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6.12: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
~ Sanity ~


Wayne is on a stretcher and unconscious. He is flanked by security and aides as they round a corner and get him into a clinic. Gauze that is around his neck is already covered in blood. He is wired up to an IV and they go to work.

Jack and Logan walk from Logan’s ranch to the waiting limo. An agent opens the door and Jack says he has it and thanks him. Before Logan can get into the limo he Jack turns to Logan and says he wants to make this clear before they go. Logan is a federal prisoner under his custody; he does not make a move unless Jack tells him. Logan knows his role, he just wants to be of service. As far as Jack is concerned, he can never do anything to erase what he has done. Logan understands Jack’s anger but if he wants to find Gredenko they should leave now. Jack tells him angrily to get in the car. They both get in the back of the limo and an SUV on either end of the limo starts top move in time with the car. Jack sits to Logan’s left and they are side by side. Logan says quietly that he hasn’t been out of these gates in over a year. Jack just looks at him and Logan apologises, he doesn’t need to tell Jack what it’s like to be locked up. Jack answers coldly, “You’re right, I don’t.” Logan knows that Jack knows how it feels to be locked away from the rest of the world, lonely, the silence that plays with your sanity. In that silence you can hear the voice of your deepest self and if you listen you have the chance to heal. Jack says nothing to Logan and just stares ahead. Jack’s cell phone rings and he fishes it out of his pocket. Buchanan is calling and Jack tells him that he is on the way to the consulate. Buchanan tells Jack that he needs to know there was an assassination attempt on President Palmer. Jack asks what Buchannan is talking about and Buchannan explains that the President was wounded but they don’t know the extent of his injuries yet. Jack breathes, “Oh my God” and asks how this happened. The details are still coming in to Buchannan but they think it was Assad, that he smuggled some kind of explosive device into the White House. Jack says that doesn’t make sense, he was working to stop Fayed but Buchannan says it doesn’t really matter right now if he did or didn’t do it, he’s dead. Jack is following their only live lead. Jack will get back to Buchannan as son as he knows anything.

Gauging Jack’s reaction to the news he just received Logan asks what is going on. Jack explains to him that there has been an assassination attempt on President Palmer. Logan is surprised and returns his gaze ahead of them.

The staff works on the President, trying to control the bleeding around his neck. He is on an oxygen mask. Reed watches from outside the door and then backs off from the door moving to a corner and getting out his phone. He starts to dial when someone comes around the corner and startles Reed. The man says that the vice president is on a telebriefing in the conference room and they want Mr. Lennox there. Reed sputters that he is occupied, he is covering for him. The doctor is going to brief the vice president on the president’s condition.

The members of the cabinet present and others listen as the doctor says that the President sustained injuries from shrapnel to his chest and neck. He has no head wounds but he is unconscious. The Vice President asks if they know when he might be able to resume his duties. The doctor tells them that he was within 10 feet of a high velocity explosive device; if he survives at all it will be a miracle. The room tenses as the Secretary of Defence, Ethan Kanin speaks to the Vice President. He feels that he speaks for all of them when he says that they are not sure when or if the President will recover enough to complete his duties. Until then they are going to proceed under the assumption that the President’s duties are now the Vice President’s. The Vice President looks shocked and sits back from his laptop. Daniels says it is clear to him, he will be landing in a few minutes and as soon as he gets there he wants a brief from Tom Lennox. They will see him soon. The Secretary of Defence tells the others to submit their tasks to his office, they will reconvene when the Vice President gets there.Tom tied up

Kanin calls Reed and asks in frustration where Tom Lennox is. Reed makes an excuse that he is with the Attorney General. The man says no, he just spoke with the AG and he doesn’t know where he is either. He questions Reed that he works for Lennox and he doesn’t know where he is? Palmer was expecting him to be at the Assad broadcast as well and he didn’t show up. He calls a secret service agent over and tells him quietly that Tom Lennox is missing, do a sweep of the bunker and find him. The agent calls for a 10-20 on Lennox as Reed takes the chance to slip out.

