsive Jack that he has been on this side before and he’s going to tell him the truth, there’s a long line of people after Jack for the crimes he committed four years ago.  All Nevarro cares about is to find out if Jack is there in London to harm President Heller.  Jack stares forward and he says he’s not the only one that cares.  He lets Jack know there’s an order coming to transfer him to Special Activities division for ‘enhanced’ interrogation.  Nevarro tells him, “You, more than anyone, know what they’re going to do to you down there.”  Nevarro plays good cop saying he knows how many lives Jack has saved and what the country owes him, but they’re going to see a man that snapped, that went on a killing spree with no regard for law.  “A man who’s labeled by his country a criminal, a terrorist.”  Jack still doesn’t speak but he looks somewhat moved by this, however his vitals don’t change.  Nevarro sits back and thinks that talking to him is the best option.  If Jack talks to him he promises to do everything in his power to stop Special Activities from getting his hands on him.  Nevarro asks again why Jack is there.

Downstairs a file is handed over to a man working in isolation.  He is told by an agent that Jack Bauer is being transferred down to him.  He hands the file over and the agent in ‘Special Activities’ turns back towards the door.  He codes in and as he looks in the window, we see Chloe strapped down to a chair, all appendages tied down. He goes back to work with her asking where the rest of her group is.  She tells him to go to hell and he injects her with a liquid. She screams.



Boudreau sits at a desk looking through Jack’s digital file.  He scans over the list of kills that line the right hand side of the page.  Audrey calls to him from the other room, she is almost ready.  He quickly closes the laptop and goes to her.  She is looking to finish her outfit with a necklace, which he brings to her after commenting on how nice she looks.  He jokes that maybe she shouldn’t go to the reception; with her looking like she does no one will pay attention to the politicians.  She tells Mark no, they will be distracted by his tie.  She stands and straightens it lovingly.  Heller is waiting for them and Audrey asks how he is doing, she heard he made a mistake in the meeting.  Boudreau reminds her that the doctors said there would be no symptoms for a year, but stress can exacerbate the condition.  Mark doesn’t want Audrey to worry.  There’s a knock at the door and Boudreau steps away from Audrey out of the room.  Ron is there and he comes in saying that he has an update on the Bauer situation.  Boudreau tries to quiet him, worried that Audrey will hear.  Ron also has news that the car is there.  Audrey comes through and thanks Ron and Boudreau pulls him into the hallway.  Ron apologizes immediately and tells Boudreau that Jack is being transferred to Special Activities.  They discuss the future with Bauer, he will go on trail and that may not be the best thing for the country.  They talk about making him disappear and Boudreau gives the order to explore handing him over to the Russians.  Ron is worried about the President’s approval but Boudreau appeals to him that he wasn’t there to see what Jack did to that family.  He explains urgently that Audrey was under psychiatric care, comatose and not expected to recover.  Ron didn’t know and Boudreau elaborates that he spent 3 years holding Audrey’s hand and bringing her back.  He vows that as long as she lives she will never hear the name Jack Bauer.

President Heller, Audrey and their security come down a large staircase and outside where protests about drones are in full swing.

Jack is still being interrogated by Nevarro but he is saying nothing so Nevarro is still trying to convince him.  He talks about the transfer and offers to arrange so he can see his daughter again.  Jack looks up at Nevarro but says nothing as he informs him that Kim had another baby, a boy.  Jack only blinks and looks away.

Morgan is still working the lead of the intercept and tip.  She has a map showing that the tip actually came from an internet café 3 blocks from where Jack was captured.  Whoever planted it tapped into their communications.  Morgan only knows of one person that can do that, but why would Jack tip them off on his location.  Morgan goes to fill Nevarro in on the latest update.

Morgan comes into the interrogation room where Jack is being held.  She says it’s important and as they leave Jack looks slightly worried.  Morgan updates Nevarro on what she found and explains that he was trying to get caught.  She wants to ask Jack about it.  The transfer order has arrived, Ritter has it to give to Nevarro.  While he is distracted, Kate steps back into the room with Jack and locks the door.  Nevarro is too slow and gets locked out.  He yells, “Dammit!” and orders those around to get the door open.

