5.19: 1:00am - 2:00am
~ Excess Baggage ~


At the hangar Jack has moved Audrey and now is going to loosen the tourniquet. She is in pain and he is obviously concerned. He checks out the wound and says that the bleeding has stopped, he didn’t sever the brachial artery after all. He wants to get Audrey to a doctor. Weakly but with resolve Audrey says she can wait. She wants Jack to do what he has to do. She assures him that she will be fine. He tells her to keep it elevated and then gets out his phone calling Chloe’s cell phone. It goes straight to her voice mail and he is unhappy saying she’s not picking up. Audrey wants to know if there’s anyone else that can help them but Jack answers not with her kind of access to CTU. Audrey apologises that this is her fault but Jack tells her to stop it. Another phone rings and Jack goes to find it saying he’ll be right back. He goes to the agent that he had previously knocked out that is not dead and gets his phone. Jack checks the number, looks at Audrey and then answers, “Jack Bauer.” Secretary Heller’s voice comes back on the line asking what Jack is doing answering Wexler’s phone. Jack explains that Wexler is dead, Henderson and a commando unit attacked them, killed the men and took the recording. Heller asks about Audrey and Jack lies that she’s fine. Jack asks if he cut the deal with Logan and Heller tells the truth, that he accepted the terms and then he took a call and changed his mind. Jack says it must have been Henderson. Heller offers to hep Jack in any way he can but Jack is not taking. Without anger he tells Heller, “With all due respect, you betrayed me.” Heller did what he thought was best for the country, he asks for Jack’s forgiveness. Jack needs to go and he hangs up leaving Heller looking at his phone, unhappy.

Buchanan’s phone rings as he paces around his house. It’s Jack and Buchanan is relieved, ‘We’ve been waiting to hear from you.’ Buchanan asks if Jack got the recording to Heller but he doesn’t have time to explain everything, Henderson has it and he needs Chloe to help with tracking him but he can’t reach her. Buchanan has Chloe with him she was arrested but she got away. Jack is okay with this and says he’s at Van Nuys airport. Henderson left 10 minutes ago and he needs access to CTU satellites to find him. Chloe is worried that if she gets onto their system they will find out. Jack says he doesn’t need her to be on there long, just to find Henderson. Chloe has a way to make it work and will also set up a way so that their calls cannot be traced, but only from Jack’s phone. They hang up temporarily and Jack helps Audrey up with a painful squeal.

At Buchanan’s, Chloe says she can network into Buchanan’s computer which, she assesses is ‘kinda pathetic.’ She needs Buchanan to set up the screen and she points at his TV nearby. She works on hooking cables in while Buchanan goes to work on the TV. She takes a second to tell him that she hopes he doesn’t mind her bossing him around but technically she doesn’t work for him anymore. Chloe calls Jack back, she sees the explosion from the firefight, Jack says to go ahead just a little ways from there. She tries to find Henderson’s vehicle but says it will take a few minutes. He wants her to call him back as soon as she has Henderson on a live feed. Jack has worked Audrey out of the hangar and into the police car that he stole previously. He gets in the drivers side and takes off. Audrey attempts to control the pain as she sits slumped down in the passenger seat. Weakly she asks Jack what makes him think that Henderson hasn’t destroyed the recording. Jack figures that Henderson will use it as insurance.

Logan calls Henderson and asks if Bauer is dead yet. Henderson admits that he’s not but the only thing that matters is that he has the recording. Logan asks if he destroyed it but Henderson admits he hasn’t. He is just making sure that there won’t be any problems, Henderson may need protection. Logan catches on and asks if he is talking about protection from him saying that’s absurd. Henderson argues that it’s not all that absurd as evidenced by Walt Cummings ‘suicide’. Now Logan’s on the defensive reminding Henderson that he was the one that thought that was necessary. Henderson is concerned that someday others will tell Logan the same thing about him. Logan addresses Henderson as “Chris” and says that they have been in this from the beginning, destroying the evidence protects both of them. Henderson promises to keep it safe and that the evidence will only be released if he meets some kind of accident. Logan assures him this is completely unnecessary but Henderson just says that he is a very cautious man. They hang up and Logan looks around and takes a breath.

