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6.13: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
~ Insanity ~


Logan is led into CTU with Secret Service agents on either side of him and a pair of CTU security guards in front of him.Logan is brought to CTU Morris watches Logan walk with his entourage. Chloe also looks at the ex-president, casting her eyes down for a few seconds looking like she is thinking about his past. The rest of CTU watches Logan make his way though them and Milo walks by, sling on his arm. Chloe closes the laptop she is working on and follows Logan into holding. She tells the agent at the door that she needs to set up the transmit codes for the debrief so he lets her in. Logan is still standing as Chloe puts the laptop down. He asks who she is and she stammers that she’s just Chloe O’Brian; she needs to do something with the computer. Logan asks if she knows what is going on with Jack Bauer. Chloe tells Logan that he is still being held at the Russian Consulate. Logan speaks urgently that he needs to speak to Bill Buchanan now. Chloe informs Logan that he is in a meeting. Logan asks if Buchanan knows that he is all alone in a holding cell. Chloe corrects him that this is not really a cell and, motioning at the camera behind her, he is not really alone. This is standard procedure for someone under house arrest. Gauging Logan’s reaction she tells him hurriedly that she is feeling ambivalent, she has to go.

Mike Doyle stands in the CTU conference room perusing a file. Buchanan comes in and introduces Doyle to CTU; he just came in from Fort Bragg. Milo gives a slight wince that seems to be not from his newly slung arm. Buchanan says that Jack Bauer has been taken hostage in the Russian Consulate but it’s not public yet. Doyle is putting together a plan to assault the consulate. Milo clarifies that they are going to provoke an international incident to just to liberate one of their operatives. Their objective is not to obtain Jack but to get Markov, he is tied to Gredenko and he knows where the nukes are. Milo reminds them that his is an act of war. The Vice President is going to decide but they will have to back down. If Jack is right and Markov is working with Gredenko, the Russians will have to back down. Buchanan asks for the siege profile on his desk ASAP. Chloe enters and tells Buchanan that Logan is ready for him. Doyle heads to Nadia after finding she is manning information he needs. He instructs her to change a way that they are basing the personnel but Milo pipes up that they normally do that later on. Doyle snaps at Milo that he doesn’t care what they normally do, he was not talking to him, he was speaking to Nadia. Milo chooses his words carefully and says that it’s so weird, he had this feeling that he would come here and not be a jerk like he was in Denver but he is. Doyle nods, ‘That’s right, just like in Denver.’ Milo backs down and Doyle heads out. After Doyle is gone Milo observes out loud that he doesn’t like him very much. Nadia just wants to know if he knows what he’s doing. Grudgingly, Milo says ‘Yeah, he’s good.’

Chloe, after missing the briefing, asks Morris what the White House said about the consulate. They were given the go to move.

Jack is led by Vasili to the top of a stairwell. Jack is surprised to see at the bottom of the stairs the dead body of the agent that was going to call CTU for him. Vasili takes advantage of Jack’s pause and hits him so he doubles over and then hits him with his gun so that Jack falls down the stairs. He is unable to do anything to soften the fall since his hands are tied and Jack lands in a heap partially on the body of the other agent. Vasili comes down and radios Markov who is working on bandaging his hand. Vasili tells Markov that he is terminating the American; he wants to confirm that this will not be a problem. While Vasili is on the phone Jack moves slightly pulling on the belt of the dead agent. Whenever Vasili looks, Jack pretends to be unconscious. Markov assures Vasili that everything will be fine; they will say that the American was killed because he killed the head of security while he was trying to escape. Vasili agrees and lines up to shoot Jack. Before he can pull the trigger Jack uses the belt he has taken to get a hold of Vasili’s arm. His gun goes flying and Jack kicks him over top so he lands on the floor. Excruciatingly slow and in pain, Jack moves, hands bound, to the gun not 5 feet away from him. By the time he gets there Vasili is starting to get up and pulls a knife out. Jack has made it to the gun and shoots at Vasili while Markov watches from the monitor. He radios the others that the American has killed Vasili as Jack stumbles over and takes the knife off the body of the dead agent. Markov says they are in the basement, find him. The lockdown sirens sound and agents start to scour the area. Jack dodges into a room and sees a phone in there. The agents soon find the room and search it, moving a few miscellaneous items to try and find Jack. After they are out of the room, Jack reveals himself on top of a set of shelves. The agents are on with Markov saying that they haven’t found the agent yet so Markov orders everything shut off, he cannot be allowed to contact anyone. Shut down the phone and the DSL, the agents have set up a perimeter so Jack can’t get out. Jack makes his way down from the shelving unit landing heavily and leaning back against the wall unable to move from the pain. He grabs his side and winces but quickly collects himself and gets to the phone. He starts to dial.

