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6.22: 3:00am - 4:00am
~ Sociopath ~


At CTU, agents are still held captive. Chloe Nadia and Morris sit near Milo’s Jack quiets Marilynbody. Morris raises an unthreatening hand and then uses his jacket to cover Milo’s head as a shooter watches. Josh is standing away from the others held by the Chinese. One of the men, Zhou is on the phone with Cheng and says they are sending the boy to him now. They start to lead Josh away from the others and Marilyn starts to flip out. She yells about Josh being her son while Jack calls to her trying to calm her down knowing what will happen if she gets in the way of their captors. Already on the ground Jack takes the butt of a gun to the back of his ribs. He crumbles holding his side as Marilyn continues to yell that Josh is just a boy. Nadia gets up off the floor coming to Josh’s defense but she is promptly hit in the head and knocked down. The goons close in on Marilyn with guns out having heard enough from her. Jack is still lying on the floor but yells for them to wait. Voice cracking he asks them to let him help them calm her down. He begs to let him help them. They tell Jack to get up which he does slowly with a hand on his side. They order him to keep her quiet and Jack crosses CTU backing away from the guns and goes to Marilyn. He holds onto her from the side pulling her close to him and watching the thugs fearfully. One of the men tells them that they will be moving them to another room. If they do what they are told, no one will get hurt.

Josh is led through the back halls of CTU and down the pipes the way the Chinese came in. They head down to the sewers.

Zhou tells them they will be in two groups; he uses his gun and waves it to form groups. He orders group one on their feet, those we know will be in group 2. Jack explains to Marilyn that they want them to not be able to follow them. Jack is going to try to get Josh back, he tells Marilyn that when they call them she is to get to the front of the group. Zhou is now telling them to get on their feet which they do. He pushes Marilyn ahead and then hangs back getting close to Nadia. Jack quietly tells her that this will be their only chance they have to do something now. Nadia is willing to help but Jack asks her to understand that this is a long shot at best. There’s a good chance they won’t make it through this. Nadia understands. He instructs her to stay close to him and when he makes his move she is to take out the first man on the left. Chloe and Morris are walking behind Jack and Nadia and Chloe asks what they are talking about. Jack tells her to keep going and whispers at a passing Morris to stay alert. They come around a corner and Jack takes out the first man he sees. Nadia heads to one as Jack takes out another man. Morris has now also grabbed a thug and is trying to get the best of him. Jack struggles with one thug over his gun when another one comes around the corner firing. Jack pushes the man he is struggling with in the way of the shots and he is hit. Morris and Nadia both work to try and get a hold of their attackers with their bare hands. Jack fights with a man and they exchange blows until Jack is tosses sliding across the floor. Nadia is thrown over the head of the man she is fighting with. Jack punches the man he is with and then gets him on a choke hold from behind using the strap on his gun. Jack pulls on the fighting man as he slowly passes out. Nadia is underneath her attacker trying her best to keep his gun away from her face. As the man Jack has finally falls unconscious and Jack snaps his neck he looks to Nadia. Instantly shots are fired and the man on top of Nadia is hit. Doyle stands there seeing Jack on the ground taking cover. Doyle asks if they are alright, Nadia says yes. Doyle has all the hostages secured and Jack gets up holding his ribs. He explains quickly that Cheng’s men attacked them and they were after his nephew. He doesn’t know why but it has to do with the component, why would they risk it otherwise? Jack asks for a COM unit but Nadia reminds him he is still under arrest. Jack asks Nadia to let him help, he knows the schematics of this building better than anyone, he can help. Nadia agrees but says that Doyle is in command. Jack trots off to prepare and Doyle asks Nadia how many casualties they have. Nadia grimly says one, Milo Pressman. She looks at his body on the ground. Expression softer, Doyle asks if she is okay. She answers a quiet, ‘No.’ Jack comes back and is set up, they need to go. Nadia tells them to use her cell until COM is back up. Doyle says that she did great and she sadly watches them both leave. Chloe appears behind Nadia and tells her that she was really brave. Nadia tells her to restore COM and satellite right away. Chloe spiels about problems they might have and Nadia tells her to try it. Nadia is left looking at Milo’s body.