Carson is standing over Tom telling him to understand that they did what they had to keep the country safe, they did what was necessary. Reed returns to the room and Carson asks him right away if the President is dead. Lennox listens and Reed says no, but he’s injured bad enough that he won’t be able to serve. The secret service is looking for Lennox, though. Carson offers to handle him, he can make it look like a suicide, the situation would support him being depressed. Reed says that they cannot kill Tom Lennox, they are not murderers. They did what they did for the sake of National Security but they would just be killing Lennox to cover their involvement. Carson argues that getting caught was never part of the plan and takes a few steps towards Tom. Reed gets in front of him and tells Carson to not touch him. Carson asks, ‘or what’ and Reed answers that he will have to kill him too. Reed knows Tom Lennox, he can be reasoned with. Carson shakes his head and walks away to keep watch and Reed goes to Lennox. He couches in front of him and takes the tape off of his mouth. Tom says that Reed really did it, Reed says it had to be done. Reed says that Tom was the one that told him that the logic of engagement demands extreme action and individuals need to be sacrificed. Tom tells him that he wasn’t referring to the President of the United States. Reed says that his policies would have aided the enemy, he was well intentioned but naïve and dangerous. Vice President Daniels is going to be running things now and he is going to implement Reed is arrestedhis security plan. Reed tells Tom that if he implicates him in this Tom will be implicated as well. Tom was trying to stop them but he says that no one will believe him. Tom leans his head back and Reed says that the only way to stop what is happening today is through the proposals in his security plan. Carson has matched the bomb signature to a design used by Assad’s group, no one will know the truth. The FBI will put this all on Assad and no one needs to know the truth. Tom doesn’t know, Reed answers, ‘A guilty conscious is a fair price to pay for the survival of this country.’ Reed and Tom stare at each other for a few seconds and Carson looks back saying that they are coming. Reed asks if Tom understands the situation. Tom does understand, Reed knows that he will do the right thing. Tom slowly nods and Reed says he is going to cut him loose. Carson comes back over and Reed does as Tom gets up and somewhat wobbly goes out the door in between the two of them. They come around a corner and an Agent sees them. He approaches Tom who is slightly bent over and asks if he is okay. Tom answers, ‘Yes Agent Lowry.’ Lowry tells Tom that the Secretary of Defence is looking for him. Tom nods and looks a Reed for a few seconds as the agent looks at him. Straightening his tie, Tom crosses the floor and stands next to the agent saying that these men are responsible for the attempted assassination of the President. He is surrendering himself into custody until he can talk to the AG but he wants these men arrested now. Reed looks at Tom who has no sympathy for him.



Vice President Daniels arrives and steps down off the plane. A woman by the name of Lisa welcomes him back. She is ready to give him the latest flashes but he has already seen them and there is one that he wants to look at, the one from CTU. He asks her to get them on the line. She starts dialling the phone and Daniels walks by and salutes the military standing there waiting.

At CTU Buchanan’s phone rings and he picks it up. Lisa passes the phone the Daniels and he speaks to Buchanan. Daniels sees from a White House flash that President Palmer granted a furlough to Logan, he wants to know the circumstances of that. Buchanan explains that he claims that he can help them find Gredenko by finding the man that supplied Fayed with the suitcase nukes. It is going though the Russian Consulate and he insisted that he talk to him in person. Daniels is surprised that Logan is doing anything on the government’s behalf but they have no other active leads. Logan is being supervised by one of their agents, Jack Bauer. He has been instructed to keep Logan on a short leash and Buchanan will tell Daniels when he knows anything. Daniels says that when he comes back he is going to return to house arrest.

Jack and Logan have arrived at the consulate and as they get out of the limo Logan tells Jack that he is going to have to talk to the consul alone. Jack tells him stonily that he is not going to let him out of his sight. Logan says that he won’t tell Logan anything if Jack is in the room but Jack repeats that he is not going to let him out of his sight. Logan smiles and asks what Jack thinks he is going to do, ask for asylum? He doesn’t think that they are going to take him. Jack agrees reluctantly but he will be right outside, if he tries to move more than 20 feet he will know. Logan is going to prove Jack wrong, he is only trying to help. They enter the consulate and the guards have been expecting them. The consul is waiting for Logan and he enters the room leaving Jack on the other side of the door.

