6.02: 7:00am - 8:00am
~ Listen You Must~


Fayed and his two men search the sewers for Jack in nearly knee-deep water. One of them urges Fayed that they have to go. Fayed wants to find Bauer. The man reminds Fayed that their objective is not to kill one man, it is to kill thousands. Fayed snaps that Bauer knows the truth but the man says it does not matter. By the time he tells anyone Assad will be dead and they will be free to finish what they started. Fayed looks around for another few seconds and the man tells Fayed that if they don’t leave know they will jeopardize the mission. This seems to bring Fayed’s focus away from Jack. He shakes his head and gives a soft ‘Alright’. He calls the others back and they start to move away. Not too far from Fayed and his men Jack is crouched in a connecting pipeline. The reflection of the flashlights bounce off the water and move away. Once they are gone Jack moves out of his hiding spot.

In the bright daylight we can see a sewer spillway. A figure emerges in the round hole, it’s Jack. His shirt covered in blood and water Jack winces into the sunlight and grips the wall.

Chloe sits at her desk and absentmindedly flips through CD cases in her hands but looks straight ahead. Morris sits and his desk watching her watch nothing. Milo comes over to Morris’s desk and Morris shows him the location that Fayed says Assad is. He can’t get a signal on the place because it’s shielded, they can’t tell who is inside. Milo finishes for Morris, ‘If anyone at all.’ Milo leans back and sighs that if Fayed lied then Jack bought the farm for nothing. Chloe, who has gotten up and come nearby, glares sourly at Milo and snaps, “Shut up, Milo.” She walks away. Milo looks to Morris and asks causally, ‘What’s her problem?’ Getting up and going after Chloe, Morris informs Milo, ‘Jack Bauer was a friend of hers and it hurt her that he died the way he did. You might want to contain your thoughtless remarks once in a while.’

Jack uses a paint can to break the window of a late 80’s 4 door car. He reaches around and unlocks the front door and lets himself in, sitting behind the wheel he winces. Jack discovers a cell phone sitting in a mount on the dash.

Nadia briefs Buchanan and the others at CTU. The phone rings and they are told that Jack Bauer is calling on line 2. Buchanan jumps to the phone and, relieved, says he is glad Jack is alive. He asks what happens but Jack cuts him off. Jack doesn’t have a lot of time, they have to call off the air strike. Outside the room Chloe overhears and moves in to hear Jack talking. Jack explains hurriedly that Assad is not responsible for the attacks. Buchanan asks where Jack got the information but Jack just wants to explain later, they need to call off the strike. Buchanan doesn’t have the power to do that so Jack wants to be put through to the President, he will tell him himself. Buchanan starts to protest but Jack snaps to just put him through to the White House. Resignedly Buchanan tells him to say on the line. Jack pulls out the wires from under the dash and tries to start the car.

Wayne is told that they have Bill Buchanan on the line. As soon as he is put through Buchanan says he has new information for him and he is on with Jack Bauer. Wayne is relieved but confused and asks how that happened. Buchanan doesn’t know but he has new information, Jack wants them to abort the strike because Assad is not behind the terrorist attacks. Karen asks sceptically what this is based on and Buchanan puts Jack through to explain. Wayne asks Jack what Assad is doing in this country if he is not behind the attacks. Jack explains that he is there to stop them, to stop Fayed. Jack fills Wayne in that Fayed admitted to him that Assad wants to renounce terrorism and it is Fayed that is behind the most recent wave of attacks. Karen argues that that is not consistent with 20 years of terrorism on Assad’s part, he has waged non-stop war against the west. Jack grimaces and snaps that he is aware of Assad’s history but he has sufficient evidence to call off the strike. Wayne ponders the idea of a ground assault but his advisors argue that they need to take Assad out now. Karen is of the opinion that Jack has been in a Chinese prison for 20 months and he is being played. Impatiently Jack snaps he is not being played. Tom agrees with Karen but Jack continues to argue that they need to capture Assad and find out what he knows. Tom reasons that he knows Wayne’s history with Mr. Bauer runs deep but he can’t let that impact his judgement. Wayne gives it serious consideration but then decides they have to continue with the strike. He asks for real time updates from Buchanan. Jack begs Wayne not to do this and Wayne apologizes but hangs up.

