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6.07: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
~ Broken ~


There are body bags lining up at the edge of the safe zone. A reporter stands there giving a newscast and Wayne Palmer watches from his office. There are many people injured from the blast and the emergency crews are busy. The newscaster says that President Palmer has confirmed that this is a tactical nuclear attack and it took place in Valencia where at least 12 thousand perished in the blast. The LAPD is spread thin. Tom enters Wayne’s office and says that he is sorry for the things that happened with Karen. Wayne says that it sounds hollow coming from him but Tom claims that he respected her stance. Wayne presses that Karen never gave a reason for her resignation and he senses that there is something that she didn’t tell him. Tom thinks it might have been that she knew he would be resubmitting what he has in his hand, the draft of the executive order that he submitted this morning. Wayne knows that Karen was never afraid of a fight but Tom figures that she may have realized that she was wrong. Wayne doesn’t know why he would sign off on something that he rejected 6 hours ago. Tom argues that things have changed since then. This action allows them to suspend habeas corpus and to expand and broaden the detention centers. Wayne thinks it is an abuse of executive power. Tom says that it is a chance to limit Fayed’s ability to use his weapons and his sole intention is to destroy this country, it’s social order and it’s way of life, Fayed will make good on it. Wayne is uncomfortable forcing the people that elected him to give up their rights and freedoms. Tom says that if one more nuke goes off, Fayed will have redefined this country. Wayne takes the papers and flips through the package. He looks up to the screen in his office that is showing the cloud from the blast. Wayne wants this passed out to the cabinet and they are going to convene in 30 minutes. Tom assures Wayne he is doing the right thing and he leaves the room. Wayne is left to think about his options.

Tom goes to his assistant, Reed. He says that the president is convening the cabinet in an emergency session. He wants Reed to tell General Whitten that they are ramping up. Reed questions if the briefing passed and Tom wants to know why he would convene the cabinet if he is not. Tom congratulates Reed for good work, Reed is doing what needs to be done. Tom thinks that getting rid of Karen was unpleasant but she left them no choice.

Buchanan calls Karen and starts apologizing for not calling earlier to brief the president. Karen stops him and says that she has resigned. She can’t get into it but she has asked to be reassigned to CTU as an onsite liaison. Buchanan argues that she can’t leave today of all days but she asks if he thought she had any other choice. Buchanan knows that Lennox had something to do with this but nearing tears Karen cannot talk about this. She will see him in a few hours. She grabs her bag and laves the office. As she walks outside of it her phone rings again. It’s Buchanan calling back but she looks at the call display and ignores the call. She looks down the hall one more time and then gets in the elevator taking her upstairs.

Chloe comes upstairs and says that she can’t get a hold of Jack or the backup teams, maybe they went dark. Buchanan thinks aloud that he wouldn’t have done that without telling him. He wants her to keep trying Jack.

The thug sitting shotgun in the car is on the phone asking Graham what he wants them to do after. Graham will be at his house for at least another hour dumping hard drives so the thug will meet him at the house. Graham clearly says that he is to make sure that everything goes exactly to plan. The thug tells Graham not to worry but Graham says that it’s his job to worry. He hangs up.

In the back of the van, Phillip turns to Jack and tells him that he did it all for him, everything he worked for and everything he built was all for him. Jack looks at him briefly and then returns an unfocused look to the floor. Phillip continues that after Jack left he tried to convince himself that Graham was capable of handing the family business but he guesses on some level he always knew the truth but he was not willing to admit it to himself. Without looking at his father Jack says, “I don’t know what you want me to say.” Phillip wants Jack to understand; after he left Graham was all he had. Jack looks up and Phillip apologizes. Jack goes back to looking at the van floor.

The van carrying Jack and Phillip pulls into an industrial area where cement trucks sit idly. Jack and Phillip wait as the thugs head around the back Phillip and Jackand open the door. One of them pulls off the plastic that is binding Jack and his father together and then tells them to get out. They comply and as they get out of the van Jack and Phillip exchange glances. The thugs lead them over to the end of a truck where there is a large ditch waiting to be filled in. As they walk Phillip turns to one of them saying that whatever Graham is paying him he will double it. They stop walking and the shooters pause. They are ordered to get on their knees but Philip turns to the man behind him and says that he is going to shoot him face to face. While the second shooter is distracted, Jack takes the chance to try and take him out and Phillip goes to work on the first one. Jack grabs the gun from the man and shoots at the thug with Phillip. Jack hits his thug and knocks him down going for his gun but before Jack can do anything Phillip has shot the thug. Jack bends backwards over the body levelling his gun at the fire coming at him. Frustrated, Jack explains he wanted to question him. Phillip reminds him that they were going to kill them. Still on the ground leaning over the body, Jack tells his father to see if the other one has handcuff keys. Jack checks the pockets of his thug finding a cell phone. While Philip takes his cuffs off Jack calls Buchanan at CTU. Buchanan is once again glad to hear from Jack, he hasn’t been able to reach him and asks if Jack is okay. Jack, breathing hard from the fight, says he is fine but the backup teams have been killed. Buchanan asks about McCarthy and Jack says not yet but he knows how to get to him, his brother. Buchanan thought Jack’s brother wasn’t involved but Jack was lied to Graham didn’t tell him everything. Jack knows this because he just tried to have he and his father killed. Jack wants teams sent to his brother’s house to confirm that he is there. He also asks for Burke standing by with an interrogation kit. Buchanan tells Jack that McCarthy is their only lead to Fayed and they need to find Fayed Jack calls into CTUbefore he arms the nukes. Jack will get back to Buchanan when he makes contact with the field teams. Jack tells his dad that the have to go and Phillip tosses Jack the handcuff keys.

