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6.20: 1:00am - 2:00am
~ Respect ~


Choppers come in overhead where Jack and Cheng had their exchange. Jack is in cuffs and outside. An agent has the charge of C-4 that Jack had hidden inside the building and asks him if this is the only C-4 in the building. Jack says yes, it is clean now. Jack can see Audrey through the window of the hotel. He looks away from her thinking and then looks back, unable to keep his eyes off Audrey.

Doyle comes in the hotel and approaches Audrey. He dismisses the other agents and introduces himself to her. She says nothing and just stares back into nothing. Doyle asks if she heard something from the man that had her, he needs her to help find him. Audrey still says nothing. Doyle assures her that she is safe now, Jack bought her freedom from the Chinese with a component that contains highly sensitive Russian technology. Audrey turns and looks out the window and Doyle asks quietly if she can understand him. Finally she acknowledges Doyle but tells him clearly, ‘ Help me Jack, please don’t let them do this to me.’ Doyle sits back and also looks ou the window. He gets up and leaves Audrey sitting there.

Nadia is on the phone to some lackey somewhere and tells him that she wants blocks set up to try and catch Cheng and a satellite scan from his last location. The man makes excuses that they are running at full capacity but Nadia snaps just to get it done.

Morris knocks on the glass to her office and comes in asking if he wanted to see her. She read his request for a transfer and she asks him point blank if it is because he and Chloe had a fight. Morris says she has her facts right but the why is none of her business. Nadia sympathizes that they have all had a hard day but she needs him on the floor. His request for a transfer has been denied.

From downstairs, Chloe looks up and sees them talking, Morris looking unhappy. Back in the office, Morris says she is new to the job and he is just trying to protect her from being in the middle of an awkward position. Nadia corrects that he is asking him to indulge his personal melodrama when they are in the middle of a national crisis. Morris says Buchanan said he would consider it but Nadia says Buchanan is not running CTU, she is. She has made her decision. Morris attempts to argue but she tells him to go back to his station, keep his personal life to himself, they can deal with this tomorrow. She says they are done. Her phone rings and she asks him if there is anything else he wants to say. “Oh yeah.” Morris leaves.

Nadia picks up her phone and finds Doyle calling in. He asks if they have a lead on Cheng, they have nothing yet. She asks about Audrey and Doyle looks back in her direction and says that it didn’t go well. Nadia asks if she doesn’t know anything about where she was and Doyle says that she is completely non-responsive, he’s not a shrink but whatever they did to her in China left her with some kind of post-traumatic reaction. Nadia wants her brought back to CTU; District will send a specialist to look at her. Nadia asks if Doyle knows what Jack was thinking. Doyle has it figured out, he had the building rigged with C-4 and he was going to take it down once Audrey was safe. Nadia concludes that he was willing to sacrifice his life for Audrey’s. Doyle says regretfully that it would have worked too if he hadn’t interfered. Nadia reassures him, Doyle saved Jack’s life, Doyle finishes but he lost the component. Nadia reminds him that Jack went against a direct order from the White House; this was no one’s fault but his. Doyle chews on that and grumbles they are on the way back. Doyle tells the other agent to go with Audrey and he will go with Bauer.

Doyle steps out of the hotel and gives the signal for the chopper to get going. Jack sees Doyle and then sees Audrey being led out. Jack calls her name and starts to run toward her. Doyle sees what’s going on and gets in front of Jack grabbing onto his jacket to stop him. Distraught, Jack asks where they are taking her. Doyle says CTU, same place he is going. Jack asks Doyle to let him talk to her for a few minutes, please. Doyle says that he saw what condition she’s in. Jack argues he knows her, he knows what she has been through, he can get through to her. He asks please. Doyle says Jack is under arrest, they will discuss it back at CTU. Doyle tells another agent to put Jack in the second chopper. Jack is grabbed by another agent and pulled toward the chopper as he yells for Doyle to let him talk to Audrey now. Doyle doesn’t respond and Jack watches as Audrey is loaded into the chopper and it takes off.

Karen tells Daniels that says CTU is putting their resources into finding Cheng. Karen has an order that closes border crossings that she wants signed. Daniels can’t stop migrant workers from crossing the border, how is he going to stop a determined enemy agent? Karen says the point is to slow him down so CTU has more time to find him but she agrees, Cheng will eventually find a way out. Daniels is concerned that Russia will lose its defensive edge against the Chinese and blame them. Karen is doing everything in their power to stop that. Daniels signs off on the order and hands it back to Karen. She turns to leave and Daniels calls her back saying Tom told him about what’s going on with her husband. He asks how he took being fired from CTU. Karen sighs and says not well. She turns to leave and Daniels calls her again. She turns and Daniels gets up coming toward her. He says that they have had their difficulties in the past but he wants her to know that he values her role here and he appreciates her sacrifice. Karen looks down and quietly thanks him.

A knock comes at the door and Tom enters without waiting. Tom sees Karen and Daniels face to face and looks confused for a second before saying that the Russian President is calling and insisting on a conference call. Daniels asks what he wants but Tom doesn’t know. He does know that he has his military and intelligence services with him. Daniels looks concerned for a second and then says he wants Tom and Karen with him on this.

