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6.15: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
~ Miraculous ~


The drone pilot is brought out on a stretcher, Jack tells the medics that they need to keep him alive, there are 2 more bombs out there and he is their only link to them. Doyle comes out and updates Jack on the situation of the bomb on the drone. There was some dispersal into the atmosphere and about a dozen first responders were exposed. Jack wants Doyle to go through the pilots things and find any link to Gredenko. Doyle leaves and the EMT attendant comes over to Jack informing him that the pilot didn’t make it. Quietly, Jack says ‘Dammit.’

Jack calls Buchanan at CTU who asks what they got out of the pilot. Jack says nothing, he’s dead. Buchanan is working other leads but they have nothing on Gredenko yet. Jack asks about the fallout in San Francisco and if it is containable. Buchanan says it’s not that simple, this has created serious policy complications in Washington; Daniels has ordered a nuclear strike against Fayed’s country. Jack is surprised asking Buchanan ‘What is he trying to do, start World War III?’ This will be seen as an act of aggression towards the entire Middle East. Buchanan says the only thing they can do is find Gredenko before they initiate the strike. Jack asks how long they have and Buchanan tells him it will be within the hour. Jack tells Buchanan that that will not be enough time to find Fayed. He will get back to him.

Gredenko is calling Victor, his now dead drone pilot. The phone rings and rings and finally Gredenko hangs up. He entersGredenko & Fayed discuss their options the back of a cube van and tells Fayed that Victor is not answering. Fayed is watching a newscast on a tiny TV and deduces that the Americans have found him, the bomb was supposed to hit San Francisco 10 minutes ago and there is nothing on the news. Gredenko tells Fayed that even if he is right they are safe where they are, Victor doesn’t know their location. The two remaining bombs sit idly by in their suitcases. Gredenko says they can continue their operation safely. Fayed asks him what operation he is talking about. The operation is over because of Gredenko and his people. Gredenko argues that they have 2 more bombs but Fayed isn’t hearing any of it, he pulls a gun on Gredenko and backs him against a wall, gun to his throat. He corrects him that he alone has 2 more bombs. Fayed needs Gredenko to deliver them, though, he is the only one that can give him the targets he wants. He gives Fayed the ultimatum to shoot him now or put the gun down. Fayed is still angry but pulls back off Gredenko who rubs his neck where the gun was shoved. He gets out his phone and dials.

Mark Hauser cooks a meal and his phone rings. He answers and finds Gredenko on the other end. He asks who it is but Gredenko just tells him he knows who it is. Mark glances at his autistic brother Brady sitting at the table and then leaves the room telling Gredenko that he already gave him what he asked for. Gredenko tells Mark that his employer has higher security so the access he paid for is no good. Mark tries to tell Gredenko that it is not his problem but Gredenko says that it is, it became his problem the moment he took Gredenko’s money. It will take some time for Mark to download the files, at least half an hour. Gredenko will be there in 40 minutes. Unhappy, Mark hangs up and goes into the kitchen. His brother Brady says that he is hungry. Mark dumps the food that he was cooking on his plate and tells him to knock himself out. Brady observes that there are peppers in there and Mark says that he likes peppers. Brady doesn’t eat red food. Mark agrees to take the peppers out for him and Brady tells Mark that he takes care of him; he always takes care of him. Mark admits that he does his best. While he does this he asks Brady to go and do something for him, he needs him to access some files from the main frame at his office. Brady will do that, he gets up happily and goes to a laptop in the other room. He opens up the computer and starts to work. Mark watches an expression of guilt on his face.

Gredenko and Fayed get into their vehicles and leave.

Milo sits at his station looking defeated. He is watching the video of Nadia in holding. Buchanan comes over and checks what he is watching and then looks to Milo. He tells him that Nadia will be processed as an enemy combatant and she will be transferred to a holding station. Milo rubs his forehead and says quietly, ‘I don’t know if I can accept that she betrayed us and spied for Fayed.’ Buchanan sympathises, this is not easy for any of them but the fact is that the proof shows she was streaming Intel from her station.

Chloe, working at her computer, says she may have caught a break. Buchanan gets up from Milo’s desk and goes right over to Chloe. She has been monitoring every contact of Gredenko’s through phone and email and he contacted a Mark Hauser, he works for a security company that has contracts with chemical facilities. They are involved in oil fields, pipelines and nuclear power plants. The call was scrambled but she has Hauser’s address. Buchanan tells her to get it to Jack.