McCarthy is on the phone while Rita looks like she is going somewhere. McCarthy wants to know where she is going and she explains that she is heading to the candy machine in the lobby, she’s hungry. He asks her to wait, they will be leaving soon. She whines that that is what she said an hour ago but he says to sit down. McCarthy calls Fayed and says that he found someone to arm the nukes; he is sending his information over, everything they have, his experience and his whole CV. He is qualified and he will get the job done but he won’t work willingly, they are going to have to make him do it. McCarthy will have him within the hour.



Nadia calls Buchanan over and says that he needs to come and listen, NSA intercepted some chatter and in that was a phone call, they have ID’d one voice belonging to Fayed. Milo has it up on his screen and he plays part of the conversation that we just heard between Fayed and McCarthy. The conversation finishes and Buchanan surmises that they lost Numir in the explosion and they need someone else to arm the bombs. They tell Buchanan that they found an image file with it and they think it might be a photo of the engineer. Morris is working on it. When questioned Morris says that the file is corrupted and it could take 10 minutes to recover or it could take an hour.

Jack and his father show up at Graham’s house in the van. Jack wants to know who is in charge with CTU and the man who is, Hal Turner, identifies himself. His men are in position around a 1 block radius. Jack’s brother is inside as well as his wife and son. Jack warns them to not use non-lethal force, Jack needs to take his brother alive. Phillip wants to go in with Jack but Jack tells his father to wait there, he needs to question Graham alone. Phillip asks what Jack is going to do and Jack answers whatever it takes to find out what he knows. Jack leaves his father.

Marilyn follows Graham through the house as he carries his laptop to the living room. She knows that there is something going on and presses himPhillip waits outside Graham's house to find out what it is. He snaps back at her that if she insists on being here why doesn’t she make some coffee. Angered by his rudeness Marilyn argues with Graham until Josh comes in and whines for them to stop fighting. He accuses them of doing nothing else. Marilyn says that things are tense today and suggests that they leave his father alone, he needs to work. They make it a few steps away before a loud crash is heard and CTU agents come pouring in the house. Graham quickly grabs a gun out of the front of his laptop bag and levels it as Jack comes screaming around the corner for Graham to drop the gun. Graham keeps his gun levelled at his brother and Jack closes the space between them yelling for Graham to drop it. After a few seconds of indecision where he looks at his family, Graham puts the gun down and starts to get down on the ground. Jack pounces on him and shoves his knee into the back of Graham’s neck while Graham grunts for him to take it easy. Marilyn is practically panicking next to Josh and asks Jack what is going on. Jack gets Graham up and tells one of the agents to search every hard drive and memory stick in the house and send it to CTU. Jack goes over to Marilyn and Josh. He quickly assures Josh that he will tell him everything but not right now, he wants Josh to go sit down and Jack takes Marilyn into the kitchen. Jack is guiding her by her arm and she wiggles free telling Jack to let her go. Jack looks at her and then tells her dangerously to stop looking at him like this has something to do with them because it doesn’t. Calmer he tells her that Grey just tried to have him and their father killed the nuclear weapon that was detonated was acquired from the family’s company and Grey was trying to cover it up. Sounding completely unapologetic Jack tells her that he’s sorry, this must be difficult to believe. Surprisingly, Marilyn says that it’s not, she doesn’t know the details but she knows what Graham is capable of. Jack turns his questions to her telling her that there are 4 more bombs out there, is there anything that she can tell him. She cannot. Jack asks if she has ever heard of a man named McCarthy. Again she can’t help, she says that Graham hasn’t confided in her in years, maybe he never did. He presses her, there are thousands of lives at stake, he wants her to think. She wishes she could help but she doesn’t know anything, and neither does Josh, and he doesn’t need to know. Jack will do everything he can to protect him but she yells at Jack, ‘No!’ and takes a few steps back towards the living room. She tells Jack that she knows what happens to people when he tries to protect them; he just wants to get her son and get out of there. She leaves and goes to her son, Jack following. Jack doesn’t get far out of the kitchen when an agent intercepts him and says that they found some hard drives they were being erased but they are sending what’s left to CTU. Jack watches Marilyn hug josh and Jack says that his sister in law and nephew don’t need to be there, they can be transported back to CTU for debriefing. The agent nods and goes to the pair telling them that they are going to CTU. Jack watches as Marilyn gets her coat and looks back at him for a few seconds before leaving the house. Phillip is outside the house waiting. Josh and Marilyn come outside and Josh runs to Phillip and hugs him. Phillip asks if he is okay and Josh says not really. Marilyn asks Josh to wait in the car and then starts questioning Phillip. She asks him if the things that Jack said were true about what Graham did. Phillip says it’s complicated and she tells him to keep Josh out of this. She gets in the car.

