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6.18: 11:00pm - 12:00am
~ Partners ~


A helicopter flies overhead and the bodies of the terrorists Jack killed are brought out. Jack sits outside as he is tended to by the CTU medic. Jack has his jacket off his shoulder and the medic is giving him a shot in the arm. The medic grimaces that Jack needs to get to the hospital but he understands under the circumstances. This shot will help Jack with the pain. Once he is through Jack pulls his jacket back up and thanks the medic. He gets up and Doyle comes out of the warehouse saying that the Marines are going to take the nukes and transport them on Presidential order; DOD doesn’t want CTU on this anymore. Doyle tells Jack that Buchanan wants a call as soon as the NEST team is ready to move the bombs. Jack passes this responsibility on to Doyle who starts to walk away but then comes back to Jack who happens to be lifting a cell phone at the time from the table of terrorist inventory. He awkwardly tells Jack, ‘I know you’ve been through hell, not just today but the last couple of years. I just wanted to thank you for what you did today ‘cause it could have ended a hell of a lot worse and it would have if you weren’t here.’ Jack appreciates the sentiment and Doyle is called away by another agent. Jack wanders over to the side of the building and crouches down while getting out his cell phone and dialing.

Audrey sits where she was at the end of last hour on the ground near some crates. Cheng’s phone rings and he picks it up finding Jack on the other end. The first words out of his mouth are that he wants to speak to Audrey. Cheng reminds Jack that he has already spoken to her. Jack wants to make sure that she is alright but Cheng changes the subject telling Jack that it is up to him. Everyone had given up on him except Ms. Raines. Over the objections of her government, her family and friends she came to Beijing to find him. Because Jack was such an uncooperative prisoner Cheng thought that he might be able to exploit her. Jack tells Cheng that he will hand himself over in exchange for Audrey, just tell him where. Cheng knows that a man who won’t talk is of no use to him but a Russian Suitcase Nuke, Cheng leaves the sentence hanging. Jack doesn’t understand, they have the technology already. Cheng explains that the circuit board has the algorhythms they need access all the Russian defense technology. Cheng says this will be a simple exchange, Jack gives him the component and he will give Jack Audrey, ‘or I will kill her.’ Jack can’t do this, the Russians will know that the US gave them the information; this is going to start World War III. Cheng is willing to leave that for the diplomats to sort out. Jack argues that even if he could do this, the bombs are under military control. Cheng tells Jack to find a way. Jack insists on speaking to Audrey if he is going to do this. Cheng moves the phone down and holds it out in front of Audrey telling her to speak to him. She takes the phone and says Jack’s name. He asks with concern if she is alright, did they hurt her? Audrey says no. Cheng leans down even with Audrey and she sees him there, in fear the word she says is, ‘Sorry.’ Jack tries to comfort her that there is nothing for her to be sorry about, she is alive. He knows what Cheng is asking for and he will handle it. As Jack promises to get Audrey out of there Cheng takes the phone back. Jack tells Audrey not to be scared but Cheng is the one listening. He gives Jack one hour to call back. Jack protests that this is not enough time but Cheng hangs up and again Jack is left calling his name into the phone. Jack gives up and hangs up. He peeks around the corner at the agents moving around and sees them moving around. He gets back behind the wall and leans his head back wincing.

Wayne sits behind his desk with his eyes closed resting. Tom knocks on the door and enters immediately concerned for Wayne. He encourages Wayne to work from medical; at least the doctor can monitor him there. Wayne straightens himself up wincing and says that he is fine. Doubtful yet respectful Tom says he doesn’t think he is, ‘And neither does Dr. Welton.‘ Wayne doesn’t want to go to medical because it might just give the Vice President yet another pretext to take a run at his job. Tom assures Wayne that he doesn’t need to worry. Curiosity getting the better of him, Wayne asks what Tom has on Daniels. Tom sighs and tells Wayne that he has the truth. Now is the time that Wayne needs to know what that is. Tom explains briefly that it’s a tape recording of Vice President Daniels conspiring with Lisa Miller to commit perjury at Wayne’s hearing. Surprised Wayne tells Tom, “I’d love to hear that as soon as possible.”

Karen Hayes nearly jogs into Wayne’s office and spills the information that the nukes have been recovered, she just got off the phone with Bill. Wayne is happy that this is over and Tom appears ecstatic with a huge smile he congratulates Wayne. Wayne says that the American people should know and he wants to tell him. Karen will get the press core down there but Wayne says no, they should do it upstairs in the press room. Wayne is asked if he wants to wait for them to get the all clear from secret service but Wayne says no, go and inform them that he is going up to the oval office.

