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6.21: 2:00am - 3:00am
~ The Package~


Jack sits alone in the holding room absorbing the words that Heller said to him. He stares blankly forward, even as the door buzzes indicating that someone is coming in. He hardly flinches when Nadia enters with two guards in tow. She walks around in front of Jack and tells him that she thought he should know that James Heller has left with his daughter. Jack gets up and walks to the corner of the room rubbing his scarred hand. Nadia speaks to his back saying that Heller also reiterated his demand to her that Jack stay away from his daughter, he will be filing a restraining order to that effect. Nadia finishes, ‘I’m sorry, Jack.’ Jack asks in a gravelly voice, ‘The name Audrey gave us when I was talking to her, Bloomfield, did it pan out?’ Nadia confirms it did, it is a copper refining facility in Jefferson Heights and they found copper particles on Audrey’s clothes. If that is where they were holding her then Cheng should have the component there. They are locking it down and dispatching teams to that location. Jack faces Nadia now saying that he wants to go with them. She reminds him he is under arrest. Jack snaps at her that he spent 20 months in a Chinese prison with Cheng trying to break him. Jack knows how he thinks and he is their best chance at stopping him. Nadia tells him he willfully disobeyed a Presidential order and his actions resulted in Cheng getting a hold of the component. Jack is begging Nadia to let him go, he caused this mess and he wants to help clean it up. When she appears unaffected Jack snaps, ‘Dammit, Nadia, you have the authority to let me do this.’ Nadia knows that if he goes this will not be about finding the component, it will be about revenge against Cheng. Jack admits, ‘Cheng is responsible for Audrey’s condition, you’re damn right this is about revenge. I want Cheng more than anything in the world but I gave President Palmer my word I would destroy the component before it fell into enemy hands. Please, give me a chance to keep my word.’ Thinking about it, Nadia makes her decision. She is sorry but she can’t let him do this. Jack takes a step back and surveys the guards. Nadia sees this and tells him not to even think about it, if he makes a move she will have him put in restraints. Jack eyes the guards and moves slowly toward one who looks appropriately scared. Jack turns his back to him and slowly lowers himself into the chair, defeated. Gravel returning to his voice, Jack offers to help from CTU, ‘I, I can run tactical.’ Jack stares at the floor as Nadia tells him division is sending over a ranking section chief to replace her but she promises to take it up with him when he gets there. Jack thanks her and as they leave we see that one of the guards had his tazer out. Jack quickly looks around the room and thinks.

Chloe and Morris work at their respective stations. Milo walks into the middle of them and Morris shows him that he has a satellite image of the Bloomfield Facility, he says it’s a big place but he has the Hummer outside. Milo looks to Chloe who grimly says she has LAPD on the way, they will have a perimeter set up in 20 minutes. Milo notices she is not her usual smarmy self and asks if she is okay. She snaps she’s fine but Milo presses (no pun intended) that she doesn’t look fine. Morris tells him that he and Chloe have split up. Her sulky behavior returns as she tells him to shut up but he figures it is pointless being coy about it, they are still doing their jobs, they are professionals. He advises Milo to stay out of it and he quickly says he will. Another agent comes and tells Chloe that Marilyn Bauer’s statement is complete, she needs to look over it. Chloe will take care of it and she uses this excuse to leave Milo and Morris.

Doyle tells his men that are suiting up that it will be 5 minutes before they are leaving. Nadia enters and tells them to listen up. Their objective is the Bloomfield Copper Facility in Jefferson Heights. Cheng has the component and they believe he is there. LAPD is setting up a 5 block perimeter, they are to apprehend Cheng and secure the component. If Cheng gets out of the country with the component, Russia will hold them responsible for providing the Chinese with access to their defense codes and they will strike back. They have no room for error. Doyle watches Nadia as she tells them they will have real time tactical feeds and satellite recon sent to their PDA’s. She asks for questions and when there are none she wishes them luck. Doyle stops Nadia before she leaves and says she is doing a good job. She admits she is just trying to keep the roof from caving in until her replacement can get there. They have every available agent in the field and if Cheng is there they will get him and the component. Nadia warns Doyle to be careful. He nods and leaves the room revealing Milo speaking to another agent not too far away. Nadia takes a few steps toward them but then stops.

