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6.10: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
~ Surprise, Surprise ~


Jack runs to the CTU vehicles with his gun out but finds nothing. He calls Buchanan and tells him that hey have been ambushed; the house that Marilyn led them to was wired with explosives, half his team is down. Jack gives him the address and says that they knew CTU was coming. Buchanan clarifies he is talking about Gredenko and Jack figures it must be. He is trying to find Milo and Marilyn; he thinks they are being pursued by hostiles. Jack has headed down the alley that they went down already. Buchanan will send a team. Jack hangs up.

Milo and Marilyn run down an alley trying to get away from the men with the guns. Milo encourages her to keep moving. She pauses saying she can’t and limping off her left leg but Milo keeps pulling her along. They find a more open area and take cover behind a pair of dumpsters that are next to one another. Milo leans against the fence making the distinct sound from a chain link fence. He tells her to stay quiet and they both try to catch their breath. The thugs have passed their position and one of them makes a call to Phillip.

In the hotel room, Josh is watching coverage of the bomb blast. Phillip takes the phone away from where Josh sits and answers it. The thug, Hacker, says they took out the CTU team and Phillip asks if is son is dead. The thug confirms he is. Phillip appears unhappy at this and he closes his eyes for a few seconds and sighs. After a pause, Phillip asks if he has Marilyn. The man doesn’t have her yet, she escaped with someone from CTU but they are tracking them. Phillip swears and tells him to find her. The thug assesses that the man Marilyn is with doesn’t look like a field agent. Phillip needs to find Marilyn; they need her to find Gredenko. They hang up the phone and the thug hears a noise, the chain link fence that Milo is leaning against.

Hacker calls his thug, Ed, over and from behind the dumpster Milo knows they have been found. Resignedly, he tells Marilyn that they know that they are there. He tells Marilyn to listen to him. He instructs her to go back down the alley that they came from; he is going to cover her. She is to run as fast and as far as she can. She understands and then moves up to the edge of the dumpster opposite to Milo. He tells her to wait and when the men are in open Milo yells for her to go. She starts to run and Milo comes up from behind the dumpster shooting at the thugs. They take cover behind a truck and return fire. Marilyn doesn’t get very far before she turns back trying to shelter herself from the gunfire. In the process of providing cover for her, Milo is hit in the arm with a bullet. He falls behind the dumpster and Marilyn is now back next to him. Gritting his teeth through the pain he says that he told her to go. She cries that she couldn’t and looks at him. The thugs have converged on them and one pulls Marilyn to her feet screaming as the others come and grab Milo. One of them says to kill him and he is shoved up against the chain link fence. The thug backs off and prepares to fire but before he can shoot, he himself is shot by Jack. Jack guns down the two thugs facing Milo but one is left, Hacker and he grabs Marilyn using her as a shield. Jack yells for him to drop his weapon. The thug threatens that he will kill her but Jack isn’t buying, he tells the man to drop his weapon or he will use his. Jack urges him to do it and eventually Hacker does, letting Marilyn go and putting his gun down. Jack demands he put his hands on his head and interlace his fingers. Jack calls Milo over; he wants to see his wound. Milo staggers over to Jack and Jack lifts his arm as Milo winces. Jack assesses it as a through and trough and he has no arterial bleeding. Jack tells Milo that CTU will be there in a minute and tells him to take the gun and make sure Hacker doesn’t go anywhere. Finishing with Milo, Jack turns on Marilyn grabbing her by the throat and slamming her hard against a wall. Moving into her space he yells at her that the call she took was from Gredenko and now over half of his team is dead. Marilyn cries that Jack doesn’t understand and he asks what he doesn’t understand. They knew they were coming. Jack, not letting her go, asks her that if they weren’t Gredenko’s men who’s were they. After a pause he screams at her, “Who sent them?” She barely gets out the answer, ‘Your father’ before breaking down into tears. Floored, Jack asks what she is talking about. She blubbers that he called her when she was in the car. Jack whispers, ‘My father?’ and Marilyn explains that he told her to lead him to that house and he said he’d killed Graham and he would kill Josh if he had to. She apologizes, he has her son. Jack steps away from Marilyn all together now and tries to absorb what she has said. He turns back to her and asks if she has the address to Gredenko’s safe house. She does and he asks her to give it to him now. She is resistant to help until she has her son but Jack promises her that he will help her get Josh back but he needs the address now. Gredenko is their only chance to recover the remaining nuclear bombs. He urges her that she saw what happened in Valencia, this is going to be much worse. He asks again for her to give him the address. She gives in saying she recognized the house when they were driving, it was on Glasgow, 9421. Jack calls into CTU and Buchanan answers his phone as he comes down the stairs from his office. Jack gives the address to him and asks Buchanan to send Turner and his team there. Buchanan tells Jack to run point on this operation but Jack can’t. He asks Buchanan to send a smaller team to his location and gives his general area. He needs a vehicle and a full tactical kit. Milo is with him and he needs to be transported back to CTU, he has been shot but he is not critical. Jack asks Buchanan to divert the rest of the team to Glasgow to initiate the attack. Jack wants to know when they have Gredenko in custody. Buchanan asks Jack what he is doing but Jack doesn’t have time to explain. He asks Buchanan to trust him and says that it’s personal. Buchanan tries to ask Jack more questions but Jack hangs up. Jack asks himself, “How could I have been so stupid?” His father appears in the split screen next to Jack.



