24 - The Game

The OFFICIAL SITE has been launched. Click here to check it out!

It's been reportedly in the works for years... well now it's happening. 24 - the Video Game was announced a few months ago.

-You can get a playable demo of the game in the Official US PS2 magazine, January edition.

-Good article here: http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=62596

-BAD NEWS on the game front - the new news out is that the release has been postponed until February, 2006. That means nothing new 24 until January when the show starts up again! :-(

-Last check I heard the game is now coming out March 1st, 2006. In the Official PS2 magazine for the week of the 15th of January there is a preview for 24 the Game. :-)

What we know:

-Exclusively for PS2

-Developed by Sony

-Has stars from the first three seasons

-Multiple character plots and strands and over 100 missions with individual and team-based scenarios

-On-foot sections with shooting, stealth, puzzles and sniping; driving challenges varying from stealthy tailing to high-speed pursuits; interrogations where you have to coerce information out of suspects, gadget sections including decoding information and examining satellite images

-Music by 24 composer Sean Callery

-Features an all-new script written by show writer Duppy Demetrius in collaboration with the 24 production team.

-Answers questions between seasons 2 and 3 such as: How Palmer recovered from the attack and who was behind it, who ran the country while he was away, how Kim started at CTU and started dating Chase, Chloe's first contact with CTU, and how Jack and Chase started working together.

-Uses the Split Screens the way the show does.

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Link to exclusive video: http://www.playstationstudios.com/24/ Username: preview Password: C3%qt24

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