5.18: 12:00am - 1:00am
~ Dangerous Games ~


President Logan wanders around his office seeing the military checkpoints on TV. The reporter is talking abut Martial Law being in effect and the criticism that has been aimed at it since the press conference announcing that the terrorist threat is over. President Logan has stood by the checkpoints anyway. His cell phone rings and he answers it to find Henderson on the other end. Logan asks right to the point if Bauer is dead. Henderson regretfully says not yet. Bauer tripped the silent alarm and then when the authorities came to check it out Bauer used the cover fire to slip away. Henderson doesn’t have the recording yet either and Logan reminds him that the evidence directly implicates him in David Palmer’s death. Henderson will get the evidence before Bauer can use it. Henderson wants Logan to use his direct control of CTU to make sure that he is the first one to know when they find Bauer. That way Henderson’s men can intercept him. Logan is hesitant to put that much faith in CTU but Henderson is sure they will find him instead. Logan hangs up and Henderson looks quizzically at his phone. Logan seems to be reaching a decision and then calls Karen Hayes.

At CTU Miles tells Karen that he has sent Audrey Raines’ photo to all the checkpoints and has shifted satellites to try and find her. If she uses her government ID to get through any checkpoints they will find her. Karen is concerned that they might be wasting resources on Audrey when they don’t even know for sure if she will lead them to Bauer. Miles makes the point that she dumped the tracker, there’s a reason that she doesn’t want to be followed. A voice tells Karen that the President is on line 1 and when she picks up Logan asks where they are. Karen is still running active manhunts on Bauer and Henderson. Logan had asked her to prioritize Bauer and Karen has. Logan doesn’t want David Palmer’s killer still on the loose when the morning news cycle begins. If that were to happen all their successes would be undermined. He orders her to find Bauer and let him know the moment she does. She hangs up and Miles asks her if that was about Bauer. He reiterates that Audrey Raines knows where he is and the protocols they have on her are not going to be enough to track her. He looks down at Chloe and Karen asks if he is sure that Chloe helped Audrey. Miles is positive, Raines asked for her specifically to stay on under her. Karen wants to confront Chloe on it but Miles is thinking up a scheme, she will just deny it. He wants to use her to find Bauer.

Jack and Wayne crouch behind the police car in a darkened lot. Jack has his gun out and aims it at an SUV that pulls up. Seeing the driver Jack relaxes a bit and tells Wayne that it’s alright, it’s ‘him’. Bill Buchanan gets out of his vehicle looking around and Jack calls his name from the darkness. Buchanan jogs over to the pair and Jack introduces Buchanan to Wayne. They shake hands and Buchanan shares his condolences about Wayne’s brother. He asks Jack what is going on. Jack sums up that there is a warrant for his arrest. Surprised, Buchanan asks for what. Jack says it’s for killing David Palmer. Buchanan says this is impossible, they cleared him. Jack is aware but the warrant was issued by Logan, he was complacent in the assassination. Buchanan is shocked and whispers, ‘My God, you’re serious’ as he looks at Wayne. They have a recording that implicates him and he is getting Secretary Heller to talk to the Attorney General but until then Jack is worried that Wayne is a target. Jack asks Bill to take Wayne somewhere safe. Of course Bill will and they start to move. Buchanan asks where Jack is meeting Heller, getting in the police car Jack answers Van Nuys airport. He drives away.