Kate gets in Jack’s face accusing him of wanting to be caught and wanting to be brought to this facility.  She wants to know why.  She thinks he’s after something or someone  Jack doesn’t answer but his monitors spike.  Nevarro gets in the room finally and Kate tells Nevarro about Jack’s vitals spiking and that they are onto something.  Nevarro isn’t listening to her and kicks her out of the interrogation room.  She appeals but Nevarro accuses this about being about her husband, Adam, not about Bauer.  Nevarro is transferring Bauer.  He backs down saying that Adam was his friend too but Kate doesn’t want to hear it.  She accuses him of psychoanalyzing her.  She continues to appeal to Nevarro and finally he orders her escorted out of the building.  Morgan warns that Bauer is a violent criminal and Nevarro is putting the entire building in danger.  Nevarro claims he is trying to help her, it’s for the best.  She is led away from him and Nevarro watches looking doubtful.


Jack is unchained and stands up, Ritter at his side and they walk out of the interrogation room.

Morgan is also led out but before she gets there, she grabs the guard’s tazer gun and shocks him.  She takes his key card and drags him into a server room.  She also takes his gun and makes a call to Jordan.  He’s surprised it’s her and looking around he says he heard she was escorted out.  Morgan brushes it off and asks if anyone in the building has a history with Jack Bauer, either personnel, detainees, anything.  She wants him to cross check and call if he finds anything.

Outside the building, Belcheck gets into a power box and plugs in.

Ritter walks Jack down the stairs with another guard nearby.  He says that he studied Jack’s missions in training.  He muses that Jack is “Really something, back in the day.”  He codes into to talk to the interrogation expert, Dean to tell him they’re there.  He says he’ll be right there to let them in.

Chloe lays motionless in an interrogation.

Jack, hands bound behind his back, pushes his wrist.  Belcheck sees a blip on his screen which represents Jack.  He gets to work.

Inside, the lights go out around Jack, Ritter and the guard.  Jack hits the guard taking him out and charges at Ritter.  He puts him in a headlock under his arm and holds him until he is unconscious.  Jack manages to get the handcuff keys from Ritter’s unconscious form and works on unlocking himself.  In a split screen Dean walks to the door.  As he opens it, Jack has a gun on him.  Finally speaking, Jack grumbles, “Take me to her, now.”  They walk through the area, Jack behind Dean with the gun on him.  They go down a flight of stairs and they arrive at a key pad.  Jack tells him to wait.  He steps up beside Dean, gun on him, and warns him, “You know who I am.  Trigger an alarm and I’ll blow your head off.  Now open the door.”  Dean obliges and while he codes, Jack looks through the window, seeing Chloe.  Jack puts a hand on Dean’s neck and shoves him through the door.  Jack gives him another push towards the wall and then looks to Chloe who is unresponsive.  He demands, “Did you do this to her?”  Dean counters that it’s nothing Jack hasn’t done.  Jack hits Dean in the head, knocking him out.

Jack steps over to Chloe, putting his hands on her face trying to wake her.  He calls her name and tells her to wake up. When he gets no response he swears, “Dammit!” and goes to the drawer next to her.  Shuffling through it he finds a shot of epinephrine.  He injects it into her chest and waits impatiently.  Finally she shoots straight up to a sitting position.  Jack pushes her back down assuring her it’s alright.  He says that they have to get out of there.  He un-straps her legs and arms, pulls her up tossing her coat over her shoulders and helps walk her out.

Jordan calls Kate and tells her about Jack’s connection to Chloe and that she is a freedom of information hacker that was accused of releasing 10,000 classified DOD files.  She committed treason and also served time for helping Jack escape.

Kate heads down and while still on the phone she sees Ritter and the guard, Brandon, unconscious but alive.  She wants a level 5 lockdown on her authority.  Jordan reminds her that she doesn’t have any.  She tells him to just do it and shuts the phone off.  She shoots the door handle to get in.

Nevarro storms onto the floor and asks why they are on lockdown.  Jordan tells him that Bauer is trying to escape and Kate is downstairs with them.

