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6.17: 10:00pm - 11:00pm
~ Resurrection ~


Lennox and Karen pace around the room behind Wayne while the Joint Chiefs sit around the table. Admiral Smith has the imagery of the Vickery and its location. He is on the phone and tells the President that the missile is in their air space. Lennox tries to get Wayne to change his mind, this nuclear strike is pointless, they know that Fayed is not state sponsored and they can’t be held accountable for the events of the day. The Admiral gives a 5 minute warning. Tom argues that Fayed’s country doesn’t know anything about what he is doing. Wayne will find out in a few minutes if that is true.

Karen gets out her phone and calls CTU to speak to Buchanan. She asks him right away if Jack has gotten anything from Fayed. Buchanan says that he is interrogating Fayed now but he is not optimistic about breaking him. Buchanan wants to know what’s going on at her end and Karen, stressed out, tells him that the President has gone ahead with the strike. Buchanan doesn’t understand why and Karen doesn’t either. He fought the Vice President to regain his Presidency and now he is going ahead with Daniels’s plan. It doesn’t make sense. Karen has to stop him; she offers to tell him that Jack got a solid lead out of Fayed on the location of the suitcase nukes. Buchanan sums up that Karen is asking him to provide a pretext for them to bring the missile down. Buchanan can’t do that with Gredenko dead and Fayed not talking. He apologies. Karen understands and they will talk later.
Karen goes back into the room and gives Tom a look telling him that she has nothing. The Admiral has confirmation that Fayed’s country is scrambling defenses and planes. Wayne muses that they know they are coming, that’s good. Karen implores Wayne saying that Jack Bauer has Fayed in custody, they may be able to find the bombs yet. Wayne is uninterested in what she has to say and Karen leans into Wayne asking, ‘Please, sir, why are you doing this?’ Tom drops into his seat and Wayne shakes his head. Tom looks at the President and notices that his left hand is shaking slightly on the table. He quietly says, ‘Mr. President.’ Wayne notices and sheepishly puts his hand under the table.

The phone rings and the Ambassador is on the line for the President. Palmer starts to talk and the Ambassador says that he has been alerted about the nuclear threat on his country. Wayne made good on their threat and the Ambassador implores him to stop. The Ambassador has uncovered some new information, Wayne is listening. They have identified a general in their government, Mohmar Habib, who was been in contact with Fayed and has been orchestrating the commands. Karen asks if they have arrested him, which he has. They are interrogating him but he doesn’t know where the bombs are. The last time he spoke with Fayed was for the drone operation, he has no knowledge of the whereabouts of the bombs or the targets. Admiral Smith says they are 2 minutes from impact. Wayne accuses that the Ambassador has known about Habib for quite some time. The Ambassador claims it is a shock and Wayne slams his fist on the table yelling, ‘Stop lying to me!’ A bomb will be hitting their country in less than two minutes, don’t try and lie again. The Ambassador warns Wayne about the political climate in his country; Wayne must understand that Habib is a high ranking General. Wayne threatens that he hopes protecting Habib was worth pushing them to the brink of World War III. Wayne tells him that the attack will be aborted but he wants a full dossier on Habib and an update on the progress of the interrogation. He also asks the Ambassador to return to the White House right away, he wants him accessible for the remainder of the crisis. The Admiral gives the go to abort the missile and ditch it in the Gulf. Tom is amazed by the developments and realizes that Wayne knew that he was withholding information. Wayne suspected it. Tom will see that the Vickery sends a team to recover the nuke but that will not be necessary. The Admiral tells Tom and Karen that they sent the missile as a non-nuclear attack, this was all a bluff. Wayne tells Tom that the Vice President was right; they need to be willing to strike back to get the cooperation that they need. The difference between him and the Vice President is that he was not about to take innocent lives to prove his point. Wayne wants this new information sent to CTU, this might be the key to breaking Fayed.

Jack winds up and punches Fayed hard in the face, Jack nearly losing balance because of the force behind the blow. Fayed is showing the effects of Jack’s beating, his face is swollen and he has a nose bleed. Jack is using a towel and he shakesDoyle tries to question Fayed his hand as he readjusts it. He tells Fayed that his country is planning a full retaliatory strike against Fayed’s people. He can stop it if he tells him where the bombs are. Jack yells at Fayed, ‘Where are the bombs?’ Fayed tells Jack this is over and Jack tells him he can save his people, just tell him where the bombs are. Fayed asks if Jack is enjoying himself as much as he enjoyed butchering his little brother. Jack defends himself, Fayed’s brother was responsible for dozens of innocent lives, Fayed is responsible for thousands, ‘trust me, I haven’t begun to enjoy myself.’ Fayed tells Jack that he will get nothing from him and he knows it. Jack punches Fayed in the stomach and walks over to Doyle. He whispers that this is not working, Doyle wants to try. Jack says no, Fayed knows he has lost; he wants them to martyr him. Jack’s phone rings and it’s Buchanan. He asks for their status and Jack says it’s the same as before, they are not getting anywhere. Buchanan gives Jack the information about Mohmar Habib, he is running Fayed. They don’t think he knows where the bombs are, he was in on the drone plot. Jack knows that unless they know more than that it is not going to help them. Buchanan wants to know how soon they can have Fayed ready for transport. Jack says immediately, walking away he says that he thinks they have a play.