Logan and Markov shake hands saying that it’s good to see each other. Markov says he has been doing very well, Logan is still trying to do the best he can for his country, as much as circumstances will allow. He lightly taps the tracker on his wrist. Markov expresses sympathy for what happened in the US this morning; he offers condolences and whatever support his country can give. Logan can use his help and Markov is accepting, grabbing a cigar box and working on one as Logan says that the bomb this morning was a Russian suitcase nuke that was supplied to the terrorists by Dimitri Gredenko. Now that the cigar is cut Markov offers it to Logan but he refuses, he doesn’t smoke anymore. Markov looks at Logan and then sits down eyeing him. He assures Logan that the weapons were destroyed as part of their treaty but Logan is certain of his facts, but he is not there to make accusations. He needs to know where Gredenko is. Markov will ask Moscow to locate him immediately. Logan is asking him, not Moscow, he knows that Markov has been close to Gredenko since they fought together in Afghanistan so he asks him again, where is he. Markov does not know. He has been close to Dimitri for many years but they are not now. Logan asks him to forgive his lack of diplomacy but he doesn’t believe Markov. Moscow always suspected that someone within the Russian government had something to do with the supplying the sentox gas to Russian separatists 2 years ago. Logan has the tapes of every phone call made to his people. He will send them to President Suvarov. Markov leans forward and says that Logan gave him his word that his role would remain secret. Logan’s promise is null and void by the fact that terrorists he is helping has 3 more bombs. Markov claims to not have spoken to Gredenko in more than a year. Logan threatens again to send the tapes to Moscow and Markov will never be heard from again. Markov tells Logan that he can send the tapes to whoever he wants, he can destroy him many times over but he does not know where Gredenko is. Logan takes this and says he believes Gredenko and asks him to forgive his tactics as he is trying to save peoples lives. He asks Markov that if he knows anyone else that might still be in contact with Gredenko. They standLogan speaks with Markov and Markov says that he will make some calls but as far as he knows everyone else has cut off contact with Dimitri as well. Logan says that his support is greatly appreciated. They politely nod at each other and they head out. Jack gets to Logan’s side right away and he mutters into his ear piece that they are moving. They go out the front door and Jack watches Logan carefully. Logan tells Jack that Markov said they haven’t spoken in a year but he is lying, they’re still in contact and he knows enough to want to deny it. Jack is sceptical of Logan’s knowledge but Logan wisely tells Jack that he has done enough lying himself to be familiar with the signs.

Gredenko’s phone rings and Markov is the one calling him. He says that the Americans have connected him to the terrorists, they sent Charles Logan to speak to him about it. Gredenko says that they used the Arab’s to cover for them so they wouldn’t find him and now they are exposed, Russia will be exposed. Markov is confident that they have no evidence, that’s why they sent Logan. By the time they find anything it will be too late. Markov will get back to him if he hears anything more. Gredenko gets back to work.

Jack tells the driver in the limo that as soon as they are through the front gates and out of sight they are to pull over. Jack calls Chloe’s cell instead of her CTU line and says that he needs her to access the DWP server and disable the power and it needs to be done under the radar. He needs the power off for 60 seconds and for it to look like a failure in case they try to contact DWP about it. Logan can’t believe what he is hearing, he asks if Jack is going to go back in there after he spent nearly two years in a Chinese prison because he violated the sovereignty of their consulate. Now he plans on going into the Russian consulate and chance that the same thing will happen again. Jack says nothing to Logan but checks behind them.



Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, DC

Jack gets information from LoganA hand holds a cell phone that watches a newscast about what happened in Valencia. There are 12 thousand dead and counting. Panning out we find the hand belongs to Karen Hayes. She has a cup of coffee and looks unhappy. The phone rings and she answers with a tired ‘hi’. Buchanan is calling his wife, she says she is sitting in an airport waiting for a plane to LA. Bill tells her that half an hour ago there was an attempt on Wayne Palmer’s life. Karen is shocked and Bill says they won’t know the full extent of his injuries until he regains consciousness. Karen has seen nothing in the news and Buchanan tells her that it hasn’t been released yet. The Vice President is on his way back to the White House and he will assume the executive duties. Karen knows she has to go back but Buchanan doesn’t know if Daniels will take her back, she has resigned. Karen knows that it hasn’t been processed yet, technically she can withdraw it. She will call Buchanan when she is there.

