5.21: 3:00am - 4:00am
~ Big Shot ~


The plane that Jack is on cruises along and checks in with the tower. Jack calls CTU and speaks to Karen. While he waits to be put through the co-pilot, Evans, who is now in charge of the plane, checks his nose and bitterly tells Jack that he thinks Jack broke his nose. Jack assures him he will get medical attention once they are on the ground.

Karen frees Buchanan from the handcuffs and Jack’s call comes through. He fills her in about the co-pilot working for Henderson and the pilot being unconscious. Jack has in his possession the recording proving that Logan was complacent in David Palmer’s assassination; it cannot land in the hands of anyone loyal to the President. Buchanan tells Jack that he is there and he will explain just how later. He is going to dispatch a team to head off the law enforcement that Logan will send when the plane lands. They will bring him into protective custody once they meet. Jack is fine with this and asks about Audrey’s condition. Buchanan says she’s in medical and she’s okay. Jack breathes a sigh of relief.

Curtis goes into medical to see Audrey who is bandaged on her arm from the wound inflicted by Henderson. Curtis is happy and tells her that he just got off the phone, her father survived the crash. Relieved Audrey asks if he is alive and he says her father is in ICU but they are expecting him to pull through. She smiles and his phone rings. He says he has to take it and happily turns to go. Audrey thanks him and he leaves. Karen is calling Curtis and she asks if Henderson is secured. She sends Curtis to go and get Jack; the plane he is on is going to land in 20 minutes. Curtis will do it but asks why Jack is on a plane. Karen says he had to get the evidence and she can’t tell him how important it is that he gets Jack into protective custody and bring him to CTU. Logan will probably send men as well to retrieve the evidence.

Logan ’s phone rings and Graham is on the other end. He has a solution to their problem. He can simulate a VCI distress signal that appears to come from the flight that Bauer is on. Logan doesn’t even know what that is and Graham explains patiently that it is a signal that can be sent by planes in secret that indicate the plane is going to be used as a weapon. This will give Logan the right to shoot it down and all he has to do is to appear to struggle with the ethics of the situation and then give it the go ahead. Logan is distracted thinking about his choices until Graham calls him back to reality. He agrees and Graham observes that he sounds reluctant. Logan mutters that he can’t believe it’s come to this; he is going to shoot down a plane of innocent people. Graham thinks Logan has no choice, Logan is implicated in this conspiracy and Graham doesn’t have to tell him what the consequences would be for all of them if the evidence is released. Logan hangs up.

Buchanan walks with Karen and asks her to contact Chloe and bring her back into CTU. Miles sees Buchanan as they head into the situation room. He tells Karen that he appreciates everything that and although he doesn’t always agree with Jack Bauer’s methods he trusts his judgement. Miles comes in and starts to grill Karen about what is happening. She brushes it off that she will explain later. The Bierko transfer is in progress and she wants to know when it is through.

Mike says that they have a problem, a VCI code has been initiated from the hijacked plane. Logan plays dumb asking what that is and Mike explains that it means that the target may be on the ground. He has an Admiral Kirkland on the line at Point Mugu to talk them through this. He turns on a video conference and introduces Admiral Kirkland. Logan doesn’t know how this could have been turned on without Bauer’s knowledge. The switch is in a secret place in the cockpit. It appears that Bauer now has control of the plane. They have scrambled an F18 out of Point Mugu and they need to have the plane shot down. Mike looks stressed out at this suggestion and Logan says there are 50 people on the plane. Kirkland asks them to think of those on the ground. Mike doesn’t believe that Jack would do this, he has spent his life saving the American people, are they able to send a plane to shoot it down only if they deviate from their course? According to Kirkland, this is not an option because right now they are over the desert and they will be over the city in 15 minutes. They cannot rule out the possibility that the target is the Presidential Retreat; this man has already killed one President today. Logan gives the authorization for the action and Mike argues to try and change his mind with no success.

Karen and Buchanan continue to work in CTU when a briefing is delivered to Karen. She shows it to Bill and she says they have to alert Jack.

