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6.23: 4:00am - 5:00am
~ The Right Thing~


The CTU chopper carrying Josh and Doyle flies over the ocean. From the inside Josh looks down and then taps Doyle on the shoulder. Doyle takes off his headphones and gives his attention to Josh who asks where he is taking him, to CTU? Oddly, Doyle apologizes to Josh and Josh asks what he’s sorry for, what’s going on? Doyle looks away avoiding the question and Josh asks if this has something to do with his grandfather. Doyle admits that he has something that they need, something that could stop a war. They have to go through the motions of handing Josh over to him. Josh asks if that means they’re not actually going to do it and Doyle says he has plans to recover Josh, they have 2 Tac Teams and LAPD set up at the rendezvous site. Doyle is going to use a tracker to track Josh until he gets the green light on the recovery. Doyle holds out the device to embed the tracker under Josh’s skin and tells him that he knows he is scared but he will get him back. Josh gives a nod and Doyle holds his arm and says that this may sting a little. Doyle pulls the trigger and the tracker is in Josh’s arm. Josh winces and holds his arm as Doyle puts his headset back on. Josh looks around outside. The chopper flies low over the ocean.

Jack walks with one of the agents and protests that they can’t let them do this, Jack wants to talk to Doyle, they can’t let them hand Josh over to his grandfather. The agent explains the order came from the White House, he tells Jack to get in the car. Jack asks if he is under arrest and the agent says that he is custody to protect the operation. He asks Jack not to make this any harder than it already is. Jack gets in the vehicle and the door is shut behind him. In seconds he has his cell phone out and he calls CTU, he is unseen from the tinted windows in the car.

Chloe sits at her desk leaning on her hands. The phone rings and she picks it up tiredly. Jack identifies himself and Chloe says that Nadia told her he was in custody. Jack asks why they are handing over Josh to his father and Chloe says it came from the VP, his father is holding the circuit board and he will only exchange it for Josh and safe passage out of the country. Jack argues that his father has no intention of giving up the sub circuit board. Chloe says that Doyle has a plan to get it back; Jack snaps that his father has a better plan, they have to stop this. He asks to be put through to Karen Hayes.

Daniels tells the speaker phone with Suvarov on the other end that his earlier deception was a desperate move and it was a mistake that he is sure compromised his trust and he is deeply sorry. Suvarov is pacing around and says that Daniels is not calling just to offer his apology. Daniels is aware that Suvarov’s generals are pushing him toward a military response but Daniels has a lead that might allow them to avoid a war that neither of them wants. Suvarov is listening. Daniels explains that Phillip Bauer wants to trade the component back to them and Daniels has authorized this. Karen’s phone rings and she leaves the room. Suvarov hopes that this works for the sake of both their countries because he has no choice but to continue on their current path. They are not hearing encouraging chatter from the Chinese and Suvarov tells Daniels that, ‘You and I both know they are far from incompetent.’ Suvarov can’t call this off for anything but concrete results. Tom looks unhappy as Daniels explains that he just wanted to keep Suvarov informed of what is happening.

Karen’s phone rings and she picks it up, Jack identifies himself as ‘Bauer’. Jack wants to know if she knows about the VP’s plan to hand Josh over to his father. Karen does know and Jack says she can’t let that happen, it is a mistake to trust him, they will get nothing back and he will keep Josh and the board. Jack knows his father will never hand the board over because it’s his only leverage with the Chinese, whatever offer the US has made him, China has offered him more and Jack knows his father is smart enough to manipulate the exchange. Karen doesn’t really agree with this plan either but it’s the only way to avoid war. She asks Jack if he can take care of it on his end but his hands are tied, he is in CTU custody to stop him from interfering with the operation. He pleads with her that Josh is an innocent boy, they need to stop this and they need to stop it now. Jack hangs up quickly and stashes the phone as the agents get in the car.

Tom comes out of the room where Daniels was on the call with Suvarov. He comments that it did not go well, not that he expected any goodwill from Suvarov. Karen says she just got off the phone with Jack Bauer. Tom asks if he is not under arrest. Karen says he called her and Jack is convinced that his father will be able to get the boy and the circuit board. Tom asks how he is going to do that, they are going to verify the authenticity of the circuit board before they hand Josh over. Karen argues that Jack is Phillip Bauer’s son, he knows how he thinks, ‘And he has been right more than we have today.’ Tom agrees that Karen has a point there. Tom wants to know what their other option is to get the board. Karen says that if Tom doesn’t have any ideas she might. Tom starts to ask if it involves keeping Daniels in the dark before Karen cuts him off saying that he won’t listen to her. She asks Tom to help but Tom’s relationship with the Vice President is complicated at best, he can’t be seen doing something like this, ‘But, I promise, I won’t be looking your way if you do.’ Karen is left alone in the hall to ponder her phone.

