Official 24 Sites:
Fox - The official 24 page
24 Forum
- A Fox sponsored forum where you can obsess about the show.

Jon Casar's Site - Created and maintained by the man himself. Director/producer extrodinaire.

24 Fan Sites: - Page with trailers and wallpaper
KieferBenny - Chat, info, the whole nine yards.

Jason's Site

Kiefer Sutherland & 24 Video Clips
- With some really fun stuff!
24 UK
- All kinds of 24 ish stuff.
LongestDay Forum
- UK Forum for the show
24.pizco -
Brief but neat 24 site
24 Parodies (1) (2) and (3)- at
24gr -
Short and to the point.
KieferManiaForum -
Talk with other fans of 24 and other shows like House, Charmed etc.
24 Wiki - User edited 24 Wikipedia page.
FanFiction - 24 Fanfiction site, when you just can't get enough (I highly recommend 'The Constant')
Still - You can guess what this one is about, don't visit unless you want to be spoiled!
2GuysTalking - 24 Podcast about the episodes as well as episode ratings and interviews
TonyAlmeidaisnotDead - A really neat site about Tony and Michelle with some Jack in there too. Lots of fun, and I LOVE the title.
24 Fan Site - Watch out for the ticking clock.
Fanfic Site - Open forum for fanfics.
24 Headquarters - Lots of new news, often.
Spy/Intel Guide - General spy site with a 24 page.
24 Transcipts - Very detailed 24 transcripts.

A Couple of 24-ers are on Twitter

MM marcimichelle - She's the off-camera dialogue lady, seems really nice, and posts great photos.

rajskub - the girl who plays Chloe. Hi-LARIOUS.

Wershing - Annie Wershing. She's super funny as well, posts good photos. Don't be intimidated that she's protected her updates, request away.

rodneykiwi - Director of photography for the show. Great for photos and lots of camera jargon

jamespmorrison - Probably the nicecest guy you could ever tweet with, I'd vote him the nicest guy on Twitter. Great about answering.

joncassar - The director man. Not working on 24 anymore, but still tweeting photoflashbacks for 24.


Magazine Sites:
ifMagazine - Usually has good articles
TV Guide -
US TV Guide on line. Good articles about 24.
BuddyTV 24 - Good site with lots of info.

Non-English 24 Sites:
German 24 Site - This is a really good site that's not in english....for some of the stuff you can get the idea, I recommend the screensavers, they're great!
Spanish Fan Club
- If you speak the language, go for it!

24 Heures Chrono - Neat looking French 24 site

24 Stuff Links

WWJBD? - Want one of those bracelets? This is the guy that makes them - and for only $3.00 US!


Kiefer Sutherland Links:
Jack Bauer

Kiefer Rocks - THE most comprehensive Kiefer site around.

Penny Keating - Great place for all kinds of Kiefer stuff, and Rocco Deluca stuff as well!
KieferMania - Comprehensive Kiefer site with lots of good stuff.
Internet Movie Database - Best source for information about any actor or actress Kiefer Sutherland
DVDTribe - The place where you can get the sought after LA Confidential DVD



Carlos Bernard Links:
Tony Almeida

Carlos - This seems to be an official site maintained for Bernard

Mary Lynn Rajskub Links:
Chloe O'Brian - Fan site dedicated to MLR

Kim Raver Links:
Audrey Raines - Good Kim Raver fan site.

James Morrison Links:
Bill Buchanan

Official Site - James Morrison appears to run this site himself.

Sarah Clarke Links:
Nina Myers -

Dennis Haysbert Links:
David Palmer

DHO - Dennis Haysbert Online. A great fan resource.
IMDB - The Internet movie database info for him.
The Unit - Site for Haysbert's new show, 'The Unit.'

Elisha Cuthbert Links:
Kim Bauer

Devoted to...Elisha Cuthbert - Quite a comprehensive site about Cuthbert. - Comprehensive Cuthbert site, but look out for popups!

Xander Berkeley Links:
George Mason

Xander Berkeley Tribute Page - A neat little site about Berkeley with lots of interesting info

Leslie Hope Links:
Teri Bauer

Official Site - This is the official site for the actress.






Any links down?  Do you have another site to add?Does anyone know of any Sarah Wynter, Dennis Haysbert or Penny Johnson Jerald sites? PLEASE e-mail me and tell me! :-) Thanks!