5.24: 6:00am - 7:00am
~ Planes, Boats and Automobiles ~


Logan and Martha are putting the finishing touches on their outfits. Logan walks up behind his wife and places his hands on her shoulders. He leans towards her and appears to smell her neck. He then backs up and zips up her dress for her. She attempts to hide her disgust and thanks him.

Jack is wearing a flight suit and is in a room with Pierce. Chloe speaks to Jack on the phone and he says that he is in a Secret Service outbuilding. Chloe might have a way to get the co-pilot off of the flight but Mike Novick will have to verify the codes. Jack switches to his COM unit placing the earpiece in his ear and speaking to Chloe. He will get back to her as soon as he is in the chopper. Jack tosses his phone to Pierce and says he needs to talk to Mike Novick.

Chloe calls Morris as he passes by. He turns and kindly answers, ‘Yes, sweetie.’ Chloe is going to need one more thing from him.

An agent goes out to the chopper and tells the co-pilot that a guy from Central called and said that his flight packet is all messed up. The call has been patched through to the Secret Service outbuilding. The co-pilot leaves the chopper.

Mike waits impatiently by the fax machine for a document to finish sending. It is Jack’s new ID so he can get on the chopper. Martha comes around the corner behind him and Mike jumps as Martha tells him breathlessly that she has delayed Charles as long as she can. Mike tells her that Jack Bauer is in the Secret Service outbuilding and he is dealing with the documents now. There isn’t much time.

Mike makes a call to Pierce and tells him that the authorization is coming through now. They are going to have to hurry as Pierce deals with the documents. The co-pilot has arrived in the building and opens to door calling for anyone to answer. Pierce appears and calls the man ‘John’. John is surprised to see Aaron and says he thought that he transferred out. Pierce hasn’t done it quite yet. John asks about the guy from Central that called about his packet but he is cut off when Jack comes up behind him and grabs him around the neck cutting off his air supply. Pierce watches and Jack knocks the man out. He takes his new ID pass from Pierce and heads away, Pierce telling Jack that he doesn’t need to worry about John. Pierce takes a pulse and stands over the agent as Jack leaves. Pierce watches out the window.

The chopper waits for the President and Jack heads out to it. He has the flight suit and now also a helmet on. Nearly there he pulls down the sun visor and jogs the rest of the way. The pilot asks what happened to the other co-pilot and Jack explains that there was something wrong with his packet. Jack shows his new papers to the pilot who is satisfied. The limo arrives carrying the President and Logan gets out with Martha in tow. Mike quietly informs Martha that Jack Bauer is in the chopper, she needs to find an excuse not to get on board. An idea comes quickly to her as she walks back beside her husband. She asks to speak to him for a second and says that she doesn’t want to sound silly but she didn’t bring her medication and she doesn’t want to go without it. Logan offers to send someone back to get it but she has no problem going. She encourages him to go alone. Wisely, she tells him that when he gets off of that helicopter alone after saving the country it will be an image the country will never forget. This brings a smile to her husband’s face but when he looks back at her for a second it seems that he might know what’s going on. He thanks her anyway and kisses her asking that she not be far behind him. With 2 Secret Service agents Charles gets on the chopper. Mike arrives at Martha’s shoulder and watches Logan as he boards the chopper. Logan buckles himself in and then gives the thumbs up to the pilot. They start to take off and Mike glances at the ground and then to Martha who just looks at him.