Chloe heads over to Morris’s station. He works sporadically at his task. She asks if he finished the vectors but he did not. Chloe offers to help him if he is having trouble but he snaps at her that he is not having trouble but he’s not finished and he doesn’t want to turn this into another conversation about whether he’s okay. After a pause Morris puts his hand over Chloe’s and apologises. Chloe suggests that if Morris can’t talk to her he should talk to the staff psychologist or his sponsor. Morris doesn’t need a shrink and he doesn’t want to talk to his sponsor. He’s fine. Nadia shows up and tells them that Jack has Marilyn and she gave them Gredenko’s location. Milo was shot but he’s okay. Chloe asks what happened and Nadia explains he was shot wile holding off 3 attackers, she adds, impressed, that he’s going to be up for a commendation. She wants Morris to debrief him when he gets back and is cleared with medial. Morris gets a weary smile and thanks Nadia for the ‘salt’. Nadia is confused and Morris scoffs that the nukes are armed because he’s a coward and now she wants him to listen to Milo talk about what a bloody hero he is. Nadia doesn’t know what to say but Chloe intervenes and assures her it will be done. Morris echoes her words in surprise. Nadia then asks Chloe to coordinate the operations for the search for Gredenko, the tac teams are on location. Chloe will be right there. Once Nadia leaves Chloe turns on Morris telling him that she obviously has pushed him back to work too soon, she will call division to have him relieved. Morris stops her and tells her no, it will just make him feel worse. He needs to go for a walk and then he will come back. She needs him back at CTU before the tac teams launch.

Milo ’s arm has been wrapped and he winces in pain as he is led to a vehicle. Jack speaks to Hacker, he wants to call Phillip. Hacker says that the scrambler has to be enabled. Jack does what Hacker says and then heads over to Marilyn. She asks Jack if Hacker knows where Josh is but he doesn’t, they are going to have to force Phillip’s hand. Marilyn isn’t sure what that means and Jack explains that they are going to call his father and tell him that she has been apprehended but she will not give them Gredenko’s location until she sees her son. Marilyn asks what will happen if he refuses and Jack says that she will not negotiate with Phillip no matter what he says. Marilyn is apprehensive; he is asking her to put Josh’s life at risk. Jack assures her that it is already at risk and they need to find Phillip. Marilyn asks if that’s what this is about, finding Jack’s father? Jack knows that he will be with Josh. Jack promises that he will do everything he can to keep Josh safe. Finally, Marilyn asks how Jack knows that Hacker won’t betray them. Jack explains simply, “He wants to live.” They are given the go.

Josh watches TV coverage of the blast and Phillip comes in and says that Josh doesn’t want to watch this. He turns the TV off and sits down on the coffee table opposite Josh. He tells his grandson that his father was very proud of him. Josh tears up right away at the mention of his father and Phillip continues that he used to tell him how blessed he felt knowing that everything he worked for would be in such good hands. Having heard enough, Josh asks if they can talk about this later. Phillip says of course, he wants Josh to know that his father loved him very much.