Cheng goes to one of his men working on a computer and says they have received the data. The man is doubtful if these men can execute the operation. They are preparing nearby and Cheng looks at them saying they have used them before. The other man says not for anything this important. Cheng chose them because he knew they were capable, this is too important and he never takes unnecessary risks. Cheng calls the leader, Zhou, over and says he has the data. Zhou says it’s about time. Cheng wants them at the target in 15 minutes. He will be ready. Zhou takes the PDA and pockets it.



Sitting in a room at CTU, Josh watches coverage of the bomb detonation on TV. Marilyn comes over to him and advises him that he has to stop watching this and get some sleep. He laments that 12 thousand people are dead and it’s all because of what his dad did. Marilyn says it’s not that simple, terrorists were responsible but Josh argues that he was involved, his dad let it happen. He whines that he wishes he had never been born. Marilyn is shocked and tells him not to say that. He asks why, ‘I wish I was never part of this sick family.’ She guides his gaze to her and says to listen; Josh was not responsible for anything his father did. She hugs him and says she loves him, they are going to be okay. Over his shoulder Marilyn sees Chloe lurking outside the room. Josh says he has been here for hours and he wants to go home. Marilyn says they can leave in the morning, she tells him now to close his eyes and get some sleep. He lies down on the couch and she covers him with a jacket. She turns off the TV and heads toward the door as Josh doesn’t sleep.

Outside, Chloe apologizes for interrupting her but she needs to review the transcript of her statement and make sure that it’s accurate. Chloe starts another sentence with Mrs. Bauer but Marilyn says to use her first name. Chloe knows that Marilyn and Jack are close and she thinks there’s something that Marilyn needs to know, it’s about Audrey Raines. Chloe confesses that she is still alive. Marilyn asks, ‘What?’

In the dark a phone rings. Mark Bishop sleepily answers the phone and its Lisa calling. Lisa stands with Daniels, Tom and some other agents, Tom listening directly into the conversation. Bishop didn’t think he would hear from her again until the morning, she apologizes for leaving so suddenly, they had a crisis with the Russians. Perking up Bishop asks what kind and she says that it doesn’t matter, it has been averted. Lisa attempts to sound seductive a she offers to pick up where they left off. Bishop says if she wants but asks if Daniels wants her to stick around so he can paw at her every chance he gets. Lisa looks to the acting President and says that that’s the last thing on his mind. Bishop assesses that as his loss and asks how soon she will be there. Lisa is on her way, Bishop says he loves her and she returns the compliment.

After they hang up Tom says that the conversation sounded genuine enough. When she goes back to Bishop she is to find a way to excuse herself from the room to allow him time to access her PDA. They have uploaded a memo saying that there was a Chinese Operative trying to smuggle a piece of Russian technology out of the country and he was taken out in a military strike. Lisa sums that they want the Russians to think that the component was destroyed in the attack. Tom says that’s correct, it’s up to her to feed this to Bishop and make him believe it so he will relay it to his contact. With any luck Suvarov will call off the military action against them for the time being. Lisa is flustered, she apologizes, she just doesn’t think she can do this, if she can be with him again and act like there’s nothing wrong. Daniels, silent until now, scoffs and says he is sure she’ll manage. She spent the last year lying to him with no problem. Tom says at any rate he and Agent Hollister will be in the van across from Bishop’s place, this should all go smoothly. Lisa glances at Daniels nervously.