Jack keeps his cool and plays with the knobs on the chopper as Logan works on something between the two Secret Service agents in the back. Jack calls the captain of the chopper and when he looks over the captain can see the gun in Jack’s hand pointed at him. Jack says he can fly this if he has to and he has to make one of two choices, do what he says and live or don’t and die for nothing. The pilot nods and Jack says to wait for his commands and follow his instructions. Jack wants the pilot to take his helmet off and rip out the mike cable. The pilot chances a glance back to Logan and Jack says to do it now. Jack threatens he will know if he deviates from the flight plan and then he moves to the back of the chopper. He leans over one of the agents and tells him that he has a message from the White House. Instead of saying anything Jack tazers the agents one at a time. Logan asks with fright what the hell Jack is doing. Jack gives his handcuffs to Logan and tells him to put them on. After Jack takes his helmet off Logan realizes who it is and gasps saying ‘You’. Chloe chirps into Jack’s earpiece and he says that he has Logan with him. Chloe gives Jack coordinates to where they are going and Jack relays these to the pilot saying it’s an abandoned printing press facility that they can use. Logan starts questioning Jack asking what he is doing. He threatens that Jack will not get away with this. Jack just stares at Logan who asks Jack if he is going to kill him. Again Jack has no answer and Logan thinks out loud that he supposes Jack wants some sort of revenge, Logan understands this. Bad things happened but he didn’t want them to happen, people that worked for him went too far and did some things that they thought he wanted them to do. They were wrong. Logan continues that everything he did was in the country’s best interest. Jack stares stonily at Logan and Logan figures that he us trying to get even but he has to realize the effect that it will have on the American people. This day has been trying enough and now the president is being attacked. Logan is unable to rouse a reaction from Jack so he continues that Jack needs to turn this thing around and go back. Logan snaps at Jack, ‘Dammit Bauer, say something!’ Jack simply stares.

Morris drives along and his phone rings. He answers it with a chirpy ‘Yes love?’ Chloe answers that the chopper has landed, Morris is to hand the stuff over and leave. Also, she wants to be called when the hand off is done. Morris will make sure it gets done.

The chopper lands and Jack tells the pilot to shut her down. As a reward for his compliance, the pilot also earns a zap with the tazer. Jack turns to Logan and tells him to undo his seat belt. Jack hops out of the chopper and turns back to Logan demanding him out of the chopper now. Once out Jack grabs Logan by the arm and they make their way at a slow jog toward a building and up some stairs. Jack finds the door locked and shoots it sending Logan through first. They are alone inside and Jack practically drags Logan through the empty building. Logan doesn’t like where this is going and offers to cut a deal with Jack. He wants to work something out, he asks Jack to tell him what he wants. Logan can make it possible for Jack to get away with enough money for him to start a new life, ‘find that daughter of yours and try and work something out. Whatever you want, you have my word.’ Jack sneers, ‘Your word’ and then stops Logan and frisks him. Logan finds this absurd and as Jack empties the contents of his pockets on a nearby surface Logan scoffs that he’s the president of the United States, he’s not carrying any weapons. Jack finds no weapons, just a cell phone, some papers, a floppy disk and a pen. Jack handcuffs the president to a pole and then hears the door open. Jack warns Logan not to make a sound and then walks away. Logan tries to get a look at who is there and Morris comes up to Jack who guesses that this is Morris. Jack asks if he has the equipment, which he does. Morris hands it over to Jack and sees whom Jack is holding. Sceptically, Morris says, ‘Ah, that’s President Logan.’ Jack tells Morris to get out of there and as he retreats he calls to Jack that Chloe wants him to call her. Jack heads back to Logan and makes a call to Chloe. He has the package and Chloe warns that there will be a response deployment looking for Logan in less then 10 minutes. Chloe knows she doesn’t need to add pressure to Jack but she reminds him that if he doesn’t have a confession by then they will all be arrested for treason. Jack knows.




