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6.24: 5:00am - 6:00am
~ Crossroads ~


The oil platform is seen from a distance. The boat carrying Josh pulls up and Phillip waits for his arrival. The two men get off onto the platform and Josh slowly gets up as his grandfather looks down at him saying his name. Phillip extends his hand to help Josh out of the boat and Josh takes it and then lets go angrily. He says sourly that he doesn’t want to be there with his grandfather. Phillip tells him that they’re leaving but Josh doesn’t want to go anywhere with him. Calmly, Phillip says he doesn’t expect Josh to understand everything, not now. Someday he will understand and thank him for it. Phillip holds onto Josh’s arm so he can’t get away and tells him that in the meantime he will do as he is told, is that clear? Josh looks with hate at Phillip but nods anyway.

Cheng hangs up the phone he has been talking on and says the submarine is on the way, it will be there in 30 minutes to pick them up. Josh looks scared.

Doyle is helped up from the sand by Buchanan and CTU medics. Jack watches appearing unaffected at first but then looks troubled. He takes a deep breath.

Chloe appears to be asleep as the doctor tells Morris that her vitals are strong and she is in no immediate danger. With concern, Morris trails the doctor around the room asking why she collapsed. The doctor says that it could be dehydration or exhaustion, she hasn’t slept in 36 hours. The doctor leaves and Chloe is actually awake. She tells Morris quietly that the doctor said she was fine, it’s no big deal and he should be at his station. Morris figures that he should be there with her but Chloe argues that he should be checking the APA database about the platforms. Morris knows there are other people that can do that. Chloe tells him that if he wants to make her feel better he can go find Phillip Bauer. Morris checks one more time that Chloe is alright and when she nods he says okay. He heads out of the room leaving Chloe to think. She sighs and tries to sit up but seems weak. She sighs and sits back.

Nadia has donned a computer to check the corporations owning the platforms. Morris comes up and Nadia asks if Chloe is alright. He says that they are running tests but the doctor says that she’s fine. Nadia has discovered that Jack was right about his father one of the companies is attached to him and is 6 miles off shore. She thinks she might have the right one, it has been decommissioned. Morris tells her to ‘Give me the wheel’ and he will try a thermal scan to see if he can find anything. He takes over the computer and works the scan finding quite a few people on it. He observes that it’s awfully crowded for a decommissioned platform. Nadia wants him to back the satellite up a few minutes and when he does Morris sees a craft approaching the platform. Nadia concludes that it might be Josh Bauer arriving; it would be 20 minutes after he was taken. She says to send a copy of the information to her screen and the White House. Nadia makes a call to Tom.

Morris thinks for a few seconds and then picks up the phone. The phone in the clinic rings and the doctor picks it up. Morris identifies himself and asks Dr. Hastings if the test results came in yet. Hastings says that he just left there a few minutes ago; they are still running the tests. Morris asks when he expects the results and the doctor says it will be soon. Morris wants a call when they get them but the doctor can’t release the information without permission. Morris says he’s her husband but the doctor knows he is her ex husband and he can only share the information with her family. Disgruntled, Morris says fine and hangs up the phone.

Tom is on the phone and as he hangs up and Secretary Kanin is talking about the Russians moving into position. Daniels clarifies that they can attack their base at a moments notice. Tom tells them that CTU has located Phillip Bauer and a dozen or so confederates on an oil platform off the coast of LA. They are assuming that the circuit board is with him. Daniels wants to call Suvarov; this might buy them some time. Daniels also asks for an assault team to take out the platform but Kanin pipes up that it is probably well defended and they might have trouble taking it. He recommends an air attack instead. Tom gapes as Kanin continues that a few F-18’s would obliterate anything on the platform. If the circuit board is not destroyed in the blast then it would sink into the salt water and it would be useless in minutes. Daniels turns to Tom for his opinion and Tom thinks that Bauer’s grandson is on that platform and sure he might not survive a strike by an assault team but he won’t survive an aerial attack. Tom says he is a 16 year old by. Daniels admits that none of them like this but if the Russians attack them many innocent men will die. The air strike will also be more effective from a political position as well, it will show them that they have spared no effort to address the problem. Daniels gives the order to send the F-18’s immediately.

Doyle is on a stretcher with both eyes bandaged. Jack approaches him as they wheel him into the ambulance. He assures Doyle that he is going to make it. Doyle apologizes and Jack says he is just following orders. As he’s lifted into the ambulance Doyle tells Jack to get the kid back. Jack will.

Jack’s phone rings and he walks away from Mike answering it and asking if they found his father. Nadia tells Jack about the decommissioned oil platform 6 miles offshore. Three people arrived in a boat after Josh was taken. Jack asks to lead the assault team but Nadia says there will be no assault team. Jack asks what she is talking about and Nadia explains that they have ordered an F-18 air strike, an assault will take too long. Nadia couldn’t call them back if she tried. The attack will happen in less than 30 minutes, she wants Jack and Buchanan on Aerial 1 back to CTU for a debrief. Jack checks over his shoulder at the chopper and then grunts, ‘Fine.’ He hangs up.