Daniels is with Lisa, they are heading down the elevator and he asks for the Lennox proposal as soon as they are settled. She reminds him that the President rejected that plan and he asks what the point is. She figures it might be a little soon to enact the plan. He tells her that Muslim terrorists have set off a bomb inside the White House; they have delayed this for far too long. They get out of the elevator into the bunker where staff waits to greet the Vice President. He asks the SOD, Kanin, how the President is doing. They have been able to stabilize him but it’s too soon to make a prognosis. Something else is going on and Daniels looks at Lisa as she leaves them alone. They walk together and Kanin tells Daniels that there has been a development of those involved in the assassination attempt. Tom Lennox remanded himself into custody. Daniels asks what he is talking about.

Tom Lennox is being interrogated by the Secret Service. He says that 2 hours ago Reed first hinted at the plot against the President and in an accusatory tone the agent says he waited an hour to tell anyone. Tom explains that it was all innuendo at that point, he was trying to wait to find out more. When Tom realized that they were going to make their move he tried to alert Agent Hollister but that was when he was knocked out. The agent begins, “When you provided Bruce Carson’s clearance into the White House…” but Tom cuts him off saying that he didn’t provide any clearance, his card was stolen. The agent asks, “When you gave these men our classified itinerary you were just, pretending.” Tom says yes and the agent takes notes, saying quietly, ‘or maybe it’s just that you had second thoughts.’ Tom sighs and the door opens. He turns around and the Vice President is coming in, he wants to speak to Tom alone. Once they have all filed out Tom tells Daniels that he tried to stop this. Noah would like to believe him but he is going to leave it to the justice department to determine his role, as well as Assad’s. Tom comes to Assad’s defence, they were setting him up, he had nothing to do with this either. Noah says that Tom doesn’t know that, it was suggested that Reed and Carson might not be the only ones involved. Tom says Reed implied that, he was trying to figure out who might be involved. He wasn’t able to though. Noah figures that it is conceivable that Assad may have been at least a participant in this plan. Tom argues that that makes no sense, Assad was a known terrorist that hated this country, Daniels figure what better way for him to rally his people then to martyr himself. Tom warns that this is exactly what they wanted him to think. Showing emotion, Noah tells Tom that he is going to address the nation soon about what Daniels gets Tom on his sidehappened to the president. Until he has all the facts he will not say that Assad is innocent. That statement had a tone of finality but Tom sees what he is doing, he is scapegoating Assad so he can be more aggressive with the Muslim community. Noah tells Tom that he outlined the plan he is going to implement and he was his staunchest advocate. What happened to the President was horrific but if any good is to come of it they can now do what is in the best interest of protecting the country. Tom knows that Daniels is asking a whole lot more of him than maintaining his silence on Assad. Daniels tells Tom that the cabinet knows that he is the architect of the plan and if he is not on it now it raises questions. Tom hangs his head and rubs his neck thinking carefully about his options. Daniels asks if he has come to believe that the President was correct in rejecting his actions. Tom says no, he knows it’s the best way, Daniels tells him he can stick to the assertion of Assad’s complete innocence or he can help him initiate this plan. They both know it’s in the best interest of the country. Tom swallows and Daniels leaves him looking at the floor. Once outside Daniels calls an agent over telling him that he wants Lennox’s report on his desk before it goes to the AG.

Jack is coming back to the consulate, he jumps down from a tree lined area down a wall and walks past a generator. He creeps around the corner of the building and sees a security camera. He takes his COM earpiece out and he makes his way to the building. Upstairs a man comes out a door and sees Jack. He asks him in Russian (with helpful subtitles) what he is doing there. Jack claims, in Russian, he was told to guard the back of the building. As the man leaves Jack’s phone rings on vibrate, it is Chloe calling and she has what he wants, she can turn off the power and it will be 60 seconds before it comes back on. Jack says to hang on and comes up the stairs leaning in near the door. He sees a camera and tells Chloe to shut it down now. She says okay and he hangs up the phone as he goes into the building.

Inside the consulate the security team is in the dark and asking each other what is going on. None of them know and one of them figures that there is something wrong. They split up and check the building.

Jack quietly enters the room where the consul is and once he sees him he gets his gun out. Jack tells the consul to put his hands where he can see them. Markov asks what Jack is doing and Jack asks where Gredenko is. Suddenly the power is restored and Markov is pressing an alarm button under his desk. Jack yells at him to get away but it is too late, the security team has been alerted. Markov reminds Jack that he is breaking international law. Jack doesn’t have time to ask nicely, he asks where Gredenko is.

Outside the room the head agent, Vasili, asks what is going on, another one tells him that when the power came back on the Consul’s panic button was triggered.