Jack works inside the briefcase that Morris brought him and starts to affix a camera to the top facing Logan. Logan asks what this is, an assassination? Jack corrects him that it’s a confession. Logan warns Jack not to count on it, Logan knows that Jack is good at extracting information from people, at torture. He saw what Jack did with Walt Cummings and he will be surprised to know that Logan is a little tougher than that. Jack does a check with Chloe making sure everything is running okay. Logan questions who Jack is talking to, his friends at CTU? He reminds Jack that he is putting them in danger as well. His people can’t be that far behind and Jack has time to get away, Logan advises Jack to take it. Of course Jack doesn’t and starts to state the facts to Logan. Jack accuses Logan of being involved in the plan to release the sentox nerve gas in Russia by separatists. David Palmer uncovered the evidence and when he started asking questions Logan had him assassinated. There will other people killed to cover that murder up, ‘people that served this country with distinction, people that I worked with, friends of mine.’ The terrorists discovered the lies and deployed the nerve gas on American soil. Every American that died today is another murder that Logan is accountable for and before Logan leaves here he is going to admit it. Logan reasons that he supposed if Jack were to hurt him enough he will say whatever he wants but it won’t make it the truth and everyone that’s watching would know that. Jack asks flatly for the names of Logan’s conspirators. Logan denies having conspirators and Jack yells the names Walt Cummings, Christopher Henderson, James Nathanson, they all admitted to being a part of his conspiracy and they are all now dead but before Henderson died he gave them other names. Logan calmly says a man will say anything under torture, this doesn’t mean anything. Jack addresses Logan as Mr. Logan and threatens that he will answer him or “so help me God, I will kill you.” They stare each other down for a second and Jack gets up from behind the briefcase and then sits across from Logan. He stares at Logan and starts in a low tone that a year and a half ago he was warned that his life was in danger by someone within the government. The only way to stay alive was to create the illusion that he was dead. He was forced to deceive the people that he loved, ‘my only daughter will never forgive me. As I see the depth of your corruption unfold I have no doubt that you were the source of that danger.’ David Palmer was a great man and he was a great President and he was also my friend. Jack’s emotions start to show through as he continues that David tried to warn him about Logan and now he is dead. Other people tried to help him and now they are dead too. Voice gaining intensity Jack threatens ‘Mr. Logan, I hope you understand that I have absolutely nothing to loose and you are going to be held accountable for everything. You will not be able to hide behind the Presidency.’ Dangerously Jack threatens that ‘Right here right now you are going to face justice and make no mistake, this IS personal. If you think that I am scared to put a bullet in your brain you don’t know me.’ Logan stares at Jack wide eyed and Jack asks him one last time who the conspirators are. Jack warns that Logan will have until the count of three or he will kill him. Jack levels his gun at Logan’s forehead and counts ‘One.’ Logan tells Jack that he can make him a martyr and he will go down in history with Lincoln and Kennedy but Jack will go down with Booth and Oswald. Unconvinced, Jack stands and yells ‘TWO!’ Logan babbles that Jack is a man of honour, how can he assassinate the president of the United States in front of the world. He loves this country and he will not pull the trigger. Yelling again Jack shouts, ‘THREE!’ He has his finger on the trigger and contemplates as his arm and hand shake holding the gun out. Logan stares down the gun and Jack continues to shake and re-grips the gun putting his finger back on the trigger. Feeling the tension subside and Jack relent Logan smoothly assesses, ‘You can’t do it, can you.’ Jack holds the gun tighter and Logan comforts him, ‘It’s alright, Jack, it’s right that you can’t. I’m the President.’ Jack continues to stare down the barrel of the gun at Logan but grits his teeth in indecision. Logan quietly says that ‘They’re here.’ Law enforcement has arrived and Jack takes action putting the gun down on the table. Jack drops to his knees and puts his hands behind his head waiting for them to take him

into custody. They close in on Jack and roughly shove him onto the ground. One of the agents approaches Logan and asks if he is alright. Logan is fine and he stands up saying that he feels sorry for that man, he’s delusional. They lift Jack up off the ground and Logan advises them that it would be better if he was in solitary for the time being. Jack is led off and Logan starts placing things back in his pocket in preparation to leave.



A chopper is overhead and Mike and Martha wait on the tarmac where they are preparing to transport David’s body. The chopper arrives and as it starts to land Mike’s phone rings. He steps away to answer it and we viewers are not privy to the conversation or who is calling. Mike arrives back beside Martha and says that Jack Bauer wasn’t able to get the president to confess, he apologises. She wants to know why not but Mike isn’t sure about the details, all he knows is Bauer is in custody. Holding back Martha watches the chopper land and the Secret Service agents get out followed by her husband. The President waves to the standing reporters and Martha does a poor job of hiding her disgust with her husband. He approaches the press and thanks them and she walks toward him. They lightly kiss and she us upset but this time does an admirable job of hiding it. The press takes photos until the press secretary comes out and calls off the photographers. Wasting no time the casket carrying David Palmer’s body is brought out of the hearse as a military band plays. Martha cries at the sight and Mike nearby is also upset by the procession. Someone watches it on their cell phone as the newscast progresses. Overwhelmed with emotion Martha cries ‘Oh God, David…’ Her husband attempts to comfort her but she begins to flip out at him; she yells that Logan did this to him, he is a murderer. Charles begs his wife not to do this now but he is forced to ask Secret Service to escort her to a hangar nearby saying she is not well. Martha is muscled away by Secret Service yelling that Logan is not fit to be president and it is sacrilege for him to be speaking David’s name. After she gets a head start he asks an agent nearby if the hangar is clear, he wants to make sure she is alright. Mike watches Logan go.