Buchanan tells Jack that he will send a team to his location. Jack says that Wayne has made a mistake, this is their only chance. Buchanan wants to figure it out when Jack gets to CTU but Jack says that will be too late. He hangs up on Buchanan and types the GPS coordinates that he memorized from Fayed into the phone. It finds the map and Jack opens the garage door and drives out.

Ray Wallace is on the phone complaining that he doesn’t want to be put on hold and the person on the other end hangs up. Ray tells his son and Ahmed that they will call back but they don’t know where they are holding Ahmed’s father. Ahmed’s phone rings and its Fayed calling. Ahmed leaves the room with the Wallace’s as Fayed asks if he has the package. Ahmed is at his friends’ house and they are trying to find out where they took his father. Fayed picks up on the cues and asks if he is not free to talk, he just wants to know if Ahmed has the package. Ahmed doesn’t have it yet but he will soon. Fayed threatens that there are other people that he could have chosen to do this job but he chose him, Ahmed needs to get out of there and retrieve the package Ahmed will call when he has it.

Ahmed hangs up and tells the Wallace’s that he has to go back to his house and meet his uncle. They are not sure that that is a wise move by Ahmed but he insists he will be fine. He thanks them for everything and heads to the door. Scott follows him out the front door and calls Ahmed back. Scott mumbles that he can’t believe that this is happening, it’s like the whole world has gone crazy. ‘It’s been crazy for a long time,’ Ahmed deadpans, ‘you’re just not paying attention.’ Scott takes off his necklace with some difficulty and tells Ahmed that he got it at a fair in Oregon; it’s supposed to mean good luck. Scott offers it to Ahmed who looks at the trinket, thanks Scott and then says he can’t take it. Daftly, Scott asks why and Ahmed mutters, ‘You might need it yourself someday.’ Ahmed leaves bewildered Scott.

The Cobra Helicopters start to move into Assad’s location preparing to get a clean shot. Buchanan’s phone rings and when he answers it the voice asks him to hold for Karen Hayes. When she is put through Karen says she has the President with her. They have the video of the Cobra’s; they are 5 minutes away from the target. Buchanan says that Curtis will lead a team in as soon as the strike is completed to verify that Assad was indeed there. Buchanan steps closer to the screens to get a better view.

Jack stops his stolen car at the address he was looking for. He takes the GPS phone with him and gets out of the car Jack Arrives at Assad'sjogging around the back of the house.

The choppers close in, 3 minutes and 50 seconds until they will be locked in.

Jack jogs through a couple of backyards and hides behind some large black plastic garbage cans. A man comes through the back fence of the house and Jack watches between the cans. He looks behind and sees a bunch of small logs, possibly for firewood. He grabs one and hits the side of the garbage can with one making a noise. The man hears it and comes to check out the noise. Jack uses the stick to hit the man knocking him out. Jack takes his gun and gets up making his way to the back door. He looks in a window next to the door seeing nothing and then positions himself behind the door and peeks in the window there. He sees a man inside get up and start to walk toward the door.

The choppers are 3 minutes and 20 seconds away.

