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6.08: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
~ Crazy Plans ~


Jack is a passenger in a chopper as it flies over LA. Jack is on the phone with Chloe and says he is on route to the abduction site. She is bringing up the traffic cameras now. She asks Jack what they are going to do to Morris. Jack assures her that they will have to keep him alive long enough to make the bomb operational and that means that they have time. He wants those traffic cams now. She complains that the server is not responding but Milo corrects her on a patch. She snaps at him that she knows what she is doing. Milo backs off.

Buchanan takes folder from Nadia. He looks questioningly at it and opens it up. She is unhappy. He reads it and then questions her from if this is from the field team. She says yes and tells him that Jack is on line 1. Buchanan takes his glasses off and perches himself on the edge of the conference table. He stresses out for a few seconds before picking up the line and connecting himself to Jack. Jack is still in the chopper and Buchanan tells him that he just got word from the field teams at his brothers’ house. He lays it out, “Graham’s dead, Jack.” Jack asks what happened, Buchanan tells him it was cardiac arrest. Jack assumes that it’s from the interrogation and Buchanan confirms that the onsite medic lists that as a factor but they won’t know for sure until after the autopsy. Jack’s father was there, but his sister in law and nephew on were on their way to CTU. Jack asks that Buchanan be the one to tell them. Buchanan takes this assignment, agreeing to do as Jack asks.

Milo comes into the room where Buchanan is on the phone and complains that Chloe is starting to screw up, she is worried about Morris and is losing it. Buchanan hangs up on Jack and leaves going directly to Chloe’s station. He asks about the satellite uplink but she doesn’t have it yet. Buchanan leans in on her desk and tells her to listen, he knows what she must be feeling. Chloe snaps at Buchanan that there is no problem and for him to get away from her. The only problem is people bothering her when she is trying to do her job. She continues to sulk and type on her keyboard and Buchanan orders her to give up her post to Milo. She snaps for him to leave her alone, she can do this. Buchanan is firm but kind, “Now.” After a pause Chloe sulks ‘Fine.’ and she gets up. Milo takes her seat and slips off his jacket. Buchanan puts the phone back on with Jack on the line and says that he is on with Milo, Chloe is too distraught to function and they had to pull her off. Milo says to hang on a second and then has McCarthy on the satellite 13 minutes ago. He left in a silver Maserati. Jack should be at the ambush site in a few minutes. The ETA on the tac teams is unknown, they will get back to him.

Rita drives the car while McCarthy has his gun on Morris still. Rita wants to know where they are taking him but McCarthy doesn’t know yet, he says that Fayed will call soon. Rita just wants this all to be over. Morris pipes up that this will not be over and CTU will be coming for them. Rita asks McCarthy if this is possible and McCarthy says no it’s not. Casually, Morris says that he is not Darren McCarthy who was hired by BXJ Technologies. McCarthy cuts him off telling him to shut up. Rita is concerned but McCarthy says if he is already a marked man he is going to get paid for it. Rita asks about herself and McCarthy says he will take care of her, as always. But, Morris didn’t say anything about her; they assume that CTU doesn’t know about her.

McCarthy hears a chopper overhead and he pulls back the sunroof screen and looks out overhead. Jack has a visual on the car and McCarthy tells her to take a left. With McCarthy yelling out directions and Rita attempting to do what he says, they swerve in and out of traffic. Meanwhile, Jack tracks them from the chopper above. McCarthy yells for Rita to go around the oncoming vehicle even though ‘around’ is into oncoming traffic. She resists and he pulls the wheel for her. They weave in and out of traffic nearly missing many vehicles. After some evasive driving Rita asks if the chopper is still there and McCarthy confirms it is. She squeals around the corner and nearly hits another vehicle. Morris sits in the back silently. Watching their route Jack says that they have a problem, they are headed for the 110 interchange. Jack waits for them to come out the other side and then realizes that they have lost them. Milo checks to see if there are any cameras that cover that area but after quickly scanning through the nearby cameras he finds he has no angle that covers that area. The tac team is still 5 minutes away so Jack asks the chopper pilot to put him down on the ground now.

