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6.09: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
~ Unexpected ~


Fayed is still in the chopper, the nukes are in a van and it is driven up to where the chopper is landing. The nukes are transferred into another vehicle and Fayed gets out of the chopper and comes over to the new vehicle. He makes a phone call to a bearded man in a house, it is Gredenko. Fayed has the device but he had to leave one of the nukes behind, CTU found them and he had to use the bomb to enable his escape. Gredenko says that the plans were for 5 detonations at 5 high priority targets and because of Fayed’s carelessness they are down to three. Fayed thinks that that is still more than enough to do what they are planning, Gredenko just needs to make sure that the delivery system arrives on schedule. Gredenko says that the trucks have left Nevada and will reach the location in two hours. Fayed wants him to use the time he has left to reprogram the targeting software. Fayed wants to be called when it’s complete and he drives off with his caravan.

Buchanan tells CTU that they are unable to track Fayed; he is outside the containment area. They don’t know where he is but they do know that he has a device to detonate the nukes. Their only lead is from the hard drive that Jack Bauer found. Milo works on it and says that there was an email fragment that he got from the hard drive and it makes references to Dmitri Gredenko. Milo explains Gredenko is the former Soviet General in charge of turning over nukes to the US for decommissioning. He was the source of the weapons that Fayed now possesses. Nadia concludes that clearly he is more involved than they realized. Nadia wants to know what’s in it for Gredenko and Buchanan says he’s an ultra-nationalist. To harm this country economically and otherwise in sync with Fayed. Nadia asks if they have any other information on his location. Buchanan says Interpol confirmed Gredenko is no longer in Moscow, the email fragment was Pacific time they figure that he’s probably on the Pacific coast, possibly Los Angeles. Buchanan asks Chloe to try and track how he got in the country. She leaves.

Chloe leaves the conference room and sees Morris arriving back at CTU. He wears his jacket draped over his shoulders, but he holds his arm, blood on his shirt. Chloe comes to him and tries to talk to him but the doctor with him says they need to take him to medical. Chloe just wants to talk to him for a minute. Morris looks straight ahead as the doctor says to give them 10 minutes. They leave.

Jack and the tac team arrive next. At CTU Jack’s entrance creates a stir as agents on the floor stop and stare at him. He looks down at the floor and then meets Buchanan. They shake hands and Jack asks if he was able to pull anything off of the hard drive. Buchanan tells him about Gredenko and that he might be in LA. Jack asks about leads that they have and Buchanan says that Jack’s father’s company was contracted to dispose of the nukes Gredenko was to handle. Jack says his brother oversaw that, not his father. Buchanan thinks he might have some information and he tells Jack that he went to see Jack’s brother’s body in the morgue. Chloe watches the exchange from a distance. Jack whispers a thank you to Buchanan and walks over to Chloe. He asks if she is alright and she thanks Jack for saving Morris’s life. Chloe awkwards that she’s glad Fayed didn’t kill Jack this morning. Jack answers, ‘Me too.’ Jack says he has to talk to his father and says that he just wanted to thank her for everything as he squeezes her arm. He walks away.

Phillip is in the morgue but he’s not viewing Graham’s body, he’s erasing contacts in his cell phone. He closes the phone and puts it down, checking the rest of Graham’s possessions. He pulls out his wallet and takes a photo out of it. He opens it up seeing it’s the pair of them looking happy with martinis. Phillip sighs. Jack enters the first doors and stops to look at his father. Phillip closes the photo and walks over to the body. He takes the photo and puts it under the sheet. Quietly Jack opens the door and walks around the other side of the body. Phillip looks angrily at Jack telling him, ‘Whatever your brother may have done, he didn’t deserve this.’ Jack didn’t mean for this to happen. Phillip nods and spurts a disbelieving ‘Yeah, well…’ before rubbing his forehead stressfully. Jack tells his father, ‘Dad, I’m sorry about Graham, I am.’ Right now CTU wants to know about their connection with Dmitri Gredenko. Phillip wants to know why and Jack says he is working with Fayed, what does he know about him. Phillip knows that he is the Russian liaison to decommissioning soviet nukes. Jack asks about Phillip’s dealings with him and he says a couple of phone calls to Moscow, that’s it. Jack asks about any contacts that Gredenko might have with Fayed that would allow him to move the remaining 4 nukes. Phillip says that Graham oversaw this, whatever Jack needed to know died with Graham. Jack asks if he knows where Marilyn is and Phillip asks if Jack is going to question her too. Jack just looks at his father and then leaves. On the way past Phillip says, voice full of accusation, that she is probably with Josh, ‘He’s taking the death of his father pretty hard.’ Jack slows down and then stops as Phillip says, ‘Leave them alone Jack, let them grieve in peace.’ Before Jack leaves Phillip says he will make a call to the company executives about Gredenko, maybe Graham shared something with them that he wasn’t privy to. Jack pauses and thanks his father quietly before leaving the morgue.