Jack backs up and the door opens. He grabs the man coming out from behind and whispers dangerously, ‘Drop the coffee.’ The man tosses his travel mug on the ground and Jack turns him around and enters the house. Seeing Jack one of the thugs goes for his weapon but Jack tells him not to even think about it, he wants to know where Assad is. Assad appears around the corner with his gun levelled at Jack and demands he put down his weapon. Not complying Jack introduces himself. Assad knows who Jack is. Jack explains quickly that there is a military strike aimed at this location and they have to get out of there now. Assad is sceptical that Jack came alone but Jack knows about Fayed, he knows he is behind the attacks and that Assad wants to stop him. One of the men checks and says that there is no one outside. Jack says Fayed provided CTU with coordinates of this location. Assad’s men think it’s a trap but Jack figures there must be a transponder at the house. Assad checked it when they took the house over, there is nothing there. Jack looks around quickly thinking and accuses that one of Assad’s men must have it on them, it’s the only explanation. Jack seems to be desperate for an answer. He tells Assad to have his men empty their pockets. The men argue but Jack is not lying, he yells, ‘Dammit, I’m telling the truth. Why else would I be here? If I wanted to kill you I would have come in shooting.’ He again asks Assad to have his men empty their pockets. Scared but determined to convince Assad, Jack raises his hands and weapon. Quietly he says he is trying to save Assad’s life. One of the men takes Jack’s unarmed moment to grab his gun and level it at Jack. Assad tells him to wait. He tells his men to empty their pockets. They start to argue but Assad insists. Another of the men goes for a gun and Jack alerts Assad by yelling, ‘Behind you!’ The gun is recovered and Assad demands that he be searched. Jack winces slightly as they search the man and Assad still has his gun trained on Jack. One of the men finds a transponder and shows it in his palm to Assad. Assad accuses the man of betraying them but he snaps back that Assad betrayed them. Jack wants to leave, they have to go now. Jack goes to pick up his gun but Assad tells him that if he is telling the truth Jack won’t need that gun. Jack leaves his gun on the table. One of the men tells Assad that he has to go, they will secure the files. The men start to work on the computers and Assad, Jack and the traitor leave the building. They jog away and Jack hears the choppers coming. He urges Assad to move and they start to run just barely getting behind a fence before the bombs hit the house creating a huge explosion. Jack crouches down and covers his head. Once the explosion subsides, Jack pulls Assad up asking if he is hit. Assad is okay but the traitor is hit. He pulls him up and they move out.

Buchanan tells the President that the target has been destroyed.



Two FBI agents arrive at an office where they are greeted by a man named Walid. The agents say they are looking to secure names for their database. A woman enters an office where Sandra Palmer sits. She says that the FBI is there and wants to access their records. Sandra comes out and claims to be Walid’s attorney and she represents the organization.Sandra Palmer The FBI agent knows who she is. Sandra says that if they don’t have a warrant she will not be giving them any records, they are private and that privacy is protected by law. The agent asks her, in light of what’s happening within the country, for her to cooperate. Sandra argues that there are no terrorists there and unless they have a warrant they need to leave. Sandra does not want to have to ask twice. The agents leave and Sandra says that this is getting out of hand. Walid thinks maybe they should just give them what they want. Sandra is surprised asking, ‘You can’t be serious?’ Walid has nothing to hide but Sandra says they have something to protect, the privacy of everyone that has ever worked for the company. She says she is going to call her brother.

Curtis gives information to Buchanan and the White House over a video phone. He has 4 bodies from the house, they are sending the info back to CTU. Wayne hopes that one of them is Assad. Wayne’s phone rings and the voice on the other end says that it is his sister. Tom figures that Wayne will want to call her back but Wayne will take it. Tom tries to protest but Wayne waves it off, it’s okay. He clears the room of the advisors in there so he can talk to his sister alone.

Wayne picks up the phone and Sandra apologizes for being a burden but she thinks that he needs to know that the FBI was just there and they wanted access to the I.A.A. personnel records, they had some excuse about expanding their database. Wayne is sympathetic but they have to do whatever they can to stop these attacks, they have given law enforcement the authority to follow every lead. Sandra argues that this is not a lead, they are invading privacy based on religion. She continues that Wayne knows she is not an ‘idealistic flag burner’ but once they start ethnic profiling it’s a slippery slope. Wayne agrees to look into it and Sandra wants him to start with Tom Lennox, this has his name all over it. Tiredly, Wayne asks her not to start in on Tom again. ‘He treats the constitution like a list of suggestions’ Sandra replies, ‘He’s laying the framework for a major crackdown and civil protections be damned.’ Wayne accuses her of not liking Tom, she never has. ‘Neither did David.’ Wayne pauses at this and takes it in. Wayne has a beep, he says he has to go. Sandra apologizes for putting this onto her brother but she wouldn’t have called if she didn’t think it was important. Wayne understands and Sandra tells him to take care of himself. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love you too,” Wayne Walidanswers. They hang up and Sandra turns to Walid who has come into the room. She hopes she got through to her brother. Walid thinks she made a good case, he is a good man and he’ll listen. Sandra comes closer and they kiss. Walid thanks her and she asks what for. For making that call and not letting him lose sight of what’s they are fighting for.