Jack continues to sit alone in the holding room deep in thought. Again the door buzzes open and this time it’s Chloe entering first with Marilyn right behind her. Jack is surprised to see Marilyn and asks what she is doing there, she should be with Josh. Marilyn stands in front of Jack and says that she had to see if he was alright. Jack claims to be fine, he looks down and then at Chloe saying that he doesn’t think that the charges will stand up given the extenuating circumstances. Marilyn says that’s not what she meant, she meant about Audrey. She apologizes saying she feels awful for telling him that she was dead. Jack grumbles that she didn’t know, no one knew. Marilyn still doesn’t like it, she heard that the Chinese caused her to have some kind of psychological breakdown. Troubled, Jack continues to look down and says he doesn’t know. Marilyn wants to know what the doctors said but Jack says it’s out of his hands. Marilyn asks what he means and Jack explains painfully that her father, Secretary Heller, has already taken her away from her. He has been ordered to stay away from her and stay out of her life. Marilyn wants to know how he could do that, Jack saved her. Jack cuts her off trying to keep himself collected, ‘I don’t want to talk about this.’ Chloe looks away from Jack as Marilyn says that Ms. Yassir said that her and Josh don’t need to be in CTU custody anymore, they are going to process them out in the morning. Marilyn would like to bring Josh by to see Jack before they go. Jack says that would be fine and seems a little happier. Marilyn tells Jack, ‘Whatever happens, when this is all over, I want you to know that I’ll be there for you.’ Jack looks briefly to her and then back at the ground thanking her. Chloe calls Marilyn and Jack says she really should go. Chloe fiddles with her hands as she lets Marilyn go first out of the room. Before Chloe leaves Jack calls her back. He asks her if there is any word on Cheng. Chloe tells him that Doyle is leading the team to Bloomfield right now, they will be there any second. Jack begs her to keep him informed. Chloe assures Jack that they will get Cheng and the component. She leaves and Jack sighs heavily and closes his eyes for a second.

Zhou goes to Cheng and observes that there is only one entry point. Cheng says they are in optimal position for a quick surgical strike.

CTU shows up at the facility. Doyle tells another agent to take the other team around back and the rest of them are to follow him.

Zhou tells Cheng this will not be bloodless, people are going to die. Cheng says to do what he needs to do.

Morris tells CTU that they are moving in now. Doyle breaks the lock and the team at the back does the same. They place a charge on the door.

Cheng briefs Zhou that his objective is not to cause casualties but to obtain the package, nothing else takes precedence.

CTU blows the door open and agents start a sweep of the building

Zhou heads to his team who are ready to go.

Doyle and CTU agents continue to sweep the building finding nothing so far. They start to call ‘Clear’.

Zhou and his team head down a hole in the floor, they can access the sewer from there. Once they are down there it is 180 meters to their target. They are ready to move. Cheng tells Zhou not to let him down.

Doyle and his agents clear the entire area and have nothing. An agent comes to Doyle saying there is no one here but he has to see this. They come on a pile of crates, they are for rifles, magazines, grenades and C-4, this is an arsenal. Doyle says to continue with the search and see if they find anything else.

Doyle calls into CTU and Chloe answers, Doyle wants to speak to Nadia. Chloe calls her over and puts Doyle on speaker and he says that Cheng is not there, if they haven’t hit a roadblock on the way out they must have gotten out before the perimeter was set up. They will check the satellite feeds. Doyle tells them about the empty weapon containers for large caliber rifles that are military grade, C-4 and grenades. It’s an arsenal for a small army, Doyle concludes that it looks like the Chinese are planning to launch a major assault. Nadia asks no one in particular, ‘An assault on what?’

Zhou and his men are in the sewers and they check their PDA’s saying they are at a junction. Cheng tells them to go east for 153 meters and they will be directly beneath CTU and their entrance point.



Chloe works at her station and Morris asks her about images that he is keeps losing on his system. Chloe doesn’t answer and he calls her name. She says she heard him and he asks if she has any idea how to fix the problem. Chloe explains it to him, he has to deactivate one of the patches they have. Morris says that’s all he needed and Chloe turns back to him. She knows that they are trying to be professional about everything but she’s sorry, she’s really having a hard time with what happened between them. Morris says she has nothing to apologize for. Chloe says he broke up with her because she said something stupid. He corrects that it was because it was about him arming nukes and being a coward. He says that’s not stupid, it’s the God’s honest truth. Chloe says she doesn’t believe that but Morris says the fact is, that’s right whether she admits it to herself or not. Chloe asks if he is saying what she thinks doesn’t matter but he is saying that he didn’t break up with her because of what she said, he broke up with her because of what he did. Chloe just looks at him and Morris says that no matter how much she thinks she loves him this will always be known and she won’t be able to get past it. Chloe says she’s wrong but Morris says that she knows him better than anyone; he asks when he is ever wrong. He goes and sits down while Chloe works and looks at him.

