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6.06: 11:00am - 12:00pm
~ Loyalty ~



The workers at CTU stand and watch Wayne’s speech on their TV’s. Wayne talks about rising above the crisis, the country has been challenged like never before and they must rely on the strength and faith of every single American and that is unshakable. Wayne challenges the citizens to rise above the fears and bigotries and stand their ground. They will defeat their enemy and preserve their values.

We have moved to the presidential bunker and, once Wayne signs off, Tom turns off the TV, turning to his assistant Reed Pollock and saying, “I wish he had not said that.” Pollock doesn’t understand and Tom explains that the American people have to get used to the new security measures, they are a way of life, not a temporary mandate. Karen is standing not too far away and after hearing this speaks up that Tom is now making policy unilaterally. Tom dismisses his assistant with a look and Tom argues with Karen that he is pretty clear about his proposals. Karen challenges him with some of the things he has already prepared, the National Guard taking over in cities instead of police and expanding detention centres on soft intel without the President’s consent. Tom is frustrated and asks how many times he will have to tell Karen that he is preparing for the president to be able to take swift action if he decides to. He had not authorized anything. Karen demands to know how he characterizes the detention facilities? Those preparatory measures turned into an illegal paramilitary operation. Tom says that the president agreed to all of the actions and Karen, heating up, argues back accusing him of taking her as a bleeding heart liberal preaching civil liberties. Tom argues that when the constitution was written their biggest threat was a single shot musket that took 30 seconds to load and fire. Fayed killed 12 thousand people in less time without taking aim. Tom loves the constitution but he won’t be ducking behind it when the next bomb goes off. She is willing to do what it takes to protect this country and Tom raises his voice. Karen stands by her argument that the detention facilities will cause irreparable damage to the country. The argument heats up and they are nearly yelling at each other. He tells her smugly that she should hop a shuttle to the justice department because she doesn’t belong here in national security. He starts to walk away from her and she calls to his back that if he thinks he can wear her down he is mistaken. Pausing at the door he says that she is wearing him down.

Tom leaves the room and goes down the hall. He runs into a Reed who is finishing up an unpleasant sounding phone call where he orders someone to just get it done. Tom needs Karen Hayes to go away. He needs the president to sign off on his proposals and Karen has gone from an irritant to an obstruction. Reed is waiting to hear back from some people and then she will be gone. Tom heads away telling him that all the work that he is doing for him does not go unnoticed.

Nadia is on the computer and is frustrated. She sees Buchanan come by and stops him asking if he has seen the new Nadiasecurity measures that came down. It came on the hourly’s and Buchanan hasn’t seen them yet. Nadia tells Buchanan that anyone with a Middle Eastern background is required to put a redundancy layer on any of their log ins. She knew that there would be extra precautions taken with a Muslim woman working in counter terror in the US, but she doesn’t think this is the time to question people with grade 4 security clearance. Buchanan will get on it but he’s not going to be able to do it right away, there are too many things on the go. She asks what she is supposed to do with 1 hand tied behind her back. He will try and get it fixed but it will take time. She accepts this grudgingly and the topic switches to Jack. They haven’t heard from him since he went to see his brother. Nadia offers to try and contact him but Buchanan is sure he will call when he has something.

Jack is still choking Graham with a plastic bag. He just starts to let up on the fight when Jack takes the bag off his head allowing him to breathe normally. Graham gasps, chest heaving, and Jack threatens that if he lies again the bag goes back on. Graham is close to tears and explains that Dad didn’t want anyone to know where he went. Graham says he didn’t leave a number in case of emergency, after the bomb went off their father told Graham that he was cutting himself off. He didn’t tell Graham where he was going. Jack doesn’t believe his brother and steps toward him again, heading behind him with the bag. Graham whines he told Jack he didn’t know but before Jack can get the bag on Graham relents and calls him off. He went to see a guy that works for them named McCarthy. Jack wants to know why. Graham starts blubbering that this is his fault, he made a mess and dad is trying to clean it up. He tells a stunned Jack that he was right about the nukes. Gredenko gave them the contract through the company. The job was to bring the old nukes to the US for decommission. BXJ is often hired to dismantle smaller bombs and recycle the core, it happens all the time. Graham hired McCarthy and Grahamhe guesses he didn’t check him out thoroughly enough. Jack sums up that he came in with the lowest bid and they hired him. Grahams head was in other things at the time. Jack accuses that the bombs were sold by McCarthy and stolen from BXJ. Graham agrees that that is pretty much it. Jack says that Sam said that their dad left yesterday, he knew about this and didn’t tell the authorities. Graham and his dad were planning on handling it on their own. He assures Jack that it is much more than what Jack’s people are doing. Voice full of anger Jack asks what they are doing. Their father has gone to look for McCarthy, he is staking out his office and he checked in an hour ago. Jack gets out his knife and Graham watches him closely. He cuts the cords binding Graham to the chair and asks where the office is. It is in Simi Valley and Jack tells Graham to get up, he is going. Graham is not leaving his family but Jack thinks otherwise. Jack unlocks the large wooden doors to the room and seeing Graham has not moved yells at him to get up. Graham, shaking his wrists, complies and then grabs his jacket from his chair. Marilyn