On the ground, McCarthy has had Rita pull over behind some parked vehicles. He gets out and goes jogging over, checking inside what is there. He quickly settles on a truck, grabs a rock and breaks the window. While McCarthy works Morris has a minute alone with Rita and tries to find out how much she knows about what is going on. He explains that Fayed, the man that they are taking Morris to, is the terrorist who set up the nuclear bomb that went off. He has four more bombs and he needs Morris to make them work. Then he will be ready to kill tens of thousands of innocent people. All she has to do to stop this from happening is to uncuff him. McCarthy is right, CTU doesn’t know that she exists and all those people’s lives are on her. Rita thinks about her options.

The chopper with Jack starts to get closer to the ground between the overpasses of the freeways. A man driving by gawks out the window seeing the chopper get close to the ground. Jack takes his headset off and prepares to get out as the chopper is put down on top of two big rig trucks. Jack gets out and jumps down onto the roof of a nearby truck and lands on the ground.

McCarthy comes back and gets Rita and Morris. He tells them to move it and as he hustles her to the truck Rita asks about the luggage. Angry, McCarthy snaps at her to leave it and he gets Morris into the back of the truck. He handcuffs Morris to the handle and Rita sulks that he didn’t tell her that this was about nuclear bombs. Shutting the door on Morris McCarthy excitedly reminds her that this is about 7 million dollars. He wants her to get in the truck and Rita stands thinking for a minute. She looks quickly at Morris to who looks back at her with a look of hope. Rita gets in and McCarthy starts to drive. Rita still carries the gun.

Jack runs under the overpass and pulls his own gun out as he approaches McCarthy’s silver car. He gets close enough to see through the tinted windows seeing that no one is left inside. Jack calls Milo and says that McCarthy has dumped his scar. Seeing a vehicle sized space not far away Jack surmises that he must have switched vehicles. Milo is discouraged that from there they could have merged onto any of 6 local roads or highways, they could be anywhere. Jack asks Milo to try and find out and get back to him. The tac teams have arrived and the first SUV stops near Jack. He jumps in and they take off, Jack saying to head south. Milo turns to Chloe, realizing that he can’t use his technology to find Morris he apologises to her.

Morris is in the back of the truck still, he appears in the split screen next to Chloe. Once Chloe disappears we see Rita with the gun and McCarthy makes a call. He calls Fayed who gives McCarthy his location and apartment number, 621. McCarthy makes sure that Fayed has his money, which he says he does. They hang up and McCarthy goes for the GPS system in the truck. He pulls over to use it and starts pressing buttons telling Rita that it is apartment 621, she needs to not forget it. She looks around and then locks eyes with Morris. Suddenly, she shoots McCarthy in the chest. Blood smears all over the window and Morris gapes from the back of the truck, his eyes wide. She reaches over and opens the door and pushes McCarthy out of the vehicle. She drives and Morris can’t hold back any more. He is extremely relived that Rita decided to kill McCarthy and he assures her that she did the right thing even though it was a bit excessive. Morris has to contact CTU. Before he can finish his sentence Rita yells at him, “Shut UP!” Stunned, Morris looks at her as Rita tells him, Fayed wants him alive but what shape he is in is up to him. Unable to believe what he is hearing, Morris tells her, “oh, come on, what are you doing?’ Rita is making 7 million dollars and she can spend it without having to worry about CTU. Like he said, they don’t know she exists. Morris is devastated.



Wayne sits in the conference room with Tom who is still soaking in the aftermath of Wayne’s decision not to use his plan. Wayne tells Tom that he knows that Tom thinks he is wrong and that he was blindsided by him not backing his proposals. Head in his arms, Tom tells Wayne he is correct on both counts. Wayne has always valued Tom’s council ever since he showed up at his home and convinced him to run and then spearheaded his campaign. If it weren’t for Tom Wayne wouldn’t be there. He hopes he can still count on him. Before Tom can reply the Secret Service comes in and says that Assad’s plane just landed and he will be there soon. Wayne will talk later with Tom and leaves the room. Tom follows taking a copy of his plan and heaving it uselessly on the table.