At CTU the phone rings and Morris absently reaches for it, missing it once and then picking up saying “CTU O’Brian.” Breathless, Jack identifies himself to Morris and doesn’t waste any time before saying that he knows how to find Gredenko. Instantly the phone is disconnected and Morris is left calling Jack’s name while Milo watches. Jack is also trying to hear Morris but quickly realizes what has happened and hangs up saying ‘Dammit.’ Meanwhile, Morris hooks the phone over his shoulder and starts working on the computer to trace the call.

Jack sees a circuit box in the room he is in and pops it open and uses his gun to short circuit the power. The lights in the room go off and Jack takes the opportunity to rely heavily on the wall and grimace with the pain.

Milo tells Buchanan that Morris got a call from Jack at the embassy. He said that he knows where Gredenko is but that was all he said before he got cut off. Buchanan will call Doyle and tell him that Bauer has key intelligence and is no longer dispensable.

Buchanan enters the holding room where Logan waits. He picks up the laptop that Chloe left and says that they will have to reschedule this because they have an immediate situation at the Russian Consulate. Logan asks if this has to do with Bauer going back in there and Buchanan pauses at the door debating what to tell Logan. Logan begs him to tell him, calling him by his first name he offers to help. Buchanan goes back to the table and tells Logan that Jack was able to get Gredenko’s location from Markov but his call into them was cut off. He is either a prisoner or being pursued by the Russians. They either have to extract Jack or remove Markov and interrogate him themselves. Logan is concerned they will not be able to get through the red tape in time to interrogate him. Buchanan shares with Logan that they are not planning on going through the red tape. Logan warns Buchanan that that would be a huge mistake, Markov will not go with them alive and he will kill Jack Bauer. They tried going at this from the top through Daniels but Suvarov is reluctant to act. They are in a diplomatic standoff and Logan figures that Suvarov needs to be convinced to get involved. Buchanan doesn’t know how to do that but Logan does. His wife Martha became friends with Anya, President Suvarov’s wife. She can get through to her and he will listen to her, almost wistfully Logan adds, ‘They make a good team.’ Buchanan, with all due respect, says that he thought Logan’s wife was institutionalized. Logan admits she is but she is in a unique position to help them. Buchanan offers to call Martha but Logan wants to do it. Buchanan didn’t realize that they were on speaking terms. Sheepishly, Logan admits they are not but he is sure he can get through to her, he asks to try.

Doyle - I hate this manDoyle hovers around the analysts at CTU checking on what they are doing. He asks Chloe how many men are on each team, Chloe says 5. Doyle wants 3, more teams, more area covered. Chloe says fine. Doyle asks who is estimating the consulate defence figures and Morris pipes up that would be him. Doyle is on him and wants the numbers. Morris is sorting them before he puts them out and Doyle snaps of course he is, where are they? Morris sees what this is about, whether it takes 8 seconds instead of 10. He sits back and tells Doyle they are sorted 3 ways, pick one. Doyle grabs Morris by the neck pushing him far back in his reclining chair. Chloe yells an angry, “Hey” as Doyle calls for their attention. Speaking to all the analysts, Doyle asks for their attention because he only wants to say this once. He lets Morris go and walks away saying there are 25 soldiers about to put their asses on the line and whether they live or die depends on what gets done here at CTU. If anyone has problems with taking orders from him without giving him lip, let him know and they will have them reassigned. Doyle stalks off the floor and Milo stops him telling him to keep his hands off his people. Doyle argues they need to understand what to expect. Morris, meanwhile, has gotten up off his chair and gone to the corner of his desk, leaning on his palms with Chloe’s hand on his back. Milo tells Doyle if he has a problem with his people he is to come to him. Doyle agrees that’s fair enough. With sarcasm he tells Milo to have his ‘team’ merge their files and download them onto his system.

Milo goes over to Morris and asks if he is okay. Morris answers, ‘The shirt’s a blend, it doesn’t wrinkle.’ Milo says Morris knows what he means. Morris is alright and Milo mumbles, ‘I thought I was a pain in the ass.’