Karen and Tom have come back into the President’s office and Buchanan tells them all that they recovered 4 bodies and none of them are Assad. Karen asks if they are sure but Assad is still alive. Angrily Wayne asks, ‘How the hell did we miss him?’ Karen figures that someone must have warned Assad, Tom is sceptical if he was ever there to begin with. Buchanan has set up a 10 block perimeter, if he is in the vicinity they’ll find him. Wayne can’t believe this, they put everything into this strike, they thought that if they cut off the head they would stop the attacks, and now what will happen. Tom thinks that his next move will be more attacks but retaliate he will, guaranteed. Wayne plops down in the nearest chair.

Fayed and some men drive into a warehouse building in a van. The men there seem to be waiting for Fayed. Fayed gets out and walks to there are a pack of men surrounding a man with an explosive vest. Fayed approaches and surveys the vest. He clicks the last clip in and arms part of it. The man, Nassir, says that it is not necessary, he will not fail Fayed. Fayed leaves his hand on the vest and assures Nassir that it is not a question of devotion, when the moment approaches even the most devout can experience fear. Fayed asks Nassir to look at him and says that by overcoming his fear he proves his worth. Fayed is proud to have known Nassir in this life and his family will learn about his sacrifice. Fayed kisses each of Nassir’s cheeks and then arms the bomb, Nassir nods in solidarity.



Jack, Assad and the traitor, Omar, try to find a place to hide out. Jack waves the others down and watches a moving van pull away from behind a fence. The garage at the home was left open and Jack leads the others to the door and in. There are minimal furnishings and all the windows are covered inside the house. Assad puts Omar in a chair, he is unconscious. Jack knows that CTU will realize that they were not within the strike zone and they will widen the grid, they don’t have much longer. Assad will only need a few minutes to get Fayed’s location out of Omar. Jack sees a box of clothes and starts to rifle through them while he asks Assad if what Fayed is true, if he wants to disarm and start negotiations with the west. Assad is willing to agree to a ceasefire. Assad continues to talk and check out the house while Jack starts to get changed. Assad tells Jack that finding Fayed is the key to everything but his voice trails off in mid sentence as he sees Jack’s heavily scarred and injured back. Jack turns to see why Assad has stopped talking and sees the expression on his face. Timidly Jack says he will be right back, he takes the clothes and goes into the next room closing the door.

Chloe checks the satellite imagery from the explosion at Assad’s hideout. She catches a glimpse of people running from the house before the bomb. She tightens in on the image revealing a man running followed by 2 more together. She pulls in close to the lead man and clears the image revealing Jack’s face. Chloe looks surprised but happy and calls Buchanan asking him to come to her desk; she has to show him something. Buchanan walks over to her desk and she tells him that this is an aerial frame grab from before the attack, Jack rescued Assad. Buchanan immediately starts to think and whispers, ‘Okay, okay, this makes sense.’ Chloe knows that Jack has been told that Assad is trying to stop the bombings and President Palmer and Buchanan’s wife think he is wrong. Chloe asks what to do with this. Buchanan asks who else has seen it, Chloe hasn’t shown anyone. Buchanan figures that Jack didn’t save Assad out of compassion; he is trying to find Fayed. Chloe asks if they should be looking for Fayed too. Buchanan wants her to flip through the channels and see if they can find anything on Fayed. Chloe will do it.

