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6.05: 10:00am - 11:00am
~ Oh, Brother ~


In the oval office Wayne, Tom, and the other advisors are watching the news. The newscaster is saying that the unthinkable has happened; terrorists have detonated a nuclear bomb on their soil. The blast happened over 1 square mile of Valencia and it is the most devastating attack in the series that began 11 weeks ago. The wind is carrying the cloud away from the more heavily populated areas of Los Angeles. Wayne puts the television on mute and asks Tom what the casualties are. Tom knows it is no less than 12 thousand. Wayne turns his back on the news and wanders over to his desk. Karen enters the room and says that she just talked to Buchanan at CTU, there were 4 more of these tactical weapons taken along with the one that went off. They have no leads as to where they might be. Wayne asks for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs, Tom has already set it up. He asks about civilian air traffic and is told that it was shut down immediately, the FAA gave the order. A secret service agent comes in and tells Wayne that they have decided to move him down to the bunker. Wayne unhappily agrees and as he walks he tells a girl he calls Ellen that he has to get in front of the American people. He wants to make a speech within the hour. He gives the go and Wayne and all his advisors head towards an elevator and load on.

CTU also watches the news cast of the mushroom cloud rising over LA. The newscaster there is urging people to stay in their homes and they will have an expert in nuclear physics on their show shortly. Buchanan asks about their secondary teams, if they have been able to get in contact with them. They lost all communication when the blast hit. Buchanan asks Milo about getting a visual on them but Milo has checked the satellite and after a short pause to collect himself he says that they were all to close to ground zero, they are dead. Buchanan looks down for a second and then asks about the last thing Morris heard. They were closing in on Fayed, Buchanan needs to know if Fayed was on site when the bomb went off.

Wayne is briefed by his Secret Service. The vice president has been briefed and moved, the joint chiefs are on the way there and the rest are being moved to site R. Wayne looks around and takes in his surroundings and then heads into his new office. Karen steps aside and gets out her cell phone with Tom watching. She is concerned for Buchanan’s safety but he is fine and upwind of the blast. She has been moved to the bunker by secret service. Buchanan lets her know that the bomb went off when the teams were in the safe house; Karen asks if they have anything to do with the bomb going off. Buchanan thinks it might be possible, Fayed could have been planning on moving it to a more populated area. They don’t know if Fayed is alive and Karen asks about Assad. He tells her that he is on his way into CTU and he hopes that Assad will help find the rest of the nukes.

Chloe goes to her workstation as she sits down she sighs. Obviously troubled by the events, Morris comes over to try and help. He consoles her that it is a lot to process. Chloe is thinking about all those people and Curtis. She can’t believe this. Morris knows that she and Curtis were friends. Chloe asks ‘Why do people I know keep dying?’ Morris doesn’t have an answer and is unsure what to say. Chloe asks what he found out about Fayed, he is positioning the satellites now. She notices they have massive packet loss and asks if he wants to help her boot up the routers. “Who wouldn’t?” is Morris’ answer and he comes around the other side of her station. She directs him to the right place and she continues worrying, she has a really bad feeling about everything. She asks if he heard that Jack quit. Buchanan told Morris that he was off channel and Morris wonders what that is all about. In usual Chloe style she says, ‘It was probably because he was forced to kill Curtis.’ Morris pauses and turns to Chloe offering, ‘You know I’m here for you, right?’ Chloe knows and half smiles at Morris.

Fire trucks run down the streets and people are panicking trying to load up their vehicles and get everything they need to leave town. Some people are calling for help and police officers are trying to keep the road moving and emergency vehicles on the go. A mother calls for her daughter from across the street and the little girl runs out onto the road without looking. A red van nearly hits the girl but manages to avoid her. Inside the van, Fayed is making a phone call while another man drives. The man Fayed is calling, McCarthy, is leaving his place with a small suitcase. Fayed tells the man that the authorities discovered the weapon but the man doesn’t seem to care, he is angry with Fayed for setting the bomb off in his city. He figures he was entitled to some warning since he sold them to Fayed. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this, Fayed’s engineer died in the blast and the device they were using to reprogram the trigger was lost. McCarthy wants to know why this is his problem. Fayed has 4 more triggers that he needs operational but McCarthy is not willing to help, he’s going to Vegas. Fayed wants him to find a way, he will pay him more, double the amount of their first transaction. This piques McCarthy’s interest and he explains that he will need someone to replicate that technology with modern equipment. It’s pretty advanced and he will have to check and see if anyone can do it. Even if he does know someone that can do it they might not, this is over the line. Fayed doesn’t care what McCarthy has to do to get them to cooperate, he needs someone in the next few hours and wants to know if McCarthy is in or not. He will do some research and get back to him. Fayed and his man look around and see a chopper that has crashed into the roof of a house.