Outside, Belcheck climbs on top of his van and gets ready.

Jack leads Chloe through the halls encouraging her that she can make it.  He hears something and tells her to take cover behind a wall.  He pushes her and then starts knocking off handles on pipes running through the hall.

Morgan comes into view and Jack fires in her direction.  He takes a second to line up a shot away from her and she anticipates what’s coming and starts running away. Jack fires and the pipe explodes.  Kate takes cover away from the blast.

Belcheck has set up a large gun on top of the van.

Jack sees Morgan coming after them, he leads Chloe a little ways and then tells her to stay down while he stays out in the open.  Morgan comes behind him and tells him that he is not getting out of there.  She orders him to drop his weapon.  Jack complies and puts his hands behind his head.  Jack turns to face her and stares her down coldly.  He is on his knees and Kate asks where O’Brien is.  Jack again pushes the button in his hand and Belcheck shoots into the ground from above. This opens a hole in the hallway where Jack is standing.  Belcheck gets into the van and drops a ladder down into the hole.  Jack gets Chloe onto the ladder and orders her to climb.  Checking to make sure Belcheck has her, Jack gets on the ladder as well.

Kate Morgan is coming to, coughing and dirty.  She sees Jack and gets her gun but it’s too late.

Belcheck is driving the van while Jack has shoved Chloe into the back, face down.  He piles in on top of Chloe, shielding her from any gunfire while taking care to cover her head.  He yells for Belcheck to drive while Morgan shoots at the van.  Jack moves to cover Chloe more as they drive away.



President Heller is in the back of a limo with Audrey.  He looks out the window and reflects, “I just love this city, you can feel the history.”  Audrey tries to be happy but looks troubled.  Heller calls her out on it and asks what’s going on.  She admits she heard about the meeting. Heller thinks for a few seconds before admitting to Audrey that it is progressing a lot quicker than the doctors anticipated.  He sighs heavily and says that it’s terrifying, the thought of slowly losing himself, not just the memories but all of it.  Audrey reaches over and rubs his arm asking what he wants to do.  Right now he wants to lock up the treaty with the British.  He asks her not to say anything to Mark, he will speak to him when the time is right.

Back at the CIA medics are helping out those who were injured and dealing with the loss of power.  Jordan says it will be 20 minutes before the CCTV’s are back on line.  Ritter is trying to find Jack and wants a 10 block perimeter.  Kate grumbles that they’re not going to find him and Ritter snarks back thanking her for her confidence.  Morgan isn’t deterred; she wants everything on Chloe, where she might go.  Ritter whines that she’s not part of this anymore and she asks to talk to Nevarro alone. To Ritter’s chagrin, Nevarro agrees and Kate asks Nevarro to go back into the field to track Bauer.  She warns him that the President is already all over him and she threatens to tell him that they were given a heads up about Jack and they missed it.  Nevarro asks if she is threatening him but she claims to be just asking to help find Bauer.

The van is on the roads and Jack and Chloe are sitting up in the back, Jack checking on Chloe.  He tells Belcheck to pull over at the end of the block.  He toys with a cell phone and then goes back to Chloe telling her to look at him.  He asks if she is alright and she claims she is.  He hands the phone to her telling her they have to move fast.  He gives her a secure line that should be good for at least an hour.  He knows they’re going to mobilize after him and he asks her if she can get somewhere safe.  When she doesn’t answer he barks the question again.  Chloe thinks so.  Jack promises to find her on that cell phone as soon as he is safe but they have to get somewhere secure.  He opens the door and she staggers out and he immediately closes it.  Jack puts his jacket back on and asks if there’s a signal from the transmitter they put in her phone.  Belcheck confirms and then says, “I still think you should have just asked her to help.”  Jack couldn’t take the chance she’d say no.  Belcheck argues, “I thought you said she was your friend.”  Jack pauses, looks at Belcheck, then away and says, “I don’t have any friends.”  Jack wants to go.