Charles comes into the empty hangar and walks directly to his sobbing wife. He grabs her arms and then slaps her. She is stunned and continues to cry as he frisks her asking if she is wearing any recording devices. She cries what is he talking about and he calmly says that he has to watch her, he thought he was a good liar but he is nothing compared to her. He grabs her purse and rifles through it finding nothing. He grabs her arm again and asks that she tell him the truth. She says he is hurting her but he threatens that she doesn’t know what pain is. Dangerously, he says that he is on to her, he should have seen it but he wanted to believe that she still cared. Making love to him was just a ploy, wasn’t it? It took a lot of planning to get Jack Bauer on that helicopter and it was part of her job to delay him. He accuses her of being used so that Jack Bauer could get to him, he wants her to admit that she was party to it. She does and he asks why, why did she help them. ‘Because you killed David Palmer.’ He reiterates that he told her, he didn’t realize that it was going to happen. She continues that people were killed to protect him and cover for it, that’s just as bad and others died to cover that. He sold nerve gas to terrorists, he is insane. He defends his position, he did what he did for the good of the country as he saw it at that time. She calls him a hypocrite. He threatens that if she blows up like this one more time he will fill her so full of drugs she won’t know her own name and then ship her off to an asylum for the rest of her life. In horror she admits that she is clear. He tosses a rag at her and instructs her to clean up, she’s a mess. He gives her one last shove and walks away from his wife.



Palmers casket is moved and Logan is introduced to the crowd. He gives a military salute and then takes Martha’s hand as he moves past the others. He stops leading her and walks himself to the podium to speak. Raising his hands all those that have been standing are seated. He begins, ‘My fellow Americans, this is a terrible day in the history of this country but at the same time it is triumphant in that it marks a victory over the forces of chaos and terror.’

At CTU Chloe watches Logan’s speech from the situation room, she speaks into the phone that she will start the transmission in 1 minute. The Attorney General is on the other end and he snaps that he hopes this is as important as she says it is. Buchanan and Hayes enter the room and Chloe says that the Attorney General is on the phone. Karen asks breathlessly if she is serious and Chloe is very serious. Hayes and Buchanan both hurriedly identify themselves and Chloe apologises that she had to do this under the radar. It was necessary in case things went wrong, Jack Bauer placed a listening device on the President and the AG clarifies that Bauer is the one under arrest and then figures that this is at least a violation of privacy. Tired of trying to explain Chloe is ready to play the recording. She drops the bombshell that this is a recording of the President and his wife about 5 minutes ago. The recording is queued up at the most damning part and Chloe lets it play where Logan admits to being in on everything that happened today from selling the nerve gas to terrorists to the death of David Palmer.

At the service for Palmer, Logan continues to speak about no man being an island and today they feel the truth of those words. Any untimely death is a tragedy and a tribute to a great character is the unifying force for those left behind. David Palmer was such a president; he was a great American “and on a more personal note, a wonderful friend.”