In the chaos of people trying to get out of the city a man is trying to get anyone’s attention. He calls for help and is trying to stop people. He needs a doctor. The man looks slightly hurt, his face has soot on it and is cut. In the mass of people fleeing, Jack stands looking up at the mushroom cloud that has formed. The man sees Jack, the only one not appearing to be in a panic, and runs over to him. He starts asking him for help and it takes a few seconds for Jack to switch back on and hear this frantic man. He looks at him and apologises and the man says that he was in crash, 1 guy is dead and there’s another one unconscious, he doesn’t know what to do. Jack says to show him and the guy takes off running, Jack jogging behind him. They come to the corner and there is a helicopter hanging onto the side of a house, just barely on the roof. The man doesn’t remember hitting anything and he doesn’t know what happened. Jack says he was hit by a shock wave. The guy asks a shock wave from what and Jack, hardly registering, says ‘nuclear bomb.’ The guy has no idea that this has happened and looks wildly around as Jack tries to get up on the roof to help the people in the chopper. The other man is not far behind when Jack reaches the chopper and asks if the man in the passenger seat can hear him. The man in the chopper calls the other one Chuck and Chuck says he brought help. They chopper is about to fall, it is a news helicopter. Jack can’t get the door open to the helicopter and finds an old-style antenna to pry the door open. He makes sure the seatbelt is out of the way and then counts to 3 and pulls the man free of the chopper. The change in weight disturbs the careful balance of the chopper and the tail soon crumbles and falls off. In seconds the entire helicopter has gone off the side of the house. As it falls it bursts into flame and Jack throws himself on top of the man he just rescued shielding him from the fire. He orders the man to stay there and gets up making a cell phone call. Jack calls into CTU and wants to speak to Buchanan. Meanwhile, the man Jack rescued has noticed the cloud over Valencia. His family is there. Jack warns him not to go back there, the radiation will kill him. The man is determined and Jack tells Chuck that if he wants to save his friend he cannot go home. Buchanan gets on the phone and asks Jack if he is okay. He tells Buchanan he’s fine, he’s still in the Grenada Hills. Buchanan warns Jack not to go any further north. Jack asks how bad this is. Buchanan briefs that the blast took out a square mile. Jack asks if they know if this is Fayed’s end game. Buchanan tells Jack that there are 4 more of those out there. Jack asks to be picked up. Buchanan thought he was out but Jack says no, not after this. Buchanan asks where Jack is, he will send a car. Jack is on Glasgow and 15 th. They hang up and Jack looks again at the cloud formed by the bomb.



Wayne speaks to his Joint Chiefs saying that Fayed has to be at least partly state supported. They have narrowed down a list and spoken to the ambassadors of these counties. They all send their condolences and have disavowed any role in the attacks. A general nearby named John says that they know at least one of them is lying and they might all be. Wayne is not so ready to make that assumption but is willing to speak hypothetically if that is true. What does the admiral want to do? John has carriers on standby n the Persian Gulf, and they can launch attacks. They have been playing games with these terrorists for 11 weeks now and the only language they understand is force. “Lets speak it to them loud and clear.” He figures that if each one of these counties sustained 3 major metropolitan nuclear strikes they wouldn’t have the time or resources to play in their sandbox. These people want to live in the Stone Age, let’s put them there. Wayne thinks that his emotions are playing into this, like they are for everyone. The admiral starts to speak but Tom cuts him off, “The president is speaking John, do not interrupt.” John is silenced and Wayne continues that they will retaliate but they will do so carefully with their sights locked on the enemy and only the enemy. He asks what CTU has learned and Karen explains they are assessing the initial intelligence and forensic data. They believe that the bomb was only being assembled in Valencia and wasn’t planned on being detonated there but in a more populated area. She believes that the scientists were killed in the blast and they are trying to find out where Fayed was. The worst case is that he is alive and in possession of the remaining nuclear weapons. The mood is tense as they absorb this information.

Fayed is still a passenger in the same red van. They drive along what appears to be an alley and Fayed tells his man to call ‘them’ and tell them they are safe, they are moving away from it now. The other terrorist gets his phone out and Fayed takes a quick glance back into the van where at least 3 more suitcases are visible under a blanket.

Nadia enters the main doors of CTU with Assad and some other agents in tow. Buchanan walks up the hallway and Nadia introduces Al-Assad to Mr. Buchanan, the head of CTU. Assad comes close to Buchanan and Buchanan stares him down. Assad knows that he sees him as an enemy but today he assures Buchanan that he is not. Assad offers his hand to Buchanan but he does not take it, only looking down briefly. He continues to stare at him and then says to follow him. Buchanan turns his back on Assad and heads down the hallway at CTU.

