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6.11: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
~ Citadel ~


A large cube van type truck drives up. The suitcase nukes are in the back. Fayed is also sitting back there and he speaks to Gredenko on the phone. Fayed is on his way to the rendezvous point where Gredenko is waiting. Fayed asks about the shipment from Nevada and it is on the way, they are behind schedule. Fayed asks how long Gredenko will need and he says it will take 2 hours for them to program the delivery system and another hour to secure the payload. Fayed admits that that is longer than he had hoped but Gredenko tells him to be patient, these are advanced technological systems, they can’t be rushed. He tells Fayed that without him it would be weeks, not hours. Fayed knows but Gredenko says he seems to need to be reminded. He hangs up on Fayed and turns to his man saying that he will be glad when he doesn’t have to deal with them any more, they are still in the dark ages but they act like they own the world. The man with Gredenko says he would rather be fighting them and Gredenko tells him that after what will happen today the Arabs and the Americans will destroy each other.

Melinda goes to Wayne and tells him that the Ambassador is waiting for him. She spoke with Tom Lennox, Reed told her that he is briefing a speaker and Wayne wants to see him as soon as he’s done. Wayne heads to the waiting Ambassador and they shake hands as the ambassador expresses his regret over what happened in California. He offers his help if they need anything. Wayne is actually going to ask for his help, as they walk back to his office Assad waits for them. Wayne believes that the Ambassador knows Hamri Al-Assad. The Ambassador knows Assad by his reputations of actions against his country. Assad points out that the policy of his country precipitated those attacks. The Ambassador asks if that is how he justifies killing innocent people. With an air of dangerousness Assad tells the Ambassador that they define innocent in different ways. The Ambassador’s deputy lost his seven year old son to one of Assad’s attacks that is how he defines innocence. Wayne interrupts them that they are not there to air past differences, in their last meeting Wayne told the Ambassador that they were working with Assad and the Ambassador told him then that it was a positive step towards peace. The Ambassador meant that at the time but after what happened today the Ambassador would never have expected to see Wayne in the same room as Assad. The ambassador is not so sure he wants to stay there either. Assad pipes up, ‘It is no more pleasant for me, your Excellency.’ Wayne asks to speak to the Ambassador alone and excuses Assad. Wayne tells the Ambassador that there are three more nuclear weapons in his country. The Ambassador is surprised and Wayne tell him that he is going to allow Assad to go on television and issue a global appeal to extremists to put down their arms and come to the table in peaceful negotiations with the west. The Ambassador looks over the statement. Wayne is hoping that they will urge someone to come forward with information about the nuclear weapons. The Ambassador agrees that a petition like that, coming from Assad, could have a profound effect. Wayne is counting on it. Wayne asks the Ambassador for a public statement of support from his government issued on the heels of Assad’s statement. The Ambassador is cautious, Assad is a polarizing figure in his country, a statement of support for him could have grave political consequences for his Prime Minister. Wayne steps in closer to the Ambassador and tells him to tell his Prime Minister that they have a carrier group off their shores and if another nuclear weapon goes off in the US, Wayne will not be able to hold off his advisors. Wisely, the Ambassador says that this sounds like an ultimatum but Wayne says it’s not, but they don’t have the luxury of worrying about political consequences on a day like today. Wayne is putting his presidency on the line so, he adds to the Ambassador with a growl, get on the phone and make this happen.

Buchanan asks Nadia for the status of the teams. Turner is working on the second sweep, they have found nothing there. If Gredenko was using it as a safe house he did a really good job cleaning it out. They found a router but they haven’t been able to pull any activity on it. Morris is working on it. They question Morris on it and he is frustrated by his lack of progress, he can’t get any records off of it. He slams the keyboard as his computer beeps at him.