Assad finds a set of keys and pushes the button on the key fob while looking out the window. “We have a car,” he calls to Jack. Jack comes out of the room where he changed and thinks that it’s time to involve CTU. Assad doesn’t agree, they tried to kill him, they will lock him in a room and question him for days. Fayed worked under Assad for years, he knows how he works but he will get him on his terms. Omar comes around and Jack pounces on the opportunity asking him where Fayed is. Omar doesn’t know. Jack grabs a pen nearby and stabs Omar in the neck with it. Pulling it out he asks again where Fayed is. Omar doesn’t know, he cries and begs Jack to stop. All of a sudden Jack looks at him and stops what he is doing. Sympathy and pity cross his face and he walks away from Omar. Assad is confused and wants to know why Jack stopped. Jack says that he can see it in his eyes; he’s not going to tell them anything. Jack walks to the back door. Assad hurries to Omar and grabs a knife from the table. He walks directly to Omar and shoves the knife just below his kneecap. Omar screams and Assad asks where Fayed is. Omar heard instructions for some of Fayed’s men to go to a location. Assad moves the knife and Omar says the location is at Figaroa and 6 th, they were supposed to go there after Assad was killed. Jack looks down and away from Omar and Assad and Assad asks if he has told him everything. Omar swears he has. Assad pulls the knife out and says he believes Omar. He stabs him in the stomach and pushes the knife in. He understands how he felt that he was doing the right thing and he admires his conviction but Omar has taken the wrong path. Assad says he is sorry and closes Omar’s eyes. He pulls the knife back and looks to Jack who stands dumbfounded at the door. Assad says they are ready to go and gets his jacket on. He looks at Jack who is still dishevelled. Assad’s men are dead, he can find Fayed but he can’t stop him by himself. Jack shakes his head, bewildered, and practically whispers, “I don’t know how to do this anymore.” Assad replies, “You’ll remember” and heads to the door.



Sandra Palmer’s phone rings and Walid asks her to come out to the front, the FBI is back with a warrant. Sandra comes out to find the same agents in the foyer of her office. She asks who the applicant is for the warrant. The agent tells her it’s on file with district court. He has a legally executed warrant so she can hand over the files or they can take them. She is perusing the warrant and argues that this is an administrative warrant and it’s not valid in this situation. The agent says that’s her opinion. The files are in the media room, Walid will show them there. Sandra turns and hurries off. She asks the first person she comes across for their computer. Walid enters the room where the files are and asks the man to get him copies of all the personnel files. Sandra sits down and immediately windows start appearing and disappearing on her screen.

The worker is trying to pull up the files but his computer beeps back. He can’t find the files. He tries again and they’re not there, they are not where they’re supposed to be. Sandra enters and says they have been erased, and there’s no sense in trying to recall them, she used a shredding program. One of the agents goes to check it and confirms that she is telling the truth. One of the agents gives the orders to arrest Sandra for obstruction of justice and destroying evidence. He wants Walid in custody as well. Sandra protests that he has nothing to do with this. That will be the judges call. They head out and one of the agents asks the lead one if he is sure about this. He says she is supposed to get no special treatment. He reminds the lead agent that she is the President’s sister. The agent will follow orders; they are going to impound every workstation and hard drive in the office.

Scott looks out the window and sees Stan, the neighbour from last episode, going to Ahmed’s house.

Ahmed punches out the drywall and pulls out a package. He turns around and Stan is there. He punches Ahmed and says, Ahmed‘This is for everyone you bastards killed today.’ He continues to beat up Ahmed and once he is down he kicks him through the glass coffee table, shattering the top. He threatens that Ahmed is dead. Ahmed painfully goes for his bag and pulls out a gun. He shoots Stan in the leg and gets up. Stan begs Ahmed not to do it but Ahmed shoots him. Now that he’s safe from Stan, Ahmed turns his attention to his leg and the giant piece of glass sticking out of it. He pulls it out with a grunt and Scott arrives on the scene. He asks stupidly what happened. He looks and sees Stan dead and asks again. Scott says he is going to call an ambulance but Ahmed tells him he will not call anyone, he can’t go to the hospital. Continuing to show his naivety, Scott says, ‘You’re hurt, we should call 911.’ Ahmed now points his gun to Scott and tells him he never should have come over. He doesn’t want to hurt him but he will unless he does exactly what he says. Scott stutters that they are friends. Ahmed corrects him, ‘We’re not friends. You can’t even pronounce my name. It’s not ah-med, it’s Ach-med.’