Jack is still in the cockpit with his gun out on Evans. Jack answers the phone and Karen and Bill tell him about the VCI distress signal from the plane. The military has been authorized to shoot them down. Jack echoes this and Evans repeats it in disbelief. They have 8 to 10 minutes at best. Jack asks to be patched through to the F18 that was sent but they can’t do it, they are on a coded frequency. Jack tells Evans they need to get on the ground but he says there is nowhere to land. Jack asks Evans how much runway he needs to land the plane; he says 5000 feet at least. Jack relays this to Buchanan; he needs to find them a stretch of freeway that long. Jack hangs up with Buchanan. Evans protests that he can’t land on a freeway but Jack assures him he can, it’s late at night and there’s a curfew, there won’t be that many people on the road. Jack has Evans cuff himself to the flight control and to start taking them down. Evan’s doesn’t move right away and Jack snaps at him to do it.



Miles and Valerie watch as Chloe is brought through CTU in cuffs. Valerie asks Miles what Chloe O’Brian is doing there. Miles doesn’t know and doesn’t sound very happy about it.

Chloe is led to Buchanan and Karen in the situation room. Bill informs her of the situation with Jack and the F18. He wants Chloe to track it with radar if she can do it. She can and does. They need to know how long they have before the fighter is on Jack. Bill finds 2 stretches of freeway that are the best shots for Jack’s landing, Bill points one out as the best idea and Karen agrees.

On the plane, Jack heads into the passenger area to speak to the flight attendant. He asks her to prepare the passengers for an emergency landing. She asks what is happening but Jack doesn’t tell her, he assures her everything is fine but she needs to get ready. She starts to talk to the passengers as Jack’s phone rings. Buchanan, Karen and Chloe are there and they have found something. There is a stretch of the 118 freeway that is 4000 feet. Jack has put the phone on speaker and Evans says that’s not enough space. It’s the best Buchanan can do Jack asks CTU to hang on. Jack threatens the pilot that if he doesn’t try to land on the freeway, Jack will. Evans asks for the coordinates. Chloe has been working on locating the F18 and Karen calls Curtis and tells him where to go and pick Jack up.

Mike and Logan are told that the F18 is 5 minutes away from the plane. Admiral Kirkland is on the line from Point Mugu and he patches them into the com from the plane. Mike and Logan listen to the chatter as the radar is locked on.

Chloe has the location of the F18, she puts it up on the main screen. Buchanan notices that it is within 15 miles of Jack. Chloe doesn’t think they are going to make it, the missiles will be in range in 2 minutes. The pilot is descending and Jack wants him to descend faster. He is concerned that they are not going to be able to pull out of the dive. Jack points out that if the F18 reaches them it’s not going to matter, he tells him to descend. In the cabin the masks fall for the passengers and the stewardess yells for them to put them on. In the cockpit Evans is worried and the plane is starting to make a lot of noise. He argues that he needs to pull up, the aircraft can’t take this. Jack says not yet. They are going in fast and the pilot is scared. Jack sees the freeway and tells him to level the plane off. The pilot pulls back but nothing happens, he can’t pull out of the dive, he needs Jack to help. Jack also pulls back on the control in front of him. This helps and the plane levels off. They are close to the ground and the F18 is also closing in on them. They will have missile lock in about 1000 feet but the pilot notices that the plane is levelling off and may be landing. Their objective seems to be the 118 freeway.

Jack tells Evans to lower the landing gear but he says they are going to fast. Jack yells for him to do it.

The F18 is in range and Buchanan watches from CTU. The pilot of the F18 has missile lock but the aircraft appears to be in a landing profile. Kirkland wants to abort the mission but Logan is not going to hear of it, he wants that plane shot down. He demands that Kirkland order his man to fire now. Mike steps in and tries to reason with Logan, they are no threat and there is no reason to do this. He begs Logan to reconsider. The F18 pilot has missile lock still and is awaiting orders. Logan finally gives the order to hold fire. Mike looks Logan over incredulously as Logan orders marines there to cordon off site and apprehend Jack.