Outside, Marilyn is watching TV when Graham and Jack walk by. She asks where Graham is going and he quickly explains to go and find dad. He tells her to stay with Josh and don’t go outside the house. He will be back as soon as he can. She looks at Jack as they leave.

Outside the house Jack asks for the address to McCarthy’s office which Graham gives. Jack dials his phone to CTU and asks Chloe to speak to Buchanan. He is being briefed on Fayed so he tells Chloe he wants 2 field units to the address he gives her and for Buchanan to call him. After he hangs up Graham starts on Jack asking if that is it, he is going to sell out Graham and his father. Jack tells Graham to get in the car.



In the conference room Morris works away on a laptop, Milo and Buchanan are present as well as some others. Milo says that they have been watching the ground movement inside the perimeter they set up around the bomb detonation site. There is no sign of Fayed yet. Fayed could be hunkered down waiting and they have anticipated that to, they are going street by street into homes searching for him. Morris complains that this could take Morrishours. There’s nothing else they can do and Milo suggests that they use the bomb to their advantage, it’s safe to say that Fayed will be moving opposite the fallout. They can use radio frequency searches to try and locate him.

Chloe enters and tells Buchanan that Jack called and wants 2 teams sent to him. Also, the CIA is in the process of trying to track down Gredenko.

Jack goes peeling around a corner in the CTU SUV. Graham is sitting shotgun and has his hands cuffed together. He tells Jack that if he gives CTU their names they will eventually come after the family. Jack figures that CTU is interested in finding the bomb, not writing a bunch of indictments. Graham wants Jack to not be so simple minded for once; CTU is made up of people that have ambition. Jack asks Graham to trust him but Graham answers, ‘After what happened at the house all I trust is your sadistic tendencies.’

Buchanan calls Jack and Jack fills Bill in on McCarthy and his involvement. He brokered the nukes to Fayed and Buchanan clarifies that Jack’s fathers company had nothing to do with it other than that having the nukes taken from them. Jack doesn’t know and he hangs up the phone with Buchanan. Graham tells Jack that if he is doing this to come after him he has to know that eventually dad will get caught in the middle. Jack has nothing to say and Graham continues speculating that maybe Jack wants that, maybe he wants dad to go to jail too. Graham finishes, ‘That’s good Jack, I see your loyalty is still to the family.’ Jack responds evenly, “If I wereChloe & Buchanan you I wouldn’t talk about loyalty.”

McCarthy is on the phone and his girlfriend, Rita, does her makeup in the car. When he finishes the conversation, not getting the answers he wants, she asks where they are going. He wants to know why she cares but she doesn’t feel safe. It seems to her that whatever he is trying to do is a long shot and she doesn’t know why he is wasting time, it’s going to get harder to get away. Angrily, he stops the car and tells her to get out. She is shocked and he yells that her negativity is not what he needs right now, he needs less stress, not more. Rita undoes her seatbelt and leans into McCarthy, instead of yelling in return she asks seductively how sure the 7 million is. He calms down and says that that’s the type of question that he loves to hear from her. His phone rings and he answers with a ‘yeah’. Fayed is calling and he wants to know if McCarthy has found an engineer yet. He hasn’t yet and snaps for Fayed to give him a break, this is not one stop shopping. Fayed reminds McCarthy that he said it would be within the hour. McCarthy knows what he said but it is taking longer than he thought. He said he would find someone and he will. McCarthy hangs up on Fayed.

At CTU they are running photos from the detention facility so they can cross check with terrorist watch lists, they can go deeper than the FBI. Milo is heading this up, Samuels just sent images of people that Walid has been working on undercover. Morris will send it off as soon as he gets the manifest from Nadia. Milo is confused as to why she hasn’t sent them yet and looks over to Nadia who is pecking at her computer in frustration. Milo descends on her and demands to know why she hasn’t done it yet. Nadia snaps at him that she is doing the best she can, he can take it somewhere else. Milo is trying to understand the problem; the detention centre is one of the only live leads they have. She sighs and tells him to go and ask Buchanan. He will.