Lisa enters her apartment and closes the door behind her. She locks it and turns when someone comes out behind her and covers her mouth. She is scared for a second until she gets a glimpse of her ‘attacker’. He takes his hand away and they kiss. Once they are finished she says that Palmer is still in a coma and it looks like Noah will be acting President for some time. The man, whose name is Mark Bishop, says good for Noah. Lisa says that’s good for them, the only thing he cares about is pushing his lunatic foreign agenda and he will defer anything to do with spending to her, now that he is acting president they will have to be more careful. She takes off her jacket and says that they only have half an hour. He suggests that they stop talking and picks her up. Mark carries Lisa to the bed and undoes her shirt.

President Suvarov is on a screen with two men at each side, the screen takes up a wall of the room. The press secretary tells him that he is on a secure call with Vice President Daniels. Daniels introduces Karen and Tom and Suvarov does not return the favor. Suvarov has had some troubling news brought to his attention. Daniels asks what that might be and Suvarov says that the nuclear bomb that was in terrorist hands contains proprietary Russian technology that until now has only been available to the US government and his own. Daniels is aware of this and Suvarov states that that board is now in possession of an agent of the Chinese government. Daniels has nothing to say and Suvarov asks if he denies it. Daniels assures him that he is in control of this situation. Suvarov’s generals confirmed that it contains information on defense capabilities. Daniels must stop the Chinese from leaving the country with it. Daniels stands up for himself, he doesn’t appreciate being dictated to when it was a Russian agent that allowed the bombs to enter the country in the first place, the same agent that was part of the conspiracy to detonate them. Suvarov brushes this off; if Daniels does not intercept the board he will initiate an appropriate military response. Daniels tries to argue but Suvarov hangs up.

Daniels sits back and asks how he could have found out about that. Karen thinks he might have been tracking the component but the security on it was too high. Tom asks who CTU and the White House knew about this, Daniels concludes they are dealing with a spy, and there is no other way. Tom will start an inquiry into the White House staff that knew about this and Karen will do the same at CTU. Daniels asks about Suvarov, do they think that he is serious about his threat. Tom and Karen both agree that he would be very serious. Tom says with the Chinese in possession of the component the Russians will need to extend their line in Central Asia. Karen says they have a military base there and Tom continues that the Russians will have to target it and they will have to respond in kind. Tag teaming now Karen says that it will escalate beyond just a regional conflict. Daniels rubs his forehead and thinks for a second. He says to give CTU whatever they need to find this man Cheng.

The Hummer with Cheng in it drives and he calls a man on the phone. Cheng hooks the board up to his laptop and the man on the other end speaks to Cheng. Cheng has interfaced the component and the man has it, he is running a diagnostic. Cheng will be there in less than an hour. A warning flashes up on the screen and the man says that there is a problem, the chip is damaged. The man claims that he can’t fix it unless he has the secondary override. Cheng says they don’t have access to that information; the chip is useless to us unless they can find someone with nuclear expertise. Cheng speaks in Chinese and hangs up.



Jack and Doyle’s chopper lands and Audrey is already set up in the hospital wing.

Lisa moves toward the edge of the bed saying that she has to shower; Noah will be waiting for her to get back. They kiss again and Lisa gets up and heads to the bathroom. Once she is out of sight Mark gets up and, clad only in boxers, and heads into the living room. He gets Lisa’s PDA out of her bag and connects it to a small device that quickly flashes ‘Download Complete.’ While he is putting everything back Mark makes a call to a man and tells him they are all set. The man, with a slight Russian accent, asks Mark if he is sure she doesn’t know they are working for them. Mark confirms that she doesn’t have a clue. They hang up.

Morris walks past Chloe in the back halls of CTU. She calls him and when he acknowledges her she says that she saw him arguing with Nadia. Morris admits it and Chloe asks if it was about them. Morris tells her that he asked for a transfer, it was denied. Bluntly, Chloe asks why he did that. Morris tells her straight out, ‘Because working with you is becoming very uncomfortable.’ Chloe told him she was sorry. Still hurt, Morris reminds her that she told him he should stop helping terrorists arm nuclear bombs. Chloe knows that they have both said things they didn’t mean. Morris seems sympathetic but he is firm, there is a line and she crossed it. Knowing what’s coming, Chloe starts to cry. She asks what he is saying. Morris pauses and gently breaks it to her, ‘I’m saying that, it’s over. There’s no going back now, they’re done.’ She looks at her ex-husband and breathes in heavily. ‘Morris,’ she cries, ‘forgive me.’ She cries that he doesn’t have to do this. He reaches out and touches the side of her face and then says again, ‘We’re done.’ He turns on her and walks away as she quietly calls after him. As he walks away she cries more and once he is out of sight she turns and cries to the wall covering her face with her hands.

Karen speaks on the phone to Nadia. She tells her that the situation with Russia has escalated; they know the Chinese have the component and they are threatening action unless they stop the Chinese from taking it out of the country. Karen confirms that there is a leak, they are working on it at the White House and she asks Nadia to do it there. Nadia says they have yet to get anything out of Audrey Raines but she watches the psychiatric specialist from District walk in and tells Karen he just arrived. Karen asks half desperately if there are any other leads. Nadia says not at the moment. Karen emphasizes the importance of finding Cheng. Karen tells her if she needs more resources to let her know. Nadia will and then adds that she has one more thing. To be honest, Nadia says what they really need is Bill Buchanan but there is a rumor going around that Karen fired him. Karen brushes it off that it’s complicated but it isn’t as far as Nadia is concerned, Nadia says that Karen knows how good he is at his job she doesn’t see how something like this could happen while they are in the middle of a crisis. Karen is not at liberty to say anything else, she just wants to be kept updated on the search for Cheng.