Buchanan briefs the CTU employees on the recovery of the bombs. He congratulates them saying that they should take pride in the work that they have done. They were hit hard but none of them gave up and they did excellent work. Chloe’s cell phone rings on vibrate and she steps away from the briefing to answer it. Jack is calling her and when she hears it’s him she congratulates him, he did it. Jack gets to the point, he needs Chloe’s help. Chloe asks if it can wait, they are working on transferring the bombs and doing clean up. Jack takes something off the table of the terrorists’ inventory as he says it can’t. He tells her that Audrey is still alive. Chloe snaps no, she’s not, but Jack knows otherwise. He tells Chloe that the Chinese took her, they faked the car accident when she was in Beijing trying to find him. Chloe wants to tell Buchanan about this but Jack says no, ‘He’ll never go along with it.’ Suspicious, Chloe asks, ‘Go along with what?’ Jack explains to Chloe what Cheng wants and she is hesitant to get involved with this, it could create an international incident, ‘Big time.’ Jack promises to do whatever he has to to stop the Chinese from getting access to the circuit board but he needs to get the circuit board from the bombs and he needs Chloe’s help to find it. Chloe doesn’t have the schematic of the bomb on her system, it was reclassified after Jack defused the one he did. Jack needs her to get access to one. Chloe doesn’t know how she can do this and Jack tensely tells her that she has to, Audrey’s life is at stake. Chloe thinks and realizes that they had to do a report on the nuke that Jack defused and it had a schematic in it. Morris had to report on what he did and he probably still has the schematic on his system. Chloe will have to access it from his terminal and Jack asks her to do it. Chloe heads over to Morris’s computer checking that Buchanan is still speaking to the CTU team. She is the only one on the floor working and she asks where he wants the file sent. Jack asks it be sent to the phone he is calling from, it’s a secure line. Chloe finds what she is looking for and the file is loading, she is sending it to his screen and asks him to stand by. Jack is becoming impatient and looks around telling Chloe that he doesn’t see anything. Chloe tells him it needs to load before it sends. She checks the briefing and they are finishing off. She swears and says that Morris is coming back to his station and there’s 30% left to go. She wants to cancel the action and as soon as Jack starts to protest the file finishes loading. Morris heads in the direction of his station and Jack says he has it, he snaps the phone shut.



Wayne wanders around the Oval Office and he picks up a photo of David sitting on a table behind his desk. Wayne looks at the photo of his brother for a few seconds before a call interrupts him. The voice says that Vice President Daniels is there. Wayne smiles at the photo and tells her to send Daniels in. Daniels comes in the room and Wayne greets him and tells him to sit. Wayne begins by expressing this gratitude for a lesson well learned. Noah is not sure what Wayne means by that and Wayne elaborates that he believes attacking Abu Fayed’s country with a nuclear bomb is a serious mistake but if Noah had not put that option on the table in the first place Wayne would not have gotten as far as he did and the bombs might still be out there. With that said he thinks that they can both agree that this relationship has been a marriage of convenience, a way to strengthen the ticket rather than a case of them seeing eye to eye on pretty much anything. Now that this crisis is over Wayne doesn’t think that it is possible for them to work together any more. Daniels is angry and asks, ‘Excuse me?’ Wayne is asking for his resignation. Daniels is furious now and seethes at Wayne, ‘How dare you? You don’t have the right to ask for my resignation.’ Keeping his cool, Wayne tells Daniels that this is not about what the constitution says it is about what is best for the country in a time of crisis. The truth is that Wayne cannot lead this country effectively with Daniels undermining his authority at every opportunity that he gets and that’s exactly what he would do if he stayed in place. Noah stands and tells Wayne, ‘Mr. President, I refuse.’ He heads for the door but Wayne calls after him that he might not want to do that or he will have to make this extremely unpleasant for him. Interested now Daniels asks what Wayne is talking about. Wayne reminds Daniels about the recoding that Tom Lennox has in his possession where he conspires to commit perjury. Wayne assumes that Daniels would rather resign than have to deal with that for the rest of his life. Daniels clarifies that Wayne is resorting to blackmail now as a way of effective leadership. Wayne turns it around, it’s one of the things that he learned from Daniels, sometimes you have to apply a little brute force. Wayne doesn’t need Daniels’ resignation right away, after what the country has been through today sometime in the next week would be fine. Wayne opens the door now for Daniels who leaves the office. Wayne closes the door with a flick of his wrist.

Morris gets off the phone and Chloe tells him to send the protocols to the NEST team. Morris is on it and starts to type. He considers that what he is seeing is odd; he thinks someone was in his system. Chloe asks if she is sure and Morris is positive. Since Nadia’s system was breached he installed a program that monitors his system and 10 minutes ago someone downloaded files. Chloe has nothing to say until Morris says he is going to call security but Chloe stops him saying that she is the one that hacked into his system. Morris asks why she would do that. Chloe doesn’t want to tell him now; she will explain in a little while and tries to walk away. Morris gets up and follows her, leaning in when she stops and says that he wants her to explain it to him now. Chloe did it for Jack, Audrey Raines is still alive and the Chinese are holding her hostage, they are going to kill her unless Jack delivers a circuit board from one of the nukes to them. Morris tells Chloe that she has been to all the same briefings that he has, the Russians are trying to keep the information out of Chinese hands for years. Chloe is aware of this and Morris wants to know what she thinks they are going to say when they find out that they gave it to them. Chloe sighs that it’s not going to get that far, Jack gave her his word. Morris apologizes; he can’t leave it at that. She snaps that yes he can but he moves close to her again and says that he armed the bombs for Fayed and it could have killed 10’s of thousands and that didn’t happen. He knows what it feels like to think that you are responsible for each and every one of them. Morris cannot be involved in something that can start a war. Chloe assures him that it won’t get that far and he’s not involved anyway. Morris argues that now that Chloe has told him about it he is involved. Morris has to tell Buchanan about this but Chloe says he can’t. They have to, and Morris is going to do it. He starts to walk towards Buchanan’s office and Chloe calls him back. Morris stops and turns back to Chloe who says that she will tell Buchanan about it. She goes to the stairs and looks back at Morris and then slowly ascends to Buchanan’s office.