Doyle is now talking to Fayed saying that he thinks he will be known as some great martyr for his people but he blew up some little city and killed a lot of people but it had no real political significance. What will happen when Fayed’s number 2 guy realizes Fayed is out of the picture? He is going to take the nukes and blow up a substantial target, something that will really hurt this country and if he succeeds he will be the hero of Fayed’s jihad and he will be forgotten. Is that what Fayed wants? Fayed looks at Doyle with disgust and asks, ‘Do you really think you can manipulate me by playing on my vanity? I serve the will of God.’ Doyle argues he doesn’t and getting out his gun and putting it to Fayed’s head he tells him that if he doesn’t believe him he can ask him when he meets him. Jack has finished on the phone and sees what is going on. He commands Doyle to lower his weapon and after he pauses Jack reiterates it explaining that Buchanan wants them to transport him back to CTU. Doyle doesn’t think they have time but Jack is preparing a pharmaceutical package, Agent Burke will be working on him. Doyle doesn’t need Agent Burke and asks for some time with him. Jack asks Doyle angrily if there is a problem. Doyle has no problem so Jack tells him to get the men ready. After Doyle has walked away Jack tells Fayed quietly, ‘Now we’re going to have some fun.’



Lennox gives the file on Habib to Wayne. He looks it over quickly and asks if this is the complete dossier. Tom tells Wayne that this is a preliminary one, they are sending more and anything else they get they are sending directly to CTU as well. Wayne asks about the ambassador and is told that he will be there in 15 minutes. Tom also spoke with Secret Service; his sister is on her way to the hospital to be with Walid. Wayne thanks Tom and he comes over to stand at the President’s desk. He tells Wayne that he wants to talk about his handling of the crisis. Wayne knows that Tom was not happy about being kept in the dark about the plan but the Joint Chiefs and he agreed to keep it closed. That’s not what Tom wanted to talk about; he wanted to say that he is sorry that he doubted Wayne’s strength and leadership. Wayne says it’s alright but Tom corrects him respectfully, that it’s not. Tom is prepared to leave the room but Wayne continues speaking saying that he and Tom go back a long time and they have been honest with each other. Wayne tells Tom that he made it no secret that he believed that the Vice President was better suited to lead this country. Tom admits that he made a mistake, detonating a nuclear bomb would have pushed Russia, China and every nation with nuclear capability to assert themselves, it would start a war. Wayne admits that they already are in a war but he hasn’t taken the time to realize it. If it was not for Daniels initiating the launch, Wayne would have had no gambit to play and the Ambassador never would have come forward. Wayne finishes, ‘I’m not David, Tom, but I am learning that who I am is not so bad.’ Tom raises his eyebrows and admits, ‘We’re all doing some learning here today, aren’t we sir?’ Again preparing to leave Tom is stopped again when Wayne asks, ‘Daniels withdrew his challenge very suddenly without reason, why did he have a change of heart.’ Unconvincing, Tom says something changed it. Wayne asks if Tom has something on him. Tom tells him, ‘As Chief of Staff I am here to inform you and also to protect you, they don’t always work in combination.’ Wayne gives a small smile and Tom leaves. Once Tom is out of the room Wayne looks down at his hand which is shaking badly on the desk.

An armored CTU transport vehicle drives with Jack sitting shotgun and Doyle in the back with Fayed. Jack gives the location to someone on the other end of the phone and hangs up. Doyle asks what is going to happen if this doesn’t work; he never found pharmaceutical torture all that effective. Jack mutters, ‘I have.’ Fayed tells them that if this is supposed to frighten him they are wasting their time, he is not going to tell them anything. Doyle doesn’t care either way, he is going to get to watch Fayed suffer. Jack turns to Doyle to tell him not to talk to the prisoner but before he can complete the sentence Doyle yells for Jack to look back out the front window. The CTU vehicle comes crashing into another large vehicle and falls on its side. The car without Jack in it pulls around and stops. Inside his truck Jack asks if everyone is okay. Doyle says he is and Jack watches as the men from the other truck get out. Jack tells Doyle that they are trying to flank them from both sides. Jack will hold them off and he tells Doyle to get Fayed out the back. Doyle agrees and Jack kicks out the front window and starts shooting at the assailants. Jack gets one of them and then the driver from Jack’s vehicle goes down. Doyle is also firing trying to get Fayed away but he soon goes down too. Jack has moved around the side of the truck and is still firing. Hit himself now, he falls back with a grunt and lands on the pavement. The men converge on the truck and soon grab Fayed. They speak to him as they pull a limping Fayed away from the site. Jack still lays on the pavement unconscious. The men hustle Fayed into their own vehicle and drive away.

Once the vehicle is out of sight a convoy of trucks appears from the other direction. Jack sits up in a hurry and looks around pronouncing the scene clear. Doyle and the other agents get up as well and Jack and Doyle move to one of the trucks, Jack getting in the passenger seat as Doyle drives. Jack speaks to Buchanan and tells him that the cover team has picked up Fayed. They will know soon enough if Fayed bought the ploy. Chloe almost has the video feed up from the vehicle that Fayed is in and Jack looks to Doyle. He tells Doyle that he is bleeding and Doyle touches the back of his neck saying that he must have cut himself in the crash. Nadia, listening in from CTU, asks if he needs medical assistance. Doyle says no and follows it with, ‘thanks for your concern.’ Chloe tells them that they are on the video feed. Jack can see inside the truck.