Milo goes into Buchanan’s office who is finishing up a phone call about the teams going behind Jack. Tired already, BuchananBuchanan wants to know what Milo wants. Milo says it’s Nadia, she is falling behind on her task and he wants to know what’s going on. Buchanan says nothing, Milo should split her workload if she can’t handle it. She is only doing 1 task. Buchanan makes up a story that she is doing things for him but Milo isn’t buying it, he tells Buchanan, with all due respect, he is the tactical lead on the floor and if he wants to do his job he needs to know what’s going on. Buchanan admits that Nadia has been flagged by Homeland Security. Milo is floored, he looks out of the office and says that’s she has lived in the US since she is 2 years old, she’s a registered republican. Buchanan gets it; he knows and feels the same way as Milo. Buchanan tells him to get back to work and unhappily he heads out of Buchanan’s office. Buchanan looks around and sighs before calling Karen. He says he wants to give her a heads up about the latest security mandate from Homeland Security. He says they are racially profiling their own agents, Karen is appalled by this revelation and angry. Buchanan says that one of his best people is hamstrung because she has to work twice as hard to get through the security measures. Karen spits that they are not security measures, they are the delusions of Thomas Lennox. Karen will talk to the president.

In the detention facility the men discuss the bomb that went off, one of them says it went off in Valencia just over an Oooh, I hate her.  Sandrahour ago. Walid asks how many were killed but they don’t know yet. The man says that there are 4 more visitors, Walid asks what that means. Again, they don’t know. Walid wants to know where they got their information and the man wants to know why Walid is asking so many questions. Walid says that the things out there affect them in there and they need to share everything they know. Salim explains that Heydar has been in contact, he smuggled in a cell phone. Heydar pulls it out of his pocket just a bit to prove it is there.

In the control room Sandra wants to know how he did that. Samuels explains that these centres went up quickly and they are not totally secure. Samuels wants him to get the phone and find out who he is talking to. Sandra tells her that they can get the phone and then get Walid out of there. They are talking to Walid now and that’s a big get for them, they don’t want to pull him out yet. Samuels gets on his phone and says they are going to need to get into a cell tower. He gives the coordinates.

Tom walks and Pollock comes over to him. He says that he is done and hands a file to Tom. Tom asks if all these people will come forward if needed and Reed says yes, he had to put the screws on some of them himself but they are all Tom’s. He spies Karen and says that he needs to talk to her. She is in the middle of a conversation but he says that now would be a better time. Once Karen’s conversation has gone Tom says that ‘this’ just isn’t working for him, he cannot have her in his way anymore. He needs the president’s undivided attention and she is dividing it. Karen is not going to not do her job because it irritates him. He wants her to tender her resignation. Karen rolls her eyes and walks away from Tom asking what he has been smoking. He doesn’t allow her to go but says that he wants to talk to her about her husband, his incompetence and her covering it up. She demands to know what he is talking about. He says that 14 months ago, CTU had Fayed in custody in Seattle and he was released on his husband’s order. Karen defends what happened, they were detainees, they were not arrested. Tom asks why then did the file end up dead ended with a blue code at Homeland. Tom has people ready to testify against them. Karen is angry and argues that everything was cleared; she did not break the law or protocol. She threatens asking if he wants to get in the ring with her, everyone has skeletons in their closet and she can drag his out. Tom has a leg up, though; as he points out that his proof is in hand. He is not out to hurt her or her husband personally but he wants her to resign within the hour. He leaves her standing there and then, while he walks away, turns back to look at her for a few seconds.



Morris leans on the desk near Nadia’s and presses her because of her slowness. He wants to know why something that should take 10 seconds is taking her 5 minutes. Milo overhears the conversation and says that he has borrowed some of her system power, she is running at 20%. Morris wants to know why someone didn’t tell him this, Milo just did. Morris tells them not to keep things a secret, he waves his arm around and says they are on the same side. Milo leans in near Nadia and she asks why he lied for her. Milo admits he talked to Buchanan. Nadia is frustrated and he starts tapping on her keyboard. She asks what he is doing and he is logging her in under his ID. She reprimands him softly, this is illegal. Completing the task he says that she didn’t do it, he did. She thanks him and they pause, looking at each other close together. She sits down in her chair.