Graham awaits interrogationBurke is setting up with Graham and once he finishes Jack enters the room. Graham says calmly that he panicked, that’s all there is to it. Jack repeats that he panicked, that’s his excuse? Jack spits, ‘You PANICKED?’ He reminds Graham that he tried to kill him and their father. Graham was protecting his own ass since he was backed into a corner. Jack accuses him of knowing about a tactical nuclear weapon on American soil, Graham was responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people. Graham asks sarcastically if he thinks he wanted the bomb to go off. Jack thinks Graham knew about McCarthy, he asks how to find him. Graham claims to have no clue. Jack closes in on Graham and yells, “How do I find McCarthy?” Graham doesn’t know. Jack says there are 4 more bombs out there, this is not a joke, how can he find McCarthy. Graham claims to have told Jack everything he knows. Burke, watching the machines beep, tells Jack that the temperature patterns indicate deception, especially the last reply. Graham remains composed as Jack, not happy with his choice, mumbles ‘Set up the interrogation package.’ Burke leaves and Graham grimaces, knowing what is coming. Jack comes in front of his brother and tells him, ‘You don’t want to make me do this, Grey.’ Graham answers back, ‘In all those years I could never make you do anything you didn’t want to do.’ Burke has gone outside to the SUV and grabbed a silver case from the back. Phillip watches.



Milo walks by Chloe’s station and says that he needs to talk to her. She follows him to a nearby contained area and Milo says grimly that it’s Morris’s brother. Chloe asks if it’s Timothy and Milo confirms it, he is on the way to Horizon Regional hospital. Chloe takes the folder and looks in it reading that it say that he has severe radiation exposure and it says he is in crucial condition. Milo nods. Chloe wants to tell Morris about it but he stops her saying they should hold off, he is the best hope they have for resorting the file and if they drop this on him now he might shut down. Chloe argues that it’s his brother; they can’t keep it from him. Milo prefaces his comment by saying it might sound insensitive for a second but he asks her to put aside her feelings for Morris for a second, they need to finish writing the utility. Deciding, Chloe says she knows Morris, he can handle it. She leaves Milo who mumbles, “I hope so.”

Chloe goes to Morris’s station and he chirps a ‘Yes, Darling.’ Chloe has some bad news, she is holding the file and says that it’s about Timothy, he’s being taken to the hospital. Morris reads it as Chloe says she’s sorry. Morris tries to reason out of it, it can’t be right, it says he was pulled from his car just north of Valencia. He doesn’t know what he is doing in Valencia. Picking up the phone Morris dials the operator and says he needs to be connected with Horizon Regional. She tells him all the circuits are busy and he wants her to do an emergency breakthrough. The operator cannot do it and she hangs up on Morris who then slams the phone down as Milo watches looking stressed. Morris thinks for a second and then looks at Chloe. Deciding, he gets up and says he has to go there. Milo intervenes telling Morris that he knows it’s hard but they have to find the engineer before another bomb goes off. Morris argues that he can’t sit there while is little brother is dying in the hospital. He walks past Milo and Chloe gives chase. She places herself in front of him and says that 12 thousand people are dead and if Fayed finds an engineer it will be many many more. 4 bombs equals about a million people, with a hand on his shoulder she asks him to think about this. Morris looks away and then says that she can finish the code, she can. Chloe could but it would take her half an hour to figure out what he’s done. She urges him that he needs to stay and finish his job. Chin quivering for a second Morris takes a haggard breath and agrees. Chloe thanks him as he goes to sit back down, passing Milo in the process.