Buchanan paces his office and speaks on the phone saying that reinforcements aren’t necessary right now, the military is guarding the bombs. They will be in route soon. Buchanan waves Chloe into his office and hangs up the phone asking what it is. He can see that she has something to tell him and listens with interest as she tells him, ‘I’m sorry, but there’s something that you need to know.’

Jack is up in the rafters of the warehouse and he gets behind the first line of guards on the bombs. He slides down a pole and lands near another pair of guards. He sees the nukes and goes to the remaining guards. When they see Jack one of them says that this area is off limits. Jack introduces himself as Agent Bauer; he is responsible for securing the weapons. Jack claims to be under Presidential order to remove the circuit board from one of the nukes and they have no time to argue since their location has been compromised. Jack demands the guard open the gate but he says he can’t do it. Jack asks tensely if he is countermanding a Presidential order? He asks angrily, ‘How dare you?’ Jack gets his phone out threatening the pair asking what their names are. Faced with going against the President the men relent and let Jack in the room with the bombs. Jack is satisfied and tells them to stand guard while he gets the circuit board. Jack gets out some tools and pulls the screen up he needs on his cell phone. He carefully counts down to the right place and releases the circuit board. He just puts the board aside when Doyle comes up behind him yelling for Jack to stand down. Doyle has his gun trained on Jack and Jack has pulled his out as well aiming it right back at him. Agents are with Doyle and the two guards have leveled their guns at them. A yelling match ensues with Jack trying to tell Doyle that he has been given orders that are outside Doyle’s security clearance while Doyle yells back for the guards to take Jack out. They threaten to shoot each other before Doyle wins the shouting match and convinces the guards to take Jack out with the butt of his gun. Jack falls to the ground after taking the hit to the face and Doyle yells for him to be secured, he is under arrest. Doyle walks to the bomb and picks up the chip.



Jack is in a sitting position against a pole, hands cuffed in front him. He appears to have just come to and winces as he starts to ask Doyle to listen to him but Doyle is already dialing his phone to call Buchanan. Doyle lets Buchanan know that he has Jack, they had to subdue him. Buchanan asks to speak to Jack and Doyle hands the phone to Jack saying with resent that Buchanan wants to talk to him. Jack takes the phone from Doyle and puts it to his ear, hands still cuffed together. Buchanan says that Chloe told him what he was doing, he can’t let him give the component to the Chinese. Jack only needs it long enough to show them, he was never going to let the Chinese keep it. Whatever Jack has planned, Buchanan can’t let him do it. Chloe is standing with her back to Buchanan and is upset, she looks out onto CTU seeing Morris. Jack begs Buchanan to let him do this, this is the only chance they have. Buchanan promises Jack that he will do everything in his power to get Audrey back but he wants Jack to come into CTU. Jack snaps back that Buchanan didn’t even know she was alive and the Chinese are going to make it impossible to find her again. Buchanan doesn’t know what to tell Jack other than to let Doyle bring him back to CTU and they can work out a game plan. Jack asks Buchanan to allow him to make one more call. Buchanan hesitates and Jack pleads, ‘I’m asking you as a friend.’ Buchanan sighs and asks who he wants to talk to. Jack answers, ‘President Wayne Palmer.’ Buchanan will see if he can reach Palmer, for now he wants to talk to Doyle. Jack takes the phone away from his ear and leans back calling for Doyle. Doyle comes and snaps the phone from Jack’s hand and Buchanan tells him to keep Jack there, he is going to try and get through to the President, he will put the call through to his cell phone. Doyle hangs up and tells one of the agents to get Jack up. Jack is hauled to his feet.

Wayne watches news coverage about the events of the day, they discuss Abu Fayed and the reporter also talks about Wayne possibly recovering from the attack earlier in the day. The phone rings into the office and the woman tells Wayne that Bill Buchanan has Jack Bauer on the line. Wayne gives the okay for Jack to be put through. Doyle’s phone rings and he answers it finding the same voice on the other end telling him to hold for the President. Doyle holds the phone out for Jack sneering, ‘It’s the President.’ Jack takes the phone from Doyle and asks to be excused; Jack wanders a few steps away and speaks to Wayne. Wayne congratulates Jack and asks if everything is okay. Jack gets right to the point; he is calling because he wants Wayne to authorize a field operation with the purpose to save Audrey Raines. Jack confirms to a surprised President that she is alive and the Chinese want to use her as a bargaining chip to get a circuit board from one of the nukes. They have promised to release Audrey unharmed if they can get it. If Wayne understands correctly, getting the board would give the Chinese access to Russian defense technology, Jack confirms this. Wayne is willing to do his best to get Audrey back but he hopes that Jack is not expecting him to authorize this mission. Jack says it’s not exactly that so Wayne asks, “What, exactly?” Jack only needs the board long enough to convince the Chinese that he will go through with the exchange. Jack needs to have the component on him, they are going to need to see it. As soon as Audrey is safe Jack will destroy it. Wayne asks how Jack can guarantee that. Jack takes a breath and says he is asking him to trust him. “I give you my word that that component will not end up in Chinese hands.” Wayne wants to know how Jack can be sure, the Russians might take action against them despite their peace accord if this exchange happens. ‘Under most circumstances yes, your word would be enough but in this case I need details.’ Jack pauses and then tells the President, ‘If I have to I will destroy that circuit board with a concealed charge of C-4.’ Wayne quietly says that a charge of C-4 would take out anything within 30 feet of it. Realization dawns on Wayne’s face as he leans back and says, ‘You’re going to sacrifice yourself.’ Jack admits that if he has to he will. Wayne shakes his head and begins to object but Jack cuts him off begging Wayne to do this. “Audrey Raines was willing to give up her life to save mine. I cannot and will not do anything less for her.” Angry with his options, Wayne tells Jack that he is asking him to sign off on a possible suicide mission. Jack reminds Wayne that with all due respect, 16 hours ago his people were willing to hand him over for dead and he did not hesitate. “Mr. President, you owe me.” Jack paces around while Wayne asks him if he is sure this is the only way. Jack says yes. Wayne pauses and quietly says, ‘Alright, then.’ Jack thanks Wayne. Upset Wayne tells Jack that he will tell Bill to give him whatever he needs but he will need confirmation that the circuit board is destroyed after Audrey is released. Jack says he will have it; he will have CTU embed a tracker in it. Wayne wishes Jack luck and Jack thanks him. Wayne hangs up with him and asks his secretary for Buchanan and then takes a second and rests his head in his hands.