Josh is led down the sewer by Cheng’s men.

Jack heads downstairs and around the corner. He and Doyle have their guns out and have found where Cheng’s men came into CTU. Jack jumps down first with Doyle on his heels. More agents follow them.



Jack and Doyle work their way through the sewers, water up to their knees.

Cheng’s men and Josh have arrived at the end of the tunnel and they pull the boy up onto the ground. Cheng sees Josh and calls him by name. Josh asks who he is and what he wants. Cheng says they are moving out and he gets out his cell phone calling Phillip Bauer. Phillip wants to know what took so long, Cheng answers that he has the boy with him. Phillip says to put him on the phone. Cheng holds the phone out for Josh saying his grandfather wants to talk to him. Josh is skeptical but Cheng tells him to take the phone.

Josh takes the phone and speaks to his grandfather. Phillip calls him Joshua and apologizes; he knows he has been though a lot. Josh questions, ‘Sorry? A few hours ago you pointed a gun at me and said you were going to kill me.’ Phillip reassures Josh that he would never hurt him, he had to make it sound convincing to him and to Jack or he never would have gotten away. He reiterates that he would never hurt him, he wants to protect him. Josh wants to know what he needs protecting from. Phillip wants to protect Josh from his father’s mistakes, if Josh stays here they will never let him forget what his father did. He is going to take Josh away from this ungrateful country where they can start over. Josh asks where and Phillip says to China. Within a decade they will have surpassed this country in every possible way and they can be part of it, ‘I’m going to give you the future I promised you when you were born.’ Josh spits back, ‘I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.’ Phillip anticipated this but he will understand, he will explain it when he sees him. All he needs of Josh is for him to keep an open mind. They hang up the phone and Cheng is there to take it away. Josh tries to appeal to Cheng that he doesn’t want to be with his grandfather but Cheng says that he shouldn’t be afraid, his grandfather is a visionary, he should be grateful for the opportunity. Josh is put in the car.