Lisa walks with Tom to Daniels’ office. She says that the Vice President likes him, she hopes he has the right answer for him. They enter the office and the others head out at Daniels’ request. Daniels asks if he has thought about their earlier conversation. Tom has and agrees that their priority should be to protect the country, he is prepared to look the other way regarding the details of the assassination plot to a point. Daniels asks what that means and Tom clarifies that the truth must ultimately come out, Reed and Carson must be punished for what they did. Daniels says they will, all he wants to do is keep the people of the United States united and he doesn’t want the critics screaming about how bad they are we’re worse than the terrorists. Daniels needs to keep their eye on the ball and Tom is in agreement. Daniels needs Tom to tell the ambassador that he saw Assad plant the bomb that injured Palmer. Tom is hesitant about this, looking the other way is one thing but to lie to an Ambassador becomes a matter of records. Daniels gets close to Tom and tells him to listen, if he expects to navigate through this crisis he must cooperate. Tom wants to cooperate and Daniels cuts him off saying, ‘I’m still talkin.’ Daniels sighs and walks away from Tom. He wants Tom to count their blessings, Palmer survived the attack, neither Daniels nor Tom had anything to do with the plot and now they can implement the correct policy. He asks Tom to put aside his distaste for a minute and see the gift that has been given to them. Tom will need to think long and hard about this, Daniels needs to just tell the Ambassador that Assad carried the bomb; he will take care of it from there. With an arm around Tom he asks if that is okay. Tom nods slightly and Lisa takes that as her cue to get the ambassador down there. Daniels also wants DOJ to know that Tom has been cleared of any wrongdoing and will continue to serve as Chief of Staff. Once she has left Tom asks what Daniels wants to achieve in the talk with the Ambassador. Daniels needs him to be motivated to help them bring in the terrorists. He needs to know that America is mad as hell and will retaliate with a nuclear option if his country doesn’t help them.



Gredenko works on the bombs and Fayed drives up in the van carrying the bombs. He brings the suitcases out of the truck and hands them over to Gredenko. He opens up the case and Gredenko handles the bomb.

Buchanan is on the phone with the Vice President who is with Lennox. Buchanan says that Jack Bauer is still at large and in the consulate. He knows Gredenko’s location but is unable to get it to them. Buchanan explains what is going on with Logan, he thinks he can get his wife to call the Suvarov’s and convince them to cooperate. Daniels tells Buchanan that that is about as likely as the terrorists knocking on his door and surrendering. Buchanan knows this and he also has a strike team ready to move on the Consulate and extract Markov for interrogation. Daniels asks if he realizes that a strike on a consulate is an act of war and he does. Daniels is reluctant to go the tactical route, they have enough on their hands with the terrorists, he doesn’t want to deal with the Russians. Buchanan knows it’s sticky politics but his job is to stop the nukes from going off. Daniels asks how long it will take to put the siege together and Doyle, across the office, signals 20 minutes. Buchanan relays this to Daniels who tells him to proceed as if he is going in. If Logan can be effective by then that’s fine but don’t wait for him. They hang up and Buchanan dispatches Doyle to their first location and wait. Martha speaks to her ex husband