Jack is on the phone to Buchanan in the lobby of Graham’s house. Buchanan says Chloe got nothing off the hard drives they sent, he updates Jack on the status of the engineer. Jack clarifies that the nukes could be operational in 45 minutes. Jack hangs up on Buchanan and watches Burke get Graham ready for interrogation. Once he is finished Jack enters the room shutting the door behind him. He stands in front of Graham and tells himJack interrogates his brother that CTU confirmed that McCarthy is looking for an engineer for Fayed, he is going to arm the nukes. Graham, with a slight edge, says that Jack is wasting time talking to him. Jack tells Graham that he knows he is holding back, the machine doesn’t lie. Graham figures it must be broken because he told him everything he knows. Outside the room another agent watches the interrogation and Phillip wanders in watching his two sons on the monitor. Jack takes Graham’s glasses off and explains that what Burke has is hyocine-pentothal. It’s a nero-inflammatory designed to induce pain, all Graham has to do is tell him how to find McCarthy. Graham maintains that Jack’s guess is as good as his. Jack looks back at Graham and orders 2cc’s. Graham looks to the side and Jack walks away putting his back to Graham and brings his hands up behind his head. Jack waits as Graham starts to feel the effects and lets out a scream. Jack winces and listens to his brother in pain. After a few seconds Jack turns back to Graham who is sweating and breathing hard and bends down pulling Graham’s head to his shoulder with a quiet, ‘Come here.’ Once the pain has subsided Jack threatens that he can take this to 7cc’s, ‘You will experience pain I can’t describe. At 8cc’s I run the risk of inducing a heart attack, make no mistake, I will go there if I have to.’ Jack begs Graham to tell him what he needs to know. Jack gently puts his hand on the back of Graham’s neck and says that he doesn’t want to hurt him. Graham, words edged in anger, asks, ‘Are you sure about that, Jack?’ Jack asks Graham again to please tell him what he needs to know. Jack yells, “How do I find McCarthy?” Still holding onto Graham, Jack tells Burke to do it, 2cc’s. Almost right away Graham starts to scream again, Phillip watching as Jack tries to comfort Graham, looking at times disgusted with himself as he coaxes Graham through the pain urging him to breathe. He continues to plead with Graham to tell him what he needs to know, how he can find McCarthy. Graham doesn’t answer and Jack swears at his brother and orders 4 more cc’s. Burke, doing the math, says that’s 8cc’s total and his vitals are spiking across the board. Jack yells for the 4cc’s. Jack walks away and Graham now pleads, ‘Jack, don’t.’ Jack storms at Graham, “The machine knows you’re lying, I know you’re lying, tell me the truth!” Phillip watches again as the 4cc’s enter Graham’s body and he screams in agony. Jack goes back to Graham and holds onto him again. Panting and just finding his voice Graham tells Jack breathlessly, ‘It has nothing to do with McCarthy, it has to do with Palmer.’ Jack echoes almost inaudibly, ‘David Palmer?’ Graham confirms it. Still in pain Graham explains, ‘I gave the order for his assassination, and agent Tony Almeida and agent Michelle Dessler, your coworkers are dead because of me, I arranged it all.’ Jack backs away from Graham with a look of upset confusion and Jack soon backs into a chair and nearly falls into it. Graham continues, ‘I set the timetable for the killers, I even lured you out of hiding to take the fall.’ Jack takes it all in, near tears, he tilts his head sideways as Graham finishes, ‘Today isn’t the first time I’ve tried to have you killed, Jack.’ No longer holding back his emotions Jack asks in a hoarse whisper, “Why?” Graham spits at Jack, voice strong, “Because I love my country and in the real world sometimes that means you have to do things, terrible things, even unforgivable things for the sake of your country.” Snapping out of his emotions, Jack looks at Graham who asks him, “But you know all about that, don’t you brother?” Near tears himself Graham cries to Jack, “We’re the same, I mean look at me … we’re the same.” Anger taking over Jack launches himself out of his chair at Graham screaming, “We are NOT the SAME!” He shoves Graham over, chair and all, and he lands on his back still tied down. Jack has drawn his gun and hovers it over Graham’s face, getting close in he asks if Graham wants Jack to kill him. Graham tells Jack to do it. Crazy with rage Jack says he will do it, he’ll do it his way. He turns to Burke and orders 4 more cc’s. Burke can’t do that but Jack roars at Burke while wielding his gun to take out the syringe and do it. Jack returns to Graham as Burke gets the needle out and as Jack is calling Graham a son of a bitch Burke radio’s for some help in there. Jack is back to asking Graham if he wants to die and the door to the room is pushed open by an agent with a gun on the other side. Jack screams for the agent to drop it and the agent complies. Jack returns to Graham telling him that he is going to die but Phillip shows up at the door behind the agent. Jack looks up at his father who looks at Jack without a word. Coming down from his rage Jack looks at Phillip and then quietly tells Burke to shut down the IV, shut it down. Burke complies and Phillip walks away from the room. Jack takes a breath and without saying anything to Graham he walks past him out of the room. The agent at the door and Burke both pick Graham back up into a sitting position. For a few seconds a look of dangerous satisfaction crosses Graham’s face.



Sandra is sitting next to Walid’s bed. He starts to stir and she comforts him. Walid is ashamed of what he was doing. Sandra questions him and Walid says he was spying on those men, he thought he was doing the right thing. Sandra tells him it was the only thing he could do, and that it was the right thing. He closes his eyes and she sits back down, she tells him that he is the bravest, most principled man that she has ever known. She look at Walid and tells him to get some rest. Gently she touches his face and he keeps his eyes closed. Sandra goes outside grabbing her ringing cell phone on the way. Wayne is calling offering his condolences on what happened to Walid. Sandra says that she thinks he will be alright. Wayne is confused about some of the details he heard, they told him that Walid was working undercover to expose a plot. Sandra corrects Wayne that the men were not part of the conspiracy, they were bystanders. The information that they had about the nukes was pulled from the internet via a cell phone. Wayne is sympathetic but says they should have reported the site. Sandra argues that they were scared that they would just be in more trouble. These men were pulled from their jobs and homes on trumped up immigration charges and now they are being faced with deportation, he is detaining without due process the people that are helping him the most. Wayne looks down at Tomas Lennox’s next proposal as Sandra asks how he can expect them to help when they don’t have any legal protection. Sandra admits to being scared. He assures her that everything is alright.

Morris is still working on the photo of the engineer, all the programs he has are finished and he still has no clear image. Thinking, Morris starts typing away with Milo asking what he is doing. Morris says he is downloading an unlicensed application to clear the image. Milo warns him that it could corrupt the file but Morris knows these guys, ‘They write good code, when they’re not serving time.’

