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Based on 24:

24 Declassified #1 - Operation Hell Gate by Marc Cerasini

24 Declassified #2 - Veto Power by John Whitman
24 Declassified #3 - Trojan Horse by Marc Cerasini
24 Declassified #4 - Cats Claw by John Whitman
24 Declassified - Vanishing Point by Marc Cerasini
24 Declassified - Chaos Theory by John Whitman
24 Declassified - Collateral Damage by Marc Cerasini
24 Declassified - Storm Force by David Jacobs
24 Declassified - Trinity by John Whitman

24 - One Shot by Vaughn-Haynes-Guedes
24 - Stories by Vaughn-Haynes-Clark
24 - Midnight Sun by Vaughn-Haynes

Supplements & Guides:

Season 1:
24: The Official Companion by Tara DiLullo
The House Special Subcomittee's Findings At CTU by Marc Cerasini
24: The Unofficial Guide By Jim Sangster
A Day In The Life by Keith Topping

Season 2:
24: Season 2 The Unofficial Guide by Mark Wright

Season 5
24: The Official Companion by Tara Bennet

All Seasons:
24 Magazine - Published by Titan


Book 1:
24 Declassified: OPERATION HELL GATE
Marc Cerasini

Briefly: Of the three books this might be my least favorite. It's pretty graphic and takes a little while to capture the real essence of some of the characters. The plus side is there are a lot of characters we recoginze, the minus is that there are even more that we don't know. It's still an enjoyable read and it's certainly not going to kill anyone to get it and give it a once through.




Book 2:

Title: 24 Declassified: VETO POWER
Author: John Whitman

Briefly:Jack’s in the doghouse for this book, but he does a good job of getting out of it. These little books can be pretty action packed and this one is a fine example. This one again takes place before season 1 and so Nina is a part of it on the good side. Also, at times it deals with subject matter us 24 fans are somewhat familiar with, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse bomb). The plots and characters feel more authentic to 24 than “ Hell Gate”.




Book 3:

Title: 24 Declassified: TROJAN HORSE
Author: Marc Cerasini

Briefly: Of the first three books this is my personal favourite by far, likely because it has Tony Almeida with a significant plotline as well as Milo heavily involved. It begins and ends with Jack and Richard Walsh together and has all kinds of action sandwiched in the middle. The Cerasini books tend to be a little gorier than the Whitman one but with that aside it’s great. One of the best things about these books is that unlike TV the books don’t have to be censored and Jack can say whatever profanity he wants. This has all kinds of characters you’ll recognize, some that didn’t even appear anywhere close to the same seasons, for example, Edgar Stiles and Teri Bauer. The only complaint I do have is that it’s occasionally heavy on the non-interesting plotlines, but not that much. There are plenty of characters to keep us entertained, even when Jack gets a nap.


Book 4:

Title: 24 Declassified: CAT'S CLAW

Author: John Whitman

Release Date: June 2006, I think.


---------------- COMPANIONS ----------------

Title: The House Special Subcommittee's
           Findings At CTU

Author: Marc Cerasini
Where Can I Get It? in Canada, Amazon in the US
Should I Get It? If you don't like loose ends, pick it up

This particular book I found quite interesting and a very good way to get everything from season one in a neat little pile.  It’s set in the format of a series of testimonies from the main characters it gives an insight into what exactly was going on inside their heads while all the stuff was going on.  It’s mainly the hour-by-hour testimony of Jack Bauer, but there are times when Tony Almeida, Phil Parslow and Kim Bauer ‘take the stand’ and speak of their actions and what they observed throughout day one.  There are file pages with bio information of everyone from Jack to the Drazens and autopsies are included as well.  There are black and white pictures of the characters and interestingly enough, newspaper articles about things in David Palmers life, including Sherry.  If you find some of the jargon confusing there’s an index at the back.  This is a nice tie-in to the show and sheds some new light on some of the things that happened.  I like the way it is set as well, it’s leaked information to ‘reporter’ Marc Cerasini. This is the official Fox release of season one in book form and it creates an even more emotional ride for Jack Bauer, he explains most of the emotional details about what happens, his testimony ends, though, where the show did, with him finding his wife.  The only thing I would change about this is I would love to see more information about what happened between the two seasons, especially from Jack's point of view.  I was slightly disappointed that there was no more character development between the two seasons, this would have been the perfect outlet for that.  This is still a must-have and a great read, the pages fly by just like the hours in the show.

