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6.19: 12:00am - 1:00am
~ Torn ~


Doyle runs out onto the road trying to secure a vehicle. He waves his hands trying to stop someone but the first few just honk at him and swerve to avoid him, some nearly causing collisions. Finally, a man stops and Doyle converges on the car blurting out that he is a Federal Agent and he needs the car, he is in pursuit. The man attempts to ask for Doyle’s badge but Doyle just tosses him on the pavement and gets in the car leaving the man stranded.

Jack drives in the truck and looks overhead seeing power lines.

At CTU a phone rings and Milo answers. It’s Doyle calling in and he wants to talk to Buchannan. Managing to not roll his eyes Milo calls Buchannan and says that it’s Doyle on the line. Buchannan comes over and puts the phone on speaker and then asks Doyle if he has Jack in custody. Doyle says no, Jack got the drop on him, Doyle admits that he screwed up. He is in pursuit. Morris has the position on the tracker and gives t to Doyle. They know that Jack will disengage the tracker at the first chance he gets so Doyle needs to find him before he does. They hang up and Buchannan tells CTU that Jack has gone rogue with the sub circuit board. They are to apply all their resources to finding him and give Doyle anything he needs to do that. They must find Jack before he hands the board over to the Chinese.

Buchannan goes to Chloe who sits at her station doing nothing. He tells her that he needs his best people on the search for Jack; he asks if he can trust her to do that. Half smiling at the compliment she says that he can trust her. Buchannan says that’s good and Chloe logs onto the system

Jack pulls onto a dirt road following the power lines.

Morris talks to no one in particular and says that he has lost the signal on the tracker. Chloe grills him on what he did but he insists that he didn’t do anything, it just disappeared.

Jack gets out of the truck and is directly under some power lines. He pulls out the board and works to pull the tracker off. He gets back in the truck and starts it up again. He backs up to right his direction and then spins his tires taking off.

Chloe continues to try and figure out what is going on, she tells Morris that something is in the path of the tracker. Morris, also working on this problem, tells Chloe that she doesn’t’ have to state the obvious, he knows there is something there and he just has to figure out what it is. Chloe sulks that this doesn’t have to be personal; they just need to figure it out. Morris says it’s not personal and he just figured it out. Morris explains that Jack used the field from the power lines to shield the signal while he took the tracker off the chip. In a hurry he asks Chloe to watch everything, he has to go explain this to Buchannan. Morris jogs up the stairs to Buchannan’s office. Milo gets up and hangs over the divider between Chloe and his station. He says that he thought that Chloe was sidelined. Chloe says that Buchannan said he wanted her to help find Jack, which is harder now that he has dumped the tracker. Chloe is checking the Cal-Trans to try and find him. Milo muses that he can’t believe that Jack would give the circuit board up t the Chinese. Chloe snaps that Jack would die before he gives it up. Milo agrees with Chloe but the question is would Jack give up Audrey’s life for it? Chloe just looks at Milo with no answer. ‘Exactly.’ Milo is going to check to see if the satellite coverage has been restored in that area. Chloe says if he finds anything to send it to her, LAPD and Doyle.

Morris is in Buchannan’s office and he explains what happened to the tracker. Buchannan thanks Morris and he leaves the office.

A woman speaks from podium at the White House giving a brief statement and she will not be taking any questions. She explains that President Palmer is on route to the hospital and they don’t know if he will be in a coma for hours, days or weeks. Vice President Daniels will address the country at 9:00am eastern time.

Daniels watches from the Oval Office and excuses all those that are in there with him. He casually asks Tom to stick around; he wants to talk to him. Tom says alright and once they are alone Daniels says he wants to clear the air between them. Tom still has evidence that could hurt him and he’d like to know what his intentions are. Tom says that truthfully he hasn’t given it much thought. Daniels asks him to think about it now. Tom says alright and it doesn’t take long for him to say that it concerns him that he engaged in conspiracy and perjury to achieve political ends. Tom doesn’t think that it’s behaviour fitting to the acting President of the US. Daniels sighs that the world has changed in the last half hour and right now above all their country needs stability. If there are charges brought on him on the first hours of this Presidency the country will be left without elected leadership. Tom continues, if he might just conclude his thoughts, he got that recording to get him to back off his challenge to President Palmer but also to protect himself that was, and remains, his intention. Daniels asks about the idea of forcing his resignation. Tom writes that off as President Palmer’s idea, not his. Daniels looks at Tom and sighs. He gets a little closer to the chair behind the desk and asks hesitantly, ‘So you’re okay then, with me, in this chair?’ Tom thinks about it and says, ‘Sir, it’s no secret that policy wise, you and I are in line but I just simply hate how we got here.’ Daniels continues his thought, ‘Now that we are here…’ After a short pause Tom agrees that Daniels does have his support. Daniels comes around the desk and sighs again. He says that in the event that they get out of line again he can’t have him holding this over his head. Tom understands and gives his word to Daniels. They shake on it and Daniels thanks Tom. Daniels asks Tom what he suggests they do with Karen Hayes, ‘Will she slow us down?’ Tom says thoughtfully, ‘She might, but she’s smart and she brings balance.’ Daniels says fine, she stays. Tom nods and asks if he should let her know. Daniels says sure and Tom heads out of his office.