Jamal, the agent with Fayed, introduces himself and names a cell that he is with. He explains that General Habib sent him to get Fayed. They used Habib’s connections in the intelligence community to find Fayed. They were told to intercept and help Fayed rendezvous with his men. Fayed wants Jamal’s gun. Jamal doesn’t move immediately and Fayed reaches out and takes it from Jamal’s holster and Jamal doesn’t stop him. Fayed pulls the clip out and checks that it is indeed loaded. He holsters it himself and sits back. He says that he wants to speak to General Habib. Jamal says that’s not possible, he is under tight security from his government, it’s not safe to contact him but he said he would call when he can. Jamal asks Fayed where he wants him to take him. Fayed will let him know after he speaks to the General. Jamal sits back saying, ‘As you wish.’



Tom is standing outside Wayne’s office and he motions to the phone. Wayne will take the call and Tom comes in and puts Buchanan on speaker. Wayne tells Bill that both he and Tom are present. Buchanan explains that Jack was not able to extract the information from Fayed, he believes that it’s a dead end. They have set up a trick for Fayed to lead them to the location of the nukes, they staged a fake rescue with agents posing as a terrorist cell by using reference to Habib. The problem is Fayed is stalling until he has confirmation from Habib that the men are taking orders from him. Wayne says they are still interrogating him, they don’t know if he has cooperated or if he will at all. Buchanan tells Wayne that the agents are trying to circumvent this but Jack believes that they won’t be able to find the nukes unless Fayed talks to Habib. Wayne asks Tom where the Ambassador is and Tom lets him know that he arrived a few minutes ago, Karen Hayes is with him now. Wayne tells Buchanan to keep working on it. Tom is concerned that if this ruse isn’t going to work their time might be better spent using more conventional means to get the information from Fayed. Picking up what Tom is really saying, Wayne backs Jack’s position, if he says that Fayed is a dead end then it is and Wayne believes him. Wayne gets up saying that they should not keep the Ambassador waiting. He takes a couple of steps but then doubles over using the desk for support to keep him on his feet. Tom is also there to help Wayne asking with concern if he is alright. Straightening up again Wayne says he is fine.

Wayne walks heavily into the room where the Ambassador is and they shake hands. The Ambassador expresses gratitude Wayne greets the Ambassadorfor stopping the attack on his country, they appreciate that a nuclear catastrophe was narrowly avoided. Tom tells him shortly not to get to comfortable because this may not be over yet. He tells the Ambassador to sit down. Wayne gets right to the point. Fayed is travelling with a few agents that are posing as a cell but he doesn’t have the nukes and Fayed will not rendezvous with his men until he hears from Habib and he confirms the legitimacy of the agents. The Ambassador appreciates the situation but he doesn’t think that Habib will comply; he has not been responsive during the interrogation. Karen pipes up that they are not being persuasive enough. The Ambassador resents Karen’s tone, he knows how dire the situation is. Wayne argues this is not a time for indignation and the Ambassador argues that they have even arrested Habib’s family. Wayne asks aggressively if they threatened to kill them. Tom and Karen both look at Wayne in surprise and Karen starts to protest but Wayne reminds the ambassador that he spared his country a disaster. The Ambassador calls the idea barbaric but Wayne becomes angry, he has seen how they treat political dissonance in his country so don’t speak to him about barbarism. Wayne tells him flat out that Habib needs to speak to Fayed without giving away the CTU position. Wayne tells him to make the call now.

Morris works in CTU and Buchanan walks by him to Nadia. He says quietly that General Habib is going to make a call to Jamal’s phone but the General doesn’t speak English. Nadia will do a translation. She goes to Milo and asks him to link her up but he testily tells her that he is busy, to do it herself. Nadia can’t, she doesn’t have a level 5 security clearance. Milo observes that that hasn’t stopped her before. Knowing the answer she asks him if he has something on his mind. He turns to her and says yeah, a few hours ago Doyle was threatening to hurt her and even kill her and now they’re best friends. Nadia is surprised by this, she doesn’t understand where Milo got that from, she was showing concern for an injured field agent. She finishes that he might not be as bad as Milo thinks he is. Milo calls Doyle a creep and a sadist. Nadia has heard enough, she doesn’t need this from him and can get Chloe to do what she needs. Milo grabs her arm from preventing her from goin and wants to say something. Morris is sitting near them and stands when he sees the unfriendly physical contact. He gets their attention and whispers that he knows it’s none of his business but asks if there is a bit of a problem. Milo lets go of Nadia and says no. Morris goes back to twirling his pen and Milo agrees to set up the channel for Nadia. She leaves and goes by Morris’s desk on the way. He touches her arm and asks if she is alright. She says she is. Milo watches them talking.

