24 F.A.Q.Looking For Answers?

In the spirit of helping as many people as efficiently as I can I've devised this Frequently Asked Questions page based on a LOT of e-mails I've received based on the following questions.

1. So, what is 24 anyway?

24 is an addiction. It is an incredibly intense TV show where each hour of episode covers an hour in 'real time.' At the end of the season only one 'day' has been covered. The main character is a Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent named Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland).

2. OH NO! Panic, Panic, Panic, I missed an episode of 24! What should I do??

From VCR's eating tapes to people forgetting to set them, this is THE most FAQ. The best solution I have been able to find is to download them off the internet. The file share I use is called BitTorrent and you can download it here. There are quite a few places that you can get episodes of 24, I usually get them from this site. But there are many more out there. By the way, I DO NOT recommend this as an alternative for watching 24 on TV or buying the DVD sets. The reason the show is still out there is because people watch it. PLEASE do not use this as your regular 24-watching tool, Fox will never know if you download it and watch it later, they will only know that you didn't watch it on TV or buy it on DVD. This will make the show less successful and then they will be less likely to produce it… get it?
I do not make copies to send out VHS style. Honestly, I get at least 10 requests for this a week and by the time I were to go get the tape, tape the show and then send it out I'd be looking at 2 hours each episode, which is 20 hours a week spent on dubbing and sending tapes. Unfortunately I don't have 20 extra hours a week, and if I did they would be spent on the page. Sorry.
If you are really desperate for a VHS copy you can try here, the 24 forum.

3. Just who the heck are you, anyway? Are you Kiefer?

Like I said on my index page, I am not Kiefer Sutherland, Joel Surnow or anyone else even remotely associated with 24. I am a huge Canadian fan of 24 that just happens to like summarizing and getting as deep as I can into this stuff. I don't have a say in what they do on the show, where they take the characters or how long the show will run for. All characters, names and anything else remotely to do with the show are property of Fox.

4. Are you ever going to finish the Season 1/4/5 etc. summaries?

Summaries take a long time. I do plan on working through season 1 completely and getting them all completed. Unfortunately I work 2 (and sometimes 3) jobs and go to school (I'm a University student) so I don't have ANY spare time. The newest summaries are usually done late at night when I can't sleep and when I have time I do plug away on Season 1 summaries. There is always one in the works but sometimes it takes a long time before it is actually done.

5. Is Teri dead? Did Nina kill her?

For heavens sake, YES! There have been all kinds of speculation as to if she is dead why we didn't see Nina kill her etcetera. I think (based solely on my speculation) that they didn't show us Nina killing Teri because it would be very earth-shattering to see this happen. Either that or they did leave it open on purpose because they didn't know what they were actually going to do. Either way we know that Teri is dead because in season 2 Jack says repeatedly that she is. Nina admits to killing her when she is holding Jack hostage in episode 2.10 in the context of why she had to kill Teri.

6. So, who was the girl that tried to kill Palmer at the end of season 2 and why was that a big deal? How about the girl that held Tony hostage in Season 4?

Mandy, (AKA Miranda Stapleton), made her first appearance in season 1. She was the girl that bombed the plane in episode 1 and then took the coveted Martin Belkin ID to Ira Gaines. She seemed to be a hit with the guys, likely because she is a member of the 'mile high' club, appeared topless and had a girlfriend. She is intensely eeeevil and there are always rumours of her reappearing at some point. She is played by Mia Kirshner. She made a big comeback in Season 2 and then again to persue he eeevil ways in Season 4.

7. What did Jack whisper to Nina?

Okay, here it is. There are 2 answers to this question.
i) What Kiefer Sutherland actually said to Sarah Clarke to get that facial expression: "I love you, Sarah. Why did you marry Xander?" - This came out in the open at a 24 cast wrap do in LA after last year.
ii) What Jack 'said' to Nina: "I'm gonna hunt you down for the rest of your life." - From Kiefer Sutherland's lips to a fan in the LA area. I'm assuming this was actually the line that was written.

8. How come you're so nasty to Kate Warner?

Kate Warner and Yusuf AudaKate Warner. The bane of my existence. It is not a reflection on Sarah Wynter, the girl who played the part. I have never seen Wynter in anything else so I am not here to judge her acting ability but the way she was written was just annoying and very stretched as to why she would still be in the show. Not to mention that she was given a lot of the same types of lines and it led to her giving an excruciatingly similar performance throughout the entire season.