Audrey sits still in the same place and Cheng’s phone rings. Jack is on the other end and says he is on the way with the circuit board. Cheng gives directions to Jack but he cuts him off saying that they are going to do this his way. Cheng tells Jack pointedly that he wants the component but Audrey Raines’ life means nothing to him. Jack explains that CTU has satellite coverage of the area and he needs to pick a new location. Cheng agrees and asks where. Jack tells him that they can meet at an abandoned hotel off the 305. Cheng is to come in the front door alone and they can make the exchange there. Cheng says they both have a chance to get what they want here, he warns Jack not to attempt anything foolish. Jack hangs up and Cheng tells Audrey that they are leaving now. He speaks in Chinese to some of his men and 2 of them go to get Audrey. They lift her off the ground and practically drag her to the vehicle, her feet moving but not enough to keep up on her own.



Daniels sits behind the President’s desk and Karen tells him that she spoke with Bill and they have deployed all their resources to find Bauer. Daniels doesn’t want to hear Karen’s assurances; CTU is responsible for letting Bauer steal the component so her assurances mean nothing to him. Tom speaks up and offers to authorize ancillary agencies to help and that would increase their chances. Daniels says to do it. The pair leaves and Daniels is left with Lisa. She asks him if he needs anything else from her and he repeats the question thinking while he speaks slowly. He walks around his desk and stands near Lisa pondering, ‘I have the fate of the Western World and the lives of millions of Americans hanging in the balance and I can’t stop thinking about you.’ He has walked behind her and wraps his arms around her kissing her. With a sly smile she says she is not sure if this is appropriate behaviour for the acting President. He motions to the phone and tells her to call the media and tell them that the acting president is a dirty old man. She says quietly that they already know. She turns to face Daniels and they kiss. Once they part he asks her to spend what is left of the night. She says she will go home and pick up a change of clothes. They both smile and she walks out of the room, their hands holding on as long as they are in reach.

Doyle still is in pursuit of Jack and CTU updates him on the last known position. Buchanan identifies himself and reminds Doyle that if the Chinese get a hold of the circuit board it will be an international incident. Doyle knows the stakes and asks if they know where Jack is headed. He has arrived at the same place Jack was a few minutes ago and he sees the tire tracks on the ground. Doyle crouches down and assesses them saying that it looks like Jack headed east. He asks what is ahead and is told there are 2 state routes. Doyle asks if there is satellite on both and Nadia lets him know that one of them has Cal-Trans, she can check for satellite. Doyle says not to bother, he is on the 305. Doyle knows that Jack would know about that. Doyle wants them checking for cell calls from the towers nearby, Jack would want to talk to Cheng. Doyle recalls that he thinks he saw Jack pick up one of the terrorists cell phones at the warehouse that should help narrow things down. Chloe has the grid from the cell phones on her system. Milo asks what’s going on and he is told that Doyle says that Jack is on the 305. Milo doesn’t know how Doyle could know that but he figured it out. Nadia tells Chloe to check the cell towers in the area; Jack is using one of the terrorists’ phones.