On a nearby secret service agent the phone rings. The AG is calling and the agent courteously tells the Attorney General that there must be some kind of mistake but in the end he can only say ‘yes sir’ and do what he is told. He hands the phone to another agent as Logan starts to see the commotion happening. He slightly loses his train of thought but then gets back on track in his speech. The secret service agents speak with one another as Logan speaks about where Palmer will be buried, Arlington Cemetery, he was a soldier in the truest sense. Behind Logan, Mike wipes tears from his face. Behind that an SUV pulls up. He calls this day a national day of mourning for one of the greatest Americans that this nation will ever see. He thanks the crowd and it doesn’t take long for the secret service to quietly converge on Logan and ask him to come with them. Logan is angry that they nearly disrupted his speech but the agent whispers the accusations into Logan’s ear. He becomes wide eyed and the agent asks to be excused as he reaches into Logan’s pocket and pulls out a pen. He thinks that Logan has probably not seen one of these before but it’s a micro transmitter. Logan stares at his wife who holds her head high. On her shoulder Mike smirks with satisfaction in seeing Logan brought to justice. Logan orders the secret service agent to arrest everyone and get them out of here but the agent no longer takes his orders from Logan. Relenting, Logan looks at the ground and then is led off the stage. A 21-gun salute is prepared in honour of Palmer as Logan walks towards the limousine. Martha weeps openly with her hand on Mike’s shoulder. Palmer’s body is moved into the hull of a plane as the first round of fire is unleashed. Logan is led into the limo and the agent warns him to watch his head. The door is closed on the limo. Palmer’s casket is laid in the plane. The limo bearing his killer is driven away as the marines leave the plane. Logan sighs.

Jack is patched up on the back of an ambulance and Audrey arrives at the scene. He gets up and walks toward her through the crowd bumping off SWAT members as he goes. They meet and touch and exchange ‘hey’s’. She sighs, ‘Thank God you’re safe. When I heard that you kidnapped the President…’ He cuts her off by explaining he was just trying to get a direct confession. She takes his hand and asks how much longer he has here. He doesn’t think it will be that much longer, he can debrief tomorrow. Suddenly he kisses her. They pull slightly apart and she says his name, ‘I can’t believe that you’re really, really here.’ They each have their hand on the others’ face and an agent appears. He looks secret service and tells Jack that there is a call for him from his daughter. Jack perks up at this information and the agent says yes, a Kim Bauer has been put through to the landline just inside a door he gestures too. Jack promises Audrey he will be right back and she wants him to take as long as he needs, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ A smile crosses his face and they kiss briefly and he says he loves her. He will be right back and he jogs up the stairs to the door. She looks very happy as she watches Jack move away. The phone sits in a desolate building and it’s the only thing in the room. The receiver is on top of the old system and Jack picks it up asking, “Kim?” Before he knows what’s going on a man grabs Jack from behind and puts a cloth over his nose and mouth. 2 more men appear from the front but Jack manages to use the man from behind as leverage and kick the pair. The man from behind is helped and as the two men hold him Jack’s vision starts to fog. As it does he sees Audrey through a crack in the door. As he falls unconscious he watches her wait for him. The men take Jack away.



Buchanan stands in CTU and Hayes comes up to him. Her guess is that Logan will try to cut a deal and resign without a fight in exchange for clemency. Buchanan argues that he doesn’t deserve clemency but the country doesn’t deserve an impeachment process either. Hal Gardner will be sworn into the White House soon. Bill looks around nostalgically and says ‘This is probably the last time I’ll ever see this place.’ Karen jumps right in and says that that will not be the case if she has anything to do with it; he will be back running CTU. Buchanan thanks her. She tells him that when she came in here to ‘save the day’ she was condescending and tactless, she apologizes. Buchanan defends her position, mistakes were made and she as right to come in with a firm hand. They hold each other’s glances for a second and Buchanan asks with some trepidation that he was thinking of getting some breakfast before going home. She has to go over to division for one last briefing and brushes it off to bureaucracy. She asks for a rain-cheque and Bill gives her a big smile and says sure. Karen leaves the room.

This agent can save the world in 24 hours but he can’t figure out when a bogus phone call is going down? Weak.

Chloe is the next one to come through and seeing her Buchanan pulls something from his pocket. He walks to her and tells her that she did a lot to help them today. She says that he did as well and Buchanan offers her a piece of paper saying that he found this in Edgar’s possessions and he thought she might want it. He thanks her and leaves her be. She stares at the front of the paper for a second and then opens it. It’s a photo of her and Edgar smiling. She smiles and tears begin to well up and fall. Morris comes by and asks casually what this is all about. She tells him that it’s a friend of hers who died today. He asks kindly if she wants to talk about it to which she nods affirmative. He puts his arm around her and they walk out.