Jack is close to the freeway now and Curtis arrives on scene and sees the plane. He calls Buchanan and updates him that they are coming in now. Evans seems sure that they are not going to make this landing and Jack hands to controls back to him, he orders him to touch it down. Again the pilot protests that they are going to fast but Jack yells at him to touch it down. The pilot essentially slams the plane down, the passengers are jolted in the cabin, the lights flash. The F18 returns to its base. The aircraft squeals in its attempt to stop, the overpass is coming up fast and all Jack can do is watch it come closer. Finally the plane squeals to a halt, landing mere feet from the overpass. Jack breathes out and closes his eyes, the pilot looks frazzled knowing how close they just came. Jack gets right on the phone with Buchanan and tells him he is on the ground just east of the overpass. Jack can meet Curtis there and they will send a second team to get the co-pilot. Buchanan warns Jack to get out of there. Jack gets up and leaves Evans to collect himself. Jack yells for the passengers to leave by the rear of the plane as he pushes out the emergency exit mid cabin, goes out on the wing and slides off. The military is nowhere to be seen and Jack takes off running into the night.



Graham speaks to Logan, he chastises Logan for not following through, he should have fired on the plane. Logan had no pretext to fire, he had to abort. It will be harder to contain now with Bauer on the ground. He can’t have gotten far and before the plane touched down Logan ordered 2 battalions of marines to the area. The area has been cordoned off and he has nowhere to run. Graham hopes that Logan is right, this is their last chance, Logan knows what is at stake, he will get back to Graham as soon as he has news. Logan hangs up and looks distraught over the entire thing.

Ambulances arrive at the site of the plane landing and the marines are standing by. Jack hides and then calls Curtis. He identifies himself and tells him that the marines are there. Curtis is coming from the north side and Jack looks over and sees the vehicle arrive. Jack sees the marines a distance away and then runs out down a small hill and then hurdles a fence landing on the blacktop. Jack crosses the road and then gets in the CTU SUV saying that they know he is in the area, they need to get out now. Curtis tells the driver to get moving and they end up running into a marine roadblock. They are going to have to try and talk their way through the roadblock, Jack cocks his gun. The marines order the agents put their hands up. Once they are close enough Curtis says they are federal agents from Los Angeles CTU. The marine wants to see all of their identification but Curtis argues they don’t have time for that. Curtis argues that they are all on the same side, they are also looking for the man from the plane, Bauer, a few minutes is all he needs to get away. The marines stand down and the CTU agents drive through. Once they are moving Curtis calls into CTU and tells them that he has Jack, there are marines all over the place and they must be taking their orders from Logan directly. Curtis will stick to the back streets to try and avoid them.

Karen’s phone rings, Miles is on the other end wanting to know what is going on. Karen has already told Miles that she will tell him when the time is right. Miles is angry, he is sitting there watching her work with 2 people that are under arrest for aiding and abetting a federal fugitive. If she is not going to give him any answers he is going to have to get them from somewhere else. Karen hangs up and confronts Bill about the situation, Buchanan has his reservations about telling Miles about the presidential conspiracy but she is going to have to trust him eventually and he has been nothing but loyal, she shouldn’t have kept him in the dark this long.

Karen leaves the room and goes to speak to Miles. She arrives at his station and she tells him curtly that she doesn’t appreciate being threatened but he doesn’t appreciate being shut out. They have worked a lot of years together and he has never wavered in his allegiance, he doesn’t deserve this. She agrees that he doesn’t. She asks him to walk with her and the pair head away from the floor as Valerie watches them. They arrive in the back halls where they have some privacy. Karen checks around to make sure that no one is around and then informs Miles about Evelyn implicating Logan in Palmer’s death. She admits to not having seen the conversation between Logan and Henderson but she knows what she is doing. He clarifies that she is covertly helping Bauer, she is working against the most powerful man in the world and she has not even heard the evidence. Karen fires at Miles that now he knows why she didn’t want to tell him. Miles tells Karen that if Bauer is not telling the truth her career is over. Even if the recording does implicate the president what does she want to do? Harass the President of the United States? Karen is leaving it up to the Attorney General. Valerie appears and interrupts the pair saying they are ready to move Bierko. They have to go over the transfer protocols now. Karen dismisses Valerie and Miles asks what he wants her to do. Bauer will be there any minute with the recording; the best way for him to help is to keep things running smoothly. It is Bierkoimperative that this stay between them. Miles agrees with a sly, ‘of course.’