Buchanan’s cell phone rings and it’s Jack calling. He is running down the stairs of the hotel and tells Buchanan he wants him to contact LAPD and set up a perimeter around the hotel and take his father into custody. Buchanan questions Jack but he will debrief him when he has time but he knows that he was part of this. Buchanan has nothing on Gredenko, they are processing the house for clues but they aren’t sure he was even there. Jack has a lead, it’s Logan. He explains that he might know about Gredenko, his father put him in contact with him and Jack wants a chopper to take him to Logan. Buchanan knows his location and says he is under house arrest. Jack asks how that is possible, he was involved in the murder of David Palmer but Buchanan explains that Logan brokered a closed door deal, he pled guilty to obstruction of justice and the public never knew about his involvement or his aiding terrorists. Jack sees Marilyn and Josh and absently tells Buchanan to get him the helicopter. Buchanan has one in the area; it should be a few minutes. They hang up.

Jack walks over to where Marilyn and Josh stand and speak quietly to each other. Jack addresses Josh first telling him that when this is all over he will sit down with Josh and explain everything. Josh accepts this. He tells the agent standing there to take them back to CTU. The agent prepares to go and Josh gets in the vehicle. Before Marilyn does she pauses and thanks Jack for saving her son. Turning quiet, Jack puts a hand on Marilyn’s face and tells her that Josh reminds him of her, he can see it in his eyes. They look at each other for a few seconds before Jack tells Marilyn to go.

Carson, the man coming into the Presidential bunker, and Reed Pollock work their way through security to enter. Secret service does the checks, first the access card and then they both sign in the log. An agent tells Carson that he is going to have to process again. Carson is courteous and hands his briefcase over to the agent. He states his occupation as a policy analyst with the Stanton Institute. The agent checks various items in Carson’s briefcase to see if they work. Carson’s business here is to work on Civil Defence procedures, Reed adds at the request of Tom Lennox. The final item that is checked is his tape recorder; the agent records himself briefly and is satisfied. Carson is cleared into the bunker and he and Reed walk together. Reed has a problem with Tom, he tried to warn secret service about them. Reed stopped him before his was able to alert them but he had to restrain him. Carson questions Reed, he thought that he was on board, Reed did as well, he either changed his mind or was playing them from the beginning, either way they still have to deal with him.

In the back room where he spoke to Reed, Tom is trying to wiggle free of his binds with little luck. Reed and Carson arrive and see him attempting to escape. Carson says they will have to move him anyway; he will need this space to work. Tom is untied from the pole he was bound to and moved away from the open space only to be bound to a different pole. Carson sets to work on a table taking pieces out of his briefcase. He tells Reed that they might have to take care of Tom, it won’t be hard to make it look like a suicide but Reed is vehemently against it. They are eliminating Palmer for the good of the country, it’s their only way out but killing Tom Lennox makes them cold blooded killers. Reed knows that Tom is a smart man, once the vice president is in power and enacting Tom’s policies, he might change his mind. Carson is not going to risk his life on Tom Lennox’s decisions. They don’t have time to argue about it now, Assad is going to go on camera within the hour, Carson needs 30 minutes to put the bomb together and it has to be done in time if they are going to frame Assad. There is no better time to do this than now.



Reed works on Tom’s computer and sends a couple of emails. The words come up, ‘Message Sent’ and Tom leaves the room. He runs into Melinda who says she is waiting for a briefing from Lennox. Reed says that Tom just sent it and it should be on her screen by the time she is back at her desk. She asks if Tom is in his office and Reed quickly says no, he is in conference room B with the analysts from Langley. Melinda was just there with secret service and Tom wasn’t there. Reed makes an excuse that the meeting must be in a different room then, he will try and track him down for her.