Tom and Lisa stand outside the van near the apartment. He is revisiting the instructions for her when he asks if there is something wrong. Tears in her eyes, Lisa says she is frightened. Tom says she should be, she is facing treason charges. Lisa has cooperated fully but Tom just says that she can testify to that at her trial. He tells her to get a grip and do whatever is necessary to assure Bishop that nothing has changed between them. He hands her her handbag and says that there is a camera in the bag. The car is brought up and Lisa slowly gets in the back. Once they are away Tom says they need to button things up there and he hops in the back of the van closing the door.

Lisa gets out of the back of the car. She goes up the stairs and takes a look back to where Tom and the agents are. She moves into the building.

Daniels phone rings and Tom says that Lisa is on her way inside. Daniels appreciates what Tom is doing, he knows it doesn’t exactly fall under his job description. Tom jokes that they are all doing a little improvisation today, they both agree that it is in their best interests to keep this circle small.

Lisa is upstairs and she pauses and sighs. When she’s not expecting it Bishop opens the door to his apartment, she smiles after a delay. They exchange hi’s and he kisses her as she comes in. She puts her bag down on the table and Bishop asks if she is okay. She tries to be casual saying ‘of course’ and he says she seems tense. She tries to excuse it on everything that’s happened, he offers to loosen her up. She drops her coat and we get a view from the camera. Bishop rubs her shoulders and asks if that is better. She says it is and then says she wants to freshen up first. He has a light grip on her and reminds her that she just had a shower. He says he’s happy she came back, ‘The more time I spend away from you the harder it is to let you walk out the door. I may have to strap you to the bed permanently.’ Tom just wants Lisa to get out of the room so he can be alone with the PDA. Lisa smirks that she bets he would like that. She again says she is feeling really grungy, the situation at the White House has her stressed. She takes a few steps but he has her arm. He asks playfully if the crisis was averted. She says it was so he thinks she should feel relieved. She says that he knows her, always worried about the next crisis around the corner. Bishop claims to know how to take her mind off of it. He takes her top off and pushes her lightly down to the bed. He takes his own robe off.



Zhou and his men move through the sewers and have arrived under CTU. They set the charges and Cheng asks if they are ready. They confirm the charges are set. The man at the computer inputs the code and says it worked, they’re into their system. He is overriding their COM and it will be 2 minutes until everything is shut down.

Milo has the escape vectors from the Bloomfield facility, there are over 20 routes out, Cheng could be anywhere in the city. Nadia asks to be kept posted. Doyle has done a sweep and he has nothing so far. Milo pauses and Nadia asks what’s wrong. Milo decides not to say what he was thinking and walks away. Nadia follows him and admits that she saw the look he gave her when she was talking to Doyle. Milo tells her he understands if her feelings for him have changed. She tries to say no but he says yes, he was hurt but if there is something going on between her and Doyle he just wants her to know that it’s okay. She looks at him and tells him, to be completely honest she doesn’t know what she feels. So much has happened today and she hasn’t had a chance to think through anything. She just needs some time to sort it all out. Milo tries to say something else but Chloe calls Nadia away, she has something.

Chloe shows Nadia a satellite feed from about 15 minutes ago, she shows people loading vehicles. Milo concludes they got out before the perimeter. Nadia asks her to find out where the vehicles were headed.

Downstairs, the charges are set. They are going to clear out.

Nadia tires to contact Doyle but all she has on her COM unit is fuzz. She tries to contact CTU Field Unit B as well but they are not responding.

Downstairs they blow the grate open.

Milo can’t get an outside line on his phone and Nadia says she can’t reach Doyle, COM is down. Morris thinks it might be a hiccup in the server, he is going to check it out. The phone rings and Milo answers it.

Downstairs, the men come into the building.

Morris is frustrated at his computer, he doesn’t know what the hell is happening, he can’t access the server, all the permissions have been reset.

Zhou and his men work their way through CTU.

Chloe has a visual on the van, she gives the last time she has it and confused she says its 6 blocks from CTU. Milo hangs up the phone and says that security has just lost visual surveillance, every one of the security cameras went down at once. Realization dons on Nadia and she orders an emergency lockdown. Buzzers start to ring at CTU and red lights flash. Nadia picks up the PA system and tells them it’s a code red, confirmed lockdown.

Near Jack’s holding room a guard is shot. Jack hears this and looks concerned.

On the floor, Nadia tells the agents to get to their assigned safe rooms now, she urges them to get moving.

Josh and Marilyn hear what’s going on outside.