Morris and Chloe are in the situation room working up the set up for Assad. Morris doesn’t understand why they are going out of their way to treat Assad well, he is one of the most violent terrorists of their time. Pretending to serve him Morris asks, “Would you like a mineral water Mr. Assad? Room temp?” They see Buchanan and Assad arriving and Morris goes quiet. Politely Buchanan asks Assad to have a seat. Morris and Chloe have left the room and Nadia has sat down across from Assad. Buchanan remains standing and asks her if they are ready. She nods and Buchanan starts that less than 30 minutes ago Fayed detonated a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. He has 4 more in his possession. Assad is surprised by this and claims not to have known anything about it. He came here to stop Fayed and he didn’t know that he was in possession of nuclear weapons. Buchanan presses Assad that there must have been a trail that was left, there had to have been many people involved. Assad tells them this must have been after Fayed betrayed him, less than 6 months ago, when he learned of Assad’s intention to broker peace, which he still intends to do. Buchanan accuses Assad of knowing that Fayed was coming to the US, Assad learned this just days before the first attacks began, Assad knows Buchanan is a well informed man. Buchanan questions him about any other paths he can think of that might lead them to Fayed. Assad has a source. Assad had sent Fayed to speak to a source about tactical nuclear weapons, he was a Russian general named Dmitri Gradenko but there was no transaction at the time. Buchanan asks for anything about him. Assad knows nothing, nothing at all, he never met him. Buchanan tells Nadia to continue the interrogation and he goes out to where Milo and Chloe are working up the things they are hearing from Assad. Chloe is opening the Russian database now, Buchanan wants to know what she finds.



Milo peers over Chloe’s shoulder and tries to offer her advice until she snaps at him. Morris arrives in between them and ramming himself in the space he starts typing on Chloe’s keyboard. He did some searching on Dmitri Gradenko’s contacts and he brings up the list to show the others. Milo says that it’s good and Chloe observes that there are a lot of names. For Morris, one of them kind of floated to the top. He stands back and rests his hands on top of his head anxiously waiting for the others to see what he has seen. Chloe orders this put on Buchanan’s screen and practically runs to the stairs leaving Milo and Morris to absorb the info. Milo has one word: “Woah.”

Chloe comes upstairs into Buchanan’s office who is just finishing up a phone conversation. She tells him that Morris has put something on his B Window; it is a list of Gradenko’s contacts. She directs Buchanan’s attention to #17. We finally see what they are talking about, the company is BXJ technologies and the name of the man associated with Gradenko is Phillip Bauer, Jack’s father. Buchanan looks down and pauses for a second then asks Chloe if she got anything more specific. BXJ does a lot of business overseas, this could be clearly coincidental. Buchanan quietly asks, “Yeah, what if it’s not.” She says that most of their contracts are highly confidential but she will look into it. Buchanan picks up the phone again and starts to dial, answering a quick, ‘Yeah’, when Chloe asks if he is calling Jack.

Jack is riding shotgun in a CTU SUV while another agent drives. Buchanan tells Jack that Assad just gave them the name of a Russian general that was contacted about the nukes. Buchanan asks if Jack has heard of the name Gradenko. Jack has no so Buchanan tells him that Gradenko did business with Jack’s father. Jack asks point blank if his father is a suspect and Buchanan confirms that he is not but they do want to question him but he first wanted to see of Jack could shed any light on this. Jack has not seen his father in 9 years. Buchanan is going to send someone over but Jack asks him to let him do it. Appearing concerned for Jack, Buchanan says again that they can send someone over. He will talk to Jack if he goes alone. Buchanan semi-reluctantly agrees and tells Jack to take the car and tell the other agent, Stokes, that they will pick him up. They hang up the phone and Jack thinks for a minute and then tells the other agent to pull over.

An agent arrives to where Sandra Palmer is and she recognizes him from before. She wants to know why they sent him. He did not want to arrest her and after she accepts him he introduces himself as agent Jennings. She asks what they are doing and he explains that they know Walid heard a conversation about the bomb, they are going to put a wire on him. Sandra thought that there were people coming to do this as an undercover operation, Walid is not trained for this. Jennings argues that he already has their confidence. She continues to ask questions about how they are going to set this up but Jennings tells her to let them do their job.

Walid walks over to a group of men containing the man that he spoke to before. Some of them are wary of his presence but he asks the man he spoke to before, Salim, if he has heard anything else. Salim asks what about and Walid says about what’s going on out there. The man wants to know how he would know that. He knows nothing more than Walid and calls him ‘brother’. One of the others speaks to the man in Arabic and he says he has to get back to them. The secret service agents show up and start calling for Walid. He identifies himself and they need to talk to him. Walid questions what about but the agent grabs him by the shirt and says that he doesn’t ask the questions. They half walk, half drag Walid to the bathroom yelling for others to get out. One agent waits outside while the other two start tossing Walid around against the walls and into a stall. Men have gathered outside the bathroom, craning their necks to see in, including Salim. The agents yell that they know Walid is involved. Walid defends himself saying he is not a terrorist but they accuse him of lying.