Audrey calls Jack from a payphone at the airfield. She explains that her father is just landing now, she wants to know where Jack is. He just dropped Wayne Palmer off with Buchanan and she says she’s on the north side of the emergency runway, hangar 112. Jack will be there in a few minutes, Audrey urges him to hurry. They hang up and Audrey walks away from the phone watching the plane come to a stop. As soon as the stairs are down Heller gets off the plane and goes to his daughter. She takes a quick glance around and then heads out to meet her father half way. They hug and she thanks him for doing this, he cautions her not to thank him yet, he doesn’t know what he is doing. Audrey asks if he trusts the men in his security detail and Heller admits he does, with his life. She wants to make sure that they are loyal to him. Heller asks what is going on. A cop car guns it past them and stops near the hangar and Audrey tells her father that she will tell him what’s going on but only him. Heller turns to his security detail and tells them to wait. They take a few steps toward the hangar and Heller warns that he doesn’t like to be kept in the dark. Audrey promises they will just need a minute. They get close to the police car and Jack gets out saying ‘Mr. Secretary’. Heller is surprised to see Jack and asks his daughter what he is doing there, he’s a fugitive, every law enforcement agent in the state is looking for him. Jack defends himself saying he’s innocent and Heller wants to know why he doesn’t turn himself in. Audrey pipes up and with crossed arms says Jack had nothing to do with David Palmer’s assassination. Heller makes a point that he’s acting like a criminal. Jack is being set up and he needs a few minutes of Heller’s time privately inside the building. Heller silently agrees and motions for his escorts to stay outside and he follows Jack and Audrey inside the hangar. Jack is sure to close the door and stands across from Heller. Without a word he hits play on the recording and after a few seconds Heller asks if that’s Logan. Jack confirms it is and a man named Christopher Henderson. Audrey and Heller both listen with interest and shock until the recording is finished. Jack sums that President Logan supplied the terrorists with the syntox gas and they were going to deploy it on route to Moscow and then use it as an excuse to invoke the military side of the agreement he signed this morning with Suvarov to control the oil supply in Central Asia. Palmer found out about it and they killed him. Heller wants to know how Jack knows the recording is not fabricated, Jack explains he trusts the source, it will stand up under scrutiny. Heller turns and thinks saying he can’t say that he’s surprised. He watched Charles Logan rise on the tide of his own ambition. He was terrified when he took the oath. Jack needed someone with access to hand deliver the recording to the Attorney General, Heller is the only one he trusts. Jack hands the recording over to Heller who thinks for a brief moment and then leaves them saying a light, ‘alright, then.’ Heller leaves the hangar and Audrey and Jack are alone. They close the space between them and Jack sends Audrey with her father, he will need someone with him when he goes to the Attorney General. Jack is going to go dark until the Attorney General comes forward with the information. He’s going to call Buchanan and let him know what’s happening. Audrey touches Jack’s face and assures him everything is going to be alright. She kisses him on the cheek and they part. She heads for the door but before she gets out Heller has returned, Secret Service in tow. He goes to Jack who has his back to Heller. He gets Jack’s attention saying there’s one more thing and when Jack turns Heller hits him hard on the neck knocking Jack off his feet. He crumbles onto the floor choking and Audrey demands to know what he is doing. Agents hang onto Jack and another is behind Audrey as Heller stands over Jack who is gasping for air. He tells Jack that he is playing a dangerous game and he’s playing it wrong. Turning Logan’s crime into a public spectacle will not bring David Palmer back. It will tear this nation apart and the collateral damage will cripple the nation. Jack looks up incredulously at Heller and Audrey asks what Heller plans to do with the evidence, bury it? Those are not his plans, Heller wants Audrey to come with him and they are going to use the evidence to get Logan to step down and then they can set things right again. Heller hands the recording over to the agent behind Audrey and she takes a look at Jack on the ground and says that she can’t go with him. Heller orders them both secured until they hear from him. Jack has found his voice, however froggy, and yells painfully after Heller, ‘You can’t make a deal with him, you can’t trust him’. Audrey looks on.



Chloe comes out of the CTU back hallways and sees a briefing happening in the situation room. She asks the first person she sees what’s going on, no one told her about the briefing. The woman says that all she knows is that it’s a class 3. Chloe snaps that she’s a department head, she should be in all class 3’s. Reminding Chloe that that is all she knows the woman leaves. The briefing is finishing anyway and as soon as Sheri gets close enough Chloe quizzes her on the briefing which she shrugs off as a protocol review. Sheri heads back to her station with Chloe on her tail saying she doesn’t believe her because she’s a bad liar. Sheri asks Chloe if she ever thought there might be a reason that she was kept out of the meeting. Chloe concludes that they might know she helped Audrey. Sheri lies that Miles found Audrey’s car and they sent a tactical team 10 minutes ago to get her. Sheri begs Chloe not to ask her anything else or tell that she told her. In the situation room Karen and Miles are listening to the conversation as well as watching. Chloe sits down at her desk and picks up the phone making a call. The other end rings at the pay phone that Audrey had called Jack from previously. She lets it ring and Miles goes to work on the destination of the call. He smiles that she’s good and Karen wants to know how long it will take to trace it. It won’t take long and he narrows it down pretty quickly. Karen wonders aloud why Audrey isn’t picking up but before she can get any farther Miles has the destination; it’s at Van Nuys airport on the emergency runway adjacent to the airfield. Karen calls and tells the team to move out. Next she calls the President. From her desk Chloe sees the tac team heading out of CTU. She goes to Sheri’s station and questions her about the team, she said they already left. Two security guards in white shirts appear and flank Chloe. She accuses Sheri of helping Miles set her up. Sheri defends her actions, Chloe was working against them. She starts to talk about what Miles said but Chloe snaps that Miles is an idiot. The guards want Chloe to come with them and they head into the back of CTU.