Buchanan is on the phone with Doyle who is unhappy about what is going on. He hangs up with Buchanan and tells Jack rudely to get over there. Jack turns and comes over to Doyle who un-cuffs him. Jack asks what Buchanan said. Sourly, Doyle tells Jack that Buchanan told him that the President signed off on this and he is to give Jack whatever he needs. Jack does need something, he needs someone to help him with the exchange for Audrey and he wants that person to be Doyle. Doyle seems confused and tilts his head looking at Jack. He asks where Jack is going to be and Jack tells him that the name of the man that will be taking the board is Cheng Zhi, he is responsible for Jack’s interrogation and torture for almost 2 years. As soon as Doyle gives Jack the okay that Audrey is safe 2 things are going to happen, Jack is going to destroy the circuit board and kill Cheng Zhi, so to answer Doyle’s question about where he is going to be: Wherever he has to. Jack wants to go.

Chloe comes downstairs from Buchanan’s office and walks by Morris’s station. He asks what happened and Chloe says that the President agreed to Jack’s plan. Morris asks doubtfully if the President is going to let Jack hand over the board to the Chinese. Chloe snaps no, of course not, the Chinese are not going to get it. Morris asks how Jack is going to manage that and Chloe doesn’t know but President Palmer trusts him. Morris changes the subject telling Chloe that letting Buchanan know was the right thing to do. Chloe is angry that Morris didn’t trust her, he should have. Morris reminds her that she broke into his system. Realizing that Morris is not going to win this, he concedes that Chloe is going to hold this over his head. She agrees she is and adds, ‘For a long time.’ Morris asks how long, can he get an estimate? She has no answer, ‘I’ll get back to you.’

Milo calls to Nadia from where he is standing and tells her that Doyle is on line 3, she needs to lock onto the tracker. She picks up her phone and Doyle only identifies himself as ‘me’ and tells her the number on the tracker. She has a signal and Doyle says that he and Jack are getting ready to move out.

Jack walks nearby and calls Cheng on his cell phone. Cheng tells Jack to head North on the 118, take the first exit after mile marker 49. He gives Jack half an hour and doesn’t have to remind Jack what will happen if he is late. Jack understands. Doyle comes over and as Jack stuffs the directions in his pocket Doyle says that CTU has a signal on the tracker. Jack is ready to go. They walk out and Doyle follows talking at Jack’s back. He is worried, if this goes south it could start a fire storm and for what. Jack asks him, ‘If you were in my shoes you wouldn’t do the same thing?’ Doyle claims not to mix relationships with his job. Full of attitude Doyle says, “Whatever you had with this woman, I hope it’s worth it.” Jack comes face to face with Doyle and corrects him that it is not about what he had with a woman, ‘Her name is Audrey Raines, she served this country with honor, we owe her, so get in the truck.’ Jack walks away from Doyle and gets in the passenger side.

Daniels sits on a couch and leans over his resignation. A knock comes at the door and Lisa enters. Daniels tells her to close the door and she walks over to him sitting next to him on the same couch. He tells her that the President just asked her to resign. She is surprised at this and even more so when he tells her he will comply with the request. He wanted to tell her before she found out from someone else. She doesn’t understand why he would go along with this and he admits to her that he has a tape of the conversation they had where they conspired to commit perjury. He has threatened to use it unless Daniels stands down. She is shocked and Daniels explains that Tom Lennox recorded it. The bottom line is it is not their choice. Lisa is apologetic, this is her fault, if she hadn’t offered to lie about Karen Hayes this wouldn’t be happening. Daniels knows she was trying to protect him and he could have turned it down. He takes her hand and smiles at her saying that now they can have more time to spend together. He touches her face and says that the President told him to take a week but he wants to have it in the President’s hands by the time he finishes the Press Conference. He signs it and folds it in thirds and tells Lisa, ‘I’m through being the loyal opposition.’