Vasili knocks hard on the door asking if Markov is okay. Jack uses his gun to knock Markov out and then yells through the door at the agents that he has taken Consul Markov hostage at gunpoint. If they make any attempt to come in he will kill him. Vasili tells them to find out who that is.

Jack puts his gun away and calls CTU, when operations answers Jack wants to speak to Buchanan. Bill is in the situation room and Jack tells him quickly that they have a situation. Logan’s play didn’t work but he came back to the consulate by himself to question Markov. Before he could get any information he was discovered and now he is barricaded in Markov’s office. He doesn’t know how much time he will have. Worried, Buchanan tells Jack that he can’t sanction what he is doing. Jack knows that but he asks him to call the White House and advise them. Buchanan wants Jack to get out of there, stand down but Jack is not willing to until he talks to Markov. He will call Buchanan back when he has something.



Daniels enters the President’s office. He looks around and paces the room. He sees folders on the desk and then lowers himself into the chair. He Daniels takes the leadthinks for a second before Lisa comes in. He says that the press secretary has set up a live address in 10 minutes. Daniels thanks her and she says the statement will be finished momentarily. She thought that he would know that Karen Hayes has withdrawn her resignation, she is on her way there. He asks what prompted her resignation in the first place. Lisa tells him that officially it was to return to LA to be with her husband but rumour has it that it was her opposition to the Lennox plan. Daniels’ phone rings and it’s Buchanan calling. He says that a situation has developed that he though he should be aware of. Jack Bauer has taken Consul Markov hostage and he is holding him at gunpoint inside the consulate. Daniels is angry, how did this happen? Buchanan explains that Logan insisted that Markov was lying so Jack went back to question Markov himself. Daniels is on his feet and asks Buchanan if he approved this action. Buchanan did now, Jack is acting on his own authority. Daniels says on the questionable assumption of Charles Logan. Buchanan tells Daniels that Bauer has no reason to trust Charles Logan, he must have convinced him enough to take action. This is their only chance to stop the next nuclear bomb from going off. Meanwhile, the other phone in the room rings and Lisa answers it. She tries to offer it to Daniels but he says not now. She tells him it’s Russian President Suvarov. Daniels shakes his head and tells Buchanan that he doesn’t know how long he can hold off the Russians. If Markov is connected to the nukes Bauer better get it out of him fast. Buchanan hangs up and Daniels speaks with Suvarov. When Daniels answers the phone Suvarov wants to speak to President Palmer. Daniels says he is unavailable and Suvarov is unhappy, Daniels is assuming he is calling about the incident at his Consulate. Daniels assures Suvarov that the man in the consulate is acting alone, not under the authority of the US government. Suvarov is angry; this is a violation of Russia’s sovereignty. He needs to stand down immediately or he will have to retaliate with the most forceful diplomatic means at his disposal. Daniels warns that before Suvarov escalates this he should know that they suspect that consul Markov is in contact with Dimitri Gredenko who was linked to the attack made on US soil this morning. If that is true that he would be a co-conspirator. Suvarov regrets the tragedy that they experienced today but they must make these charges through the correct diplomatic channels after his agent has surrendered.

Jack hits Markov hard in the face, he wants to know where Gredenko is and what he’s doing. Markov doesn’t know, he hasn’t spoken to him since he arrived in the US. Jack turns to Markov and says that he never told him that Gredenko was in the US. Jack has picked up the cigar cutter from the desk and comes back around the front leaning on it. He tells Gredenko what ‘we’ know, they already know that Gredenko supplied Fayed with 5 suitcase nukes, what doesn’t make sense is why he’s still involved unless he is doing something else for Fayed. Jack asks Markov what Gredenko is doing for Fayed. Markov claims he doesn’t know. Holding up the cigar cutter Jack threatens Markov to tell him what he needs to know or he will start losing his fingers one by one. This is list last chance. Markov has nothing to tell Jack so he goes to the Consul grabs his left hand and uses the cigar cutter on one of his fingers. Jack steps back as Markov tries to deal with the pain, his pinkie finger has been taken off below the first joint.

Outside the agents have a video feed into the room where Jack holds Markov. They look on and agree that they can’t do anything yet, he is too close to the consul.