Aaron Pierce carries a bag of groceries up a well kept sidewalk. He stops at the house with the secret service agent outside and they nod at each other. Without knocking Aaron enters calling Martha saying it’s just him. Martha Logan comes out of a nearby room with a book in her hand and is happy to see Aaron. He puts the bag down and asks if she has been resting. He has been worried about him; he shouldn’t be out driving with all the fallout in the air. Aaron stayed a good distance away. He asks how she is and calmly she says she has decided to read her book and listen to music. He smiles and she says she has lived through enough stress over the years; she is not going to worry any more. Going to the bag he brought, Aaron says he got her magazines; she thanks him and comes over. With a big smile he says he also stopped by Mel’s. She is excited at this and starts digging though the bag while he tells her about the fruits he got there. Martha doesn’t know what she would do without Mel’s produce. She takes them to the sink and eats a berry and then offers one to Aaron. He says he’s okay but she convinces him holding it up to his mouth. He takes it and she gently rubs his face with the back of her hand. The phone rings and Martha asks Aaron to get it as she goes to work on the fruit. Aaron answers, ‘Martha Logan’s bungalow’ and Logan on the other end quietly asks to speak to Martha. Aaron wants to know who it is and Logan identifies himself and Aaron saying it’s important. Martha asks Aaron who is on the phone and he takes the phone from his ear explaining that it’s Charles and he says it’s important. She stares at Aaron and asks ‘Important to whom?’ Taking the hint Aaron tells Logan that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Logan heard what she had to say and explains that he is at CTU Los Angeles on government business; it has to do with the nuclear attack today. Aaron doesn’t understand how Martha can be of any help to him and Logan comes back sharply that it doesn’t matter what he understands. Aaron is very clear that he no longer has to tolerate Logan’s sarcasm. Logan claims he was not being sarcastic, there is something that has to be done and Martha might be able to help. Aaron reiterates that she doesn’t want to speak with Logan, she hasn’t in two years, why would she want to know? Charles asks Aaron to tell Logan calls Martha from CTUMartha it’s about the Suvarov’s. Aaron relents and tells Martha what Charles said. Immediately Martha starts to panic asking if something happened to them. Aaron doesn’t know so this gets Martha to the phone. She has no pleasantries for her ex husband but asks if Anya is okay. Logan consoles her that she is fine, they are both fine so she turns cold asking what the hell he wants. Logan explains that there is an international incident brewing and he thinks that she might be able to diffuse it. Now sarcastic herself, Martha says right, the government is desperate and comes to Charles to fix it and then he comes to her. She cannot be dragged through another drama with him, she won’t. Logan mentions what has been going on today. He doesn’t get much information out before she calls it absurd and tosses the phone down on the couch. She walks to the window and Aaron goes to pick up the phone. Logan tells Aaron that he knows he would not play games on a day like today. Aaron agrees and Charles asks Aaron to convince Martha to see him for a few minutes. He will take a chopper there and arrive in a few minutes. When Aaron doesn’t respond Logan calls his name and Pierce agrees. He hangs up as Martha still looks out the window.



Logan is up in the chopper with a few CTU agents as well as his Secret Service. Buchanan calls and is connected to Logan. He updates Logan that their personnel have been dispatched to the Russian Consulate. Logan weighs in again that attacking the Russians is a huge error in judgement. Buchanan says it has been decided, the only way to stop it is to get Martha to call the Suvarov’s before they engage.

Jack is still in the consulate building and moves out of the room he was in down the hall. He pauses behind a wall and grips his midsection again and then goes into a room where a pair of workers, obviously a couple, are spending a few seconds alone. Unnoticed he enters and closes the door. He holds up the gun he got from the dead agent and winces slightly. He tells them both to slowly get against the wall. The man asks Jack not to hurt the woman with him and Jack says that he has no intention of hurting either of them but if they don’t cooperate he will kill them. He asks them if they both speak English and they nod. Jack says that he needs to make an outside call and all the phone lines have been cut off. The man says it is because Jack killed Stovich but Jack denies it, he didn’t kill him. The man doesn’t believe Jack but Jack, brandishing his gun again, doesn’t have to convince him. He aims the gun at the woman and asks how they would contact the outside world in an emergency. With some prodding the man admits that there is a sat phone upstairs. Jack wants him to get it for him and bring it down. The man doesn’t think he can get it up Jack puts the problem on the man. Once he goes Jack tells the woman to get against a nearby desk. Jack puts his back to the wall and slowly and painfully slides down it until he is sitting. He tells the woman not to be scared, she will be fine.

Aaron waits outside Martha’s bungalow while Logan approaches with his agents. Nearby people play tennis and Logan takes in his surroundings. He jogs the last few steps up the hill to meet Aaron who swallows hard at the sight of him. Logan greets him with a stiff hello and puts his hand out for a shake. Aaron does not take it but instead says that Martha is waiting for him inside. Logan thanks Aaron and they go inside. There is no one inside except a closing door. Logan stands there while Aaron says he will go and get her. He slips into the room and closes the door, even though Martha can still be heard outside of the room by Logan. Logan wanders around looking at photos, one of Martha and Anya Suvarov, Martha agrees to talk to Loganwhile Martha says that she doesn’t want to see Logan. Aaron comes out and Logan raises his eyebrow. Logan asks what the problem is and Aaron explains that she changed her mind, he doesn’t want to see him. Logan tries to get Aaron to convince her, it’s not just for the good of the country. If they don’t do something then the US is going to lead an assault on the Russian consulate and they will effect be at war with Russia. Martha speaks up from behind Aaron telling Charles that he has lost weight. She leers at him with a small smile and assesses, ‘So, this is the new, improved, Charles Logan.’ Aaron looks at Martha as she continues, ‘Reborn.’ Martha crosses her arms and changes her tone asking angrily, ‘What do you want?’ Logan talks fast, he needs her to call Anya Suvarov, she has to convince her to order the Russian Consul General to surrender himself. She asks why she would do that and Logan says that he’s working outside of Russian authority, he’s a mass murderer and is responsible for the bomb that went off this morning, he supplied the terrorists with the bomb. There are other bombs out there and they don’t know where they are, but Markov does. They have already contacted Suvarov but it didn’t work. Martha asks why not and Logan tells her that he doesn’t have time to explain every detail to her. Sarcastically, she apologises and reminds him that she doesn’t have to do what he says without asking about it. She tells him he hasn’t changed a bit. Holding up his wrist to show his tracker he says he is still under arrest, he is going back to prison after this. She mocks him speaking about prison, is that what he calls the 10 thousand square foot ranch with a swimming pool and a tennis court? Dodging the question Logan tells Martha she is the only one who can reach Anya fast. Martha asks Aaron if he thinks she should do this and Aaron does. She nods and wanders to the couch saying to no one in particular that she needs a drink, not that knocking her off the wagon would be a small price to pay for saving the world. Charles and Aaron exchange glances and Martha says to get Anya on the phone, she will talk to her. Logan can’t suppress his surprise.