Nadia hangs up and heads over to the doctor calling him Dr. Bradley. Bradley has no time for friendly conversation as they are in a time crunch, he wants to see Ms. Raines. Nadia has him taken there and says that he wants his first impressions immediately. Milo gets Nadia’s attention and says that Doyle and Jack just landed. Nadia wants Bauer secured by Doyle and then have Doyle meet her in medical. She walks away and Milo says to no one in particular, ‘Okay.’

Dr. Bradley goes into Audrey’s room with another man that came with him. He goes to Audrey’s side calling her Ms. Raines and he introduces himself. Audrey does not respond in any way but just stares forward at nothing in particular. He asks about Cheng, where she was held and what she heard but she again doesn’t respond. Bradley reaches to Audrey’s restrained arm to look at it and she flinches away. Bradley says it is okay and he starts to assess the marks on Audrey’s arm. Nadia stands outside the window and watches as Bradley points out the marks to the other man. He then sees Audrey’s legs with the same kinds of markings.

Jack, Doyle and the other agents come down the hallway, Jack’s hands still cuffed behind his back. Jack talks to Doyle telling him desperately that he wants to talk to Audrey. Jack is led towards a holding room and he says that Doyle knows what CTU protocol is, the interrogation is going to make her retreat farther inside herself. Doyle beeps Jack into the room as Jack says in frustration, “Please, LISTEN to me.” Doyle is silent and gets behind Jack taking the cuffs off and telling him to sit down. He comes to the front of Jack and puts the handcuffs back on saying that this will make him more comfortable. Doyle turns to leave and as he gets to the door Jack calls his name. Doyle turns back and Jack asks with concern, ‘Please, I’m begging you, take care of her.’ Doyle appears sympathetic and leaves Jack sitting there, closing the door behind him. Jack attempts to collect himself.

The pair from Division work on Audrey and point out more marks on her.

Doyle comes out and informs Nadia that Jack is in holding 3. He asks how Nadia is doing. Nadia says the White House is pressuring them to find Cheng; they have to get the information out of Audrey. She goes to the glass and knocks on it calling Bradley over. Once he comes out of the room Nadia introduces Doyle as being involved in the rescue mission. Bradley explains quickly that Audrey is a type 3 catatonic, she is able to repeat back simple commands and phrases but she is unresponsive otherwise. Nadia asks if they can get the information they need and Bradley says not within their time frame without intervention. Doyle asks what that means and Bradley explains technically, ‘Ms. Raines is suffering from severe psychological abuse amplified by pharmacological agents as evidenced by more than 100 injection sites on her arms, feet and groin. It’s going to be next to impossible to communicate with her in the near term unless we attempt to shock her out of this state.’ Doyle asks doubtfully, ‘So they used drugs to torture her and you’re going to give her more?’ Bradley explains simply that these are different compounds used for different reasons. Nadia asks what the risks are. Bradley rattles off that 22% of patients experience cardiovascular events some of it neurological and in the most extreme cases death can occur. Doyle shakes his head and argues that they can’t do this. Nadia warns Doyle and Bradley admits that he is not comfortable with the high percentage of adverse reactions either but this treatment is the only way they are going to get anything out of her in the time they have. Doyle suggests Jack, he has a long history with her and the Chinese put him through something similar. Doyle turns to Nadia and says it makes sense to see what Jack can draw from her before they do anything riskier. Nadia turns to Bradley for advice and with a half smile he says he knows who Jack Bauer is, he has read her file and in his opinion contact with him will more than likely upset her more than encourage her to talk. Doyle counters that there is no chance of her dying from it. He asks Nadia to give Jack a chance. Nadia appears confused and Bradley pulls rank saying that district has placed Audrey in his custody and he has to begin preparing for her treatment shortly. He completes his sentence as he walks into medical saying, “Good day.”

Doyle and Nadia stand outside and Doyle turns to Nadia arguing that they can’t let him get away with this, not without giving Jack a chance. Nadia cops attitude saying that he has jurisdiction. Doyle raises his voice, ‘The hell with jurisdiction.’ There’s nothing Nadia can do and Doyle snaps that she can do what she knows is right. He adds after, ‘It’s what Buchanan would have done.’ Offended she tells him that was uncalled for. Not really sorry Doyle apologizes anyway and rephrases, ‘What I meant to say was that the acting director can’t be afraid to step on toes.’ Doyle is right in her face and Nadia snaps back that part of being acting director is respecting the chain of command. She thanks Doyle and he turns away in frustration.



Lisa’s phone rings and she looks at the display seeing its Daniels. Mark goes and pours himself a drink as Lisa answers and Daniels asks where she is. Lisa says she is on her way out the door. Daniels asks her to be as quick as she can, they have a crisis. Lisa guesses if it is another threat from terrorists but Daniels says he will fill her in when she gets there. Lisa’s ETA is less than 15 minutes. His voice softens and he says, ‘I need you.’ She says she needs him too and they hang up.