Jack and the CTU agents have found the end of the tunnel and just pull themselves up as the mini motorcade drives away. Jack immediately starts shooting at the vehicles hitting some of them and causing them to lose control. Doyle is behind Jack and starts shooting as well. Cheng leaves his stopped car and drags Josh with him. Jack takes cover behind a tool cabinet and yells that Cheng is using the boy as a shield; they need to hold their fire. Cheng is pulling Josh along trying to escape and use him for cover at the same time. Jack sees that there are 2 hostiles at one of the SUV’s, he asks for cover now. Doyle starts firing and Jack runs ahead crouched low and slides out into the open shooting the two men standing there. Jack gets up and gives chase to Cheng and Josh. As they flee Jack takes out the last man they have. The pair moves up a set of stairs and Jack continues to fire, clipping the heels of the man with them. Jack makes his way up the stairs and calls that he has a hostile down and he is moving toward the roof. Doyle copies. Cheng pushes Josh up on a grated bridge over an open area, when Cheng looks back Josh kicks him in the face and starts running away. Cheng recovers quickly and runs full tilt after Josh. He calls to him and Jack has arrived, he takes out the back man. Cheng looks back and while he looks for Jack Josh disappears. Cheng fires at Jack but then his gun clicks empty, he is out of ammo. Jack still has rounds and aims at Cheng yelling that this is over. He tells him to put his weapon down now. Cheng complies and as he does we see through the grates that Josh is hanging onto a chain underneath. Jack asks where the boy is, he bargains saying if Cheng tells him where the boy is Jack won’t kill him. Underneath, Josh is slipping and finally loses his good grip. He swings calling for help. Jack hears him and looks down to see where he is and by the time he looks back Cheng has run off. Making a quick decision Jack chooses to save Josh instead of chase Cheng. Jack carefully lowers himself down on a large pipe trying to find the best way to get Josh and not fall himself. He positions himself the precariously so he can reach down to try and get Josh. He yells for Josh to grab his arm. Josh hesitates and Jack bellows for him to do it now. Josh reaches out and grabs Jack’s arm and he starts to pull Josh to safety. Grunting, Jack manages to get Josh up sitting in front of him on the pipe. With one arm securely around him Jack asks if he is okay. Josh says he is and Jack radios Doyle telling him that he lost Cheng, he needs him to secure him. Doyle is setting up a perimeter. Jack and Josh make their way back the way they came. Jack turns to face Josh and tells him that the man that had grabbed him is named Cheng. He asks if he explained where he was going. Josh says no but he made him talk on the phone with his grandfather. Jack confirms this and asks what he said. Josh relays that he told him he loved him and he is going to take him to China to preserve his legacy. Josh thinks that he is out of his mind. Jack tells Josh to listen, he needs him to think if there is was anything he heard that can help them figure out where his grandfather is. Josh thinks for a few seconds and then says no. Jack asks him again to think and Josh says he doesn’t know. Sadly, he apologizes. Jack pulls him into a hug and says it’s alright. Smiling, Jack says they are going to get Josh back to his mom. Doyle arrives and says that a CTU team is on the way to secure the area. Jack walks past Doyle saying that they need to let them know his father is still involved in this. Doyle asks why he would be involved with the Chinese but Jack doesn’t know, ‘I’ll ask him when I find him.’



Daniels waits in the office and Karen enters. She says she just got off the phone with the Pentagon and the Russians are moving two mechanized divisions into the Central Asian theatre, the troops are at the highest level of alert. Karen continues that Tom Lenox was supposed to be on the call with him but he couldn’t find him or get him on the phone. She asks if there is something she should know. Daniels tells her that Tom is in the field running a classified operation. He admits that they figured out who the leak was, it was Lisa Miller. Karen asks in disbelief if Lisa Miller was spying for the Russians. Daniels clarifies that the man she was involved with, Mark Bishop, was passing emails to the Russians along with other things she told him in confidence. Daniels has turned away from Karen and she concludes that that is now the Chinese knew they had the component. Karen asks if Lisa knows and Daniels says she does now. Daniels explains the operation, Tom sent her back to Bishop with a cover story and false emails that say they destroyed the component before it got out of the country. They are assuming that Bishop will forward the emails to the Russians and they’ll back off. That will give them enough time to get the component. Karen hopes that works. Daniels invites Karen to sit down and says that he knows she is probably wondering why she was kept out of the loop on this, he assures her it had nothing to do with her and everything to do with him. Karen looks confused and says she doesn’t understand. Daniels chooses his words carefully saying, ‘The same time Lisa was with Bishop she and I were in a relationship as well. Needless to say, I am ashamed.’ Karen tries to help, she thinks he is being a bit hard on himself, she points out that he and Lisa were both single and there is no way to know what she was doing behind his back. Daniels says it was a question of judgment, he trusted her and unless Tom’s plan is successful that mistake will bring them to war.

Tom sits in a van near Lisa’s apartment trying not to watch what’s happening on the monitors. Inside the apartment Bishop and Lisa are going the second round in 2 hours in the bedroom. Bishop pushes himself off of Lisa and lands on the bed next to her. Tom observes, ‘And finally, we’re done, there we go.’ Bishop is trying to catch his breath and asks Lisa if she is okay. She is unconvincing when says she is great, it was great. He feels like she is somewhere else and she says she is tired; it’s been a long day. She puts her robe on and heads to the bathroom saying she will be right back. One of the men with Tom asks if he thinks Bishop is concerned or suspicious. Tom doesn’t know but she is leaving him alone with the PDA, this could be it.