Listening in, Sandra Palmer is shocked by what she is hearing. The agent assures her that this is all for show but she questions that. He advises her to leave if she cannot keep her comments to herself. In the bathroom Walid is questioned on what was in his wallet and what he knows about ‘this guy’. One of the agents leans into Walid and tells him that they have a listening device; he tucks it in Walid’s ear. They continue to yell at Walid and threaten to take him to an interrogation room and he doesn’t want that. The same agent leans over and shows him a palm pilot. He says to tell them that they asked about this man, the name on the screen is Abu Fayed. Walid is hit again and they claim they will be back for him. They leave the washroom and Walid staggers out not far behind. He has a fresh cut below his eye. The men waiting check to see if he is okay. Walid says he is fine. Where Sandra and agent Jennings are they have a nice clear signal.

Jack is now driving the CTU SUV and he is alone. He starts dialling his cell phone and is connected to a large mansion. A man appearing to be a butler answers the phone and Jack recognizes the voice. He asks if it is Sam and Sam confirms it asking who is calling. A genuine smile crosses Jack’s face and he identifies himself. Tenderly, Jack asks how Sam is. Sam starts a sentence, “we thought you were” but then asks where Jack is calling from. Jack is in LA and he needs Sam’s help. He needs to talk to his father. Sam says that he’s not there he left yesterday and didn’t tell Sam where he was going. Jack asks about his cell phone but he didn’t take it. That registers as odd for Jack and Sam says that he tried calling Jack’s brother but he doesn’t know where he is either. Jack asks where Grey is, Sam says he was at work but he doesn’t know now. He gives Jack his brothers’ cell phone number and Jack says that if Sam hears anything he can get back to him on this number. Sam hopes that Jack finds his father soon, he knows that he would want to talk to him, he regrets the way things ended between them.

A security guard at the same mansion looks at the camera of Sam hanging up the phone and appearing pleased with himself. The man places a phone call to a man driving wearing a Bluetooth headset. We see that the man is Graham, the man working with Logan last year. When he answers the man identifies himself as Liddie and says that Graham is never going to guess who just called there, his brother Jack. Graham is surprised, he thought Jack was rotting away in a Chinese prison. Liddie explains that he called looking for their father and Graham’s name came up. Graham laments that he should have killed Jack when he had the chance instead of having him handed over to the Chinese. Graham worries that this is not good, his brother has a way of digging things up that need to stay buried.



Jack makes a call and while waiting for a connection, sighs. Graham is getting out of his car when his phone rings. Jack says, ‘It’s me, Jack.’ Graham pauses and then with mild surprise says that Sam said he called but he didn’t believe it. Graham asks if Jack is okay, Jack is fine and asks if everyone is safe over there. Graham, with a strange tone in his voice says they are cool. Attempting to sound like he’s surprised Graham stammers about how strange it is to hear from him. He finds solid ground and says that Jack should know that when he and dad found out Jack was in China they tried to get him out, they called in a lot of favours. Jack appreciates that and Graham is glad that Jack got out. In a would-be airy tone Graham asks how he got out. Jack is forward with his brother, it was some kind of exchange. Graham asks for what but Jack doesn’t know. He cuts to the chase, he is looking for their dad. Graham tells Jack that he left yesterday and he didn’t say where he was going. He might have gone to see one of his girlfriends, ‘he’s got a few and to be honest, one of them is hot.’ Graham continues to babble and Jack cuts him off, he needs to find him. Graham can make some calls and get back to Jack. They hang up.

Jack makes another call to CTU, this time. Chloe answers and Jack wants her to get an address for her, Graham Bauer. Chloe clarifies that it’s his brother and Jack says yeah, he hasn’t seen him in years and wants to know if he’s still in the same place. Chloe says he is not and gives Jack the new address. Chloe offers his phone number as well but Jack doesn’t need it, he just talked to him. Chloe wants to know why Jack didn’t just ask Graham where he lives. Jack doesn’t answer and will get back to Chloe.

A blonde teenager named Josh sits watching TV with his mother Marilyn. They are watching coverage of the nuclear bomb. Graham enters the room and the son gets up and goes right to his father, hugging him. He asks if Graham is okay and he says he is fine. He thinks they are safe in LA, whatever is going to happen next will happen in another city. Graham sends his son from the room and says that he needs to talk to his mother alone for a minute. After he leaves Graham tells his wife that he just got off the phone with his brother Jack. His wife is shocked and asks how, she thought the Chinese were holding him, it’s impossible. Graham answers ‘Apparently not, he’s looking for dad.’ She asks if Jack is coming there but Graham wants to know why she wants to know, is she hoping he will? She scolds him not to go there and calls him Grey. Graham is looking for a little honesty and so is she, he accuses her of not being over Jack when they got married and she is still not, how is that for honest? She gives him a dose of honesty as well, “Insecurity in a grown man is not attractive.”