Bill Buchanan’s house is tossed by the FBI, the computer is dismantled and documents are removed. Buchanan’s cell phone rings and he pulls it out, looks at it and then shuts it without answering it. He spies one of the FBI agents going through a photo album. Buchanan comes over to him and says that the album is personal; he takes it from the agent and says there is nothing he needs in there. The agent says that the subpoena covers everything in the house. Buchanan snaps it’s a family photo album. The agent tells him that he hasn’t been charged with any crimes yet, but that could change. The agent puts his hand out for the album and Buchanan drops it on the table in front of him and turns. The house phone rings and after a few rings the answering machine picks up. Karen’s voice is heard and she says that she knows Bill is there, she wants him to pick up. ‘I know you don’t want to talk to me right now but I really need your help and I have nowhere else to turn.’ This gets Buchanan’s attention and he picks up the phone, without saying hello he asks what she means by that she has nowhere else to turn, is she okay? She says she’s fine, she just really needs his help. She knows he is angry with her and she doesn’t blame him. He asks coldly what she needs. Karen explains she just got off the phone with Jack and he is in custody because CTU doesn’t want him to interfere with their operation. Karen explains what’s going on to Buchanan and she completely agrees with him. Buchanan asks if she has spoken to Nadia but Karen knows she won’t budge, she is on orders from the Vice President. Buchanan looks around and asks what she is asking him to do. ‘Whatever it takes to stop the exchange.’ Buchanan looks down.

The chopper with Doyle and Josh is still coming in, it lands in an open space near the ocean, possibly a campground. Josh looks around as Doyle gets out and puts his COM unit in his ear. He tells CTU he just touched down at the rendezvous point, there’s no activity. Chloe tells him that satellite surveillance confirms that it’s clear and the signal on Josh’s tracker is strong. Doyle instructs Josh to wait, he is going to go and check out the area. Doyle draws his gun and looks around quickly. He finds nothing and then he goes back to open the door for Josh. Doyle leads him to a picnic table sitting away from the chopper. The pair stands and look at each other as waves are heard. Doyle’s phone rings and he tells CTU that it could be Bauer. Nadia wants Morris to track it and he can already tell that the call is scrambled so they can’t trace it but they will be able to hear both sides of the call. Doyle answers the call and Phillip is calling. He tells CTU that before he does anything he wants CTU to turn off the satellite feed. Doyle asks what he is talking about but Phillip claims to have an uplink, he knows when they are watching him and he knows when they are offline. Doyle tells Phillip to stand by and then asks Nadia if they can tell if Bauer is bluffing and Morris is already on it and he confirms that he is absolutely in their systems. Morris doesn’t know how he has done it but he is in their satellite surveillance. Chloe confirms that he can’t see Josh’s tracker, he’s on their internal network. They will have LAPD keep a wide perimeter and Nadia gives the order to shut down the satellites. Doyle gets back on the phone with Phillip and says they are offline, Phillip can see that. Now Phillip wants Doyle to get rid of the helicopter so Doyle steps out and gives Aerial One an order to return to its base. The chopper leaves and Doyle wants to know how this is going to work. Phillip instructs Doyle to wait there and someone will come. Doyle asks when and Phillip snaps, ‘Whenever I’m damn well ready.’ Phillip wants to speak to his grandson.

Doyle pulls the phone away from his ear and holds it out to Josh saying his grandfather wants to talk to him. Doyle urges Josh not to fight him, this will all go easier and he will be less on guard if he thinks everything is okay. Josh takes the phone from Doyle and answers an angry, ‘Yeah.’ Phillip greets his grandson and asks if he has given any thought to what they talked about earlier. Josh snaps yes, he has, he doesn’t want to go anywhere with Phillip, he hates him. Phillip says calmly that he understands he is frightened and angry but his father’s involvement in what happened today will soon be public knowledge, staying in this country is not an option for him, there’s nothing here for him. Josh mentions his mother and Phillip invites her to join them anytime she wants but she is incapable of giving him what he needs. Phillip has the means to give him what he needs so he can be the kind of man his father should have been. He tells Josh to think about that and hangs up.

Phillip turns to some men who are nearby and says that CTU has the boy in their possession; they are to go get him. The pair moves to the door.



Doyle has no sign of anything where he is and Nadia says she is looking into getting ways to have satellite coverage without Bauer knowing but he has covered his bases. Doyle starts to look nervous about what is going down and asks how can verify the part is real once he gets it. Chloe, sounding tired and looking ill, explains that he can just plug it into his PDA and she can verify it from there. Doyle says that’s good. Josh waits on the bench and Doyle walks away speaking softly to Nadia. He says that once he has the chip and knows it’s real if he sees a chance to get the kid back he’s going to take it. Nadia orders him not to, he is not to move in until he has been authorized. Doyle is not talking about what he is authorized to do but Nadia argues that he is not going off the book on this one, does he understand? Doyle is unhappy but doesn’t have much chance to protest as Nadia has a call from Karen Hayes.