Jack sets up a COM set on the back of the SUV. He says he can hear both sides of the conversation and Hacker dials Phillip. When he sees the call display Phillip leaves the room that Josh is in and answers. He asks Hacker if he has Marilyn which he confirms. He says that he took casualties and he is on his own now. They have assembled another team for Gredenko but Hacker explains that Marilyn is not going to tell them where to find Gredenko until she sees her son. Phillip wants to talk to her and Hacker hands the phone over, she starts right away that she did what Phillip asks, she wants her son. Phillip asks for her help to find Gredenko and they can survive as a family, this doesn’t have to end badly. She doesn’t know what he is talking about, she wants her son. Phillip says there is enough time that she and Josh and he can rebuild what was left but the legacy he is trying to preserve will someday be his. He asks again for Gredenko’s location but she stands firm, only if she gets her son back. Phillip refuses and Marilyn starts to become upset. Jack shakes his head no and Phillip continues that she may have misunderstood his offers as a sign of weakness but if she doesn’t help him he sees no future for her or her son, he will walk into the next room and kill her son. Tell him or Josh dies. Josh has come up to the nearby room and can hear Phillip. At these words he becomes afraid. Marilyn stands by what Jack has told her to say, she will not tell him until she has her son. Phillip wants to talk to Hacker again and Marilyn shoves the phone back to him and rushes to Jack, landing in his arms. Phillip tells Hacker to bring her to the hotel and he gives the address. Phillip hangs up the phone and Jack says that Marilyn did great. They move Hacker into the SUV, Marilyn sits shotgun.

Phillip is in the living room of the hotel and Josh comes through casually. He heads to the door and Phillip asks where he is going. Josh says he is going to get a soda and offers anything for his grandfather. Phillip asks why he doesn’t get something from the mini-bar but they don’t have what Josh wants. Phillip suggests room service and, growing uncomfortable, Josh says he feels like getting out. Josh goes to the door and Phillip calls his name. Phillip has his gun out and tells him not to even think about it. Phillip explains that no one’s life is worth the destruction of everything he has built. He tells josh to step away from the door.



Tom enters a room where Reed waits. Reed says he was beginning to worry and Tom hands over the President’s itinerary. Reed assures Tom that this will work and Tom wants to know when this is going to take place. Reed says that it is already in motion, he needs Tom to authorize clearance for their guy for the bunker and once he is in he will carry the ball. Tom repeats the words, ‘carry the ball’ and then asks, “You mean, kill the President.” Reed agues to Tom that the presidents’ current course of action could kill millions of people. Tom doesn’t need to be told about this. He asks who the man is and Reed says the he’s a private contractor that has worked with them before. They have already requested his entry and he has a level 2 clearance, it needs to be bumped up. Tom looks at the sheet and says that they will trace this right back to him. Reed says no, they have a cover. Tom is confused and Reed says Assad, they are going to use him. The president calls and wants to speak to Tom. Tom will be there in a minute and after they hang up Reed tells Tom that he needs the clearance, their man will be there within the hour. Tom will call Reed when he is done with the President.

Wayne works on the computer and Tom knocks. He enters and heads to Wayne who says he wants to hear his thoughts on something; he shows it to him and says it is Assad’s speech. Before Wayne gives his thoughts on it he wants to hear Toms. Tom hesitates and then admits timidly that he assumed that Wayne was no longer interested in his opinion. Wayne tries to smooth it over, he still vales Tom’s opinion and if he has made him feel otherwise he apologises. Tom accepts the apology and they get to work.

Gredenko overlooks his worker and Gredenko wants to know how long he will be. The man is not sure, he has to recalculate the profile for 2 of the targets. Gredenko doesn’t want to be exposed like this any longer than he has to. The man asks if he thinks the authorities know he is working with Fayed and Gredenko says if they don’t they will soon. Gredenko closes the blinds.

Morris is at a convenience store, the man behind the counter watches coverage of the bomb and an interview with a woman who was near the blast. Morris drops a Red Bull and a package of what appear to be cigarettes on the counter. The worker turns from the TV and muses that it’s been a hell of a day. Not even squared with the till Morris stares at the ground and mumbles, ‘You could say that.’ The worker asks if there is anything else and Morris says no. After a second he changes his mind and says yes. He wants whiskey, single malt. The employee asks what kind and Morris points saying, ‘That kind.’ The man grabs a bottle and makes sure it’s the right one before putting it down on the counter. Morris grabs some mints and adds those to his purchases. The man totals it up and Morris hands a bill over and takes off out of the store, not waiting for his change. Once outside the store Morris moves around the corner to the side of the store. He opens the whiskey and chugs a great deal of it without stopping to take a breath. Once he has had enough Morris pauses but then leans over next to the dumpster bringing it back up onto the ground.

At CTU Chloe is waiting for Morris to get back and decides to call his cell phone.

