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6.16: 9:00pm - 10:00pm
~ Reversal ~

Mini-summary - cup of coffee and a doughnut sized. This one only contains the important information in a CTU Briefing style.


Let’s get Doyle out of the way first. He figures out that Milo is responsible for the security breach that Nadia was blamed for before. After Nadia and Milo have made up again sans kissing Doyle asks Nadia to get into Milo’s system and get him the information to prove that he was responsible for the breach. Nadia does this and when Doyle gets the evidence he deletes it under the weak excuse that they will be able to find the nukes quicker with Milo helping.

Daniels et al.

Daniels attempts to invoke the 25 th amendment but the vote is 7-7, no majority in his favour so no presidency for him. Daniels challenges Karen’s vote since she resigned. The evil Lisa offers to commit perjury and swear that Daniels told her he never intended to keep her in the loop and accept her non-resignation, he just hadn’t gotten around to canning her yet. Daniels agrees but Tom Lennox has planted a bug in the room and threatens that if Daniels doesn’t withdraw his challenge he will air the dirty laundry. Daniels complies and withdraws saving his and Evil Lisa’s ass.


Palmer takes a shot of adrenaline so he can walk and be part of the 25 th amendment proceedings. He seems a touch unsteady but hides it well. Before the hour is over he has to ask the doctor for another shot. Welton does it against his better judgement when Wayne threatens to find another doctor that will comply with his wishes. After going through all he has to stop the attack, in the dying seconds of the episode Wayne orders the strike anyway which is a total reversal and makes absolutely no sense at all. Tom watches in horror as the bomb is released.


Karen actually speaks to her husband (Bill, in case you’ve forgotten) this hour and expresses concern that she will be at fault if Daniels takes over the presidency and nukes half of the Middle East. After that she and Lennox agree to a truce with a promise that Lennox tell her how he got Daniels to flip sometime in the future.


Jack sits around and does nothing for the first half of the episode until Gredenko makes his deal with his lawyers. Once they head out to meet Fayed things get slightly more interesting. CTU plants Gredenko with a tracker under his skin. He goes in to meet Fayed and immediately pulls apart the listening device. Off screen he cuts off his arm and leaves it at the meet location so he and Fayed can get away while the tracker reads that he hasn’t moved. Jack figures it out and goes in, discovering the arm and following the blood trail. He tracks them to a bar where they have been trapped without an exit. Gredenko points out Fayed to the patrons and they come after him. Fayed starts shooting and Gredenko gets away. Jack shows up and takes Fayed into custody giving him a couple of kicks for good measure. Fayed doesn’t have the bombs on him. In the end Gredenko got away far enough to die under a pier from blood loss.




Wow, that was a lot easier than the other summaries.

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