Wayne comes into the room where the press conference is held. The reporters stand as he takes the podium and invites them to sit. First he wants to say that he is grateful to be able to tell them that Abu Fayed has been killed and all the nuclear devices have been recovered. Wayne wants to take time to acknowledge all the brave men and women in law enforcement and armed services that worked to bring this crisis to an end. CTU watches the broadcast from their floor and Daniels enters the back end of press conference with Lisa to observe. He is holding his resignation. Wayne continues to speak of extremism and that they should take pride that they didn’t have to revert to this themselves. Wayne concludes his speech by asking for their prayers tonight for all those who grieved this day, for the lives that were shattered and that they can begin the process of healing. Wayne is willing to take some questions at this time and he calls on a reporter with his arm up named Ian. He asks a question about the certainty that the crisis is over. Wayne tells him the intelligence shows that it has passed; all have been apprehended or killed. A woman now waves her hand and Wayne calls on her calling her Andrea. She rises and corrects him politely that her name is Robin. He apologizes and says that it has been a long day. Robin asks a question about Muslim Americans being held still by the government. Wayne talks about the facilities and says that all the detainees will be released once the crisis has passed. He catches what he has said; Karen and Tom perk up at his slip as they are standing just off the podium. He tries to correct his mistake saying ‘now that the crisis has passed we are reviewing’ but he stops himself again looking to Karen and Tom and smiling. He knows he is not being very clear in regards to Andrea’s questions. Again Wayne stutters, Robin and then goes back to Andrea. He tries to start again regarding her question about the detention facilities but again he gets mid sentence and begins to stutter on his words. Before anyone can do anything he falls heavily back from the podium landing on the ground. Panic ensues as Karen and Tom rush to Wayne’s side. The visual goes to Daniels who quickly pockets his resignation as an agent can be heard telling the press to clear the room out.


11: 52

Dr. Welton is in the Oval Office where Lisa, Daniels, Karen and Tom wait for an update on the President. Welton tells them that all signs indicate that the President has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage brought on by the events of the day. Daniels accuses Welton of creating this problem by bringing him out of the coma. Karen comes to his defense saying that however detrimental the decision was to his health she is confident he would continue to support it. Daniels claims that it was her reckless action that caused this problem in the first place. Now it is Welton coming to Karen’s defense by saying that he will take responsibility for the actions regarding the President. Tom doesn’t feel like this is the time for incrimination, self imposed or otherwise. He wants to know the condition of the President and the prospects for recovery. Welton will be doing an MRI, the President is being prepped for transport as they speak. Daniels jumps in that it is incontestable that he will not be able to continue his duties as Commander in Chief. It is a tragedy for the nation and ‘for those of us that knew Wayne Palmer personally.’ Feigning compassion Daniels tells Welton to take care of him. Karen wipes her eyes quickly while Tom looks like he just sucked on a lemon. Daniels gets right down to it and asks Karen to have the Joint Chiefs authorize him under the 25 th Amendment and he asks Tom to have the press notified that President Palmer has been incapacitated. He also needs Tom to be available to review everything on the President’s agenda. Lisa is already thumbing through the agenda and picks up something right away that he might want to look at. She hands the paper off to Daniels and tells him about what is going on. Daniels asks Tom and Karen if they have an explanation for this. Karen jumps in saying that the President has a personal and longstanding relationship with Jack Bauer and he is responsible for recovering the nukes today. Daniels snaps at Karen that he asked her to explain it, not excuse it. She sums that Bauer guaranteed that he would not hand the board over to the Chinese, he is only securing the hostage. Tom tells him that incidentally the hostage in question is Audrey Raines, the daughter of James Heller. Daniels is doubtful that Jack will be able to guarantee the outcome. Daniels is happy to honor Jack’s service to the country but not at the price of giving classified technology to the Chinese and potentially damaging their relationship with Russia in the process. They are to tell CTU to stop Bauer. Karen tries to change Daniels mind starting to speak but Daniels rudely cuts her off midsentence dismissing them both. Karen stands there gaping at Daniels until Tom snaps her out of it by gently touching her shoulder. They leave the room and head down the hallway.

Karen is furious that he has been behind the President’s desk for less than a minute and he is already disregarding the President’s orders. Tom defends him a bit saying that they both share Daniels unease about handing secrets over to the Chinese. Karen argues that this is not the point but Tom knows the point, Daniels is now the acting President and there is nothing they can do about it, whether they like it or not. Tom trots off saying that he is going to the hospital, Karen will see him there.

Karen calls her husband who immediately asks for the status of the President. Karen admits it’s not good, he had cerebral hemorrhage and he will not be able to serve, Daniels is preparing to assume the office. She tells Buchanan that the first wave of Daniels hand was to stop Jack Bauer’s operation; he is to return to CTU now. Buchanan asks with urgency if he understands the circumstances under which Wayne Palmer agreed to this. Karen tells Buchanan that Daniels doesn’t work in shades of grey. Buchanan asks if he understands if Jack is not going to give up without a fight. Karen tells Bill to just get Jack back.

Buchanan comes out on the floor and tells Nadia that they are going to have to shut down the operation. The support teams are 6 blocks away, they need to set up road blocks. Buchanan tells Chloe that he wants her to stand down on this operation. She asks why and Buchanan says that she has shown him that he can’t trust her. Buchanan assigns Morris to COM. Chloe sulks that Jack is not going to go along with this. Unhappy, Buchanan sighs that he knows.