Morris is doubled over with tears in his eyes. He hears his phone and checks the call display. Gathering himself enough to speak he picks it up and says that he’s on the way. Chloe wants to know where he is on his way from and he says that he told her, he went for a walk. They are nearly ready to move on Gredenko and he again says he is on his way. He hangs up on her as she calls his name and he silently cries and then grabs a mint from the container he bought and walks away.

Jack, Marilyn and Hacker arrive in an underground parking lot. Jack parks the vehicle and tells Marilyn to come with him. They go to the back and he hands her a flack jacket telling her to put it on under her clothes as a precaution. Jack turns his back to her as she peels off her two jackets and puts the flack jacket over her tank top. Marilyn struggles with the Velcro and Jack turns back and comes to help her. Marilyn’s hands are shaking and Jack promises to do everything he can to get Josh back. Marilyn confides in Jack that he is the only reason that she stayed with Graham, Josh is the only good thing she had left since… and she leaves the sentence hanging. Jack hitches Marilyn’s hair behind her ear and she says she is ready. Jack gets Hacker out of the back of the SUV and tells him to get against the vehicle. He tells Hacker to do exactly what he tells him. They head upstairs.



Morris re-enters CTU and on the way past the clinic sees Milo inside. Milo is not wearing a shirt but his arm has been freshly bandaged. Morris asks how he is holding up and Milo says he will be okay. Morris sees Milo’s bloody shirt and sighs. He asks what happened. Milo starts babbling that it was stupid; he could never be a field agent. Morris thinks he should be he protected Marilyn Bauer. Milo says it happened so fast. Morris tells Milo with disdain that he doesn’t have to downplay it to make him feel better. Confused and showing it, Milo nods and then asks if Morris is okay. Morris says that he is and commends him for his work. Morris leaves Milo thinking about what just happened.

Tom has finished making changes to Assad’s speech and Wayne is impressed. He will push Assad to make the changes and Tom’s suggestions are excellent. Tom is just doing his job and Wayne wants to make sure Tom is there when Assad gives his speech. Tom will be there and excuses himself from Wayne saying he has a briefing with Senator Vanson. Wayne allows him to go and then calls a secretary asking that the notes be taken to Assad.

Tom heads to the room where Reed waits and he asks what the president wanted. Tom says that he wanted him to review Assad’s speech, Reed says he will never give it. He needs Tom to authorize the clearance but it is in and just taking a while. Tom tells Reed to go meet with the guy and rushes him out the door. Once Reed is away Tom makes a call asking for the ranking secret service agent on site. Tom is transferred to Agent Hollister and Tom wants to set up a meeting with him. Hollister can make it happen in 15 minutes but Tom says that is not soon enough, he has something to show him. Hollister gives his location and Tom is on his way. Tom goes to open the door but it opens first and Reed re-enters the room bearing a flashlight. He smashes Tom on the head with it and he is knocked to the ground. Reed is angry, Carson didn’t want to bring Tom in on this but Reed defended him. Tom tells him that nothing justifies the killing of a president. Tom begs him not to do this but Reed says it is already done. He hits Tom again so that he is unconscious and then goes through his pockets taking his entry card. Reed then gets out his phone and calls the Secret Service operations and asks that a message be given to agent Hollister that Tom Lennox will not need the meeting he set up, the issue has been resolved.

Chloe, Buchanan, Nadia and other CTU workers sit in the situation room. They discuss the Marilyn Bauer intelligence and they have confirmed that the Glasgow house is owned by a corporation that Gredenko has interest in. Morris comes in and Chloe asks him quietly where he has been. Morris apologises and Chloe tells the room that she needs to reset the backup mod’s before this starts. Nadia tells her to hurry, the operation starts soon. Standing, Chloe whispers to Morris to come with her and they leave the room. Chloe leads Morris to a hallway nearby and faces him. She asks him, ‘Do you realize, after everything we’ve been through, what a betrayal this is?’ Morris defends himself, he was just a little late but Chloe can smell it on his breath. Morris looks repentant and admits to taking a drink but he spat it out straight away. She appears to not believe him and he implores her to trust him, he is stone cold sober. She accuses him of losing control and placing other people’s lives in danger. Chloe sighs and lets him know that she will have to tell Buchanan. Morris begs her, after everything that has happened something had to give, the important thing is he realized that he didn’t want to throw everything away, especially her. He stopped himself and claims that as a little victory. He swears that this will never happen again and asks her not to tell Buchanan. Morris tells Chloe that she was right, the best thing that he could do was to get back to work. Chloe gives in but will be watching him for the rest of the shift. “Call your sponsor” she adds.