Back at the military base, Tanner is watching the Hummer with Major Shepherd and his team in it using the drone.  He gives the all clear and moving onto his next assignment.  Before the drone is flown away, suddenly it locks on to the Hummer.  Tanner gets on the phone calling the Shepherd him to get away.  He doesn’t know what’s happened but something took control of the drone.  It’s armed for attack.  Neither of them understand why but Tanner wants them to get to cover.  Tanner can’t move the drone and it fires on the Hummer.  The target is destroyed.

In the split screen we see Belcheck and Jack, Nevarro, Morgan getting her credentials, Heller and the protestors.

At the site of the Hummer, the team tries to help the wounded.  As it pans out a computer beeps and a man tells someone on the phone, “It’s done.”


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

  • Well, here’s something I never thought I’d be doing for a new episode of 24 again.  Welcome back, readers… you are still here, right? *crickets*
  • I know that the 24 writers are all about suspense and waiting, but it’s been 4 years, boys.  You think we could have seen Jack doing something other than sleeping in a grainy image for the first shot?
  • At the same time, that was the most exciting, gratifying and downright amazing .5 second grainy image of someone sleeping I’ve ever seen.
  • I’m still not 100% sure I didn’t see Belcheck in the market, but there were a couple of shaved head agents too so I don’t really know.
  • Can we get the CIA and White House guys to wear giant name tags in the first episode?  Sometimes it was 3 scenes before anyone said anyone else’s’ name and it makes the summary job very difficult.  I was calling Belcheck RH as in “Jack’s right hand man” and Jordan “TB” for Tall Blonde… and he isn’t even blonde but it worked to figure out who I was talking about for the summary.
  • Things we learned about the agents: Short attention spans.  The train caused them to pause?  Really?  Focus boys.
  • At least it appears that Jack finally got some sleep, even if it’s fake sleep.  Anyone have the over/under on how long until he has unconscious ‘sleep’?
  • As soon as Jack ‘tripped’ over the pipe on the way down the stairs, I knew it was a set up.  From then on, it was just a matter of why.
  • That first punch we see Jack deliver is brutal.  Double handed to the chest.  Ouch.
  • I like the gun cameras, that’s a nice touch.  Cool angles.
  • It’s funny how quickly all the past seasons come roaring back in my memory and all the things we’ve learned about Jack.  He was shooting to miss. “If he wanted to hit us, he would have hit us!”.
  • Bring back TONY!
  • If Ritter was paying attention when he studied Jack he would know that Jack would have never gone in to a place without scoping out the best exit.  Pay attention in school, folks.
  • Just FYI, I’m probably going to call the CIA CTU a few times.  I did it repeatedly in the summary draft.  They’re chasing terrorist.  They’re CTU.
  • I really wanted Jack to say, “About time” to the agents when they finally got him.  He made it pretty easy for them.
  • For a split second I thought that Ritter had actually shot Jack.  That was very close to his feet.
  • I love the updated time cards and titles.  They look a little spiffier now.
  • And I guess that’s the first time we haven’t had an episode actually start with ‘The following takes place’ so it’s 11:06 this time.
  • I have to say, seeing that cross my TV was just… epic.
  • I was surprised that we got the “events occur in real time” since it’s not going to be a real day represented.
  • The CIA looks pretty warehouse-ey.  Good location.
  • Again, could I get some name cards here?  Some general, some advisor.  I don’t know.
  • I can’t help but think that having Heller be president is a lot like having Wayne Palmer president.  We know him, Jack knows him, it’s story material.  I’m not going to go as far as to call it lazy, but it is an easy way for us to find some characters that we know and have history with and also that may sympathize with Jack down the road… or may NOT sympathize with Jack.
  • Aren’t the two rules of being president 1) The president is always right and 2) if in doubt, see rule 1?
  • So, China is still the bad guy, huh?  Twice it’s intimated that they are unfriendly.  Poor China.
  • So was that a subtle hint to Boudreau that Heller is ready for a new chief of staff?  Talking about retiring like that.  Does he plan on replacing him?
  • “Special Activities”  I just can’t even type that without smirking.  There’s just something inherently hilarious about calling the torture section that.
  • Boudreau seems so schemey. I don’t know about him.
  • Major Shepherd needs a title card “Major Shepherd: Tough SOB.”
  • I can’t quite get a handle on Nevarro yet.  He seems reasonable, but then he does unreasonable things.  He seems to respect Jack but then he doesn’t want to listen to reason.  I hope he becomes less bi-polar.
  • Something about seeing Jack in cuffs just kills me.
  • -If Ritter is going to spend the next 12 hours whining about Kate, I’m going to get really tired of him.  I already am tired of that aspect of him.
  • See, I like Nevarro defending Morgan and telling Ritter to back off, calling him on the BS.
  • Blatant mush with Morgan finding the photo of her husband.  It worked when it was Chloe and Edgar, here it feels like ‘Am I supposed to care about these people?’
  • I love the phrase ‘down the rabbit hole’.  It’s almost a Matrix throw, especially coming from a techie.
  • Well, it took Kate all of 5 seconds to discredit the intel.  Do they not have any other competent analysts?
  • Jack’s scars look terrible.
  • Line of the week contender: “His readings are so steady it’s unnatural.”  There is nothing natural about Jack Freaking Bauer.