Chloe shows up at the clinic as Morris is being checked on and bandaged. The doctor sees Chloe and she wanders away. The doctor tells him to try and rest and leaves telling Chloe she can go in now. Chloe comes across from him and asks him how he is feeling. He raises his eyebrows and says nothing. After a pause she tells him to say something. He shakes his head and asks what there is to say? Chloe looks him over, bandages and all, and says he was tortured, he held out as long as he could. Morris stares her down and says with a straight face that he armed a nuclear bomb. She reminds him that he had to, Fayed was going to kill him. “I wish to God he had, because of me Fayed has a device and can arm all the bloody suitcase nukes he wants.” Chloe shakes her head telling him he can’t blame himself. “When the next bomb goes off and thousands of people die, everybody will remember that I was the one that made it possible.” Chloe stands and says that’s not going to happen. She puts her hands on his neck and assures him that they are going to find Fayed and they are going to stop him and none of this will matter. Morris asks if they are any closer to finding him and Chloe says no. Morris looks away. She leans in to kiss him on the head but he turns away telling her to just go. She walks away leaving him in shame, bruises visible on his arms.

Phillip walks the halls of CTU and he pulls out his cell phone and a scrambler. He calls one of his workers and says they have a problem, Gredenko is there, he is in LA. They don’t know where he is but they must get to him first. If Gredenko implicates Phillip then everything he has spent his life protecting is over. The man will put a team together. Phillip will monitor CTU from there and if he hears anything he will call. He doesn’t care what he has to do but he needs to find Gredenko and kill him. The man understands.

Jack enters the conference room with Buchanan. Jack tells him about the conversation with his father about Gredenko. Buchanan says that the news from there isn’t much better, the fragment Milo managed to pull off tracked to a local IP network in LA. He has his people monitoring chatter and data-mining information from before he went underground, right now that’s all they can do. Jack agrees and then heads to the door but Buchanan tells him to have a seat. Jack doubles back and sits down asking what’s going on. Buchanan says it’s the toxicology report on his brother’s body. Jack eyes the paper as Buchanan tells him that forensic evidence indicates that the hyocine penathol administered was the cause of his coronary. Jack looks sadly at Buchanan and then blinks and looks away. Buchanan continues that there is something else, he has seen the field tape and read Burke’s report for division, ‘He said you exceeded protocols even after he warned you.’ Jack says it’s true, agent Burke tried to warn him. Buchanan continues that then Jack pulled a gun on him. Buchanan leans forward on the table and tells Jack that he must know how this looks, coming right after his brother tried to kill him. Jack toys with his hands and says quietly that he lost control. Buchanan asks, ‘Because you found out he was responsible for David Palmer’s assassination?’ Jack slaps the table and snaps angrily, ‘Yes because I found out he was responsible for David Palmer’s assassination, because I found out about everything. I. Lost. Control.’ Jack stares down Buchanan and continues angrily, “I tried to tell you I didn’t think I could do this, this job.” Jack pauses and looks down, quieter he says, ‘I wanted to kill my brother, I wanted him dead, I was standing over him and I looked up and I saw my father in the doorway and everything just stopped. I ordered agent Burke to shut down the IV, he did. I thought we got it in time.’ Jack pauses and thinks for a few seconds as Buchanan looks on. Jack closes his eyes and shakes his head saying quietly, “Bill, I did not set out to kill my brother,” looking at Buchanan he says apologetically, “I swear to you.” Buchanan leans back and steps away from the table. With his back to Jack he offers, ‘I can adjust the report before I send it to Division.’ Jack looks up at him and says no. Buchanan appeals to him that an internal affairs investigation would impede their search for Fayed and Gredenko, right now Jack is critical to that. Jack tells Bill he can’t cover this up, ‘I ordered agent Burke to administer the hyocine penathol.’ He looks Buchanan in the eye and admits, “I killed my brother. Whatever the consequences are I accept them.” He appeals to Buchanan, ‘Bill, do this right.’ Buchanan quietly says okay, he will submit the report as is. Jack nods.