Morris’ computer beeps at him and Chloe asks what’s going on. He can’t uplink to the homeland subnet, he is trying and trying but it won’t go. Chloe tells him to check is SIP, he has specified the wrong subnet. Morris is frustrated with himself and Chloe kneels next to him. She asks if he called his sponsor and he snaps he is tired of her giving him the third degree. She argues that she covered for him, she didn’t tell anyone that he took a drink. He didn’t take a drink, he spat it out but he called his sponsor and they had a long chat and he feels much better. Chloe says it doesn’t seem like it and Morris sarcastically says that he could put a breathalyser at his desk, would that be good enough? Chloe is just worried about him and Morris says that he helped terrorists arm a nuclear bomb, he’s not going to be okay for a long time but that doesn’t mean that he can’t do his job. He gets up and makes an excuse leaving Chloe sitting there. Once he is away Chloe grabs his palm pilot and quickly searches finding a lady by the name of Jeanne listed as his AA Sponsor. Just as she finishes Nadia shows up and asks Chloe where Morris went. She says that he went to swap out a server port and Nadia asks if he is okay. Chloe says that he is juggling a lot right now since they are short handed, she tries to leave but Nadia follows saying that she is wondering if it is more than that, he has been tortured and she is wondering if he has to be pulled. Chloe argues that he is still better than 90% of the people they have on the floor. Nadia agrees but threatens that if she sees anything she doesn’t like she is going to Buchanan. Once Nadia is away Chloe makes a call to Jeannie, Morris’s sponsor. She doesn’t answer but Chloe leaves a message identifying herself as Morris’s ex-wife and she would like a call back as soon as possible.

Buchanan talks to Nadia and they talk about Jack, he will be arriving at Logan’s estate any moment. The tac teams are on alert and Buchanan says that this lead is their only hope, Jack better be able to get something out of Logan.

Jack jogs away from the chopper that dropped him off and stops when he meets Logan face to face. Logan asks the secret service for a moment and the pair starts to walk. Jack absently rubs his hand and Logan observes that it must be hard for him to find out his father’s involvement in this. Jack is not there to talk about his father, what does Logan knows about Dimitri Gredenko? Logan tells him that he knows he had 5 nuclear bombs, one went off this morning, 1 was recovered and there are three more out there. Logan admits he still gets regular intelligence updates and he still has his sources. Logan tells Jack that he needs Gredenko to find Fayed. Jack asks flat out if he can help them. Logan can but doesn’t elaborate. Jack tilts his head and sizes up Logan then says that he wants some kind of plea agreement, he calls Logan unbelievable and starts to walk away. Logan calls after Jack that he doesn’t blame Jack for thinking that way but he wants Jack to know that he is not the same man he was 2 years ago. Jack turns back to face Logan who continues, ‘Just as you’re not the same man who was dragged away and thrown in a Chinese prison.’ Logan has changed, he had time to think about what he did and reconnect to his faith. He does not want a pardon and he wouldn’t accept one, Jack asks what he does want. Logan claims to want nothing, he wants to give Jack the information he needs with no conditions. Jack frowns slightly and shakes his head, ‘I’m listening.’ Logan never dealt with Gredenko directly but he knows how to find him, through Anatoly Markov, the Russian Consul General in LA. Jack says CTU already contacted Markov as soon as they saw Gredenko’s name on the list, he denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. Logan chuckles and says that he is been the liaison for Gredenko for years. He was liaising with businesses looking to acquire the kind of product that Gredenko provides. Jack gets out his phone but Logan tells him not to make the wrong play. If he goes down official channels he will end up in a hopeless maze. Markov has friends in the highest levels of government, they can protect him. If he wants to access him right now he needs to go through back channels. Jack stares down Logan and then closes his phone asking what backchannels. Logan says him, he’s Jack’s best chance to get the information Jack needs in the time frame he needs it. He is proposing that he be the one to talk to Markov, himself in person and he will talk to him because Logan has leverage. Markov was involved in the conspiracy that put him where he is today. Logan didn’t give him up but Markov knows he still can. Jack gets close to Logan and sizes him up. Quietly, he says, “I don’t trust you.” Logan tells him if he wants to find Gredenko maybe it’s time he did. Jack walks away from Logan and then pauses. He turns back and looks at the ex-president.