The transfer of Bierko from CTU has begun. He is chained and has a bandage on the side of his face. He is stopped and Karen approaches. She signs the transfer papers and tells him he is being transferred to their holding facility at district headquarters. The teams escorting him are in tactical gear and there are 2 vehicles waiting. Karen wants to be notified the second he arrives at Division. Bierko is led away, he looks at Karen and spits on the floor. He rounds the corner and is put in the back of a van. One of the agents in the front peeks around to look at the prisoner. Bierko nods at him and one of the other agents gives the go. The lead car leaves and then the van carrying Bierko.



Logan waits impatiently for Mike to appear asking someone on the phone where he is. The man says he is on his way but Logan snaps that that’s what he told him 3 minutes ago. Mike walks in almost immediately and when he does he apologizes, he was on the phone with Owens, the field commander on the search for Bauer. Logan asks if Bauer is in custody, Mike says no. Logan is agitated and Mike continues that they sealed the area with a one mile radius and did a sweep but it is Colonel Owens estimation that Bauer is no longer inside the perimeter. Logan echoes, ‘he got away’. Mike says it appears so. Logan is dumbfounded, he can’t believe this. Mike assures Logan that it’s only a matter of time before they apprehend him and Logan just nods. Mike looks on as Logan turns away and walks away from him. Mike appears confused and asks quietly, ‘sir, are you alright?’ Logan doesn’t answer but turns to face Mike, looking at him like he’s just realized Mike is there. Mike appears to be watching the president very closely and then Logan thanks him saying he needs some time alone. Confused, Mike leaves and Logan walks into a study next to the room they were in. The phone is already ringing and Logan looks at it on the desk and chooses not to answer it. He looks out the window and sighs.

Buchanan, Chloe and Karen meet with Jack and Curtis in a back hallway at CTU. The Attorney General is on his way to his office, he will be ready in 10 minutes. Jack Jack & Audreygives the recording to Chloe and asks her to clean it up and apply a digital signal. She needs to work alone and don’t ever let the recording out of her sight. She assures Jack she won’t. Jack has a few minutes, he is going to go and see Audrey, Hayes says she is in medical.

Audrey is on a bed talking on the phone. She is trying to speak to her father but he is in ICU and the voice on the other end doesn’t know if it’s possible. Jack appears on the other side of the glass and looks at her. Audrey asks the person on the phone to tell her father that his daughter called. She hangs up and Jack enters the clinic. Audrey tells Jack that it looks like her dad is going to be alright. Jack already knows, he heard. He walks up to Audrey and touches her face. They are glad to see each other and then they kiss. Jack happily tells Audrey that they did it, they got the recording and the Attorney General is going to hear it. Their hands never leave each other as Jack tells her that Logan is going to pay for David Palmer’s assassination. He thanks her. Jack takes Audrey’s hand and she closes her eyes. He tells her that he is going to sit with her for a minute. She pulls the covers around her and he perches himself on the end of her bed. He rubs her leg and gently kisses her knee. Audrey looks at Jack and smiles.