Buchanan appears at Jack’s shoulder and asks what’s wrong. Jack explains about the platform Nadia the F-18’s. Buchanan is sympathetic and Jack looks again at the chopper that is firing up. Buchanan reads his mind and tells him not to even think about it, not only will he get himself killed but he won’t save Josh. Buchanan realizes that Josh is Jack’s nephew but Jack says he’s not going to do this because Josh is his nephew, he’s going to do this because he is an innocent kid that’s being written off as some kind of acceptable loss, it’s wrong. Jack tells Bill that Nadia has ordered them back to CTU in Chopper One, Jack is going to take it. Without hesitation Buchanan volunteers to fly it, Jack can prep the weapons. Bill says it’s been a while but he can get them to the platforms, he might even be able to get them back. Jack tells Buchanan that he doesn’t need to do this but Buchanan answers, ‘Yes I do. I don’t want to live with this one either.’ Jack walks over to the CTU SUV nearby and pops the back of it. He pulls out a Kevlar vest and gives it to Bill saying he will need that. He packs up a number of guns and munitions into his bag and they walk to the chopper together. Jack gets in the back and Buchanan sits shotgun. As soon as they are in Jack leans over and tells the pilot that they are commandeering the chopper, he needs to get out now. When he hesitates Jack yells, ‘Now’ again and the pilot gets out. Right away the chopper takes off and flies out over the ocean.



The F-18’s fly toward the platform, they are 22 minutes away from being in range. Daniels is told that the Russian troops are moving into a flanking position around their base. This indicates an imminent attack. Tom has Suvarov on the line and Daniels says to put him on. Suvarov tells Daniels the last time he spoke with him he said an opportunity had presented himself. Daniels admits that it didn’t work out but they have had a significant new development and Daniels is asking him to hold off on the military assault on their base. Suvarov asks what the reason for that is and Daniels says that the Chinese agent that has the board has been tracked to the oil platform on the west coast. They are trying to transport the board to China but they have ordered a strike before that can happen. Suvarov is up out of his seat and talking motioning to a document with his advisors. Daniels continues that Suvarov has no reason to accept what he is telling him but Suvarov does believe him. Their taps have intercepted a transmission to a Chinese sub about 10 miles off their coast in the Pacific; they are in route to pick up the component. Daniels realizes that Suvarov knows he is telling the truth. Suvarov clarifies that he has already launched an air strike against the platform and Daniels says yes, that’s the only way they can be certain that the component has been destroyed. Daniels is prepared to provide Suvarov with a real time uplink to their imagery on the mission. Suvarov asks for a moment and then speaks to one of his generals. He questions Daniels as to how long it will be before the strike happens and Daniels is told less than 20 minutes. Daniels relays this to Suvarov and Suvarov accepts this. He does warn that nothing less than complete destruction of the platform will give them the assurance they require. Daniels understands and he will have the uplink momentarily. Suvarov wishes Daniels luck.

Nadia is on the phone and Morris comes in her office. He says that Jack has commandeered a CTU helicopter and is asking for an uplink of the satellite feed. Nadia is floored and asks ‘What?’ Morris elaborates that he is on the way to the oil rig with Bill Buchanan. Still confused Nadia takes the phone and calls Aerial One. Jack copies and Nadia tells him right away that she knows he is trying to save his nephew but she can’t authorize a suicide mission. Jack is not asking for authorization he’s asking for her help. Nadia says they have 18 minutes before the air strike. Jack asks what happens if they get the component first but Nadia says it won’t matter, the orders are non-contingent, all Jack is going to do is get himself killed. Buchanan speaks saying he understands the pressure she is under but she has to believe him when he tells her this is the right call to make. Morris looks at a worried Nadia and waits for a direction. Nadia allows Morris to upload the satellite image to them, Jack needs to know how many hostiles are on the platform. Morris is already in front of Nadia’s computer and Jack asks for it uploaded to his PDA. Morris does this and Buchanan thanks Nadia assuring her she is doing the right thing.

Jack is working on preparing for the assault and gets out COM units. He hands one to Buchanan and says to put it in his ear. Buchanan takes off the headphones from the chopper and tucks the COM piece in his ear. He asks Jack how he wants him to approach and Jack suggests that there is a heavy wind out of the west, if he stays low they should be fine. Buchanan worries that it won’t buy them much time but Jack can hold them off so they can land and then they will move in. Jack cocks his gun in preparation.

The F-18’s have locked on and acquired the target. The chopper flies lower and the F-18’s are visible in the distance.