Jack calls the president and thanks him for taking his call, Wayne knows that Jack said it was urgent. Jack has a way of finding Gredenko, it’s a new lead and it is Charles Logan. Wayne pauses and then repeats the name. Jack is with him now and he is claiming that his administration had dealings with Gredenko and he has a contact that can lead them to him. The contact is Anatoly Markov, the Russian consul in Los Angeles. Wayne says that he placed a call to the consulate himself when they learned about Gredenko. It’s a dead end. Jack says not according to Logan, he wants to meet with Markov in person at the consulate. Wayne reminds Jack that Logan is under house arrest but Jack is asking for a temporary furlough. Wayne thinks about this, Logan was behind the assassination of his brother. Jack would not be calling Wayne if he didn’t think that this was a valid lead. Jack is willing to enter the consulate with Logan as part of his security detail. Wayne doesn’t trust him but Jack believes they can trust him, he is after something else: redemption. Wayne, angry now, has no desire to facilitate any kind of redemption for Charles Logan. Jack thinks this is the only way they are going to find Gredenko and the bombs. Wayne tells Jack to put him on. Jack walks over to Logan who is reading a bible at his desk and hands the phone to him saying Wayne wants to talk to him. Logan answers, ‘Hello Mister President.’ Wayne wants to hear it from Logan’s lips, why should he agree to this. Logan answers because he needs him, it’s as simple as that. Wayne can talk to the Russian Consulate himself but he would be wasting his time, Logan has a prior relationship with Markov that they can exploit, Logan has more experience dealing with people of Markov’s character. Wayne shoots back, ‘You mean criminals like yourself.’ Logan has nothing to say except he knows how he thinks and that’s an advantage Palmer can’t ignore. Wayne tells him that if this is some kind of move to escape custody he will commit all his resources to hunting him down. Logan assures Wayne that this is nothing like that, several years ago Logan as in a similar situation to Wayne and he asked Wayne’s brother for help. Wayne knows this and reminds Logan that he repaid him by killing him. Logan would like to help Wayne get through this. Wayne tells him that this does not constitute any kind of forgiveness on his part and Logan hopes to earn his forgiveness over time. Wayne wants to talk to Jack again. He is going to grant the furlough, he tells Jack to make it count. Jack will do his best and he thanks Wayne. They hang up and Logan tells Jack he knows that this is not easy for Jack. Jack asks angrily what and Logan says the possibility that he may not be the same man he hated for so long.

A truck drives up and a man gets out. Gredenko tells him that he is late and he says he had to bypass the vehicle inspection, other than that they had a smooth ride there. They open up what is being hauled on the truck and Gredenko says that the United States spent millions to develop these drones; today the American taxpayers will get a demonstration of what their money has produced.

Buchanan briefs the teams at CTU, Markov might have information that can lead them to Gredenko. Logan and Bauer are going to go see him now. Morris shows up late to the meeting and Buchanan asks if he is still the lead on COM. He is and Buchanan tells him to hand it over to Chloe. Morris is surprised and asks why and Buchanan explains because of what he has been through today, he is not sure Morris can handle it. Chloe tells Morris she will take it and consoles Morris that it’s okay. Morris disagrees, it’s not okay. Addressing the room, Morris wants to say something. He is sorry that he gave the device to Fayed, if he could take it back he would but he tells Buchanan that if he doesn’t think he can do his job he should leave but he assures him that he can do his job. Buchanan agrees but Nadia quickly speaks up disagreeing. She apologises to Morris and says that she doesn’t think he’s ready. Buchanan notes Nadia’s objection but leaves Morris in charge. Nadia and Chloe appear equally unhappy at this.

Tom attempts to escape by loosening his binds. Carson tells him that he is wasting his time, the president is going to die and there is nothing that Tom can do about it. Reed comes in and says that they are starting to ask about Tom’s whereabouts. Reed asks if Carson is on schedule and he told him that it would be 30 minutes and it will be. Reed sighs and Carson asks if they are okay. Unenthusiastic, Reed says yes. Carson warns him not to go soft on them but Reed has just realized what they are about to do, they are going to kill the President of the United States. Carson says they are trying to save the country, that’s all he can think about.