Nadia answers the phone and Karen says that Daniels asked her to get the status of the trade. Nadia says that the agent that is handling it is waiting to be contacted; she was going to tell the White House as soon as it happens. Nadia questions why Karen is asking and Karen was supposed to make sure everyone is on board. Nadia says they are on orders from the White House; there are no questions about it. Karen asks about Jack and Nadia explains he is on route to Division. Karen wants to know if they are tracking him on the internal deployment grid and Nadia doubts Karen’s motives asking if she minds if she asks why she wants to know Karen does mind but explains that the Vice President wants to keep track of Jack Bauer, she needs the code now to access the grid. Nadia reluctantly logs on and gives the code to Karen. Karen hangs up with Nadia and pulls up the grid quickly finding a little blip labeled ‘Agent Bauer.’

Chloe comes and tells Nadia that she got a call from security; she needs to head to the lounge. Nadia wants to know why and Chloe says that it’s Marilyn Bauer. She heads away and Morris looks at Chloe who walks back and plops down in her chair.

Marilyn is yelling at the security guards in the lounge that she is not a prisoner and she wants to see her son and if they can’t tell her where he is she will find someone who can. Nadia comes in and tells Marilyn to calm down, she assures her that Josh is fine, he’s at Division and they are debriefing him while the events are still fresh in his mind. Marilyn wants to be with her son and if they are talking to him she should be there. Nadia claims to understand what Marilyn is going through but she yells that Nadia has no idea what she is going though and if Nadia doesn’t get her to him right now she is going to get her lawyers and she’ll take this whole place down, including Nadia. She tries to walk out past Nadia but the guards grab her. She tries to get past them as Nadia calls Morris and asks him to get additional security to the lounge to escort Mrs. Bauer to holding. Chloe and Morris can both hear Marilyn yelling in the background and Morris says they are on the way.

Morris makes the call and when he hangs up he asks Chloe, ‘What?’ She asks him if it doesn’t bother him that they are doing this, what if they don’t get Josh back, Phillip’s a murderer. Morris tells her ‘I don’t like it, I hate it but we have our orders.’ Chloe asks when he started caring about orders and Morris answers that he is trying to stop a war and speaking as someone who placed a lot of lives at risk today he can see why it’s necessary. Chloe argues that Jack thinks they are being manipulated and his father won’t give them the component. Morris doesn’t think Jack can be objective about his father but Chloe says it doesn’t matter as long as he’s right. Morris asks, “Are you actually angry at me as if I’m the one who made the decision to go through with this?” Chloe says no and then stutters that Josh didn’t do anything, he’s innocent. Chloe stops when she sees Nadia has arrived. Nadia comes over and tells Chloe to keep a close eye on Josh’s tracker, if the signal weakens just a little bit she wants to know. Chloe will do it.

Doyle has the chopper coming in and Morris asks over the COM if he thinks it might be Phillip Bauer. Doyle answers that he doesn’t know, he’s asking him. Morris muses that there’s no need to get testy. Morris checks into his computer and finds that the chopper near Doyle is from the coast guard. Doyle pauses and Morris tells him ‘I know a lot of people disagree with this operation but I think what you are doing is absolutely necessary.’ Doyle snaps back, ‘Morris, the next time I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it.’ Morris frowns and answers fair enough.

The CTU agents drive with Jack in the back of the SUV. They make a turn onto a small road and another vehicle is coming right for them honking. The agent driving, Turner, asks ‘What is this lunatic doing’ and to avoid a collision he swerves off the road. The vehicle stops down at the bottom of a hill and Turner gets out. As soon as he does Jack sees the agent sitting shotgun has his gun on his belt and it’s visible. Jack reaches up and grabs the gun from the agents holster warning him not to move. Jack instructs him to get his cuffs out.

Turner looks up the hill at the oncoming vehicle that has now stopped on the side of the road. Turner is able to identify the driver of the oncoming vehicle as Bill Buchanan. He asks him what the hell he is doing there. Buchanan asks if he has Jack Bauer in the car. Turner says he has orders to transport Bauer to district. Buchanan wants Jack released to him, he walks down saying that he is no threat to anyone, he knows him and he’s not even armed. Turner is concerned at the approaching Buchanan and tells him to stop. Buchanan shows his hands and keeps coming. Turner warns him to stop coming at him or he knows what he will have to do. Jack hits the now cuffed agent in the car to knock him out and keep him quiet. Buchanan works on Turner saying that he trained him, he knows him and he knows that he can’t possibly think that what he is doing is right. He has sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States and what he is doing is illegal. Buchanan says he has an opportunity here; he needs to not blow it. Jack has gotten out of the SUV and come up behind Turner. He tells Turner dangerously to put his weapon down. Turner complies and Jack hits him knocking him out. Buchanan reaches and takes the gun as Jack asks urgently if they have handed Josh over yet. Buchanan says that Doyle is in position and he is awaiting instructions. Jack cuffs Turner to the SUV and they leave.