Jack’s phone rings and Chloe has the information on Henderson, he’s about ¾ of a mile ahead of Jack. Jack figures this doesn’t make sense, Henderson had a head start, he should be farther ahead. Chloe knows this is the car he left the airport in and Jack will be able to see Henderson as soon as they get around the next turn. Jack says to hang on and turns the lights off on the car. He gets around the corner and once he has Henderson in his sight he guns the police car and turns the lights back on. He tells Chloe that he has Henderson and then hangs up. Jack gives chase and quickly catches up to Henderson and then rams the police car into the car Henderson is driving. Henderson looses control and smashes the vehicle into a building nearby. While Jack works to stop the cop car Henderson turns around and fires. Jack shoves Audrey down so she is out of the line of fire and Henderson gets out of the car and limps away. Jack follows and leaves Audrey in the car. Henderson takes cover and lets a few shots go at Jack and then moves further. He fires a few more rounds before he is out and Henderson swears aloud. Jack figures this must be good for him and closes in on Henderson who is still trying to get away. Jack yells that this is over and for Henderson to turn around. Henderson obeys and Jack threatens with malice that Henderson put his gun down or he will kill him. Henderson obeys and then tips his hand to Jack saying that if he kills him Secretary Heller dies too. Surprised Jack asks what Henderson is talking about so he elaborates that there’s always a contingency plan, Jack should know that. They have been tracking Heller since he left the retreat and if Henderson doesn’t contact them every 15 minutes on the dot Heller dies. Audrey has made her way in to see what’s going on and hears this. She says Jack’s name but he tells her to get back in the car. Audrey persists asking if he is lying but Jack doesn’t answer. Instead he orders Henderson to put his hands on his head and then he throws him some handcuffs saying to cuff himself. Jack makes a call to Chloe and he says to patch him through to Secretary Heller, he wants her to trace his location and send live info to his PDA. Chloe throws an order about the satellites to Buchanan and finishes it with an awkward, ‘sir’. Chloe gets the call to Jack and he asks if there is a chopper tracking his position. Heller doesn’t check but first asks what this is about. Jack says to check, he doesn’t have time to explain. Heller looks out the window and finds the chopper flying overhead. Jack says its Henderson’s men; they have orders to kill Heller if he doesn’t contact them every 15 minutes. Heller wants to know if he is bluffing and Jack, staring at Henderson, answers coldly, ‘He doesn’t do that, sir.’ Audrey appears mortified standing behind Jack as the feed arrives on his PDA. Heller sees now that he has a laser sight trained on him and he relays this information to Jack. Jack orders Henderson to stand up, he wants Henderson to give him the recording and then he will let him go. Henderson won’t take that deal and he tells Jack that he is wasting time, they both know that Jack is not going to let Heller die. Heller can hear Henderson and orders Jack not to let him do this. Jack is obviously torn and Henderson says casually that he’s walking out of there, he wants Jack to uncuff him. Heller begs Jack not to but Jack believes he has no choice. Heller knows that if he had listened to Jack in the first place this would not have happened. Heller takes responsibility for his actions and he is not going to allow Logan and Henderson to use him as a pawn. He tells Jack to make sure the recording gets to the right people and to tell Audrey that he loves her. Jack is confused when the line goes dead and Heller hangs up on him. He tries to ask what Heller is doing but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Heller speeds his car around a corner and straight off the side of a mountain into the water below. The car lands upside down and the chopper gets closer to have a look. The back wheels of the car submerge as Jack sees on his PDA screen what has happened. He asks Chloe in a panic if she is still there. She is and he wants her to confirm for him that Heller just drove his car into the lake. After a brief pause Chloe grimly admits that it’s true. Taken with rage in one movement Jack hangs up the phone and lunges at Henderson screaming, “Damn you!” Jack takes Henderson by surprise and chokes him with both hands, the force shoving him back into some bags behind Henderson. Behind them Audrey is shocked and croaks, ‘Oh my God.’ Leaning over Henderson, hands still around his neck, Jack asks how he could do this, ‘This isn’t about what you think is best for this country, this is about your greed for power. Today you have been responsible for killing ex President Palmer and the Secretary of Defence, two real patriots.’ On the verge of losing what little composure Jack has left he pulls Henderson up and asks ‘What happened to you?’ Instantly Jack levels the gun at Henderson and yells at him to give him the recording. Henderson claims not to have it. Jack thunders, “Where is it?!?” Calm, Henderson isn’t going to tell Jack and he should know that, no matter what he does to him. Audrey doesn’t care about the recording anymore, she moans at Jack to do it, ‘Kill him, Jack, do it.” Jack brings the gun up a little higher so that’s it’s aimed directly at Henderson’s face. He holds it there contemplating his options for a few seconds and then at the last second smashes Henderson in the face knocking him out.