Something pops up on Morris’ screen. Sitting next to Chloe he asks what it is and Chloe tells him about the cell phone and Jack. Morris wants to know why Chloe didn’t speak to him first before sending the information. Chloe doesn’t know, she says it’s just the way she did it. Morris accuses her of being hostile and she says fine, she’s being hostile but she didn’t just get there, he pushed her half way. Sarcastically Morris says fine, this is his entire fault. Chloe snaps back that she didn’t say that, she said half way, 50%, point 5. She says he doesn’t listen to her and that’s why she just sent it to his screen. Milo is again hanging over the grate that separates their desks and he asks what’s going on. Morris says that his ex wife suddenly is showing signs of irrational behaviour. Chloe doesn’t pay attention to Morris and asks Milo is he knows how to defrag Hoffman keys. He says he does so she sends the stuff to his computer asking Milo to help out with this. Milo walks away and Morris suggests that Chloe go and work with Milo, get cozy with him. Back in Chloe mode, she tells him, ‘Please stop acting like this, I really hate it.’ Morris replies, ‘Why don’t you write down the way you want me to act, put it in a file tabbed the way Milo would love to see it and, shove it.’ Not ignoring him anymore Chloe says that the first thing on that list would be for him not to be such a jealous jerk. Right back at her Morris claims that the day he is jealous is the day that he kills himself. He asks if there is anything else. “How about, don’t arm nuclear bombs for terrorists.” This time the insult sticks and Morris sighs. Knowing she’s gone too far Chloe says she is sorry, she didn’t mean that, ‘That’s not how I feel.’ Morris touches her am and says quietly, ‘Yeah, it is.’ He gets up as she says that it just slipped out of her mouth. She calls after him as he heads to the stairs to Buchanan’s office.

Tom and Karen are together and Karen’s phone rings. She answers it and says she will be right there. Hanging up she says that that’s strange, it’s Peter Hock from the Justice Department is in her office and he wants to talk to her. Tom doesn’t know what that could be about and he warns her to be careful, he carries a lot of clout on the hill.

Karen enters her office and shakes hands with Peter asking if it’s early enough for him. He chuckles and she says that this sounded important. Peter says that she knows he has been interrogation Reed Pollock. Karen pipes in sarcastically, ‘That must be pleasant.’ Peter says that Pollock is probably looking at the death sentence for the attack on Wayne Palmer, he is desperate and offering everything he knows. Karen asks what this has to do with her. It’s not just Karen, but her husband as well. Hock plunks a laptop down and opens it up showing Reeds recorded interrogation and the Reed on the screen talks about endless hearings about Fayed getting the nukes and key information to take the blame away from the government. He wants to make a deal. Karen observes that he is such a weasel. Hock says that they danced around for 20 minutes as he advances the tape. He stops and Reed is saying that he will tell him exactly what happened. Bill Buchanan had Fayed in custody and let him go. Karen Hayes put it in a blue file in homeland and filed it. Reed names people who will testify that she did this to protect her husband. Hock stops the recording and asks Karen to do him a favour and save him some time, tell him if this is true or not. Karen admits that the facts are true but there was no cover up. They had Fayed in custody 2 years ago as part of an FBI-CTU border sweep. He was not a main suspect but mid level. At the time Fayed was not part of a cell and not funded, he was not a threat. Hock asks about why it was put in a blue file and Karen says that every year thousands of suspects are arrested and if there is not enough evidence to hold them they’re released and blue coded. Its standard procedure and the only way to guarantee that they will not be a threat would be to hold them and deprive them of their rights and freedoms. Hock knows more and asks why 12 hours ago this was enough for her to resign over. Karen says they were under attack and Wayne and Bill both needed to lead through this crisis unimpeded. Peter finishes that here they are 12 hours later, President Palmer is in a coma and the country is in shock after 13 thousand innocent lives were taken and all the people are going to be doing is asking who let this happen. Karen is defensive saying, ‘Certainly not my husband. He has devoted his life to this country.’ This is not Peter’s call but she knows how this works. Someone has to go down for this and the further from the president the better. Karen asks what he is saying and Hock says that it’s either her or Bill. Bill is his preference because he is lower on the food chain, ‘But you’ll do.’



Jack pulls into an abandoned hotel on a deserted road. He parks his truck out of sight and puts his bag over his shoulder. With his gun he gets out of the truck and heads towards the building. He clears the area outside using a flashlight and then opens the door. Flashing the light inside he disturbs the habitat of whatever is living in there and they squeal and run. Jack checks the hotel out while we see Doyle driving in the split screen.

Doyle’s phone rings and Nadia says they found Jack’s call but they don’t know yet what he said, it’s encrypted. He is heading north on the 305 like Doyle though. Doyle asks what is between him and Santa Maria and Nadia tells him there is a small unpopulated area 9 miles ahead. He wants them to keep working on decrypting the phone call; he wants to know what Jack said. Buchanan comes down from upstairs and asks how things are going but his phone rings before he can get much of an answer. He finds his wife on the other end. She asks if he has a minute which he doesn’t right now, they are closing in on Jack. Karen needs to talk about something; she wants him to call back when he has a few minutes. He will call her when he can. He hangs up and goes back to Nadia for an answer. She says that Doyle is heading in the right direction for Jack, north on 305.