Bishop gets up and puts his shorts on. Tom says he is making his move. Bishop puts a shirt on and then retrieves the cable to download the information. He gets out the PDA and prepares to connect and download the information. Tom sits back and says that he is taking the bait. Bishop pauses for a second and looks around and then directly at the bag with the camera in it. Tom urges him from the van to do it but after he pauses for a few seconds an agent at Tom’s side knows that he is not going to send it. He puts the PDA away and Tom sighs. Bishop calls to Lisa if she would like some wine and she says she will have whatever he’s having. She finishes in the bathroom and comes out to see Bishop again. He challenges her excuse saying that he doesn’t think she is just tired but she asks what he is talking about. He can tell from the way she was in bed that something is wrong. Tom says they might have a problem. She says she told him everything was fine but he asks why she can’t look him in the eye then. She claims it is because he is making her nervous staring at her like that. She tries to get away from him but he says she doesn’t get nervous. He grabs her and holds her against the wall and she says he is hurting her. He asks what’s going on but she says nothing. He accuses her of lying but she says she isn’t. Tom, still sitting in the van, says this is not good.

Lisa sighs and agrees to tell him what’s going on. She moves away and grabs the wine bottle hitting him over the head with it. Tom and the agents move and Lisa tries to hit Bishop. He backhands her and she grabs a lamp hitting him with that. She asks if he realizes what he has done, they are going to charge her with treason, and she is going to go to jail. He manages to get on top of her and is choking her. He demands to know who she told about him and the Russians. He holds her down for a few seconds before the agents get to the apartment. They pull him off and cuff him, Tom orders Bishop put in the bedroom. They assess Lisa with a faint pulse and she is breathing, they need an ambulance there fast.

Tom goes to the bedroom where Bishop is sat down on the bed. He introduces himself and says that he guesses he already knows the White House staff. Tom wants to be left alone with Bishop. Tom has the cable in his hand and tells him they have incontrovertible evidence that he has been spying for the Russians. They have him on the phone with the agent running him and now, of course, they have the cables. He asks if he has Bishop’s attention. He nods and Tom tells Bishop he is going to upload the emails on the PDA to his contact. He is also going to call his handler and back up the story that the emails tell, that they have destroyed the circuit board. If he complies Tom will push for leniency, but if he doesn’t Tom can all but guarantee him the death penalty. Tom waits for an answer.

Phillip’s cell rings, he answers finding Cheng on the other end. He says that he lost the boy, CTU and Phillips son has him. Phillip sees this as unacceptable; the boy was the price for repairing the circuit board. Cheng lost many men trying to get him his price but Phillip doesn’t care about his operational incapability’s, this is over. Cheng says this is not over, he still has the component. Phillip says that he failed to hold up his end of the deal, the circuit board is no longer his. Cheng threatens serious consequences if Phillip doesn’t return the circuit board but Phillip is not afraid of Cheng, the next time he threatens me there will be serious consequences but they won’t be for Phillip.



Chloe is still having problems getting the systems running again, Chloe says it will take 10 minutes. Nadia needs it to take 5.

A man arrives introducing himself to Nadia as Ben Kram from Division. He assumes she got the memo on his arrival but all their systems are still down. He is there accounting for and assessing the security breach. Nadia argues that they are in the midst of a recovery operation; this is not the best time to be questioning her people. Kram doesn’t care what she thinks, this incident was a serious breach of protocols that resulted in a loss of personnel, there were mistakes made, errors in judgment not the least of which was following Bill Buchanan’s recommendations to leave someone with her little experience in charge. He asks if he has Nadia’s full cooperation and she says she never said otherwise. He gives a dry, ‘Super’ and says he needs a full staff roster and access to systems plus some kind of station to set up. Nadia guides him to the conference room; they get ready to set up.