In the room Jack tells Markov he has to make one of two choices, either he gives him the info he wants and he goes and picks up Gredenko or, pulling out his gun, Jack says he can kill him which will make Gredenko panic when he finds out thinking that Markov gave him up before he died and he will be forced to use his exit route. Either way he stops what he is doing in this country. The choice is Markov’s, what is Gredenko doing? Jack holds his gun at Markov’s head gets very close to his forehead. Markov breaks telling Jack that he is in the desert, in the Shadow Valley. He doesn’t know where but he knows what he is doing. With clipped words Markov says he is launching drones. Jack lowers his gun and is horrified as Markov explains he is launching aerial drones for Fayed, they are a delivery system for the nuclear bombs. With a twisted smile Markov watches Jack’s reaction and Jack asks how soon it will be. Continuing to be happy, Markov says 2 hours. In 2 hours all the bombs will be in the air. Jack says quietly, ‘Son of a bitch’ and punches Markov again in the face. Jack walks away getting out his phone. As he wanders, dialling, towards the door the agents blow the door in knocking Jack onto his back hard. The first agent in immobilizes Jack by stomping on his midsection knocking him nearly unconscious. Two agents pick Jack up and shove him against the wall hard, his eyes closed. Markov wants no one near Jack, they pull him back and Markov punches him in the stomach. Jack grunts and they drag his limp form from the room.



The Vice President addresses the nation telling the public about what has happened to President Palmer. He was seriously injured in an assassination attempt here at the White House. He is alive and currently in stable condition, the suspect, Assad, was killed. CTU watches the broadcast, Nadia looks on as Daniels states that they are instituting an aggressive agenda for national security that will out of necessity suspend certain civil liberties. Chloe and Morris watch as well as he claims this is the price of war. Nadia walks over and asks if they were able to reach Jack. Chloe says no but they confirmed that he did try to call in. They are monitoring all communications out and in of the consulate but they are using an advanced algorithm that they have not ever been able to crack. Morris is working on it and has found one computer there that is not shielded properly, he is able to get the information before it in encrypted. He pulls up the data and it slowly comes together in Russian. A few words are highlighted that translate to ‘American Agent’. They have an American agent in custody. Nadia calls up to Buchanan’s office and he puts the TV on mute before answering. She tells him that Morris has intercepted some bandwidth from the Russian consulate; she says grimly that they got to Jack. Buchanan asks what that means and Nadia explains carefully that they moved in on his position and recovered Markov. They are holding Jack prisoner. Buchanan is speechless and stares off into nothing. Nadia asks if they should call the Vice President. Not yet, he is in a diplomatic stand off with President Suvarov, it won’t get them anywhere. Nadia asks what their next move is and Buchanan tells her to have special op’s draw up a plan to get into the consulate, they will give the Vice President the option to take the Consul by force. Buchanan adds quietly, “And hopefully rescue Jack.”

Vasili and another agent speak in Russian. Jack listens and fights to stay alert, wincing and coughing. Vasili leaves the room and closes the door leaving the other agent and Jack bound to his chair. Jack asks for something in Russian but the agent answers in English that he is not allowed to talk to him. Jack says that he is not allowed to talk to him because the consul doesn’t want him to hear what Jack knows. Jack says that Gredenko supplied the terrorists with the nuclear bomb that went off earlier today and Markov is working with him against the Russian governments’ approval. The agent tells Jack that he can make his accusations through the appropriate channels but there isn’t enough time. Jack tells him that there are 3 more bombs out there and they are going to be delivered by unmanned drone aircraft. The agent becomes angry and asks ‘With the consul’s knowledge? That’s a ridiculous accusation.’ Jack defends his position, the consul told him, he confessed. The agent reminds Jack it was under duress. Jack says that they will be launched in 2 hours. The agent heads to the door but Jack pleads, he knows that the agent believes him, that he knows about Markov’s connection to Gredenko. Quieting down Jack begs, he has to help. Jack leans forward in his chair and the agent comes back, if Jack is telling him the truth there is nothing he can do, all communications to Moscow have to go though the consul. Jack is not asking him to call Moscow, he is asking him to call CTU. Breathing heavily, Jack tells the agent to give them the location of the nukes and advise them of the time frame. The agent asks where he is and Jack answers in the high desert, the Shadow Valley. Call 310-597-3781 and talk to Bill Buchanan, tell Buchanan the message is from him. Jack winces again and pauses before giving his name, Jack Bauer. Jack begs saying please and then dropping his head down with another weak ‘Please.’ The agent grabs Jack’s hair and pulls him back up to face him, making sure he can hear him. He says that Jack had better be telling the truth for Jack’s sake as well as his. Jack tells him that he knows he is or else he wouldn’t consider doing this. Jack tells him to hurry and the agent lets Jack go letting him fall unconscious again. The agent heads outside the room closing the door behind him. He gets his phone out and dials.