Buchanan and Jack are on the phone, Buchanan still at CTU walks by behind Milo and Morris and Jack sitting outside the front door of his brothers’ house on a stone divider. Jack seems to have just finished filling Buchanan in on what Graham told him and Buchanan can’t believe it. He concludes that that is what Graham was holding back. Jack says that he was not only responsible for David Palmer’s assassination but he directed the entire conspiracy, he was trying to protect the company and that is what he is trying to do now. Buchanan says that’s incredible. Jack wishes it got them closer to the nukes but he believes Graham doesn’t know where McCarthy is. Jack sighs and asks if they were able to pick up anything at CTU. Buchanan tells Jack about the possible image of the engineer that is badly corrupted. Morris is working on it now. As soon as Jack’s brother is ready for transport he wants him sent back to CTU for further debriefing. Buchanan has redirected a chopper to Jackson Middle School which is 4 miles west of Jack’s position. Jack thanks Buchanan and hangs up the phone. Jack sits for another few seconds gathering himself and then takes a deep breath and gets up. He enters Graham’s house again and looks into the study where his brother remains tied to the chair with his back to Jack. Jack keeps going and sees his father sitting on the couch in the living room rubbing his forehead and looking stressed out. Phillip doesn’t notice Jack has arrived and he pauses for a second before approaching his father. He comes right in front of him and sits on the coffee table. Phillip doesn’t acknowledge Jack and Jack checks the ground and says softly that Graham made his own choices after he started letting him run the company and he can’t make himself responsible for that, it’s not fair. Jack looks up at his father and Phillip speaks to Jack saying that what is not fair is that he deserved a better family, Jack responds by returning his gaze to the ground while his father finishes, ‘Not this, not us. I just can’t imagine what you must be feeling.’ Jack looks back to his father, thinking and Phillip continues that all the time they lost, what he wouldn’t give to have some of it back. Jack nods slightly and agrees, ‘Me too.’ After a second of silence Burke enters and calls Jack saying that his brother has been stabilized and he will be ready to move in 10 minutes. Burke leaves and Jack asks his father to go back to CTU, Phillip agrees. There is a pause and Phillip tells Jack that he needs a few minutes. Jack says, ‘Of course’ and gets ready to leave saying they have sent a chopper for him, he has to go. Jack gets up and walks away concealing his emotions. Phillip sits and thinks for a few seconds and then returns to rubbing his forehead.



The program that Morris downloaded to clear up the image is working. Milo is standing over him as Morris gets up. He says it will be 2 minutes, Morris says goodbye to Chloedon’t touch anything. Morris grabs his coat and says he is going to go and find out about his brother. Milo starts to protests but Morris says to save it and he walks from his station. Chloe catches up with Morris and he asks her to watch his station. She wants to know when he finds out anything and they share a quick kiss as Morris leaves.

Tom speaks to the Vice President, Noah Daniels, who is in the air. Daniels tells Tom, ‘To be honest, I didn’t think this President had the stomach for the cure.’ He tells Tom that he has done a good job getting the proposal this far, it’s about time someone in the administration stood up to these people. Wayne enters and Daniels is put on speaker phone. All present stand when the President enters and then they all have a seat. Wayne assumes that they have all read executive order 1066. It was presented to Wayne by Tom this morning and he rejected it, sacrificing the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution seem like too steep a price, even for the promise of security but then Fayed murdered 12 thousand innocent Americans with a nuclear weapon. Wayne felt compelled to revisit his earlier decision and after careful reconsideration he remains convinced that his initial response was the right one. Implementing this plan would be a terrible mistake and he cannot and will not endorse these actions. He speaks to the general room when he says that some of them seem to think that the constitution is only valid during peace and not during war time, this is not what the founders intended. Tom speaks up and says, with Wayne’s indulgence, Washington’s enemies wore bright red coats and marched in a line, they were not their own citizens. Wayne also figures that this action will hinder law enforcement and Tom pipes wanting to know how and Wayne answers by putting away the American Muslim community, they are their best ally. They need to show the people that they are governed by the law and never the politics of fear. Daniels asks Wayne to, before he makes any unilateral decisions, to hear some other thoughts. Dramatically Wayne says that he’s sorry, the discussion on this matter is over.

Buchanan crosses the CTU atrium telling Nadia that Jack is on his way back to CTU, he wants interrogation A and B set up and for Jack clearance package with no restrictions. Buchanan comes over to Chloe and Milo who are still waiting on the ID of the engineer for Fayed. They almost have it and as it starts to clear Buchanan says he wants the ID out on the interagency subnet once they know with all eyes possible. The image clears and Chloe is stunned, it’s Morris, his clearance, personal history, everything. Buchanan asks where he is and is told that he’s on the way to Horizon Regional Hospital; they got a call that his brother was hurt in the blast. Buchanan calls security asking if Morris O’Brian has left the parking lot. The guard confirms he is gone and Buchanan pauses and says ‘Dammit’ before hanging up. Buchanan orders Milo to put out an APB on his car and for Chloe to try to raise him on his cell. Buchanan calls Jack and tells him that they got the ID on the engineer, it’s Morris. Jack wants him under protective watch but he is gone, they got a call that his brother was injured. Chloe has Morris on his cell, he is in his car and stopped at a stop sign. Buchanan patches Jack in to the conversation and says for Morris to get back to CTU immediately. Morris can’t do that and Jack tells Morris that it’s a set up; it was his photo that McCarthy was sending to Fayed. Morris catches on and starts to prepare to turn around when another car pulls diagonally and stops in front of Morris. McCarthy gets out and shoots a few rounds at Morris’ car. Chloe calls him as he drops his cell phone and asks what they want with him. McCarthy tells Morris to cooperate or the next one is in his head. Morris gets out and Jack observes that it sounds like they are moving him to another car, Rita, who has been driving, cuffs a grudging Morris to the inside of the car. Buchanan asks Chloe to get traffic cameras within a 5 mile radius. He prods her to go. Rita drives and McCarthy has a gun pointed at Morris while he dials his cell phone with the other hand. He is connected to Fayed and tells him that they have the engineer. They will be there in 15 minutes, Fayed will be waiting. McCarthy ants to know if he has the money and Fayed says he will be paid as soon as he has what he wants. McCarthy is just delivering him, it’s not his job to make him cooperate. Fayed says he will cooperate. Morris sits watching out the window.