The trucks drive and Fayed watches out the window. He sees what he is looking for and tells them to stop and wait. Jack and Doyle stop behind some bushes out of sight. Jamal tries to convince Fayed to keep going; they can’t sit still while the Americans are looking for them. Fayed is not going to go any further until the General calls. He questions Jamal asking him why he hasn’t heard of him before if he takes orders from General Habib. Jamal, aware of what Fayed is doing, says that the cells have no knowledge of each other in case they are captured. The phone rings and Jamal answers it. Soon he passes it over to Fayed saying that it’s the General. Fayed and the General speak in their native tongue while Nadia translates for those listening. They exchange pleasantries and Fayed asks if the General sent the people that rescued him. The General’s children each have a gun pointed at them and because of this the General says yes, of course he sent them. Fayed admits to still having 2 of the bombs, they are at a safe house, the Russian, Gredenko, failed to provide them with means to get to their target. Habib tells Fayed that the failed, he should have sent Samir in his place. Fayed says the bombs are operational and Habib gives him to go to meet with his people and get the bombs ready to move. He is to call Habib back at this number and by then he will have chosen a new target for him. Fayed understands and they hang up. Appearing to be satisfied Fayed tells them to get on the 110 freeway and head east.

Jack radios that they are on the move, CTU figures it looks like it worked. Buchanan will tell the White House and Jack and Doyle take off.

Wayne sits in the room with the Ambassador, Karen and Tom. He appears to be nodding off and Karen comes over to himWayne goes down and Tom is there to help him speaking to him quietly. Wayne comes around with a, ‘hm?’ and she wants to know if he is alright. He says he is fine, just a little tired. He looks worse than that but Karen goes on saying she just got word from CTU, Fayed is leading them to the safe house and the bombs. The Ambassador is happy; he is pleased to have been able to help. Wayne feels the same way and he asks Karen to show the Ambassador to his car. He starts to protest saying that Wayne asked him to stay there until this was finished but Wayne says that will not be necessary. Wayne gets up unsteadily and shakes the Ambassadors hand. They are just out the door and Tom tells Wayne that he handled that well. Turning back to Wayne Tom sees that he is becoming very unsteady on his feet. Wayne gasps saying ‘the door, lock it.’ Starting to collapse Wayne tells Tom, ‘No one can know.’ He lands in a heap on the ground head first. Tom panics calling Wayne and coming to his side and then looking around for help.



Nadia comes to Buchanan and says that she listened to the conversation between Fayed and Habib again. Morris comes on over and says that the team is ready to advance the moment they are at the safe house. Buchanan tells him to make sure that no one goes in until Jack confirms the nukes are there, not even any follow choppers. Nadia has a problem, there is an inconsistency. They mentioned a man named Samir in the call, he worked for Habib in the late 90’s but was implicated in money laundering and radical organizations. The problem is that Samir was killed 2 years ago and they were talking like he is still alive. Milo has been listening and says it could be another Samir. Nadia knows that but it could be a duress code. They have to alert Jack. Buchanan congratulates Nadia for god work and then calls Jack. He passes on the information to a surprised Jack.

When Jack finishes with Buchanan he asks Doyle for his phone so he can call Jamal. Doyle argues that if they are wrong they could blow this whole thing. Jack knows that if they are right then it’s already over. Unhappily, Doyle hands his phone over.

Jamal answers his phone and Jack explains who he is and where he is. He says that General Habib could have given a distress signal to Fayed, he might know what is going on. Before Jamal responds Jack loses audio and video coverage of the vehicles. Chloe checks and says that it might be because they went through a tunnel but calculating the distance they should be through it by now. Jack knows what has happened, he says to seal off the tunnel and he and Doyle drive in the other side. In preparation Jack draws his gun and cocks it. They have a visual on the vehicle, it has stopped in the tunnel, Jack says to engage. He hardly waits for Doyle to stop the car before he gets out. Jack and Doyle converge on the vehicle, Doyle crossing Jack and Jack opening the doors. There are bodies on the ground, Doyle gets in and checks the two in the front finding them dead. Jack says Jamal is still alive, he tells Doyle to stay with him until medical gets there. The chopper has nothing coming out the other end so Jack checks around and sees a door that the locks has been shot on. He heads in and slowly clears areas moving deeper and deeper into a storage and work area. He goes down some stairs and sees Fayed pulling a body away. He takes his cell out and makes a call to the rest of his cell. While he does this we can see that he is injured and he gets in a dump truck saying that he is on the way now. He will explain everything when he gets there and he starts up the large vehicles. Jack has come in behind and as Fayed grinds the gears and starts to pull away we see Jack hanging from the bottom of the vehicle. At first he drags his feet but he pulls them up and holds on for his life near some fast moving machinery. Jack tries to radio Buchanan by yelling into his com. He explains that he is on a sanitation truck headed east but when he loses Buchanan Jack says a loud, “Dammit!” Chloe has static on Jack and Nadia has heard nothing from Doyle. The chopper has them all in the tunnel. Buchanan tells Morris to send that call from Jack to audio and see if they can pull what he said. The satellite coverage will be back 60 seconds and Doyle has followed Jack but radios to CTU that he has no 20 on Bauer. He sees the dead body at the dock where Fayed left from.