They head back to the situation room and are told that Turner and his team are taking their final positions. Chloe brings up the video link and Turner and his men surround the house. They count down and are given to go to take down the house. They watch from CTU as the team heads in going room by room clearing them all. There is no one there. Turner says that the first sweep is all clear, no sign of Gredenko. Buchanan orders the house processed for evidence and then tells Chloe to text Jack’s cell that they don’t have Gredenko.

Jack, Marilyn and Hacker make it to the right floor at the hotel Phillip is staying at. Jack pulls out his phone and sees the message that they don’t have Gredenko. Marilyn asks what is wrong but Jack says nothing. Jack tells Hacker to not even think about trying to warn his father, once he sees that Hacker brought Jack there Phillip is more likely to shoot Hacker than Jack is. Jack tells them to go to the door and when Phillip lets him in Jack will follow. They head closer to the door but Jack tells them to wait, seeing the door already open he pulls Marilyn back. They all enter the room together and Jack checks the entire place finding nothing. Jack comes back to Hacker and shoves him asking where his father is. Hacker swears he doesn’t know and Marilyn is concerned about Josh. Jack tells her to stay calm and then gives cuffs to Hacker telling him to put them on. The phone rings in the room and Marilyn puts the call on speaker. Phillip’s voice fills the room telling Jack that even when he was young he learned to never underestimate him. Phillip didn’t want to hurt Josh but his hand has been forced, he says to look out the window. Marilyn and Jack move and quickly see Josh and Phillip on the roof of the building across the street. Marilyn is mortified at the sight, Phillip has a gun on Josh. She asks him to not do this. Jack tries to reason with him, he has one play left, cut a deal with the government and explain his connections to this, help them in exchange for immunity. This is his only option, if he pulls that trigger that option is gone. Phillip argues he will never be given immunity after what he has done. Jack says that he doesn’t know that but this is over, there’s no legacy left, there’s only Marilyn, Josh and him, that’s it. Trying to calm down, Jack begs that he knows he doesn’t want to hurt Josh. Jack knows that he is the one Phillip wants and if he lets Josh go he will surrender. Phillip thinks and then instructs Jack to come alone and unarmed and he will let Josh go. If Jack brings anyone else into this he will kill Josh. Josh, listening to this, closes his eyes. Jack understands. He tells Marilyn to hang up the phone and then Jack heads back over to Hacker and knocks him unconscious. He calls CTU and gives them his location saying there is a hostile there that they need to pick up. Marilyn and Jack leave the room, Jack tells Marilyn that this is their only chance.



Morris works with another analyst and Milo comes over to Chloe’s station. He needs to talk to her about Morris. Chloe sighs and leads him away from her station. Milo voices his concern, Morris came and saw him in the infirmary and he seemed a bit… Chloe finishes his sentence, ‘Shaky.’ Milo asks outright if he has been drinking. Chloe already talked to Morris about it, he didn’t metabolize the alcohol. Milo repeats her confused and she explains that he spat it back out. Milo asks how she knows and she says that Morris told her. He questions if she believes him and Chloe answers, ‘I don’t have to believe him, I was married to him, if he was drunk, I’d know.’ Chloe says that he has been sober for 3 years. Milo didn’t know that Morris was an alcoholic and Chloe says that she hasn’t told Buchanan, she is just going to leave it for now.

Jack and Marilyn head up a stairwell. He asks her to wait on a landing and he intends to go on by himself. She asks Jack if he thinks his father will keep his word. Jack says as long as he keeps his. Jack loads his gun and cocks a bullet into the chamber. He asks Marilyn if she knows how to use it and she does not. Jack’s instructions, “Point and shoot.” She asks Jack if he wants her to call CTU once she is out of there. Jack says no, he has to take care of this himself. Marilyn gently puts her hand on Jack’s face and thanks him. He instructs her to wait there and climbs the stairs. He looks back and then opens the door to the roof. As it closes Jack yells that he is unarmed. He cautiously steps out looking for his father. Jack finds the room that Phillip was in previously and opens the door to that room. Jack puts his hands up and then opens his jacket up showing that he has no holster. He calls his father and again says that he is unarmed. Phillip appears telling Jack that he is close enough. Phillip brings Josh into view and Jack turns around showing he is not carrying a weapon. Phillip tells Jack to show him he is not wearing an ankle holster and Jack slowly pulls up each pant leg showing there is nothing there. Jack is instructed to take 1 step for every one that Josh does. Josh starts to walk but Phillip calls him and cautions him, ‘Slowly.’ Josh slows down his steps and Jack walks toward his father. The pair pass and Jack tells Josh where his mother is. When Jack gets to a shell of a wall he opens up his stance and blocks Phillips shot telling Josh to go. Josh takes off running. Josh leaves the room goes back down the stairs and then finds the stairwell where his mother waits. She is happy to see her son and hugs him tightly. She asks if he is okay and he says he is. They head downstairs; Marilyn glances back but follows her son.