Karen comes into Tom’s office who is on the phone. He hangs up when he sees her and asks about CTU’s progress. She updates him and Tom comes around the front of his desk. Karen tells him that he was right about Hock. She needs to talk to him. ‘Sure, shoot’ is Tom’s reply. She asks if he remembers earlier when he used the information about Fayed to try and damage her and Bill. Tom starts to ask why she is dredging that up but she is no, it’s Reed, he is trying anything to bargain his way out of the death penalty. Tom says he can’t but Karen says either way that ship has sailed but Hock now knows that they had Fayed in custody 2 years ago and released him. Hock wants it distant from the President. Tom gets the idea, it’s either her or Bill that have to take the blame. Karen says there will be investigations and indictments, lives will be ruined. Tom corrects her that careers will be ruined; actually, one career and it can’t be hers. Karen can’t do that to Bill but Tom says that she has a job and she just has to do it. Karen paces around asking how she can ask him to step down. Tom says not to ask, just remind him that the man he let out of jail killed over 13 thousand innocent people. Karen argues that he is not responsible for that but Tom says it doesn’t matter. Karen says Bill has been amazing today. Tom doesn’t disagree and says that the only way she can protect herself is to leave no doubt where her loyalties lie. They have Bill in their crosshairs and if she wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with her husband that’s her call. Tom sits down again and Karen sighs.

Jack plays with the C4 charge and the trigger. He checks that it’s all in working order and carefully puts the explosive in a wall and rests a board in front of it so it can’t be seen. Jack pulls out his phone and stands up dialling. Buchanan’s voice comes on, it’s his answering machine saying to dial 0 if this is urgent and if it’s not to leave a message. Jack leaves a non-urgent message saying, ‘Bill, its Jack. I’m about to meet with the Chinese and exchange the FB sub-circuit board for Audrey. Hopefully but the time you hear this she is safe and in custody. Bill, I know I promised the President that I would give him confirmation that the circuit board did not fall into the wrong hands. Consider this message the confirmation; the board will be incinerated in the explosion. The meeting will take place at the Calderone Hotel off Highway 305.’ Jack pauses and says quietly, ‘Bill, please take care of Audrey.’ Pausing again to collect himself Jack says, ‘Thank you. You’ve been a good friend.’ Jack gives a half smile and hangs up the phone. He looks upset as he looks out into the night.



Buchanan hangs up the phone and Morris is knocking on the other side of the door. He asks what Morris wants and Morris tells him he would like to request a transfer. He pulls a paper out of a file and puts it on Buchanan’s desk. Buchanan asks why but Morris just says he needs to get out of COM. Buchanan asks him to elaborate but Morris declines. Buchanan guesses that he and Chloe are having problems. Morris admits that you could say that. Buchanan would hate to lose him in COM. Morris begs him to figure out where he wants to put him, anywhere but just get him out of COM. Buchanan looks Morris over and says alright, he will work something out that is good for everyone involved. Morris thanks Buchanan and leaves.

Buchanan snatches his cell phone from his desk and calls his wife. He says he has a minute and she needs to talk to him about something. She explains about the DOJ investigating what happened with Fayed in Seattle. Buchanan says it wasn’t a secret, they did things by the book and he can handle DOJ. Karen says that they are out for blood and she can’t let this touch her. Buchanan asks what she is talking about, why is this suddenly an issue. Is she concerned that he might implicate her? She is not but she is guilty by association, they are looking for a scapegoat. The pundits and the press are looking for anything to attack the administration. Buchanan asks what she is saying. Karen pauses and then says she has to protect the White House and in order to do that she has to distance herself from him. Taken aback Buchanan wants to know how she is going to do that, he is her husband. Cluing in he figures she is asking him to resign. She says no and pauses, she has to fire him. Buchanan knows this is out of character and asks who is pressuring her. Karen says this is the only way this can work and she has to act immediately or she will be seen as complacent and her ability to stay on as NSA advisor will be undermined. She asks if he understands. Buchanan understands, they are talking about the end of his career, he asks if she thought this through. She did and asks if he thinks she doesn’t know what this means to him. He doesn’t think she does, the public is going to be making assumptions that don’t exist. Defensive, Buchanan says that 13 thousand people are dead and he had the man in custody that was responsible and he released him, it won’t matter that he didn’t have the evidence to hold him. Karen tries to help by saying he knows how this works, someone has to take the fall and it can’t be her, she is too close to the President. Buchanan can’t believe he is hearing this and he asks again who is pressuring her, ‘what are you not saying?’ Karen asks him to trust her on this, they will get through this, she promises. She says she loves him and that’s all that should matter. Buchanan just hangs up the phone and tosses it down on the desk. Karen calls back right away but Buchanan just lets the phone ring and walks to the side of his office looking out over CTU. Karen gives up and is upset.