Tom enters the room where Reed sits reading. Angry, Tom sweeps a bunch of electronics off a nearby table with a loud clatter. Reed jumps and the secret service agent outside is quickly at the door making sure everything is okay. Reed asks what happened and Tom explains that the president rejected his proposals in front of the entire cabinet and he is even rolling back on the detention facilities that are already in place. Reed thought he was on board and so did Tom but he is now putting forth an agenda to appease the Muslim community. Reed asks sarcastically if he expects them to help find the rest of the nukes and Tom confirms that that’s exactly what’s going on. Tom yells that all he will do is prove to the terrorists that he doesn’t have the stomach to do what is necessary and inevitable. Reed tries to reason with Tom that he needs to use in influence to change his mind. Tom echoes ‘my influence’; he has no influence, not here. Tom goes over and slouches into his chair. Voice low Tom tells Reed that he’s resigning. Reed tries to talk him out of it that would be a terrible mistake. Tom’s mistake was believing that Wayne Palmer had the courage and vision to fulfill this office, clearly Tom overestimated him, ‘He is certainly not his brother.’ Reed thinks that that makes it more important that Tom stay, he has support of a great many people here, including the Vice President. Tom reasons that the vice president is not in power and the country is going to be led to slaughter by the man who is. Tom cannot in good conscience be a part of it. Giving up he tells Reed to go and draft his letter of resignation and bring it back to him to sign. Reed reluctantly agrees and Tom returns to his chair.

Reed steps outside and makes a call to a man named Carson. Reed tells him that Palmer shot down the plan and rejected their initiative. Out the window Carson overlooks Capitol Hill. He says that they are going to have to move ahead with what they talked about. He realizes it is extreme but they have no alternative. Reed has a problem, Tom Lennox is resigning as soon as he writes his resignation letter. If Tom goes Reed loses his job and his access, the plan is contingent on his proximity to the president and they need him in place. Reed is aware. They agree that Tom might do something different if he knew what was coming. Reed offers to feel him out and see where he stands. Carson warns him to do it carefully, they have to protect their people.

Milo continues to try and find McCarthy but without knowing what vehicle he had it could take hours. Marilyn and Josh arrive at CTU and Buchanan steps to them and introduces himself. He asks for a moment to speak with Marilyn privately and Josh assures her it’s okay. They go into the next room and Josh starts looking around taking in the CTU surroundings. In a small room off the atrium Buchanan says to Marilyn that he is very sorry to have to tell her this but her husband is dead. She looks away from Buchanan and asks how. Buchanan tells her delicately that he appears to have suffered a heart attack. Taking it all well she asks if it is because of what Jack did to him. Buchanan is unsure but there will be a thorough investigation. Buchanan says that her father in law is bringing Graham’s body there for an autopsy unless she has an objection. She has none and looks out onto CTU saying she has to tell her son. Buchanan respectfully leaves her there and goes to Josh. He gently lays a hand on Josh’s shoulder and says that his mother wants to speak to him. Josh joins Marilyn in the room and Buchanan watches. She speaks and in a few seconds Josh’s reaction of disbelief can be heard. Buchanan looks at the ground.

Jack calls into CTU and Milo picks up. Jack asks for Buchanan and Milo pulls Bill away from watching Marilyn and Josh. Jack has found the body of McCarthy and he explains this to Buchanan as he searches the pockets of the body. They got the tip from LAPD and witnesses saw a woman and a man fitting Morris’s description leaving in a silver pickup. Jack checks McCarthy’s cell phone and says that he received a call 5 minutes ago and the ID was blocked. They figure that it’s Fayed and Jack will upload the logs from the phone to CTU.