Phillip approaches Jack and Jack stares back with a steely expression. Phillip says he never meant for this to happen but he didn’t have a choice. He doesn’t know exactly how but Gredenko found out about his role in David Palmer’s assassination. He blackmailed him and forced him to cooperate. Jack concludes that Gredenko had him divert the bombs that the company was responsible for destroying. Phillip explains that Gredenko is a radical nationalist and he wanted to keep the bombs for when the Soviet Union is re-established. Phillip believed him because he had to. Jack asks when he found out that he sold the bombs to Fayed and Phillip says it was not until one of them was detonated in Valencia. Disbelieving Jack asks if that is the truth and Phillip answers, “Absolutely.” Phillip has been looking for Gredenko ever since so that he could find out what he knew about Fayed and stop this. Phillip never wanted this to happen to the country. Jack yells at his father, “You want to lie to yourself go ahead but stop lyin’ to me!” He accuses Phillip of letting all of this happen so he could cover up what he did. Phillip sizes up his son and a smile crosses his face. “You have all the smarts that Graham never had. You’d have handled Gredenko before this got out of control. You know, none of this would have happened if you hadn’t turned your back on me.” Jack looks away and Phillip continues, “So you could become what, a Civil servant?” Jack stares at his father. Phillip says that Jack’s people will use Gredenko to find the terrorists and the truth will come out about all he has done. Jack confesses that they never got Gredenko and Phillip says that this was all for nothing. He orders Jack to get down on his knees. Jack complies and Phillip walks behind his son saying that it didn’t have to end like this; cocking the gun and pointing at Jack’s head he says that Jack could have had it all. Jack, knowing what’s coming, starts to talk. He tells his father that he wants him to know, he pauses, rocking slightly on his knees, ‘I never wanted you to feel like I had turned my back on you, that I had turned my back on the family.’ Phillip listens as Jack continues, ‘I just had to go my own way, do things for myself.’ Jack finishes hurriedly choking back tears, ‘I was never good enough for you. I’m sorry.’ Jack closes his eyes briefly and, finished with his confession says, ‘Anyway, I’m ready.’ Jack closes his eyes and waits. After a few seconds Jack asks, “What are you waiting for?” He gets no response and swings around in anger yelling, “Do it! Damn you!” but his father has gone. Jack gets up and starts running for the door. Out on the roof Jack looks over the edge and doesn’t see anything. As he backs off he sees a PDA/Phone on the ledge. Picking it up, the message on the screen reads “Jack: Call 310-597-3781”

In the split screen we see the secret service in the bunker, Jack walking on the roof, Wayne checking Assad’s statement, Tom being gagged by Reed who leaves the room.

Jack gets the palm pilot back out and dials the number that was left. The person he is calling we can’t see and he answers, “Yes.” Jack identifies himself and asks who he is talking to. The voice on the other end says calmly, ‘You must have exercised all your options to find Gredenko.’ Jack asks who this is and he is revealed to the audience as he says his name, it is Charles Logan. Sporting a beard and sitting in a house, he tells Jack that he might be able to help him but they need to talk face to face. He asks Jack where he is and Jack says he is near the airport. Logan says that’s good, he’s local. CTU knows where Logan is, he tells Jack to come alone, “I’m looking forward to it.”


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Man, there must be a whole bunch of CTU teams just sitting around the building waiting to die. I wonder if they get extra hazard pay on days when Jack Bauer is working.

-I love how Marilyn wants to stop and just hang out in the middle of the alley while the hostiles are after them. That’s spectacular.

-Although, coming from someone with a bad knee and watching her limp off of it, I can sympathize. The closest I have had to come to an all out, long way sprint was when I was in Toronto and had to run around the block to meet Kiefer. My torn-ligament knee was NOT happy about that… but I did it… and I wasn’t even running from certain death.

-Where exactly did Milo expect to go once they hid behind the dumpsters?

-I laughed when Phillip said, “Dammit!” Like father like son.

-I don’t think Milo looks so little like a field agent that you could tell that from a block away. Maybe the dress shirt was a tell.