Lisa lets Mark know she has to go. She says she doesn’t know what’s going on. They kiss and she leaves, Mark picks up the phone and calls the man he is working for again.

Tom enters Daniels office and tells him that he thinks he has identified the leak; it is at the White House. He explains about NSA going after the phone calls and email over the last few hours and they found something. One of the staffers called a Mark Bishop 3 times. He was flagged 2 years ago as a possible link to Russian Intelligence but they couldn’t do anything about it due to lack of resources. Daniels wants to know which staffer they are talking about and Tom tells him it’s Lisa Miller. Daniels stops dead and scoffs that he finds that hard to believe that his chief aide is working for the Russians. Tom doesn’t think she did so knowingly or she wouldn’t have called Bishop from her phone. Daniels asks how he is getting information from her and Tom sits down and reads that they have found credit card records that put Miller and Bishop at the same hotels several times over the past year. Tom is sure that if they dig deeper they are going to find more evidence that these two are sleeping together. Daniels takes it well but tells Tom dryly that they have a bigger problem then Tom thinks. Tom asks why that is. ‘Because I’m sleeping with her too.’ Daniels replies. Tom gapes at Daniels and absently closes the folder in his lap. Daniels sits down and starts talking saying, ‘She started working for me two years after my wife, after Nancy died.’ Pain still evident from this Daniels continues slowly, ‘After Nancy died, at that time I didn’t think I’d feel anything for another woman again.’ Daniels toys with his hands and his wedding ring as Tom still stares at Daniels. ‘Lisa and I became close and then last year we were working late one night and…’ Daniels looks down at his hands and finishes, ‘You understand how these things happen, Tom.’ Daniels covers his mouth with his hands and Tom absorbs this. Daniels ponders, ‘Dammit, what a fool I’ve been.’ Still reeling from this Tom pulls the folder up he is holding and puts the corner in his mouth. Daniels asks, ‘What the hell do I do, Tom?’ Tom leans forward saying, ‘Actually, sir, if we handle this correctly we may be able to turn this situation to our advantage.’ Daniels is interested.

Jack sits alone in holding waiting for something to happen. The door beeps and as soon as it does Jack snaps his attention to it. Doyle comes in and Jack peppers him with questions about what is happening out there, are they going to let him talk to Audrey? Doyle tried to make it happen but the shrink that’s treating her doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Jack wants to talk to him but Doyle tells him honestly, ‘I wish this guy was interested in what other people have to say.’ Jack is confused and Doyle has moved close to him reaching down and undoing his cuffs. He explains to Jack urgently that he has her in medical and he is about to try some protocol of his own, big boosts of drugs, “It could kill her Jack.” Stone faced Jack asks, “Why’d you uncuff me?” Doyle answers, ‘Because I think you need to do something about it.’ Jack stares at Doyle who says, ‘Make it look good.’ Jack grits his teeth and looks up to Doyle with a small nod. Doyle stands up straight and starts to walk toward the door to the holding room. Instantly Jack is up out of his seat and comes behind Doyle grabbing him around his neck from behind. With Doyle’s air supply cut off he starts to choke and pass out. Jack leans in and whispers in his ear, ‘Easy’ as he guides him gently down to the floor. Once he is unconscious, Jack grabs Doyle’s gun and then his CTU keycard. Without a second look back Jack swipes out the door and punches the guard standing on the other side.

Jack rounds the corner and goes straight into the clinic where Audrey is being held. Bradley and the other man are in there and the helper comes to Jack saying he can’t be in there. Jack punches him out and turns on Bradley asking if he has started yet. Jack has Bradley up against the wall and demands to know what he has done to her. Bradley says nothing and Jack assesses him as lucky. Jack throws Bradley to the ground and heads to Audrey. Bradley says from the floor that he knows he is Jack Bauer, he has read the file. Seeing him will only make Audrey worse. Jack yells for Bradley to shut up as he works on Audrey’s restraints. Once she is free he coaxes her to come with him. Once they are away Bradley gets up and pushes the lockdown button.

Milo is frustrated and puts down the phone. Nadia crosses to him asking for the location of the alarm. Milo says its exam room 6, where Audrey is being treated. They bring up the video and find Bradley assisting the other doctor. Nadia wants to see holding 3. While Morris works to bring it up Milo says under his breath, ‘If we just let Jack talk to Audrey none of this would have happened.’ He looks accusingly at Nadia.



Morris hangs up his phone and tells Nadia that security has confirmed Jack didn’t exit the building, he is still there somewhere. Sections A though K are clear and she wants video feeds on the lower levels. Morris is working on it but it’s going to take some time. Nadia needs it to take less time. She looks across to Chloe’s station and sees it vacant, she asks where Chloe is. Morris glances over to her station saying he’s not sure.