Jack holds on under the truck as Fayed drives it away



Dr. Welton has reappeared and he is tending to Wayne. They have moved him to the couch where he appears to be either unconscious or barely conscious, his one arm above his head. Welton grabs Wayne’s other arm and wraps the blood pressure check around it. While he reads it Tom leans over the doctor and asks with concern, ‘Doctor, what’s happening to him?’ Welton is unhappy, he tells Tom that Wayne’s blood pressure has dropped to 80 over 40, it could be any number of things, vascular damage from the adrenaline shot, intracranial swelling. He stops the list and leans in over Wayne’s face almost yelling that they need to get him to medical. Wayne is awake now and says weakly that he is not going anywhere. He tells Welton to give him another shot of adrenaline. Wayne uses Welton’s arm to pull himself up into a slumped back sitting position. Welton is not going to give Wayne another shot, it will kill him and he shouldn’t have given him the last one. Tom shakes his head as Welton continues, he will not make that mistake again, he apologizes. Wayne, eyes still half closed, starts to work with his tie claiming he is going back to work. Tom urges Wayne to go and get some tests done but Wayne is not going to until the nukes are secure and the crisis is over. Welton protests that Wayne won’t last that long. Wayne again uses Welton as leverage to get to his feet and grunts that he might surprise him. Welton threatens Wayne that if he doesn’t get down to medical right now he can have his resignation. Wayne turns back to him and says, ‘I won’t accept it Arthur so don’t bother.’ He asks him to excuse Tom and him. Welton grabs his bag and pauses at Tom pleading, ‘For God’s sake, talk some sense into him.’ Tom stands by Wayne, it’s his decision to make. With Welton gone Wayne tells Tom to call CTU, he wants to know what’s happening. Wayne is putting his jacket back on, Tom does the same. With every word Wayne is breathing heavily and sweating. Tom agrees to call CTU and trots out of the room.

Jack rides under the truck, ground flying beneath him and a rotor running close to his head. Fayed arrives at his Jack tracks Fayedwarehouse location and stops the truck. Men emerge as Fayed gets out. Jack silently drops to the ground and rolls over ready to move. One of the men comes to Fayed and asks what’s going on. Fayed explains quickly the Gredenko betrayed them and led CTU right to him. It is not safe there; they need to load the bombs on the truck. He asks Fayed what they are doing and he says they are going to finish this, they are going to take the bombs to downtown LA. Jack has made it to the elevated loading dock and once Fayed is out of sight Jack drops the man there and kills him by cracking his neck. He hops up on the loading dock and pulls his gun out walking in slowly. Jack catches up to Fayed and his men, he crosses the empty space and find cover behind some crates and metal piping. He levels the gun and watches Fayed go into a caged area where the bombs sit. Fayed closes the lid on the case of the open bomb and Jack opens fire. He shoots the closest man and the rest of them return fire. Jack moves closer killing two more of them before he is momentarily pinned down. He kills another of Fayed’s men leaving one shooting at him and Fayed going back for the bomb. Jack takes out the last shooter and trains his gun on Fayed. Fayed has to leave the bomb and return fire. Jack runs out of ammo and has no choice but to charge a firing Fayed and hope he misses him. Fayed only has a few shots left anyway until his gun is useless as well. Jack is running full steam at him and Fayed throws his gun at Jack. Jack crashes into Fayed throwing him back against the table. Fayed comes up with his arm around Jack’s neck from behind but Jack delivers elbows and kicks to Fayed until he can get enough leverage to send Fayed flying over top of him hard against some shelves. Fayed lands on the ground and Jack comes over and kicks him knocking him back again. Jack goes at Fayed’s throat with his hands but Fayed throws Jack off and he lands on his back. Fayed comes to Jack who is getting up and Jack uses a large wrench he picked up to smash Fayed in the arm. Fayed screams and grabs his arm but runs back at Jack shoving him hard into a thick pole. Pain crosses Jack’s face and he goes down in a heap and then sprawls on the floor. Fayed has also gone to his knees away from Jack. Fayed is up first and as Jack painfully tries to crawl to something he sees Fayed gets up and comes over to Jack kicking him hard in the midsection. Jack continues to pull himself across the ground and Fayed stomps on his back. Jack turns and trips Fayed but he gets up with the large wrench. Jack has used a chain hanging from the roof to help him up. When Fayed tries to hit him with the wrench, Jack uses the chain to defend himself. Fayed looses the wrench and grabs Jack’s neck trying to choke him. Jack gets his hands up on Fayed too and uses the only thing he can, he bites Fayed’s hand. Fayed yells and lets go and this is enough for Jack, he knocks Fayed in the head with his own and grabs the chain between them and wraps it around Fayed’s arm and then his neck. Jack kicks Fayed’s leg and Fayed is hanging from the chain. From behind him Jack tells Fayed, ‘Say hello to your brother.’ He goes to the controller hanging down for the pulley on the chain. He pushes the button to retract it and it lifts Fayed off the ground. While pressing the button Jack goes down in pain to a sitting position. Fayed chokes and eventually dies. Jack leans over on his side hurting badly and sees the lights of a chopper coming in overhead.

In the split screen we see Jack holding his midsection and trying to deal with the pain, Wayne slowly taking his seat and Tom behind him and CTU waiting for word with Buchanan, Milo, Morris and Chloe all looking concerned about what is going on and waiting for word on Jack and the nukes.