Jack and Buchanan jog from the scene up the hill to Buchanan’s car. Once they are in the vehicle Buchanan tells Jack that Karen explained everything. Somberly Jack thanks Buchanan for doing this. Buchanan says that he doesn’t have to thank him. Jack appreciates that Buchanan put himself on the line but he just hopes Jack is right about his father. Jack answers, ‘Unfortunately I am.’



A strange man saunters into CTU and looks a little lost. A guard tells him to wait as Morris spies him standing there. Chloe follows his gaze and then gets up going over to the visitor. She thanks the guard and sends him off and then hugs the man. He seems somewhat upset and Morris rubs his chin unhappily watching Chloe hug this man. Morris gets up as now Nadia watches and she asks him to go over and find out who that is. Chloe parts with the man saying she is sorry as Morris arrives sticking out his hand saying that he doesn’t believe that they have met. He introduces himself and Chloe speaks up that this is Stewart, Milo’s brother. Morris is suddenly sympathetic and says that he’s very sorry. Stewart tells them that he has to sign a release for the body and Chloe offers to help him with the paperwork. Awkwardly Morris says that Milo was a good man and leaves. Morris reports back to Nadia that it is Milo’s brother Stewart.

Karen works on her laptop in her office and suddenly her access is shut down. She looks upset but appears to know what’s going to happen. She pulls out her cell phone and calls Buchanan who is still driving with Jack. He tells her that he just picked Jack up and they are on the way. Karen just wanted to thank Buchanan, he didn’t have to do this and he has made a big sacrifice. Buchanan says that he isn’t the only one; it’s not going to be long before they figure out how he got to Jack. Karen admits that they have, she has been denied access and they are probably on their way to arrest her. She doesn’t know how much time she has or when she will be able to speak to him again but she wants him to know that she is sorry and she loves him very much. Buchanan loves her too and the men from Secret Service open the door to Karen’s office. She simply says that they are there and she hangs up. Buchanan hangs up his phone too and Jack looks straight ahead until Buchanan says they are about to arrest Karen.

Stewart works the lock on Milo’s locker. Nadia sees him and enters the room introducing herself to Stewart. She tells him that she doesn’t have much time but she wanted to tell him that she is sorry. Stewart knows who she is, his brother talked about her. He asks if she knows how he died. Nadia looks at him and admits that Milo died saving her life, ‘He saw that I was in danger and he stood up for me and sacrificed himself. He was very brave.’ Stewart says he wasn’t really; it was more that he was really in love with her. Nadia is stunned and her phone rings saving her from having to reply. She says she will be right back and leaves the room. It’s Chloe calling her and she says that they have just found agents Ryan and Turner handcuffed to their vehicle. Nadia asks how and Chloe says they are saying they were intercepted by Buchanan. Nadia asks why they would do something like that and Chloe says matter of factly that he agrees with Jack that they should not be doing the exchange no matter what their orders are. Nadia wants them intercepted and Chloe is already looking for them. Nadia hangs up and reenters the room apologizing. She looks up seeing that Stewart is gone.

Josh appeals for Doyle to not do this, his grandfather is crazy, he wants him to just let him go. Doyle sits across from Josh and says that his country needs him to do this; he gives Josh his word he will get him back. Josh looks unhappy. Nadia radios Doyle and asks if he has any sign of them yet. Nadia explains that Jack has escaped custody and they assume that he is on his way to Doyle to try and stop the exchange. Doyle asks how Jack even knows where they are and Nadia explains that Karen Hayes told him and gave the location, Buchanan helped him escape. Doyle gives an unconvincing ‘Dammit’ and Nadia has more teams ready to move in. Doyle reminds her that they can’t move more men in; Bauer will spot them on satellite and pull out of this. Nadia says that Doyle will have to face Jack alone. Doyle croaks that he will be fine. Josh asks from the bench if his uncle is coming. Doyle worriedly says ‘yeah’.