Doyle comes out onto the floor rubbing the back of his neck and asking if they found Jack. Nadia says no but she would like to know how Jack managed to overpower Doyle. Doyle says he made a mistake, he got too close. Nadia, stopping Doyle with a hand on his chest, says he made it very clear that he thought Jack should have a chance with Audrey. She accuses him of going in there with the purpose of letting Jack overpower him and get his key card. Doyle tells her that he did what he thought was best for this operation, and for Audrey Raines. Doyle is spared a rebuke by Nadia as Morris calls urgently from his desk, ‘I have him!’ Nadia turns and goes to Morris desk who says Jack is on the lower level. We can see the grainy image of Jack ushering Audrey down a flight of stairs. Morris explains that the lower level is locked down; he can only get to sections L and M from down there. Nadia walks off calling for Morris to have Dr. Bradley and Doyle meet her down there.

Jack is trying to navigate through the section and tells Audrey to hang on as he checks around a corner. Once it’s clear he pulls Audrey along and he uses Doyle’s keycard to get into a room. He releases Audrey on the other side of the door and goes to work on the panel. Jack uses the butt of his gun to hit the key panel. Eventually he loosens it and then rips it right off the wall, disconnecting the cables. Once that’s complete Jack goes to Audrey and grabs onto her comforting her that it’s alright. They sink to the ground, Jack’s eyes fixed on her as he continues to say it’s alright. He promises her that he is not going anywhere, he is going to protect her and take care of her, he promises. ‘I know you can recognize me, I can see it in your eyes, and it’s me, Jack.’ Softly but urgently Jack tells Audrey, ‘The men that hurt you can’t touch you now, I won’t allow it. Right now I need you to try and remember, I need you to remember who you are.’ He tells her, ‘Your name is Audrey Raines; you were born Audrey Louise Heller in Albany, New York. You father was Secretary of Defense James Heller. Your mother’s name was Alicia; she died when you were nine.’ Audrey seems to recognize this information as Jack begs her to try and remember.

Morris is on COM with Nadia and tells her that room 237 was just locked from the inside. Security guard in tow Nadia tries to swipe into that room but the keypad beeps back at her. She calls for an entry team since it has been disabled.

Jack still speaks quietly to Audrey saying that the men holding her were within one hour of the motel. He asks her if when they moved her they went by surface streets or the freeway, can she give them anything to help find them? “I want them to pay for what they’ve done.” Audrey looks at Jack and still says nothing. He reaches up and carefully pulls her hair back out of her face. She leans into his hand and Jack moves close to her nearly leaning his forehead on hers. He tells her, ‘I know what you’ve been through, I know what it’s like to feel like it’s never going to end, to hate them that much and then need them.’ She looks at him as he rambles quietly, ‘You start blaming yourself for everything that’s happening to you. They can’t hurt you anymore, you don’t need to hide now, it’s over.’ Pulling back a little bit Jack begs her to give him some kind of sign, anything to let him know she understands him. His words are still quiet but have some force behind them and Audrey withdraws flinching as he apologizes. He again tells her it’s alright and he hugs Audrey pulling her tightly towards him. He whispers gently in her ear, “I know you’re trying. I love you with all my heart.” She responds to these words and gropes around finding Jack’s hand, running it over his scars on the back of his hand and then putting hers into his palm. He holds on tighter to her.

Outside the room Nadia, Doyle and Bradley watch the ‘entry team’ work at opening the door using a welder. Doyle shields his eyes with his hand.

Inside Audrey appears scared again as the sparks are coming through the door. Jack explains hurriedly that they are going to take her away from him for a while and there’s nothing he can do about it. He tells her that they are out of time; he asks again if there is anything she can tell him to help him find Cheng. She doesn’t answer again and he pulls her up and directs her to a corner of the room behind some support bars. Jack sets up position in front of her and draws his gun, crouching and prepared to fire. Doyle and another agent enter the room first, both with guns drawn. Doyle calls for Jack to put his gun down but Jack tells him to put his down. Looking to Bradley Jack tells them to get him out of there; Jack is not letting him take Audrey back to medical. Now Nadia speaks up telling Jack to lower his weapon. Jack is not going to do that until he has a guarantee from Nadia that Audrey will be safe. Finally and quietly Audrey speaks, blurting out the word ‘Bloomfield’. Jack glances back quickly and asks what she said. She repeats it a little louder and Jack yells to Nadia asking if she heard that, she said Bloomfield. Jack was asking her where she was being held and she is trying to answer. Behind Nadia Bradley says that they don’t know if that represents communication, it could be another programmed response. Nadia is going to find out, she tells Morris through her COM to track that down and keep Doyle in the loop. Nadia tells Bradley to go to her office but he argues that she is his patient. Nadia finally stands up to him saying that she is her witness. ‘I suggest you go with these men, Doctor.’ Bradley grudgingly leaves the room and Nadia gets farther in the room telling Jack to listen, ‘You have my word I will not let him touch her.’ She asks him to lower his weapon. Doyle has lowered his weapon but the other agent has his still pointed at Jack. Jack puts his hands up and slides the gun away from him. He turns to Audrey and helps her up from the ground. Doyle has come around and Jack tells Audrey that he is going to take care of her. Arm around her small frame Doyle steers Audrey away from Jack but she continues to look back at him. Nadia tells Jack that he needs to go with these men to holding. Jack doesn’t argue but thanks Nadia quietly. She watches him led out of the room.



Tom is on the phone with a general and before he hangs up he says he will review this information with the Vice President and get back to him. Tom tells Daniels that Suvarov is not bluffing; their satellites have confirmed that the Russian Army is moving troops to Central Asia within striking range of their base. They will be in range within the hour. Daniels takes it well.