Chloe works and Nadia comes to her station. She hands her Morris’s report and asks if Chloe has seen it. Chloe clarifies she is talking about the missing sectors, which she is. Nadia asks flat out of Buchanan made a mistake. Chloe says no, they are going to add them later. Nadia warns Chloe that it is not to anyone’s benefit if she is covering for him. Chloe is not and Nadia leaves her station. Chloe gets up and goes to Morris’s station and asks him to tell her the truth: has he been drinking? Sarcastically he says he is and asks if she thinks anyone would mind. She rolls her eyes and says that his data merges are incomplete. She shows him and he says that he was going to fill them in when they are finalized. Chloe warns him that Nadia wants them done, Morris says she wants to prove that Buchanan was wrong. Morris knows that he shouldn’t be there, there’s a big part of him that wants to go home, crawl into bed and forget this day ever happened but he is staying because CTU needs him.

Logan slowly and methodically picks out some clothes to wear. He picks a tie and put is down and then gets some cufflinks out of a box. He takes a second and looks at a photo of him and Martha. He goes in to the bathroom and looks at his reflection murmuring the words, “You brought me out of a horrible pit, set my feet upon a rock and established my going. One step at a time, Charles, one step at a time.”

Jack has also changed, he is now in a suit and talks on the phone. He will be at the consulate in 45 minutes. Buchanan warns Jack that Markov is a career diplomat, he as worked as the minister of foreign affairs for the Russian Federation, no red flags from NSA, CIA or Interpol. Jack looks in the bible that Logan was reading a while ago and finds a few passages highlighted on a marked page, including the one that Logan just recited part of. Buchanan asks Jack what will happen if Logan is not telling the truth. Jack has to trust him. They will have no jurisdiction in the consulate, Buchanan will have team ready in case the lead pans out. Buchanan calls Chloe and puts her on standby.

Chloe’s cell phone rings and she answers it finding Jeannie on the other end, Morris’ sponsor. Chloe says that she knows that she talked to Morris earlier but he is really worried about him. Jeannie tells Chloe that she hasn’t talked to Morris since she left the program 3 years ago. Chloe, on alert now, apologises for bothering her and hangs up. Seeing he is not at his station she asks a passing worker if she has seen Morris. She has not. Chloe gets up and walks into the situation room, picking up a nearby phone and calling IT asking the same question and getting the same answer. She hangs up on the guy from IT in mid sentence. She goes out the other side of the situation room and then sees a men’s room. She pauses briefly and then charges in checking for feet under the stalls and calling for Morris. He answers back and she goes to the closed door telling him to open it. He says to hang on a second and she demands to know what he is doing in there. The door swings open and Morris is there, half standing, pants barely up. Exasperated, Morris asks Chloe what is going on. Chloe rushes out that she called his sponsor and she said he didn’t call her and he hasn’t for 3 years. She rants that she put her job on the line for him but he cuts her off and says that Jeanne is not his sponsor, it’s Ted, he asks, “Remember, Ted, with the hair?” He called, just like he said an doffers his number. Another man shows up in the men’s room but Chloe snaps at him, “Not now!” Confused, he leaves. Morris puts a hand on his ribs and Chloe says she doesn’t know what to say, she was worried about him. Morris tells her that charging into a men’s room is not worried, it’s obsessed. He appreciates her concern, he loves her concern but he asks her to take a look at what’s going on in her head, it’s not pretty. She awkwardly apologizes and leaves Morris. He stands at the sink and thinks for a second before digging around in the back pocket of his pants and retrieving the bottle of whiskey that he bought. He looks at it for a second and then unscrews the top. Morris ponders but then dumps the alcohol down the sink and tosses the bottle in the garbage before leaving the washroom.

Wayne sits in his office and Melinda comes in with a folder explaining that it’s from the Attorney General, the papers for President Logan’s release. Without reading it, Wayne signs the document and hands it back. He thanks her and says that he wants to have an on-camera rehearsal in 5 minutes. He asks if she has head from Tom lately but she has not, she is trying to find him. He tells her that he wants Tom present for Assad’s statement.