Rita and Morris arrive at Fayed’s safe house. Rita has the gun on Morris and she tells him to knock. He hesitates and she pushes him until he does. A voice inside asks what they want and Rita explains herself as McCarthy’s associate and she has the package. The door opens and the pair enters. As soon as they are inside guns are drawn on them and they are roughly and thoroughly frisked. Fayed asks who she is and where McCarthy is. She makes up a story that he is waiting to hear from her and if he doesn’t get his money is will give Fayed up. Fayed turns his attention to Morris who tells him that he has the wrong man, he is just a data analyst. This earns Morris a punch in the face from Fayed and he is taken to the couch and Rita reminds Fayed that she got him what he wanted, if he gives her the money she will go. Fayed calmly tells her that she will get the money when this man completes his task. She looks from Fayed to Morris. Fayed sits down near Morris and explains that Morris works at CTU so he knows that he has 4 more suitcase bombs and they have to be reprogrammed before he can use them. Morris is going to create a device for him to do so. Morris, flinching slightly, tells Fayed, “Not bloody likely, mate.” Fayed gives a small nod and the thug behind Morris hits him in the back of his head with his gun. Morris leans sideways into the couch wincing in pain. Fayed comes in front of him with the device to be used as the trigger. Fayed tells Morris that he is going to modify this so he can use it to reprogram the bombs. Morris stays strong in principle but his voice shows pain, “No, I am not.” Fayed leans back from Morris and again nods at the man nearby. Fayed gets up and walks towards Rita, behind him the man grabs a baseball bat and moves around in front of Morris. Rita turns away as the thug begins to beat Morris around the mid section with the bat. Morris screams in pain.



Jack is still on the site of McCarthy’s body. He is asking Buchanan about the phone trace and what is taking so long. Nadia will go and check and heads over to Milo’s station. He is attempting to get the location of the call. It came from a landline but it has been looped through at least 12 servers and he keeps getting looped back again. The computer beeps and Milo is frustrated. He slams the keyboard and Nadia asks him seriously if he is able to do this. Before he can answer Chloe is over his shoulder asking him to let her try. She knows she screwed up earlier but she can do this. She asks if Milo has tried using a Sat Com overlay and they discuss when NSA started using it for all phone traffic. In no time she has the trace, it’s coming from an apartment building. Nadia goes back to Buchanan and tells him the address. Buchanan relays it to Jack, it’s an apartment building but they don’t have a number. They are going to set up a perimeter and stay out of sight. Buchanan turns to Milo and congratulates him for the good work. With little hesitation Milo corrects Buchanan that it was not him that did it. He turns and looks at Chloe who is stewing near the computers. Buchanan leaves it up to Milo, if he thinks she is ready h can bring her back in. Milo nods.

Assad comes down the elevator into Wayne’s presidential bunker. He is flanked by secret service but not restrained. He approaches Wayne who wears an unreadable expression. Wayne addresses him as Mr. Assad. He directs him into a room and they sit down. Assad can understand if Wayne is sceptical of him but he truly wants to negotiate peace, on his own terms. Wayne wants to table Assad’s terms for now and discuss his. Wayne’s country has suffered a nuclear attack by those who used to follow Assad. There are thousands of citizens dead or dying as they speak. Assad is aware of the tragedy in California, he was there. Wayne figures then that he knows if one more bomb is detonated there will be no chance for peace. Wayne’s people are demanding retaliation not only at organizations like Assad’s but at the government that supports them. Assad stands and the secret service agent in the room adjusts his position. Wayne says that if just one more nuke goes off they are talking about war. Assad doesn’t need to be told what is at stake but he does want to know what Wayne wants from him. Wayne asks him to go on television and make a public address appealing for peace and asking members of Islam to come forward with information about Fayed if they have any. Assad doesn’t have sway over all of Islam and Wayne knows that, just the extremists that share Assad’s hatred. Wayne can’t reach out to them but he knows Assad can. Assad figures that perception is everything and they he should present his agenda on his own time in his own way, not on American television from the white house. He has already been called a traitor by Fayed and many more will follow if they think that he is an American puppet. Wayne argues that he is not a puppet but a partner to find the nuclear weapons. That’s what’s going to have to happen if his peace initiative is going to happen so Assad better get used to it. Continuing in a more dangerous voice Wayne tells Assad that he doesn’t really give a damn how and when he wanted to present his agenda, the time is now. If he wants to lead the peace initiative then lead.