In the split screen we see Jack getting out of an SUV and into a waiting chopper, Chloe, the Vice President, the joint chiefs and Wayne and finally Lennox.

Burke is packing up the interrogation kit; he has taken down the camera and packs it up. He takes a case out and Phillip asks to speak to his son. Phillip kills his sonBurke agrees and give him 5 minutes. Phillip thanks him and they clear the room. Phillip closes the door and walks up behind Graham. Taking a glance around himself Graham asks mischievously, “How’m I doin’?” Phillip answers great. Graham observes ‘Everyone thinks Jack is so tough, well maybe he is but so am I. It’s nice to know that I can take anything he can dish out.’ Phillip says that Graham told him about Palmer. Graham had to give him something to make him think he cracked, he kept Phillip out of it. They agree that the interrogation is not finished and Graham didn’t tell him everything, he won’t, he tells Phillip that he knows he won’t. Phillip says they will take him to CTU and they will do things there that make this look like a cakewalk. Graham is confident; he said he could take it. Phillip would like to believe that but the problem is they have to be sure. Graham says he can be, “I’ll hold my mud, Dad.” Graham reminds his dad that everything is going according to plan, Jack bought the ruse. Phillip commends Graham that he is sure Jack is convinced that he was trying to have him killed as well. Graham concludes that makes Phillip the good guy and Graham the bad guy, Graham takes the wrap, does some time and Phillip remains free and gets him out when he can, ‘Meanwhile, the company lives on.’ Graham encourages his father to stick to the plan, that’s what Phillip always taught him, to make a plan and then stick to it. Pensive, Phillip walks behind his son and says that sometimes you have to make adjustments. Graham would never betray his father and he says he loves him. Phillip loves Graham too commenting that he has been a good boy, he has done everything he asked only this time he asked for too much. Picking up a syringe that Burke has left out Phillip empties the contents into Graham’s IV. Graham starts to talk but then he starts to feel the drug taking effect. Phillip comes behind him and, still holding the needle in one hand, puts the other over Graham’s mouth stopping him from yelling out. Once Graham stops fighting and goes limp Phillip lets him go and gently guides his chin to his chest. Phillip leans over and kisses Graham on the top of the head. He puts the syringe down and takes a few steps to the door yelling for someone to get in there, his son has had a seizure. Burke and 2 other agents come bursting into the room, Burke arriving at Graham first. Feigning concern Phillip leans in asking what is going on and if Graham is going to make it. Burke doesn’t know, he starts checking Graham’s reactive signs and asks for some room to work. Phillip threatens that if they have killed his son they are going to regret it for the rest of their lives. Phillip puts his hand to his forehead again.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I know reporters like to be ‘in the action’ but I don’t think nuclear radiation really cares about the designated ‘safe zone’ and if there’s a nasty gust things could go south really fast for that newscaster. Especially since he is so close to dead bodies.

- Wayne totally knows from the word ‘Go’ that Tom had something to do with Karen’s resignation. When he’s less busy managing a crisis he needs to try and prove it. I know anything with the president in it probably has security up the wazoo, he need to find the tapes and prove Tom extorted her into quitting.

-Only in 24 can you really say things like, “I know you didn’t approve of this before but now, 6 hours later, things have changed so you might want to now.”

-Tom definitely got his hopes up too quickly there. My question is, was Wayne prepared to sign off on Tom’s order before he talked to his sister? Did the whiny sister plotline actually have a purpose? Could we have done it with less screen time for her? Is she finally GONE now?

-I’m thinking that if you just resigned from your job you would call your husband before you pack up your office… or maybe my priorities are skewed.

-Even Buchanan, 3000 miles away know that Lennox had something to do with Karen resigning.

-Did they forget to finish that one wall in the presidential bunker right next to the elevator? It’s like exposed nasty looking brick. The rest of it is really nice but that one wall looks like it was totally forgotten about in the floor plans.

-I hope that Buchanan wasn’t calling back with proof of something ugly for Tom that could have saved Karen’s job.

-I hate Reed by default, just because he works for Tom.

-Buchanan is going to have a serious meltdown if his day keeps going like this.

-Ooh, we had the return of the evil purple vans.

