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Elisha Cuthbert on Craig Kilborn

This is the best I could do with what Elisha said during this interview.  It seems that she  cannot go more than 2 words without saying 'um' or 'like' so this is the essence of what she had to say.  All the important words are there


We see a clip from the 12:00-1:00 episode, where Jack tells Kim about the nuclear weapon in LA

Craig: "She kinda cute, isn't she?" Flashes around the FHM magazine as the guys in audience loudly agree. 
"Our next guest plays Kiefer Sutherland's beautiful and feisty daughter on the hit Fox show 24 which airs Tuesday nights. Please welcome back to the show Elisha Cuthbert!"
She dances out and gets kiss from Craig looking dwarfed by him and she sits.

Craig: It's funny, I feel so tall but we should point out to the viewers at home that I'm only 5'9".
Elisha: Oh, I thought you were going to say my height and I was like shhh! No, they can be fooled I'm 6'1"
C: So your fantasy, one of them, I'm sure you have many of them . . . LL Cool J?
E: He's so good! "doin' it and doin' it and doin' it, wow"
C: So, do you want to rap with him?
E: I would...if he's down with that, I'm down with that
C: So maybe later in the show, if we have time. Have you prepared, have you prepared anything?
E: I'm ready
C: You could just go?
E: Yes! Doin' it and doin' it and doin' it wow.
C: I understand you had a big scare recently, walk us through this.
E: Oh gosh, I was on set and um, it was really kinda cool now that it happened, I got bit by a cougar
C: Wow. How serious? (she brings her hand up) Oh yeah, there's the scar, I can see that.
E: Underneath too, right through.
C: Really, the teeth that went through?
E: Yeah, you know what it was cool though you know now I can say I'm like the catwoman, I got bit by a cougar!
C: How long ago was that?
E: It was a couple weeks ago, so its healing really nicely.  Looks really gnarly, you know it happens on set.
C: When you're a kid and you get hurt you just throw dirt on it and go back and play.
E: You know it was scary at the time, you know you're dealing with a wild animal, they're wild and you just gotta remember that. I was kind of naive to think that I could play with it and it wouldn't hurt me, but . . .
C: Did you scream?
E: No, I was in shock and I was kind of like 'it's biting me' you know, and then its like, 'oh my gosh' and then it bled a lot and I said 'medic, where's the medic.'
C: They took you to the hospital?
E: Yeah, they took me to the hospital but they couldn't stitch it because it was a puncture wound.
C: Isn't that fun, you learn about stuff!  Its a puncture wound and you can't stitch it. Who knew until that happened?
E: Yeah, and then there was so much blood it started to clot and the medics like,  'you clot great' and I'm like 'wow, thanks'
C: And in biology in grade 8, I wasn't paying attention and this happens to you now and now you learn.
E: See, thank you cougar!
C: The show is doing really well.
E: Yeah. We beat Frasier. Who beats Frasier?
C: Did you?
E: Yeah.
C: That's huge.
E: That's mega!
C: I didn't know that.
E: Yeah, big time.
C: Did they include you getting bit by a cougar, is that part of the thing.
E: They did. Watch, she gets bit! No no no, it was a thing off of actually shooting. We were kind of off set but yeah, it's just doing really well so I'm really happy.
C: And you get sick of some of the questions, you get the same one over and over again which is...
E: It's a cool question, but everyone asks how its like to work with Kiefer and he's fantastic.  It's always hard because I want a cool answer for that but everyone's like 'ohh'.
C: We've got some here.  Well give to these choices, I don't know if any of them are here.  Elisha, what's it like working with  . . . 'its like working with Sandler but more serious.' There's one.
E: No, he's a serious guy, though very professional.
C: [tries to start another and then] no,
E: You see, it's hard, isn't it hard? He's really great though.
C: Here's one, it's like working with his younger brother Emelio.
E: Does he have a brother?
C: No, it's a little joke.
E: He has a twin sister.
C: Here's one, it's a thinker I guess. 'He reminds me of my son, Kiefer Jr.' You see that's cute. We're just trying to help.
E: Thank you, I'll use that.
[pause for applause]
C: Now the show hasn't been on that long, this is just the . . .
E: This is the second season, it's not even half way though
C: What are some of the perks of now being on a hit show?
E: Oh you know what happened to me?
C: Talk to me.
E: You were there too, but we didn't really talk, you know, we were at this restaurant Cafe Ladu. Do you go there often? Of course.
C: Never gotten comp'd there, I don't know if I'm going back.
E: So, I had friends in from New York City and everyone when they come to LA, they always want to meet a star or someone famous and we're like . . .
C: So you could come over and say hi to me.
E: I was going to but something better...something more like.
C: Someone they recognized, I know.
E: No no no ... so we pull up to the valet and Drew Barrymore was waiting for her car at the valet.
C: She's an actress right?
E: Yeah, and producer and fantastic... she's great and she looked and she spotted me.
C: Oh she knew who you were?
C: That's amazing
E: Yes!
C: That's golden.
E: It was so good, and she goes to me, she comes up to the car and knocks on the window we roll down the window and she's like 'I love your show and your so great' and my 2 friends in the back are like, jaws on the floor and I was too and I'm like oh my gosh this is so great!
C: That is the greatest feeling.
E: People like the show it's so great and Drew Barrymore, that's awesome.
C: That's good. Um, I understand you're a night owl.
E: Yeah, I sleep in too, no one wakes me up really.
C: Don't you have to be on set early?
E: I do but whenever I have time off I go to bed at 4 in the morning and wake up a 4 in the afternoon. Yeah and then I had my physical therapy to work on the thumb, you know its fine but you have to go anyway and he's like, 'we'll book an appointment in the morning is that okay?' and I'm like 'yeah sure' and he's like 'how about 8 o'clock' and I'm like 'morning doesn't start until noon my friend' so I'm like 'no, I don't think so.'
C: Do you own an alarm clock?
E: Yes, but the snooze button is like not long enough. I got one of those that's like 5 minutes so they get 10 minutes that's uninterrupted and I'm like damn, I gotta work it out at like Radio Shack or something. That's what I want for my birthday.
C: Why don't you go to bed early.
E: Your show's on.
C: I was gonna say I could put you to sleep, I could put you to sleep like that, that's how it works. My parents, they fall asleep like that. Okay this is exciting, 24 is on Tuesday...and you may come back later and try to rap with LL Cool J.

At the end of the show, Elisha does come back and 'rap' with LL Cool J to our detriment.