Doyle and the team are on the way to the Russian consulate in the back of a SWAT truck. They will be there in a few minutes and Nadia tells him as far as she knows the assault on the consulate is still a go. She is about to go and talk to Buchanan and she will call if anything changes.

Daniels, Tom and the Ambassador enter the office and the Ambassador takes a seat. He asks how President Palmer is and Daniels says that he is a tough man, they are confident that he will make a full recovery. The Ambassador calls is a despicable act and Daniels, sitting back, says what makes it more troubling is that a citizen of his country, Hamri Al-Assad is responsible for the attack on him. The Ambassador says that Assad lost his life in the attack and he was under the impression that he was working for the president to promote a peace plan. Daniels believes that that was a ruse, Assad’s intentions became clear when he detonate the explosive. They have proof in the forensic evidence and 1 eyewitness that saw the detonator in Assad’s hand before the explosion. Tom perks up at this but says nothing. Daniels asks, ‘Isn’t that right, Tom?’ Lennox, removing his hand from his face, agrees quietly saying that is correct. The Ambassador answers that even if what he says is true he must know that Assad was not working at the behest of their government, he is as much a wanted man in his country as he is in the US. Casually, the Vice President shakes his head and says he doesn’t think so. Standing, Daniels says that’s going to change, the terrorists in their country right now are acting for citizens of the Ambassador’s country that have the support of his government. Tom listens and leans on his hands showing stress. The Ambassador also rises saying that is not true. Daniels says it is and he is willing it bet him that he is right. He has a carrier group within striking distance of every major city in his country. The Ambassador asks surprised if he would attack them. Daniels says that Fayed detonated a nuclear bomb on American soil and then Assad attempted to assassinate the president. They cannot be held responsible, the Ambassador says that they cooperated with them and these threats are reckless and counterproductive, he had an understanding with his president. Daniels talks over him that he will now have one with him. If he doesn’t help him find them before the next bomb goes off he is going to unleash the full power of his military on their country.

Buchanan gets off the phone in his office and Nadia tells him that the team is ready in the staging area. This is going to come down to the wire. He explains that he and Logan are trying to get a call with Martha Logan and Anya Suvarov. They are going to have to wait, though, because she is giving a speech right now. Nadia is concerned, even if she can get through it’s going to take a while to convince her husband to change his mind. Buchanan agrees, this is a long shot.