-I am entirely confused about what happened with Jack and his father when Graham either did or didn’t really try and have them killed. Here’s the thing. If Graham was really intending on having Jack killed, why did he go through the escapade of driving his father out with him and nearly killing him? If they were just going to kill Jack anyway who would he tell? Dead men don’t foil plots. Phillip could have pulled the trigger and Jack wouldn’t have been telling anyone. Maybe it was part of the plan that Jack and Phillip escape so it looks more real to Jack, I’d buy that except that when the thug was on the phone with Graham he said, “We’ll meet you back at the house.” If it was planned that he was going to be killed why is he planning to meet Graham anywhere? Also, who agrees to that kind of plan? Maybe when Phillip shot the thug that Jack was going to question he was really aiming for Jack but just has bad aim, but then again, why would they have to make such a big show out of it, he could have just killed him at the office. Maybe I’m being a blockhead and not seeing what’s obvious but man, it all seems like a lot of convoluted stuff to ultimately lead Jack to interrogate Graham at the house. If I’m Graham, I’m leaving town right away and not leaving any chance that my half crazy vengeance fuelled brother is going to find me and interrogate me, especially if my last name happens to be Bauer.

-I’m very interested in the history of Jack and his father. Phillip credits Jack ‘leaving’ as why he turned the company over to Graham. When was this? It had to have been more than 9 years ago because Jack had been working at CTU for a while when we started Season 1. There is no mention of BXJ technologies in his profile so my guess is that maybe he worked for/with/ran the company when he was in college/university and then maybe he left when he joined LAPD or the Army.

-From that chat in the van it definitely sounds like Jack is the older brother, Phillip did all this stuff for Jack and when the oldest son didn’t take it on Phillip had to pass it on to the sub-par younger one.

-Such a Jack answer, “I don’t know what you want me to say.” Delivered with just enough edge to show that Jack is not happy.

-Well, whatever the reason that the whole charade occurred about the killing/not killing Jack, I now know why Phillip killed that thug. He can trust Graham to not give up his secrets but not some random worker.

-It’s funny with the set up for the engineer. I knew that it would be someone from CTU, it’s just so 24. I also knew that it was very very likely to be Morris because he has a colourful background but as I watched the show and the call about Morris’s brother came in it didn’t even dawn on me that that was the set up to get Morris out of there so McCarthy could get him. When I finally realized it (at about 50 minutes after the hour) I laughed at how stupid I was to not see it, especially since, deep down, I knew what was going on.

-I’m starting to wonder what the significance of Rita is. Not that she’s annoying but what is her purpose because we all know there are no random players in 24. Does she have a connection to Morris? Or someone else? Or will she go against McCarthy?

-When Morris said that it could take 10 minutes or an hour to recover the file I knew that was my cue to check the clock and surmise that it would take about 43 minutes.

-Why did it take Jack and Graham almost 40 minutes to get to McCarthy’s office but then 5 minutes to get to where they were supposed to be killed and another 5 minutes to get all the way back to Graham’s house.

-Knowing what we know now about Phillip anyone want to lay bets on if Phillip would have just shot Graham if he entered the house with Jack?

-Oh, Graham is so rude to his wife. What a pain. His son is annoying, all the whining. How old is he supposed to be?

-That was some pretty serious intensity when Jack and the CTU crew crashed the house and Graham had his gun on Jack… I was waiting for 1 to pull the trigger but I guess Graham didn’t because of his family there. Possibly, if they weren’t there, things would have turned out differently.

-That’s gotta be a weird place for Josh to be in. Hey, meet your uncle Jack. See Uncle Jack come back with enforcements and tie up your dad. Oh, now your dad is dead. Sorry about that.

-Jack is getting very good at saying he sorry but not sounding at all like he is even close to sorry.

-I wonder if Marilyn knows more than she’s letting on. Also, she’s all for protecting Josh, I wonder if he knows anything.

-I’d like to know what Marilyn has seen in Graham that makes her think that he is capable of these terrible things. It must be something really bad.

-I’m starting to wonder if Graham just married Marilyn to get back at Jack. It seems like, from the sounds of it, they don’t really get along.

-Nasty line of the week: Marilyn to Jack: “I know what happens to people when you try and protect them.” Talk about salt. Ouch.

-Oh yeah, all those who say Josh is Jack’s son? Male spawn of Jack would never openly admit to ‘not really’ being okay. He would be genetically inclined from birth to not, unless under the most extreme circumstances, admit that he is not okay.

-Can you say ‘ass’ on TV? Apparently you can but I thought it was on the no list.

-I love how the SUV with the serious interrogation drugs is just left unlocked with the back up. Anyone off the street can just wander by and steal something. Similarly, it’s great how they just leave the front door of Graham’s house open so Phillip can just wander in. If the neighbours weren’t wondering what is going on when CTU showed up they really are once Jack starts interrogating Graham.

-When McCarthy is working on the laptop and sending the information to Fayed, you can see Morris’ photo over his shoulder.

-How come McCarthy moved from the desk to the bed at the hotel room? The big leather chair wasn’t comfy enough?

-Another indication that Jack has always been Jack, Graham saying that he could never make Jack do anything he didn’t want to do. Translate: Jack, you’re a stubborn jackass.

-Chloe should have known Morris better than that when she argued with Milo to tell him about his brother. She assured Milo that he would continue to work, she was wrong and it could have cost them a lot.