Doyle is cleaning up from the raid and an agent named Johnson asks for a second. He holds out a chip and tells Doyle that while he as stripping data from the hard drives he found this, it’s a remote access module and explains how they breached CTU’s system. Doyle says no, they got in because Nadia Yassir opened the door and let them in. Johnson says no, they didn’t, they got in through one of the radical terrorist websites that she was monitoring, this proves it. Johnson is saying that Nadia didn’t know but it puts Doyle in a tough position since he was the one that led the witch hunt against her. Doyle was following protocols but Johnson figures that Nadia might not see it that way when she goes to the justice department. Once the dust settles today they might want to make Doyle an example. Johnson tells Doyle to relax, though. Doyle took care of him in Denver and he still owes him for it. He hands the chip to Doyle and tells him that they are even now.

As Johnson walks away Jack comes in and hangs up the phone. He tells Doyle that they have a lead on Gredenko close to their location, they need to go. Doyle volunteers to stay behind; he has some processing to do still. Surprised, Jack says okay and turns away, calling the tactical leader, Ryan, and telling him to get his men together. Doyle stays where he is toying with the chip given to him by Johnson. He closes his fist around it and then walks off.



The President is still unconscious, his sister looking on from the next room as the doctor listens to his heart. Karen Hayes enters and asks the agent standing by for a minute alone. She goes to Sandra and wants to know how she is holding up. Upset, she can’t believe this is happening. She hugs Karen and says that it doesn’t feel real. Karen is sorry. They part and Karen tells her that unfortunately, she needs to ask her for her help. There is a situation at the White House, Daniels is about to launch a nuclear strike against the Middle East and the cabinet is behind him. She tried to argue but no one is listening. Sandra asks if they are insane and Karen corrects that they are scared. Before the attempt on Wayne’s life he was making at attempt to reach out to the governments of these counties, to solicit help and it was working. This strike is a reversal of everything that he was working for. Sandra gets the point and figures that Karen wants Dr. Welton to bring Wayne out of the coma. Karen admits it, she needs Sandra’s consent. Sandra is concerned; the doctor said that he needed to remain sedated for a few days so the swelling can subside. If he is brought out of the coma, they don’t know what state he will be in, mentally or physically. Karen says that they won’t know until they try. She wouldn’t dare ask this if she didn’t think that it was absolutely necessary for the sake of the country. Sandra can’t do this, she backs away from Karen. Karen starts to try to convince her but Sandra has already lost one brother, she can’t lose another one. Karen knows that she didn’t ask for this responsibility but like it or not, it’s hers. Wayne Palmer is the President of this country and he is the only one that can stop this from happening. She is the only one that can give him a chance to do what he believes in. She looks to Sandra and asks for her to give him that chance. She has to ask herself what Wayne would want her to do. Unhappy, but knowing what she has to do, Sandra agrees to talk to Dr. Welton, ‘God forgive me if I’m wrong.’

An Admiral briefs Daniels, Tom and the others on the Vickery; it can be ready to launch the strike in 40 minutes. Daniels sums that in less than an hour their point will be made to the enemy. The blast field is 300 kilo-tonnes; they will get the message loud and clear. Daniels tells the Admiral he has done exemplary work. Daniels asks Tom, next to him, estimates from the Com Plan. Tom sits, deep in thought, not acknowledging the Vice President. Daniels calls his name again and Tom snaps out of his thoughts. Daniels asks if there is a problem and Tom says no. He starts to talk with little enthusiasm and Lisa comes in with a note for Daniels. He reads this and seems unhappy and then excuses himself from the meeting telling Tom to go on with his information. Tom continues with even less enthusiasm, reading directly from the brief he has prepared.

Daniels is alone with Lisa and asks angrily what she means; they are taking him out of the coma? She tells him that apparently Sandra Palmer gave her consent a few minutes ago. Daniels blames Karen Hayes. Lisa doesn’t know, she only knows this much because she has a sources inside the medical bay.

Dr. Welton tells Sandra and Karen that the President’s heart rate is coming up and he is breathing on his own. Sandra asks about the swelling and is told that right now it looks good. Welton doesn’t know how long it will be before he comes around if at all. There is a phone call for Welton and as he heads over to the phone Karen asks what he is going to tell them. Welton answers, ‘The truth.’