Logan speaks with Chloe on the phone and he wants to know why they can’t just interrupt the speech. Chloe can’t do anything about it, it’s Russian politics. Martha sits and is upset. She whines this is taking forever. Aaron comforts her and she turns and asks Aaron if he promises to stand by her even if she can’t go through with it. He will. Logan speaks up apologising, the last thing he wanted to do was upset her. Martha observes that he always manages to get to that ‘last thing’. Martha puts his hand on Aaron’s arm and asks Logan if it upsets him to see her with another man. Aaron interrupts objecting but she claims to just be trying to fill the time, they never really had any closure. Logan admits steadily that yes, it is very difficult, if she wants to know the truth. She reminds him that he has had a ‘rebirth’, he should be happy for her happiness. He claims to be happy for her and she calls him on it, ‘Sure you are.’ She stands up and goes to the kitchen starting to work on cutting up more fruit. She says that Aaron takes good care of her, she doesn’t know what she did to deserve such a good man, she never knew what that was before. She viciously chops some kiwi as Logan tells her that if it makes her feel better to insult him to feel free, he didn’t come here to fight with her. She is happy that she can finally say what she wants without having to worry about the wrath of the President of the universe, the great leader, murderer. Aaron stands and invites Logan to wait outside if he likes. Martha brings the bowl of fruit over and Aaron warns her not to get all stirred up. She mocks that they couldn’t have that. Logan appreciates the offer to wait outside but he will stay right there. He is actually very thankful that Aaron has been there for Martha, she is lucky to have him; Logan admits that Aaron is a good man. In a no-nonsense tone Martha asks Logan if he is trying to irritate her. He says he is not and she tells him to cut the crap calling him an ‘enlightened soul’. She tosses some fruit at him saying at least he used to be an honest crook. Aaron has seen enough. Martha says she is sorry and she will be a good girl. She grabs the plates from the table and walks behind the couch Logan sits on to take them to the kitchen. She pauses for a few seconds and then quickly picks up the knife from the plate and stabs Charles with it below his collarbone on the right side. Immediately she starts babbling that she’s sorry and Aaron pauses for a second then springs into action. He yells for a medic and before even getting to Logan Charles has pulled the knife back out. Aaron, seeing the blood, figures that it must have hit an artery. With another agent restraining Martha he yells ‘Somebody, COME ON!’



Medics have arrived to tend to Charles and they see that he’s in shock; they need to get him out of there now. Martha watches from a chair in the corner and an attendant stands next to her. Aaron is on the phone explaining that it all happened so fast, he couldn’t stop her. Buchanan says there’s nothing they can do about it, he has been ordered by the Vice President to send an assault team into the Russian Consulate unless Suvarov intercedes. He needs to know if Martha is capable of having a conversation with Anya Suvarov. Aaron doesn’t know but Chloe will be putting the call through any second. Aaron will find out. He moves in front of Martha and kneels down. She asks why they are doing this to her, she should be given a medal. He was one of the biggest criminals there is and they gave him house arrest. Aaron asks her if she is able to have a conversation with Anya Suvarov. She answers of course, ‘I’m not crazy.’ She knows what the stakes are. An agent has gotten the call and says that Anya Suvarov is on the line. Martha is handed the phone, Anya is being put through. Aaron asks if she knows what she is going to say; before she answers Anya is on the line. They greet each other pleasantly and Anya expresses worry about Martha there in California. Martha knows they have a lot to catch up on but she is going to get right to the point. Martha asks if she knows about the situation at the Russian Consulate in LA which she knows a bit about. Martha knows something very important. Anya would like to know more.

The team is set up behind the consulate fence; Doyle sends a tiny camera up to check the guards.

Inside the consulate, Markov is on the phone with Suvarov. Markov defends his position that the American came onto Doyle rescues Jack and I still don't like himRussian soil and took him hostage. Suvarov can sort it out later but he needs to surrender to the Americans and deliver Jack Bauer unharmed. Markov cannot do that and Suvarov becomes angry, how dare he disobey a direct order. He should do exactly as he tells him. Markov hangs up. Suvarov is shocked and Anya stands at his side with a cell phone. He takes it and speaks directly to Buchanan saying that Markov is no longer cooperating and it has left him with few options. He will authorize them to use force against their consulate, they have the support of Russia in his matter. Buchanan thanks him and hangs up. Anya touches her husbands arm.

Jack still waits with his female hostage and when the door opens he gets up with a grimace. The man hands the phone to Jack who asks if anyone will know it’s gone. He says they will in a few minutes. Jack starts to dial and the man takes the chance to ask his girlfriend if Jack hurt her. She shakes her head no. Jack hands the phone back for the unlock code and as soon as he takes the phone the door bursts open and Russian Agents fire on Jack. The man is hit and the woman takes cover as Jack jumps over a table pulling it on its side and using it s cover. Jack returns fire but quickly runs out of ammo.

Buchanan gives Doyle the go from outside the consulate. The teams move in and Doyle’s team starts shooting at the guards out front.

Jack has reloaded in the basement and takes some more shots but this time he is out for good. He puts his gun down and makes eye contact with the woman he was holding hostage. Before the agents descend on Jack the windows are blown in and CTU agents shoot the Russian agents. Once the gunfire subsides Jack asks the woman if she is hit, she is not.