Daniels enters the room where Karen is held. He asks the guard to excuse them and he leaves closing the door behind him. Karen retakes her seat and looks down. Daniels assumes that she knows why he ordered her detention. Karen does and Daniels asks if she admits to using information from CTU to break Jack Bauer out of custody. Karen does. Daniels sighs and sits across from her saying that they have had their differences in the past and they have worked through them, he asks what the hell she was thinking. Karen has learned a hard lesson today when they trusted Fayed and Daniels wants to know what lesson that is, ‘Never negotiate with a sociopath.’ She knows they can’t trust Phillip whether they give him the boy or not. Daniels says that it’s not her call to make but Karen would not have done what she did if she were not willing to face the consequences. Daniels assures her there will be consequences, he is going to make sure that she goes down for this. She looks away from Daniels as he tells her Tom Lennox told him that her different point of view is good and he believed him. Daniels asks if Tom was in on this. Karen appears as if that is absurd and says no, he wasn’t, he didn’t know anything about this. Daniels tells her flat out that if Jack Bauer prevents the exchange from happening and the Russians attack their base in Central Asia, any blood spilled will be on her. He leaves Karen alone.

Josh and Doyle continue to wait for something to happen at the water. Doyle’s phone rings and he tells CTU that he has an incoming call. They are monitoring it. Doyle answers and Phillip instructs them to walk to the water, they are on the way. Nadia got that and worriedly adds for Doyle to be careful. Doyle tells Josh they need to go and he pulls him along jogging toward the water.

At CTU they can see the tracker still. Morris looks at Chloe who is sitting across from him and asks if she is alright. She doesn’t look good and Morris observes she’s a little pale. She brushes it off that she’s fine, just tired.

Doyle and Josh wait some more and Josh asks Doyle if he hears that. Doyle hears what the boy does and looks to see a boat coming. Doyle relays what he sees to Nadia, 2 commandos coming ashore in a small water craft. He tells Josh to take cover and follows. The commandos pull the boat in and Doyle tells Josh to stay where he is and he cautiously moves out into the open. Doyle has his gun out and so does the commando. He tells the man to stop where he is and then checks over his shoulder to Josh. The commando says to send the kid now but Doyle wants to see the board first. The man opens the plastic case containing the board and Doyle tells him he needs to verify the part. The commando walks forward and puts the case down on the ground and then backs up. Chloe listens to what’s going on as does the rest of CTU. Doyle closes in on the plastic case and then picks it up. He opens the case and prepares to pull the part out. Before he can do anything else a beeping is heard and the case explodes. Doyle is thrown away from the bomb and lands on his back in the sand, face and head bloody from the explosion. Nadia panics and calls to Doyle who does nothing but scream in agony. Josh is grabbed by the commando and he moves him to the boat.

Jack and Buchanan drive speeding to the scene and Jack sees from the truck that they have Josh. He cocks his gun and Buchanan pulls up. Jack jumps out with his gun at the ready. The commandos have Josh in the boat and they stand to fire as they move away. Jack is leading Buchanan but yells he doesn’t have a clear shot without putting Josh at risk. The commandos start to fire and Jack yells for Buchanan to get down. The boat takes off over the waves.

Once they are out of firing range Jack and Buchanan run to where Doyle is on the ground. They kneel next to him and through the pain Doyle grunts that the component was a fake, it blew. Buchanan assures Doyle that help is on the way and then looks to Jack.

Josh sits on the boat with the commandos and one of them is on the phone with Phillip saying that they have him. Phillip wants them to make sure that they scan him, he doesn’t trust CTU. The man gets out a scanner and runs the green light over Josh’s body. The device beeps indicating that there is a tracker. Phillip tells him to short it out. The commando uses another device to short out the tracker as Josh yelps.

At CTU Chloe has lost the tracker, she checks the backup frequencies finding that she has nothing at all. Morris is still working on getting the satellite back up. The phone rings and its Jack calling in for Nadia who tells him to go ahead. Jack has moved away from Doyle and tells her quickly that the component was a copy, the case was loaded with explosives and it was detonated. Agent Doyle was badly injured, he needs assistance. Morris radios Aerial One to go back in and Nadia tells Jack that they have disabled the tracker and the satellite is down. Reinforcements are 5 minutes out. Nadia asks Jack with concern, ‘How bad is Agent Doyle?’ Jack responds, ‘Bad, we need a trauma team. Hurry.’ Jack hangs up and goes back to trying to help Doyle.