Karen is on the phone with Logan and she explains she has no confirmation that Bauer and Audrey are at the location. He will send the military to find out for sure. Karen just sent a CTU tac team to get them and Logan orders them called back. He explains that Bauer is a sensitive issue, he wants to put the military on it. Karen agrees to recall the team and she hangs up. She tells Miles that the President wants oversight on the Bauer operation and Miles shrugs that he can do what he wants, he’s the President. Meanwhile, Logan hasn’t disappeared from our screens, it’s split in half and he has been dialling the phone. Back to Logan’s side he is calling Henderson. As soon as Henderson picks up Logan says that CTU thinks they found Bauer. Henderson asks where.

Jack and Audrey are shut in a room under guard and tied on either side of a pole. Audrey asks, ‘What if my father was right?’ Jack looks at her and she asks what if he can get Logan to step down, maybe that would be the best thing. Jack goes over the list, he brokered chemical weapons to terrorists and he killed an ex President of the United States. The only thing her father is going to do is make himself a target. If they want to help him she needs to help Jack get the recording back.

Karen talks on the phone to Mike Novick. He excuses himself, he has been on other things but he will find out about Logan sending the army for Bauer. He hangs up and is watching the newscast of Logan’s address on his cell phone. He leaves the room and then knocks on the door of Hal’s office. Hal hangs up his own phone and waves Mike in. He tells Mike that David Palmer’s body is being flown back to DC at 7am. He and the President want to be there when his casket is loaded on the plane. Mike thinks that’s a good idea. Hal asks what’s going on with Mike and he says that he got a call from Karen Hayes at CTU and he would like to know if Hal knows about the President’s decision to pull CTU off of the search for Jack Bauer. Hal wasn’t aware but he doesn’t see a problem. Mike figures it doesn’t make sense. Bauer is closer to the people at CTU and he’s more likely to cooperate with them. Hal argues they have their hands full with the transfer and Mike says the military has their hands full as well. Hal tells Mike that it’s the president’s call. Diplomatically he says he can see it both ways. Mike leaves and calls the DoD Operations. He asks to speak to General Warren and is patched through to an army vehicle. Warren answers the phone and Mike is put through. Mike asks for an update on the search for Jack Bauer. Warren has no idea what Mike is talking about and Mike is puzzled. Warren never received a call from the President and Mike says he sees. He apologizes for disturbing him.

After hanging up the phone Mike seems to think for a few moments and then comes to a decision acting quickly. He moves out of the office and goes to Logan. The President sits on a couch in his office, eyes shielded, and doesn’t hear Mike come in. After a second Mike speaks and suggests that Logan get some rest. Logan turns his attention to Mike and acknowledges warily that he should get some rest. He turns to face Mike and after a pause asks what it is that Mike wants. Mike explains that he just got off the phone with General Warren who is running the military operations in LA. Logan asks what Mike was talking to him for and Mike goes deeper saying that Karen Hayes at Homeland raised a few good points to him, she doesn’t know why she has been taken out of the loop on the Jack Bauer situation. Logan sternly tells Mike that he doesn’t care what Karen Hayes thinks, she shouldn’t be asking questions of his advisors and taking up their time. Mike takes this well but continues that after talking to her now he is unclear about some things. Logan humours him wanting to know what thing. Mike just spoke to General Warren and he hadn’t heard anything about going after Jack Bauer. Flustered, Logan explains he didn’t use General Warren. Mike presses the issue asking who he used. Logan has heard enough. He wants to make one thing clear, he doesn’t answer to Mike. Mike understands and Logan walks away explaining that he got a covert team to deal with it because Bauer presents special circumstances. Mike questions the word ‘Special’ and Logan explains that the Chinese government thought that Jack Bauer was dead. If they find out that he has been alive they are going to blame the US for the cover up. Mike can see that point but asks if Karen Hayes and CTU would keep the circle smaller since they have already seen him and they work under a secretive mandate. Logan has heard enough from Mike, he is tired of being questioned. For the last 18 hours he has had nothing but wall to wall crises and he thinks he has done a damn good job dealing with them. Mike came in there and advised him to get some rest, that’s the one piece of advice that he plans to take. Mike just stares until Logan dismisses him saying, ‘Thank-you, Mike.’