Logan makes a phone call to a man named Graham. He is well dressed and sits in a room with some equally well-dressed people that we don’t get to see all of quite yet. Logan tells Graham that they are going to have to cancel the action against Henderson, he has the recording and has made arrangements to have it released if anything should happen to him. Graham is a bit frustrated and warns Logan that he should have exercised more control over him. Logan argues there’s a limit to what he can do, Graham sarcastically says, “Apparently.” Logan cautions him not to use that tone, they both made mistakes today. Graham takes that comment and says that they have a bigger problem anyway, Henderson can be trusted to act rationally in his own best interests but that is not true of Logan’s wife. With a trace of boredom Graham says that apparently there’s a Secret Service agent that knows more than he should and he intends on sharing this information with Martha. Logan has taken steps to stop that and Graham admits that the real problem is Mrs. Logan. She continues to talk and ask questions about her suspicions. Logan brushes it off saying people think she’s unstable but Graham doesn’t buy it, there are too many loose ends lying around and they can’t afford to have her pull on one and unravel the whole thing. Graham threatens that she must be silenced, Logan will handle it himself.

Meanwhile, Martha is ranting to her new handler about Aaron and he attempts to calm her down saying Pierce was transferred. He stands in front of a computer terminal as she says that doesn’t make any sense at 1 in the morning. The new agent reminds her that they work around the clock and being transferred at any time is not uncommon. Martha grumbles that it can’t be that common right when he was supposed to have a meeting with the first lady. The agent doesn’t know about the meeting and Martha says that she found his phone, she needs to find him right now. He checks the logs to find Pierce but he says that there’s a glitch in the software, his whereabouts are not logged. She asks sardonically if that’s normal too, he assures her it’s not. Another agent appears and says that he thinks he can help. This whole thing is a sensitive issue now, he wants Martha to come with him. They walk down the hall as she asks if it is about Agent Pierce. He says that she will have to talk to the president about that. She is growing angry and says she is asking him if he knows where Pierce is. He does not but they have found their destination. He waits by a door as she goes to it asking tentatively if this is where her husband is, she needs to talk to him. Opening the door and going in she calls to Charles but the door is closed behind her and locked. Martha goes right to the phone on the desk but finds nothing on the other end stupidly asking “Hello?” There is another phone on a nearby table but it has also been disconnected.

Audrey has somewhat regained her composure and watches Jack in a corner of the building frisk Henderson who is still unconscious. Once satisfied Jack tells Audrey that he is not lying, he doesn’t have the recording. Audrey suggests that it might be in the car but Jack knows that he wouldn’t leave it out there. It must have been handed off. Audrey wants to know what Jack means and tells her this explains why Henderson was not further ahead of them when he left Van Nuys. They will have to backtrack where he went, he asks Chloe over the phone to do so using the satellite and then hangs up. Audrey seems prepared to get involved in the fray, she says that they are going to get that recording and bring Logan down, she doesn’t care how far she has to go or what she has to do. She asks Jack if he understands, which he does. His phone rings and it’s Chloe calling back to inform Jack she found the hand off and she apologises for not seeing it before. Buchanan says that he is headed back to Van Nuys airport and ends up on the civilian side of the airfield, it’s not a commercial flight that he’s headed for. Chloe has learned that the flight is about to take off. With nowhere else to turn Jack asks them if Curtis has been relieved of his duties or if he is still attached to CTU. Buchanan tells Jack that he is still attached to CTU but he is confident that they can trust him. Jack wants Buchanan to contact him and have him come and pick up Audrey and Henderson and take them back to CTU. They are concerned because Logan is still in charge there but Jack thinks Curtis can protect them. They hang up and Jack tells Audrey what’s going on with the airfield. Audrey asks Jack why he’s not going already but Jack is going to wait for Curtis to come and get them. Audrey wants Jack to go, if they don’t get that recording then her father died for no reason. She begs him to go and get it and adds, ‘For me.’ Appearing unhappy with his choice he loads a gun and puts it down next to Audrey. He tells her that Henderson is secured but don’t go near him and don’t talk to him. Also, she is not to make or receive any phone calls unless they are from him since Henderson’s men are monitoring channels. He hands her Wexler’s cell phone and then gives her a long kiss on the cheek. He says he’s sorry and then backs off and touches her face. She tells him that he has to go, now. They part and he takes a few steps away before she calls to him, “Make sure you get that recording.” Jack answers a solemn, ‘I will.’