In the split screen we see Nadia heading to Buchanan in CTU, Wayne being worked on, Morris, Vice President, and Chloe.

The agent is in a private area of the compound and completes the call. He asks to speak to Bill Buchanan but he is in a meeting. He says it’s urgent and the voice says one moment. While he speaks a man creeps in behind the agent. While he is on hold a silenced gun is fired into the back of his neck killing him. The shooter picks up the bullet casing.

At CTU Buchanan is rung and the voice says there is a man on the line from the Russian Consulate, he says it’s urgent. Buchanan snaps the phone up and says hello. On the other end the shooter is revealed as Agent Vasili. He picks up the cell phone and closes it as Buchanan continues to say hello.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

- Logan doesn’t seem all that concerned about the President’s current plight.

-What’s the deal with Logan and the horses? That was a main theme of last years Logan/Martha story as well. Martha was found hiding in the stables once and that’s also where they beat the hell out of Aaron Pierce and attempted to kill him

-For some reason, Gredenko looks a lot like Logan. Maybe they are long lost half brothers. Or maybe it’s just the beard.

-Jack and Logan look so small and insignificant sitting next to each other in the back of the limo on the way to the consulate. You would never guess that this is the conniving ex-leader of the US and a man who has saved the country many times over. Also, that they are mortal enemies. That’s a great dynamic.

-I was surprised Logan didn’t say anything about Jack’s scars, particularly his hand.

-So, do we think that Jack knows that Logan is responsible for having him taken by the Chinese? I’m wondering when this part of the whole thing is going to come out. Although, knowing Jack, I’m sure that he would be more angry about the whole David Palmer assassination that he will be about those that gave him to the Chinese. He was willing to go before and he would probably just say that he deserved it because he entered the consulate without authorization.

-I’m not sure what Logan is implying talking about being locked away playing with your sanity. We all know that Jack is crazy and always has been so he must be talking about himself.

-I sense that during Jack’s imprisonment he didn’t get much healing done.

-Do we see this season going in a direction that will prove Assad’s innocence to stop Daniels from implementing crazy rules and starting a war?

-I’m wondering if Palmer’s condition is that serious why they wouldn’t intubate him. I mean, I’m no doctor but that’s what they always seemed to do when I watched ER years ago…

-Reed is so OBVIOUS, skulking around like he just, well, just attempted to kill the President. Wouldn’t someone notice that?

-I think I’ve already decided that I prefer James Heller as the Secretary of Defence over Kanin.

-The SOD seems a little bit like a control freak. He’s taking charge in the bunker while the VP is on the way, taking the briefings and such. I wonder if he is going to be a problem down the road.

-And again, Kanin should have caught onto what Reed was doing. Honestly.

-Does Carson really think that Tom is going to care what he has to say? He wanted to kill Tom not 15 minutes ago. Now he’s trying to justify himself to him. Why?

-I love how Reed, a skinny little follower, stands up to Carson not to kill Tom. Too bad Carson has like 1 foot and a hundred pounds on Reed. He could take him. I’m sure he has been paid enough by whoever is in charge (and who at this point knows who that is… it’s probably daddy Bauer) to knock Reed out and disappear, never to be found.

-And here is a great example of how words can be taken out of context and used against you. Reed tells Lennox that he himself said that people would have to be sacrificed to deal with these terrorist attacks. Obviously, he didn’t mean the President and it’s great how he delivers that explanation. But look at extremist groups of any belief. They take a phrase or two out of context and use that as the basis for what they are doing, for the justification of their cause. So now we have one extremist group, Reed, Carson and company against another extremist group, Fayed and Gredenko and the terrorists. Interesting.

-I can not believe that Reed actually believed that Tom wouldn’t tell. That’s a pretty big conspiracy to hide on the threat that Tom just might not be believed.

-Tom looks rough, although, I would too if I had just been tied up for a few hours and hit on the head with a flashlight.