Welton answers the phone to find an angry Daniels on the other end. He understands that Welton is trying to rouse the President from his coma. Welton admits this and Daniels understood that he induced the coma to save his life. Welton says that dealing with brain injuries is a fluid process. Daniels says that it sounds like he is risking the life of the President of the United States. Welton can minimize that risk but Daniels tells him to cut the crap. Welton questions, “Sir?” Daniels knows what is going on and why Sandra Palmer wants her brother conscious. Politics are not Welton’s concern but Daniels thinks he is very concerned and he is risking the President’s life to see what he wants done. Daniels threatens that if he doesn’t stop what he’s doing now he will compel the Doctor to stop. Welton starts to argue, with respect, that the President’s treatment is not under his rule but Daniels cuts him off, he orders him to do what he tells him. Welton apologises, he is required to follow the wishes of Sandra Palmer, he is free to take up his concerns with her. Daniels threatens again, ‘If the President dies or suffers any permanent damage from your actions I will nail your ass to the wall, do you understand me?’ Welton understands perfectly. Daniels hangs up leaving Welton looking at the phone. He turns back to Sandra and Karen.

Jack and his team are set up outside the Hauser house. Mark peeks out the window seeing nothing and Jack and his teamJack explains things to Brady can see Brady on the computer. Jack wants Chloe to send the photo of Hauser now, he needs it. It arrives on his PDA and he identifies Mark with it. He gives the go for the teams to move in and they storm the house. Mark hears them coming and grabs a shotgun but the CTU team is faster, once they enter the house Jack yells for him to get down on the floor. When Mark doesn’t comply immediately, Jack shoots him in the back of the knee and another agent shoots him in the shoulder. Mark goes down and the other agents close in on Brady who is yelling for his brother. Jack directs them to get Mark into the living room and takes a few steps towards the room his brother is in. Mark tells Jack that his brother doesn’t know anything and Jack yells back for him to shut up. A medic has assessed Hauser finding he has arterial bleeding and he needs to get to a hospital now. Jack wants him stabilized. Jack heads into the room where Brady is and tells the agent that he wants the room. Once the agent is gone Jack crouches down next to him and consoles him saying he knows he is scared but everything is going to be okay. Brady wants to see his brother but Jack wants to ask him a question first. Brady is not allowed and Jack asks why he’s not allowed. ‘My brother says not to talk to strangers.’ Jack smiles and says that he’s not a stranger, he’s a police officer and he introduces himself. Brady does the same and Jack uses his name and says that when he came in he was working on a computer, what was he working on? Brady was getting files and Jack wants to know what kind. Brady doesn’t know, he says quickly, ‘Mark asked me to get though the IBC firewall to set up a proxy server port.’ Jack looks back and nods knowingly. Brady wants to see Mark now. Jack says it will be soon, he is going to talk to him first. Jack gets up and gently touches Brady’s knee telling him he is doing great. He asks an agent on the other side of the door to stay with Brady.

Jack leaves the room and goes to talk to Mark. He accuses Mark of giving Dmitri Gredenko information in exchange for money, he and his brother are in a lot of trouble. Mark says that his brother had nothing to do with this but Jack says that’s not what Brady told him. Mark brushes it off; his brother doesn’t know what he’s doing. Jack warns that’s not how the justice department is going to see it; they are going to prosecute him for treason unless Jack intervenes. Jack will help him because they both know Brady doesn’t understand what he is doing but Mark is going to give him Gredenko. Mark doesn’t say no and Jack asks what kind of information they are selling. Mark says they are specs; Jack wants to know what kind of specs. Mark says they were for the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant.

Doyle and the team comeback to CTU. Doyle introduces Colin Johnson to Buchanan; he is on loan from District. Colin has swept the system they got and everything is encrypted. He heads out to continue his task. Doyle asks Buchanan if they have gotten anything else out of Nadia. Buchanan says they haven’t and Doyle asks if she is still in the building. She is and they are transferring her to a holding facility. Buchanan is curious why Doyle is so interested but Milo shows up and tells Buchanan that Jack is on line 2. Buchanan heads over and Doyle goes upstairs.