Nadia tells Morris to flush the outer sector with tear gas but Morris can’t do it, the systems are paralyzed. One of the thugs arrives in the atrium of CTU shooting. Agents dive for cover and chaos erupts.

The guard outside the room where Jack is works to raise his coworkers. He has no answer and Jack is on the other side of the door trying to convince the guard to let him go. He says that CTU is under attack and he can help, he needs to open the door now.

The shooter has reached the main floor of CTU.

Jack can hear what’s going on and the guard is still concerned that no one is going to respond. Jack wants to be let out now, there are civilians on the third floor and he needs to get there. The guard lets Jack out and he says he needs a weapon. The guard turns and is promptly shot by one of the attackers. He falls and Jack hugs the wall. The attacker kicks open the door to the room next to Jack and Jack darts out and lies next to the dead guard grabbing his gun. When the man comes back out of the room Jack pops up and shoots him. Another attacker comes around the corner and Jack shoots at him through the glass shattering it and killing the man. Jack has his gun at the ready.

Zhou orders the CTU agents to throw their cell phones out in front of them and he orders one of his men to do a head count and check it against the roster. He is also to filter all communications and turn off the alarm.

Jack hears an attacker and he kills him through the glass shattering some more. Jack hides under the stairs and waits for another man to come down and then shoots him dead. Jack goes to the body and kills yet another attacker and then upgrades to the gun of the man that is dead at the bottom of the stairs. Jack goes up a floor.

On the CTU main floor Zhou asks who is in command. Nadia is stunned for a second and Morris looks wide eyed around. Zhou asks again who is in command and as Nadia starts to rise Milo jumps to his feet. Nadia shakes her head but Milo is already up saying that he is the acting director of CTU. Zhou calls him over and Milo slowly comes to Zhou. Once Milo is directly in front of Zhou he raises his gun and shoots Milo in the forehead. Before anyone can react Milo falls to the ground in front of Nadia.



Jack peeks around from the above floor to see what’s going on in the atrium of CTU. He sees Milo down and Nadia and Morris nearby.

Marilyn tries to get an outside line from the room her and Josh are in but she finds nothing. She says the phones are dead and Josh asks what is going on. They see men coming down the hall and Marilyn yells for Josh to help her push the couch in front of the glass door. They shove the couch out of the way as soon as it is in place and the lead attacker says that they have the boy with his mother. Zhou says to bring him down to him. Marilyn asks where they are taking them. Before they can answer Jack rounds the corner and kills the men. Jack asks if they are alright and Marilyn says yes, she asks what’s going on, what do they want with Josh? Jack asks what she means and Marilyn says they came here to get him. Jack asks if she is sure and Marilyn is. Jack says they have to get out of there, he leads them down a hall. Jack kicks open a door and checks inside telling them to stay close. They move up a staircase and Jack hears a door open. The attackers are not far behind them. Jack hustles Marilyn and Josh into a room where a pipe leads to the ventilation system. Jack watches the fan in the pipe turn for a few seconds and then shoves the gun in jamming the fan from moving. Jack gets out his handgun and tells Josh to come to him. He sends him up the vent and Josh protests for a minute not wanting to leave them behind. Jack assures him that they will be right behind him. Josh goes and Marilyn nearly gets in the vent before the door opens and the men have found them. Jack shoots at them but only has a few rounds left and finds himself out of ammo. Cheng’s men hear the clicking of the gun and know that Jack is empty. They enter the room and tell Jack to put his gun on the ground now. Jack does and they are both ordered onto their knees. The lead man radio’s Zhou and tells him they have a problem, the boy got away and he is inside the vent ducts, he has the boy’s mother and Jack Bauer. Zhou says to send the woman and Bauer to him and then wait there. They lead Jack and Marilyn away and the man is left to look in the vent. Josh comes to an intersection in the vents.

Nadia, Morris and Chloe all sit near each other and near Milo’s body. Nadia is holding onto Milo’s hand. Zhou wants them to cut power to the ventilation system and get him onto the public address system, he wants to talk directly to the boy.

Zhou calls Cheng and tells him that the boy has escaped but they have his mother and Jack Bauer. Cheng isn’t interested in that, they need to get the boy back and he doesn’t care what they have to do. They hang up.