Phillip paces around and tells Josh they will leave in 15 minutes. Josh begs Phillip to let him go but he can’t do that. Josh asks why not but Phillip can’t. He loads his gun and tells Josh that he has lots to learn, it is his responsibility to teach him. Josh’s first lesson is to pay attention. Phillip cocks the gun.

Cheng speaks in Chinese to one of his men and Phillip asks what’s going on. Cheng says there’s a chopper approaching, they need to get to the boat and head west. The locator on the board will let the sub find them. Cheng is going to go and help, he gets a gun out and gives the component to Phillip saying he will join them shortly. Phillip and Josh move out of the room.

Buchanan flies the chopper in low to the rig. Jack opens the side door and tells Buchanan that once they are on the deck they are going to have to go hard. Cheng’s men are preparing as Jack and Buchanan bring the chopper up. Jack shoots at the Chinese and he takes out a few and clears Buchanan to land. Buchanan takes the chopper down and more men come out. Jack shoots oil barrels to maximize destruction and takes out men. Cheng shows up and Jack gets him near an oil barrel as well. Jack runs to him with Buchanan trailing. Cheng is sprawled out on the ground reaching for his gun and Jack shoots at his hand. Cheng pulls away and Jack orders him not to move. Jack leans over Cheng who is fried from the blast. He asks where the boy is. Jack yells the question and Cheng chokes that he’s too late. Jack gives his gun to Buchanan and tells him to get Cheng to the chopper. Buchanan asks where he is going and Jack says he is going to make sure Josh is not on the platform. Buchanan calls to Jack that they have 10 minutes as he takes off. Buchanan gets Cheng up and to the chopper.



Phillip leads Josh toward the boat. Josh shakes Phillip off of his arm but Phillip scolds him to stop it. Josh says he can’t but Phillip says of course he can, it just takes some self control. Phillip tries to grab Josh again but Josh shakes him off again. Phillip accuses him of behaving like a child and Josh turns to try and land a punch of his grandfather. Phillip pins him against a wall and tells him to stop. He needs to learn to control his temper and never let it control him. He asks if Josh understands and again he nods to Phillip lets him go.

Jack is making is way down, he comes down a flight of stairs and kills 2 men.

The F-18’s fly in, the target will be in range in 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

Josh and Phillip arrive where the boat waits to take them. Phillip places his gun down so he can untie the raft. Josh sees this and grabs a large wrench nearby. With Phillip looking the other way Josh hits him in the head with the wrench and then grabs the gun. Phillip stays on his feet and grabs at his head as Josh says he is not going with him. Phillip says that Josh is not going to shoot him, he says dismissively to give him the gun. He has his hand out ready to take the gun back but Josh isn’t handing it over. He says that as long as he is alive he and his mother will never be safe. Phillip tries to tell Josh that he always has cared about him but Josh yells that he only cared about himself. Phillip’s reason for doing this is for Josh, as he says he loves him he reaches out to take the gun but Josh pulls the trigger shooting him in the right shoulder. Josh keeps the gun trained on Phillip as Jack arrives seeing Phillip on the ground and Josh with the gun. Jack yells to Josh and tells him to lower the weapon. When Josh doesn’t comply, Jack pauses and tells him kindly to lower the gun. He knows how scared and angry Josh must feel right now, he has been exactly where he is and knows exactly how he feels. Jack asks Josh to trust him on this, he doesn’t want to live with the pain of taking another person’s life, ‘Even if you think they deserve it.’ Jack explains that in a few minutes F-18’s will be striking the platform and they need to get out of there now. Jack closes in and asks Josh to give him the gun. He reaches out and grabs the weapon pointing it down and away while hugging Josh assuring him that it’s over. Jack directs Josh to the chopper and Josh asks about Jack. He says he will be right behind him but he has to go.

Josh runs up the stairs leaving Jack alone with his father. Jack tells him coldly to get up, it’s over. Phillip wants him to finish it. Jack is not going to, he wants Phillip to be held accountable for what he has done today. Phillip doesn’t think so, he isn’t getting up and Jack doesn’t have time to carry him, not if what he said about the air strike is true, ‘and you don’t want to die here, not with me.’ Jack looks at him in anger and lowers his gun. He tells his father, ‘You’re gonna get off easy.’ Phillip has nothing to say and Jack grits his teeth taking in the scene and then turns to leave.

The F-18’s are on their way in.

Buchanan secures Cheng in the chopper and calls in as CTU Aerial One, he asks Nadia if they have 2 minutes. Nadia corrects him that its 90 seconds before the bombers are in range. They need to get off the platform now. Buchanan sees Josh coming to the chopper and Buchanan asks where Jack is. Josh explains he is with his grandfather. Buchanan tells him to get in and Josh gets in the front. Buchanan lays down a mesh ladder from the chopper.

The fighters have the target in range, Daniels gives them the all clear to take it out. They engage.

The chopper starts to lift off as Josh whines to Buchanan that they can’t leave without his uncle. Buchanan says they aren’t leaving, hang on. Jack speaks to his COM, he is on the south side, 3 rd floor. He goes out to a railing and says he is at the southwest corner. Buchanan looks back for Jack.