-Believe it or not, I kinda miss the old Chloe. Have I said that yet?

-What should have been the tip to those of us who suspected Morris was the engineer, when he said his brother shouldn’t have been in Valencia? Yeah, I still didn’t get it. So unlike me.

-Morris making the decision to stay at CTU or go see his brother was a brilliant piece of acting by Carlo Rota (Morris). One who has surprisingly not risen to the dramatic occasion is Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe), her delivery is awkward and forced and in all honesty, Rota makes her look bad.

-Something is awry with the conversation between Jack and Buchanan when he tells Jack that the nukes could be operational within the hour. It seems like it doesn’t line up, what they are saying to each other. Also, Buchanan says ‘Within the hour’ and Jack repeats, ‘in 45 minutes’. The top of the hour would be around 30 minutes away.

-In case we have forgotten, hyocine-pentothal was the same drug they used on Henderson last year.

-The first time I watched this show for summary purposes, I have to say that for the first time I was brought to a stop when re-watching the Jack/Graham interrogation scene. It was so magnificent and the ramifications of the interrogation was so well played by Kiefer Sutherland that I couldn’t work, I had to sit through it stunned a second time before I could continue.

-Also, credit goes to Paul McCrane for his unbelievable work as Graham. It was almost too bad to see him die because he was flawless as Graham.

-Picking nits, there’s a slight camera angle discrepancy when Jack is interrogating Graham. If you watch the placement of Jack’s hands and his proximity to his brother you will find that it must have been edited over different takes, especially when we see the monitors.

-I didn’t think the acting could get any better for the torn Jack Bauer as he interrogates his own brother in a very painful way until Graham revealed that he was behind the David Palmer assassination and the murder of Tony and Michelle. In fact, I don’t think I can even comment on that, it’s too perfect, for the character of Jack and the character of Graham. Completely unbelievable that they are acting, it’s too good.

-So, Graham and Jack are both patriots, but in a different way. That puts a new spin on it and if Phillip raised them to do anything for their country then I can see how this could happen. With someone so deep into their beliefs it’s nearly impossible to convince them that they are wrong.

-Creepily, I’m remembering Henderson’s words to Jack last year about opening Pandora’s Box.

-It also works that Henderson would know Graham and probably Phillip. If Jack and Henderson were close friends when Jack worked at CTU and he believed the same things as the rest of Jack’s family it makes all kind of sense that Henderson could work with Graham and Phillip.

-Actually, when Jack said he would kill Graham ‘his way’, I really did think he was going to just shoot him, that’s more his way. But, in a way, the injection is revenge for what happened to Tony who was killed at the hands of Henderson, working for Graham, using hyocine-pentothal.

-I was scared of Jack there, when he was so so angry with Graham. I would not have wanted to be Graham.

-Speaking of people I wouldn’t want to be, Burke certainly makes the short list.

-What good was that agent that came in with the gun? All they did was get Jack angrier and crazier.

-Graham is so evil and calculating and the look like he has won after Jack is finished is scary.

-Not many things can bring Jack back into focus like his father can. Seeing him come down out of his insane rage for Graham with simply a look from his father was very interesting.

-Sandra calls Walid “The bravest, most principled man that she has ever known.” Has she already forgotten about her dead brother David? I think he would win that title.

-Jack looks so sad sitting outside Graham’s house. He just seems so small and broken.

-I’d still like to know exactly what BXJ Technologies does and why killing David Palmer would protect it.

-Jack is obviously off his game. Here we see it again. Before Jack went to China, he would have seen right through Graham’s lies and it’s going to crush him if or when he finds out he was wrong.

-It seems wrong for Jack to be lecturing someone on proper dealing of blame.

-Phillip makes it sound like Jack is some sort of god or something, that his family shouldn’t have been them. It was strange.

-I really like the dynamic of Phillip and Jack together. Big tough all knowing and hard working Jack Bauer still has a kid inside him when he is near his father.

-For some reason I find Jack’s clothes kind of funny today. The pretty tight grey shirt and jeans and then the gun sticking out off the side, not even close to concealed.

-I don’t like Tom and I don’t like Noah. They are a bad scene and they are bad for Wayne. I’ll leave it at that.

-Where did this so called information about Morris’s brother come from? Who’s the dirty one dealing with that?

-Do we think that CTU could have delivered the information a little quicker to Morris? Then he might have had time to act instead of beating around the bush about it.

-If Morris really did ‘just’ leave the parking lot when Buchanan called, why couldn’t someone go get in their car and go after him? IT would have taken less time that way.

-Burke is SO fired for leaving the killer injection unguarded. That should be the first thing that gets packed up. I’m sure this is the same guy that would store a loaded gun on his nightstand.

-Perfect delivery on this line: “How’m I doin’?” Oooh, so evil.

-Graham is such the boy that wants to please his father no matter what the cost. I sense that Jack was the favourite son before everything went to hell.

-Wouldn’t they have a count of how much of that drug was used and how much should be left at the end of the interrogation? There has to be some accountability.

-Because Jack needs to be more of a broken man, let’s let him believe that his interrogation killed his brother too. Special.

-It’s probably safe to say that Phillip was the one that deleted files at McCarthy’s office right after the bomb went off.

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