Audrey has waited long enough for Jack and decides to go in the building after him. She goes in the room and finds the phone hanging off the receiver beeping loudly. Realizing that he is gone Audrey whispers ‘oh my God’ and goes careening out of the building yelling at the nearest Secret Service agent that Jack Bauer is missing. The agent gets on the radio and starts the search again for Jack Bauer.

Movement is heard in the darkness. Jack is dragged into view with one man on each arm. Jack has been beaten badly, he is barely conscious, his face is bloodied and his shirt is torn so that there is little of it left. Jack is unceremoniously dropped and he pulls himself to his side showing a nearly swollen shut eye. The men that had dragged him take off their masks revealing that they are Chinese. Cheng from last season steps forward and looks casually at Jack lying on the floor in pain. Jack is picked up again and he faces Cheng who speaks to him, ‘Surely you must be aware, Mr. Bauer, that China has a long memory. 18 months ago you invaded our territory and killed our consul.’ Looking like he’s trying to come to grips with this, Jack tries to catch his breath. Cheng bends down and gets closer and asks ‘Did you really think that we would forget?’ Jack weakly mumbles, ‘I know how this works.’ He swallows hard and continues a little clearer, ‘I need to make 1 phone call, please.’ The thugs are still holding up Jack and he repeats himself, ‘Just one phone call.’ Cheng doesn’t really respond and that in itself is an answer. Jack spits in Cheng’s general direction and is dropped hard. He rolls again and reveals the blood that covers his ear and face. Jack finally murmurs, “Kill me”. He pushes himself up a bit off of the ground and repeats it, “Just, kill me.” Cheng faces Jack again and informs him, ‘You are too valuable to kill, Mr. Bauer.’ Jack winces and jerks a bit from the pain. The thugs close in on him and Jack rolls over onto his back laying his head on the ground. The camera pans out and then suddenly we are outside. Jack is on a container ship; it is equipped with a landing pad on the deck. We see it from behind and the word SHANGHAI is visible as it chugs along on the open ocean.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-For the second year in a row I’m glad that this is the last episode or else it would be a half hour of previously’s and 45 minutes of show (including commercial that is). Wouldn’t it suck if the entire first quarter of the show was “Previously on 24”?

-It’s rough when you are completely disgusted by your spouse, it’s even worse when you’ve just had sex with them to delay them. It’s even worse than that when said spouse happens to be the president of the United States.

-Jack, Jack, Jack. Haven’t we already talked about sunglasses at inappropriate times at the beginning of the season? Remember Wayne Palmer’s apartment? Now he’s wearing his sunglasses at night. It’s almost as bad as the cheesy 80’s song that goes with it.

-Morris is so nice to Chloe. Any bets what’s on his mind?

-It’s very reassuring to see Jack and Pierce on the same side. 2 real good guys working together to bring Palmer’s killer to justice. It doesn’t get any more vintage 24 than that.

-Shock of the century, when Mike tells Martha that there isn’t much time. I think we get the point people; you don’t need to keep beating us with the ‘out of time’ bat.

-Pierce is surprisingly okay with Jack knocking a good guy out cold.

-I guess he will be happy to know when he wakes up that it was all for the greater good. We hope.

-You would think that a last minute exchange to a co-pilot the guy has never seen before that just happens to be wearing a sun visor in the middle of the night might, just MIGHT raise a red flag with the pilot. And yet, he still looks surprised when Jack pulls a gun on him

-Martha is great at this game, she knows just what to say to get her husband to do what she wants. The joy of marriage, and manipulation.

-It seems to appear right before Logan says goodbye to his wife that he might know what’s going on. Why he doesn’t question her there is anyone’s guess.

-So, let me be perfectly clear. Martha Logan has been walking around those grounds all night and it’s all good. Charles is unable to walk from the house to the chopper pad. He has to take the Limo ALL the way across the property. What a chump.

-Logan isn’t nearly cool enough to be giving the thumbs up to the pilot. He just looks like a bigger idiot.

-Those two burly agents with Logan win the ‘Most Useless Secret Service Agent’ award for this season. They might as well have offered to jump out of the chopper instead of letting Jack tazer them.

-Wow does Logan ever look outmatched by those two agents sitting on either side of him. It’s a Loganwich with extra thick bread.