Buchanan gets to the phone and Jack tells him that Hauser has admitted to selling specs from the Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant to Gredenko. He doesn’t have the info yet; he was planning on picking it up in 20 minutes. The team can handle the grab but they have a situation. Hauser was wounded but he has a brother that Gredenko knows and they can use. He is their best shot to finding Gredenko alive.



Brady sits in the next room while Mark is prepared to be moved. He gets to the door on a stretcher and they stop.

Jack goes to Brady and says that he needs to talk to him. Brady asks Jack if he is really a police man. When he confirms it Brady figures that if Jack is a policeman then his brother did something wrong. Jack admits that Mark made some mistakes but he is trying to help fix them. Trying to explain to Brady Jack says that everyone makes mistakes, Brady says he makes them all the time and Jack asks, ‘And you try and fix the, right?’ Brady agrees and Jack says that’s what Mark was trying to do. Jack lets Brady go and talk to his brother. When Brady sees Mark he becomes upset, he is bandaged from his gunshot wounds and appears to be in considerable pain. Mark reassures Brady that everything is okay and it’s not as bad as it looks. They are taking Mark to the hospital and Brady wants to go with him. Mark says no, Brady has to stay with the men, he instructs his brother to do whatever Jack tells him, he will be fine. Mark winces heavily from his injuries and asks ‘Who takes care of you Brady?’ Brady answers, ‘You do, Mark.’ Mark wants Brady to trust him when he says he will be fine, Jack will take care of him. Brady understands and Jack looks to Mark who says to make the call.

Gredenko’s phone rings and Mark tells him that he has the security protocols but he has a problem, his supervisor wants him to come in. Gredenko will be there in 20 minutes but Mark has to go to his office now. If he isn’t there in 10 minutes then the codes will default and he will have to download them all over again. Gredenko needs the codes so Mark offers to leave them with his brother. Gredenko knows his name and sounds doubtful. Mark says unless he wants to wait for him to get back from his office. Gredenko doesn’t have time for that, he tells Mark to have his brother meet him in the parking lot across the street. They hang up and Mark takes a few breaths to control the pain. He tells them that Gredenko will be in the parking lot across the street in 20 minutes. The medic working on Mark says he needs to get to the hospital now. They wheel him out and Brady calls for his brother. Jack gets Brady’s attention and tells him that his brother will be fine but he needs to listen to him, just like his brother told him to.

Johnson comes over to Milo and introduces himself. He says he is on loan from district working data forensics. He says that he hears that Milo is friends with Nadia Yassir. Milo is immediately suspicious and Johnson tells him that he has evidence to prove that she is innocent, she was not streaming intel, her system was breached. Milo picks up the phone in preparation to make a call while has asks where it is. Johnson says that he gave it to Doyle, he hates to be a platoon wreck but he didn’t know where else to go. Johnson gave Doyle the evidence at the crime scene and he still hasn’t logged it in. Milo sees Doyle and Buchanan coming out of the conference room and heads straight over to them. Milo works his sling off his arm and by the time he gets there both arms are free to grab Doyle as he calls him a son of a bitch. Doyle calls Milo crazy and security closes in pulling Milo off Doyle. Buchanan yells, ‘Enough!’ and Milo blurts out that he has evidence that Nadia is innocent. Buchanan is shocked and asks if that is true. Doyle admits it and Milo accuses him of burying the information to save his own ass. He tries to shake off security to get at Doyle again but Morris is jogging over to them calling Milo and handling a plastic baggie. He arrives at the scene and explains that he has a remote access module that breached Nadia’s computer; Doyle gave it to him 10 minutes ago. Doyle didn’t tell anyone because it came from an unreliable source and he wanted to make sure it was real. Morris confirms it is definitely real and Nadia is definitely innocent. Buchanan will review the evidence, in the mean time he sends the rest of them back to work. He asks Morris to come with him and they leave. Doyle and Milo are left alone and Milo takes the opportunity to apologise. Doyle, suddenly understanding, tells Milo it’s not his fault, tapping him on the good shoulder. He tells him to forget about it.

Doyle sees Johnson and comes over to him calling his name in a scolding voice. Coming face to face with him, Doyle threatens, ‘You have screwed with the wrong guy for the last time, pal.’ Doyle leaves and Johnson gives a half smile.