Miles tells Karen that Bierko regained consciousness, they are waiting for a medical assessment so Karen wants them to let him know when they have to go ahead to interrogate. He hands her a folder and announces that these are the final protocols about the CTU/Homeland takeover. Distracted Karen just says okay and takes the folder. Miles proudly tells her that it’s 2 hours ahead of schedule, it’s remarkable. Karen admits that her head is somewhere else, they gave the President the information on Jack Bauer 2 hours ago and they haven’t heard anything since. It doesn’t make sense that he was so adamant about finding him and now they don’t have any information. Someone calls up and says that they have a problem, Chloe O’Brien got out of holding and she’s not in the building. Also, is looks like Sherri Rothenberg had a conversation with her and then let her go. Sherri is in custody and we see her simmering at her desk surrounded by guards. Karen asks that Sherri be sent upstairs, they need to find her now. Miles knows that she tried to help Bauer before, that’s what she’s going to be doing somewhere else. All she needs to get into CTU’s systems is a laptop. Miles will be able to trace her location and he leaves to do so. Sheri comes up to the office and Karen asks why she let Chloe escape. Sheri sheepishly admits that Chloe intimidated her. Karen can’t believe that and says that Sherri better start talking now. Sherri explains that Chloe said if she didn’t let her go she would recommend her for psychiatric evaluation, she babbles that she knows there is something wrong with her and she should see someone until Karen cuts her off. She asks why she helped Chloe escape and Sherri doubtfully that she thought Jack was innocent and it’s based on some absurd thing that President Logan framed Jack Bauer and was responsible for Palmer’s murder. Sherri rolls her eyes and asks, ‘Can you believe her, and she thinks I’m crazy.’

Martha paces around the room she is locked in and her husband shows up. She seems happy to see him and demands that he arrest the Secret Service agent that had her detained. Logan doesn’t respond and closes the door. Martha asks flat out where Aaron Pierce is. Logan wants her to calm down and says that Pierce is fine, he was transferred back to DC and that’s all. She is sceptical about the fact that he was transferred in the middle of the night, it doesn’t make sense. He jumps over that and says that he needs to talk to her. He has no words when the time comes and gets up from the couch, pacing. He comes back to her and starts awkwardly, ‘Martha, I’ve been wanting to tell you but I told myself you were too fragile to handle it and that’s no the truth.’ She stares at him and waits for the answers to come, he continues, ‘The truth is that I kept this from you because it is horrible and it’s ugly.’ She asks what he is talking about and he perches himself next to her on the couch. “What happened to David Palmer wasn’t supposed to have happened.” She asks if he means that he knows who killed David. He says yes and she asks how he knows. He looks at his wife and admits, ‘He works for me.’ Martha is stunned and asks ‘What?’ He wants to explain but she starts to freak out. She moves away from his words and shelters her face against the bookshelf asking why he is telling her this. He wants her to look at him and says that she was on the way to finding out herself so he had to tell her. He needs her to stop, stop asking questions and talking about this ever. He implores her to realize how traumatic it will be for the nation if word gets out about Palmer. She tries to get him to stop but he continues on about the credibility of the government that will be lost. She wails that he lied to her, everything that’s happened today has been one giant lie and it makes her sick. He grabs onto her and tells her he knows what he did and what he allowed to happen was a terrible mistake but it’s done. He needs her to swear to him that she will not tell anyone, for the country. Her anger has dissipated and she tells him quietly that she has forgiven him for many things, but not this. ‘You’ve broken my heart. I look at you and I hate you.’ Crying she steps away from her husband and finishes that she will keep her mouth shut because the people of this country don’t deserve to suffer, ‘You do, Charles, you do.’ She opens up the door finding the same agent on the other side. She looks back at her husband who nods at the agent allowing her to leave.



A group of well dressed men sit around a room, one of them is Graham whom we saw speaking to Logan earlier. One by the name of Ron voices his opinion that there are too many loose ends, they might not get through this the way they planned. Graham is not too concerned, he has never made a deal in his life that didn’t feel like it was going to fall apart in the 11 th hour. He warns Ron that if he can’t handle that this is not the room he belongs in. He addresses the others as well accusing them all of doubting this, he can smell it, but they need to remember the strength they had 18 months ago when this all started. He checks to make sure that he and Ron are okay and he says yeah. Graham heads back to his desk advising Ron to think about his kids, that’s what he does when he needs to get focused. Graham calls Logan and inquires about the situation with Martha. It has been taken care of, Logan spoke to her and made it clear that he will have her committed in Vermont if she keeps asking questions. Graham reminds Logan of his change of plans earlier when he was going to have his wife committed again. Logan decided at that point it was better to keep her closer, what if he makes that choice again? Logan assures Graham that he will not, he will handle things just like he has all day. Graham figures that’s fair enough, he praises Logan for the remarkable job that he has done today. Logan thanks him and says that it’s about time he heard some appreciation. Graham was just talking about how he has been on the front lines today getting his hands dirty while they sat back and watched from a safe distance. He has earned their trust and Graham is sure that Logan will do whatever it takes to keep his wife in line. They hang up.