The F-18’s fire onto the platform.

Buchanan flies the chopper in close and Jack jumps from the railing grabbing the mesh ladder. Just as they get away the platform explodes from the missile hits. The fire ball causes Josh to back off from the window of the chopper and Buchanan watches it go up as well. Morris and Nadia see the hit on their screen over satellite. Nadia starts to call Aerial One for confirmation. She gets nothing back and then starts call Bill asking if he copies. After a few seconds Buchanan confirms and says that he has Jack, his nephew and Cheng in custody. He is heading to CTU. Relieved, Nadia will have a landing crew standing by.

Jack hangs from the ladder under the chopper.

Daniels is informed that they are reporting multiple direct hits. Tom looks unhappy. Their satellite recon is reporting that the target has been completely destroyed. Daniels talks to Suvarov saying that he sees what they are seeing. Is this can be confirmation that the target has been eliminated and that the component has been destroyed. Suvarov is satisfied with that, he is ordering a full withdrawal of his troops from the base. Daniels asks to be excused if he waits until they have completely withdrawn before their air squads stand down. Suvarov accepts this. Daniels picks up the phone taking Suvarov off speaker. Suvarov says he regrets that the events of this day brought them to a dangerous and unfortunate situation but when his counties security is threatened. Daniels understands this all too well. Suvarov is sure he does and wishes the best for the recovery of President Palmer. Daniels thanks him and they hang up.

Cheng sits in the back of the chopper silent. Josh looks down at Jack who looks up to the chopper for a long second. Suddenly Jack lets go and falls into the ocean below. Buchanan is concerned and asks, ‘What the hell happened?’ Josh panics that Uncle Jack fell and Buchanan is going back. He circles the chopper and Josh sees Jack come above the water. He swims over a wave as Josh says he’s alright. Jack gets his feet down and holding onto his bag he jogs out of the water. He runs his hands through his hair and shakes the excess water off and stops when he gets to the beach. Buchanan has pointed the light on the chopper directly at Jack who stands firm on the beach with his hand up, palm out in a ‘stop’ motion. Josh is confused but Buchanan nods knowingly and then pulls up. Jack starts to walk away. Josh asks where they are going and Buchanan tells him they are headed to CTU. Josh wants to go back but Buchanan simply says, ‘Jack’s not ready to go back yet.’ Unsure what to say, Josh sits back. Jack pauses for a second leaning on a wooden structure.



Daniels walks down the hall with Kanin. Kanin stops to check a report with a worker and leaves Tom with Daniels. Tom tells him that he should know that the Chinese have recalled their submarine to the base. Daniels wants Tom to tell Admiral Smith to shadow them; he wants the Chinese to know that they are aware of their activities. Kanin has caught up and Daniels thanks him for everything and he wants him to extend his gratitude to the Joint Chiefs. Kanin shakes his hand and leaves. Tom presses Daniels that he doesn’t want to quash his flush of victory but the actions of the Chinese can not go unaddressed. Daniels sighs and says that he wants to leave that for another day, ‘Right now, I don’t know about you, but I could use some sleep.’ Daniels sits down and Tom comes across from him saying that there is one more thing that they need to discuss. Daniels guesses what it is before Tom says it, Karen Hayes. Tom says she is to be transferred into FBI custody. In light of the recent terrorist attacks, the nuclear bombs in California, the plot against the President, he just thinks that they need to preserve whatever fragile faith the American people might still have in the administration. He urges Daniels to let Karen and Bill resign with their reputations in tact. Daniels ponders for a second and gives a half smile then agrees with Tom. He charges Tom with taking care of that for him, Tom thanks Daniels and gets up. Before he walks away he pulls a tape recorder out of his pocket and shows it to Daniels saying he has the recording he asked for. Tom sets it on the table and walks out of the room. Daniels watches him go and smiles to himself leaning his head on his hands and he sighs.

Chloe still sits in the clinic and Morris enters with concern etched in his face. He says a soft hey asking how she feels. She says she feels good and he sits next to her. He blurts out that Jack got the boy and they are both safe. The Russians have backed off and the component was destroyed. She asks about Jack’s father and Morris says that he was killed in the air strike and Cheng is in custody. Chloe says that’s good. Morris looks at her and says that Dr. Hastings says that her test results are in and he won’t tell Morris anything, he’s insisting that he talk to her. Not giving anything away Chloe nods. Morris asks tentatively if it is serious. She admits, “Yeah.” Concerned, Morris blurts out, ‘Bloody hell, Chloe, whatever it is I’ll help you get through it.’ She says no, he won’t, they’re not together. Morris brushes it off, ‘Sod that, when you collapsed and I thought something might be wrong… I can’t lose you, darling.’ Chloe asks, really? And Morris replies, ‘Really, I love you.’ Chloe smiles slightly and gives him the news, ‘That’s good, ‘cause I’m pregnant.’ Morris asks stupidly, ‘What, with a child?’ He smiles at himself as she says, ‘That’s usually how it works.’ Morris starts to speak again but Chloe cuts him off saying that this is a nice moment, ‘Let’s not ruin it by saying something stupid. Let’s just go back to work.’ Morris nods and agrees, Chloe smiles.