Doyle drives still looking for Jack asking what is taking so long to get the information from the cell call. The key was double encrypted to slow them down. Doyle is checking around as he drives.

Jack watches from inside the hotel still and he makes a cell call to a cab company. He identifies himself and says that he is a counter terrorist agent and this is an emergency.

Doyle doesn’t see anything and Nadia tells him that there is nothing but national forest for the next 32 miles. Doyle sees the truck and says he might have found something; he will get back to her. He gets off the road and takes out his earpiece

Buchanan comes down from his office and calls Nadia’s name. Nadia says that Doyle might have a lead on Jack, he is checking now. Buchanan looks to the situation room and then tells her to come with him. He is carrying a briefcase and he closes the door behind them. He plunks it down on the table and says that he is stepping down as director of CTU. Nadia is shocked and asks what happened. All he can say is that he has to step down. Nadia complains that it doesn’t make any sense, why quit now of all days. Buchanan is not quitting, he was fired. Nadia wants to know by who but Buchanan says it doesn’t matter, he has contacted division and for now she is the acting director. Security shows up on the other side of the door and tells Buchanan that they are offered to escort him off the premises. He is briefing Nadia who is taking over as head of CTU, he needs 1 more minute. The guard says one minute. Nadia complains they are in the middle of 50 different things right now. Buchanan is sure she can do this, she needs to accept it and do the best she can. Nadia doesn’t understand why they would fire him, ‘You are the most ethical, dedicated person I have ever known. There is no way you did anything to justify this.’ She asks again what is going on. Affected by her words and eyes red he says that it’s just politics. Division will be sending over an interim director in the next few hours and until then she can handle everything. Nadia asks about the extra redundancies that she has gone though today, she is worried she is not the right choice. Buchanan says he lifted them and assures her that she is the right choice. He advises her to stay on top of the situation with Jack. No one else knows that he is leaving so she will have to inform them before it is posted on the internal forums. They shake hands and before Buchanan leaves he says, ‘What you said, it means a lot.’ Buchanan walks out of the room to join the security guards.

Morris’ hangs up his phone and comes over to Buchanan telling him that Doyle found Jack’s truck. Buchanan says that’s good and walks on by. Morris stands stunned realizing where Buchanan is going. Nadia comes up and Morris asks what happened to Buchanan. She says he is gone and Morris asks what she means ‘Gone’? “I’m in charge now.” Nadia still seems shell-shocked but asks for everyone’s attention. She says in a few minutes a bulletin is going to come through that Buchanan has stepped down which means that until division sends a replacement she is acting director. Nothing is going to change operationally and their objective remains the same, bring in Jack Bauer before he hands the component over to the Chinese. Nadia walks past Morris.



Morris looks pensive in one of the split screens.

Doyle has converged on the CTU truck and opens up a safe under the seat. He pulls out a case and a COM piece putting it in his ear. He is told that the satellite coverage is spotty by Nadia who is in the situation room with Milo, Morris and Chloe. They don’t know if Jack is there and Doyle readies his gun. They are going to check using thermal imaging to try and find Jack but Doyle says it looks like they’re not going to need it, a limousine just pulled off the highway. Doyle wants all teams redirected to his location, CTU agrees.

Inside the hotel Jack also sees the limo pull up and Cheng steps out. Doyle tells CTU that Cheng has just left the car. Chloe and Milo look concerned about the whole thing. Jack steps back in the shadows as Cheng enters the building. Jack tells him that he’s gone far enough. Jack steps out and Cheng looks almost happy to see him calling him, “Mr. Bauer.” Jack asks where Audrey is and Cheng says she is in the car and will be there until he gets the component. Jack says that he is not turning it over until he sees Audrey, he wants to make sure she is alright. Cheng slowly pulls a walkie-talkie out and tells his men to release Audrey. Cheng says she is coming in now and Doyle tells CTU that he has a visual on Audrey Raines, he needs backup.

Audrey has made her way in the door and Jack looks at her, eyes wide. He tells Cheng to take the gag out of her mouth and he goes to do it but Jack stops him. Jack will do it himself. Cheng speaks Chinese to Audrey and motions to Jack. Audrey slowly walks over to him and once she is close enough Jack reaches up to her face to take the gag off. She nearly moves away from his touch but he pulls the gag out and then puts his hand on her face, touching her hair. He leans in saying quietly, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Cheng speaks up that they can continue their reunion later, he asks how this is going to work. Jack says that he is going to send her out alone and as soon as she gets to the bridge she will be outside the range of his sniper, then he will give him the board. Cheng is okay with this and says, ‘Lets do this.’