-I’m just going to accept that Phillip doesn’t know where Gredenko is, even though that’s totally ridiculous. Obviously, Graham did and if he hadn’t killed him he could have simply asked him.

-So, I’m just trying to figure this out, did Graham know what was going on with Gredenko? Is he how Gredenko found out that Phillip was in on David Palmer’s assassination? That’s the only reason I can think if that Graham would meet with Gredenko and not tell Phillip all the details including where he was.

-Marilyn is useless. USELESS I say. She couldn’t even run away right!

-What kind of name is “Hacker”? I keep thinking that he belongs at CTU with a different real name but Hacker being his nickname.

-I don’t think Milo is in any condition to guard anyone. He’s probably seeing double from the pain and would shoot the wrong person, or no one at all.

-Jack is pretty violent with Marilyn there. He really tossed her up against that door. I’m surprised it didn’t leave a dent.

-The most effective part of this is when Jack is telling at Marilyn, you can see her hair move.

-Did “If they weren’t Gredenko’s men, who’s were they?” sound like an awkward line from Jack to anyone else? I had to think about it to see if it was grammatically correct for a few seconds.

-Marilyn has a pretty good memory for addresses.

-It’s nice that Buchannan trusts Jack enough to simply do what he says on a word.

-Jack keeps sending wounded agents back to CTU. I guess it’s better than sending dead agents back to CTU.

-That’s the second time in 24 history that Jack asks how he could have been so stupid. The first time was after Henderson locked him in a room with a bomb.

-I guess the fact that Morris is an alcoholic explains why Chloe and him split up. I can see her having no patience for that kind of thing… in fact, she has no patience for ANY kind of thing but that’s beside the point.

-Also, that could be how Morris ended up selling ladies shoes in Beverly Hills. If he was showing up to work drunk then he would lose his job really quickly.

-Okay, even though Morris is milking the ‘woe is me’ side of this, I don’t know how they could have all apparently forgotten what happened to him that quickly. I wouldn’t want Morris anywhere near someone in a tactical situation for a while at least, it’s all too fresh for him and we don’t want him to have a meltdown.

-Line of the week contender, Jack to Marilyn about why Hacker will cooperate, “He wants to live.” Great deadpan delivery.

-Phillip, like Jack, is very good at emotional manipulation. It appears that he is the reason that Jack always blames everything on himself. He makes Josh believe he is the good guy but then has to reveal himself as the bad guy but not before convincing the boy that he will be able to run his coveted company one day by saying that Graham was very proud of him etc.

-Also, if CTU has a bunch of teams lying around waiting to die, the bad guys must have the same.

-Um, I don’t think that Marilyn will want anything to do with Phillips little ‘family’, especially after he admits what he did to her husband and then took her son hostage.

-Josh is a decent liar, he could have a career at CTU. Maybe that’s on the slate for next season.

-What is the DEAL with this company? It’s just a company. Is it really worth killing all of these people over some name? It all seems pretty crazy to me.

-I guess using Assad will achieve 2 goals. They will get Wayne out of the way and also discredit Assad and his actions. This could get very interesting.

-I wonder if Tom has always had the idea to try and foil the plot against the President or was it after he met with Wayne and patched things up that he changed his mind and realized what he was doing.

-For the record, Red Bull tastes like cough syrup.

-I love the little dramatic blind-closing by Gredenko. Like if they didn’t know where he was already they might just drive by and see him there.

-Wouldn’t that make a nice twist for a change? Jack is driving down the street and sees a terrorist making a bomb in their garage. “Hey, there’s the worlds most wanted terrorist! Let’s get him!”

-I’m not sure what the other thing that Morris purchased was, it looked like cigarettes but wouldn’t they be behind the counter too?

-I guess they couldn’t show the brand of whiskey for some marketing reason or something. That’s too bad, they might be able to make some money off of that, “CTU Brand Whiskey – When you REALLY need a drink.”

-Those bruises of Morris’ are looking worse and worse.

-I’m glad that Morris didn’t “metabolize” the alcohol but holy crap is that ever a serious waste of money, and booze.

-What’s with the jackhammers going outside the store that Morris was shopping at? You would think that if a nuclear bomb went off in town people would be given the day off.

-It’s cute how Jack allowed Marilyn the space to put her flack jacket on by turning away. It’s not like she was revealing anything but he still allowed her the privacy.

-Might Jack want to give her a gun out of that CTU arsenal?