Jack shows up at the perimeter for the apartment building. He asks who is in command and is told it is agent Turner. Their status is that they are in place and they have agents in plain clothes and 3 tactical teams in his command. They have no ID on Fayed but the manager can confirm the woman and a man matching Morris O’Brian’s description entering 20 minutes ago. They don’t know what floor they are on. Jack gets a COM unit on and checks it out. He tells CTU he is in the staging area and they have confirmation on Morris but not on Fayed. They can’t get infrared satellite but they can get it at 5 minute intervals. Last pass there were 215 people in the building spread over 6 floors. It will take to long to go room by room, they need another way. Jack asks if the building is hooked into the emergency services grid. They are and Chloe explains why. Recognizing the voice Jack says it’s good to have her back. Jack wants into the system and set off the fire alarm. She has to get in and he asks to be notified when it’s done. He puts on a flack jacket and moves to where he can see better.

Fayed’s thugs continue to work on Morris. They are holding his head underwater over the side of the bathtub. Rita watches in disgust as he is pulled out and while on his knees he gasps horribly heaving in the air and out water. He quietly begs them to stop and Fayed, maintaining his calmness, says that all he has to do is indicate that he will do what he asked at it will stop. The fire alarm rings out in the building and one of the men goes to the window. He sees people leaving and asks what they are going to do if there really is a fire. Fayed grabs a shotgun from another man and hits the alarm in their apartment saying that there is no fire, CTU knows they are there. Rita doesn’t like this and says that she wants to get out of there. Fayed yells for her to shut up. He grabs a drill sitting nearby and walks by her telling them to get Morris against the wall. Rita is near tears and Morris is shoved on the wall. He waits for what is about to happen as Fayed explains that his time is up. Fayed starts the drill up and drills it into Morris’s shoulder from the back. The man holding Morris is splashed with blood and Morris screams in agony. Rita shakes her head and walks away. When Fayed is done Morris falls to the ground and splays out on his side. Fayed leans over him and threatens that he will use this all over his body until he dies of shock of blood loss and then he will find someone else to do what he needs. Rita comes back accompanied by a thug. She looks at Fayed and pleads with him. She doesn’t care about the money, she made a mistake. She just wants to get out of there. Fayed asks if she is giving up the 7 million and she confirms that she will. Fayed says okay but then shoots her with his gun. She falls next to Morris, dead eyes facing him. Morris is upset and Fayed takes the drill back. He fires it up but before he touches Morris he tells Fayed to stop. Looking at Rita and shaking, Morris gruffly says that he will do it.



Tom sits at his desk reading a piece of paper. Reed is at the door and Tom reads that Palmer has arranged for Assad to make a televised statement. Not only are they providing air time for a terrorist and enemy of this country but they are proving that the terrorists have won. Tom thinks for a second and then asks Reed for his letter of resignation. Reed doesn’t have it and Tom wants to know why not. Reed tells Tom that he can’t resign while the country is being brought to the brink of a nuclear holocaust by a weak president. Tom can’t get the President to budge, he just can’t do it. Reed asks slyly, ‘What if I told you the climate could change.’ Tom isn’t hearing him and asks what that means, the climate? Reed continues asking what if he said that there are people that believe, like Tom does, that more aggressive steps need to be taken to fight terrorism, both there and abroad and that a change in leadership is imperative to ensure the nation’s security. Tom has wandered around to the front of his desk and sensing Reed’s somewhat discomfort asks who this might be. Reed is now confused but Tom clarifies, he wants to know who these like minded people are. Reed claims to be being abstract but Tom has to agree that he would have all the support he needs if the Vice President was in office. Tom tells Reed to wait, he may dislike the presidents’ course of action but it doesn’t warrant his removal. Reed is not talking about holding meetings, something more immediate would have to happen. Tom gapes at Reed and looks away with almost fear in his eyes as Reed tries to read his reaction. Tom speaks slowly, absorbing what he has just heard, ‘Oh my God. You can’t possibly be intimating what I think you are.’ Reed backs down, he is not intimating anything, he is simply musing. Tom walks back behind his desk and cautions Reed to be careful, that kind of musing can get you thrown into jail for treason. Reed claims to have been misunderstood and Tom certainly hopes so for his sake. He reminds Reed that he has a letter to draft for him. Tom sits down as Reed leaves. He sits back, brings his hands to his face and thinks.