Doyle tells CTU that he counts 10 guns, he needs the field teams.

Jack pulls Audrey close to him and whispers that he wants her to talk past the bridge and there’s a gas station. There is a taxi waiting to take her to CTU. Audrey looks at Jack for a few seconds and he says that she needs to go. She looks scared but walks past Cheng out the door and then past the other Chinese agents.

Doyle sees her walking and says that this is going down now. He asks about the field teams which will be there any minute. Audrey has been released which means that Jack is going to hand over the component. Nadia says that can’t happen.

Jack watches Audrey walk and Cheng says to give him the board or he will kill her. Jack raises his hands and holsters his gun. He then reaches in his pocket and pulls out the board. He shows Cheng and then tosses it to him as in a split screen we see Audrey in a sniper scope and Doyle waiting outside. Jack tosses the chip to Cheng and then immediately reaches into his pocket. Before he can get to anything Doyle opens fire on the inside of the hotel. The agents with Cheng immediately engage, the closest one unloading a few rounds on Jack. Jack goes down but Doyle is still shooting as well as CTU reinforcements which have finally arrived. Cheng runs out the back door of the hotel getting in a Hum-V and telling the driver to go. 2 more identical Hummers drive from the same location. The chopper with call sign ‘Air One’ talks to CTU saying that Cheng has escaped in one of 3 black Hummers. He is heading north towards the mountains. One of the Hummers stops and a man pops out shooting at the CTU chopper with a missile. He hits it and the chopper starts to go down, the agents saying they are hit. The Hummers take different directions, Cheng has the circuit board.

In the split screen we see Cheng looking happy, Chloe and Nadia upset, Buchanan driving away from CTU, Morris, and Karen touching a photo of her and Bill in a sunny location.

Jack comes to with a start; he has been hit in the vest. He pulls himself up to a sitting position on the second try and shoots two Chinese agents. He stands up and clears the area coming out into the open. He doesn’t get far before the area around him is littered with bullets. Jack drops his gun and gets down on his knees quickly as CTU agents converge on him. They shove Jack to the ground face first and search him as Jack yells in a panic who their commanding officer is. Doyle shows up and says he is. He tells them to get him up and they pull Jack to his feet. He faces Doyle who asks where the board is. Jack answers that Cheng got it. Angrily Jack says he was set to blow the building and destroy the component until he engaged them in a fire fight. He pulls out the detonator and hands it to Doyle. Reading Doyle’s expression Jack asks what the problem is. Resignedly Doyle answers, ‘We don’t have Cheng, Jack.’ Furious, Jack asks, “What do you mean you don’t have him?” Doyle makes the excuse that he didn’t have time to set up and they had to engage in a frontal assault, Cheng escaped out the rear. Doyle asks Nadia if she got that and Jack stands stunned. Doyle needs the other choppers ASAP, Nadia says it will be 5 minutes before they will be there. She explains about the Hummers and Doyle copies.

Turning back to Jack Doyle says reluctantly that he has to place him under arrest. Chloe and Milo are also unhappy about this. Jack asks angrily, “I had this handled, why the hell didn’t you listen to me?” Without a struggle Jack turns his back to Doyle so he can cuff his hands behind his back

Agents have picked up Audrey and bring her into the building. Jack is unable to use his cuffed hands but tells calls Audrey telling her that it’s over now, she is safe. She is babbling incoherently things like, ‘Jack, don’t let them do this to me, save me Jack.’ Jack yells her name to get her full attention and she stops. Jack says he is right there. She stares blankly back at him and he asks gaping, ‘Do you even know who I am?’ She doesn’t answer and Doyle says to sit her down.

Near panic now Jack tells Doyle that he has to help her, he begs him. Doyle says he will and ushers Jack towards the door. Audrey has sat down in a chair and she pulls her feet up on the chair. She says the same thing over and over again, ‘Help me Jack’. Jack gapes at Audrey and whispers, ‘My God.’



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-In retrospect, it sounds weird for Cheng to call Audrey ‘Audrey’ He should have called her ‘Ms. Raines’ since he always calls Jack ‘Mr. Bauer.’

-How did Doyle not know Jack was going to blow the building, he was playing with the C4 NEXT TO him in the CAR! Honestly, he is as stupid as he looks.

-Speaking of Doyle and stupid, can we talk about Doyle’s hair? It looks like something that should be stuck on a plastic doll, or on a 4 year old.