Karen paces around her holding cell and when the door opens she turns to find Tom there. He approaches but doesn’t say anything right away so Karen asks if he came to say goodbye and Tom says he did in a manner of speaking, ‘You’re free to go.’ Karen is shocked and Tom explains that the Vice President is dropping all charges. Karen is happy and only pauses for a second before asking about Bill. Tom says he has been pardoned as well, but the Vice President is still expecting their resignations. They are free to go and live their lives without fear of prosecution. She is very happy and Tom asks smiling if that is suitable. She says yes, it is and Tom wishes her luck. Karen knows that Tom had a hand in this; she thanks him and shakes his hand. Before he leaves he ponders, ‘You know Karen, I think I’m actually going to miss you.’ She asks him a doubtful, ‘Really?’ and he heads out the door saying, “I can answer that better after you are gone.” She leans on the table and laughs lightly and then walks out the open door.

Buchanan and Josh enter CTU with Cheng who is burned and limping. Buchanan sees Marilyn and points her out to Josh as she rounds the corner running to him. They hug and Marilyn holds on tightly to him, Nadia watches.

Buchanan turns to Cheng and tells him they are going to debrief him at their Federal Detention Facility. Cheng tells Buchanan angrily, “My people will not abandon you like you abandoned Jack Bauer.” Buchanan tells the guards to get him out of there and he walks away.

Buchanan walks over to Nadia shakes his hand saying it’s good to see him again, she calls him sir. Buchanan tells her she did good work today, she should be proud. Buchanan says that means a lot, especially coming from him. Nadia asks where Jack is and Buchanan explains that he fell from the chopper into the ocean during the extraction, he made it to shore and he is fine. Nadia wants to know why Buchanan didn’t pick him up and Buchanan simply says that he didn’t want him to. Nadia doesn’t understand, they need to find him. Buchanan sadly says, “We’ll never find him, not if he doesn’t want us to. Let him go.”

James Heller talks on the phone saying that it all doesn’t seem real. He is obviously grateful that Audrey is alive. He holds onto the phone for a few seconds before putting it down, sitting back and sighing. Before long he hears something that sounds like a door closing coming from the next room. He silently leans forward and picks up the phone again. He dials the first numbers of 9-1-1 before Jack comes around the corner and tells him to put it down. Jack is dripping wet from his fall into the ocean, his face still shining with water as he tells Heller, ‘Now.’ Heller complies and Jack enters the room. Heller asks him if he is there to kill him. ‘It depends,’ Jack answers, ‘Where’s Audrey?’ Heller maintains his cool and tells Jack that he already told him he won’t get anywhere near his daughter. This is not what Jack wanted to hear, he levels his gun at Heller’s head and yells, ‘You do not tell me what to do anymore!’ Calming down he repeats, ‘Do you understand me, you do not tell me what to do.’ Looking defeated Jack confides in Heller, ‘I just watched my father die and I felt nothing, you know why?’ Anger in his features, Jack continues, ‘Yeah, you know why, because that man was dead to me years ago.’ Heller looks at Jack now and Jack tells him, ‘I admired you, I looked up to you like a father. You were the kind of man I wanted to be and you took advantage of it.’ Heller tries to reason with him telling him to listen but Jack thunders back, “NO! You are gonna listen to me.’