-A guilty conscience is one thing but a guilty conscience for attempting to kill the President is something completely different.

-The symbolism of Tom physically changing sides to stand with the agents before he exposes Reed and Carson is great.

-Death glare of the week: Reed to Tom when he has him arrested.

- Carson offers to make Tom look like a suicide a few times. Is he in with Logan? Was he responsible for Walt Cummings’ non-suicide last season?

-I thought I detected a little bit of an accent on Reed. Either that or he has some trouble with words.

-Lisa, the woman working with Daniels, reminds me of Lynn Kreskge from Season 2, although, I’m not sure why.

-Great, he’s not even really President yet but CTU is already in the shit house with Daniels.

-Oh, I’d bet the Russians would take Logan on asylum. He’s be a powerful political presence.

-So, I’m curious to know what exactly Logan was indicted for and what came out into the public

-So, Logan is willing to break his word to Markov to try and find the bombs. Although, we all know that Logan’s word doesn’t really mean anything.

-Either Markov knows that Logan is bluffing or he really wants to protect Gredenko. I guess either way once the truth comes out he will be ruined.

- Logan’s good at detecting lies, if he wasn’t such a scumbag maybe he could have had a career at CTU.

-Couldn’t CTU pull that call that Markov made to Gredenko? He made it from a cell, not from a shielded Consul channel.

-Jack looks pretty cool with the standard issue secret service earpiece. I think it’s nice icing for the suit. Too bad neither of them will probably last long.

-Wow, that almost looks like genuine concern on Logan’s face when he warns Jack about going into the consulate.

-So, Jack is going into another consulate. It’s good to know that he has learned nothing from being imprisoned for 2 years in China. There’s a great example of the dedication of Jack Bauer. Fresh off the boat, so to speak, and willing to subject himself to a similar fate again if it stops the bombs.

-Karen Hayes has been waiting an awful long time to get a plane. I guess, though, it would make sense that she would go home and gather her things, pack and prepare to leave her house. Although, she does know the extent of the things that are going on today so that’s a reason that she might go right to the airport. Either way, Jayne Atkinson just got paid to not appear in a bunch of episodes… she’s a regular cast member, remember?

-That’s quite the fancy cell phone that Karen has.

-So, I’m guessing the writers just needed Karen out of the way so all this stuff could happen with Reed and Tom. It’s kind of an interesting way to do it, though.

-Actually, I think I prefer the disappearing to the introduction of some crazy family member or ridiculous storyline.

-Daniels may take Karen back but he might not like it. From the looks of it Tom and Karen are going to be against his crazy plan.

-Tom will definitely get off. He is, after all, the one that exposed the plot and they have no proof. Reed was the one that signed Carson in.

-Daniels is kind of evil for asking Tom essentially to lie for him to push through his agenda. Bad news.

-Tom is so going to jump sides. Even if he doesn’t at least he will probably be nicer to Karen from now on.

-Wow, Jack speaks Russian, and remembers how to speak Russian after 2 years away from it. That’s pretty good. I spent 2 years away from French and don’t remember jack all.

-Markov was very stealth with the button. I didn’t see that coming.

-The girl that answers the phone when Jack calls in from the Consulate sounds a lot like Nadia.

-Jack is Mr. Understatement today. ‘A situation’ – suuure.

-Well, at least one president hasn’t been impeached, Suvarov is still in power in Russia.

-At least Suvarov is still talking about ‘diplomatic’ means and not some other kind of means.

-Ah, another great 24 transition, going from talking about Jack surrendering to Jack punching Markov in the face.

-The finger cutting is complete nastiness. Markov will never see one of those the same again.

-Jack has to know that they would have video in that room. Why would he even get close to the door?

-Wouldn’t they want to try and take Jack down when he looked like he was about to kill the Consul?

-All I have to say for Jack is ‘yikes’. That’s gotta hurt.

-It also sounds like Morris speaks Russian by the way he is translating.

-Daniels lies to the country, bottom line. Assad was not the suspect. He was involved but he wasn’t the only one.

-I wonder what these new plans will mean for Nadia?

-Poor Bill. He really does seem to care for Jack.

-Jack must be pretty bad, his wounds cause him to pass out again. That’s something we haven’t seen before.

-Oooh, Vasili must be in on all this somehow. He has to know what is going on.

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