-Was I the only one pulling for a semi to mow Doyle down when he was trying to commandeer a vehicle? Now THAT would have been a 24-worthy shock. ‘Stop, stop!’ BAM! – a Doyle-sized speed bump on the highway.

-At least he could have like, given the guy a quarter to call someone for help. His cell phone was probably still in the car. I guess that’s what you get for being a concerned citizen.

-Milo is being much less of a jerk to Nadia this episode and she is spending a lot more time working with Doyle.

-I’m not really sure that Doyle ‘screwed up’ per se, Jack got the better of him but that’s what Jack does. It’s expected.

-So Chloe is openly going against Jack. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack called Milo for help next time he needs it.

-I’m a little confused on exactly which workstation is Chloe’s. Every time I turn around she’s at a different one and this time she was conveniently right next to Morris so she could breathe down his neck and they could fight. Also, Milo is a lot closer than he usually is.

-Do Chloe and Morris really have time to bicker about all this stupid crap? Can’t they just shelve it and deal with it later? I mean, it’s not like the fate of the free world is in the balance or anything.

-Morris is moving pretty well for someone who was beaten to a pulp and had a drill planted in his shoulder a few hours ago.

-Well, at least we’re not going to have to witness the ‘dirty old man’ address the country. I’m glad that we don’t have that to take away from Jack time. 9:00am Eastern is 6 Pacific and 24 started at 5 Pacific. WAHO!

-I think when Daniels told Tom to ‘think about it now’ he should have sat down and said nothing for like 15 minutes just to piss Daniels off.

-Daniels says that the world has changed in the last half an hour. Lets not get too carried away, here. The WORLD has changed? Maybe his world has changed but man, how important does Daniels think he is?

-What happened to Karen and Tom going to the hospital to see Wayne? He said he was going to and Karen was going to meet him there. Does this mean that we’re not going to be able to see Wayne, unconscious or otherwise, for the rest of the season? That makes me sad because I really do like D.B. Woodside.

-Tom is pretty quick to place blame on Wayne about making Daniels resign. Although it’s the truth it makes me wonder where Tom’s loyalties really lie. If he can roll over that fast on Wayne what’s going to happen in the end with Karen?

-The real answer to Daniels question to Tom, “So you’re okay with me in this chair?” Tom should have said, “Well, the colours ALL wrong and clashes with your hair. Also, you seem like a recliner man.”

-I’m glad that Daniels didn’t ask Tom for the recording. Even though he agreed it might come in handy some day for Tom.

-If I were Karen I would not work directly under Daniels. He’s already shown her what kind of a jerk he can be, I would be out of there so fast. Who cares about the pay, the man’s a jerk.

-Audrey must be tired of sitting in that exact same position, she has been that way for over an hour.

-At first when Jack changed the location I thought about in Season 3 when Tony was doing the exchange for Michelle. Jack advised Tony to make Saunders choose another location because he needed the time to set up. I figured that Jack did that for the same reasons, so he had time to get set up and also because CTU knew which way he was going before. I was surprised that there really was no satellite coverage on the 305 and that Jack knew that after so long away.

-Okay, it’s one thing when Milo and Nadia kiss, it’s something else when Logan and Martha did last year but Daniels, well, Daniels is just nasty. He’s creepy and slimy and honestly he skeeves me out. *shiver* Yikes.

-Why did he ask her to “spend what’s left of the night”? Does he really think that there is going to be time for *ahem* relations? He is kinda busy. If there is time, I hope that we don’t get to see it or even hear about it after. Oh, that’s just about the scariest thing I’ve ever even hear of on 24.

-Does Buchannan really need to identify himself to Doyle on the phone? Like he doesn’t know who that would be?

-Has anyone ever seen the TV Show ‘Mantracker’? I was reminded strongly of it when Doyle was tracking Jack. My friend watches that show and I’ve sat through it a couple of times. It would seem that Doyle watches it too…

-Why did Chloe have to re-explain what they are doing to Morris after Buchannan just told her less than 10 seconds ago right next to him. I know that he could probably have tuned him out but I doubt that he’s that good at selective listening.

-It’s weird to think of Chloe as an ex-wife.

-Morris is definitely being jealous of Milo. I wonder if that means that the effect of that cause is going to come out, ‘The day I’m jealous is the day I kill myself.’ I hope not, I like Morris but judging by his reactions and his expressions in the little boxes this episode it might be a possibility.

-Line of the week contender, Morris to Chloe: “Why don’t you write down the way you want me to act, put it in a file tabbed the way Milo would love to see it and, shove it.”

-Although the comment by Chloe was uncalled for about arming bombs, they were arguing and he did push her pretty hard. I still felt bad for Morris, though.