Tom, Wayne and a few others sit around a table trying to write a speech for Wayne. Tom reads from his sheet, “The latest terrorist incident?” He argues this was a nuclear bomb, they should call it what it is. Ellen argues her point but Tom stands firm, the public needs to know that no matter how ugly this thing is the president is in charge. Wayne knows that he lies to them now the public will not believe a word he says if another bomb goes off somewhere. Tom wants Wayne to support more aggressive measures such as suspension of certain freedoms, interment, deportation. Now is the time to start hitting those targets. Karen is upset and accuses Tom of wanting to embrace the politics of fear. Tom is for embracing reality, but if fear gets support for things that will save the country from extinction then he is in support of fear. Wayne says that the people can not be any more afraid then they are right now, he wants this message to have a calming effect. They will call it a nuclear bomb because that’s what it is. He does not want to mention policy in this speech, just tell them that every member of this administration is working on restoring order and making the streets safer.

McCarthy is on the phone trying to find someone to help Fayed with his situation. He says he will get back to them and he stops his car for a blonde woman to get in, her name is Rita. She tosses her suitcase in and asks what took him so long and why couldn’t he pick her up at her place instead of on the corner like some hooker. He has no patience for her and tells her to just get in the car. She complies but snaps at him not to talk to her like some bimbo. She plays around with the seatbelt and gets it done up in frustration. She tells him that they just said on the news if the wind changes they are screwed. She just wants to get out of the city and get to Vegas. McCarthy says they aren’t going to Vegas. She rolls her eyes and protests that she is not going to Palm Springs again, it’s like assisted living for an entire city. McCarthy has things to do first. She doesn’t know what it could be; a nuclear bomb just went off 25 miles from here. McCarthy is talking about a lot of money. He orders her to stop talking now. He calls Fayed and says the he has good news, he should have some names for him within the hour. Make sure the money is ready. Fayed assures him it is ready. They hang up and Fayed turns to one of his thugs saying that McCarthy will have someone for them and these bombs will go off today, as scheduled.



Assad is in the conference room at CTU. Nadia leaves him there and goes to Buchanan. She says that he gave them a few more names but nothing that is going to help them. Buchanan asks what else he said. ‘That he wants peace.’ Buchanan wants to know if she believes him, she does. Buchanan walks away from her goes to Assad who is preparing to leave. Buchanan tells him that they are preparing transport for Assad to Washington, DC. He is leaving on a military jet. Some of the information that he gave them checked out. Assad hopes that the worst is over for them. Buchanan offers a handshake and Assad takes it. He leaves while Chloe watches. Milo now comes over to Buchanan, the FBI has upgraded a lead. There is a guy wearing a wire at one of the detention facilities and it might lead them to Fayed. Buchanan wants this made a priority and brings Chloe into it as well.

At the detention facility the men talk about bringing Walid into their conversation. One of them, Salim, argues that he is one of them. Outside, Sandra continues to listen. She makes her case again to the agent that he shouldn’t be doing this. He says it was Walid’s decision and he might be able to find them something. This way it will take hours, not weeks, and he will have done something heroic for the country. Sandra objects and the agent reiterates that she should not be there. She defends her position that the only reason she is there is because Walid is her client. Jennings corrects her that the only reason she is there is because she’s the presidents sister. She tells him not to forget it. He accuses her of having no trouble bending the rules when it works in her favour.

Salim comes and sits next to Walid. He heard what the guards said to him and he wants to know what they found in his wallet. Walid says it was a phone number and Salim asks whose number it was. Walid doesn’t have an answer and Salim tries to convince him to tell, if they are in the same situation they should know each other. Walid pauses like he’s struggling to decide and then tells Salim that he shouldn’t have gotten involved with him, he met him thorough his organization, the IAA, he is the regional director. Most of what they do has no teeth and Walid met a man who wanted more and Walid wanted to help him but before they could set it up he got grabbed. Salim asks who this person is. Walid reveals that it is Abu Fayed, he asks if Salim knows him. Salim does not but he asks Walid to join them. They walk over to the other group of men.

In the observation room Jennings comments that Walid did that well. Sandra asks what happens now and Jennings explains that he has to prove himself to the others before they will open up.

