Sarah Clarke Biography

Fast Facts:

Name: Sarah Clarke

Alias: Sometimes credited as Sarah Lively

Birthdate: 1972

Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri

Height: 5'4"

Siblings: Younger Brother - Swope [works as a banker in New York. Older Borother Preston is a musician with a website and everything [click here to go there]

Relationships: Married Xander Berkeley [i.e. George Mason] on September 7, 2002.

Bits and Pieces:

-studied Italian and Fine Arts at Indiana Univresity
-Clarke spent her senior year in Bolohna, Italy. This is where she started acting
-after this she went back to St. Louis and worked as an archetectual photograper
-While in St. Louis, Clarke recieved free acting lessons for taking photos of a cultural arts center
-Clarke worked as a temp in a lawyers office and in a furniture store before she got her gig on 24
-When she moved to New York, she studied at "Circle In The Square" and worked with The Willow Cabin Theatre Company, Axis Theatre Company and with Robert Wilson
-Clarke played Madeline in k,x,z and v a 24 Hour Plays Production on August 6, 2000.
-Her first role was starring in Nara Garber's shot film Pas de Deux for which Clarke won a CiNY award for Outstanding Performance
-Sarah has appeared on TV shows Ed and Sex And The City
-Was in the award winning VW Commercial Synchronicity


"I'm marrying George." -When announcing her engagement to Berkeley to felow 24 castmembers.
"I love Xander's voice so much that I listen to his voice mails over and over."

Happy Endings - 2004
Below The Belt - 2004
The Third Date -2003
Thirteen -2003
Emmett's Mark -2002
The Accident -2001
Pas de Deux -2000