Nadia sits in holding still; Buchanan comes in the room and tells the guard to un-cuff her. The guard complies and then Buchanan excuses him. He sits down across from Nadia who is sourly rubbing her wrists. Buchanan tells her that they found evidence at the switching station that proves someone breached her system from an outside source. She is cleared. Buchanan apologizes for this and Nadia finally speaks saying so is she. She gets up and crosses the room to the door as Buchanan tells her that her first impulse will be to quit, take legal action. He doesn’t blame her and it’s what he would do but Buchanan is asking her to stay. This crisis is far from over and he can’t afford to lose his best people. ‘We need you Nadia.’ She turns back to him and agrees to stay. Buchanan tells her Milo is setting up her station right now. She knocks on the door to get out.

Chloe heads over to where Milo is working, she has finished with her part of the set up for Nadia. Chloe thinks aloud that they all thought Nadia was guilty; this is going to be awkward, especially for Milo. Milo asks why him and Chloe explains that his feelings for Nadia haven’t exactly been a big secret. Sarcastically Milo thanks her for pointing that out. Nadia appears out of holding and Chloe smiles and leaves Milo alone. Nadia comes to her station and listens while Milo says her station is set, her com is up and she has full security access. He wants to have a conversation but she doesn’t have time for a heart to heart, she has a lot of catching up to do. She leaves Milo standing but he follows her calling her name. When she doesn’t respond he becomes a little angry, finally catching her and asking, ‘You’re not going to make this easy for me, are you? Nadia pauses and tells him curtly, ‘Actually, I am. Whatever you thought might happen between us, forget it.’ Milo protests that that’s not fair. She doesn’t blame him for suspecting her but he has to admit that this is not the best place to start a relationship. Milo grabs her by the neck and leans in, lips nearly touching. He pauses and she doesn’t fight him off, he kisses her. She puts her hand on his neck and pulls him back towards her. They part and she takes her hand away. He says ‘You’re probably right, but I still wanted to say that I’m sorry.’ She appears confused but nods and says, ‘You said it.’ Coolly, she says that she should get to work. Milo is left standing there looking somewhat defeated. Chloe is watching form her station.

Sandra stands near Wayne’s bed and Karen shows up carrying two cups of coffee. Sandra is worried that she hasn’t heard from Dr. Welton in a while and he has usually given her regular updates. Karen is sure that if there was something going on they would hear from him. Sandra claims to never have been good at waiting for anything. ‘David had the patience of Job, not me. Wayne is always somewhere in between.’ Welton comes in the room with a chart and tells the women that they have a decision to make. There has been an increase of swelling. Sandra asks who serious it is and Welton admits that it’s not life threatening yet but if it continues it could cause brain damage. Welton is suggesting that they re-induce the coma. Sandra looks at her brother as Karen watches her. Sandra says no. She understands the danger but if there is even a small chance for Wayne to stop Daniels it is worth the risk. A nurse tending to Wayne sees the beeping monitors and calls Dr. Welton to come quickly, the President is crashing. Welton says to get a code team in there now and she goes to the phone and calls a code team to one. Sandra looks on worriedly as Welton rushes them out of the room. They start to work on Wayne.

Jack, stressed out, squeezes the bridge of his nose. An agent comes next to him and says that the teams are in position. He asks Jack, motioning to Brady, ‘Are you sure he can do this?’ Jack answers quietly that he just needs to get Gredenko out of the car. Jack looks at the agent seeing doubt. Resignedly, Jack says they just don’t have another option. He is to tell Charlie team that they have one shot at this. Jack covers his face with his hand for a second and then rests his fingers under his nose, thinking. Before he starts to move he quietly says, ‘Dammit.’