At Graham’s mansion the doorbell rings. He casually answers the door finding Jack on the other side. He is obviously surprised to see his brother and he hesitates for a second and says he didn’t know Jack was coming there. Calm but angry Jack says they need to talk. Graham says sure and invites Jack in. Into the foyer Jack looks around taking it all in somewhat blankly. Graham is still trying to appear happy to see Jack and steps in front of him and hugs him, patting Jack on the back. Jack stands there rigid and does not return the gesture, only giving a little wince. Sadly attempting to be hospitable Graham observes that Jack has never been there before and Jack confirms it. Graham tries to remember the last time they saw each other and Jack knows exactly when that was, “When Teri died.” Graham says that’s right, the funeral. Tired of small talk Jack asks if Graham has found dad yet. He hasn’t. Josh comes down from upstairs to see what’s going on and Graham introduces Josh to his ‘Uncle Jack.’ Graham says they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Jack gapes at the boy unmoving until Josh offers his hand for a shake. Jack takes it Josh but pauses when he notices the disfiguration on the back of Jack’s hand. He stares at it for a few seconds and then lets go. Jack asks how he’s doing and Josh says fine, it’s been a weird day. Meanwhile, Graham has his hand on Josh’s shoulder. All of a sudden a voice from the top of the stairs calls Josh to give his father some privacy. It is Marilyn. Jack stares at her and Josh shows interest in talking with Jack more later. Genuinely Jack says that he would like that. He turns his attention to Marilyn and apologises for the intrusion, he just needs some information about their father and then he will leave. Marilyn has no words for Jack and once her and Josh have gone Graham attempts to be funny, ‘Well, that was pleasant, wasn’t it?’ Graham touches Jack’s arm and invites him to his office. Graham leads the way and once inside Jack looks around again. He offers Jack a seat but Jack is fine standing. Graham wants to know what they are doing here. Jack explains that their father used to do business with an ex-Russian General Gradenko. Graham figures it could be one of his old drinking buddies and Graham starts a story, ‘One time in, in Venezuela..’ but Jack cuts him off, he is not here for drinking stories, he needs to find dad. Graham remembers that Jack could never just walk into a room and get along, he must have gone through hell in China and everything but look at the bright side, he got out, he’s here. He tells his brother to relax a little bit. Graham has wandered close to Jack to get into a cigar box and when he stands Jack hits him in the face. Jack grabs a chair and hauls Graham up into it. He takes the wire from a nearby lamp and ties his brother’s hands behind his back. Graham is already starting to come to and groans. Jack gets in front of Graham and grabs his neck, Jack threatens that if he tries to raise his voice he will rip his tongue out. Graham nods and Jack calls him ‘Grey’ and continues that people are dying and he needs information, ‘Give it to me now or I’m going to hurt you.’ Graham observes, ‘Actually, you’re hurting me now.’ “Trust me, I’m not.” is Jack’s reply.

Tom comes into Wayne’s office and says that the speech is in the teleprompter. Wayne is pacing around and Tom asks if he is alright. Wayne cannot le the American people see how scared he is. Tom agrees but they just got hit by a nuclear bomb. Bravado would be no more appropriate than fear. Wayne thanks Tom and slowly walks to the door of his office. He heads towards a room set up that looks completely different than the bunker that they are actually in. Wayne sits and takes a few deep breaths. The camera operator starts the count down and when he passes ‘1’, Wayne starts to speak. “My fellow Americans, there is no easy way to say the words America has just but hit by a nuclear bomb…” Wayne continues to speak asking whether they should let anger guide them down a dangerous path or come together and show courage and strength.

In the split screen we see Wayne, McCarthy and his girlfriend, Fayed.

Jack leans over his brother and threatens that if one thing comes out of Graham’s mouth that he doesn’t want to hear this is going to start to hurt. Graham asks what Jack wants from him, he told him he doesn’t know where dad is, “I swear on my family’s life.” Jack answers, ‘Not good enough.” He goes behind Graham and approaching him again says he brought this on himself. Jack puts a plastic bag over Grahams head and starts to suffocate him.



Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Just when the Oval Office is growing on me they go and move Wayne to the bunker.

-Some info on Valencia: Valencia together with Saugus, Newhall and Canyon Country create Santa Clarita. It is residential as well as containing the Six Flags theme park. Bet there were some unhappy theme-park goes today.

-I was happy to see that Wayne didn’t fight being moved down to the bunker, although, it would have shown some spine.

-Here’s a question, where’s Aaron Pierce? I fully expected him to be the one to come in and tell Wayne he was being moved.

-Talk about an entourage with Wayne. They almost all don’t fit on the elevator and these are just the people that matter.

-I love how tasks get delegated at CTU. Buchanan makes his rounds and asks all the CTU-ers about different things. They’re just all over it.

-How the heck are they going to find out if Fayed was there? Unless they actually see him somewhere else there would not be enough of him left at ground zero to identify anything.

-Anyone else interested in just who the vice president is?

-That little look that Tom threw Karen when she was getting her cell phone out worried me. Is it illegal to make phone calls now? Speaking of calls, if that bunker is as secure as it should be, would cell phones work down there?

-Didn’t Karen just walk into the oval office less than 5 minutes before she calls Buchanan and announce that she just talked to him? Why is she calling him now to find out again if he’s alright if she’s already talked to him since the nuke went off?

-When Chloe asks “Why do people I know keep dying” my first thought was, ‘Because you know Jack Bauer.’ I know, it’s cold.

-Wow, that was pretty impressive, Morris was at a loss for words. Betcha that doesn’t happen every day.

-That’s a nice recovery of the ‘I’m here for you’ line. The last time we heard it was at CTU as well but it was Chloe telling Jack that and him giving her a look like ‘Not if you were the last person on earth.’