Wayne sits near Assad and edits his speech. Assad asks if there are some difficulties with his statement and Wayne says it’s a little more emphasis on religion and less on politics then he expected. Assad says many of the people that Wayne wants him to sway believe that their cause is a holy one and he must address them in these terms. There is a knock at the door and it’s one of is workers saying Vice President Daniels is calling for him. Wayne will take it there and he answers the phone calling the Vice President Noah. Daniels thanks Wayne for taking his call, he knows he is pressed for tome. Daniels gets right to the point saying that he knows Wayne rejected Tom Lennox’s plan for internment of Arab President Palmer takls to Assadnationals in their country. Wayne says that the plan didn’t delineate country of origin and it was nothing more than a blanket proposal to detain thousands of Muslims without due process. Daniels asks Wayne to reconsider because of the terrorists in possession of the nukes but he says this is not open for debate. Daniels and the rest of the cabinet feel that Wayne is making a tragic mistake. Wayne respects that but he believes that their best chance of stopping more attacks will be from intelligence from the Islamic community. Daniels sums up that he hopes to attain that by letting a known terrorist leader address his people on American airwaves. Daniels tells Wayne that the man has murdered countless innocents over the last 20 years and their hopes for this county’s safety are on him. Wayne says not entirely but to the extent that he can help them yes. Daniels reminds Wayne that he approached him as his running mate because he could deliver voters who questioned his experience and were afraid that his presidency would be too weak on national security and he thinks Wayne is proving them right. Wayne says nothing as Daniels says there is a thin line between conviction and stubbornness, he can stand firm but he is standing alone. Wayne asks, “Are we done?” Daniels answers, ‘Clearly’ They both hang up unhappy. Assad assesses the situation and says, ‘You are paying a very high price for this.’ Wayne answers, ‘Not as high as my country will pay if I’m wrong.’ Assad sympathizes warning Wayne, ‘As someone who has alienated followers by choosing the unpopular course, I suggest you tread lightly and carefully among your people.’ Wayne tries to brush it off that their cultures are very different but Assad argues that it’s not just cultural, it’s simple human nature, “They will come after you, I assure you of that.” Tom Lennox appears in the box next to Wayne.

Tom enters a room with a High Voltage sign on it. He closes the door and waits, soon Reed comes out. Tom asks if he’s sure it safe to talk there and Reed confirms the room is unmonitored. Tom asks Reed that he intimated that he has a plan to deal with the President. Reed says that Palmer’s refusal to implement Tom’s proposals will unquestionably lead to a loss of many more American lives and Reed and others like him that love this country will not stand by idly and let that happen. Tom asks what he proposes. Reed doesn’t answer directly but says he thinks Tom knows. Tom needs to hear it so Reed says definitive action. Reed says they’re in the middle of a national crisis and he is in over his head, he’s brought this on himself. Tom looks away and takes a few steps, Reed continues that before Tom starts reconsidering and report him just know that he can deny they ever had this conversation. Tom is not reconsidering, he knows what Reed is saying is necessary he just cannot believe that it’s come to this. Tom sighs and asks who else is involved. Tom would like to know who he is dealing with and Reed says right now he is dealing with him. Tom asks if Vice President Daniels is involved and Reed says no, he knows nothing about it but they know he shares their sentiment with the current state of affair. Daniels will enact Tom’s initiatives once he has the power to do so. Tom observes that he seems pretty certain this is going to work. Reed answers, ‘More so with your help.’ Tom looks on as Reed says he needs the itinerary, specifically in regards to Assad’s address, he doesn’t have the clearance but Tom does. Tom asks why he needs it and he doesn’t answer. Tom swears, “Dammit, Reed, we’re talking about removing the President of the United States, don’t keep me in the dark here.” Reed never said he was the architect, he’s just a conduit and for Tom’s sake he thinks it’s better that he has a level of plausible deniability. “The less you know the better.” Tom will get him the itinerary. Tom leaves the room.



Jack comes into the room where Marilyn is. He gives her a sheepish ‘Hi’ and says he heard she was with Josh and didn’t want to disturb her. Marilyn says that Josh is taking this pretty hard, he loved his father very much. Jack stares at the floor and says he is very sorry. Marilyn thinks Jack doesn’t owe her an apology. Jack looks at her quizzically and says, “Maybe they haven’t told you the circumstances of Graham’s heart attack.” Marilyn has been told enough, she knows what kind of man Graham was, even if he did die because of Jack’s interrogation she doesn’t blame him. Jack looks uncomfortable and Marilyn says that the truth is, she has been trying to leave Graham for years but he threatened to take Josh away from her and that she would never see him again. Jack asks if Josh knows what Graham was really like. Marilyn was trying to protect Josh from the truth about his father. Jack wants to know what Josh knows about his fathers’ death, Marilyn has only told him that he head a heart attack and that’s enough for now. Jack says he’s sorry and he has to go back to work, he offers if there’s anything he can do. Jack heads for the door and Marilyn asks if it’s true that there are still more bombs out there. Jack confirms this and she asks if they are any closer to finding them. Jack says no, they’ve hit a roadblock, they are looking for a Russian operative named Dmitri Gredenko, Graham knew him. Marilyn repeats, “Russian?” and Jack turns back to Marilyn repeating the name Gredenko and asking if she knows him. She says no but seems to be holding something back. Jack looks her over and tells her to come with him. They step out of the room they are in and into another room.

