Season 5 Promo Screen caps

In case you didn't see game 3 of the World Series or if you just want a closer look at some of the images here are some screen caps from the first Season 5 Promo. Enjoy!


Voiceover talks about people thinking Jack was dead but now being the most wanted man alive.
It always seems to start with a simple phone call, doesn't it?
BTB Jack shooting into a car
Said car coming at Jack
Said car crashing (I guess he hit it)
Jack being Jack
Jack being jack some more, I think this ones goes with the one 2 over - he's beating someone up
CTU Chopper (They flashed to it in between)
This one's like one of those eye tricks, There's a guy passed out here, brown hair, black jacket, white shirt.
New bad dude
i might get raked over the coals for this but I completely believe that this is Michelle. It's okay with me if you completely believe that I'm wrong. I very well might be (probably am).
Here's another one... just look at the hair!
Another new bad dude
Past new bad dude scaring some civilians
Oh good, more explosions! :-) Get the marshmallows!
Well, this sure looks like Brady Corbet, the kid Jack is supposed to be living with. Looks like that poltline was true (Dammit, I didn't like it!)
Maybe Jack and his new girl?
I don't really know though because Jack's shirt is darker than this and the collar is different.
But the hairline matches Kiefer.
Ah well, I KNOW this one is Jack.