Chloe paces the holding room until Miles comes in. He explains with a touch of joy that they traced her call to a public pay pone at Van Nuys airport. If Audrey Raines is at that location he threatens that she is in a lot of trouble. Chloe says this is more complicated then he knows, he has no idea what he’s dealing with here and he asks if she does. She admits it and he dares her to tell him. She snaps she can’t. He echoes her and dangerously tells her that she thinks the rules don’t apply to her because she is smarter then the rest of them. Well, they do, and she’s not, and he’s not going to miss her when she’s gone. He starts to walk out of the room and after he gets a few steps Chloe gives chase putting her hand on his shoulder and slipping his key card out of his pocket at the same time. He turns and warns her not to touch him. After a pause Chloe blurts out that Jack Bauer didn’t kill President Palmer. He accuses her of feeding information to a federal fugitive and this means that she is going to jail for a long time. Again he turns to leave and Chloe gets his attention again. Expectantly he turns and she tells him pointedly, ‘I don’t think you’re as big of a jerk as you pretend to be.’ He just sneers at her and leaves the room to speak to the guard. Inside Chloe uses the card to get out the other access door. She peeks at the guard who is leaning on the door distracted by Miles. She sneaks out and grabs a laptop sitting on a nearby desk. Walking down the hall Sheri comes out from another passage. She calls to Chloe who turns. Sheri thought she was supposed to be in custody. Chloe lies that Miles let her out but Sheri accuses her of being a worse liar then she is. Going to the closest phone on the wall Sheri picks it up but Chloe stops her from dialling. Sheri has to call, Chloe helped Audrey Raines break her surveillance. Chloe did that for a good reason but she can’t get into it. Sheri doesn’t give her a choice. Chloe now tells her that Jack Bauer didn’t kill President Palmer, he needs her help to get the person that did. Sheri wonders why Chloe doesn’t just tell Karen that but Chloe can’t, she sadly says that she wouldn’t believe her, no one will, it’s President Logan. Sheri says that’s ridiculous and tries to work the phone again. Chloe tries a different tactic saying that she knows the harassment charge against Miles was false and if she makes that call Chloe will tell and recommend her for psychiatric evaluation, ‘and you won’t like that, trust me.’ While Sheri digests that, Chloe leaves.

Logan looks out the window at the retreat and his wife comes in the room. She asks if he is coming to bed soon. He doubts he will get much sleep but she wants him to try. They meet and she touches his face asking if he is okay. He has just had a challenging day. She plays with the lapels on his suit and asks him to come to bed. They get close together and are about to kiss when the phone rings. After pausing for a second they kiss briefly and then Logan answers the phone. Martha walks back towards the exit as he finds the voice on the other end of the phone saying that Secretary Heller is insisting on talking to him. Logan wants to call him back in the morning but Heller insisted that it’s urgent. Logan sighs and says to put him through picking up and taking the speaker phone off so his wife cannot hear. Once connected we see that Heller is driving. He needs to speak to the President and Logan asks what for. Heller would like to speak to him face to face Logan, thinking that Heller is in DC, will not be back for a few days. Heller says he is in LA, he needs to see him tonight. Logan is on the defensive and reminds Heller who he is talking to. Heller knows who he is addressing and he thinks he knows exactly what he is coming there for. Heller hangs up and Logan is left alone with his wife who asks what James Heller wanted. Logan explains he is getting flack about the Martial Law from the cabinet and wants to talk about it. Logan spits that he would think these people would show him some allegiance. Martha asks if James can handle it himself but Logan says apparently not. Martha goes to head out and tells him to come to bed when he is done. He will and watches her leave. Sighing he gets his cell phone out and calls Henderson. He is getting out of a car and into a chopper. He tells Logan he is leaving now, it will take him 10 minutes to get there. Logan thinks he might not have that much time, James Heller is on his way to see Logan. He insisted. Henderson knows that Bauer got to him and Logan wants to know what they are going to do if he has the recording. Henderson thinks Heller won’t be stupid enough to keep it on him which means Jack Bauer has it. Logan will hold Heller off as long as he can. He orders Henderson to phone him the second he has it in hand.