Karen walks down the hall and Wayne can be heard in the background speaking. Karen looks unhappy as she sees Wayne Karen resigns to Wayneaddressing an issue. She knocks on the door and he nods her in. She needs to speak with him but he is squeezed for time. She says it can’t wait and Wayne dismisses the person he is with. She walks over to his desk and places the folder she is carrying down in front of the president. She tells him that she is tendering her resignation effective immediately. Wayne is surprised and asks what’s going on. She says it is a personal matter and Wayne immediately asks if there is something wrong with her or Bill. She says they are fine, she can’t elaborate. Wayne had noticed her and Tom locking horns for the past few weeks but he needs their different points of view. He knows it is difficult to sit in a room with someone that constantly opposes you but he has not seen anyone handle it better than her. He cannot take her resignation, not now, not today. With respect she says that he is going to have to. She is here to tell him that for the past few weeks she has seen him handle things, she knows that he values her advice but, emphasizing the next few words, she tells him that “You are your own best council. You know what to do, sir, and I have no doubt, absolutely no doubt, that you will continue to rise to this challenge.” Karen is holding out well but has a tear in her eye. He pauses and then swallows hard. He asks if there is anything he can do to change her mind. She says no there is not. If he could reassign her to CTU LA she would appreciate it, she feels she would serve best there. Wayne will approve her for military transport west. She thanks him and turns to leave. He turns away from her and she calls him one more time, saying she is sorry. So is Wayne. He leans on his desk and his shoulders sag with his back to the audience. She gets a few steps from Wayne’s office looking dishevelled and she literally runs into Pollock. He says that he has a white paper for her to look over and then give to the president. She tells him to give it to Tom. He thought she was the one that handled that but she snaps at him to give it to Tom. She excuses herself and walks away. Pollock gets out his cell phone and makes a call to Tom who works on a laptop. He says simply, “Karen Hayes is out.” Tom thanks him and picks up some papers.



Jack and Graham are out of the SUV, Graham still in cuffs. Jack is on the phone with Chloe reading off the plates of all the vehicles in the parking lot. She confirms that the last one does not belong to McCarthy either. He asks her to cross reference them and find out if any of them correlate with McCarthy. Jack wants one of the back up teams from CTU sent to the parking lot and the other one to wait on the perimeter. He hangs up with Chloe and Jack and Graham head to the entrance of the building. Graham says McCarthy is on the 2 nd floor. They head inside.

At the detention facility Walid sees the guy with the phone, Heydar, moving away from the others. He pulls out the phone and looks at it, pressing a few buttons. Walid closes in on him but suddenly Heydar turns back and puts the phone away. Walid walks near Heydar and appears to trip over his own feet. Heydar helps Walid and asks he is alright. Walid says he is fine and wanders away pulling out Heydar’s cell phone. He says quietly that he got the phone and Samuels says that CTU can access the records from the phone, he just needs to dial the following number: 310-597-3781 and push the pound key when he is done. Once they get the info off the SIM card he can put the phone back. Sandra talks to Samuels and he calls Chloe at CTU, alerting her to what is coming in. She sees a bunch of numbers come up on her screen and tells him that there are over 120 encoded numbers. She will get back to Samuels in a few minutes. Samuels sits back and comments that Walid did a great job getting that phone. Sandra pleads that they let him go before he gets hurt. Samuels is telling Sandra for the last time that they know something and Walid can help. This will go on as long as he continues to harvest information for them. Walid is given the okay to put the phone back and he walks towards the group.

Chloe types on her computer and a site comes up with a burning flag in the background. She translates the site with the computer and then calls Samuels back. She doesn’t think that these guys are connected to anyone. Samuels asks what she is talking about, they knew about the bombs. Chloe explains that they found it out from a web page, the cell had a browser and anyone could have connected into it, it’s not password protected. Samuels asks why they wouldn’t have reported it if they knew about it. Getting up Sandra says because he has them locked up, why give them information that will make them look worse. She is getting Walid out of there. Samuels radios to pull Walid from the yard.