Audrey sits next to the gun and the phone that Jack left her. Henderson’s breathing changes and he comes to. He moves his arms finding them cuffed and then asks Audrey where Jack is. She looks down until he calls her name again and says that he’s sorry about her father. He explains that he never intended for him to get in the middle of this. Henderson has known Heller for a long time, he was an honourable man. As if he has a great idea Henderson asks what time it is, if the windows on her father’s car didn’t collapse he could survive 20 to 30 minutes in an air pocket. He could be alive and he urges Audrey that if there’s a chance she has to call Military Authority or Emergency Services, he is her father. Audrey is becoming more and more upset and finally says she has heard enough and tells him to stop talking. She toys with the phone for a second but then opts for the gun again. She asks Henderson if he thinks she is stupid. He wants her to make that call so his people can find them. Henderson says they will find them anyways and Jack is not going to be able to stop all of this. Henderson claims to be trying to help her father, he is drowning in a car right now and she is not doing anything about it. He is dying and she is not doing anything about it. Audrey points the gun at Henderson and walks to him warning him to say not another word.

Jack arrives at the air field in the cop car. There are many other cars around and he gets out his night scope and has a look at what’s around him. He sees people boarding. His phone rings and Chloe is on the other end saying that this is a diplomatic flight. Chloe tells Jack that they have a problem as well, that the chopper that was tracking Heller has changed course and is now heading to where Audrey is holding Henderson. Jack wants to know how they found her but Chloe doesn’t know and Curtis might not make it there before the men get there. They are going to tell Curtis and get back to Jack. Audrey’s phone rings and she gets up and answers it. Jack explains urgently that Henderson’s men are coming back there, she needs to get out of there now. He tells her to just leave. Audrey volunteers to kill Henderson but Jack doesn’t want that, Curtis will be able to find him, she can just leave him there. Audrey doesn’t like that idea, he is the man responsible for her father’s death. Jack tells her to start moving now but Audrey hangs up on Jack. She shakily goes over to Henderson with the gun Jack gave her trained on him. They hear people outside and Audrey stands prepared to shoot Henderson. At the last second she decides against it and heads away. Henderson’s men arrive and he orders one of them to get his cuffs off for him. Audrey has made her way towards what might be an exit but has no luck. Henderson tells his men that Heller’s daughter is in there somewhere, they need to kill her and then deal with Bauer. Henderson thinks and takes a breath. Audrey has found a place to hide when out of the shadows a hand emerges and covers her mouth. She jumps but soon sees that it’s Curtis. He says for her to stay behind him as the agents come in and we can hear fire and one of them telling Henderson to keep his hands where he can see them. Henderson is brought to where Audrey and Curtis can see him and they start to secure him for transfer back to CTU. The hostiles are down and Henderson is in custody. Audrey wipes her eyes while Curtis checks that she needs medical attention. Audrey gets the phone out and calls Jack updating him that the team has killed Henderson’s men and taken him into custody. She cries that she couldn’t kill him, she tied but couldn’t do it. Jack says the only thing that matters is that she’s safe. Jack wants to talk to Curtis and asks him to take Henderson and Audrey to CTU right away. Once they get to CTU Jack wants no one to have access to Henderson but Curtis warns that they are more interested in finding Jack right now than taking his advice. Jack knows and they hang up. He then calls Buchanan who is pacing around his place. He immediately asks if Audrey is okay and Jack fills him in. He asks what’s going on with the plane and Chloe tells Jack that it is indeed a diplomatic charter, security level 8 and it will be leaving at 2am or sooner. Jack instructs her to find out who is on board and she can try to get through the state department firewall. Buchanan will try to slow down the flight and Jack says he is at the main gate on the side, he should be able to get close. Jack asks them to get back to him once they have the passenger list. He hangs up and sees a truck passing by. Following the truck at a run Jack grabs a ladder on the bottom and climbs up to the top of the vehicle. He hunkers down close to the top of the vehicle as it makes it way toward the plane.