Doyle leads the CTU team in, guns drawn, but it’s unnecessary. When Doyle sees Jack he goes to his side asking if he is alright. Jack grunts out that he’s fine and asks how he found him. Doyle explains that they tracked the sanitation truck by satellite. Jack tells him that bombs are on the table. Doyle gets up and goes over seeing them there. He radios into CTU and Buchanan tells him eagerly to go ahead. He tells them that the bombs are secured and Jack’s alright. Relief crosses their faces and Chloe and Morris share in a sideways hug.

Doyle looks around taking in the carnage Jack has caused. He looks to each dead terrorist and finally to Fayed hanging across from him. He muses in admiration, ‘Damn, Jack.’ He goes to the injured agent and loops an arm under Jack’s Audrey lives.saying, ‘Let’s get you to medical.’ He helps Jack to his feet where Jack doubles again but stays on his feet. Jack brushes Doyle off saying he’s fine and walks slowly on his own as Doyle’s phone rings. Jack slowly goes over and retrieves his gun popping the slide back into position on the unloaded weapon. Doyle comes over and tells Jack that he has a call coming in for him, they’re routing it to his phone at CTU. Jack thanks Doyle and takes the phone saying, ‘Bauer.’ There is no answer and Jack starts to say hello a few times. The voice he heard was not what he expected, unmistakably a scared Audrey Raines. She says Jack’s name a few times and Jack stops in his tracks. She asks if he is there, if he can hear her. Jack says her name and she cries, ‘Help me Jack, please help me.’ Audrey is sitting down in an empty space, her back to a crate. A hand comes out and Audrey recoils away from it, she hands the phone over as Jack is asking, ‘What’s going on Audrey, where are you?’ The voice that comes back on the phone is Cheng, his Chinese captor. ‘Mr. Bauer. Ms. Raines is alive and if you want to see her again call 310-597-3781 in 10 minutes from a secure line. If you make any attempt to find our location, she dies.’ Cheng hangs up leaving Jack now calling his name. When he knows Cheng has hung up Jack hangs up.



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I’m just going to come right out and tell you that this is probably one of the best if not THE best episode of the season. Episode 1 and Episode 4 are the only close contenders since it had a little bit of everything, lots of Jack and it was well laid out. I’ll get into details later but I just thought you should know going into this how I feel.

-I was super angry about the choice of the writers to have Wayne go through with the attack even though he risked his life to stop it. It is a total 180 on his character and I didn’t like it. I feel a little better now knowing why he did it.

-I’m still not completely convinced that Wayne wouldn’t have told Tom and Karen about it and deceived them the way he did

-I can’t believe that Karen wanted Buchanan to lie so that Wayne wouldn’t go through with his ruse. Lying is one thing, lying to the President is another, lying to the President when hundreds of thousands of people could die because of the consequences is something completely different.

-Tom and Karen have this little non-verbal conversation about what Karen and Buchanan talked about. He must have been behind the idea. I like that they are working together because they both have the same end in mind most of the time, it’s just the means to get there that the disagree on.

-You know, even though I wasn’t a fan of Tom at the beginning of the season now that he’s working on Wayne’s side, I quite like him. Also, Peter MacNicol’s acting is impeccable. He can say so much with so little. For example, the way he kind of half flops into his chair when Wayne is releasing the bombs on Fayed’s country says everything we need to know about his position.

-Right from the get go we know that Wayne is not good by the shaking of his hand. We also know that he’s not stopping his work because of it because he doesn’t do anything about it.

-I’m just a little curious how long Wayne has known about Habib and why he didn’t do anything about it before. They had problems before Wayne went down but he must have learned it before because I don’t see him having time to get the information since he regained consciousness.

-Even if Wayne isn’t physically able to be running the country, I think he should be able to stay in office. He obviously has the mental capacity to be doing his job and he proves it in the first minutes of this episode. He can just hang out in the hospital wing and do his thing while he gets better. As long as he’s still conscious he should be able to run the country. He could even do video calls and they can just show him from the midsection up. They don’t have to know he’s in the clinic.

-That’s a pretty hard punch that Jack delivers to Fayed, it’s good to see him caring that much about getting this done.

-Fayed looks pretty rough at the beginning of this episode. Jack must have been working hard on him as well as the bar patrons that gave him a few shots.

-So here’s a main difference between Jack and Doyle that seems to be highlighted often. Jack does the torture thing because he has to. He smacks guys around and does what he needs to but he doesn’t get any pleasure out of it. Doyle, on the other hand, gets a kick out of it and definitely has a sadistic side to him. Not only is that nasty but it’s a little bit concerning.

-Doyle is all gung ho about interrogating Fayed and wants to do what he can. I love how Jack shuts him down.

-I didn’t catch the first time when Jack tells Buchanan on the phone that they might have a play and then walks off the screen. If I had I probably wouldn’t have been as confused the first time I watched the non-attack.

-I can’t tell if Doyle is supposed to be unconvincing in his interrogation or he is just a poor actor. I’m thinking it’s the latter from what I’ve seen.

-Did it strike anyone else funny when Fayed talks about his ‘vanity’ while he is bruised, bloody and beaten? Not much vanity there.

-I was really hoping that Jack was just going to shoot Doyle and get him out of the way when he had his gun on Fayed. I mean, he shot Curtis but he wasn’t nearly as annoying. Doyle can have less warnings, right?

-Judging by the end of the episode, do we think that Doyle would have even hesitated when Jack asked him to put his gun down if he knew what Jack was capable of?