Jack protects BradyJack goes to Brady and gets out a COM unit. He needs Brady to wear it so they can talk to teach other, he will be able to hear Jack and Jack will be able to hear him. He needs to put it in Brady’s ear and Jack reaches to do so. Brady asks if it will hurt and smiling Jack answers no. He tucks the unit in Brady’s ear and then tells him that they can talk to each other through this but they don’t want Mr. Gredenko to know that Brady can hear him. Brady understands. Jack tells Brady that he is going to meet Gredenko on the sidewalk across the street, that is his poison. Brady again understands. It is time for them to go and Jack assures him that he doesn’t need to be scared, everything will be fine. Jack will be watching him the whole time and he can hear everything he says. They are outside and Jack tells Brady that he needs to go to his position. Brady remembers where that is and heads out. Jack watches and calls his teams to report in. Teams A, B and C are all in position. Jack reminds team C that they are to take out Gredenko and teams A and B are to acquire targets. They are going to do what they have to do to protect this kid. Jack asks Brady if he can hear him, which he can. Jack promises as soon as this is over he can see his brother. The teams have a vehicle on approach and as it gets closer Jack assesses that the SUV has tinted windows, he can’t make an ID. The vehicle pulls up and men get out, Jack gives team C the go to shoot as soon as they have their target. Gredenko gets out of the SUV, laptop in hand, and greets Brady. The shooter team has a negative line of sight, they have no shot, Hauser is in the way. Gredenko plugs in a thumb drive to his laptop and loads the files that Brady has gotten for him. Other men have gotten out of the SUV as well and Brady shifts his weight and waits for Gredenko to finish. Gredenko notices that Brady looks nervous and asks why he is so nervous. He speaks to one of his thugs in Russian and Jack picks it up and advises the team, he has just ordered Brady to be killed when they are finished. Team C still has no shot. Jack speaks to Brady through the earpiece reminding him not to forget to pretend like he can’t hear him. Jack instructs Brady to, when he tells him, to go down to the ground and stay there. Gredenko has finished loading from the thumb drive and Jack gives the order for Brady to get down. The instant Brady is out of the way Gredenko is shot with a dart. The teams take out the men surrounding Gredenko and Jack runs flat out to the scene. He advises the team that there is a third hostile in the car. When he gets out of the car, Jack is the one closest and he guns the man down. Brady is on the ground kneeling with his hands over his head, bodies all around him. Jack drops to his knees and grabs at Brady asking if he is okay. Brady sits up and is fine, Jack smiles and says that he didJack & Brady great. Brady wants to see his brother and Jack agrees, just like he promised. Jack orders the teams to get Gredenko in the house, call CTU and advice Buchanan that they have Gredenko in custody. They need to prep him for questioning. Jack leaves with Brady and the teams picks up Gredenko.



We see a brief glimpse of Wayne still unconscious but maybe moving.

Jack gets Brady in a CTU SUV. He motions to the agent nearby and says that this man is going to look after him and take him to see his brother. Jack tells Brady that he did great, he thanks him. Jack gives the okay and the SUV leaves. Jack takes a second and watches the vehicle leave. He brings his hand up and covers his mouth and then quickly moves inside the house.

Jack bids farewell to BradyAn agent tells Jack they have searched the SUV and the surrounding areas; there is no sign of the bombs. The agent wants to know if Jack wants some help with Gredenko but Jack says no. Gredenko coughs and looks at Jack. Jack approaches Gredenko and asks him, ‘You know who I am?’ Gredenko answers, ‘I know all about you Agent Bauer.’ Jack answers dangerously, ‘You know what I will do to you unless you tell me where the bombs are and when I’m finished I’m putting you on the fastest plane back to Russia. I don’t think President Suvarov will be too happy to see you.’ This works for Jack and Gredenko tells him that Fayed has the bombs, he doesn’t know where he is but he offers to help find him. Jack is listening. Gredenko coughs and scratches his chest and Jack accuses him of coming here to get the security specs for Edgemont Nuclear Power Plant. Jack asks if that is their next target. Gredenko admits it and says that Fayed is waiting for his call. Jack wants him to make the call but Gredenko says no, first are his terms. Gredenko wants amnesty from the US Government and a guarantee that he won’t be returned to Russia. Jack stares down Gredenko and Gredenko asks what the problem is, he is not a martyr, he is a soldier, and a realist. Jack has nothing to say so Gredenko warns Jack that if he doesn’t call soon Fayed will get suspicious.

Daniels is sitting with the Joint Chiefs and he asks if the Vickery is ready. Admiral Smith tells him its seconds from position. Tom spoke to Buchanan at CTU, they have Gredenko in custody and Jack is questioning him now. Daniels wants to know if they are confident that this is going to lead to something. They are confident that Bauer is the man for the interrogation and they hope to get the answers they need. Smith says that the Vickery is in position, it is standing by. Daniels gives the okay to proceed and Tom jumps into action. He asks if Daniels doesn’t want to delay this action to see what Bauer gets out of Gredenko. Daniels is not prepared to delay this based on what Gredenko may or may not reveal but if Gredenko gives up the location of the bombs then they can call this retaliations for the lives already lost. It is a reminder that there are consequences for attacking their country. Daniels is told to proceed and Tom slumps into his seat, defeated.