Nadia calls operations and tells them to give the group from division whatever they need in Conference Room B. Morris comes over to her and puts his hand on her back. He says that this might not be his place but he tells her to ‘not let those buggers from division get to you, you are not responsible for what happened.’ Nadia says she is, it happened on her watch. Morris doesn’t want her to allow them to hang her out to dry. She says that people are dead, Milo is dead because of her. Morris calls this ridiculous, there is nothing she could have done. She says she could have stood up and said something. Morris argues there was no time but Nadia says there was time, she just hesitated. She starts a sentence, ‘I was…’ and Morris concludes that she was just afraid. Morris has a little bit of experience with that. He is not one to give advice on how to handle self incrimination but he knows this much, Milo was a brave man and he never would have sacrificed himself if he had known it would have let others lay his death at her feet. He would have wanted Nadia to stay strong, stay in charge. Morris leaves Nadia with her thoughts.

Karen is drinking some coffee and Daniels is in the room when the phone beeps, Tom Lennox is on the line with news from Lisa. They planted the information on the Russian contact, he has probably made contact with Suvarov but Daniels should call him and give him the news himself, it might help. Tom has one other thing to add, the fact that Lisa was injured in the operation. Karen looks to Daniels asking how bad it was. She suffered a loss of oxygen to her brain but they don’t know how bad the damage is until she regains consciousness. Daniels asks how this happened and Toms explains that she attacked him before they could get in there and he almost strangled her to death. Daniels wants to know what Tom was doing and Tom defends himself that they were watching the whole time. He and Secret Service did everything they could but it just happened too fast. Karen thanks Tom who says he will be back shortly. Daniels walks away from Karen who apologizes. Daniels rubs his chin and Karen knows that despite her betrayal she knows he still has feelings for Lisa. They still have a pressing matter to address; President Suvarov needs to get a call immediately telling him that the Chinese no longer have the board. He asks for the call to be set up in the telepresence suite right away.

Jack and Josh walk back into the base of operations for Cheng. Jack says he will be right back and then calls Operations asking to be put through to Marilyn Bauer’s cell phone. Doyle comes to Jack as he waits and says that they don’t have Cheng. They just got satellites on line but Cheng is gone, there is nothing there. They are heading back to CTU.

Jack is patched through to Marilyn and he tells her that Josh is safe. Jack will have him back there in a few minutes, the Chinese were trying to get Josh to his father, they allowed Josh to speak to him. Jack explains he was trying to get Josh back to China, he said that Josh was his legacy. Marilyn asks if that is all he said and Jack confirms it. Marilyn wants to speak to her son.

Jack takes the phone to Josh and Marilyn asks if they hurt him. Josh says no, he is alright. Marilyn cries that she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him. Josh says that Uncle Jack saved his life. Marilyn knows and Josh sees Jack talking with Doyle. Marilyn says she loves him and they will see each other soon. They hang up and Jack comes back to Josh asking if he is alight. Josh says he is and Jack puts his hand on Josh’s back saying they need to go.

We are in the ‘Telepresence Suite’ and Daniels assistant dials up Suvarov who this time sits alone. Daniels says he has good news to share, they were successful in taking out the agents that were in possession of the board and the board has been destroyed. Suvarov assumes that he has some proof, Daniels claims to have some. In addition to fragments of the board they have documents stating it has been neutralized. Suvarov asks if he means the same documents that he planted with one of his agents. Daniels pretends to not know what’s going on and Suvarov clarifies the same images that he coerced an agent into sending to his people. They have destroyed nothing but an empty building and exposed his operative, they had him under surveillance and that’s how he knows about the raid on the apartment. Suvarov reminds Daniels that if the chip gets away the entire Russian defense system is compromised. Suvarov had allowed him to do what he could to reach the Chinese but now he is feeling less generous. He is giving Daniels 2 hours to give him incontrovertible evidence that the chip is destroyed or he will extend his countries forward perimeter to compensate. Daniels knows that means attacking one of their military bases and he urges him to consider the consequences, allies will not look kindly on his unprovoked aggression. Suvarov says it is not unprovoked; it is a matter of survival for his president. He threatens again with two hours and hangs up.