Assad drives the car he and Jack ‘found’ and points out the location that Omar gave them. Jack rubs his shoulder and winces. Assad sees two men walking together in suits, one of them carrying a briefcase. He points them out to Jack saying they are Fayed’s men, the man in front is wearing an explosive vest, they are setting up another strike. Without hesitation Jack jumps out of the car and Assad follows. They jog a couple of steps and see the men head down to the subway. Jack and Assad follow. The pair has made it down to the subway tracks, Jack and Assad are a level above looking over the railing. Assad sees that Nassir has the detonator in his right hand and shares this with Jack. Jack doesn’t want to let them get on the train. Assad informs him that only the bomber will be getting on the train, the other one is the handler, he will see the bomber off and then leave. The handler will lead them to Fayed. Jack wants Assad to follow the handler; he is going to go after the bomber. Assad looks at Jack while the men down below now speak to each other. Jack has made it down to their level and attempts to blend into the other passengers. The handler pats Nassir on the back and they part ways. Jack gets on the train as well and heads in the general direction of Nassir. The speakers beep and the train starts to move.

The handler has gone upstairs from the train and Assad follows. On the train the bomber sits down and seems to be somewhat nervous.

The handler leaves the station and calls Fayed. He updates Fayed that Nassir is on the train and will reach union station in 5 minutes. The moment the train pulls in he will martyr himself. He will call when the train pulls in. Fayed tells him that the car is at the arranged place. He pulls the keys from on top of the front tire and gets in the car. Assad is already in his car and follows the handler out.

On the train the ticket taker is methodically moving down the train scanning tickets. Jack sees him coming his way and moves toward him. The bomber toys with the detonator. Jack approaches the ticket man directly and quietly introduces himself as Federal Agent Jack Bauer. He informs him that there is a terrorist on the train with a bomb and he needs to walk away. The ticket taker stands there shocked and Jack hisses at him, ‘If he notices anything unusual he will detonate his bomb, move away now!’ The ticket taker slowly does move away but he is looking around gawking at different passengers. Jack moves toward Nassir as if he is getting off the train. The ticket man continues to look back at Jack. Nassir has caught on to the ticket guy knowing what is going on. He pulls the cap over the detonator switch preparing to blow the train. Jack sees this and goes at the bomber. He grabs Nassir’s tie and whacks his head into the pole. Jack and the bomber fight and land punches on each other. Jack gets a hold of the bombers shirt and rips it open exposing the bomb strapped to his chest. The other passengers react with screams and they try to get away. He lands a kick on Jack and prepares to push the button. Jack rises and uses the poles to pull himself up and kick Nassir with both feet. The force pushes the bomber out the back of the train just as the bomb goes off. The bomb detonates in the tunnel away from the train. Jack pushes the emergency stop on the train and once it has stopped he looks around and without a word jumps off the back of the train.

The handler stops his car and Assad is not far behind. They both wait and soon the handler gets out his phone and calls Fayed. He is nearly panicky saying something went wrong, he is at Union Station and there is no explosion but there is a cloud four blocks west from there. Fayed reassures him that it doesn’t matter whatever the case, the other attacks have been successful, ‘once again the streets are flowing with blood.’

At CTU they are getting information on the attacks. Nadia says that no one but the bomber was killed, the passenger was ejected before the bomb went off and the person that threw the bomber out identified himself as Jack Bauer. Buchanan wants into the metro subnet, if it was Jack he will be on video. He wants video confirmation before he speaks to the President. Chloe has a phone call that Buchanan needs to hear. Buchanan needs to contact the White House.

Wayne is watching what’s going on in Baltimore. There have been more attacks, they are in a full blown war. Karen enters and says that CTU called, they intercepted a call between Fayed and one of the men behind the bombings. Wayne asks if they are sure and Karen confirms, Fayed is behind the attacks, not Assad. Wayne looks away from the others. Tom tries to help saying that they all promoted the strike against Assad. Wayne takes the onus on himself, he approved it. They were all wrong. Wayne thinks for a few seconds and comes to the conclusion, “Jack was right. He was right all along and I…” Wayne stops and then looks down to the floor before saying, “This is going to get much worse.”

In the split screen we see Wayne thinking, Walid led out of his office, Tom watching Wayne, Karen sighing, the handler on the phone and Sandra being taken away.