Salim tells the group the story about how he was taken from his home, there was no search warrant and he is angry thatWalid this country is supposed to be about freedom but this is not freedom. As he speaks, Heydar is looking in his pockets for his cell phone. He realizes that it is gone and alerts the others. He had it just over there. Remembering what happened Heydar accuses Walid of taking it. Walid scoffs, he did not take his phone but Heydar is persistent, he fell right in front of him. The others seem to be siding with Heydar and he wants Walid searched. A pair of men grab his arms and the others check his pockets, meanwhile, Sandra is at the gate trying to get into the camp but meeting a guard that is not helping. The men quickly find the cell phone on Walid and he is accused of spying on them, ‘You’re worse than they are.’ Punches start to fly and Walid is outnumbered and soon on the ground. Once he is down they start to kick him and he pulls his arms and legs in to try and protect himself. Men from the army come in to try and break up the fight. Samuels shows up at the gate with Sandra and orders to be let in, the noise from the yard rising. He and Sandra get in just in time to see the soldiers breaking up the tail end of the fight and the crowd parting revealing Walid on the ground. Sandra goes running to his side and lowers herself down next to him calling his name. He has blood on his face but insists weakly that he’s okay. She knows he is not and Samuels radios for a medical team on site, there is a civilian down.



Chloe’s phone rings and she picks it up. The 2 nd team has arrived at McCarthy’s building and the parking lot is almost empty. The second team seems to consist of 2 men in an SUV. Chloe tells them that the building was evacuated because of the bomb. They are to wait at the entrance. They are standing by.

Jack and Graham have been upstairs for a few minutes and Jack has managed to get past the electric security panel by taking it off the wall. Graham goes in first with Jack close behind and Graham says that McCarthy’s office is the last door on the right. He is not happy about this situation and Jack goes in the room, gun drawn. He clears it and then calls Graham to go as well. They go to the office that is labelled “Darren McCarthy” and Jack clears this room as well. He tells Graham to take a seat and he does. Jack looks out the window and then starts tapping on the computer in front of Graham. Graham questions Jack about what he is doing and he says he is looking for anything in McCarthy’s files that will connect him to BXJ or the nukes. Jack finds his employment contract but when he opens it up a bunch of commands are shown. Graham is surprised by this, they have found an electronic shredding program. The time on the shred was 10 minutes after the bomb went off. A noise can be heard outside the room and Jack perks up. Jack orders Graham to get up and Graham does. He stands up and Jack uncuffs one hand but then recuffs him to a pole. Graham protests but Jack reprimands him, “Don’t make a noise.” Jack gets his gun out again and leaves Graham in the office.

Jack heads back out of the office and down the hall the way they came in. He hears something in the room next door and Jack opens the door and checks the room. He doesn’t find anything but he hears another noise. Jack rounds the corner and finds a thug on the other side. They fight, the man lands a few blows on Jack but Jack returns them. Jack knocks the man down and then turns to get his gun off the floor. Quickly picking it up Jack turns the gun on the man and tells him not to move. Behind Jack a second man arrives and hits Jack in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. Jack drops sideways with a grunt and then sprawls onto the floor. He rolls over to face his attacker who cocks his gun preparing to fire. Before he can fire another man that has entered tells him to stop. The thug with the gun asks if the man knows him, Phillip Bauermotioning at Jack, and he says yes, “He’s my son.” Jack has lifted his head to see past his body who is standing there. Jack grunts and gets back on his feet, wincing and holding his ribs. Phillip is surprised to see Jack there, ‘We all feared the worst.’ Jack wants his gun back and the thug that picked it up looks to Philip who nods. The man holds Jack’s gun out and Jack rips it from his hand, finger at the ready for the trigger but Jack puts it away. Phillip asks what Jack is doing there and he quickly explains that he is working for CTU and they are looking for McCarthy. Jack knows what he is trying to cover up, Grey told him. Phillip asks where Grey is and Jack says he is in McCarthy’s office, Phillip wants him in there but Jack tells the man going to wait. He tosses the man his keys and says he will need those. Jack and his father walk out of the room as Jack explains bitterly, “I didn’t trust him not to run.” Phillip is doing everything he can to find McCarthy and Jack scolds him asking what the hell he was thinking doing this on his own. Phillip defends his position that he only heard about this yesterday but Jack argues that the second he learned about the missing bombs he should have told the authorities. Phillip was told that the bombs couldn’t be detonated, that the triggers were deactivated. Jack snaps that he was wrong, Phillip shoots back, “Evidently.” Jack turns his back on his father and squeezes the bridge of his nose and then puts his hand over his mouth as if trying to not be sick. Phillip continues quietly that “I’m just trying to keep my son out of prison.” Jack turns back and asks where McCarthy is. Phillip doesn’t know but when he finds out they can pick him up together. Graham has been freed and comes behind Jack rubbing his wrists. He says that that is not what Jack wants, what Jack wants is to find the nukes, if he is held accountable for what happens, that’s the bed that Graham has made. Graham joins the group and uses that as proof for their father of his family love, “We’d be better off if he was still rotting away in a Chinese jail.” Jack takes it well and gets out his cell phone. Phillip wants to know who Jack is calling and Jack answers, ‘CTU.’ Phillip approaches Jack and asks him to work with him. He will tell Jack what he knows but for now he asks Jack to keep Graham out of it. Graham watches carefully while Jack thinks about it. Phillip urges Jack that they are talking about prison. Jack figures that Graham made the mistake, he should have been more careful and the second he knew what happened he should have reported it. Graham patronises Jack that he always does what he should, ‘How about when Dad needed you and you disappeared?’ Jack is silent until Phillip asks him to give them a chance to clean this up. Jack turns to his father and says that there are 4 more bombs out there and Jack will no be responsible for thousands and thousands of lives to try and protect this family. Phillip now turns away as Graham answers, “Wrong. Protecting family is everything and I think your dead wife would agree.” Out of anger, Jack charges Graham and roughly shoves him up against the white board behind him starting, ‘You son of a…” He pulls his hand back to hand a punch and Graham braces for impact but his fathers’ voice calling his name stops him. After thinking about it Phillip agrees to do things Jack’s way, he can call CTU. Jack lets his brother go but its Graham’s turn to intervene saying, “I don’t think so.” He motions for the thugs and one of them rams Jack against the same wall he was just holding Graham against. Now the thug punches Jack and grabs his gun, shoving it into the base of his neck. Phillip is surprised and tells him to put the gun away. When the man doesn’t comply Phillip makes it very clear, “You work for ME.” Graham corrects his father, in fact, he doesn’t. The other thug pulls his gun on Phillip. Jack flinches and watches helplessly as Phillip turns to Graham and says that this is insane. Graham asks Phillip if he thinks he would let him run loose without keeping an eye on him. Phillip again says to put the guns away but Graham tells him to shut up. He takes Jack’s cell phone checking the display before closing it. He tells his father calmly, ‘Well, I’m glad we can all finally put our cards on the table.’ Graham looks to Jack and scoffs, “Family…” He says to go and the first thug releases Jack from the wall and guides him out the door, Phillip behind.