Daniels flusters that the ruse was all for nothing. They are about to go to war over a piece of circuitry.



Tom is back and is heading to the oval office to play catch up. A call comes through on his cell and he has it put through

Daniels speaks to his aides about what is going on and that they have no choice but to defend themselves. Tom steps in the room and wants a minute alone with Daniels and Karen. Karen is confused as they all leave. Tom says he has Phillip Bauer on a secure line, he should hear him out. Daniels asks for the phone on speaker and Tom holds the cell up. Phillip thanks Daniels for taking his call and Daniels asks what this is about. Phillip lays down the ultimatum that he wants his grandson and clear passage from the country and he will give him the FB sub circuit board. They thought Phillip was working with the Chinese and he admits he was but they had their chance and they blew it. Daniels asks how they know that he has the board and Phillip reads off the serial number which Lennox verifies. Phillip says that this will avoid a conflict they don’t want and a war they cannot afford, not after what happened today. Phillip will send instructions on an encrypted data stream. They hang up.

Karen says they can’t consider this; Phillip Bauer is a fugitive and helped sell nuclear bombs to terrorists. Daniels knows what he did and they can’t afford not to do this. Karen says this is an innocent young boy but there will be a lot more deaths if they go to war. Karen asks if he thinks he can trust this man, ‘He is a sociopath.’ Daniels asks Tom his opinion. Tom weighs in that he is a sociopath but given the stakes this is a risk worth taking. Karen is unhappy as Daniels says none of this makes sense. Everything they know about Suvarov tells them that he wouldn’t risk war, even for a piece of technology like this unless he was squeezed. They ponder who it might be, they know that Gredenko was not the only Soviet General left. Karen figures it must be someone still in power that Suvarov is relying on. They figure that there is a general looking for an excuse to pull the trigger. This leaves them with no choice. Daniels wants CTU on the phone.

In the split screen we see Karen looking unhappy, Daniels on the phone, Karen shaking her head, Cheng in the car, Phillip, Marilyn and Tom.

Jack leaves Cheng’s base with Josh and says that CTU will transfer him and his mom to a safe location. Josh asks how long they will be there and Jack says until he finds Josh’s grandfather. Josh asks, ‘Uncle Jack, what are you going to do to him when you find him?’ Jack tells him not to worry about it; he promises that his grandfather will never threaten him or his mother again. An agent calls Jack from behind saying he has an urgent call. Jack tells Josh to get in the car and as Jack walks away Doyle comes up to Josh and tells him to come with him. Josh goes but then calls back to Jack. Jack realizes he’s been tricked and yells after Doyle. Doyle screams to Jack to go back to CTU. He hustles Josh onto the chopper as Jack runs toward them. Doyle again tells Jack to go back to CTU as Josh calls for Jack. Jack is headed off by 2 CTU agents that try and hold him back. Jack fights them off but four more agents grab onto Jack pulling him down to the ground as he continues to put up a fight. Jack yells Josh’s name as the chopper lifts off while Josh can be seen calling to Jack from the chopper.



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I love how Josh becomes ‘the boy’ even to his grandfather. Apparently he has no name, to Phillip, Jack and least of all, the Chinese.

-Morris really does have a soft side, doesn’t he? Doing the right thing by covering Milo’s body is just a little sign of it.

-Like last week I was vying for the Chinese to put some hot lead into Marilyn.

-It’s not very often we see Jack shying away from either end of a gun but he does it at CTU.

-Jack and those ribs. I’m wondering if they are going to fall heavily into play in the final 2 hours.

-For a split second I thought Jack was holding Nadia’s hand. Wouldn’t that have been an interesting plot development?