-Weird line from Jack, “Now we’re going to have some fun.” I think it was just to keep Fayed on his toes but it just didn’t sound right. We’ve already established that Jack doesn’t like to torture but now we are maybe going back on it.

-Sandra is just hospital hopping for now, isn’t she? I sense that she will be back by her brothers side soon enough.

-Tom does the good thing apologizing to Wayne. He didn’t have to and he could have gotten away without doing it. Good for him.

-Tom tries like 8 times to leave the room there with Wayne. I thought this scene was over way before it was actually over but then it kept going and going.

-I wonder a bit of Tom is playing Wayne. He is now saying that indeed Wayne was right and Daniels was wrong. Of course, it’s easy to say that now that he is back working for Wayne again.

-Speaking of relatives, if Wayne is not married, why is he wearing a wedding ring? Are we going to get some kind of explanation for this or are we just not supposed to ask?

-Wayne is certainly not his brother… for starters he’s about too short to be David.

-Line of the week contender, Tom to Wayne, ‘We’re all doing some learning here today, aren’t we sir?’

Jack asks CTU if they copy, he knows that Fayed is not going anywhere until he talks to Habib. Buchanan doesn’t know if he can make that happen. Jack says that they have to make it happen, they have no other way to find the bombs. Buchanan, sounding doubtful, will call the President.

-I sense that Doyle is being honest the way he talks about pharmaceutical torture. We know Jack has, but not completely, especially with his brother. Wow, that felt like a long time ago, didn’t it?

-All that stuff about Jack getting shot in the preview, you know, I didn’t buy that Jack was dead, but I was worried that he would be hit and hurt, maybe kidnapped or something. This, really, was kind of a surprise in a non event way.

-Doyle and Fayed have to be hurting, they don’t even have a seatbelt.

-Wouldn’t that have sucked if these really were terrorists and the CTU terrorists were behind?

-I guess they were shooting blanks because when Fayed gets in the truck and takes the gun from Jamal there are bullets in it. Maybe that’s why Jack charged Fayed like he did at the end, if the gun had blanks in it then it’s all good.

-So, CTU gave Jack a gun, they put the weight of the world on his shoulders but Doyle has to drive. What’s up with that?

-I can’t tell if that was supposed to be sarcastic or just assholeish when Doyle thanks Nadia for her concern. Can’t he just deliver a regular line?

-Wouldn’t Fayed wonder about a few things here, like Jack actually getting shot? Or the fact that agents ‘died’ and there is no blood? He did look around after all.

-‘As you wish.’ Has anyone seen the Princess Bride?

-Has anyone else noticed that Jack is essentially running CTU? Whatever he says, Buchanan believes and then acts on. There’s not even a question. Buchanan needs to have it tattooed on his forehead ‘Jack is the man, no questions asked.’

-Buchanan gets awful short with Wayne, he nearly snaps at him a few times. He’s getting brave now that he’s married.

-I’m totally ready for two things to happen in this show. One is that they NEED to name Fayed’s country. Not because I really care what country it is but because I’m getting really tired of typing ‘Fayed’s country.’ You know what, I’m just going to call it Fayedville from now on. Done and done. The other thing that needs to happen is that they need to give the Ambassador a name for the same reason. EVERY time I type ‘Ambassador’ it comes out Abmassador. I now dub thee ABob, Ambassador Bob. Hey if they’re not going to do it, I am.

-Not only is the guy running CTU listening to Jack without question but the President is listening to him without question. That’s great. Lets let the guy who has been tortured for the last 2 years make the calls that might or might not start a world war. Where were these guys a few seasons ago?

-Man, Wayne is also getting some stones here.

-I don’t know what the deal is with people hating Wayne. I really like Wayne and I think that he did a great job so far. Yeah, he made some mistakes but hell, at least he’s not blowing up a country without proper explanation or being a total freak show afraid to do what’s right. He’s certainly David Palmer’s brother and now it’s showing, especially with the way he is treating ABob.

-But, people that are moving down my ‘Like List’ really fast, Milo is certainly on there. Morris is moving up but Milo is moving down. Honestly, did he just get mad at Nadia for doing something professional? You know, like what you’re actually SUPPOSED to do when you work for an agency like CTU? I know it happens very little around here but I didn’t realize it was completely foreign.

-Nadia needs to slap Milo in the face. And then Morris can do the same thing, just because he’s standing there.

-Although, I do believe that Doyle is a sadist. But that’s beside the point.

-Is Milo now going to get mad at Morris for touching Nadia’s arm?

-That was a pretty dangerous place for Doyle and Jack to stop. It would have been very easy for Fayed to see them there.

-Fayed doesn’t give CTU any credit, does he? Asking questions about why he hadn’t heard of Jamal, a lot of people know that the cells would not be in contact, especially a group of people that work in counter terror. It’s kind of their job to know this kind of stuff.

-The general’s pretty convincing, especially when he is tipping Fayed off.

-I think that Karen would have said something when Wayne was practically passing out in his chair.

-ABob seems to really want to help. That might be because Wayne is threatening to blow up Fayedville but he sure wants to stick around and help.