McCarthy is on the phone and the person on the other end found someone for Fayed. The person he found has theMcCarthy technical background to do it but they will probably have to force him to do it. McCarthy has entered a hotel room with Rita. He hangs up the call and she asks what makes him think that they will not find him there. He is not planning on being there long enough and he is not that stupid. He ponders that when he is done with this deal he might just buy her a small country. She says as long as it is not Palm Springs.

In the lobby of McCarthy’s building Jack and his father are still being held and now are handcuffed, Jack still has a gun on the base of his skull. One of the thugs reappears and says that everything has been handled, they are ready to go. Graham says lets move and they start to walk out.

In the split screen we see Jack and his father walking out, Walid wheeled into an ambulance, Karen walking though the halls and Rita and McCarthy in the hotel room

Outside McCarthy’s office the Bauer’s and the thugs walk out into the sun. As they approach the CTU SUV Jack and his father see that the agents have been killed, they are still in the vehicle. Phillip is appalled and asks in disbelief what Graham has done. Graham answers simply, “Jack forced my hand.” He tells his thugs to call when it’s over. Graham gets in a vehicle and drives away. Jack and Phillip are loaded into the back of a van. They each sit down on crates and Jack sighs as one of the thugs works on chaining them together while the other holds a gun on them from the drivers’ seat. Jack and Phillips eyes meet.



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Was there any Jack in this show? Honestly. Not enough Jack. That whole storyline could have been wrapped up in like 18 minutes INCLUDING travel time.

-You know who I’d like to see get Jack out of this? Sam the butler. Then we can really say, ‘The butler did it.’

-Yet again, we catch up on the past events by seeing it on TV. I like it.

-Tom is being so slimy trying to get his way. Karen is totally right to call him on it and argue with him. Too bad in the end it didn’t work out for her.

-Good for Karen getting up in Tom’s face like this. Although often frequent arguments and nagging sometimes become annoying in this show, these two do a nice job and keep it fresh. Although, by the end of this show it does almost get old.

-It’s interesting that after all this time with 24 being scrutinised for being political in one direction or another they hardly ever make allusions to political parties but they do it two times in this episode. Are they finally taking a side or is this just a fluke.

-What I really think is that Tom is scared. He’s scared about what just happened with the nuke and is overreacting based on that.

-Tom does a really nice job with the Karen is wearing him down line. It’s just evil enough to sound scary.

-I do have to say that Nadia is taking her setback well. She is much more calm and collected than I would be in that situation, being second guessed by her own employer for security purposes. What a drag.