In the split screen we see Fayed, Nadia, Gredenko and Lennox with his head in his hands.

Smith is finished on the phone and tells Daniels puzzled that the Vickery received orders over the com plan subnet to stand down. Daniels is angry and demands to know what the hell he is talking about, who gave the order? Smith answers, ‘President Palmer, sir.’ Tom raises his head up at this and the phone in the conference room rings. Lisa answers it and hands the phone off to Daniels. Wayne is on the other end being worked on at the neck by the nurse. He calls Daniels ‘Noah’ and Daniels stands up telling Wayne, ‘It’s an incredible relief to hear your voice.’ Karen and Sandra watch what’s going on as Daniels says that this is a surprise. Wayne has called off the strike and Daniels has hears. Daniels tells Wayne that this action is a product of careful decisions between himself and the Joint Chiefs. Wayne says that this may be but the decision is his and his alone. Wayne asks Daniels to inform Admiral Smith not to take any hostile action without his direct authorization. Daniels understands and Wayne hangs up the phone. He is breathing hard but doing well. Sandra places a hand on his shoulder.

Daniels tells the Joint Chiefs carefully, ‘It is apparent to me that the President is still suffering from the effects of the attack on his life and he is not thinking clearly.’ Tom looks at Daniels in confusion as Daniels concludes, ‘It is my judgement that his is not capable of discharging his duties and he can’t let him remain in power.’ He asks for the Attorney General.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-The previouslys all seem longer this year, in general. It might have been because of the lack of Jack but this episode they were 2:30, that’s a lot of time when ‘events occur in real time.’ There have been some episodes this season where it seems like Jack has had less screen time than that.

-Wow, that might be the fastest ‘dammit’ we’ve had. Jack was on screen for less than 2 minutes. Anyone playing the 24 drinking game empty your glass.

-I love how Buchanan calls this whole thing with Daniels “Serious policy complications”. I could think of a few other ways to describe it.

-Not that it really matters but why can’t they just name Fayed’s country. I’m just tried of hearing them say ‘Fayed’s country’.

-This is the second time Jack has been in charge of stopping World War III from starting. Season 2 had a similar plot… actually, come to think of it; the Vice President at that time was all gung ho about blowing shit up too. What’s the deal with that? Number 2 needs to assert his power by killing a bunch of people.

-I love Fayed’s mobile command centre, the back of a van. That’s a new one.

-Fayed’s pretty quick to blame Gredenko for all of the problems. Fayed has had enough of his own that I don’t think he should be pointing fingers, or guns.

-Initially, when Brady was introduced, I kind of rolled my eyes and thought “Oh great, a chance for some more bad acting” but I have to hand it to the guy that played Brady, he did a really great job. The character was well portrayed, which is really hard to do.

-Also, the guy that played Mark did a great job too. Can we trade one or both of those for Doyle, ‘cause his acting is still pretty questionable.

-I like Mark and Brady; it’s too bad we probably won’t see either of them again.

- Milo’s doing a nice job. He’s certainly no Tony but he has potential to be a strong character.

-If they are monitoring ALL of Gredenko’s contacts I hope that he doesn’t have that many. That could end up being a big list.

-Johnson, what an appropriate name for that guy.

-CTU Denver sounds like a more corrupt place that CTU LA. They don’t have external moles there just guys breaking rules to save their own asses. I think I know why Milo transferred out.

-Did anyone else get the vibe that Jack thought Doyle was a wimp because he didn’t come on the next mission and opted to stay and clean up. I know that Jack never seems to have to clean up his own mess but I guess some agents with less world-saving abilities have to.

-It seems that Sandra is less grating on the nerves now than she was at the beginning of the season. The question is, is that because she is doing a better job or because everything else has gotten worse?

-I can see why Buchanan went for Karen. She has a level head and calls BS when necessary. Proof of that is when she calls the cabinet scared, she’s not about to back down.

-Why is Sandra the only one making decisions about Wayne? He had a wedding ring on earlier so does he not have a wife? If he does, where is she, and WHO is she.

-I’m going to assume that there were three Palmer children, David, Wayne and Sandra. I hope they don’t come out with another mystery Palmer that’s evil or something…

-How can Daniels vilify an entire country, calling them ‘the enemy’ when one man from that country is working against them. That’s ludicrous.