-That’s great, that kid survives a nuclear blast and then nearly gets hit by the van the terrorist that set it off is driving. That’s poetic.

-One thing I can say for sure, people are not just going to go back to their homes and hope nothing else happens. This is a very good depiction of what would really go on. Only it would be worse.

-If I were McCarthy, I’d be pissed too. Honestly, at least show some respect to the guy who sold you the weapons.

-Vegas would definitely be a good place to go, no one would ever drop a nuke there. Everyone would be too drunk to know the difference. ‘What was that?’ ‘I dunno, someone must have won big down the street.’

-Jack definitely seems rough in the first few minutes of this episode. Definitely shock from what’s happened so far.

-Only Jack can pull off the words ‘nuclear bomb’ so casually.

-I’m guessing that guy thought that all this panic was being caused by the chopper falling out of the sky. He gives himself a lot of credit.

-So, I’m not all that sure what Jack did that Chuck couldn’t have done.

-They did a really good job using Kiefer Sutherland for most of his own stunts, as he usually does. You can see, though, that his stunt man has slightly blonder hair than the real Kiefer. The only time they use him is when Jack is on top of the guy he rescued and shielding himself from the fire.

-Why do Jack’s jeans have no label on them? They have a giant dark blue patch where it would be but it’s been taken out. I guess they don’t want to advertise but it’s really noticeable.

-As the chopper is on fire on the ground you can see someone looking around the corner on the 2 nd floor walkway on the building. It might be a props guy but I don’t think that it’s really a ‘mistake’. I could just see a citizen, “Oh, look, how about that, it’s raining burning helicopters, and on such a clear day too.’

-I can’t believe that Buchanan question’s Jack about coming back. Obviously if he wants a ride then he’s back in, pick the man up Bill!

-Well, at least that Admiral is forward about exactly what he wants. He gets brownie points for that, even though it’s totally crazy.

-Speaking of points, Tom scored a few when he stuck up for Wayne and basically told the Admiral to stop being a jackass and listen to the president.

-Again with this forensic data, it’s only been about 20 minutes. I don’t think no matter what kind of suit you are wearing you can go in that soon.

-It’s interesting to see the entry way to CTU.

-The bright light there is a stark contrast to the rest of CTU that has kind of a hovel-like feel to it.

-Buchanan should change his name to be spelled the way Assad said it, “Meester Buk kannen”

-It’s unlike Buchanan to not be hospitable to Assad. It seems that the he has also had an emotional toll from the nuclear explosion.

-I find it hard to believe that Assad knows nothing at all about Gradenko. If he sent one of his men to meet him he must have done some research on him.

-Buchanan is mister emotion lately. The tone in his voice when he speaks to Chloe about Gradenko is so stressed.

-Jack is just the kind of guy that people care about. Morris knew him for like 45 seconds and he seems very disturbed at the revelation that Jack’s father worked with Gradenko.

-I laughed my ass off at Milo’s ‘Woah’. He did that in Season 1 and I likened him to Keanu Reeves. Here he goes again, the same old Milo in a different outfit. I love it.

-Well, can we safely bet that the B in BXJ technologies stands for “Bauer”? The question is, what do the X and the J stand for. Unless Jack has an older brother named Xavier I can’t see it being his first 2 sons.

-Buchanan has been though almost as much as Jack today. He’s always gotta be the bearer of bad news.

-By my calculations, then, the last time Jack saw his father was also at Teri’s funeral. Here’s the breakdown of the distance between seasons:
Season 1 – 2 – (over) One year (“He’s been inactive for over a year”)
Season 2 – 3 – Three years (Place card before season 3 starts)
Season 3 – 4 – One year 3 months (Prequel)
Season 4 – 5 – One year 6 months (Audrey: I thought he was dead for the last 18 months.”)
Season 5 – 6 – (almost) 2 years (Cheng: He hasn’t spoken a word in nearly 2 years.”)
That adds up to just under 9 years.

-By and large, Jack takes the whole thing about his father rather well.

-Sucks to be Agent Stokes.

-It’s only been 3 hours with her but I am SO tired of the Sandra/Walid storyline that I can’t even be bothered to try and come up with anything to say about it other than she is a pain in the ass.

-Okay, fine, except maybe this. Salim looks a lot like the guy that was in the photo of Assad that Buchanan showed Jack in Episode 1. So either they are short on middle eastern looking men or there is something else going on here.

-Wow, talk about a past. Jack’s dad’s sure got a nice place.

-The father angle brings up a whole bunch more questions. Where is Jack’s mother? If he grew up in a house with his father, brother and male butler no wonder he’s got a macho complex.

-For some reason I never pictured Jack coming from money. Although, it doesn’t sound like his father would be giving him much if they were always arguing and went far enough to the point of not speaking.

-Jack drives, talks on the phone and TAKES NOTES all at the same time. Talk about a bad example.