-You can see that Buchanan really wants to help Nadia but he has WAY too much on his plate.

-Yeah, Jack will call Buchanan when he has something, like his brother in the bag.

-I think that if Jack put the bag on at the end of the last episode and it was still on the first time we saw Jack, Graham would be dead. Either that or he would be a brain dead vegetable.

-Well, it looks like Jack got the looks AND the brawn in his family. Graham caved pretty quick, and was he crying?

-Phillip went dark once he knew about the bomb, that’s pretty smart but if I was in his shoes, once I knew about the bomb I would be getting out of town. Like, now.

-Although Graham is not technically a terrorist by definition, I think he is still not the best choice of people to be decommissioning nuclear bombs.

-Jack takes the news well about the whole family allowing the bomb to get to terrorists thing.

-Jack has always been a to the point kind of guy. He sums up all Graham’s bumbling in about ¾ of a sentence.

-It’s so hard to tell with Graham whether it really was a mistake for him to hire McCarthy, whether he planned with WITH McCarthy or whether he hired McCarthy with the knowledge that he probably would do something bad but not have anything to do with him himself.

-Anyone else wonder exactly what Graham’s head was in at the time he hired McCarthy? Possibly why his wife would go out with him after Jack?

-Graham sure looked scared of that knife when Jack popped it open

-I wonder what the price tag is on the lamp that Jack now has completely destroyed.

-For the record, Simi Valley is just under 40 miles out of Valencia, where the nuke went off. Too close for comfort for me.

-Two times in 1 hour Jack secures his brother at the wrists.

-Marilyn sure looks like she blames Jack for taking her husband away at this time of crisis.

-Why is Morris so negative about finding Fayed? Does he have a better idea or something? I like Morris but that was downright annoying.

-Personally, I’m still on the fence about the Graham-is-Jack’s-brother twist but one thing that goes on the plus side is having someone around that knows Jack really well again. Case in point, Graham telling Jack to not be so simple minded ‘for once.’ Interesting.

-Line of the week contender: Graham to Jack: “After what happened at the house all I trust is your sadistic tendencies.”

-I, like most of you, am very interested in the history of the relationship between Jack and Graham. Obviously they have had a tough history laced with betrayal and differences of opinion. Graham must have wronged Jack in a very serious way for Graham to think that Jack is coming after him personally ( I mean, a way that Jack knows about)

-Most intriguing line of the week, Jack to Graham: “If I were you I wouldn’t talk about loyalty.”

-Jack and Graham are so the tale of 2 brothers that couldn’t be more different. Jack is very much the black sheep. Graham and their dad have had this company together, they have probably had their differences but have been working together. Jack takes the opposite route, joins the army and becomes a CTU agent. It’s interesting.

-McCarthy is a good villain, he’s not eeevil, but he’s just nasty enough to make some money.

-7 million dollars. That’s a lot of money to simply find someone to do the dirty work.

-McCarthy’s got a lot of gall to hang up on Fayed like that. He’s a 7 million dollar paycheque.

-Nadia would have saved Milo a lot of running around if she had just told him what was going on. I thought CTU was supposed to be an organization of efficiency.

-I’m not so sure Buchanan is going to make it through this day. He might have to go home and have a nap.

-I know that the thing with Nadia is crappy, but if it came down from Homeland Security wouldn’t it be on all of their systems, in the hourly’s? Milo could get the information himself without having to prod around.

-I can’t resist this even though I should go there. Is it impossible to be a terrorist if you are a registered republican? Real terrorists take note!

-Walid is good at what he was doing, getting information, although, he was asking too many questions.

-I dislike Sandra intensely. He wins the award so far for the worst character of the season. I honestly hope that she wins the overall award for worst character of the season because if there are any worse than her, I just might have to start fast forwarding. We’d be talking Kate Warner bad if it got worse than Sandra.

-If I were Samuels I would have smoked Sandra upside the head long ago just to shut her the HELL up and have her stop asking so many questions.

-Line of the week contender: Karen to Tom: “What have you been smoking?” Hopefully nothing since he’s in a pretty powerful position.

-Tom extorting Karen is perfect for politics.

-You would think that Karen would catch on to what Tom is getting at before she walks away from him.

-Well, it kind of sounds like Tom is launching a personal attack on Karen and her husband but whatever.

-Odd, but then not, that Karen didn’t call Buchanan about all of this. If she had he would absolutely not have let her resign to stop an investigation into his actions.

-Tom’s stupid little turn back to Karen reminds me of that pain in the butt bully kid that was on every playground. He just should have stuck his tongue out.