-Actually, I’d rather have Jack with Nadia than Marilyn.

-Jack must have the quietest whisper ever because I’m sure you’d be able to hear a pin drop in CTU while everyone is being held hostage.

-This is probably the first time all season that someone hasn’t been pissed off at someone else at CTU.

-Nadia must be feeling bad about how things went down with Milo because she agrees to be part of a self-assessed suicide mission with Jack. That is generally a free one way ticket to the morgue.

-I’m guessing that Jack didn’t tell Chloe about what he was planning because he wanted to protect her, although, it might have been because he didn’t want to explain it to her.

-How exactly do three unarmed (and 2 untrained) CTU agents take out 4 armed Chinese soldiers? More amazing is that none of them got shots off other than the one that came in late. It looks like they would have made it even if Doyle didn’t show up.

-I was a little confused about Morris, we saw him and then he kind of disappeared with his guy. I guess he killed him but I have no idea. No one checked on him to see if he was okay or anything.

-Why is it that Jack can choke out any CTU agent within seconds with his bare hands but if he is doing it to a bad guy it takes 3 times as long, even if he has something to use for leverage?

-We know Doyle was kind of tipped off or his interest was piqued but he doesn’t actually explain why he came back to CTU.

-I love how Doyle has stopped asking Jack if he is okay. He already knows the answer is going to be, ‘Yeah, I’m fine’ even if he’s not.

-Jack has hardly set foot in CTU in the last 4 years, I don’t know how he can assess himself as knowing the schematics of CTU better than anyone.

-I thought for a split second that Nadia was going to throw Jack back into holding. Then I was preparing to go snap show because it would be another Jackless episode.

-Nadia is sure getting attached to Doyle. That’s one of us.

-Wow, everyone that waded through the sewers dried off pretty quick, especially at 3 in the morning with no sun.

-Is there more to this whole going to China story for Phillip or no? He seems to be alluding to something else but I don’t really know.

-Why would Josh even waste his time telling Cheng that he doesn’t want to be with his grandfather? Like Cheng’s going to say, ‘Really, Mr. Bauer? Well, how about I deliver you right back to your mother.’ Not likely.

-Is it just me or is that the same red tool cabinet that Jack hid behind in Season 4, episode 07

-I love the slide Jack pulls off. I have no idea how he got that big of a slide.

-It looks weird seeing Cheng run like a maniac. He always seems so collected.

-Josh made good time hiding himself like that.

-Are we taking bets on if Jack would have actually shot Cheng after he gave up the location of Josh? I’ve got 10 bucks on the fact that Jack would have shot him in seconds.

-I’m surprised that Jack went and helped Josh instead of chasing Cheng. He knows as well as we do that perimeter teams are useless. All that for the kid of a brother he doesn’t even like.

-That’s gotta be rough on those already sore ribs, having to pull Josh up like that. Good thing he weighs all of like 70 pounds.

-I sense that Jack would agree with Josh’s assessment that Phillip is out of his mind.

-I’m a touch confused about the relationship between Josh and Jack. Jack didn’t even know Josh until this morning and now he’s all buddy buddy trying to save him and acting like he cares. I hope that this isn’t a sign that he is going to go and live with him and Marilyn.

-The first 20 odd minutes of this episode were awesome. I’m sure that’s because of the Jack-factor.

-It’s hilarious how Tom ends up ‘In the field’. I’m betting that wasn’t in his job description when he signed on. And Karen takes it rather well. Obviously she’s used to being around CTU.

-This is what happens when you don’t bring Jack in on your operations; you don’t think of all the angles and then bad shit happens.

-I wonder how many other people are watching Bishop? There’s probably a convoy that follows him wherever he goes.

-Daniels says, “At the same time Lisa and Bishop were together, she and I were in a relationship as well.” That brought up all kinds of nasty images of the three of them. You’d think he would notice a third person hanging around… sorry, I couldn’t resist.