-Tom is obviously uncomfortable with this whole thing with Daniels, why doesn’t he speak up and start pleading his case before it’s almost too late? Is he that afraid to side with Karen?

-I don’t like Lisa; she’s evil for no apparent reason.

-Could Tom seem less interested in what he’s saying in the briefing? He may have well just handed the brief to Daniels and told him to read it himself, that’s all he is doing.

-Welton, even though he has a terrible name, has great morals. I love how he stands up to the Vice President. It’s a large departure from the last doctor we saw on 24 that helped Jack escape from being tortured in Season 2, he was a chicken.

-Probably the worst thing you can do when armed men storm your house would be to grab a gun. As soon as you’re holding a gun the officers have licence to shoot you, which Mark found out.

-Jack’s demeanour with Brady is great. It really gave Kiefer Sutherland a chance to show off his acting chops for the first time in a while.

-Best expression of this episode, when Brady tells Jack about opening up the proxy server. That half knowing but not understanding smile and nod. SO funny.

-I’d be willing to be money that Jack wouldn’t actually work to prosecute Brady for what he is doing. Good thing Mark doesn’t know that.

-What, exactly, are the plans for the nuclear power plant? If they were just going to take over a nuclear power plant, why did they need the suitcase nukes? Unless they are planning on planting a nuclear bomb inside a nuclear facility and make a really big explosion.

-Mark is doing a nice job dealing with the pain he is in as well. He could really have a career as an agent, if he wasn’t already crooked, that is.

-What is Johnson’s end game here? If Doyle has information on him then he should have said anything, right? The way it sounded at the beginning Doyle had gotten Johnson out of something heavy in Denver. So, why does he then go and go against Doyle? It doesn’t make sense.

-Maybe CTU Denver has been disbanded and that’s why all their employees have moved out to LA.

- Milo and Doyle are creating a lot of yelling for Buchanan. I think he has yelled at them more than anyone else in his history. He’s a quiet guy usually.

-You know, now that we’ve gotten past this whole stupid alcoholic thing, I think I like Morris again. That’s really a death sentence for his character but whatever.

-If Johnson is that much of an ‘unreliable source’ why is he even still employed at CTU?

-I don’t even know what to say about Doyle’s personality. It’s up and down like a toilet seat and I’m tired of it already.

-Did you see it? There it was! Just for a split second, a vision, an apparition of the old Chloe. Too bad it was just a temporary hallucination while she talked to Milo about Nadia.

-Judging by that kiss it seems they are trying to set Nadia and Milo up to be the new Tony and Michelle. That’s not really going to work.

-Speaking of, that kiss was not nearly as exciting as Tony and Michelle’s first one in Season 2.

-I think that Nadia telling Milo that there will be nothing going on between them is plenty fair. He’s lucky that she will even speak to him after he believed that she was guilty of treason.

-Nadia is wise beyond her years, she already knows what most agents take a long time to figure out, CTU is not the kind of place to have a relationship.

-The nurse that works on Wayne wins the ‘Terrible acting award’ for this episode. Holy man, she had like 2 lines but they were both cringe-worthy.

-Those coffee cups that Karen is carrying are empty. Either that or there are shots of espresso in the bottom.

-Jack’s concern for Brady is touching. It’s nice to know he can still care.

-I love Jack’s few statements about Brady. First he says he can do it, then he says he’s their only chance, like he’s trying to convince himself more than the agent that Brady can do this.

-Everyone seems to know Jack, don’t they? Every terrorist already seems to know what’s going to happen when they run into him. I’m going to assume that Fayed told Gredenko all about Jack.

-Gredenko looks pretty comfortable in those handcuffs.

-When Jack tells the agents to call CTU and tell them they have Gredenko in custody, Sutherland really makes a mess when he says Buchanan. It sounds more like Bookanon.

-It’s funny that Daniels stands up when he even talks to the President on the phone. Guess what, he’s not there to see you, Noah.

-How did Wayne go from crashing to up and talking in 10 minutes? That’s kinda crazy, talk about a miraculous recovery.

-I don’t get Daniels. Obviously he respects Wayne but he still continues to go against his wishes and second guess him. It doesn’t make any sense. Hopefully, this gets figures out eventually.

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