Jack is working with a cube of C-4 and Doyle’s phone rings. He answers it and its Buchanan. He asks if Jack can hear him, just answer yes or no. Doyle answers yes and Buchanan tells him that the operation has been shut down and Doyle needs to bring Jack back to CTU as soon as possible. Buchanan gives Doyle a location and tells him where to get off the freeway. They need to shut it down as quickly and quietly as possible before Jack finds out. Doyle understands and hangs up the call. He turns to Jack and tells him that CTU is reporting that the 180 has been closed due to high winds, they are concerned about the fallout. Doyle says they are to take 70 instead. Jack says fine and puts his bag in the back. With the other hand Jack draws his gun on Doyle threatening him not to move. Trying to keep cool Doyle asks what the problem is. Jack’s not biting and says, ‘Earlier today I shot my old partner, a friend of mine, because he tried to stop me from doing what I have to do. Don’t think for a second I won’t do that to you.’ Doyle briefly looks to Jack and Jack tells him to pull over slowly now.

In the split screen we see Lisa with Daniels, Buchanan stressing out, Milo and Morris, and Karen.

Doyle has pulled off the freeway and stops the truck. Jack tells him to take the keys out of the ignition and put them on the console. He also wants his phone. Doyle tries to tell Jack that he doesn’t want to do this. Jack gets out of the truck and has his gun trained on Doyle. He walks around the front of the car and opens the door for Doyle. He tells Doyle to get out of the truck slowly and back up to the fence. Doyle starts to comply but continues to talk telling Jack that Daniels is the acting President and he called off the mission. Jack tells Doyle to shut up and grab the fence. Doyle complies by grabbing the fence but tells Jack that this is going to end badly. ‘You can’t go against the White House Jack.’ Jack gets in the truck and starts to drive away, Doyle calling after him.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Is anyone else unsure about exactly what ‘circumstances’ the medic is talking about when he excuses Jack from going to the hospital? The bombs have been found and taken care of, the crisis is over. So what’s the deal? Oh right, Jack needs a way to get out of going so he can deal with the Audrey problem. It’s just a way for us to stop asking questions but still.

-Jack must be seriously injured because he is usually not willing to take medical help from anyone, he usually just spits out the obligatory, ‘I’m fine’ and goes on.

-You know, Doyle is completely driving me crazy. Either write him as an asshole or write him as a nice guy but don’t be up and down like a damn toilet seat. At the beginning of this episode he’s all mushy with Jack like he’s looking to get in HIS pants (Doyle’s own favorite accusation) but minutes later he’s all pissed off and treating him like a jerk. I don’t care either way, I’m not going to like him, but at least be consistent about it.

-At least someone is thanking Jack for what he’s doing.

-Jack’s skills are not as good as they used to be. I guess two years getting tortured in a Chinese prison will do that to you.

-Audrey appears to have fared better than Jack under Chinese torture. She just has a little cut above her eye. We obviously don’t know what they may have done to her psychologically but she looks relatively uninjured.

-So, any bets of if Jack will blame it on himself because he didn’t say anything all that time?

-I wonder just how true it is that Audrey went to China over the objections of her family (her father), her government and her friends and that everyone else had given up on Jack. That would be really very disappointing if Wayne wasn’t planning on trying to do something to get Jack out, or at least planning on it as his Presidency progressed.

-For the record, Jack rocks. He hasn’t even been out of Chinese custody for 24 hours and he is ready to sacrifice himself, to allow himself to be tortured again by the Chinese to save Audrey. Unbelievable.

-Jack is all worried about starting World War III. Now that Daniels is back in power I really don’t think it’s going to matter. He’s going to start it without Jack’s help, I’m sure.

-I’m trying to figure out what is going on with Audrey and why she is so scared of Cheng. I mean, if he really hasn’t hurt her then why is she so scared? Maybe she was lying because Cheng is making her.

-Here’s a question, Audrey says sorry to someone, either Jack or Cheng. I’d be interested to know who she was really talking to.

-Two times in 10 minutes Jack was left calling Cheng’s name after he hangs up the phone.

-How does Doyle not know what’s going on with Jack and Cheng? He was there when Jack took the original call and he wasn’t exactly coy about the whole thing. It wouldn’t have taken him long to figure it out, unless he really is as stupid as he sounds.

-Whatever that medic gave Jack must have been pretty good stuff, he hardly shows any pain from that nasty beating he took at the hands of Fayed last hour.

-Tom is thinking like I am, why can’t Wayne work from medical?? The country wouldn’t have to know.

-So here is where Wayne starts to really diverge from his brother, David. David would not be so willing to use a recording to extort something out of someone, he would go to the authorities and let them sort it out (case and point, Season 1 Karl Webb plotline). Wayne is a little more of a player and is willing to do what it takes to get things done.

-As much as Tom gets on my nerves because he’s a little bit of a jerk (or a big jerk sometimes) the acting is great. He looks even better next to the performance of Ricky Schroeder (Doyle) and even Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) in this episode, they should keep her with the awkwardness and not let her get too heavy, it’s not her style.

-There is definitely an end of season feeling at CTU there when Buchanan is briefing them. It’s like we finally get a real peek into what happens when a crisis is over and there is no one getting arrested or anything.

-Chloe knows Jack well enough to know that he is cooking something up about Audrey as soon as he says the words, ‘go along with it.’ Does she really even need to ask?

-Okay, let me get this straight, Chloe is the only one over in the working section of CTU, everyone else is standing around. She hacks into Morris’ computer without anyone even noticing that she looks extremely suspicious while talking on the phone and working on a station that isn’t hers. And he doesn’t even see her when he is approaching the station. Suuure, whatever they say.

-Jack even has Chloe saying ‘dammit’ now. Good work.

-As much as there were some questionable things in this episode, there were two really good commercial cuts one of them being after seeing Jack for .02 milliseconds after he hangs up the phone with Chloe. That’s one quick cut.