9. What kind of gun does Jack Bauer use?

It seems that in Seasons 3 through 5 Jack is using a Heckler and Koch USP Compact (Thanks S.M.). In seasons 1 and 2 Bauer used a Sig Sauer P226 Two Tone. This is just information that I've picked up along the way that I believe is right.

10. With all the spoilers out there, why don't you know about them?

During season 2 I read a lot of spoilers (i.e. Finding out what is going to happen before the show airs.). I ended up reading the ending of season 2 quite a long time in advance and then was disappointed that I already knew what was going to happen when I actually saw. Because of this, I do not read spoilers, thus, I can not share them with you. If you really want to know what's going to happen, I suggest you check out the 24 Forum. JP (spoiler god over there) is very reliable.

11. I live in Canada or missed taping the preview for next week. Where can I see it?

In the US after the show airs there is a preview for next week that is shown. If you live in Canada and watch Global/Fox (where Global simulcasts over the Fox station so you get local ads and stuff) Global doesn't show the previews. There are some really nice people that upload them onto their pages so we can see them. I have always been loyal to CSDesigns and now he has made the previews into Podcasts so you can download them using ITunes. For full instructions click here. Recently, I started posting them on my own Season 6 page as well, click here to go there.

12. Is there going to be a Season 7 of 24?

24 has officially been renewed for 2 more seasons. Season 7 Premieres on January 13th in the US..

13. When does the Season 6 DVD come out?

December 4, 2007 in North America.

14. When does Season 7 start?

January 13th, 2008

15. I just started watching 24. Where can I see season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and/or 6?

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4 and Season 5 are widely available on DVD. Any major store should carry them or you can buy on line at Amazon.com or any other on-line retailer that sells DVD's. Season 6 should be released in December in North America.

16. What is the difference between ' and " in your summaries?

Basically, when you see this ' it is a close paraphrase of what the character has said. This " means an exact quote. I like to try and get the information across as close to how the characters said it as possible but don't always have time to watch it like 6 times and get the exact, word for word quote. I love to save those for stuff that I think is important.

17. Hey, isn't that __________ ?

24 has a lot of actors and actresses that have been in lots of other things. The best way I find to quench the urge to know is a page called the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com). They are the be-all-end-all as far as I and many others are concerned for information about appearances.
Here are some that I found in my movie-watching endeavours:

Richard WalshRichard Walsh - Seabiscuit (Tobey McGuire's father)
Martin Belkin - Swordfish (Computer hacker)
Dan (Kim's kidnapper from S1) - Old School (Party-goer. Elisha Cuthbert was also in this movie)
Megan Matheson - The Patriot (The youngest daughter of Mel Gibson that doesn't speak much)
George Mason - Air Force One (The bad guy), The Rock (Scientist) and about a million other movies.
Dr. Ann Packard - Air Force One (Harrison Ford's wife)
Dave (Eddie's minion from S2) - The Rock (Crazy soldier)
Joseph Wald - The Rundown (The henchman with the broken nose)

Those are just a few, it seems like every time I turn around I'm saying to my friends "Hey, that's ____ from 24". They usually just roll their eyes at me. You can see the entire guest cast list here and the names link up to the bios where you can see just where you recognize them from.Jack Bauer

18. Where can I get the CTU ringtone for my phone?

I have this up on my 'Stuff' page. Click here to check it out. If you need a different code for a different phone the chances are I can't help you since I am not a phone guru farmiliar with every type of phone on the market.

19. Why haven't you answered my email?

I do get back to everyone's emails in due time. Sometimes I'm busier than others but if you haven't heard from me in about 2 weeks (That's the longest it will ever be, sometimes it's a matter of hours) then you should try again. Please make sure that you put something 24-ish in the subject line because there are so many viruses out there being spread around. I don't take any chances and if it looks suspicious I delete it.

20. Is there anywhere that I can talk about 24 with other, equally as obsessed fans?

When I'm not doing this I am usually on the 24 Forum. There are many, many people there that love to talk about the show and mostly they are quite friendly. Just make sure you read the 'read before you post' section.

21. Do you get paid for this? Are you nuts?

No I do not get paid or probably am even known about by anyone inside Fox or 24. I do this because I know how much it sucks to miss an episode of 24 and have no idea about the intricacies of what happened. To answer the second question, no, well, maybe yes. I'm just totally and completely obsessed with this show. All 24 all the time.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, please go ahead and e-mail me. I will get back to you. Thanks!