-So, Josh is the only good thing that Marilyn had left since what? Since she had been with Jack? Again, I can’t see Jack and Marilyn together any time after about 25 years ago (Kim was 16 when season 1 started and it’s been 9 years since then.) That’s some serous misery if she hasn’t been happy since then. Or are they leading us to believe that Jack had an affair.

-Holy cow, Milo is ripped.

-So, if Wayne is expecting Tom for the speech from Assad, he should be looking for him before it happens. It just might save his life.

-Although I’ve seen every episode of this show, 24 can still surprise me. I didn’t know which way Tom was going to go. I was shocked when Reed appeared and attacked him with a flashlight like that.

-What was Tom going to show agent Hollister?

-So, we know Fayed’s motives. What are Gredenko’s? Are they the same?

-That Chloe didn’t go to Buchannan with Morris’ problem shows that she really does trust him. She never has any problems breaking the rules for Jack but I was surprised that she took Morris’s word.

-Ooh text messaging enters 24. Imagine how much they could save in bills as long as they have a text package.

-Could you imagine the phone bills associated with this show?

-Aren’t most hotel room doors spring loaded? How could he leave it open like that?

-I fully expected to see Josh dead when Phillip told them to look out the window.

-How could Jack talk about going back to being a family after all this as well. It must just be a ploy.

-My guess is that Phillip wants Jack because he knows too much? That raised an eyebrow for me.

-Line of the week, Chloe to Milo: “I don’t have to believe him, I was married to him.”

-Why did Jack even ask if Marilyn knows how to use the gun when all he was going to tell her is “Point and shoot.” Honestly. Anyone that has ever watched a TV show or a movie knows that much.

-So, is Jack not wearing any socks? Or were they just really short? If he wasn’t, it seems that Jack has an aversion to undergarments as he was going commando in season 2 as well.

-I guess that classifies as “showing a little skin” on 24.

-How could Marilyn just leave Jack like that? She should have sent Josh and doubled back to help Jack, he did, after all, trade himself for her son. Maybe that’s why they broke up, she has no backbone.

-That’s gotta be hard for Jack to hear, that his father was involved in Palmer’s assassination as well.

-I’m not sure I believe Phillip that he didn’t know about the bombs until one went off. He was, after all, already at McCarthy’s when it did and he was a link.

-As I said before, Phillip very good at playing with people’s minds. The way he turns it all around and puts it on Jack explains a lot. Saying that none of this would have happened if Jack hadn’t left the family is salt in the very fresh wound.

-Speaking of fresh wounds, Jack is coping with what Fayed did to him just a few short hours ago very very well.

-You can see that Phillip is proud of Jack but that he is not proud of the choices that he has made in life.

-It’s terrible the way that Phillip talks down to Jack about his career choice, he says ‘Civil servant’ like he’s scrubbing toilets at the local strip bar.

-And, some more salt for Jack, Phillip tells him that this was all for nothing before he intends to kill him.

-Talk about emotional – pouring your heart out to your father knowing that he is going to kill you but needing to clear your mind with him before he does.

-Wow, great acting by Kiefer in that scene.

-Hmmm, Jack doing things for himself, surprise surprise.

-As Jack pours out his soul to his father we see a boy who just wants to make his father happy but, “I was never good enough for you, I’m sorry.” Ouch.

-Only Jack can get angry when he DOESN’T get shot.

-So, was this Phillip’s plan all along or was he really planning on killing Jack and then was unable to do it because either of what he said or that he realized that he was really the better son than Graham.

-The message for Jack was great for a few reasons. 1, the number is the fan phone number. Go ahead, call it. Also, that was the fastest palm pilot entry ever. I’ve had a palm for years now and I still have to fight with it sometimes. I love how it was even filed under “Personal”.

-As soon as I heard Logan’s voice I knew that it was him. That voice is so distinct.

-That comeback also made me really happy that I don’t read spoilers when the season is on. Great surprise.

-So, I guess that Logan didn’t go to jail or that he is out already. That didn’t take long.

-Also, he is wearing a wedding ring. Is Martha still with him? Does that mean she will be back? I doubt that Pierce is their guard but maybe he will be back too.

-If I were Logan I would not be looking forward to seeing Jack, especially since he was the one responsible for sending Jack to the Chinese. When Jack finds that out he is going to kick Logan’s ass.

-I’m in the process of re-watching Season 5. Just to recap, Henderson was kicked out of CTU on an investigation that Jack led because they caught him selling classified information to defence contractors. Would BXJ Technologies (Daddy Bauer’s company) be classified as a defence contractor?

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