Tom enters the room where Daniels sits and says that he read the flash about CTU attempting to track the watercraft with no success. Suvarov is expecting Daniels’ call. Tom asks Daniels to give CTU a few more minutes, they still might get lucky. Daniels laments that Karen was right and Tom truthfully answers, ‘Yes sir, she certainly was.’ Daniels admits he was wrong, not just about Karen but about Wayne Palmer. This gets Tom’s attention as Daniels says that he judged Wayne’s performance as President unfairly, what he had faced in the last while was an impossible situation, he is thinking that maybe Wayne was right to reach out to Assad. Daniels sighs that he doesn’t know anymore. He tells Tom that it’s easy to think that you have all the answers when none of the ultimate responsibility lies with you. Daniels says that sitting in this chair, until you have sat in this chair you don’t know anything, you can’t know. Tom sits down opposite Daniels and says softly that since Karen was right he might want to reconsider his punitive stance toward her. Daniels says that the decision may have been wrong but he can’t condone that kind of insubordination. Tom sits and says that Daniels doesn’t want the facts of this thing with Karen made public and that’s exactly what will happen if he prosecutes her. Tom asks Daniels to allow Karen and Buchanan to retire quietly to their country home in Vermont, their service will be honored and it’s a better outcome all around. Daniels will take it into account but right now he needs an update on CTU’s progress. Tom agrees and leaves. Daniels sighs and leans back in his chair.

Jack is on the phone again to CTU, the medics have arrived with other teams. Walking back toward the parking lot Jack tells CTU that as it turns out Doyle’s injuries are not life threatening but he will be blind in one if not both eyes. Nadia admits quietly that they should have listened to him but Jack brushes it off saying she did what she thought was right. Jack asks if the satellite is up yet but the answer is no, Morris swallows hard and says any minute but they are skeptical about finding a boat that size in the dark. They know it must be meeting up with a larger vessel. Jack looks out onto the ocean and sees sets of lights in the distance. After a pause Jack asks CTU to get the name and location of every offshore oil platform in the area. Jack explains quickly that BXJ acts as a shelter corporation for oil companies. Chloe is on it and walks away; Morris watches her walk slowly and unsteadily.

Water swells around the oil platform and Phillip Bauer waits. His men tell him that they are still in the clear, Phillip is on the North East side of the platform. Cheng is also there and Phillip confirms they are bringing the boy there. Cheng will get the component once the boy is delivered. Cheng says that Phillip has made the right choice to continue to work with them. Phillip coldly says that Cheng’s mistakes have been unacceptable but China is still his future. Cheng has nothing to say to that so he leaves.

Phillip looks out into the ocean looking almost sad. Jack stares out into the blackness waiting for an answer about the platforms.

Chloe works on her computer on matching the files about the oil rigs and Bauer. She is hunched over her desk and breathes in. From her eyes we see her vision is foggy. She takes a deep breath again and sighs but it doesn’t help, the words ‘no match’ come up through the fogginess. She gets up and goes over to Morris’s desk. She speaks and he doesn’t really look as she says that she has had no luck tracking the oil companies, Morris suggests checking another database and Chloe mutters that she will need Nadia’s access code for that. Chloe says Nadia’s name again and wavers slightly on her feet. Morris looks at her now and asks if she is okay. Chloe says she’s fine and takes a step but then collapses in front of Morris. Morris is out of his seat immediately and kneels next to Chloe. He asks calls for someone to help him and goes back to Chloe asking if she can hear him. She is unconscious and he cradles her head. Panicking Morris yells, “Will someone please help me?!?”


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I’m surprised Josh went that long without demanding answers from Doyle about where they are going. He was with him in the chopper for a while before he tapped him on the shoulder.

-I love how Doyle is planning to ‘recover’ Josh, like he’s an article that can get lost. I know that’s the professional way to see it but I wouldn’t be talking to Josh like he’s an item, it just might work him up more.

-Famous last words, ‘This may sting a little’, riiiight. I think it’s probably more than a little.

-Ah, so CTU or someone along the food chain is finally getting smart about the capabilities of Jack. They’re just going to lock him up when they want him out of the way. Too bad that backfires too.

-If only more people listened to Jack, things would go a lot smoother, and the ‘day’ would be a lot shorter.

-Lesson number one: When detaining anyone, but especially Jack Bauer, at least take his phone away. Did they leave him his gun too?

-The whole tiredness thing came on pretty fast for Chloe; she seemed fine up until the top of this hour.

-I love the whole, ‘My father has a better plan’ statement.

-Well, it seems that Jack trusts Chloe again, how uncharacteristic of him.

-It’s good that CTU knows all about the plan to get Josh back, or change that to they don’t seem to know anything about said plan.

-10 bucks says Doyle’s plan isn’t half as good as Jack’s plan to not give the circuit board to the Chinese in the first place.

-That was quite a long delay when Jack asked to be put through to Karen.

-Suvarov is not happy to hear from Daniels, although, I don’t really blame him.

-I love how Daniels has to eat his words about his earlier deception to Suvarov. Did he really think that it was going to work anyway?

-So, last episode these guys showed up from Division, now it seems they have evaporated into thin air. They were set up in the conference room but into this episode the agents have set up in there.

-Jack definitely knows how his father operates. It’s good writing that there are a lot of similarities in the way the pair of them work; it’s just that Phillip is working for the wrong side.