Tom, still bound on the floor, starts to cough. Reed comes to his aide and kneels near him. He calls him ‘sir’ and says that he is going to take the tape off and clean up his cut but if he tries to call out Carson will kill him and he can’t stop him. Reed takes off the tape and Tom coughs taking in fresh air. He tells Reed that he has to put a stop to this. Reed does not, when the president is out of the way he will think differently, it’s better off for the country. Tom says that he is going to destroy this country, he is just as bad as Fayed. Reed says that there must have been a moment when he was with them or was he playing him from the beginning. Reed roughly grabs Lennox by the shirt and says he needs to know. Tom says, ‘Then know this, I was against you from the start.’ Reed thinks for a second and then says he is very disappointed. He puts the tape back on Tom’s mouth and gets up as his phone rings. It is Melinda calling and Reed says that he is with Tom right now, he will let Tom know what she asks him to. Reed tells Carson that the President is looking for Lennox they have to move on this. Carson is nearly done working, he injects a serum from a marker in his briefcase into something in the fake tape recorder. He puts the cover back on and screws it in place announcing he is finished. Carson gives Reed a Palm Pilot and tells him it’s the detonator. When he wants to activate it just hit 624 and enter, that will send the signal to activate it. Once the signal is sent it will take 15 seconds for the chemicals to mix. It is lethal within 10 feet and Reed has to make sure Palmer is inside the radius. Carson asks if Reed is sure he can do this and he assures Carson he can, he’s the only one that can get close enough without attracting attention. He can do this. Tom listens from the ground.



Reed walks past military personnel and tries to not look too obvious. He makes his way into the room where the speech is to take place. There are men in uniforms everywhere and the rehearsal will start in 5 minutes, they will notify the president. The lighting is checked by one woman and Reed wanders would be aimlessly to the podium and makes an excuse to another man so he is alone. He pulls out the tape recorder and somewhat awkwardly he uses his clipboard to shield him put the tape recorder under the podium on a shelf. He just gets it in place as Wayne enters with Assad behind him.

Assad turns to Wayne and tells him that before they continue the wants to express his appreciation, he is taking a great risk. Wayne says that they are sharing the risk and that in itself is a victory, Wayne just hopes that someone will listen to their appeal. Assad is worried that Wayne sound sceptical and Wayne knows that those that he is trying to reach have abandoned political process a long time ago. All they need to do is create a foundation to build on. Reed is called over and Wayne introduces him to Assad as their deputy chief of staff. Wayne asks Assad to get more acquainted with the podium and he wants to speak to Reed. Assad is asked if he wants to review the teleprompter as Wayne asks Reed about Tom, he has been trying to reach him for the past hour and asks if there is something he should know. Reed asks what he is talking about and Wayne knows how Tom feels about the address but he was under the impression that he was working with Wayne to make this process succeed. Reed says that would be a valid impression, Tom will be there.

Tom is still bound and he sees the pipe across the way with a valve on it and a pressure meter. He tries to contort himself to reach the lever and eventually he gets there moving his foot to turn the valve. It doesn’t take long for Carson, who is working nearby, to hear it. He comes over and turns the valve back watching the pressure go down. Tom watches in defeat and Carson warns that if he tires that again he will kill him. Carson continues that he should anyway, the president will be dead and no one will think too hard about why his chief of staff hanged himself. Carson ties Reed’s feet together.

Assad stands on the podium and Reed excuses himself from Wayne saying he needs to check on Tom. Wayne checks the time quickly and waits while Reed heads out the door and looks back through the window. He gets close to see what is going on. Reed gets out the detonator device and looks a the pad. Slowly he pushes the first few numbers and pauses before he pushes the last button down activating the device. He waits and looks as the man operating the camera tells Assad that he will give him a 7 second countdown. The chemicals that are mixing to create the detonation are leaking out of the device and Assad sees a drip onto the floor. The man counts down as Assad follows the liquid trail up and see the recorder with the light blinking. He quietly asks, ‘What is this?’ and Wayne is puzzled. He figures it out almost instantly and yells, “BOMB!” A secret service agent jumps on the president and Assad tries to get off the podium as well as the explosion rocks the area. Debris is scattered everywhere and Reed looks in through the window. The secret service goes in calling for the president and brushing Reed aside.

Tom hears the alarms going off.