The truck that Jack is on the top of gets to security. Jack gets very close to the top of it as the guards check the vehicle but they are given the all clear. They get through the military checkpoint and soon pass another vehicle coming the other direction. Jack makes the leap across and gets on top of the other truck. Once he’s there he sees a few limos outside the plane flying flags from different countries. He lays low on the truck and his phone rings. Jack digs it out of his pocket and answers it with a ‘Yeah.’ He finds Buchanan on the other end with Chloe, he tried to delay the plane but there’s no way that’s going to happen. It’s taking off in less then 10 minutes. Chloe is still working on the passenger list, she can’t get past the firewall. Jack needs the list, Chloe assures him she is trying. He hangs up and he sees workers loading baggage onto the plane. He thinks.

Miles works at CTU and then calls Karen and says that they have O’Brien, he found her on their system. She is trying to log into a state department but he doesn’t know why. He starts to tell Karen all about how he tracked her but she cuts him off saying they just need to find her. He is running a trace right now and he finds her at a private residence. He cross references it with property records and says with a smile that she is working out of Bill Buchanan’s house. They have a tac team not far away, they will dispatch them now and their ETA is less than 7 minutes. Karen wants to be kept posted and she hangs up the phone. She thinks in her office for a few seconds and then dials the phone.

Mike Novick’s phone rings and he answers it. Karen identifies herself to him and he asks casually how things are going over there. She explains the transition has been rough from CTU to Homeland. He asks what she needs of him and she simply says ‘Clarification’. She was sent orders from the white house and they were executed through Vice President Gardner until 2 hours ago. They were told by the President to arrest Jack Bauer based on evidence that the President was not able to share. She asks Mike if he has seen this evidence which he admits he has not. She asks sceptically if he is telling her that he is not in the loop. Mike is convinced there is no loop. Choosing his words carefully he explains that the President is keeping his own council right now. Karen comments that’s a first and Mike agrees. Mike can’t give her any information with any authority; all he knows is that Logan has been acting strange tonight. He wishes he could be more helpful but she assures him that he has been very helpful. They hang up and Karen has a seat.

Karen toys with a thought and then pulls up some information on her computer. She dials and her cell phone and Buchanan’s house phone rings. He answers it on speaker and Karen tells him who it is and that he has less than 7 minutes to get Chloe out of his place. He claims not to know what she is talking about but she tells him to stop. They traced her through a remote node, if he doesn’t believe her he is to tell Chloe that they used a machine coded matrix to find her. Chloe nods and Buchanan wants to know why she is warning them. Karen admits that she may have made a mistake earlier, a lot of things didn’t make sense today until Sherri told her about what Chloe said about President Logan being involved. They have to go. The call ends and they start to unplug the cables that Chloe and Buchanan had hooked up. Chloe is reluctant to go yet, she has to help Jack still with the passenger list.

In the split screen we see Chloe, Martha drinking wine, Jack, Curtis, limos pulling up to the plane, Logan, Audrey, Buchanan taking the set up at his place down.

Jack comes down slowly off the truck and then drops the rest of the way. He watches workers loading luggage onto the plane as another limo shows up with flags. The last passenger ascends the stairs and the workers start to give the plane a go. Jack grabs some random luggage from a cart, pulls his hood up on his jacket and while the workers do the checks he walks the 2 pieces of luggage up the ramp and directly onto the plane where he stays. He hides and waits while they close off the hatch.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Wow, Henderson actually made a mistake. He didn’t sever Audrey’s brachial artery. Did he do this on purpose because he knew it would piss Jack off even MORE or was it truly an accident and he meant to.

-Jack telling Audrey to stop blaming herself – well, maybe Jack should take some of his own advice.

-I would have laughed if Jack said to Audrey: “Excuse me, the dead agent in the corner is ringing.”

-That takes some guts for Jack to answer someone else’s phone “Jack Bauer”. What if it had been Logan? Or the agent’s kid or something? How would he explain that?

-It’s also not a good idea to be answering the phone “Jack Bauer” when most people think you’re dead. Can you hear the voice on the other end, “Really? What number did I dial? Hey, is my long dead auntie there?”

-Jack tells Heller that Audrey is fine: LIAR.

-Someone doing what they thought was best for the country and actually betraying people. That seems to be the theme of the day, Heller, Cummings, Logan etc.

-I thought it was strange in some ways for Jack to not forgive Heller. He obviously trusts Jack because he believed him when he said that Henderson killed Wexler, Heller’s agent. For all Heller knows it could have been Jack that did it. Jack stonewalls Heller possibly without thinking it through and acting on emotion. Jack doesn’t take kindly to being betrayed (See episode 1.24 and many many others for details)

-I’m borderline really starting to like Buchannan. I know that this is a huge mistake because if I start to like him then I’m sure others do. That’s just an open door for the writers to kill him.