Jack emerges from the subway and dials his phone. Assad answers and asks what happened. Jack will explain later, he is on Alamedia, 2 blocks from Union Station. Jack will find Assad, he wants him to stay with the handler, he’s their only connection to Fayed.


Title Card:

This episode dedicated to the memory of the aircrew of Gunshot 66 Major Gerald “Beav” Bloomfield

Captain Michael “Marini” Martino

Whose Marine Corps helicopter was shot down over Western Iraq, November 2, 2005.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I guess Fayed wasn’t planning on keeping Jack alive all that long. If they were on such a tight schedule that they were going to be late a few minutes into this episode then he must have planned on killing him pretty quick. Either Jack killed Fayed’s brother pretty quick or Fayed didn’t think this would all take that long.

-Who’s right NOW? Fayed’s henchman said that it wouldn’t matter that Jack knew the truth about their plan. Obviously, he was wrong. Always listen to your boss…

-Lucky for Jack, but unlucky for Fayed that they didn’t keep searching since he was right there. I wonder what, exactly, was Jack’s plan if they found him?

-One wonderful thing about 24 is the way they film the light/dark stuff. Jack is hiding in the sewer, it’s dark and dank. Then, he emerges to freedom, and the bright sunlight. It reminds me of one of my favourite moments in Season 2 when Jack is chasing Alex Hewitt down and he emerges on the rooftop into the morning sun.

-That shirt now looks worse than the one that Jack was wearing when he came back from being tortured by the Chinese.

-It’s surprising that Milo isn’t a little more upset at the thought of Jack’s death, he did, after all, work with him during day 1 when he was just an outside contractor. He seemed to like and respect Jack.

-What a surprisingly convenient place for a cell phone to be laying, let alone a cell phone with GPS.

-I was going to make a comment on Jack’s choice of car, but not once the phone was discovered.

-Also, what a convenient place for a paint can, a place that looks like it’s never been painted at all.

-Jack’s moving around pretty good for a guy that got stuck in the back with a big rod a few minutes ago,

-It’s so nice that Buchanan seems to actually care about Jack. Someone has too other than socially-awkward-Chloe.

-It wouldn’t have taken much more time for Jack to actually say that Fayed told him about Assad. The amount of questions it created he might as well have spilled it from the start.

-For the first time in a while, I don’t like Karen. Jack has way more experience in the field than she does and a better idea about decisions that need to be made quickly. I’m insulted that she thinks Jack can’t handle this and really, it has nothing to do with me.

-That sort of grimace/half smile/head forward thing that Jack does on the phone with Wayne, Karen and Tom has to be one of my favourite Kiefer characteristics, and I don’t really know why.

-Wow, the President actually didn’t agree with Jack. That might be a first for a Palmer president.

-Jack is so unaffected by his capture and torture, he’s still got a better memory than I do.

-Within the first 10 minutes of this episode I am tired of the entire Wallace family. I hope Ahmed kills them all.

-It’s brutal how Fayed brings out the, ‘I could have chosen anyone for this but I chose you.’ He sounds like a parent.

-I seriously thought I was going to vomit when Scott tried to give that stupid necklace to Ahmed. Agh, disgusting.

-Jack did a really good job getting a gun and getting into the house where Assad is.

-Line of the week, possibly the year, Jack to Fayed’s henchman: “Drop the coffee.” The thug should have answered, ‘It’s tea.’

-Jack has garnered quite the reputation; everyone seems to know who he is all the time.

-Jack is pretty convincing with Assad. He also looks pretty scared a couple of times.

-That explosion sequence was in the trailer for this season. I remember seeing it and thinking that it looked really cool. It certainly did work out pretty impressive.

-That must be one sturdy fence that Jack hid behind to not move with the force of the explosion.

-On second thought, while Ahmed is killing the Wallace’s it would be awesome if he could kill Sandra Palmer and Walid, just because I hate this storyline from the moment Sandra opens her mouth.

-I have a lot of trouble believing that Wayne and Sandra could possibly be related.

-Although, she does have some decent one liners, one of them being, “He [Lennox] treats the Constitution like a list of suggestions.”

-You can really feel the tension from Wayne when Sandra reminds Wayne that David didn’t like Tom Lennox either. This also shows us that Wayne is not just David Junior in the White House, he is making different decisions than David, for better or worse.