CTU is outside the building where Fayed is. Police have arrived to help the evacuation. Jack watches and asks if they have anything on the ground. He is told no, their people have looked though everyone outside and there is no sign of Fayed or O’Brian. They know that they were still inside when the alarm went off so they must still be in there. Buchanan calls and wants to speak to Jack. He tells him that the latest infrared scan is done and they are sending it to his screen. Jack goes to the back of the CTU SUV and looks at it. There are 3 people left in the building. Chloe pulls up their information and finds that the woman left on the second floor is handicapped and can’t leave, Milo has info on the person on the 4 th floor, he has been arrested for distribution of narcotics. Jack knows that Fayed would not use someone with a criminal record to set up the safe house so they must be on the 6 th floor. They are given the go to move in.

Morris works on a laptop that Fayed has provided. Fayed asks how much longer it will be and Morris doesn’t know. McCarthy told Fayed that this would be a few minutes of work for an advanced programmer, he accuses Morris of stalling. Morris is not. One of the thugs says that everyone is out of the building and Fayed knows that it is only a question of time. Morris continues to work on the trigger.

The tac teams have entered the building and are upstairs. Jack has a shotgun and leads on group up stairs as the other is already on the floor. They head down the hallway.

Morris has finished writing the code and Fayed tells his man to bring it. Morris asks disbelieving if Fayed has the bombs there. He just has one, he had to make sure the work he did was right. Fayed opens the bomb next to Morris and tells him to arm it. Morris just stares at the nuclear weapon in front of him until Fayed punches him in the back and reiterates his command. Morris pushes a sequence of buttons on the device he created and then hands it to Fayed. The screen is saying ‘Device armed.’ Fayed commends Morris for his work and walks away. Morris shakes his head and as Fayed packs up he tells one of his men to kill Morris. Morris pleads as the man gets him up that he did everything Fayed asked, didn’t he? Suddenly an explosion rocks the apartment and bodies are strewn. Jack and the team enter firing and they kill numerous terrorists. Jack has one more in a room, they are both down the hall from one another waiting for the other to come out. Jack pauses for a second and then gives a go order and another team comes crashing through the window. The terrorist is killed. Jack orders all agents to sound off and they do. Buchanan, Chloe and Nadia listen from CTU. An agent comes to Jack and says that they have done a head count and there is 1 terrorist missing and Fayed is unaccounted for. Jack sees an open window and pulls out his handgun. He looks down and sees an agent below, then looks up where another agent is on the roof. He is clear. Jack comes back in and tells them to maintain the perimeter. An agent kneels over Morris checking his pulse. Jack asks for his status and is told that Morris is unconscious but alive. Jack relays this to Chloe, he is injured but alive. Another agent approaches Jack and says that he needs to see this. They enter the shabby bathroom and Rita lies dead on the ground. Near the blood spattered bathtub where they tortured Morris sits a stool with a metal case on it. Jack gently kneels down in front of the case and gingerly pulls it open. He takes a sharp breath and says, “CTU, this is Bauer. We’ve got a problem.”



Jack sits over the bomb and Chloe gives him instructions. She warns him to be careful, there is a mechanism on the bomb that will prevent any forced entry. Jack has a concern about two plats moving together covered by a clear barrier. They are gradually closing in on each other. Chloe tells him that those are the trigger plates, when they meet they cause the explosion. Jack says they are about 3 inches apart. She instructs him to unscrew the screws on the corners of a cover. Jack gets a screwdriver and goes to work. As he unscrews an agent comes on the COM and says that he found out how Fayed got out. There is an escape route with a rope going down where Fayed can access the sewer tunnels. They don’t have any teams there and they have lost him by now. There was a report of a medivac helicopter taking off a few minutes ago. Jack has finished with the plate and carefully removes it revealing a group of cogs spinning. Watching the plates get closer Jack urges Chloe that they are running out of time. Chloe tells him that there are 4 wires there, he needs to short circuit any 2 to stop the left plate from rotating. Jack complies and uses pliers to short them out. Next Chloe instructs him to move switch 3 and 4 into the down position and this will open the plastic cover and Jack can stop the plates. Jack grabs a screwdriver and goes to work on the small switches. He hovers his right hand over the switches preparing to move them. The shaking of his hand causes him to pause and use his left hand to steady himself. Painstakingly slow, Jack switches both of them into the down position. Expecting a reaction Jack tells Chloe that nothing happened. Chloe questions him and he snaps that that’s what he told her, they are almost out of time. Chloe pulls up a different schematic and corrects herself. The one she had before had not been revised, the switches that need to be changed are not 3 and 4, they are 5 and 6. Jack asks impatiently if she is sure this time and Chloe answers she is sure as she’s going to be before this bomb goes off. Still unsteady Jack works on the switches as those at CTU wait and watch the countdown get closer to zero. As the timer counts to under 2 seconds Jack has completed his task. He sits back from the bomb and breathes heavily as CTU sees the counter get to zero and beep only listening to Jack’s laboured breathing through his COM piece. Jack finally tells CTU that it’s done. He gets up and walks into the other room telling the agents that the bomb has been deactivated, it’s over. Morris is being worked on by a medic and is now sitting on the couch. He tells Jack grimly that it’s not over. Jack looks at him and Morris says that if the device he gave him is not there then Fayed took it with him. Morris finishes regretfully that Fayed can arm the other devices that he has any time he wants. Livid, Jack asks Morris, “You gave him something that worked?!” Morris apologizes and Jack asks if CTU got that. They did and Jack wants them searching around the building, he says that Agent O’Brian will tell them what they are looking for.