  • And here, Nevarro is pretending to be a hotshot, “Let’s see if we can shake him up.”  Hi, this is Jack Bauer.  He was tortured by the Chinese for years.  You think you’re little Q&A is going to do anything to him?  Read the damn file.
  • That line actually made me laugh because it was so absurd.
  • Nevarro in that interrogation: Good Cop, bad cop, useless cop.
  • And with Chloe captured, the entire plan became obvious.
  • It’s kind of convenient that the last 2 seasons we have left LA and Chloe has been there.  In New York for Season 8 and now all the way over in England.  Convenient.
  • My first impression of Jack getting captured to rescue Chloe was that was a sweet gesture, to break her out to help her.  And then I remembered what show I was watching.  Jack doesn’t do sweet.  There’s always a reason.
  • I get there’s a kind of loyalty with Audrey and Boudreau but I kept thinking, ‘she can do better.’
  • I love the kill list in Jack’s file.  And that’s just the ones the agency knows about.  They’d need a bigger file if they were all there.
  • So, ordering the death of Jack Bauer is like a reverse death order.  You know you’re going to be the one dying instead.  Again, he just finished looking at Jack’s file.   He should know better.
  • I’m curious to know how Boudreau got in the picture with Audrey.  Did he know her before?  Was he a friend that helped her? It just seems weird that he would be the one that brings her back and now be working as Chief of Staff for her dad.  It seems almost like 2 separate careers.
  • I would like to know the name of Kim’s son.  Also, I’d like to know how she is dealing with the loss of Jack.  She named her daughter Teri, is her son Jack?  That’d be a little weird. Maybe a middle name.
  • I also wonder if Jack already knew.  I mean, if he can hack in and plant a lead for the CIA, he can certainly hack in and see Kim’s records in LA.
  • Morgan obviously doesn’t know that many good hackers if she only knows 1 person that could do that.  They have another one in the building in Chloe.
  • I like the move of locking Nevarro out of the interrogation.  However, it’s already inconsistent with his character not having him listen to Kate in the first place.
  • Why does her name have to be Kate?  Bad season 2 memories.
  • So, so disappointed that the first ‘Dammit’ doesn’t go to Jack himself.  Happy we got to hear it from him eventually, though.
  • That was a very Jack-like move on Kate’s part to lock the bosses out.  We’ve seen Jack do that before.
  • Another Jack move we’ve seen, tazing a guard to get away.
  • Ritter and 1 guard for Jack?  That’s it? That’s almost disrespectful.
  • Speaking of disrespectful, “Back in the day”?  Really.  Well you just got your ass handed to you by someone that was something ‘back in the day’ so I suggest you shut your yap there, Ritter.
  • That’s some pretty cool tech that they obviously injected into Jack.  One would think in this day and age if they were holding someone like Jack, they would do a body scan.  I mean, those things at the airport would do the trick.
  • That exterior door to interrogation looks like something out of an ancient dungeon.
  • And there we have it, the first words: “Take me to her now.”  Not nearly as exciting as “You know who I am, trigger an alarm and I’ll blow your head off.”  Too bad that couldn’t have been his first words.
  • Speaking of… Line of the Week: “You know who I am, trigger an alarm and I’ll blow your head off.” 
  • That was brave writing, having the main character not speak for the first 40 minutes of a show after a 4 year hiatus.
  • Well, Dean does have a point.  Jack has done a lot worse to people.
  • Jack and Chloe reunited.  How nice.  Too bad they don’t have time for tea or something.
  • I still remember naive Chloe standing around at the end of Season 4 when they brought Jack back with the epi pen in the basement of CTU.  Aww, our little Chloe is all grown up.
  • Looking at Jack and Chloe makes me wonder if they got a discount for all the tattoos.
  • That’s nice of Dean to leave Chloe’s coat right there.
  • I wonder how long they had her?
  • It’s interesting to learn that Chloe served time for helping Jack escape.  I wonder if Arlo and Cole also did.
  • Jordan, I think when they are trying to stop Jack from getting away would be a bad time to remind someone you seem to be friends with that they don’t have any pull to make a lockdown happen.
  • It’s not a covert location to hold prisoners until there are open gas pipes running along the ceiling, now is it?
  • Kate is smart, I like that.
  • Call me crazy, but that seems like a poor location choice for the “Special Activities” unit.  It’s a little easy to get into, isn’t it?
  • I just love Jack protecting Chloe like that.  I missed that kind of thing.
  • I think they should have had Chloe snark out, “Jack, you’re squishing me.”  I mean, he’s a lot heavier than she is.
  • So, Heller has Alzheimer’s I’m assuming.  Does that not cause anyone else to doubt if he should be running the USA?  I mean I feel bad for the guy but is this a Make-A-Wish foundation kind of thing?
  • I like the location movement to London.  It’s good to have the show set somewhere else.  However, can’t it be Vancouver or something?
  • Chloe doesn’t look alright, but I guess it’s all relative.
  • That just seems kind of cold, Jack rescues Chloe and then immediately tosses her out on the street.  Literally.
  • Ooh little heart break when Jack says he doesn’t have any friends.  However, the man who just broke him out of a secret facility and is driving getaway might have another point of view.
  • I love the way Jon Cassar shoots stuff.  All the through the glass and around corners.  It’s pure 24.
  • So, my two cents on the new characters and what my crystal ball says might be coming:

-Kate Morgan: Got potential.  Romantic interest for Jack, I’m betting.  Will be the first to believe him and be an ally.  Odds of surviving the season 9/10

-Erik Ritter: Love the actor and I know the producers do too.  Character, meh. Whiny but a good field op until his whiny-ness stops him from making good judgments.  Will probably lightly side with Jack until shit hits the fan.  Odds of surviving the season: 5/10.  I’m guessing he will be an ‘affecting’ character death for Jack.

-Steve Nevarro: Well, I like the reasonable personality that listens.  The swaggering, wanna be field agent, snap decision, un-listening personality I hate.  Depending on which personality they choose to go with will change his survival odds.  I also feel like there’s something about him that’s not quite trustworthy.  He had a few looks so far that made me think he might be on board with the Chinese, something to do with Kate’s husband.  Maybe a set up? Reasonable guys odds of survival: 6/10, unreasonable pain in the ass’s odds of survival 3/10/.  If he set up Kate’s husband to take the fall for his betrayal odds of survival 0/10.

-Mark Boudreau: I don’t trust him.  I think he’s up to something.   He’s also ordered Jack’s death.  Odds of survival: 6/10.  Odds of not having his job by the end of the season: 9/10.

-Ron WhatsHisFace Advisor Guy: All I see is Weiss from Season 8.  Not sure how much I like him.  Chances of him taking Mark’s job: 7/10.

Belcheck:  Now HERE’s a character I can get behind.  Man of few words and lots of explosions.  Apparently not a ‘friend’ to Jack, however I beg to differ.  Odds of survival: 3/10.  I’m betting he sacrifices himself for Jack at the very end of the season.

-Also, for what it’s worth, I think Heller will be stepping down by the end of the ‘day’ and may also be a sacrifice.  He’s sick anyway, right?

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