In the split screen we see Fayed in the van, Chloe and Morris, Gredenko and his workers and Jack leaving with Logan in a suit.

Agents and army storm the room with flashlights looking for the president. They turn bodies over, one of them Assad until one of them finds Wayne. He calls him and gets no response. He tells his mic that he has a code 5 in sector 3, send a medical team, Citadel has been hit, Citadel is down, send a medical team now.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-The preview where Philip levels his gun at Jack and prepares to kill him is still scary… and I know for sure how it ends this time.

-Why do terrorists always transport their evilness in the back of vans? Just one time I’d like to see a terrorist use a Pontiac Sunfire to transport something, not a big truck that looks really obvious. I mean, they are suitcase nukes, they’d fit in a Mini.

-I’m not sure whether I love or hate Gredenko’s accent. I don’t know… it does something to me but I can’t pin an emotion on it.

-What does Fayed know about advanced systems? He just kills people.

-So, here’s a million dollar question, why is Gredenko so interested in blowing up half of the US?

-Speaking of feelings I can’t put my finger on, I have one of those for Melinda, but I’m pretty sure it’s hate because of her acting… yeah… it’s hate.

-Even though Assad seems to be really there for peace, he should maybe be a little nicer to the Ambassador.

-Well, it definitely sounds like a threat to me, the ultimatum that Wayne gives the Ambassador.

-It doesn’t sound very good for Wayne to say that he essentially can’t control his own military. I know that it would have to come through him, but it shows weakness if he claims that things will happen that he doesn’t agree with.

-I like the little growl that Wayne adds to his voice, it reminds me of last season when he was out in the forest holding up what he didn’t know at the time was Aaron Pierce.

-I think that Gredenko used the safe house but did a really good job of not inhabiting it with anything but himself and a laptop.

-So, could Jack not have taken the elevator all the way from the roof? That’s a lot of stairs. I guess if he was just standing in the elevator with bad music in the background it would be kind of anticlimactic. Besides, it seems this is one of the longest Jack scenes of the show so they need it to be exciting.

-What happened to the perimeter teams that were supposed to be taking Phillip into custody?

-Jack is going to have a lot of explaining to do to Buchanan later. If he says, ‘I’ll explain later’ a few more times he’s going to spend the next 48 hours after these 24 are over explaining everything to Bill. That is, assuming both of them live that long.

-So, let me get this straight, the entire 5th season has been nullified by one single sentence. Saying that Logan was never exposed for his part in the killing of David Palmer and the terrorist plot glosses over everything that Jack worked for last season. I guess Logan was brought down from the presidency but he still is free and he still is not as disgraced as he should be. What a drag.

-Jack is also going to have a heck of a lot of explaining to do to Josh.

-So, what’s going on with Marilyn and Jack? Jack is supposed to be hopelessly devoted to Audrey, right? She was his first word once he got out of custody. Marilyn just needs to stay the heck out of it.

-Did I just stick up for Audrey? The girl that broke Jack’s heart and then wanted him back after she thought he was dead. I must have some serious ‘character that we know’ withdrawal.

-If Reed brought Carson into the bunker, he signed in with him, if/when he is discovered there is going to be no getting around that proof.

-I love how Reed is quick to put this on Tom Lennox by saying he is the one that requested Carson to come there.

-I have to give props to Carson for his great job of getting the components of the bomb past secret service like that. I’m not totally convinced that that was possible but whatever.

-You can’t convince me that Reed truly believes that they can convince Tom that he will be on their side.

-Is there any relevance for the ‘Stanton Institute’? There was a Roger Stanton in Season 2. He was evil.

-From the instant Reed is in on this whole kill the president plot he is acting suspicious, very very suspicious. Like someone won’t figure it out.

-I think that if Morris put a breathalyser at his desk Chloe might be satisfied. Now she just needs to tap his phone calls to make sure he actually called the sponsor and she will be completely happy.

-So far, the fact that Morris has helped terrorists arm a nuclear weapon has stopped him from doing his job, contradictory to what he says.