Jack accuses her of knowing something. He is not forceful but desperate and Marilyn says maybe she does know something. She stutters that it’s probably nothing, it was months ago. Jack urges her that anything will help. Marilyn explains that Graham was going out a lot at night and he said it was work related but she didn’t believe him, she thought he was having an affair so she followed him one night. She clarifies that it was not out of jealousy but for leverage to use against him to get custody of Josh if she left him. Jack asks where Graham went and Marilyn says to a house in West LA. She went to the window but the blinds were drawn. She could hear him inside talking to some men with Russian accents. Jack asks what they were saying and Marilyn says it wasn’t clear and once she realized he wasn’t having an affair she went home. She appears regretful that she has no more information and Jack asks for the address of the house. Marilyn wasn’t paying attention, she was more concerned about getting caught. Jack says it’s vital that they find Gredenko, he asks if they retraced her route if she would recognize the house. She thinks for a second and says yeah, she thinks so. Jack sees Buchanan going upstairs and asks her to wait right there. Jack leaves and Marilyn watches him. He trots up the stairs to Buchanan’s office two at a time. Phillip watches from around the corner.

Buchanan drops his files on his desk and he doesn’t get far into them when Jack comes in. Jack meekly says he thinks they have a lead on Gredenko, it’s a shot in the dark and he asks Buchanan permission to follow it up. Buchanan asks what he has.

Marilyn waits for Jack to return and Phillip comes into the room where she waits. He asks her how she is doing and she says she’s hanging in there. Phillip wants to know what’s going on with her and Jack. Marilyn says he is looking for something and she thinks she can help. Phillip asks if it’s Gredenko and when she looks surprised he says that Jack questioned him about the same thing earlier. Phillip asks what she knows about him and Marilyn admits nothing, really. She tells him about following Graham to a house one night but she doesn’t know where it is, just that it’s in West LA. Jack is going to take her to see if she can find it. She appeals to Phillip to help her out, she doesn’t know how long this is going to take but she can’t leave Josh alone. She looks and he sits with his head in his hands. She asks Phillip to stay with him and he agrees.

Jack comes downstairs and signs a document. Buchanan says the tac team is outside and he is sending Milo with him. Jack asks why and Buchanan explains that they need a tech to pull any information off the computers at Gredenko’s location. Chloe will run point from there.

Marilyn apologises to Josh for leaving him and she will be back when she is finished helping Uncle Jack. Josh asks what she is helping with, where is she going? She will explain later and tells Josh to stay with her grandfather. Phillip calls Marilyn out and says he was thinking that maybe he will take Josh to his house. Marilyn asks to wait until she gets back but Phillip reasons that he is frightened of this place understandably so, he thinks he needs to be in familiar surroundings right now. She says alright, she will clear it with Mr. Buchanan. She asks him to explain it to Josh. She goes and hugs Josh telling him to listen to his grandfather, he is in charge. She leaves and thanks Phillip.

Jack meets up with Marilyn and apologizes to her for taking her away from Josh, he promises that she will not be in danger, he just needs her to identify the house. Jack spies Phillip standing near Josh and says they should go, he tells Buchanan he will be on COM.

Phillip tells Josh they will be leaving soon, he just has to make one phone call. He steps out into the next room and dials. He phones the same lackey he called before and instructs him to find and secure a house in West LA and text him with the address.