-I love the fire in Wayne’s anger. It’s nice. He’s not as scary angry as David was.

-When exactly did Tom Lennox turn into Yoda, “Respond he will.” He should talk like that all the time, “Mistake we have made, terrible. Bauer, Jack, listen to we should have.”

-Who puts newspaper up in the window of a house you are moving out of? Did they have a grow-op there or something?

-Note the conspicuously placed American flag.

-You know it’s bad when you can make a man who has done such terrible things as Assad pause at the sight of your injuries.

-Poor Jack. It’s kind of like this ‘Beauty and the Beast’ moment when he takes off into the next room like that.

-Once again for the record, I love Buchanan. He’s just so… awesome.

-The noise that was dubbed over Jack shoving the pen in Omar’s neck was not right. It sounded like a knife, that must be one sharp pen.

-I wonder what it was that Jack saw in Omar’s eyes that made him stop interrogating him. Did he really think that he wasn’t going to tell him anything? Did he possibly remember being on the other side of the interrogating?

-Is this going to affect Jack permanently?

-I don’t have a problem with gore and blood but I do have a bad knee and watching Assad stick that knife in Omar’s knee really made me cringe.

-Scariest line of the week, Jack meek and whispered confession to Assad, “I don’t know how to do this anymore.”

-Ooh, Assad is just ruthless in the way he kills Omar. Don’t mess with him.

-I can’t even express how stupid Sandra is about the whole deleting file thing.

-Although, I love the guy in the file room’s desktop, the happy face. How nice.

-How long has Ahmed had this package? How could he put a hole in the drywall and patch it back up without his parents knowing unless the house was built around it.

- I once had a friend that went through the top of a glass coffee table, although, he wasn’t punted like a football the way Ahmed was. He got some hang time.

-You know, it’s funny. With Ahmed at Stan we have a terrorist and a bigot, respectively. I find myself sympathizing and actually cheering for the terrorist. I’d rather Ahmed kill Stan than the other way around. I’m not really sure why that is other than the fact that if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s racist people. I don’t think I realized how strongly I felt about that until I was watching this. Yes, Ahmed is a terrorist, but Stan doesn’t really know that, he’s just taking his anger for Ahmed’s race out on Ahmed. Not fair, not right. It’s also not fair and not right for Ahmed to be assisting in the plan to kill potentially millions of Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support Ahmed’s cause or anything, he should also be killed, but so should Stan.

-Could it have taken Scott any longer to get to Ahmed’s place?

-Scott is stupid, just plain stupid. He sounds like a little kid, ‘We should call 9-1-1 ‘cause that’s what my mommy always said.’

-I bet Ahmed would rather go another round with Stan than deal with Scott. I know I would.

-Jack doesn’t blend in very well. Maybe it’s just because he’s Jack but he seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

-It seems to me that words you don’t want to speak on the phone in the middle of a terrorist crisis would be ones like Martyr. Call me crazy but that’s asking to get picked up by the cops. It’s the same as deleting words like ‘bomb’ from your vocabulary when you go to the airport unless you want to spend a couple of very unpleasant hours in a room somewhere.

-If that whole train had gone up in flames, the ticket taker would have been to blame. Is that guy for real? He might as well have walked right up to Nassir and asked to see his bomb.

-That was a brutal smack on the pole that Jack gave Nassir with his tie. Ouch.

-Nice move, Jack. He must have had some serious push behind him to get Nassir out the back door like that.

-I love Jack’s exit. Not a word to anyone, just emergency stop and off the back of the train. People are probably like, ‘What the hell just happened? Who was that guy?’

-Just where is Jack going anyway? I don’t think he can get up to the street unless they are at a station.

-That handler is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, ‘I don’t know, there’s a lot of smoke coming out right on the train line but not at the station, I can’t possibly imagine what happened.’ Duh.

-Ejected. Yeah, that’s accurate about what happened to the bomber.

-So, Wayne, how’s that choice to go against Jack looking now?

-I have some respect for Tom the way he tries to make Wayne feel better by wanting to take some of the blame for the bad decision.


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