Lisa comes in the room saying she got there as soon as she could. Tom stands there while Daniels looks at her and then to Tom, there is an awkward pause in the room. Daniels asks Tom to get the recommendations of the Joint Chiefs on what to do. Tom leaves but not before he gives Lisa a nasty look. Tom leaves and Lisa has clued in, she asks Daniels what’s going on. Daniels tells her that the reason Tom is talking to the Joint Chiefs is because the Russians know that the Chinese have the component. Lisa is surprised and asks how. Daniels tells her that someone on the inside is selling information. Daniels drops the name, Mark Bishop, and asks if Lisa knows him. Her voice changing she says she believes he is a lobbyist, she wants to know if Daniels is sure it’s Bishop. Daniels confirms it and says that they started monitoring his phone calls as soon as this came to their attention. Daniels has a tape recorder and says that 10 minutes ago he called a known Russian Intelligence agent from his cell phone. Daniels plays it and the two voices speak the Russian accented one saying that Bishop needs to ‘reach out to her in the next few hours.’ Bishop can call her and get access to her PDA again. Daniels comes close to Lisa asking how well she knows this man, Bishop. Lisa brushes it off as an acquaintance; he consulted on a white paper last year. Daniels cuts her off quietly telling her not to insult him anymore that she already has. Bishop got the intelligence from her and Daniels doesn’t know if he read her emails or if they talked about it in bed but the Russians know about the component and they are threatening military action against them if they don’t get it back from the Chinese. Daniels quietly says that he always knew she was a good liar but he didn’t think she could lie to him. ‘I guess I thought too highly of myself.’ Lisa swears to Daniels that she didn’t know but Daniels tells her it’s still treason, a capital offence. Daniels says that she didn’t just betray him, she betrayed the country. Accepting this, she looks down and shakes her head asking Daniels what he wants from her. Daniels instructs her to go back to her boyfriend and make him believe that they got the component back. Lisa claims she can’t do that but he tells her she can and will do exactly what Tom Lennox tells her to do. He warns her not to dare to even think about exposing there relationship. If she does he will have her declared an enemy combatant and she will be in solitary before she can speak to anyone about anything. She calls after him as he leaves the room finding Tom on the other side of the door. Daniels is upset but holding it well, Tom asks if he is alright. Daniels says he is better now. Tom lets him know that Secret Service is sending over a team to work with her, they will get going soon. Daniels leaves Tom standing there.

Nadia stands outside the CTU clinic looking at Audrey who is back to staring blankly in front of her. Her father, James Heller, sits down next to her and leans forward saying quietly that he has made arrangements to take her away from here, ‘I’m going to look after you, Audie, I promise you will get well and you won’t be alone.’ She has no response for Heller and he reaches out and puts his hand on hers. She flinches slightly but he holds on. Heller sees Nadia outside and tells Audrey he will be right back. She silently watches him go to Nadia. Heller says that before he takes his daughter he would like to see Jack Bauer. Nadia says he is in holding, she tells one of the agents to take him there.

As Heller walks away Doyle shows up asking if Audrey said anything with her father. Nadia doesn’t think so. Doyle tells her that the name Audrey gave them might be a good lead, it is a refining facility in Jefferson Heights and they found oxidized particles on her clothing. LAPD is locking it down now, it might be Cheng’s headquarters. Doyle has told LAPD to stand down until they get there. Nadia tells him he did good work. She continues that Doyle was right; she should have stood up to Dr. Bradley. Doyle reminds her that she did, when it counted she stood up to him. Doyle leaves and Nadia smiles.

In the split screen we see Audrey still comatose, Nadia walking, Cheng, Tom, Jack doing a rain-man rock, Daniels wiping his eyes and Lisa.

Jack sits in holding with his hands under his chin rocking back and forth slightly. The door beeps and Jack doesn’t look right away but he rockets out of his seat while he turns and looks seeing Heller standing there. Obviously not what he was expecting, Jack blurts out a shocked, ‘Mr. Secretary.’ He pauses and says, ‘You’ve seen Audrey.’ Heller says nothing but walks in front of Jack who starts talking saying he made Audrey a promise and he makes the same one to him, he will take care of her as long as it takes. He will be there for her. Heller tells Jack clearly, ‘No you won’t, Jack.’ With a blink Jack’s expression changes from respect to anger and he asks, ‘Excuse me?’ Heller explains, ‘I don’t want you anywhere near my daughter ever again.’ Jack moves his eyes to the floor as Heller tells him that Audrey went looking for him and this is how she came back, ‘This is your fault.’ Jack accepts that responsibility but he can help her. Heller has moved closer to Jack warning him to stay away. Jack pleads, ‘Mr. Secretary, earlier I got through to Audrey, I can do the same thing again I just need some time, please.’ Heller leans on the table with one hand and moves close to Jack who doesn’t look back at him. Heller growls dangerously, “I’m warning you, stay away.” Heller walks behind Jack toward the door, Jack drops back into his chair. Heller gets to the door but has one more thing to say, “You’re cursed Jack. Everything you touch, one way or another ends up dead.” Heller knocks on the door to be let out and as he leaves Jack is left sitting there, his chin quivers as he stares straight ahead absorbing Heller’s words.