-I will withhold comment on the ease of Chloe finding Morris’s sponsor listed in his Palm Pilot and the fact that she was titled ‘AA Sponsor’. It would have taken her eternity to find his sponsor in his address book – oh wait, that was a comment. Oh well.

-Right, the tech’s are short handed. Where is Milo anyway? Sure he was shot but Morris was tortured and he was back in play faster.

-You can feel the heat in the exchange between Jack and Logan. Before they even exchange a word you can tell that Jack hates him. It’s great.

-If Logan was impeached or brought down from his presidency, especially for terrorist connections, shouldn’t he be not allowed to receive intelligence briefings for National Security purposes?

-I can’t believe Logan went right to the father thing on Jack. That’s evil. That really set the tone for the while exchange, even though he says he is good now, he is still into rubbing salt into Jack’s wound.

-When is Logan going to spill it to Jack that he was the reason that he was held captive and tortured for two years?

-If find it hard to believe that Logan wants nothing. It’s all about ulterior motives with this guy.

-So, Markov was involved in the plot to blow up… Russian terrorists? What? No, wait, it was a scheme to start war so that they can keep the supply of oil to the US. Right? Okay, why the hell would he be involved in that? This whole cross season stuff is confusing. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what happened last year in 24 and how the intricate details tie into this season.

-DB Woodside did a good job with Palmer when he was deciding if he was going to grant what Jack was asking for Logan. I’m still not convinced he made the right decision but neither is he.

-I love the phrase ‘noted’, like anyone is taking notes at a CTU briefing? They should just ask to invoke the ‘I told you so’ clause – so they can say I told you so when things go down the tubes

-I wonder how long Reed has been involved in all this?

-I love how Chloe tells Morris not to be sarcastic. Pot, meet kettle.

-The verse that Logan partially recites is Psalm 40. Coincidentally, it’s also the same one that the U2 song ‘40’ is based on. I love U2.

-I wonder what the real meaning is for him.

-I notice that Logan is wearing a wedding ring still but there’s no sign of Martha.

-I’m glad changed into a suit, he looks good. I wonder how long it will stay like that.

-Morris’s description of Ted is great, “Ted, with the hair?” as opposed to Ted without the hair? The hand gestures are also priceless.

-Chloe has serious problems.

-I wonder if the bathroom scene was put in to appease those that complain that no one in 24 ever goes to the bathroom. Look, Morris went. Can we leave it alone now?

-For the records, the woman that plays Jeanne is Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson. She should have told Chloe not to have a cow

-Poor guy from IT, gets hung up on by Chloe. I guess if he works with her he’s probably used to it.

-I hope CTU has more than one bathroom or the guy that tried to use it was just going for a walk.

-I was really thinking that Morris was going to have a drink. Everyone thinks he has anyway, he might as well.

-Glad to hear that Lennox was against Reed from the start. Go Tom. Even though he drive Karen out, I’m starting to not hate him. IN fact, I feel bad for him and the way he has been treated.

-Arm code 6-2-4 is obviously not even trying to cover up Season 6 of 24.

-Reed is so guilty. SO guilty.

- Wayne’s president name is Citadel. Definition?

A citadel is a fortress for protecting a town, sometimes with a castle in its middle. Citadels are most often used to protect a garrison or political power from the inhabitants of the town it is defending. They were designed to ensure loyalty from the town which they defended. Or bastion: a stronghold into which people could go for shelter during a battle.

That’s kind of nice since he is the post evil president president. To protect the nation from the strife that Logan put it in.

-For continuity, when Chloe calls IT, the laptop on the table is closed, then when she leaves it’s open.

-I could go the rest of my life without ever hearing the words "Morris" and "Alochol" or "Sponsor" or "Drinking" or anything to do with drinking in the same sentence.

-The timer Reed uses onlt counts down from 5, didn’t Carson say 15?

-Last time 24 wanted to kill a President, Fox wouldn’t allow it. I doubt that they would let it happen now. I hope not, I like Wayne.

-So, is this show about Jack Bauer? I’m not really sure. He had about 45 seconds of screen time this episode. Not nearly enough.

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