Logan looks out the window in his dark study. He goes to a box that is sitting on a nearby shelf and brings it over to his desk. Methodically, he straightens his tie and then sits down in front of it. He opens up his cell phone instead of the box and calls Graham. Graham has been trying to reach Logan; he knows that Bauer slipped through the perimeter. Logan confirms it. Graham also knows that the Attorney General got a call from CTU and that call had to be about Logan. Logan didn’t expect this to happen so soon. Graham apologizes, calling Logan ‘Charles’. He says that Logan didn’t deserve this. Logan, appearing frightened, says that despite how things turned out he still believes that they were in the right. They were doing what was in the best interest of the country, Graham continues that they have to continue to do what is in the best interest of the country, a sitting president on trail for murder will be a huge spectacle. Logan agrees that it would also expose tings that should not see the Loganlight of day. Graham responds in an as if thoughtful tone, ‘if only we could keep such a spectacle from taking place.’ The thought occurred to Logan as well and he now opens the box he set on his desk revealing a handgun. He tells Graham that he and his associates will not be implicated in any of this. Graham appreciates this. Logan has nothing else to say and says he is going to hang up now; he has a few things he’d like to take care of before. Graham bids him goodbye and Logan hangs up. He carefully takes the gun out of the box and looks at it. He releases the clip and checks it, it is loaded. He slides the clip back into place without paying much attention to it.



Martha lay on the couch watching the news coverage on David Palmer. There is a knock on the door and Martha doesn’t answer. Finally Charles lets himself in, she ignores him. He asks if he can come in and she snarls back that now he wants to talk. He calls her Marty and she asks what he wants. Logan comes in and closes the door. He walks over to her and tells her that there is something else he wants to confess. She doesn’t want any part of it and he sits next to her. He continues that he wants to tell her how sorry he is for everything. She sniffles and wipes her nose with a tissue. She answers, ‘When you forget to give me something for my birthday, that’s when you say you’re sorry.’ Logan knows what he did was wrong, horribly wrong, but what he can’t live with is the fact that he hurt her. That’s the last thing he wanted to do. She has nothing to say and he begs her to listen. His eyes well up and he tells her that that is the truth. She has no kind words for him, she sniffles and tells him the thing that really gets her is that he had her goiMartha and Loganng for so long, she had no idea he was such a good liar. “If I wasn’t so horrified by the fact that I married you I might actually be impressed.” She looks back at the TV, watching the coverage of what her husband has done. Logan wasn’t expecting this and he thinks and then gets up and leaves. He walks back to the study right past a Secret Service agent. He sits at his desk and opens the box again. He looks at it for a few seconds and then opens one of the drawers in his desk. He pulls out a bottle and admires it for a few seconds as well. He gets out a glass and uncorks the bottle, pouring himself a liberal shot. Picking up the glass, Logan pauses and then downs the whole thing. He makes a face and takes a quick breath. He exchanges the glass for the gun and prepares to do his thing. Suddenly, his phone beeps. Logan pauses and then answers it with a ‘yes’. The voice on the other end has an urgent call from CTU. Logan snaps that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone from CTU but apparently they insisted that he would want to talk to him, it’s concerning Jack Bauer. Logan perks up and says to put it through. The caller is Miles and he tells Logan that he doesn’t know him but he is working under Karen Hayes. Miles tells Logan that Jack Bauer has just delivered a recording to CTU and it is Miles’ understanding that it is a recording of a conversation of Logan’s that if leaked could compromise national security. Miles’ superior, Mrs. Hayes, is working with Bill Buchanan and Bauer to play the recording for the Attorney General. Logan wants to know why Miles is telling him this. Miles answers, ‘Because, sir, I feel compelled to intervene and I just wanted to make sure that you would approve.’ Logan is happy to hear this and sure would approve, a smile crosses his face. Logan is going to text Miles his private number. He wants him to let him know how it goes. Miles hangs up the phone and walks away. Logan looks at his gun and puts it back in the box.

In the split screen we see Graham smirking, Jack and Audrey together, Logan, and Martha still crying.Miles Papazian

Miles enters the situation room where Chloe works on the recording. He comes right over to Chloe and leans on the desk looking at the screen. He says that Karen wants to know how long it’s going to be before the teleconference starts. Chloe snaps 5 minutes and tells Miles to get out of there. Cupped under Miles’ hand on the table, so Chloe can’t see, a small red light flashes onto the digital recorder that Logan’s conversation is on. Miles tells Chloe that he is just doing his job. She snaps that if his job is to slow things down then he’s doing good work. Miles will tell Karen that Chloe will be ready. All smartass, she answers, “Thanks”.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-That was quite the extended Bierko previously. It was good that we caught up on him but also a dead giveaway that he is going to be a problem starting now and he is going to be causing a ruckus.