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-William Devane (Heller) was in the credits and everything but I missed him. I was blindsided by his return and I loved every second of the surprise.

-The fact that Morris speaking about killing himself made the previouslies means that they don’t want us to forget about it. Do we think that this means it’s going to happen?

-Watching Jack and the emotions he has for Audrey is so sad. It makes me wonder just how much he was thinking about her while he was imprisoned, really, she is one of the few rays of hope in his life.

-As much as Doyle has been a pain in the ass since we met him he did some good things in this episode. These good things are not exactly consistent with what we have learned about him so far. If they had written him in the way that they have previously, he would have had Audrey strapped down for torture before Jack could say dammit.

-That’s quite the programmed response in Audrey, the ‘Help me Jack, please don’t let them do this to me.’ I know Doyle is blonde too but man, he looks NOTHING like Jack.

-Well, Nadia sure went from half-groveling-reluctantly-in-charge to take-charge-take-no-shit-CTU-boss-asshole in record time.

-I guess we don’t need to transfer a pigheaded idiot boss from Division in; Nadia can do the job just fine.

-I sense that Nadia is going to save herself a lot of trouble by just granting Morris the damn transfer out of Chloe’s section.

-The melodrama is only going to get worse if they don’t do something about it now. Morris is trying to be proactive here, sort of.

-I don’t think Nadia’s hard day even compares to Morris’s hard day. Morris and Milo have both been on the unfriendly side of some terrorist action today. Just because they have miraculously recovered from their wounds since then doesn’t mean they haven’t had a hard day. Come on now.

-I feel like Nadia gouged Buchanan by saying he is not running CTU, she is. I know it’s the truth but she uses that to get something she wants. It feels wrong.

-Line of the week contender, Morris to Nadia after she asks if there is anything he wants to say: “Oh yeah.” And his hasty exit after that.

-Doyle knows that he didn’t do Jack any favors by ‘saving’ him and effectively screwing up the whole operation. Nadia’s comment shows exactly how much field experience she has: 0.

-The question becomes, did Jack know he was on orders from the White House? Does he even know that Wayne is not President anymore? I know Doyle was yelling that he ‘can’t go against the White House’ but I don’t think he really knows the circumstances. In any event, I don’t really think it would have changed his course of action.

-I bet Doyle regrets not letting Jack talk to Audrey at the hotel. He may not have ended up unconscious if he had just let Jack talk to Audrey in the first place.

-That was a weird comment from Daniels about the migrant workers crossing the border. I don’t know why, it just didn’t seem to fit well with the example.

-Am I the only one that got the ‘creepy’ vibe off Daniels when he was talking to Karen about Buchanan? They ended up standing pretty close together at the end there and it felt icky.

-Daniels values Karen’s abilities, until she gets in his way that is.

-Lisa looks much less creepy kissing Mark than she does Daniels.

-It’s interesting hearing Lisa refer to Daniels’ ‘lunatic foreign agenda’. Obviously, then, she’s just in this for the power because she was willing to lie before the courts to get his lunatic agenda passed.

-I quite like the character of Suvarov. He’s just interesting. I think I also like him be default because he survived Season 5.

-Did we all like the giant commercial for Cisco Systems?

-I wonder if what Cheng said in Chinese before they went to commercial was ‘Dammit!’

-Bets of if the person that Cheng is going to find to help him works at CTU?

-How long did Jack and Doyle wait before leaving? Audrey is miles ahead of them.

-What did Chloe think Morris was doing up there? Trying to get more paper towel in the men’s room?

-I like that Morris is a principled man and once he makes a decision he sticks with it. It’s nice, even if it does suck for Chloe.

-Sure, they both said things they didn’t mean but I think Chloe was the worst offender.

-Bets on if the two of them get back together before the day ends? I’d say 2 to 1 they do.

-When Karen said she would deal with the possibility of a leak at CTU, I thought SHE would deal with it, not delegate it to Nadia.

-I like how Karen says Nadia’s name, more like ‘Nad-ya.’

-Did Nadia really think that her whining about Bill was going to change Karen’s mind?

-Milo seems to notice Nadia’s transformation to ‘boss’.

-I wonder if Jack badgered Doyle about seeing Audrey the entire way back. That would have made for one long chopper ride.

-All of a sudden Doyle cares about how Nadia is doing? Again with the non continuity.

-I love how Nadia calls Doyle ‘Involved in the rescue mission’. I would definitely sub out the word ‘involved’ for something more along the lines of ‘messed up’, but that’s just me.

-I wonder how Audrey would have fared if she was subjected to the same thing Jack was?

-Funny, we haven’t heard Audrey repeat back anything.

-It looks like Jack got through to Doyle since he is trying to protect Audrey as well.

-Does Bradley have a personality? Does he breathe when he talks? How about taking a space where like, a comma might be?

-I don’t see how Doyle reminding Nadia about Buchanan was uncalled for. IT’s true and it will probably help her make the right decision.

-“Part of being acting director is respecting the chain of command.” That’s just about the funniest line I’ve ever heard. WHAT director or acting director EVER respected the chain of command unless they were from Division? Somewhere along the line they all made the choice to do what they thought was right.