Chloe goes into the clinic and tells Morris they have a lead. Morris looks at her and she explains that Jack’s sister in law might know where to find Gredenko, Jack and the tac team are heading out now. Morris scoffs that she’s being ridiculous. She persists, they are shorthanded so he needs to get his shirt on and go. Grimly Morris says that running tactical is what Chloe does best, why would she need his help? Pretending to have just figured it out Morris patronizes, ‘Oh, I get it. You came here to give me a pep talk to get me back working behind that computer and everything will be tickedy-boo.’ Morris tells her to be a little less obvious next time, ‘I’m a coward, not an idiot.’ Chloe holds in her emotions and tells Morris bluntly, ‘I know you’ve been through a lot today but you’re really starting to piss me off.’ Morris sits forward and tells her that they should add that to his list of failings. Without warning, Chloe slaps him. He grimaces for a second, head hanging, and asks why she did that. Tears in her eyes, Chloe says she didn’t want to. Morris tells her, “Look, if you’re gonna try and save a bloke, save someone who’s worth it.” Angry and upset, Chloe goes to slap him again but this time Morris is ready. He catches her arm before she reaches him and he tells her dejectedly to stop it. She tells him that Jack and his team are entering a hostile situation and they are going to need CTU backup. Yes, she can do it alone but there is less chance of a mistake if he could help. She pulls her arm roughly from his grasp and steps away saying, ‘Why don’t you stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back to work.’ She leaves and Morris is left to contemplate her words.

Jack and Marilyn drive and Jack radio’s to Milo who sits shotgun in a tactical van that they just passed 98 th. Milo is 6 blocks behind. Marilyn looks at Jack’s scarred hand on the steering wheel and says sadly that she can’t imagine what he went though in China. Jack looks sheepish and takes his hand away putting it down by his side. He looks out the window as she says ‘When you were over there I thought about you, I tried not to. I guess I’ve been trying not to think about you for over 20 years.’ Jack tells her kindly but firmly that they don’t need to talk about this. Marilyn presses that it was his father, wasn’t it. Jack does answer but Marilyn says that he drove Jack away, he tried to press Jack to work for his company. She asks if that’s why Jack left, why he enlisted in the military. Jack admits that there were a lot of reasons. Marilyn asks, “Was I one of them?” Jack tells her no.

Marilyn’s phone rings and she finds Phillip on the other end. He is standing outside of a gas station holding a drink. Phillip tells her not to say his name, just listen because he doesn’t want Jack to know he is on the line. He explains that what she is involved in is much bigger than she could have imagined and here’s the deal, if she doesn’t do what he says he will hurt Josh and if she doesn’t believe him she might want to consider this, Graham’s death was not an accident, he killed him. He tells Marilyn to say ‘thank-you Susan.’ Cautiously Marilyn repeats the phrase but her tone catches Jack’s attention. Phillip tells her that she will not take Jack to the address where Graham met the Russians, she will take him to a different address, 9407 Hindry Place. She says she has it and he tells her if she does it for him he promises that she will see Josh again, if not, he dies. Marilyn nods and says a shaky okay. He repeats the address and Phillip threatens again, ‘Do the right thing, I already lost a son today, don’t make me lose my grandson.’ Marilyn says, ‘Goodbye, Susan” and hangs up. Jack asks her quizzically if she is alright. Marilyn claims to be fine.

Phillip gets in the car and gives the drink he is carrying to Josh. He claims that he was on the phone with his office and the roads are closed down because of the bomb. Josh asks if they can get home and Phillip says no and no one knows when they are going to be open. Josh asks what they are going to do and Phillip says they will go to a hotel and stay there until things get cleared up.

Jack and Marilyn drive and they pass the house that Gredenko is in. Marilyn looks at it but says nothing. Jack asks if anything is familiar and she says yes. Marilyn says Jack’s name and then she doesn’t complete her sentence. Jack asks what it is but she says nothing, she thought she saw the house. He watches her with an interested look on his face and she says she was wrong. She sees Hindry Place and says that it was it. Jack radios Milo saying they have a street, he gives it to him and says to relay it to CTU. Marilyn looks upset.

Gredenko asks his man how long it will take to reprogram the locations. The man says 20 minutes and then asks if he thinks they can still trust the Arabs. Gredenko says they will serve a purpose. Gredenko says their country lost the cold war because it was afraid to use weapons against the Americans. He touches the component and says he is going to correct that mistake and the Arabs will take all the blame.



At CTU they have Fox news on and Buchanan walks by and hangs up his phone. He tells Chloe about the street that Marilyn gave them and Chloe says it’s a mile away from where they were looking. Chloe asks if she is sure and that’s what Marilyn told Jack. Buchanan wants her to pull up the roads and reconfigure the uplink. Morris strolls back in to CTU now wearing a shirt to cover the bandages and bruises. Chloe says she’ll put Morris on it. Buchanan shrugs and tells her it’s her call. Morris makes it over to his station and sits down. He looks over at Chloe and then starts typing.