-Also, the fact that we’re quickly running out of storylines is a good indication that something is about to happen.

-What did Evan’s do to the pilot that he didn’t wake up? And where did Jack put him? There’s not exactly a whole lot of room in the cockpit so I don’t think he’s on the floor still in there.

-Jack is finally in someone else’s shoes, being told by Buchanan that he will explain later just what happens. I thought Jack was the only one allowed to use that line. After these days I always figure that Jack has a lot of back-explaining to do.

-It was so unusual to see Curtis happy. He smiled at Audrey and was not his usual all-business self. That’s nice for a change. This is a character that seems to be sticking around for a while and maybe we should be bonding with, although it’s hard ‘cause they never really seem to give him that much story to work with.

-I’m not even going to start on how Heller could have possibly survived the crash he was in. The pressure from when he hit the water alone would have been enough to kill him, let alone the water he would have been inhaling while he was unconscious. Maybe I’ll just assume that he did something, hid somewhere in that car on the way down to save himself…. Yeah… that’ll do.

-In all honesty, I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that they didn’t kill Heller because the writers felt there was enough death already this season. I could think of a couple of ways they could have circumvented that a few hours ago.

-It’s weird to think of Jack in “protective custody”. The thought that Jack needs protection is new to us.

-If that is a diplomatic flight that Jack is on, wouldn’t it be full of diplomats? I think there might be more things involved in shooting down a plane of diplomats, but maybe not I guess.

-Reminiscent of another great CTU director, George Mason, Buchanan doesn’t always agree with Jack’s methods but trusts his judgement. Mason said that Jack “gets results”.

-Miles is such a pain in the ass. Even I could tell that he was going to be siding with the president in all of this to advance his own career. It’s just the kind of person that he appears to be, sly and devious and only caring about himself and his career. Forget what actually the right thing to do is.

- Logan plays dumb really well. Although, I guess we have seen that all ‘day’.

-Mike should know Jack well enough to know that there’s no way that he would ever use a plane as a weapon. Although, he also probably knows that there’s no way he would have killed Palmer, either.

-Evan’s reminds me of the doctor from Season 2 that didn’t think he could do anything but then ended up saving Jack’s ass.

-Speaking of saving Jack’s ass. Thank you Mike Novick.

-It’s really funny when Curtis sees the plane fly over. It just looks so weird and he’s totally calm about it, he just calls Bill, ‘Yeah, I see the plane, you know, it’s real close to the ground in LA, whatever.’

-Did anyone else think Logan was going to shoot them down anyway?

-It was so un-24 that the plane landed safely without a scratch on it. They could have at least dented a wing or something; I mean really, all that tension and it’s all good.

-Evan’s landing wasn’t that bad. I feel like I’ve had ones worse than that.

-Even Jack looked a little motion sick for this one.

-For some reason, when Jack takes the emergency exit out of the plane and leaves, he is wearing white latex gloves. I didn’t notice it until I got the show on DVD. It’s weird and I don’t know why. As soon as he steps out onto the wing, they’re gone.

-It’s such an interesting relationship that Graham has with Logan. It’s like, Graham is smarter and more cunning than Logan and they both know it. For that reason, he gets to boss him around and pretend that Logan is a moron all the time, (not just most of the time like he usually is) It’s almost like Logan, who didn’t like to make any decisions when he first came into office, still really does have someone ordering him around, he’s just not tell him how to run the country, he’s telling how to be corrupt.

-Maybe if Jack had called Curtis earlier then they wouldn’t have run into the roadblock and nearly had to kill a bunch of marines.