-See, I think really all we needed was some meaningful character development for all these new people. I don’t loathe Daniels with all my being now. Funny how that happens when you give a character a conscience and some morals.

-Line of the week: Tom Lennox: “And, finally, we’re done.” Ah, Tom, you’re just jealous.

-I wonder what tipped Bishop off. Could it be that Lisa came back so soon, that she acted like an idiot or that she left the handbag in the most suspicious place ever?

-Tom is about the most useless agent ever when it comes down to protecting is undercover operative. Lisa could have, and in the hands of a more capable agent, would have, been dead in the amount of time it took them to decide to move. It’s not like it took him a while to get there once they decided to move in, it just took WAY too long for him to decide to go and help Lisa.

-Tom’s a little bit of a smartass and it’s kinda nice. I’d love to see him in the same room with Mike Novick. Those two would make an excellent team. Let’s have Novick for President next year.

-So, how could Phillip touch Cheng? He makes it sound like he could make things difficult for him. I guess it’s all about the contacts.

-I knew we were due for a pain in the ass guy from division. Ben Kram certainly fits that profile.

-Something is odd about that group from Division. Nadia wasn’t able to get the alert they were coming. Sure they have proper identification but I smell a rat. Something is definitely up here.

-Is Morris after Nadia now?

-Nadia does have a point, there’s nothing she could have done to stop Milo from dying, Eric Balfour wanted off the show… I mean, he moved too fast.

-Well, if we want to get technical, Milo’s death was at Nadia’s feet… that’s where he landed.

-If Daniels knew how slow to the draw Tom was he would be furious, and Tom would probably be fired.

-It sure takes CTU a long time to get back and ready to move from Cheng’s base. On the other hand, it takes them no time to get back there at the beginning of the episode.

-I also sense something odd about Marilyn. She seems very very interested in what Phillip told Josh and what Jack knows. The question, ‘Is that all he said?’ made me really wonder what the hell is going on.

-On the other hand, I don’t think Josh knows anything about this possible conspiracy. Maybe Marilyn is part of this whole thing after all. I’d love that.

-Also, how did Marilyn know that Jack saved Josh’s life?

-Okay, yeah, the ‘Telepresence Suite’ is a novel idea but I’ve had enough of it. Too much advertising.

-For some reason I had taken it for granted that it was Lisa’s apartment, not Bishop’s. Suvarov seems to indicate that it is Bishop’s, though.

-I don’t think Daniels cares that the ruse was for nothing, I think he cares that Lisa is injured for nothing.

-It really sounded like Tom said he is going to play ‘ketchup’, not catch up.

-How did Phillip get Tom Lennox’s cell number?

-I love the speaker phone. Tom holds it up so they can all yell at it. Classy.

-It’s interesting that they defined Phillip as a sociopath. There have been people that thought Jack Bauer was partly a sociopath. Here are some traits:

Sociopathic individuals are extremely self-confidant, intelligent, charismatic and persuasive of others as well as themselves. They inspire those around them and create a dysfunctional culture

They surround themselves by supporters who worship them and believe they can do no wrong.

They have enormous drive and ambition but few qualms about how they accomplish their objectives. They are focused. They deal with conflicting evidence, by selective perception, compartmentalizing, rationalizing, by attacking its credibility, or by demonizing the messenger


And a list of how to identify:


Sound like anyone we 24 fans know?

-So, what’s the significance of the little spiel about Soviet Generals? Why is that relevant?

-I still can’t really get over Josh calling Jack ‘Uncle Jack.’ Just too weird.

-I’m Sure that JO can’t describe to Josh what he is going to do to Phillip when he catches him.

-Ah, Jack is tricked by the old phone ploy. I’m surprised he would buy that again, especially after what happened last time.

-It’s pretty impressive that it took 4 agents to hold down the broken down Jack. Even after all the crap, he’s still strong and determined.

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