Phillip and Josh have arrived at a hotel and Josh whines that he is lying to him, just like his mom. He accuses Phillip of treating him like a stupid little kid. Phillip asks what Josh is talking about and Josh says that he knows why his dad died. Phillip reminds Josh that his mother told him that he had a heart attack. Josh knows that he was doing something illegal and no one has told him what it was. Josh just wants to know, did it have to do with the nuke? Phillip stops walking and turns to Josh saying he is going to hear a lot of things that his father may or may not have done. It’s not going to be easy for Josh but Phillip says no matter what he will be there for him. Phillip uses the key card to get into the hotel room.

Marilyn sees the house and she points it out to Jack as the pale blue one on the right. She says she is sure. Jack radios the address to Milo and tells him to go the alley behind the house. Marilyn looks worried and Jack tells her to hold on as he turns the car around. Jack drives into the alley and the truck with Milo and the team in it pulls in as well. Jack is in a hurry and goes over a bump grounding out the front end of the car. Jack stops at a fence the agents all get out of the truck. Jack explains they are going after the blue house, he reminds them to use non-lethal force, they need to take him alive. Marilyn calls to Jack and he tells her to stay in the tactical van, she will be safe there. Milo comes up behind Nadia and leans over her on the chain link fence. Jack leads the assault team to the house.

Jack and the team move to the house and Jack stops the team at the window. He checks inside and then waves them past. They set up at one of the doors and Jack gives the go to both the teams. They smash open the doors and enter from the back and front. On the way in Jack sees a pair of boxes stacked in the corner of an otherwise empty room. He goes over close enough to see that it’s a bomb. Jack yells to the team, “Bomb, everyone out!” and he runs to the nearest window. Just as he jumps through it the bomb detonates sending fire and smoke everywhere.

Marilyn and Milo see this from where they are and Marilyn screams for Jack. Thinking on his feet Milo says they have to go. Marilyn tries to protest but Milo grabs her and half drags her toward the van. He tells her to get in and close the door as he gets behind the wheel. Milo puts the van in reverse and starts to back up as he calls to Jack over his COM unit getting no response. A Land Rover is on their tail and Milo fishtails the van around so he can start to go forward. He guns it through a yard trashing some playground equipment and a fence. Milo squeals the large van around a corner and the men from the Land Rover start shooting. Marilyn ducks down and screams. The tire on the truck is hit and Milo looses control and smashes into a brick wall. Marilyn yells they’re coming and Milo pulls her telling her to get out of the van. He pushes her out the driver’s side and the truck is littered with bullets. Outside, the shooters are reminded by their leader not to hit the girl, they need her alive. Milo crawls into the back grabbing and cocking a gun from the stash and then pulling out a drawer of grenades. He pulls the pin on one of the grenades and leaves it in the van. Milo urges Marilyn to go and don’t stop. They duck under a chain connecting fences together as the van blows up from the grenade. Men are knocked down and Marilyn and Milo keep running.

In the split screen we see Josh, the men chasing Milo and Marilyn, a printer at the bunker and Tom pulling the paper from it, the house on fire and an agent inside trapped.

Jack regains consciousness on the lawn of the burning house. He grimaces and reaches his midsection. He calls into his COM for all agents to report in now. Jack hears nothing but screams from his agents. He looks forward and sees the van on fire. He scrambles to his feet saying he’s calling for EMT. He runs off.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-How do the perimeter teams miss a chopper flying over LA? Honestly.

-I’m wondering about these 5 targets. Are they all in the immediate LA area? I think 5 nukes would be a little bit of overkill.

-As much as I like suspense, it’s a little bit weird and annoying the way Gredenko and Fayed talk about “the target” and “the delivery system”. Just say where it is already, they already said ‘bomb’ in the phone conversation so it can’t be because they are trying to not tip off the feds.

-That’s a whole lot of information Milo dug up on Gredenko in very little time.

-So, what would be the first indication that Gredenko might not be the right guy to be dealing with nukes? Maybe his past? I dunno, call me crazy.

-I don’t know anything about relations to other countries in the way of military but I’m not really all that sure why the Russians would be turning over nukes to the US for decommissioning. Couldn’t they just supervise it in Russia?

-Morris looks rough when he comes back to CTU. The thing that makes him look worse than all the blood is his expression. Man, he looks thoroughly beaten.

-It’s always different when Jack enters a room, isn’t it? This is the second time in as many years he has come back to CTU and the crazy busy, never sleeping agents have stopped to stare at him.

-Not that many of the agents probably know Jack anymore anyway. Judging by the CTU turnover, either by quitting or by death, there’s likely only a handful that have worked with him before.

-They should rename the CTU building ‘The Bauer Building’ since he’s obviously an icon of agents.

-So not only does Russia send it’s bombs to the US to be dismantled but it is supervised by an outside contractor.

-How does Jack know that his father wasn’t involved with the dismantling of the bombs, either doing what he was supposed to or being corrupt.