-Out of anyone that Jack could have gone to for help, I believe that Chloe and Buchannan are the best choices. They are useless in the field but will take him at his word.

-This is why 24 is great. IN what other screwed up world can an unemployed CTU boss and an analyst that escaped custody help one bad ass man save the country and this all seem normal to everyone else involved?

-Jack tells Chloe that he doesn’t need her on CTU’s systems for long. She’s on for a whole hour, until she gets caught.

-Buchannan makes good coin, he should have one kickass computer system at his place to go with that kickass TV that he has in a conveniently located right next to his desk. He should also have enough money to hire someone to tell him how to furnish his place.

-Line of the Week contender: Chloe to Buchannan about his computer, “Which is kinda pathetic.”

-Chloe’s got this whole chain of command thing down to a science. She always seems to be able to throw who she does or doesn’t work for in someone’s face. In this case it’s Buchannan and he’s doing whatever he can to help her. Practically taking orders from an analyst. How the mighty have fallen.

-I wasn’t aware that satellites recorded things that happened but Chloe’s able to find stuff that happened last hour.

-Jack knows how Henderson works. He knew before we did that he would use the recording as insurance against Logan.

-And yet again one of the first phone calls in the episode is to ask if Jack is dead. I should be keeping a tally as to how many times Conspiracy to Commit Murder is discussed on the phone.

-Interesting that we finally get some solid confirmation that Walt Cummings did not commit suicide. At the time I speculated that it was Mike that did it. I think we can safely say that this was completely wrong but someone did it. I wonder who? It would be hard to convince a Secret Service agent to kill the Chief of Staff but I guess anything’s possible. Or maybe just some lackey that was let in did it.

-Strangely enough, at the same time, Tony was still in a coma and I put a little rant at the bottom that the rest of the plotlines are boring compared to Jack and it feels pretty lacklustre without Tony. If I only knew where it was going, I’m still of the belief that we needed Tony and to give my answer to my current poll, I truly believe it was a mistake to kill him. Apparently, 80% of you agree with me.

-Why is it that everyone gets to call Henderson Chris but Jack calls him Christopher?

-That mini car chase sequence was impressive, short but impressive.

-I bet Henderson wishes he had kept Evelyn’s SUV. It might have done a little better in the bumper car chase than the car that he had in this show.

- Henderson should be a good enough agent to know not to let your enemy know when you have an ammo problem. Honestly. He might as well have just yelled to Jack “No gun for me!”

-That was some quick thinking on Henderson’s part to set up that plot to kill Heller. These guys must have serious supplies lying around to be able to get a team together and a chopper and find Heller that fast.

-Audrey needs to stay in the damn car. Jack doesn’t need her in the way clouding his judgement.

-I have trouble believing Heller; military trained would not notice a chopper following him. Honestly, are you kidding me? That’s pretty ridiculous. They must have got a silent chopper like the one that saved Jack in episode 2.24.

-Line of the week contender: Jack to Heller about Henderson: “He doesn’t do that, sir.”

-Oh yeah, NOW Jack is interested in Heller’s safety. He just basically told him off about 10 minutes ago.

-It would have been great if Jack just said, “Fine, kill him. He betrayed me anyway.” Audrey’s reaction would have been out of this world. We all remember what happened last year when Jack sort of killed her husband. How about if he really did kill her father?

-Jack probably will forgive Heller now that he has taken responsibility for his actions. That’s a big thing for Jack.

-There are times when Jack and Audrey are in the barn that you can see Jack’s breath. It really adds to the effect ‘cause it kind of looks like he’s breathing fire.

-Did the line where Jack asked Chloe to confirm that Heller just drove his car in the lake sound absurd to anyone else? What else could Jack be seeing there?

-Did the chopper really need to get that close to the car after it went over the cliff? What, were they unsure if it was water down there? Like the splashing water wasn’t a giveaway or anything.

-I wasn’t expecting Jack to lunge at Henderson that fast. IT scared me a bit.

-I’m totally reminded of Homer Simpson “Why you little…” as he strangles Bart.

-Jack is just running on the edge basically, I think, since Tony died. He gets in confrontations and gets worked up, his voice starts to frog and he seems near tears.

-Jack’s practically manic, one minute he wants to know what happened to Henderson, the next he’s waving a gun in his face and demanding the recording. Volatile, unstable Jack is scary but also very effective.

-I thought Audrey was against killing random people and torture and all that. That’s why she was all ready to dump Jack last season. Now she wants him to kill their only lead.

-I found Kim Raver’s performance in this scene actually impressive. It was believable for someone who just witnessed her father’s death and has the perpetrator in front of her.