Title: 24: The Official Companion
Author: Tara DiLullo
Where Can I Get It? in Canada, Amazon in the US
Should I Get It? Heck yeah.

Why? This is one of the few 24 books to carry the ‘Official’ sanction, and it shows. The 141 page Companion for seasons 1 and 2 is gleaming with wonderful photographs on glossy pages and in all honesty, this is what makes this book stand out from all the other 24 Companions so far. Well, this and the first couple pages of the book. Split into 3 sections, the first titled “Countdown to 24”, the second is “Season 1 Episode Guides” and the third, obviously is “Season 2 Episode Guides”. The guides themselves are nothing all that spectacular, not always completely accurate (although, nothing major) and are shorter even then the ones on the Fox website. There is a double page for each hour of show with a couple of paragraphs containing some interesting information such as the truth behind Cubby, Tony’s famed Cub’s mug. On the right side are “Research Files” where you find bits of info on things happening in the show like what radiation is. Also on every page my personal favourite, “Additional Intel” where you’ll sometimes find some very interesting bits about the show. Included on each page there are also small images of three important scenes from the hour and a large image of something else from the hour. As far as I’m concerned not nearly enough of these are of important characters such as Tony (I count 7 out of a possible 192) but they are nice to look at nonetheless. Every once in a while embedded in these sections there are full page images of a character and a bio that is mostly directly off of the 24 Official Web Site. The best part of this book for me was the first 27 pages. There is an extremely informative and interesting article called “Creating the Show”. It speaks to the creators about the process behind coming up with 24 and is littered with images from the show and with some, as yet hard to find, behind the scenes images with cameramen and directors in the shot working with the actors. The last part of this section is titled “My Name Is Jack Bauer” and it is an interview with the man himself, Kiefer Sutherland. Also covered in photos, this section is a highlight in the book, even though Sutherland buffs have heard parts of this before, there is a good deal of new insight into the mind of Jack Bauer. Overall, out of the 24 books I have so far, this is the one that will be sitting on my coffee table. It looks wonderful and in itself will interest new viewers by depicting the events from the show so vividly. Bring on the Season 3 & 4 Companion.


Title: 24: The Unofficial Guide
Author: Jim Sangster
Where Can I Get It? in Canada, in the US
Should I Get It? If you want more and more of 24.

This book was interesting but also somewhat more of the same. It seems all of the 24 Season 1 Books contain the same amount of information about what happened during the season. The summaries in ‘The Unofficial Guide’ are a bit more in depth and contain a good deal of information about the episodes. Like it’s Season 2 brother, this book has ‘Time Checks’, death count, and my personal favourite – trivia. This one has a ‘Music’ section and a few paragraphs of ‘Comments’ for each episode. Overall it’s worth the money if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m glad I got it.


Title: A Day In The Life
           The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to 24

Author: Keith Topping
Where Can I Get It? - Go to the "Cult TV" link
Should I Get It? It's worth it for the obsessed 24 fan.

This book was a really interesting and informative read.  Starting out with an introduction and a list of the cast members with mini-bios and also a section about who is ‘behind the camera’ the book soon delves into a recap of the days events hour by hour.   There are very short summaries of the plotlines, the important facts with times and also more detailed bits of everything, placed under the headings for each hour.  The headings contain often very neat information under them that you may not have caught when you saw the show.  Some of the headings are tracking the plot, like “The Conspiracy Starts At Closing Time”, while others find problems and things that don’t make too much sense, such as “Logic, Let Me Introduce You To This Window”.  My personal favourite heading is titled “Points At Which Teri/Kim Needs a Slap”, which pokes a lot of fun at the 2 ladies that we love to complain about.  The author also makes a distinction in the introduction that he is specifically complaining about the character traits, not the actresses that played them.  For those of you who suffer from ‘where have I seen this person before?!?’ syndrome (like I do), there is a wonderfully informative “You May Remember Me From…” section for every episode that mentions pretty much every character that is new to the series. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the city of LA may not have noticed all the incredibly quick travel times, Topping gives the reader a good idea of the real distances the characters are covering in really short times and also gives quite a bit of background on the parts of LA that are used for the show.  There’s information on the people behind the camera and what else they have done and also cast and crew comments for each episode.  Also included is a “Did You Know” section (that you probably didn’t) and information on any music played in the show.  Finally, for those of us who are not in the region 2 DVD area, the issue about the replacement DVD’s and what exactly was added to the DVD’s that we didn’t get to see here in North America is mentioned.
Overall this is a really good book with an easy-to-use numerical index for each hour and is certain to provide you with information that you didn’t know.  If you are a  24 fanatic then you probably won’t regret picking up A Day In The Life