Zhou is shown that there is another call from Agent Doyle, the other man thinks they need to respond. Zhou checks the system and starts calling for Nadia. Morris puts his head in his hands as Nadia pauses and then gently lets go of Milo’s hand and gets up. Zhou beckons her to him and she carefully walks around Milo’s body to Zhou. Zhou says that according to the roster she is the ranking officer here. He asks if she is. After a pause she weakly admits she is. Zhou says one of her men has been calling and she needs to answer the call and tell him that there was a problem with the COM system. Zhou warns if she tries to warn him he will kill everyone there starting with her. Nadia looks at him and then goes to the phone to answer it. Nadia slowly presses the button and picks up the phone. Doyle is frustrated, he has been trying to get a hold of them for a while. Nadia feeds him the line about a problem with COM and Doyle wants to know more. Nadia says it doesn’t matter, they have it sorted out now. Doyle has no leads and Nadia doesn’t have a visual yet. Doyle asks impatiently what is taking so long; all she had to do was reposition the satellite over Jefferson Heights. Nadia says they are working as fast as they can, what else does he want them to do? They will let Doyle know as soon as they have a visual on Cheng. Nadia attempts to disguise the fear in her voice but it seems that Doyle has picked up on it. He says thanks and hangs up the phone. Nadia looks at Zhou who tells her to go and sit back down. She carefully sits where she was before.

Jack and Marilyn are led down the stairs to where the others are. Zhou wants them brought over and Jack starts asking questions, what do they want with the boy and who sent them. This earns Jack a hit to the ribs with the butt of a gun and Jack goes down. Marilyn calls his name and Zhou tells Jack that he doesn’t ask the questions here. He instructs his men that if Jack makes another move they are to shoot him. Zhou turns to the PA system and addresses Josh. He says that he knows he is scared and he doesn’t blame him but the truth is they’re not going to hurt him, they are going to take him to a safe place. That’s all he can tell Josh right now. Marilyn is standing near Zhou and starts to panic, she begs them to leave them alone and calls her son’s name. Zhou uses this to his advantage and says that he knows Josh heard that, his mother is there and she is okay for now. Zhou claims to not want to hurt her, there has been enough bloodshed today. Zhou says that Josh needs to show himself to one of his men. If he does nothing will happen to his mother, but if he doesn’t he will shoot her and she will die for nothing. One way or another they are going to find Josh if they have to tear the building apart. Jack looks concerned as Zhou gives Josh 10 seconds. If he doesn’t show himself by the time he finishes counting, Marilyn dies. Zhou raises his gun and levels it at her forehead as she recoils. All those at CTU watch as Zhou counts toward 10. Jack almost looks like he’s planning something as the count increases but Josh starts moving and as Zhou gets to 9 Josh yells to the men that he is coming. One of the men tells Zhou that he hears him coming. Jack gives a wince and Marilyn is happy to still be alive. Josh comes back out the way he went into the vent. The man tells Zhou that he is coming to him with the boy. Cheng is told and he wants the boy brought to him right away. Marilyn is put with the others, she lands in one of the CTU chairs and looks down at Milo. Jack rocks slightly forward on his knees.

In the split screen we see Marilyn, Daniels looking unhappy, Lisa and Bishop, Jack, Morris and Marilyn again.

Jack sees Josh come down the stairs and Marilyn yells his name. She is ordered to sit and is pushed down, Jack watches helplessly.

Cheng is on the phone to Phillip Bauer. He says that the operation is successful and they have his grandson. Phillip asks how he is and Cheng answers under stress and a little emotional but physically unharmed. Phillip asks if his mother is alive which she is and so is Phillip’s son Jack. Cheng says he had no trouble to speak of; the code Phillip provided them gave them full access to CTU’s systems. Phillip stands near a tech who is working on the circuit board, they are almost finished. Phillip will return it to Cheng when he brings him his grandson. They agree to meet at the rendezvous point in 20 minutes. Phillip wants a call when he can talk to the boy. Cheng will do.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Jack sits in that holding room looking like he is hoping someone got the number of that train that just rolled over him.

-It’s comforting to know that CTU still deems Jack enough of a threat for Nadia to bring 2 guards in with her. Two years in a Chinese prison and he hasn’t lost his knack.