-That photo that Wayne mulls over of David is actually a Fox Promo shot of Dennis Haysbert from Season 3.

-Was Wayne possibly thinking how different of a choice he is about to make than his brother would have?

-Here’s another divergence emerging between Wayne’s character and David’s. David wouldn’t have run with a Vice President just to ‘strengthen the ticket’.

-It would be really nice in 24 land for, just one time, to not have a Vice President that isn’t either power hungry or a total loser.

-If I were Wayne I’d be a bit concerned with all this attempted assassination stuff going around lately. Daniels is a lot bigger than Wayne and I think that he could take him out with his bare hands.

-Over-delivered line of the week: Daniels to Wayne: “Mr. President, I REFUSE!” Just terrible.

-It’s followed closely by the best action of the week, the wrist flip door close by Wayne. I laughed for 5 minutes.

-Chloe does a good job of keeping her cool about Morris busting her until she has to tell him because he was going to tell Buchanan. She’s gotten better at that.

-Morris obviously doesn’t know Jack as well as Chloe does, he actually doubts that Jack is going to complete his mission. Rookie mistake.

-I was surprised that Chloe volunteered to go and tell Buchanan before Morris did. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and for Chloe to try and extort something out of Morris so he wouldn’t tell Buchanan.

-Ah, the irony that Buchanan just calls of the reinforcements for the bomb when he is told Jack is going to try and take part of one of them.

-Those two lost soldiers are pretty sorry. They don’t know what to do and are just going to follow the orders of the guy that yells the loudest.

-I can’t believe Doyle won the yelling match.

-Jack is going to need another shot of whatever that medic gave him now that he has probably broken something in his face. Ouch.

-I’m curious as to why Buchanan wouldn’t hear Jack out first before doing something like having him taken out by Doyle. Doyle’s a touch unstable and I would be worried about Jack getting shot by him if I were giving that order.

-Will Jack trust Chloe again after this? Even though she didn’t do it really voluntarily she did go to Buchanan on him. Will he call her now that he is free and going to Cheng with the chip.

-Jack is going to need help from someone other than Doyle now if he wants to execute the same plan. He has no one left to call that I can think of. Here’s where I’d like to see him pick up the phone and just dial Tony, no questions asked.

-Poor Buchanan, he is just trying to do what’s right. Not working for him really, though. He got his head taken off by Jack with the comment about not knowing Audrey was alive.

-Why is Jack so hell bent on the fact that nothing else is going to work here? I think he’d be able to come up with some crazy plan using CTU and not having to go against everyone. He doesn’t even want to consider it.

-I’ve heard some people be uptight about Jack going through all this just to get Audrey. I’m thoroughly convinced that Jack would do this for if not for only one reason: Audrey was trying to save him. Jack is always the guy that saves everyone else, he’s the go to guy, save his family (or not), save the President, save the world, whatever. There have been a few people along the way that he could rely on but when he was in trouble, being tortured overseas, the one that came to his rescue was Audrey. It’s irrelevant that they haven’t spent any significant time together in years. It wouldn’t matter to Jack if it was Audrey, some nameless agent or Tony Almeida, they ended up there because they were trying to save him. He would do anything he could to save them, whatever that means. He would not let the board in their hands even if he had to die to make it happen. It’s the way Jack is, unselfish and unwilling to accept help. Why do you think he always says, “I’m fine” when he’s hurt?

-Another sign of how important this is is that Jack is calling in personal favors. He asks Buchanan ‘as a friend’ to talk to Wayne. Then he reminds Wayne, with some anger, that he owes him for his past service and what he has done today. It’s all an indication of how badly Jack wants to save Audrey.

-It has to be weird for Wayne to be watching the news coverage of his own medical condition when in reality, he doesn’t even really know where he stands. Does he think, ‘Well, they say I’m alright so I must be alright.’ Don’t believe everything you hear on TV.

-I just want to remind everyone that Doyle appears to have been a bad ass in Denver where he manipulated what he could to get his way. All these back door exchanges that we have heard wind about sound like he has been involved. So what’s going on now? Why is he not willing to help Jack bend the rules a little, and why is he so mad when Jack gets what he wants?

-I guess Doyle is just mad that Jack has the ear of the President. I think Doyle would find that if he was less of a jerk, more doors would open for him.

-All of a sudden everyone is a specialist on these nukes… they all know what the sub-circuit board does and who the Russians don’t want to get it. Okay, whatever.

-You know, Kiefer Sutherland and D.B. Woodside (Wayne Palmer) have a good deal of on-screen chemistry as well. Not as much as Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert (David Palmer) but still quite a bit. I hope they are both around for a while longer… or is saying that basically a death sentence for one of them?

-The lines where Wayne tries to figure out the mission were delivered perfectly, especially the ‘What exactly’ line.

-It’s good to know that no matter what state Jack’s mind might be in that Wayne trusts him to the point of, ‘In most cases your word would be enough.’ Wow. Are we forgetting that just 12 short hours ago he was on his knees crying saying that he can’t do this?

-Screen time wise, actual face to face contact, Wayne has spent more time with Jack that David did. He ran around with him for a few hours last year before disappearing off the face of the planet for the remainder of the season.