-In case you’ve forgotten, Graham or ‘Grey’ was the leader of the ‘Bluetooth Gang’ last year. The guys that sat around and told Logan what to do in the last few hours of season 5. They were all for helping Logan get done what he/they thought was the right thing to do which included killing Walt Cummings, Aaron Pierce, committing Martha Logan and tipping the Chinese about Jack. Graham couldn’t be more of the opposite of Jack in his beliefs.

-It’s nice to see Jack with someone that he really cares about again. It seems like he must have been close to Sam, which makes sense if he wasn’t close to his father.

-I thought Hector and Ramon Salazar were bad, this is serious brotherly love issues.

-For some reason, I feel as though Jack’s toughness is diminished with the introduction of his family. I can’t explain it but it feels like he is smaller, especially in the presense of his brother. I’m sure that makes no sense.

-Paul McCrane = Good actor. Graham Bauer = Bad actor. His sound of forced surprise is not convincing.

-I’m sure that Jack tried real hard to get Jack out of Chinese prison. We know that he is lying, the question is, did the father actually care?

-It’s pretty out of character for Jack to not know what he was traded for.

-Jack’s dad, the womaniser. The ability to get women must run in the family.

-Graham also has a nice house, and a pretty wife. Apparently Jack thinks his wife is pretty too.

-How did they find out on the legitimate side that the Chinese were holding Jack? They thought he was dead, right? And it wasn’t really common knowledge that he was alive. Then he was kidnapped by the Chinese. I hardly think that they would have contacted Jack’s little known family and told them about it. I mean, I guess it’s feasible but it seems like it would be a little much, and hard to prove. “Yeah, actually, your son Jack is alive but now he’s been kidnapped by the Chinese.” My first words would be “Prove it.”

-So Grahams wife and Jack were an item. It must have been quite a while ago.

-Why do you dump Jack for Graham? That makes NO sense.

-Tom is going to use the events of the day to further his own agenda is Wayne wants to or not.

-Why is Karen sitting in on a speech writing session?

-McCarthy is actually pretty funny. For a villain, I don’t hate him… yet.

-His girlfriend, though, should have been left where he found her. She’s a pain. Yeah, Palm Springs, what a pain in the ass. Yeah, right.

-Assad seems very genuine about wanting peace, but I still don’t believe him.

-Walid is pretty good at making up stories and lying… isn’t he a lawyer?

-Yeah, not really who you want on the other side of the door, Graham.

-An interesting expression on Jack’s face when he comes into Graham’s place. He looks like maybe he wants this life.

-The hug is nothing but hilarious. Jack, straight as a 2x4, Graham trying to be overly nice.

-I can’t see the Bauer household as one that had a lot of hugging.

-“Uncle Jack”. I’m still laughing. This is the crazy uncle that gets drunk at Christmas, scares the relatives and then passes out over the toilet.

-A lot of people have been interpreting the expression of Jack’s looking at Josh in a bunch of different ways. An interesting one is that Josh is really Jack’s son, not Graham’s. I don’t think this works for a few reasons. See if you can follow me here. Josh is about 13, right? Okay, so, there have been about 9 years between now and Season 1 because that’s how long it’s been since Jack saw Graham and his father, plus the math works. We know that before that Jack and Teri had problems and eventually separated briefly only to get back together right before season 1. Jack admitted to Teri that he had been with someone else when they were apart, that someone turned out to be Nina. Jack had just moved back in with Teri recently before season 1. Jack and Teri weren’t apart too long. At that time, Kim was 16. It’s safe to say that Jack and Teri were married before Kim was born and also safe to say that Jack didn’t cheat on Teri. So, back up about 13 years is 4 years before season 1 started, making Kim 12 and Jack and Teri together. When Jack and Teri were separated, Josh would have already been about 4. Make sense?

-For my own ideas, I interpret the look Jack has towards Josh as something else. He comes into Grahams house where things are relatively calm, he has a family. Jack meets his son. Jack has just been reminded of Teri and the life they had together, the fact that she was pregnant when she died. Jack could have had something very similar to this if he had chosen a different life.

-Line of the Week: “Well, that was friendly.” – Graham.

- Does Marilyn not speak to Jack because she doesn’t want to or she is afraid of what Graham will say?

-Interesting statement about Jack’s past, “You could never just walk into a room and get along.”

-I’m assuming Jack knows something about Graham that we don’t (he probably knows LOTS of things about him that we don’t) but he sure jumped hard and fast at his brother. He assumed pretty quick that he has something to do with this.

-Must have been interesting growing up with Jack. I wonder how many times as a child Graham ended up tied to a chair.

-In all the flak Wayne has taken, he’s doing a good job. He’s being human and thinking through his options. He seems to be making the right ones so far. And I don’t think Tom is evil per se. He’s just forceful.

-If the family that Graham swears on includes Jack then it’s definitely not good enough. Remember, he tried to have him killed.

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