-Why would Heller tell Nadia that Jack is to stay away from Audrey? It sounds pretty playground to me. Obviously it was written for the sole purpose of telling those who missed last week what happened.

-It was so sad seeing Jack turn his back on Nadia when she started talking about Audrey. Obviously he’s having trouble coping with this turn of events.

-I’m sure that Jack was well aware that he was under arrest, otherwise he would be wondering why he is in a holding room.

-I’m somewhat impressed with Nadia for not letting Jack go and do his thing in the field. Of all the people she is the one to stand up to Jack and take the right precautions so that Jack doesn’t get away. She made me mad at the same time because I wanted to see Jack out in the field.

-That guard looked like he was just about to wet himself when Jack was going to go and sit down, not that I blame him. I’d be scared to if I were in his shoes.

-I can’t remember a time when Jack was in restraints, that would be a new wrinkle.

-It’s good that Jack was honest with Nadia about the revenge thing. No sense in beating around the bush about it.

-Jack looks so small sitting in the chair in holding offering to help. It’s weird how one person can cause so much destruction.

-I’m glad they didn’t have to tazer Jack, he doesn’t get along with them very well.

-What exactly is the point of that little pep talk Nadia gives the teams? Hundreds of agents have gone out on hundreds of missions in this show and we haven’t seen this before. I guess she was short on lines or something.

-What a convenient time to get ‘every available agent’ in the field, when CTU is about to be attacked.

-Nadia met Doyle how many hours ago (Don’t forget to subtract the hours he was torturing her)? She’s already telling him in that mushy voice to be careful? Someone get me a vomit bag.

-Where exactly is Chloe’s station? It’s moved again to be away from Morris.

-Okay, you know how I knew from the instant I saw Milo in this show that he was going to die? His facial hair and the hair on his head are very different then they were before. I can’t believe they let him get away with that. He has way more facial hair now, plus, the hair on his head is much longer and has blonde in it.

Milo now vs. Milo in Episode 10. It was only 11 'hours' ago,folks.

-Either Chloe is mad about something or she really doesn’t like LAPD, maybe she’s got it figured out that their perimeters are useless too.

-I don’t think Milo would get involved in the Chloe/Morris break up if his life depended on it.

-I love how Nadia just wanders into the men’s change room without even knocking.

-Anyone else think Milo is following Nadia? Why else would he be all the way over by the change rooms?

-Nadia gets to take the super-secret back entrance to the 6 by 9 holding room. Everyone else has to enter through the side door.

-Well, it’s good to know that the detonation of a nuclear bomb still makes the news even though it appears that most people are going about their lives with indifference.

-Line of the week: Josh to Marilyn re: the Bauer family: “I wish I was never part of this sick family.” He’s probably not the first Bauer to say that. That’s certainly an accurate description.

-If I were Josh I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to go home, his father died there and just because his mother is hitting on other people while her husband’s body is still cooling in the morgue doesn’t mean he should want to go to the place where he died and sleep. Eerie.

-I’m not really sure what room Josh and Marilyn are in, do they actually have a ‘useless family member waiting room’ at CTU? If they do it’s about time. They could have put Teri Bauer in there in Season 1. We all know it’s not the ‘Staff Lounge’, like anyone at CTU has time to lounge anywhere.

-How close can Marilyn and Jack be? From the sounds of it they never even spoke about their past relationship and with Marilyn that would probably only take a few sentences to get to.

-Bishop got to sleep fast, it wasn’t that long ago he was talking to his handler.

-Good thing Bishop was half asleep or he would have known for sure that Lisa was lying to him.

-You know, this whole ‘Fool the Russians’ plan sounds good in theory but what happens if they don’t actually catch Cheng? Lets be real here, there’s a good chance that he would get away and then the Russians are going to be twice as mad because the US lied to them.

-Daniels is brutal to Lisa and she deserves it. I love the comment about her lying to him for the last year.

-Jack tells Marilyn “You should be with Josh”, translation: “I don’t want to talk to you.”

-Almost more painful than watching Jack in pain while talking to Marilyn is watching Chloe squirm and try not to really watch him upset.

-Marilyn can’t know Jack that well, he doesn’t talk about things, especially raw, open nerve, salt in wound things that have just happened.

-Is Heller still the Secretary? Is that irrelevant? Is it like the President where you are President for life? I didn’t think so.