In the split screen we see Morris, Fayed, Chloe and Wayne on the phone.

Tom checks a report coming in on his computer and calls Reed. He asks if he saw the report from CTU, Fayed slipped through again and he has the capability to arm the other nukes. He asks about his letter of resignation and Reed grabs it and says he just finished, he is bringing it right now. Tom tells him no, tear it up. Reed is surprised and Tom says that the talk they were having in his office, he thinks he misunderstood him and he would like to discuss it further. Reed picks up his extension and takes Tom off speaker. Reed doesn’t want to talk about it on this phone. Tom wants him to let him know when he has a secure location. They hang up and Reed crumples up the letter. Tom rubs his forehead and thinks.



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I don’t think Chloe wants to know what they are going to do to Morris. Also, she’s been around CTU long enough to know exactly what they are going to do to him, and it’s not going to be pretty.

-Chloe must really care for Morris, she usually can still do her job when Jack’s in mortal peril. Either that or she’s just used to Jack being in mortal peril by now.

-Nadia is essentially a glorified runner in this episode, she just appears with documents or to look tense in the background

-More guilt for Jack. Hopefully, once Jack finds out that his dad is behind all this, he will put it together and be able to take the blame for killing his brother off his own shoulders.

-Chloe is pretty snappy at Buchanan. Has she forgotten that he is her boss?

-The silver Maserati Quattroporte that McCarthy is driving is one nice car. The MSRP on that baby is about $100,000 according to Yahoo! Auto. In case you weren’t aware, Maserati is owned by Ferrari.

-I love how Milo takes the jacket off to get down to work.

-Morris’s mouth would definitely get him into trouble if he was in terrorist custody long enough.

-The fact that McCarthy cut Morris off doesn’t necessarily mean that CTU doesn’t know about Rita. Even so, they can guarantee that they will know about her once they see the abduction footage.

-If I were Rita I would be simply handing the controls of that expensive car over to McCarthy. He obviously wants to drive, especially when he grabs the wheel.

-That kind of handing is why that car is a hundred thousand dollars.

-I guess that’s the beauty of a chopper, you don’t need no stinking runway.

-Yeah, I don’t think that you want to just leave that car there like that.

-All the technology and fancy answers that McCarthy has and he ends up using a rock. Wow, a rock, how complicated

-I wonder what the criteria was for the vehicle that McCarthy stole. He checked a few.

-The guy in the SUV that saw the chopper land must be thinking it’s raining choppers in LA, not something you see every day. Although, neither is a nuclear bomb.

-That’s quite the landing job, on top of 2 semi’s.

-That was smart for Morris to appeal to the girlfriend. Women are almost always the soft point. Too bad it backfired. Didn’t see that one coming.

-With 7 million dollars, Rita can buy a new wardrobe, forget the luggage.

-Morris looks like a lost puppy dog when he is sitting in the back of the truck looking at Rita.

-We’ve seen torture, death, the whole deal but for some reason, this episode felt gorier than the other ones. More graphic violence, more blood spatter.