-At first I thought that Chloe’s line to Jack about being glad Fayed didn’t kill him was stupid and useless. I had a small change of heart when Jack answered “Me too.” This made me realize that Jack maybe isn’t ready to die after all. Earlier he had said he was basically looking for the next exit that was useful, now, maybe, he’s rethinking that.

-Chloe looks pretty happy about Jack squeezing her arm like that.

-In case we weren’t 100% sure that Phillip was an evil bastard, here’s the kicker. Instead of mourning the death of the son he just killed, he’s going through his personal items to make sure he’s not connected anything bad to him. Then when his other son comes in he tries to blame him.

-How could Phillip not have been affected by the photo of him and Graham in his wallet? There’s got to be something wrong upstairs because that even made me sad, Graham carrying a photo of him and his father in his wallet when in the end his father was the end of him.

-So, I think I’ve figured out why Jack has issues about being responsible for everything. If Phillip has been this way forever then he probably spent most of Jack’s life blaming him for things that he shouldn’t have. Case and point, guilting him about Graham’s death.

-Phillip does a great job acting all sad when Jack gets there.

-Wee little mistake there, Jack asks Phillip about Gredenko and helping them find the remaining 4 nukes. Really, there are only 3 left, but hey, Jack’s been in China for 2 years or so, lets cut him some slack.

-Nothing like killing what you think is your only lead. Jack has done that before.

-Phillip is wonderful at rubbing the salt in the wounds of Jack. In a short conversation he (1) blamed Jack for Graham’s death, (2) told him he killed his only lead and (3) guilted him about Josh being fatherless now.

-You know, I really do feel bad for Morris. Even though he kind of acts it up a bit and maybe goes a touch overboard, he was in a tough place and he made a hard decision. I think it’s a good idea by the writers to show the effects of someone that not only has been tortured but who broke under torture. It can’t be an easy thing to deal with, especially in a situation where you have put potentially millions of lives at risk.

-They sure wrapped Morris up pretty good, He looks like a mummy he’s go so much fabric on him.

-Would Phillip not get picked up on some CTU security camera using his cell phone? At least he would look pretty suspicious when the scrambler comes out.

-I think the guy Phillip called is the security guy from a few episodes a go that Graham called, but I’m not 100% sure.

-You know what? Kiefer Sutherland can do so much with no dialogue it’s unbelievable. You can almost read Jack’s thoughts as he sits at the table and Buchanan tells him about the findings from Graham’s toxicology report.

-If Buchanan has seen the field tape then he doesn’t need Burke’s report to tell him what happened in the interrogation.

-Jack’s little outburst about what happened was interesting; it shows that Jack is finally starting to show signs of wear.

-Scary words from Jack Bauer, “I lost control”. Jack Bauer is scary enough, Jack Bauer out of control is a whole other level of fear.

-What is Buchanan going to do with the field tape from the interrogation if he is going to fudge the results?

-Hopefully we won’t have an ordeal like we did a couple of seasons ago when Jack was tracked down by the Secret Service in the middle of an operation.

-James Morrison and Kiefer Sutherland are very good together. They play excellently off of each other and really, I think they should have more scenes together.

-The government couldn’t spare a laptop for Assad? They make him handwrite his speech and then Wayne edits it by hand.

-It’s nice to see Wayne standing his ground under the pressure from his Vice President Daniels.

-Daniels gets right to the point, doesn’t he? There’s no beating around the bush that he thinks Wayne is making the wrong decision.

-Words that sound pretty prophetic, especially considering the meeting Tom has right after, “They [those who oppose you] will come after you, I assure you of that.”

-How high can the voltage be in that room? It’s not even locked.

-I love how Reed is skulking around in there with the door closed. What would he have said if an electrician had shown up?

-The best part of the unlocked, high voltage room is that it’s unmonitored. In the White House bunker? Not likely.

-If I’m Reed, I don’t think I’d ask Tom to be involved in this sinister plot. He’s so hard to figure out, he would be an excellent poker player.

-If Reed is not the architect of this plot, who is? I’ve got my money on Daniels.

-So, does Reed just hang out in that room waiting for the next evil plot friendly to come in? Does he have an appointment page hanging outside?

-Right now Josh apparently loved his father very much. Let’s ask him that again when he finds out what his father did today, or over the last few years, actually. Remember, he was the man ultimately responsible for Jack going to jail in China among many other things.

-Line of the week: Jack to Marilyn: “Maybe they haven’t told you the circumstances of Graham’s heart attack.” Yeah, no kidding.