-Marilyn should have broken out in the ‘Friends’ theme – “I’ll be there for yo-ou”, only, to quote the song, I’m not so sure that, ‘Your mother warned you there’d be days like these.’ Not likely.

-Jack is such an action junkie. He’s just dying in holding not in on what’s happening in the field.

-Morris said that the facility was really big. It didn’t look all that big when Doyle was in it.

-It was pretty obvious that Cheng was not going to be where Doyle was. I think tip #1 should have been that the Hummer wasn’t parked outside, but that’s just me.

-Josh makes a good ‘package’, he is kind of square shouldered.

-that’s an impressive hole that Cheng has made in very little time so he can get to CTU.

-Actually, that’s a lot of planning that they have done in next to no time to help Phillip in exchange for the chip repair.

-The instant they didn’t divulge the target right away I knew it was CTU. Otherwise they would have just spilled it to the audience and it wouldn’t have mattered.

-Well, Chloe hasn’t been professional up until this season in any way shape of form so why should she change her personality now?

-I can think of a few times where Morris has been wrong this season, namely saying he wasn’t going to arm the nukes for Fayed.

-Well, Morris is nothing if not honest with Chloe. Really, what more can she ask for?

-Why didn’t Tom just pull that van right up to Bishops foyer and get out and say hello? That’s the only way he could have gotten closer than he was when he was briefing Lisa.

-Well, we certainly won’t be calling Tom Mr. Compassionate, now will we?

-It’s good to know that Tom has a second career as an operative for a surveillance agency.

-Just in case Bishop wasn’t 100% sure that Lisa was on to him she takes a good long look back at them as well.

-You know, Bishop isn’t nearly as slimy as Daniels.

-Should I even bother to make the comparison between Lisa and Bishop and Elizabeth Nash and Alexis Drazen in Season 1?

-Really, Lisa could just tell Bishop that she REALLY has to go to the bathroom.

-I wonder what Milo was going to say to Nadia before she got called away. I guess we’ll never know

-That’s nice that he essentially gave Nadia his blessing to do what is right for her. I hope she doesn’t hook up with Doyle, though. She’s much too hot for him.

-It took Nadia long enough to order the lockdown.

-Ooh, that’s a neat little trick, tear gas in the outer sectors. Wouldn’t that be nice to be standard issue for offices? Then when you see someone you don’t like coming you could just gas ‘em.

-I hate to admit that Heller appears to be right for a second there. Jack talked to that guard for two seconds and he ended up dead.

-It’s a nice effect with the shooting and the shattering glass. I saw something similar in ‘Without A Trace’, it’s nice, but a terrible waste.

-Thank God Zhou wanted the alarm turned off. I didn’t want to listen to that for who knows how long, I can’t even stand my alarm clock.

-Wow, that was an abrupt end to Milo. All that deal about bringing him back from Season 1 and crap at the beginning of the year and he ended up with about 15 lines and an early death. How unfortunate.

-That was pretty brave of Milo to take Nadia’s place. What a waste.

-Speaking of waste, I was literally cheering at my TV for them to kill Marilyn. I would have been much much happier if it had been her instead of Milo, or, just her AND Milo.

-I don’t even know where to start about Marilyn and Josh pushing a couch light enough for them to move to stop a handful of grown men from opening a GLASS door to shoot them. I don’t think they come any stupider than that. We’ve already seen that the glass shatters when shot so I’m thinkin’, why bother?

-Okay, now that Milo is dead Nadia is sure she wants to hold his hands. Too little too late, honey.

-Well, I’m curious why they didn’t kill Nadia too. I guess they asked for the leader originally and killed what they thought was the person in charge to show that they are willing to kill whoever they have to and they were told not to do it unnecessarily but he wasn’t too angry that he got the wrong person last time

-Jack must have believed that Zhou was serious about shooting him because he sure did what he was told from then on.

-The only time I thought maybe Jack was going to disobey was when Zhou was going to shoot Marilyn. It’s not like he could have done anything other than get himself killed anyway. I was just hoping they were going to cap Marilyn.

-Why does Marilyn get a CTU chair while everyone else has to sit on the floor?

-Out of all the crazies for hire in all of the US and Cheng ends up getting Phillip to help him. What are the odds?

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