Breathing haggard Jack backs off from Heller and crosses the room pacing in front of the window Jack says, ‘Earlier today you said that I was cursed, that everyone I touched ended up dead or ruined.’ Jack barely gets the sentence out and Heller looks down. Jack asks him miserably, ‘How dare you? How. Dare. You.’ Anger returning Jack tells him, ‘The only thing I did, the only thing I have ever done is what you and people like you have asked of me.’ Heller doesn’t even look at Jack as he asks him with a gravely voice, ‘Why didn’t you try to get me out of China.’ Heller tells him reasonably that he did try but Jack storms back, “Not hard enough!’ Heller grits his teeth and Jack tells him that he had the political power. Jack takes a few steps closer and asks sardonically ‘Was the timing not right? Was it a little too complicated? Or was I just an acceptable loss?’ Heller starts to say that he understands that Jack is angry but Jack levels the gun again and yells for him to shut up, ‘You don’t understand a thing about me.’ He continues leaning into Heller, ‘But I know you. I know why you were angry at me and it wasn’t because Audrey went to China to save me. It was because when you told her not to she did it anyway.’ Heller looks at Jack practically admitting it and Jack spits, ‘You’ll never understand that kind of commitment, that kind of loyalty.’ Heller speaks again and Jack lets him say that Jack is right, ‘It wasn’t fair to put all of this on you, to blame you for what happened to Audrey. I know the sacrifices you’ve made.’ Heller sighs and empathizes, ‘What the country owes you is more than it can ever repay.’ Angry again Jack is not interested in what Heller thinks the country owes him, “I want my life back, and I want it now. Audrey is all I’ve got and you can’t stop me.” Heller nods and Jack tells him, “In case you’ve forgotten, I’m pretty good at disappearing and if you try sending someone after us, I’ll kill ‘im.” Jack pauses frowning, “Pretty good at that, too.” Heller nods slightly some more and warns, ‘Simply getting your life back, Jack, is not going to change who you are and you can’t walk away from it, you know that, you’ve tried it. Sooner or later you’re going to get back in the game.’ Heller finishes with clipped words, ‘And my daughter is going to pay the price, like your wife did.’ Jack backs off as if Heller had hit him and tells him softly, “You son of a bitch.” Heller gets to his feet and moves close to Jack betting him to stop for a moment and think ‘You won’t be able to take care of her the way you want to.’ Shaking off Heller’s words Jack asks where she is, he wants to be taken to her now. Heller leads Jack out of the living room through the kitchen.

Heller opens the door to a darkened room and steps aside revealing Jack behind him. Jack stares for a few seconds and then walks in slowly. Audrey is unconscious and hooked up to a few monitors. Jack crosses the room and sits beside her taking her hand. She does not stir as he holds her hand in both of his and greets her with a soft, “Hey.” Quietly, Jack continues, ‘It’s me, I’m here.’ Lost for how to continue, Jack looks down at her hand, then at the monitors and finally out the window. He seems to be making a decision before he turns back to look at her hand again and then he speaks quietly, “I know that I promised to take care of you, and protect you, but I’m at a crossroads.” He pauses again and voice shaking he continues, ‘Right now, the best way, the only way to do that is to let you go.’ He takes her other hand and whispers hoarsely, “I hope one day you can understand that. I hope one day you can forgive me.” Jack’s voice drops so low he can hardly be heard. Again he looks at her sleeping form and says the words, “I love you with all my heart.” He leans over her and kisses her lovingly on the forehead and then rests his on hers for a few moments before sitting back again and finishing his sentence, ‘And I always will.’ He swallows hard and looks down and then turns away leaning off the bed, head hanging down. She continues to sleep as he gets up.

Jack rushes out of the room and sees Heller standing around the corner waiting for him with his arms crossed. Jack looks like a scared child but then looks away and walks past Heller. He pauses for a second once past him but then continues without a word.

Jack leaves out the back door of the house and absently crosses the lawn, goes down a few stairs to a lookout over the ocean. Face full of grief and still carting his gun, Jack looks out over the ocean. The waves crash long below him as he takes a breath and contemplates what to do next.

Waves crash to 6:00

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-If there’s one thing that Josh can do really well it’s throw a tantrum.

-It’s funny that Josh takes his grandfathers hand and allows him to help him out of the boat but then rips his hand back once he’s safe.

-Well, that’s convenient, Josh doesn’t want to be at that place with his grandfather and they are leaving. Well, Phillip just has an answer for everything.

-Well, I guess the whole Doyle thing will alleviate those rumours that Doyle is the ‘new’ Jack Bauer.

-Chloe is kind of the non-field-agent version of Jack, she’s relentless and wants everyone to just do their job, including Morris.

-It took 6 seasons but finally someone in this show might be actually suffering from exhaustion. I guess Chloe worked the night shift the night before the show started or she stayed up all night. If the show started at 6 a.m. 24 hours ago, 12 hours before that would be 6 p.m. the night before ‘today’. I guess she slept during the day.

-It’s good to see that in the few hours Nadia has been in charge she hasn’t forgotten how to do the job that got her there.

-Well, we’ll just add Jack being right about his father to the long list of things that Jack has been right about.

-I laughed when Morris said, ‘Give me the wheel’. The guy just has to drive, doesn’t he?

-That’s quite the satellite image they get, the little boat even has an outline on the feed.

-Kudos to the writers for really covering their bases with the guys getting Josh. Phillip sent them 15 minutes before they picked up Josh, it took them a little less than 20 minutes to get back (going against the current), just like Nadia said. Good work, I was looking for errors.

-I love how Morris tried to play the ‘husband’ card but got shot down.

-How can Tom tell Daniels that they have Phillip and ‘a dozen or so confederates’ on the platform? I’m pretty sure that they don’t know that with 100% certainty.

-Also, that’s a pretty big assumption, that the circuit board with him.

-I didn’t think Schroeder’s acting could get worse than we’ve already seen but the ‘Get the kid’ line was atrocious. Wow.