-Tom, or rather Peter MacNicol, has such an expressive face. He can convey so many things with a simple look or leave the viewer hanging with another. It’s really good and I kind of hope we get to see more of him.

-That’s a real thorn in their side at the White House, that Jack has been right more than them today. At least Tom doesn’t bother to argue that.

-You know, I’m reminded of something Tom Lennox said in the first hours of this season. When he was arguing with Karen about the internment camps he said something to the effect that black and white doesn’t cover the nuances associated with his job. I scoffed at the time but I can see where that comes in after he allows Karen to help Jack.

-Where did that phone that Karen has come from? I don’t think it’s her cell but she is carrying it around with her.

-I understand that Buchanan is an important guy and his leaving CTU (or getting fired or whatever) is a big deal but honestly, how did they get these guys out to his house at this time of night? Wouldn’t it have been easier for them to tell him to stay away from his house until they do the warrant and get someone to come at a non-ungodly hour? Maybe the guys wouldn’t have been so cranky either.

-Karen knows Buchanan well enough to know what would make him pick up the phone. Even though he is angry he still cares for her wellbeing and if she sounds like she’s in trouble then he will pick up. Smart, but that’s kind of cheating, exploiting his caring side.

-But it’s cool how he turns on the anger once he realizes that she’s okay.

-There’s a scary line for anything involving Jack Bauer ‘Whatever it takes’. Read: ‘Sacrifice yourself’

-How the heck did Phillip get into CTU’s systems? Could he maybe have set something up when he was there after Graham died?

-Phillip’s just got all the cool toys, doesn’t he? He in CTU’s systems, he can find and disable a tracker. Pretty cool.

-Cranky cranky there Grandpa Bauer, “Whenever I’m damn well ready” indeed.

-Well, Doyle should have just saved his breath about reasoning with Josh. Sure, the kid has been through a lot today, what, with his father dying and being a terrorist, attempting to be kidnapped and now he’s being exchanged like a piece of equipment, but at least he could have done what Doyle asked.

-Well, wouldn’t that be nice, Marilyn, Phillip and Josh living together in China against Josh’s will. I don’t think Marilyn would be able to find them anyway, and I also think that if she does there’s another person that might be showing up to put things right, and his last name is Bauer.

-Interesting to think what actually would happen to Josh assuming that Jack rescues him. Phillip does have a point that it will be hard for him. I’m sure he’ll manage though.

-Karen is a terrible liar. Even though the phone Nadia has to know that she is not telling her the truth about the information.

-Signs that Karen has worked with Jack and Nadia hasn’t. Nadia tells Karen that because the orders are from the White House there are no questions about them from anyone there. Is she like, brand new to CTU? Orders from the White House might as well have been given by the custodian, it doesn’t matter who they come from. If the right person at CTU doesn’t agree then it’s all over.

-Oh the technology. The little tracker with the label ‘Agent Bauer’ just made me laugh. First of all, that’s some advanced tracking. Second, what about the other agents in the vehicle? Do they not matter? And third, Jack isn’t officially an ‘agent’ is he? He hasn’t been a CTU agent since Season 3. In Season 4 he worked for the Secretary of Defense, in Season 5 he didn’t really exist anymore and now he just got back from China.

-Chloe looks not only ill, but pissed off.

-Nadia makes record time to the lounge.

-Oh for the love of Pete, will someone please cap Marilyn’s ass and SHUT HER UP! Damn.

-Granted, she does the yelling whining woman a little bit better than Kate Warner but I guarantee you that that scene will be permanently skipped when the DVD’s come out and I watch this again.

-Yeah, there’s a great way to calm Marilyn down, have her locked up. Isn’t that illegal, by the way? They are holding her for no reason.

-I doubt Marilyn could take on those two agents, she’s not Jack after all, but I guess she is a Bauer by marriage.

-Look at that, minutes after Nadia tells Karen there are no problems with the orders Chloe is trying to convince Morris to go against them.

-Good call on Morris asking Chloe if she is mad at him for this.

-Nadia has to know that Chloe is cooking something up, she takes it well. That tells me she doesn’t actually agree either.

-Man, everyone’s cranky by hour 23, aren’t they? Doyle snaps at Morris for no reason too. Granted, he kind of was being stupid.

-Rookie mistake by the guy with the gun in front of Jack. Pretty convenient that he’s a lefty, though.

-Buchanan is definitely no threat to anyone; in fact, he looks so strange with a gun in his hand later in the episode. Definitely a lover, not a fighter.

-Although, for a non-fighter he doesn’t show much concern for Turner’s well being after Jack knocks him out.

-Buchanan should know by now that Jack is almost always right.