-I sense that Nadia was cast to be a love interest for Milo.

-Again, Morris could just check the hourly’s and find out exactly what Nadia’s problem is.

- Milo would lose his job for singing Nadia in under his sign in whether she is white, black, brown purple or blue. It doesn’t matter.

-And there is what’s nice about Wayne, the Palmer in him coming out. His first question to Karen is if her and Bill are okay.

-And then using his Palmer skills he realizes that it has to do with Tom. I think that Wayne knows what’s going on and he just might go looking for proof.

-I think that Karen is right, Wayne can handle this, he just has to not let himself be driven by Tom. That is what she was trying to tell him without coming out and telling him.

-The commercial flight time from Dulles to LAX is 5 hours and 40 minutes. That means that if she leaves at the end of this hour she will not make it to CTU until 6:00pm and that’s flying direct. That’s half way though the season. I wonder what will come of this.

-It might just be the stress of the day but Wayne is very upset with Karen’s resignation.

-Well, if they were waiting for Jack they definitely would have seen him patrolling the parking lot. Lots of time to prepare for an assault.

-Walid could give Matt Damon’s character from Ocean’s 11 a run for his money. That’s incredible, and totally unrealistic.

-The number Samuels gives Walid is the number of the 24 fan phone, go a ahead, give it a call.

-I wish Samuels would have told Sandra for the last time 3 hours ago. Then we wouldn’t have to listen to her.

-So, if the guys Walid was tracking were not terrorists, have we listened to Sandra whine for the last 3 hours for no reason at all? Well, that’s just special.

-If this website was out there on the web, why didn’t CTU already know there were 5 nukes?
-Walid is quite the trooper to try and say he was okay.

-When the show came back at: 50 and there was still no Jack I actually became aggravated and frustrated. I was glad it quickly did go to him but really there hadn’t been any Jack in a long time. And it was not good.

-For those people (including Kiefer Sutherland) who think that this show can go on without Jack, I think they should really take a look at this episode compared to others. I know that this is a set up episode but it just felt so flat without Kiefer Sutherland getting his usual screen time. Jack Bauer makes this show. The rest of it is just filler and this episode is proof.

-Those CTU agents that showed up in the parking lot might as well have come in a marked car. They were pretty obvious.

-Jack should have just clocked Graham when he had the chance and then he would have been unconscious for a while. Maybe things would have turned out differently.

-Jack almost had a nap there when his dad’s thugs knocked him like that.

-Good timing there, daddy Bauer. If he had been a few minutes later he would have been identifying his son’s body.

-That’s a great expression that Jack wears when Phillip shows up.


-We know Graham is a coward and Jack proves it by saying he didn’t trust him not to run.

-The explosiveness of Jack’s confrontation with his family is great. The way he goes from practically whispering to yelling in about 3 words is phenomenal.

-I really thought Jack was going to be sick again in McCarthy’s office. He did not look well after confronting his father.

-Good writing with Phillip and Jack, both similar in speech and stubbornness.

-I couldn’t believe that Graham actually said that Jack would be better off rotting in a Chinese jail. Talk about family love, wow.

-What happened to Jack’s dad and where did Jack go when he needed him? Graham better not be angry at Jack for being ‘dead’ when he had do to save his life.

-It’s interesting, after all the times that Jack has gone after someone and punched them or hurt them in some way, if someone is trying to stop him he usually at least lands a couple of punches before he listens to the person trying to stop him. This time, his father calls his name and he stops right away.

-Was Jack really intending on punching Graham will a cell phone in his hand? He’d break the phone.

-I wonder if it hurt Jack that Phillip is willing to go to jail for Graham.

-The physical size difference between Jack and Phillip is really interesting casting. Phillip is tall, 3 or 4 inches taller than Kiefer Sutherland’s real father. He is slight very much like Jack and not like Graham

-Graham’s pretty evil double crossing his own father like that.

-Jack reminds me of a giant bug when he is smushed up onto the board like that.

-I’d like Graham to really lay all his cards on the table and tell Jack that he is ultimately responsible for David Palmer’s assassination. Then we’d see some good angry Jack.

-I have bets on the person McCarthy has found for Fayed works at CTU.

-I don’t believe Jack’s dad is in on this simply because of the way he reacted to the dead agents. He is not into killing people.

-Graham blaming the agents getting killed on Jack forcing his hand is the ultimate ‘He made me do it.’

-Well, after a whole hour I feel totally unquenched in Jack-ness. Pity.

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