-When I first saw in the trailer Jack saying the line, ‘Mr. President, you owe me’ I was disappointed in the way that Jack seemed to be extorting his own relationship and his service to the country with Wayne to get what he wants. Now that I have seen it in context I feel a bit better about it. He tried a lot of ways to get what he wanted and pulling in the favor was his last option. He did it in a way that was firm but still respectful and it was a lot more Jack-like than just coming out and trying to force the President to do what he feels is right.

-The thing that seems un-Jack-like to me is the fact that he asked Doyle to help him with the extraction of Audrey. I guess it’s just last man standing. There is no one else left for Jack to ask. But after Doyle was such a jerk to him for the last while I don’t know why he would trust him with something that means so much to him. He is such a pendulum of emotion that you never know when he’s going to swing back the other way and go against you.

-Ooh, the plot thickens a bit with the revelation that there are 2 objectives to this mission, to get Audrey AND to kill Cheng.

-Morris was obviously torn about what he felt was right, to tell Buchanan about Jack’s plan and he knew that Chloe was going to hold it over him. She now has a decision to make, can she trust Morris again? He made her look untrustworthy to Jack.

-Earlier in the season, when it felt like it was going for a little bit of a slide, one of the main complaints was that there were too many things going on, too many characters, too many storylines. In the last couple of weeks the show has improved and feels tighter. Have we noticed that there are fewer things going on now? The CTU storyline has taken a back seat, there’s no Sandra/Walid or any other peripheral stories. Its Jack’s stuff and the White House stuff. They complement each other nicely. This really showed when I realized that the Milo/Nadia/Doyle thing has been relegated to about 2 lines. IT’s too bad that Milo only had limited lines this episode but it is necessary for some of those CTU stories to go away if the show is going to continue to be interesting.

-So Doyle and Nadia are on an ‘It’s me’ basis on the phone now? That didn’t take long.

-I was SO happy that we didn’t have to see Milo go give Nadia grief after she talked to Doyle.

-And the Doyle-pendulum swings the other way when he tells Nadia that he and Jack are getting ready to head out, like they’re a team or something.

-And then it swings back when Doyle grills Jack about his ‘relationship with this woman.’

-Line of the week: Jack to Doyle: “Her name is Audrey Raines, she served this country with honor, we owe her, so get in the truck.” Ah, Jack in a nutshell.

-Jack is really hell bent on not driving, isn’t he?

-I could do without the Daniels/Lisa storyline. Just a question, isn’t he wearing a wedding ring?

-I wonder what the connotation to ‘I’m tired of being the loyal opposition’ is? Was he planning on coming after Wayne on another level?

-That was kind of scary watching what happened to Wayne there. Wow, all Presidency aside it was no good.

-Did he ever launch off the podium quickly. There was no casual falling there, he drops like a sack of potatoes.

-Did anyone else think Karen and Tom should have done something right away when Wayne started to go south? Why wait for him to bail out onto the floor? As soon as they detected something wrong they should have gone and pulled him off. They know that he’s stubborn enough to try and finish whether he is ill or not.

-There are four types of cerebral hemorrhage, you can find more info on them here: - honestly, the 2424 in the link is a coincidence, it’s the Cedars-Sinai page for Cerebral Hemorrhage. It doesn’t look good for Wayne.

-Does this mean that Sandra is going to be back? Actually, she wasn’t all that painful last time, but if she comes back blaming Karen then I’m going to be one angry viewer.

-Daniels is really bad at pretending to be sad that Wayne is gone. He can hardly hide the joy that he is in charge now.

-How is Tom going to be available to go over everything on the President’s agenda if he is going to the hospital?

-Are we finally going to get to meet Wayne’s wife?

-What does Daniels care about relationships with other countries?

-I think I like the tag-team of Tom and Karen. They are good together since they offset each other a bit. He bails her out when Daniels changes his mind on Jack’s operation; he probably saved her her job.

-That hallway looks an awful lot like the one that David Palmer called Jack from at the end of Season 4. I wonder if they are reusing sets. That was supposed to be in LA and this is supposed to be Washington.

-I thought maybe Tom was going back to his old ways for a few seconds, until he says, “Like it or not.”

-So, it will be interesting to see what happens to Tom now that the recording he took is out in the open. Will Daniels force him to resign? Or hand over the recording?

-Buchanan’s compassion for Jack is very refreshing. He is most concerned about getting Jack back to CTU without them having to hurt him. Will we see him in the field with Jack brandishing a weapon soon?

-He also doesn’t underestimate Jack, another thing that we’re not really used to.

-Ah, the Jack bag is back. Actually, I think it’s slightly different than the one from last year. If you want one, you can get it from the 24 store. They’re great, I got one and use it all the time.

-Did Doyle actually think Jack was going to believe that story?

-I wasn’t aware that Jack considered Curtis a friend. I guess he would be. I wouldn’t call him a ‘partner’ though, just like I wouldn’t call Doyle Jack’s new ‘partner.’ The only one I’d consider a partner would be Chase and maybe Tony.

-Does Doyle not have a gun? Jack didn’t take it from him that I saw. He covered the keys and the cell phone but didn’t mention the gun. If Doyle had one still he should have shot the tires out on the truck.

-Now Doyle has a long walk back to the teams, doesn’t he? I hope he has a quarter for a pay phone – actually, I take that back. Let’s leave him walking around in the dark for a few hours.

-Most ironic line of the week, Doyle to Jack: “You can’t go against the White House Jack!” Oh, I haven’t laughed that hard at this show in a long time. Obviously, Doyle doesn’t know Jack.

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