-Jack must be looking at Doyle and feeling bad that his father did that, and also that he didn’t listen to him. This wouldn’t have happened if they just listened to Jack.

-I was surprised that Tom was the one that was working to save Josh’s life. This is the guy that wants to put innocent people in prison facilities but he’s worried about an innocent Josh Bauer.

-I love Kanin’s helpful hand signals when he’s talking about the strike to Daniels.

-Nadia is starting to know Jack really well, ‘I couldn’t call them [F-18’s] back if I tried’ is her way of saying ‘Don’t yell at me, I didn’t do it.’

-Everyone knows exactly what Jack is thinking when he looks at that chopper, except the pilot of course.

-Bets on if Jack is lying when he says he’s not doing this because Josh is his nephew, but because he’s an innocent boy.

-Jack’s use of the term ‘Acceptable loss’ might just be one of the things that triggered the outburst at the end of the episode, he calls himself an ‘acceptable loss’.

-There is certainly a line missing from this scene that was shown in the preview for this episode.

-Trust Buchanan to crack a joke when they are potentially planning their deaths, ‘I might even be able to get us back’. Ha, ha, ha.

-Very characteristic of Buchanan to not want to live with Josh’s blood on his hands.

-I was worried enough when Buchanan volunteered to help Jack but when he volunteered for this mission on the platform I had essentially written him off as dead. I was shocked that he survived completely unscathed on this. I was also relieved, I like Buchanan.

-Bill will definitely need the Kevlar vest.

-How does the chopper pilot not see Jack and Bill standing right in front of him arming themselves like that. Either they are planning to take the chopper or they’re going to blow up CTU, either way he should be doing something.

-It’s great how they lock the CTU vehicles with the small arsenal in the back.

-That was the fastest take off in history, the pilot was hardly even out when he took off.

-Then, that questionable proof gets relayed to Suvarov and the Russians.

-Words that Nadia probably didn’t want to hear, ‘Jack has commandeered a CTU helicopter’. That’s between 500,00 and a million dollars down the drain.

-Why would Jack be calling for authorization on a suicide mission? Is he really going to ask for CTU’s permission to die?

-Good thing Nadia respects Buchanan as much as she does. All he had to do was tell her she is doing the right thing and she listened to him.

-That’s the first time I think Buchanan has used this end of a COM unit.

-Buchanan’s gotta know that most of Jack’s operations don’t go perfect and that he is in trouble doing this operation.

-I’d say that’s a pretty good first lesson for Josh, “Pay attention.” Excellent, any other gems in there gramps?

-So much for Jack’s unnoticed approach.

-If you’ve played ’24: The Game’ you know how much fun it is to take people out while blowing up oil barrels.

-Phillip may be old but I wouldn’t want to fight him the way Josh tries to. He’s too evil and too conniving to play fair.

-Phillip seems to have at least partially instilled the temper rule onto Jack. He does a pretty good job of controlling his temper most of the time, but not ALL of the time.

-I do believe that Phillip cares about Josh, I really do. He just has a really messed up way of dealing with that.

-Interesting line from Jack, that he’s been exactly where Josh has and knows exactly how he feels. If Jack had been over his father with a gun Phillip probably wouldn’t still be around. Maybe Jack killed HIS grandfather.

-Jack telling Josh he doesn’t want to live with the pain of taking another person’s life. Jack doesn’t seem that much in pain when he takes lives, except, of course, when they are people that he cares about. I guess that’s what he means.

-Hey, Josh did learn something from Phillip, he listened to Jack and went to the chopper like he said. Wow.

-Phillip knows that Jack would hate him after this. Impressive. Jack certainly doesn’t want to die there with Phillip.

-Does Josh honestly think they are leaving without Jack? Hello!?!

-Again with the interesting footage on the satellite, it actually says the words “Target Destroyed” once they bomb the platform.

-Why did Buchanan wait to talk to Nadia after the target was taken out? He just waited for dramatic effect.

-So, Tom and Karen never made it to see Wayne, too bad, it would have been nice to see him again before the year was up.

-Sure wasn’t expecting Jack to fall off into the ocean like that. I was confused at first, but of course in the end it made lots of sense.

-See, Jack thinks that no one is here for him but Buchanan is, he cares, he wants Jack to be okay.

-I think I could go the rest of my life without hearing the words, ’Uncle Jack.’

-Hopefully there weren’t any PDA’s in that bag that Jack was carrying. If there were they wouldn’t work anymore as well as his cell phone.

-That water has to be cold.

-I wonder if we will be witness to the other day that Daniels will deal with the Chinese and their actions.

-It’s nice to see Tom going to bat for Karen and Bill with Daniels. At least Daniels will listen to him.

-Buchanan’s pretty good with that spotlight.

-Daniels looks pretty happy. It’s nice to see happy people in this show every once in a while.

-Well, I guess that being pregnant is ‘serious’ but probably not the kind of serious that Morris was enquiring about.