Jack pauses in pain before leaving the consulateMarkov is on the phone to Fayed. He explains that the Americans are coming for him. Fayed thought that he had this under control but he does not, it will not be long before they get to him but he will hold them off as long as he can. Markov pulls a gun from his drawer and tells Fayed he must launch now. CTU has arrived and Markov shoots at them. They have no choice but to return fire and they shoot him in the chest.

Agents start to sweep the room Jack is in and he stands identifying himself and saying that this man needs medical attention, they are not hostiles. The agent that responds is Doyle and he introduces himself back to Jack. Jack tells Doyle what he knows about the location of Fayed and Gredenko; they are in the Shadow Valley. Doyle relays this to Buchanan while Jack leans on the wall for support clutching his midsection and closing his eyes.

Fayed and Gredenko are ready to launch the drone, they arm the bomb.

In the split screen we see Buchanan, Chloe, Daniels, Tom and Jack walking down the hall loosening his tie.

Logan is being transported in the ambulance and the medic looks over him. He wakes up and the medic tells him to stay still, they will be at the hospital in a minute. He quietly says, “Martha” but is unable to continue. The medic tells him not to try and talk and then suddenly he flat lines. He tells the driver that he is crashing, they are losing him.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-It’s always interesting watching people walk into CTU for the first time after something major happens. Usually it’s Jack coming back from the dead or after being in China but the reaction to Logan was just as palpable

-Chloe is so easy to read. You know exactly what she’s thinking before she even says a word.

-Who, exactly, does Logan think he is? Those at CTU and Jack are the reason that he is not still under house arrest and now he is treating them like he is able to boss them around. Although, those at CTU and Jack are also the ones responsible for him BEING under house arrest… or worse if they had their way.

-Does Logan want someone in there holding his hand and telling him it’s okay?

-From am·biv·a·lence [ am-biv-uh-luh ns ] –noun

1. uncertainty or fluctuation, esp. when caused by inability to make a choice or by a simultaneous desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things.

2. Psychology . the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action, simultaneously drawing him or her in opposite directions.

Yeah, I can see Chloe feeling that towards Logan.

-It took me about 5 seconds to make my decision on Mike Doyle. I am unfamiliar with any of Ricky Schroeder’s other work (yes, even including Silver Spoons) so I had a clean slate on him. The instant I saw him at CTU I thought ‘well, he just doesn’t seem right there, does he?’ He just doesn’t seem to physically mesh with all the others. Then he opened his mouth and delivered one line. ONE line. One BAD line that was poorly acted and delivered. It was all downhill from there. Bottom line? I think he’s my new Kate Warner.

-Here’s a question, has Milo forgotten that the man he is arguing not to save saved his own life not three hours ago? Talk about loyalty.

-So, I guess that answers where Milo has been for the last 6 years or so – in Denver. I wonder if Mike Doyle had anything to do with his transfer back to CTU LA. I also am curious about Doyle’s history but only in the way that it might get rid of him sooner if it’s sordid.

-Well, it’s good to know that Milo thinks Doyle is good, even though he hates him. Milo seems to be a very objective person, just what CTU needs – someone to not make decisions based on alliances.

-Markov did an incredible job of bandaging his own hand. I’m not convinced that they wouldn’t have a doctor on staff at the consulate or at least someone who would have helped him but whatever.

-That’s a nice belt trick that Jack uses to get the gun.

-What happened to the gun of the agent that Jack asked to help him?

-What, exactly, did Vasili plan to do with that knife when he saw Jack going for the gun? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to ALSO go for the gun?

-I was very impressed that when Jack used his metal gun (which happens to be an electrical conductor) to surge the power that he didn’t get zapped too.

-Great, now Jack has to wait in the dark. I’m not sure what the point of that was. Probably an excuse for us to not wonder where he is because we know he is sitting in the dark. Too bad it didn’t work.

-Anya and Yuri Suvarov make a good team. I think Logan has some jealousy about that because he and Martha do not.

-I sense that Logan is using this as an excuse to talk to Martha. It worked, sort of.

-Although the CTU analysts tend to whine and be a pain in the ass, Doyle was out of line. Morris wasn’t that lippy with him and in the end he would have got what he wanted if he hadn’t been such a jerk.

-Morris took that whole incident rather well. That’s the Morris I like, not the ‘woe is me, weird acting, wanting to drink’ Morris that we have seen too much of this year. Post Doyle manhandling Morris I can handle and even like.

-I can’t stand people who think they are better than everyone else. That’s one thing I see in Doyle that I really don’t like. The way he refers to Milo’s ‘team’ as something that he just scraped off his shoe is very disturbing. One wrong keystroke and Doyle and his team can be dead, he shouldn’t be messing with them.