-Where did this light and funny Karen come from? She steps in the room with Peter and all of a sudden has jokes. What’s up with that?

-The clock on the bottom of Reed’s interrogation footage is not consistent with what Peter is saying. It starts at 4 minutes and he says they dance around for 20 but the clock doesn’t read 24 minutes, it reads 5 when he stops it again.

-I don’t really understand why Karen and Buchannan couldn’t face whatever is coming to them about the Fayed release. They did the right thing and if they really did nothing wrong then who cares? They will be found innocent so let them do their worst. Anyway, if Buchannan goes on trial for all this Karen will be dragged into it anyway.

-Jack did a poor job of hiding his truck, that’s for sure.

-I found this episode had a good deal of redundant dialogue within itself. Often there is the monologue where someone updates the entire season in 3 sentences but it felt like there were a lot of things said repeatedly that were unnecessary.

-I quite like the tag team of Tom and Karen. Although they do have differing views they are good for each other… and they have great on screen chemistry.

-Here’s a question about Karen and Buchannan in Seattle 2 years ago. If they were both working in Seattle 2 years ago that doesn’t fit the timeline. Buchannan was at CTU when Jack got taken by the Chinese. That was a little under 2 years ago. Buchannan was also at CTU when Jack was ‘killed’ at the end of Season 4. That was 12 months before Season 5. 6 months before that Buchannan worked in Seattle with Michelle as Tony found out from Chloe in episode 4.16. Unless Buchannan went back for a reprise at Seattle this is an oversight by the writers.

-Wise choice for Tom to separate a life being ruined from a career being ruined.

-I wonder when Buchannan is going to pick up that message from Jack?

-How sad is it for Jack that he can declare Buchannan ‘a good friend’ when technically this is only the third day he has known him, Day 4 and then Jack ‘died’, Day 5 and then Jack was captured.

-I guess Jack doesn’t know that Palmer has gone down and is not the President anymore.

-Poor Jack, down to leaving his suicide letter on the voicemail of the man in charge of CTU. How sad is that?

-Where exactly did Morris go between the time he left Chloe’s desk and when he got to Buchannan’s office? I know he came back with a letter but we originally saw him going up the stairs.

-Gee, Buchannan, way to be a rocket scientist – Chloe and Morris are having problems… how did you EVER guess that. Oh right, he’s met Chloe.

-I’m curious what else there is on the floor other than COM. That’s all we seem to hear about.

-Buchannan has the right idea, deal with DOJ and move on. There’s no need to et crazy.

-Buchannan takes the news rather well, but I’d be pretty mad it I were in his shoes.

-Buchannan also really has Karen’s number on this, he knows that she is getting pressure from somewhere else.

-Likewise, Nadia knows Buchannan.

-Line of the week, Nadia to Buchannan: “You are the must ethical, dedicated person I have ever known.” He does exude that doesn’t he? I hope this isn’t the last of Buchannan.

-2 words that can never mean good things for CTU ‘Interim director’. I was starting to think that Division had left the vocabulary completely. No such luck I guess.

-I guess it’s good that Nadia announced what happened with Buchannan but it was pretty obvious when he walked out of CTU flanked by security with his briefcase.

-Did it ever not take him long to pack up. He didn’t even have a box.

-How the heck did Cheng get 3 Hum-V’s in the back of that motel? There’s nothing around there and Jack would have heard them coming for miles.

-Also, how did Doyle get an ID on Cheng? How did he know who he was? He wasn’t around when all the stuff happened before. Jack had to tell Doyle about Cheng before. I can understand him maybe knowing who Audrey is but the Cheng thing makes no sense.

-I don’t know if Audrey understood the Chinese that Cheng spoke to her or if she just go the motions.

-Jack didn’t do a very good job making sure Audrey is alright, she’s not but he gave the component up anyway.

-My heart just goes right out to Jack trying to do what’s right to save Audrey. More of a testament to Kiefer Sutherland’s acting the way he portrays Jack here. Man, I just want to jump right in and help him.

-It took me basically until Jack came to to process that he had been hit. I kept asking myself if I really saw what I thought I saw.

-I got even more worried when the CTU agent nearly hit Jack. Brutal.

-Less number 1 for Mike Doyle: Always listen to Jack Bauer.

-It’s so hard to watch Jack be so torn by Audrey whatever is wrong with her. You can practically see his heart break when he realizes that she isn’t right and as he watches her at the end of the episode. All that and he finds out that there’s nothing he could do now. He did what he could to get her back but it still isn’t good enough.

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