-Line of the week contender: Logan to Jack: “You.” With accompanying facial expression

-That is one conveniently placed abandoned printing facility.

-It’s interesting to watch the evolution of Logan’s character from a whimpering coward to angry and demanding while he and Jack are in the back of the chopper. It’s a lot like the evolution of his character since we first met him.

-Jack is definitely just as scary not saying anything to Logan. Building the suspense.

-Oh yeah, Logan’s been around Jack too long, proof? DAMMIT Bauer….

-Morris is an interesting choice of character for Chloe to be relying on to get the information to Jack.

-Why does Morris still call Chloe ‘love’? They’re divorced.

-Logan is pretty compliant of the demands of a potential madman. Oh how his true colours shine through.

-I can’t believe Logan tried to use Kim as a bargaining chip with Jack. Cold.

-It seems that Logan does know Jack somewhat. While trying to talk Jack out of this Logan uses two of the biggest driving forces behind Jack Bauer. Kim and the general ‘what’s best’ for the American people. These are things that have driven Jack from the start… along with Palmer and Tony who are now dead on Logan’s whim. How about that for an inner struggle.

-I’m thinking that if you’ve stumbled on a plot to kidnap the President your best bet is to keep your mouth shut to the man that just kidnapped him about it. Call me crazy but …

-Logan probably would have preferred that it was an assassination to what happened in the end.

-I think we were all surprised to find that Logan is a little tougher than most people Jack goes after. But, Jack also didn’t really put the gears to Logan. He wasn’t really going to kill him, was he?
-Logan tells Jack that he is putting his friends at CTU in danger as well. Is he talking about the same kind of danger that Palmer was in? Is that an indirect threat?

-Jack is so calm with Logan at the beginning when he is stating the facts. He is almost cold when he talks about these ‘friends of his’ that served the country with distinction that are now dead.

-This is not just about Palmer; this is about Tony and Michelle as well. Well, it’s good to know after 5 years on the show Tony gets 2 mentions, that seems really worth it, doesn’t it?

-Am I missing something, did Henderson give Jack any names? I don’t seem to recall anything. I’ll have to watch it again but it seems weird. He might just be trying to get Logan to confess, I guess.

-So, Jack finally tells Logan almost all of what happened before he faked his death. The thing was, he made it sound like he just figured out it was Logan that wanted him dead. He knew all along because Palmer told him.

-Jack goes from borderline tears to inane shooter in .25 seconds.

-That was close for Jack, if he had been standing there holding a gun to the president when the secret service arrived, he wouldn’t have known what hit him they would have shot him so fast.

-Irony, the man you are about to shoot comforting you after you can’t shoot him. Talk about messed up.

-It’s sweet to see Mike so moved by David’s death, they did know each other a long time. It surprises me, however, that it is to Logan’s words that he is crying. Logan is a fake and a disgrace and the REASON that Palmer is now dead.

-There’s no way that the press wouldn’t be picking up on the commotion that happens at the speech.

-Look of the week: Mike Novick standing there over Martha’s shoulder right before Logan is led away.

-Martha has her hand on Mike’s shoulder as Logan is led away. Is Pierce on the outs already?

-The cuts and the camera work while Logan is driven away was simply a masterpiece. The unsaid comparison between the two presidents, their different ‘exits’ and the way it was mixed down was spectacular. Another fine example of why 24 rocks.

-I’m not going to say that I didn’t like the Jack/Audrey reunion. I am going to say that it was almost exactly like Season 2 when Kim and (shudder) Kate came to meet Jack. The throwback of a Kate scene kinda ruined the moment for me, it had similarities right down to people getting in the way and delaying them coming together. I think the best part about that scene in Season 2 is that Kate had no real dialogue.

-Line of the week contener: Jack to Audrey: “I can debrief tomorrow.” Bets on if the end hadn’t been that way he would have ‘debriefed’ tonight

-Logan’s little knifing mind never stops going does it? He was just faced with a revenge death and he manages to escape. He gathers his thoughts enough to have Jack put in solitary because he knows damn well that Jack can probably convince people that Logan is indeed bad.

-I’m assuming by the way the end of the show went down it was Chloe that called Mike, but it would have been nice to know at the time.