-Actually, kudos to all in this scene, Kiefer as usual was spectacular but William Devane and Peter Weller were spectacular as well.

-Any ER watchers out there? I don’t watch it anymore but I did when the man now known as “Graham” was known there as Dr. Romano. Helicopter ride anyone?

-I would laugh forever if he ended up dying in 24 in some chopper related incident.

-Graham gives a great loose end analogy.

-So, who is Graham? What are his interests? Why is he able to talk to the president like that? Are they going to answer these questions or is this another season 2 Max thing?

-That must be the losing end of the coin toss for the agent that has to take care of Martha.

-And yet again, Martha is sent away to be dealt with another time.

-Stupid is as stupid does. If it seems wrong, looks wrong and smells wrong, it probably is wrong. It’s Martha’s own fault for getting locked in there.

-Well Martha, if you’re locked in and one phone doesn’t work, odds are the other one doesn’t either.

-What is Martha doing asking “Hello?” Did she really expect someone to answer? “Yes Ma’am, hang up the phone, it’s disconnected. And no, I don’t know where Aaron Pierce is.”

-Where is Martha’s cell phone? We know she has one because she called Pierce with it.

-What a change for Audrey now from last year. She has done a complete 180.

-Jack is putting a lot of trust in a guy that he knocked out a few hours ago. Curtis could easily go behind Jack’s back.

-Audrey sure knows what buttons to push on Jack to him leave her and get the recording.

-What a convenient time for Bierko to wake up. Right in the middle of another crisis.

-Chloe is the last person I think they would have expected to possess good breaking out abilities.

-Chloe intimidated Sherri, I think that Karen’s tone sums it up.

-Sherri’s little spiel about how she needs help is just so funny. I hope that she doesn’t stuck around too long, she’s kinda competition for Chloe and her stupid stuff. We can only handle one Chloe in this show.

-Good transition, talking about being crazy to actually going to crazy, to Martha.

-It’s nice to know that someone actually cares about Pierce, even if it is Martha.

-The characters of Logan and Martha are completely growing into their roles. The scene where Logan tells his wife about what he really has done is wonderfully acted and the dynamic is so strong. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. The only unfortunate thing is that the scene that was the direct precursor was so great that it kind of overshadows it.

-I think that the whole husband killing your friend thing is grounds for divorce. If that’s not, attempting to gas another country is definitely.

-Line of the week, Martha to Logan: “I look at you and I hate you.” – Well, there’s a pretty good indication that you’re marriage is over.

-If Graham has never made a deal that didn’t feel like it was going to fall apart, it sounds like he needs to be a better planner.

-Graham says 18 months ago this all started. 18 months ago Jack was “killed”. Coincidence? 18 months ago Logan came into power. I think that is probably where this started. The question remains, Why Jack?

- Logan better enjoy the appreciation he gets from Graham because he’s not going to get it from anyone else.

-I’m happy Audrey wasn’t stupid enough to call anyone about her father. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway because Henderson’s men were on the way but still, it would have made it worse.

-Mad, untrained woman with a gun. I’d be scared if I were Henderson.

-I knew Audrey wouldn’t be able to kill Henderson.

-Just one time could a woman possibly listen to Jack’s advice?

-Are they out of gunfight money here or something? Why didn’t we see the takedown of Henderson? We just heard sound effects and people yelling. What a cop out. Is there a rule that we don’t get to see gunfights unless Jack is involved?

-Why is Audrey whining to Jack that she couldn’t kill Henderson? He specifically told her NOT to kill him.

-Too bad for Henderson. Oh, you’re free. Oh, you’re captured. Sorry.

-Buchannan was very interested in the fate of Audrey. Something there while Jack was ‘dead’?

-A Diplomatic Charter. That’s an interesting twist. I wonder if there are some Chinese diplomats on there to make things difficult for Jack. Or maybe a German agent name Theo Stoller.

-I’m pretty sure that if no one saw Jack leaping across between two trucks SOMEONE must have seen him getting on the plane.

-Miles is like a male, power hungry version of Chloe. Just give the information and stop beating around the bush.

-Red flags should be going up for Mike Novick all over the place here. Logan’s behaviour has been inconsistent and irrational all day. All these strange things happening, really, he’s not as stupid as he looks right now.

-A question for Mike, When, exactly, does Logan NOT act strangely?

-Not only is Jack illegally jacking a plane BUT, the owner of that luggage he took on there with him is going to be mighty pissed when it doesn’t reach its destination. I hope it was appropriately tagged.


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