-Wow, put a mark on the wall, someone actually doesn’t blame Jack for something. Too bad it had to be Marilyn.

-Surprise, surprise, an unhappy marriage in 24-land. Gee, I think I’m gonna have a coronary from that surprise. What next, is someone going to die?

-So, why is it exactly that Jack couldn’t have asked Marilyn about Gredenko in the room they were in originally? They were already alone and they only moved a few feet away.

-Well, it’s good to know that Marilyn was not following Graham for jealousy but for leverage. Does that make it better?

-Wouldn’t she have a right to be jealous if her husband was cheating on her?

-I’m going to assume, then, when Marilyn met the Russians there wasn’t the security that they have now? There’s no way she would have made it up to the window undetected if there was a man watching out of it with a gun.

-So, Buchannan sends Milo because an uplink to CTU like they use all the time isn’t good enough this time?

-Josh is going to have to have a lot of things explained to him later. That’s what everyone keeps telling him.

-When Jack tells you that you aren’t going to be in danger, that means that you better make sure your life insurance is up to date.

-Jack looks so un-Jack-like sheepishly asking Buchannan for permission to follow up the lead that he found. You can tell he respects Buchannan or else he would have told him what he was doing and not asked.

-That is not a flattering way for Morris to be sitting. The bandages kind of wrinkle him weird while Chloe talks to him.

-Again, I’m impressed by Carlo Rota (Morris). He takes mediocre dialogue and turns it into a pretty good scene.

-I expected Chloe to yell, to cry, to call him an idiot. I did not expect her to slap Morris.

-Talk about insult to injury. That was one of the few parts of Morris that wasn’t injured.

-I don’t think Chloe’s slap had anything next to the drill or any of the other torture devices he was just subjected to.

-Marilyn needs to not bring up nasty past things with Jack. Not only does it obviously make him uncomfortable but he doesn’t tell anyone anything about how he’s feeling. He’s not the type of guy to sit down and have camomile tea and tell secrets.

-Why would Marilyn tell Jack that she tried not to think about him over there? It would be somewhat comforting to know that someone cared enough to have hope and think about where he might be.

-Marilyn needs to back off Jack. I don’t care how bad her marriage to Graham was, she was married to him and he has only been dead a few hours. She hasn’t even picked up his personal effects and she’s hitting on Jack.

-It’s kind of interesting to find out why Jack ended up where he was. I’m betting that his father was a large part of the reason that Jack joined the military, maybe not only in the capacity of getting him to join the company but also other things as well.

-Marilyn is terrible at trying to convince Jack through her voice that nothing is wrong. He’s obviously rusty or he would have picked up on it as soon as she started talking on the phone.

-Chloe asks Buchannan a weird question, apparently the house she identified wasn’t in the right area, but they had no clue what area it was in in the first place, that’s why Marilyn had to go with Jack to find the house.

-Did Morris have another shirt in his locker that was similar or does CTU have the fastest laundry service ever? Even if he managed not to get blood on it, it still would have been wrinkled.

-Buchannan lets Chloe make the call on Morris, you know, ‘cause he’s not the boss or anything.

-Josh is a pain

-How did Marilyn see the house number from that far away?

-Marilyn calls it ‘pale blue’ but in man speak, the house changes to just ‘blue’.

-For being 6 blocks behind, Milo made good time into the alley.

-Was that alley really ‘behind’ the house? It looked like a long way away to be behind it.

-Jack’s gotta go easy on that car. I think I figured out why they usually give him SUV’s.

-This might be the first time since season 1 that we see a CTU issue sedan as opposed to an SUV, and I’m not really even sure that the one from Season 1 belonged to CTU. It was the one Nina Myers took from the parking lot.

-Would Marilyn have told Jack if he had listened to her? Who knows?

-Marilyn did a great job of going to the tactical van as Jack instructed her. Her and Milo stood behind the fence.

-They couldn’t have hidden that bomb any better? I mean, these guys have access to crazy technology and they hide that simple bomb behind a cardboard box.

-Wow, Milo must have taken defensive CTU driving. He does pretty well with that milk truck.

-Wouldn’t that suck if they stopped the terrorists but Milo took out a bunch of kids by running through their playground equipment?

-Even though Milo is a tech, he seems to know his way around a gun.

-All that stash of weapons and he grabs a handgun and burns the truck. He couldn’t have taken a few of those grenades and maybe another gun? You never know when that crap might come in handy.

-Why were the men knocked over by the force of the van blowing but not Marilyn and Milo? They were closer than the thugs.

-That was one abrupt ending. It was less than 30 seconds of Jack and bang, it’s done. I was at least expecting some chasing.

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