-That was not only a quick shower for Lisa bit her hair isn’t even wet. It probably would have taken her that much time to dry her hair.

-Tom’s reaction when Daniels said he was sleeping with Lisa was totally priceless. I’m starting to really like Tom and particularly the actor portraying him. He can say so much with a few easy expressions.

-I wouldn’t be so sure that Tom ‘understands how these things happen’, he looks pretty in awe there.

-You know, I think one of the things that this season has been missing is character and depth in the cast. There really hasn’t been any growth on the new characters, why the act the way they do. This episode we had growth of Doyle and Daniels. It was nice to have some base to ground these guys on. Too bad it took 20 episodes for that to happen. It really does create more complex characters and relationship. Even though I hate Daniels and what he stands for, I feel bad for him with this whole Lisa thing. Same with Doyle, I’m not his biggest fan but now that they’ve developed him a little I feel like he has a point.

-Speaking of Doyle, he went up a whole bunch of notches by allowing Jack to take him out so he could go and help Audrey.

-That infamous Jack Bauer choke hold is just so useful, especially if you’re like Jack and have to choke out your friends every so often.

-What was the point of Doyle letting Jack do that? Why didn’t he just let him go? If there were cameras in the room, which I’m sure there are, they would see that Doyle set Jack free and talked to him.

-Judging by what Jack did to that poor CTU security guard it’s a good thing that he went easy on Doyle.

-So, let me get this straight, Jack has the friendly choke hold for Doyle, punches for the guard and Bradley’s assistant but just a shove for Bradley? I had bets on he was going to kill him right there on principle.

-You can see that Doyle is starting to respect Jack and his choices. He is in an impossible position and Doyle sees that.

-At least he could have incapacitated him so he couldn’t call a lockdown. Unless, that is, Jack wasn’t planning on leaving the building and just wanted to have some time alone with Audrey.

-Jack had a weird kind of accent there when he yelled at Bradley, “Shut Ahp!”

-So, when Nadia looked at Holding 3 did she send anyone to help Doyle out because he showed up in the atrium alone?

-Where did Chloe go? She was gone for quite a while.

-I was just waiting for the gun to go off when Jack was using it to break the key panel.

-The sound of Kiefer saying ‘Jack’ just came off weird. We’re so used to other people calling him or him yelling, “Jack Bauer, Federal Agent.” That it sounded uncomfortable when he said it quietly.

-I love that Nadia has a guard in tow; we know how useful CTU Security is and all.

-“Entry team” – CTU code for “Guys with a blowtorch”

-I can’t imagine what is going to happen when and if Jack finds Cheng. It would have been bad enough after what he did to Jack but now that Audrey is all messed up, Cheng better know he is a seriously marked man.

-There has been some question about the statement, “I know what it’s like to … hate them that much and then need them.” In case you were questioning it, the reasons are obvious for hating their torturers but they also need them to stay alive. They supply basic food water and shelter.

-That scene with Jack and Audrey in the basement is one of the most emotional scenes in this series, definitely in this season. I was getting a little misty right along with Jack as he talked about how it feels to be held captive, about blaming yourself and then finally telling Audrey, “I love you with all my heart.” The best part is that she responds to that and returns his sentiment silently by taking his hand.

-Kim Raver (Audrey) is definitely wearing eye shadow while she is in the basement with Jack.

-There’s something fitting about these two together, her cut wrist and marks from injections taking Jack’s badly scarred hands.

-I have news for Doyle, his hand is not going to stop him from damaging his eyes while watching them try and weld their way into that room.

-Doyle is looking down the barrel of his own gun there since Jack took it from him.

-Jack did a good job of hiding his surprise when Audrey spoke; he made it sound like they’ve been having a dandy conversation until they all got there.

-Doyle looks pretty wide next to Audrey. He also appears to be trying to crush her from the sides.

-If Jack’s reaction to the whole situation doesn’t tell Nadia that she was wrong there is nothing that will. The small thank-you was enough.

-Daniels can be one intimidating guy when he needs to be.

-I was really happy to see Heller back, that is, until he said that to Jack, even though he may have been right.

-It’s interesting that Audrey hasn’t responded to Heller but she responds to Jack. I think that we have not seen the last of her.

-So, is that all the questioning they are going to do of Audrey?

-To take a phrase out of Doyle’s book do we think he is trying to sleep with Nadia?

-That was a quick change for Jack going from humble and helpful to angry in .2 seconds. He thought that Heller meant Jack wouldn’t commit but unfortunately, he meant something entirely different.

-So, has Heller forgotten completely that Jack saved him and Audrey in Season 4? I know it was a while ago but they both would have been dead if it wasn’t for Jack.

-Not to mention that Jack just saved Audrey from the Chinese. Although, she wouldn’t have been in that situation if she wasn’t looking for Jack in the first place, but still.

-That’s one hardcore statement that Heller made to Jack. Wow. Since the Chinese didn’t break him he thought he would just crush what little Jack had left or what?

-I’m going to go ahead and bet that Jack is going to respect Heller’s wishes for now but when Audrey gets better she is going to want to get back together with Jack, there’s no doubt in my mind, and Heller is not going to be able to stop her.


*All stories, characters, plots and ideas © 20th Century Fox. No infringement intended or implied.*