-Why is it that Logan always has to give that idiotic looking open-handed wave to the reporters? Just in case we weren’t sure that he was a moron.

-Did I miss something important or were we not told who the person was watching David’s procession on their cell phone was.

-Logan pulls out the old standby excuse for his wife, she is ‘not well.’ How many times this season has he used that excuse for her actions?

-I tend to agree with Logan’s crazy wife that it is sacrilege for Logan to say David’s name and he does not deserve to be President.

-Martha wasn’t the only one that was totally surprised by Logan slapping Martha. I was astounded that they would write that. Now I hate him even more.

-Logan has the right idea about the frisking and looking for the recording devices. Too bad he didn’t look to himself.

-Something about the camera work when Logan was with Jack led us to believe that something was going on with the pen or something else in Logan’s pocket. I wish they hadn’t been so obvious with it or else it would have been a complete and total surprise.

-This whole “I didn’t realize that Palmer would be killed” ploy is not an excuse. If you break the law by speeding and don’t know the speed limit, it’s still a ticketable offence. He can’t say that he didn’t know about it, he gave the killers carte blanche to do whatever they wanted.

-Charles is so brutal to Martha. It’s terrible. And it’s great. Finally we get to see the true colours behind Charles Logan. And they’re ugly.

-According to Logan’s profile on the Fox 24 page, he never served in the military. I’m wondering why he saluted at the scene of Palmer’s procession. Maybe that’s part of being the ‘Commander in chief’ of the country but it seemed odd to me.

-I have trouble believing that Chloe could get through to the Attorney General that easily but I’m willing to concede that point for the good of the show.

-And here are Karen and Bill both getting along like old chums and kissing the same Attorney General’s ass. Maybe they can run CTU together

-Now there’s a shock if you haven’t seen this developing like we have, for the AG and his minions to find out that the President is bad at a time like this after everything else that has happened throughout the day. I’d just ask for 15 so I can take a nap and sort all this out.

-Where did Logan ever come up with this statement in reference to David Palmer, “And on a more personal note, a wonderful friend.”? Honestly, David and Charles never really got along, Charles even said so himself. Who wrote that for Logan and why wasn’t it taken out in the editing process for his speech?

-I love how we can see Logan falling apart in front of our eyes as the agents move up to come for him. He watches them start to move around and knows damn well what’s coming his way.

-I’m convinced that LA has more deserted buildings than anywhere else. Everything this season has happened in a deserted building, including the Jack-nap.

-Hey, Kim can be Kimnapped, Jack can be Jacknapped.

-Well, it looks like Karen and Bill are set up to be the new Michelle and Tony. Two bad their twice the age and half as interesting.

-Did anyone catch the front of that photo that Chloe took from Bill? It has the 24 fan phone number on it with the words “Fan Phone” as well as the scary, scary words, “Jack is dead” written backwards. Are they just seeing if we’re paying attention or does this have significance?

-I guess even Chloe needs someone to talk to.

-Well, at least Audrey has the right idea, Jack is missing and this time, he didn’t do it to himself… mostly.

-There’s some foreshadowing for you, “I’m not going anywhere” She might not be but he sure is.

-Lets take a second and dissect this entire ‘call from Kim to the phone in the deserted building’. What, exactly is that all about? First of all, does Jack not have a cell phone anymore? Maybe they took it away because they thought he went postal on the president. Okay, what about Audrey? What about the agent that told him there was a call? How about the ambulance radio? Honestly. Also, who actually GOES to that phone call?

-Who was Jack going to call? Kim? Audrey? Bill? Did he really think they would let him have a call so he can call CTU or someone high powered to get him out? So un-Jack-like.

-Speaking of un-Jack-like, how about begging for death. Jack has been through a lot and that really threw me. They are setting him up for the big kill, they have to be. That makes me sad.

-Okay, I don’t even know where to start. How about with the cons.

-Okay the good, the good, lets see, um, good.

-We have nearly a “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” thing happening, Palmer on the Plane, Logan in the Automobile and well, Jack in a boat. Close enough.

-Well folks, it’s been a ride. The long, slow wait to season 6 begins and will be almost as painful as that long, slow boat to China.


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