-D.B. Woodside is doing a really good job of portraying Wayne in pain. It’s nice that he’s getting a chance to flex his acting chops here. He did a good job last year and that’s why I was happy to see him back. He is holding his own here, that’s for sure.

-So, if the General didn’t really help CTU, what’s going to happen now? Is Wayne going to nuke Fayedville anyway? Will they kill the General’s children?

-How many people could be called ‘Samir’? Really, it could have been anyone. Unless they used a first name too but I didn’t hear anything.

-Doyle made the right call handing the phone over to Jack. Jack would have kicked his ass otherwise.

-Didn’t Jack ask Chloe for a phone before he left CTU? Also, he was speaking on a phone in the truck before the ambush.

-This episode really fixates on Jack’s gun. We see him pull it out and prepare it before he tries to find Fayed and then he makes an effort to go and retrieve it before he leaves the scene of the fight. It’s strange, but I like it. It’d be nice if Jack actually had his own gun, not just picking a random one up all the time and using it.

-Although I don’t like Doyle it’s nice to see Jack working with a partner again, I really liked the dynamic of someone watching his back in Season 3 and when he was out in the field with Tony.

-So Jack ends up going after Fayed all by himself. What happened to all those men that showed up at the non-ambush site or the ones coming in the other side of the tunnel? Not that I’m complaining.

-Fayed sure needs some lessons on driving that truck. He may have left first gear sitting next to the guy he killed.

-How the heck did Jack know he was heading east? He is riding under the truck, is his sense of direction that good?

-Welton is a good guy, he’s trying to do the right thing but do what Wayne wants. He made the right choice to not give him another shot and I don’t think he should have given him the first one.

-Tom is such a weird character. He wants what’s best for Wayne but is hesitant to try and convince him to change his mind and go to medical. I don’t get it.

-It’s funny, I never thought of the Presidency as ‘work. I know it is work, but it’s weird to think of it like a job.

-Welton said it himself that Wayne is a fighter. How much he can fight is the question.

-Wayne was going to stay on until the crisis was over. Well, technically, Jack found the nukes, it’s over. I sense, though, that he won’t be running down to medical.

-Well, I guess that’s the problem if your boss is the President. He ultimately has the last word. You can try and resign but he can just say no and you have to suck it up.

-Wayne looks like he might not make it across the room, let alone be able to run the country.

-Those are some big pieces running awful close to Jack’s head.

-Jack held on under there for a long time. It reminds me of the movie ‘Speed’ a little bit.

-Well, blowing up most of LA would do the trick for Fayed.

-How many clips did Jack have on him? He fired a lot of shots from that gun.

-I love how Fayed throws his gun at Jack. You never know, I guess.

-There were 7 men in the warehouse including Fayed. That’s a lot of killing for Jack. No wonder Doyle is impressed.

-The hand to hand fight scene between Jack and Fayed was so well done. I’m not a big fan of the up close and personal killing. The fight scene in Season 2 was good but usually I’m more of a gun person.

-For the record, the guy who plays Fayed had to go to the hospital half way through this shoot because he became dehydrated and nearly passed out while Kiefer was holding on to him at one point. He was okay in the end.

-The pause in the fight is kind of funny. The pair of them just catching their breath for a few seconds.

-That’s a handy chain that Jack uses to stop the wrench. Fayed’s doing pretty good with it too since he’s using his left arm.

-I obviously don’t know a whole lot about industrial warehouses but what is the point of a chain hanging from the roof?

-There’s something anticlimactic about Jack and Fayed fighting like that and then Fayed dying at the push of a button.

-CTU sure looks nervous. I wonder if that’s because they’re worried about Jack or because they’re worried about getting nuked themselves.

-Jack and Wayne are perfect people for this. They are both stubborn and won’t quit.

-The split screen at the end of this episode was great. A major problem with this season has been that there have been too many things going on, not enough investment in the characters. Here we are, though, at the end of the best episode of the year, seeing Jack, lots of Jack, the President doing his thing and CTU waiting for word on Jack, Fayed and the nukes. No nonsense, no characters we don’t care about. Even the ones that are new to us are waiting on Jack. It’s all about Jack, the way it should be.

-With the bombs done with, I guess the focus of the rest of the season will be Jack finding Audrey. Awesome.

-Line of the week, Doyle to Jack, “Damn, Jack.” All hail the power of Bauer.

-Well, at least Jack can still walk. That’s a good sign.

-Nice touch Jack going to get his gun. It looks like he’s going to need it, but he’ll have to get some ammo first.

-I was expecting Audrey to return but not really in this way. I knew the Chinese had her, it just made sense. Of course, the million dollar question is, what do they want from Jack now? What will he have to give up to get Audrey back?

-What do the Chinese want with Audrey, anyway? They can’t have caught her to do with Jack since she went missing months ago. They may have been planning on using her to get information out of Jack I guess. Also, I can’t see how this would work but maybe we will learn more through this about the ‘high price’ they had to pay to get Jack back.

-I love the way this episode was done, classic 24. I’m not saying there were no problems but the best thing was there was no dead time, almost every second of screen time was used to punctuate the excitement and advance the plot. No useless CTU technobabble, or long CTU arguments, no White House politics – everything worked well together, no wasted time. LOTS of Jack. As far as I’m concerned, not only has this episode resurrected Audrey, it has resurrected the season. I hope they can keep it up.

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