-It really does suck for the marines, because they are just doing their jobs. They don’t know that the president is corrupt; they think they are doing the right thing, serving the just cause, and they end up coming off as Logan’s lackies that are doing his evil biding. I guess that’s the scary thing about a corrupt president, he has everything at his disposal to do whatever he wants.

-Miles storyline feels like that annoying family member storyline that we usually have. It’s the one to keep the guys at CTU occupied while Jack is out in the field. I guess it couldn’t be an annoying family member ‘cause there really aren’t that many people at CTU that have family left.

-Buchanan is right, I think he’s a pretty good judge of character. He seems to always know where someone is really at. He’s always been pretty good about Jack and he’s a great judge of Miles.

-I thought for sure that Valerie was going to be the one that told Logan about it all when she showed up and was watching Karen and Miles. It was pretty obvious that it was Miles’ style, which is why I thought Valerie would do it.

-Miles is quite the sceptic of Jack. Believe in Jack. Even if it’s not the right path it’s the most interesting one for sure.

-Bierko matches Tony with the face bandage.

-For a guy playing a terrorist, Bierko really isn’t bad looking.

-Patience, there, Logan, there’s no sense in yelling at the guy on the phone that Mike isn’t there. It’s not going to make him get there any faster.

-Well, when they lose Jack all of a sudden we’re happy that perimeter teams are useless.

-Actually, this was a good insight into how people ALWAYS slip through the perimeter. In fact, if it was always this easy CTU would never ever ever ever find anyone.

-I love the shadows that are created by the water outside Logan’s camp. It’s awesome but they must have some seriously bright lights out there to make it reflect that much.

-How would Logan feel if he knew that the man that he is so desperately looking for it at CTU?

-The little Jack/Audrey reconciliation and time spent together is kind of nice. It’s not too intrusive and just enough to remind us that Jack hasn’t had any time to spend with Audrey since ‘Day 4’ since he has been in hiding. Hell, she thought he was dead.

-Wow, Jack’s got the romantic talk down to a t doesn’t he? Revenge and impeachment, makes great pillow talk.

- Logan is a walking, talking commercial for gun non-safety. Who stores a loaded gun in a wooden box on a shelf? Are you kidding? If only Martha knew it was there, Logan might not have had to do this all himself.

-Here’s the thing, Graham says that Logan didn’t deserve this. I beg to differ.

-It’s interesting that Logan wasn’t really in this for personal gain, he wasn’t in this for revenge or hatred of the country. In his own twisted way he believed what he was doing was right, that he was fighting for the just cause.

-It’s classic how Logan just lets the sentence hang in the air, “There are a few things I’d like to take care of before…” Is there a non-grotesque way to finish that sentence? I’m glad they left it that way.

-Line of the week: “When you forget to give me something for my birthday, that’s when you say you’re sorry.

-Ouch. When Martha tells Charles that he is a great liar and “If I wasn’t so horrified by the fact that I married you I might actually be impressed.” Talk about the road to divorce.

-That photo at Martha’s elbow is actually a photo of the two actors, Jean Smart (Martha) and Gregory Itzen (Charles) when they worked together years ago. It was taken from a cast photo, cropped and blown up to look like the young couple.

-Man, if Logan actually did kill himself, that Secret Service agent watching the door probably would have felt like a real ass. Even though he had no clue, you still couldn’t help but notice that something was wrong with Logan.

-Therein lies the difference between President Charles Logan and President David Palmer. Palmer, no matter what, would have at least acknowledged the agent that is standing there, protecting him. Charles walks right past without a word, consistently.

-I love Logan’s liquid courage. The big big shot before the big big shot.

-Ooh, alcohol face. What a wuss through and through.

-See, just when you’re in the middle of something the phone rings… isn’t that always the way? Sure, in this case it worked out well for Logan but probably not so much for the rest of us.

-Instead of Miles telling Logan about the recording, why doesn’t he tell Logan about Jack being at CTU? He is still wanted and if he sent Secret Service or the military over to shut down CTU for harbouring a fugitive it would have had the same effect and he still could have gotten off looking good for his superiors.


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