-They did a really good job casting Milo’s brother. He looks close enough to him to buy that he is his brother.

-Wow, that was a fast appearance by Stewart. Again, who in CTU is able to make this call at this time of night?

-That’s a sweet little reunion with Karen and Bill. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

-Again with the change rooms with clear glass. I guess the agents are just really really familiar with each other.

-Oh man, Nadia’s going to have some serious issues to deal with after all this is over. Milo died saving her because he was in love with her and she shot him down. Dude, that’s rough.

-I was surprised that Stewart said that Milo wasn’t brave. He actually was kind of; he also stood up to people with guns earlier in the day.

-So, where did Stewart go? Also, wasn’t Chloe going to help him with the paperwork? Finally, shouldn’t he be with an escort of some kind? It’s not like CTU is a sensitive intelligence agency or anything.

-Doyle looks appropriately scared when he knows that Jack is coming for him, and he hardly knows Jack. The funniest part is when he says he can handle it. Riight.

-You know, at first when Ricky Schroeder was added to the cast I was appalled by his acting, it was terrible. Then, it got a little better, I thought maybe he was warming up to the role or something but it’s gone right back into the shitter this episode starting with that feeble, unconvincing ‘Dammit’.

-Well, at least Karen doesn’t even try to deny to Daniels what she did. That’s probably the best way to go.

-There’s that word again, ‘sociopath’.

-Although Karen was a bad liar earlier she is much better at convincing Daniels that Tom wasn’t in on this whole thing.

-So, immediately after Nadia learns that Milo was hopelessly in love with him she’s back pining over Doyle who she just met like 15 hours ago.

-I think Chloe’s more than a little pale.

-Didn’t see the bomb in the case thing coming. I thought maybe they would just shoot Doyle, it would have been cheaper and more effective.

-I was just waiting for Buchanan to get shot. Glad he didn’t though.

-Oh, that’s just great. Doyle gets part of his face blown up and then Jack and Buchanan kick sand into the wounds. There was a lot of sand spray when they ran to him, it’ll take forever to get that out.

-Here’s a question, why wasn’t Doyle’s hand injured in that blast? Unless that case was super strong there’s no way that he would have gotten away that cleanly.

-Doyle sure looks rough, but unfortunately, it still doesn’t stop his terrible acting.

-While frying the tracker has got to hurt, it’s probably not nearly as painful as what they did to Behrooz in Season 4, they cut his tracker out.

-That’s gotta be a helpless feeling, Doyle is hurt but there’s not a single thing that Jack or Buchanan can do for him except try and keep him talking. Meanwhile, I’m wanting him to shut up because of his painful acting.

-Ha ha, Daniels knows Karen was right, why was she right? Because she listened to Jack, that’s why.

-Those are strong words from Daniels that Wayne might have been right to reach out to Assad. After all that Daniels realizes that he was wrong.

-And that’s really the point isn’t it? Daniels thought it was easy to do Wayne’s job when he was a bystander, but now that he’s in the middle of it he can’t do it either. It’s like couch-potato-fan-syndrome. It’s so easy to see on TV what your favorite team is doing wrong but if you were to go give it a try you wouldn’t do any better no matter how easy it may look.

-There Daniels goes with that damn chair again. Why doesn’t he just buy a different one or something?

-I wonder if Karen and Buchanan really do have a place in Vermont. I wonder if this is where the show will be next year.

-Ah, so in the end, Tom is on Karen’s side.

-I would think that if Doyle is able to speak and the blow was to the head his injuries are not life threatening, I mean, I’m no doctor or anything.

-Does this maybe show that Jack isn’t used to this stuff anymore?

-Well, I guess that will be the end of Doyle’s field agent career. Can’t say I’m too sad about that.

-So, let me get this straight. Even though Phillip is doing all the work to get Josh to him he is still giving the component to the Chinese in a trade sort of fashion. Weird.

-Cheng doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to take that crap from Phillip.

-Morris should have done something about Chloe long before now.

-Chloe’s collapse must be drawing on Mary Lynn Rajskub’s comic career. It was quite the fall.

-Speaking of acting, I have to say that I am really enjoying Carlo Rota’s performance as Morris. You know, he just is there, doing his thing and staying out of the way. He can be a serious guy. If you want to see him not serious, I suggest you catch, ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’, it’s great and he’s in it.

-While we saw this clip of Chloe going down in the preview, I was kind of expecting something a little more dramatic beforehand. I don’t know, it just seemed very, natural and unforced. Weird for 24 land, definitely not what I expected for the end of the show.

-There was no official 24-style split screen in this episode, just Jack and Phillip side by side before the final scene. I guess that’s recognizing that this is the major trauma left to deal with.

-Really glad that this was episode one of two on the same night. If I had to wait a week like this I’d be angry.

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