-Another near death experience brings CTU agents together. Well, not quite ‘near death’, and not quite regular agents… but you get the idea. One’s got problems, the other realizes suddenly that they can’t live without them. Yada, yada, yada.

-So Chloe’s pregnant. I wonder if she had an inkling before today.

-Could you imagine what the child of Chloe and Morris would be like? A super smart ass that’s a pain in the ass and sarcastic, very, very sarcastic.

-Chloe doesn’t want to say something stupid and stops it before it happens. That’s unusual.

-Well, there’s a line that’s ripped directly from Season 1. In episode 1x23 when Teri tells Jack she’s pregnant, here’s a transcript:

Teri: You’re going to be a father, again.

Jack: What are you saying, that you’re pregnant?

Teri: That’s generally how it works Jack.

Of course, then Jack breaks down in tears, very emotional and it’s hour 23 of the day from hell.

-That’s a nice little ending for the Tom/Karen storyline. Too bad we probably won’t see them together next season, they were kind of fun.

-The “My people will not abandon you like you abandoned Jack Bauer.” Line was a real kick in the face for Buchanan, I’m sure that he was one of the leaders in the search for Jack.

-Is this line foreshadowing again for things to come?

-The way Buchanan keeps telling them to let Jack go, or that he’s not ready makes it sound like he’s a homeless animal, like the littlest hobo or Free Willy or something, ‘Let him go and be free.’

-After all the whining about commercials all year we actually are short one commercial break for this episode, it only had 3 instead of 4.

-So, Jack took the Kevlar vest off but managed to keep his gun with him.

-What a convenient place for Heller to live. Does Jack remember from before or did he use is cell phone to dial 4-1-1? It sure would have been a long time to remember where Heller lives.

-In 2 seconds Kiefer Sutherland can bring Jack from looking intimidating, ready to kill and ferocious to looking like a lost child, defeated and sullen. It’s amazing.

-It would have been extremely shocking if Jack had shot Heller. That probably wouldn’t help Audrey’s recovery.

-I don’t want to nit-pick the Jack/Heller scene too much since it was incredible but lets think about this. Jack didn’t meet Heller until he left CTU after Season 3, that’s not really that long of a relationship with a person to be looking up to them like a father. He didn’t get to bond with him after Season 4 or after Season 5.

-It was almost more painful listening to Jack repeat the nasty things that Heller said to him then it was to hear Heller say it.

-There are many people that are wondering why Heller didn’t try to get Jack out of China, including his daughter.

-Heller must have been pretty powerful if he could have gotten Jack out.

-Jack must be all fired up, this is the first time we’ve heard him reference China and give an indication that he wishes it hadn’t happened or that someone had done something.

-It takes almost the entire conversation for Jack to allow Heller to answer a question. He asked him enough but he kept wanting to yell some more.

-And here we go, Jack asks if he was an acceptable loss. I’m wondering if Josh being an acceptable loss is what started this with Jack in the first place.

-Line of the week: Jack to Heller about his ability to kill, “Pretty good at that, too.” The only thing better than the actual line was the way it was delivered.

-Heller must know that Jack wasn’t going to kill him, if he thought there was a chance of that he wouldn’t have brought up Jack’s wife, unless he pokes dragon’s in the eye for a hobby.

-Unfortunately for Jack, it’s not really all that easy for him to get his life back, starting with is wife.

-I’m sure that Jack could have found Audrey without Heller’s help. He could have snuck in and taken her before Heller even knew.

-Obviously, and sadly, Jack realized that Heller was right and he can’t guarantee Audrey’s safety no matter how much he wants to. Tough decision to make, that’s for sure.

-The first time I saw the last few minutes of this episode I was waiting for Heller to show up and shot Jack. He turned his back on him and let his guard down, I thought for sure he would be fleeing with a bullet wound in his shoulder or something. It took some of the effect away.

-Kiefer Sutherland does so much with that scene with him and Audrey and Kim Raver doesn’t even have any lines. It’s unbelievable.

-Speaking of which, did she get paid the full amount for this episode? She just laid there.

-Well, at least he didn’t turn back to Heller and say, “I’ll be back.”

-So Jack has to make a decision, what he is going to do now. He’s alone, an he could probably use a credit card since he’s been in China for 2 years.

-People are probably going to be thinking that Jack did kill himself because of the silent clock but we have to remember that it doesn’t always signify death, George Mason got the silent treatment when he left CTU in season 2, also, David Palmer got a silent clock at the end of Season 2 and he wasn’t dead either.

-I love the sound of the ocean.

-I’m not so sure how I feel about the ending of this season, it’s so open but yet also closed. We know that Jack isn’t going to jump or use that gun that he is carrying but what’s he going to do now? Where’s he going to go? Does he start again and go back to work? Does he move? Work at McDonald’s? Who knows where the other direction of that crossroads is going to lead him?

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