-Well, the way Rita shoved her boyfriend’s body out of the car was so sweet.

-Poor Morris, just when he thinks he can be relieved the crazy girlfriend changes her mind.

-Good timing on the tac team to get Jack.

-It’s nice to get some background on how Wayne ended up being president. I don’t think he would have come up with the idea to run on his own.

-Kudos to Peter McNicholl who plays Tom Lennox. He is doing a really nice job of having a different agenda but not being evil.

-Reed, on the other hand, is downright sinister.

-In retrospect it would have been faster for Tom to draft his own damn letter of resignation. It only took Karen minutes to do hers. Tom took a whole hour and then got talked into some crazy plan. While he’s in jail for whatever he’s about to be part of he’s going to wish he had just done it himself.

-So, I’m judging by the words that their plan depends on Reed’s ‘proximity’ to Wayne that they are going to take out the president of the US. There’s a good way to piss Jack Bauer off.

-I love Morris’s accent. Except, when he says that he is just a ‘data analyst’ it really sounds like he says ‘dater analyst’. Sounds like something from reality TV, not something in a counter terrorist organization.

-So, for a group that hates America so much, out of everything they use to torture Morris with they use the most American thing ever: A baseball bat.

-The Assad/Wayne meetings are interesting… hardly riveting but interesting nonetheless.

-I just hope that Wayne is making the right decisions and Assad isn’t going to use the chance to cause more trouble

-Bets on if agent Turner lives though another 16 hours?

-It’s nice that Jack has someone he can count on at CTU… too bad she’s a little flaky sometimes.

-Did anyone notice that there was no blood in the water when they were choking Morris but later when Jack was in the bathroom there was plenty around the rim?

-That’s a terrible sound that Morris makes after he has been nearly drowned. Yikes.

-Line of the week contender, thug to Fayed: “People are leaving the building, if there really is a fire, what do we do?” Hmm, I’m not going to say anything about basic common sense.

-Fayed keeps his composure very well for many hours so far… the thing that causes him to yell in less than 15 minutes – a nagging woman.

-That was one big drill bit they use on Morris.

-Poor Morris. I feel bad for him. All he was trying to do was help his brother.

-As a realist about global warming, I thought it was hilarious when Reed asks Tom about the climate changing. He should have at least preceded that with ‘political’ climate.

-Reed does a great job of trying to convince Tom of something without really telling him what it is.

-It makes a difference for Morris when he actually sees the bomb that he has created a trigger for.

-That was a convenient place for another team to be located… right outside the window Jack needed them at.

-Jack has traded in his trusty handgun for a shotgun temporarily. He’s definitely more of a handgun person if you ask me.

-So, what did Jack do with the bomb between 1:50 and 1:55?

-Jack thinks he has a problem when he sees the first bomb, he really has problems after he learns that Morris has enabled Fayed to arm the others.

-After the raid, that agent did the fastest terrorist head count ever. How could he possibly have counted and ID’d all the terrorists in seconds. Also, how did they know how many were in there to know that Fayed was missing?

-And, chalk another point off for the perimeter teams. Why do they even bother?

-When Jack was disarming the bomb, I was white knuckled to my couch. It was unbelievable. I mean, really, I knew how it would turn out but it was so tense… wow.

-I don’t know about you but there is no way I would want to shimmy down 6 floors on a rope. That’s a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

-Jack shakiness worried me. It’s weird to see him that jittery.

-I never thought I would say that I missed anything about Chloe but I am really starting to miss the old Chloe. Mostly, this is because the acting was infinitely better as socially awkward Chloe. This new Chloe comes complete with confidence and bad acting. When she tells Jack that she is as sure as she will be before this bomb goes off it took away some of the tension because the line was so poorly delivered.

-Jack collects himself quickly from sitting back on the floor and trying to gather himself to strutting out and telling the agents they are good to go.

-Poor Morris. It’s nice that he actually did do what Fayed wanted. That’s a new angle for the show… it’s usually Jack not breaking that is the center. It’s refreshing to see how someone that is not a trained super-agent would act. Believe it or not, I think Jack needs to cut Morris some slack. He did the best he could.

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