Title: 24-Season 2: The Unofficial Guide
Author: Mark Wright
Where Can I Get It? in Canada, in the US
Should I Get It? Meh, it's your call

This one has it's goods and it's bads. On the good side, it has summaries of each episode, by the hour, an extremely brief summary of season one and also information on each character and the actor that plays them. There are interviews with Dennis Haysbert [David Palmer] and Leslie Hope [Teri Bauer] in the beginning that are an enjoyable read. For every hour all the credits are there, actors and crew. After the summaries, Wright has added a 'CTU Incident Report' where there are sections titled Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before?, Behind the Camera, Time Checks, Fashion Police, The Perils of Kim, It's Not Easy Being Jack, Great Lines, Trivia and a Death Count. After that there is a 'Debrief' section where there is an opinion section, Pulse Rate and Questions Arising. Some of these sections are very interesting but they differ with each hour. The best part of the book, in my opinion, is how he refers to the Warner's storyline, calling them "Kate Barbie-Twin" and "Marie Barbie-Twin" with Bob being called "The Man From Del Monte". He pokes a lot of fun at many of the characters and their plotlines and generally gives this book an upbeat, fun tone. On the negative side, the summaries are a tinge on the short side and gloss over some important stuff. As well, the Time Checks section is almost useless since it never concludes too much and the book itself is kind of hard to navigate. I forked out $20 Canadian for this one and I felt it worth it, but I'm a fanatic. It's nice to add to the collection.

Title: 24: The Official Companion, Season 5
Author: Tara Bennet
Where Can I Get It? in Canada, in the US
Should I Get It?
Oh yeah.
We were treated to an exclusive interview with Ms. Bennet for this book. Click here to read it.

This is another great addition to the 'Companion' series by Tara Bennett. She has access to all of the inner workings of the show and, as usual, the book is laden with interviews with cast and crew. Since this is the first edition of these that focuses strictly on one season, it is very in depth and has lots of extra goodies. I always have enjoyed the pictures in the Companions as well as the little quirky bits that may or may not have been revealed before. For the price, you just can't beat these little books. And they sure look nice in a set.






---------------- Comic Books----------------

Title: 24 One Shot'
Author: Vaughn-Haynes-Guedes





Title: 24 Stories
Author: Vaughn-Haynes-Clark






Title: 24 Midnight Sun
Author: Vaughn-Haynes






The 3 comic books are also available as one, so don't buy them twice. Here's a link to the lising.

---------------- Magazines ----------------

Title: 24: The Official Magazine
Publisher: Titan
Where Can I Get It?
Subscribe through Titan Magazines
Should I Get It?

Why? This magazine kind of came out of nowhere and holy cow was it a nice surprise. The only complaint I have with this magazine is that it's not long enough. Not that it's any shorter than other magazines of it's type but it just looks so good and is so interesting that it's really disappointing when you get to the end. Issues are released every couple of months and arrive generally on time in your mailbox if you subscribe. There’s pages of information on upcoming releases related to the show and info on actors past from 24. Most of the information is not exactly exclusive to the magazine but it’s good to see it all together. There are interviews with cast and crew members and sometimes even fans. Each issue the magazine features a character/actor and interviews them but also interviews non-feature actors as well. The interviews are generally pretty thoughtful and in depth and are the highlight of the magazine, along with all the wonderful pictures. I can’t believe it took this long for someone to capitalize on this idea. It’s spectacular that they finally have.