-Line of the week – Milo to Morris – “And I thought I was a pain in the ass.”

-I thought Tom was smarter than this, than agreeing with Daniels. It’s insane to think that he will not get caught for lying. Anyone and any security footage can tell you that Tom what nowhere near that room ever.

-Daniels is a little bit of a hick, isn’t he? He’s like the school bully that gets what he wants.

-Could he be any taller than Tom?

-Daniels is one slimy bastard. I hate him.

-So the man that extorted Karen Hayes is now getting extorted himself – irony abounds.

-I hope the guy who plays Fayed doesn’t get paid by the line of dialogue he delivers because he was on screen and delivered the bombs but said nothing.

-I’m glad to see they haven’t given Doyle an office yet. Lets keep it that way.

-I thought for sure Daniels would be all gung-ho about going in on the consulate, he wants to start a war with Assad’s country for less than that.

-It’s so good to see Pierce again, but he needs to do something about his pants. They are going to choke him if he’s not careful.

-I like Pierce, I love Pierce, but I’m not so sure that Martha is really right for him, you know? He’s a straight arrow, smart, nice, dedicated, organized and she’s, well, she’s freaking crazy!

-Out of all the stress that Martha has dealt with over the years, I think a nuclear bomb would be a pretty good reason to stress.

-Martha didn’t even wash that fruit that she gave to Aaron. Are we sure it doesn’t have some fallout on it?

-Speaking of fallout, it seems like everyone is just going about their day after that nuke went off. Now that’s crazy.

-Although I’m happy that Martha is back with Aaron and Logan, I would have traded ¾ of their screen time for some more Jack screen time.

-Jean Smart jumps right back into the crazy Martha thing pretty quick.

-It’s too bad that Martha really is crazy, I was kind of disappointed by that. I thought that since she helped Jack, Aaron, and Mike get Logan last year that it would have proven that she was not mentally unstable and we would see her living her life happy on her own or even with Aaron. I would have been happier about Aaron being with her if that was the case as well.

-The middle of a lockdown is probably not the best time to get busy with your office romance.

-How would they contact the outside world in an emergency like the Consul needing medical attention because his finger was cut off?

- Logan is still the same old Logan, he snaps at Martha way too fast.

-I tend to agree with Martha about being angry with the conditions of Logan ‘arrest’.

-Daniels is as much of a criminal is Logan was, or even worse. Daniels wants to start a war that will kill hundreds of thousands for no reason except he’s pissed off. Logan didn’t even kill that many people.

-I can’t decide if I hate Daniels or Doyle more.

-I wonder if Logan is aware that the person he is depending on, Chloe, is the same one that had a lot to do with him getting imprisoned.

-How in the hell did Martha explain all that to Anya who then explained it to Markov that fast. I am willing to let the ‘real time’ thing go sometimes but that was pretty crazy. It also didn’t help that I was pissed off for lack of Jack.

-I’m thinking that the wrong thing to do when you are stabbed is to pull it out. That just opens the flood gates.

-Aaron’s reaction time has certainly gone south since he retired from the Secret Service.

-Although I’m happy that Martha was mad and ultimately hurt Charles, killing him is not going to solve anything. He look, I can be objective too, Milo must be rubbing off on me.

-I do like the Suvarov’s. I’m happy they didn’t die last year.

-How did the agents find Jack? Did the man tell them or did they follow him? If he told them then he’s going to be mad when (and if) he wakes up and realizes they shot him.

-That’s one impressive table that Jack hides behind. It took a lot of fire.

-Perfect timing on the CTU team. Nice job.

-Jack looks to be in pretty bad shape. I hope that it’s a simple 2 Tylenol job and he’ll be good to go for the remaining 11 hours. If the writers think the fans are going to sit around while Jack pulls a Season 5 Tony Almeida and is out for like 10 hours and then gets killed they’re nuts.

-As far as I’m concerned, this week was just not worth the wait. All that time spent waiting in excitement for 24 to get robbed of screen time for Jack. It’s not right and I hope they’re not testing the waters to kill Jack. This show allows us to see that having no Jack sucks.

-Man, being a President is turning out to be a cursed job. David Palmer is dead, we’re pretty sure the one that won over him, Keeler, is dead and Wayne Palmer is injured badly. If Logan dies and Palmer dies, that’s 4 dead presidents in a row that kicked the bucket prematurely.

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