Martha closes the blinds in her room and sees Secretary Heller arrive followed by secret service agents. She thinks for a second and then heads to the door to the room. She hears voices outside and when she looks out she sees Aaron Pierce speaking with another agent. When he sees Martha, Aaron dismisses the other agent with a nod. Martha asks what Heller is doing here and Aaron lies that he doesn’t know. Martha figures that he may not know but he has an idea. She tells him why Logan said he was here but she thinks it’s something else and she asks him, if he knows what it is, to please tell her. He can’t but she asks if he can’t or won’t. Uncomfortable, Aaron looks down and asks Martha not to ask him anything else. She walks up to him and moves close. Inches from his face she tells him that whatever he tells her will remain between them, she promises. Getting even closer she asks him to trust her. He looks at her and then away. He quietly says not here. Eager to get the information she wants to know where. He says to meet her in a couple of minutes outside the south stable. Pierce looks at Heller in the next room. Martha turns and heads back into her room.

Heller waits for Logan who appears and greets him with happiness. He offers his hand to Heller who doesn’t reciprocate. Logan thanks the agents and they leave. Heller stares at Logan for a few seconds and finally Logan says that he hopes this is important. He turns his back and walks away from Heller. Heller tells him flat out, ‘I know what you did and I know what you’re doing and I’m here to put an end to it.’ Logan wanders away form Heller and says that he will have to be more specific then that. Heller accuses Logan of being responsible for the murder of David Palmer. Logan calls that outrageous so Heller explains that he heard a recording between him and a man named Christopher Henderson. Palmer found out about Logan’s insane plan and Henderson had him killed, Logan let it happen. Logan wants to know where the recording is, Heller says it is in a safe place. Logan want to hear it but Heller says that he doesn’t need to hear it, Logan knows exactly what it says and so does he, it’s burned into his memory. Logan switches tactics and says that he has no idea what he deals with until he sits in his chair, how dare Heller judge him. Heller reminds Logan that his chair is not a throne. Logan claims to be protecting the interests of the country by guaranteeing the flow of oil. He tells Heller that this country needs energy more than he or anything in this gridlocked cabinet knows, but they will when the price of oil goes up over $100 a barrel and the people that elected him won’t be able to afford to heat their homes or run their cars. Heller wants to know if that justifies the blood on his hands. Logan gives in and asks what Heller wants. He demands that Logan drop the trumped up charges on Jack Bauer and, he adds with a growl, that Logan leave his daughter alone. Surprised, Logan asks if there’s anything else. Heller also wants Logan to announce his resignation by tomorrow morning. He can blame it on the crushing events of the day, he can blame it on whatever he wants as long as it’s out by the start of the morning news cycle. Logan asks what will happen then. Heller promises that the recording will remain under lock and key and stay between them. He wants Logan to call Vice President Gardner, he wants to be there when he hands him his letter of resignation.

In a suburban neighbourhood a silver SUV pulls up and stops in front of a nicely kept house. Chloe gets out of the vehicle and runs across the lawn. Someone peeks from inside and then the door opens, it’s Buchanan. He invites her inside and she takes her bag off saying she hasn’t been able to contact Jack or Audrey, CTU might have them in custody. Buchanan shows her his desk and computer and she has pulled the laptop out. She says that if CTU has Jack in custody it’s her fault. Buchanan says that Homeland has changed his access code, Chloe can hack in.

Martha waits in the dark near the stable for Pierce to arrive. Growing impatient in the cold she decides to call his cell phone. She looks up the number in her phone book and dials. She hears a phone ringing and follows the sound. She finds Pierce’s cell phone on the ground, open and the call coming in from her staring back at her. She looks around nervously.

Jack and Audrey are still trying to get out of their binds. He gives up the pulling and looks around seeing pipes above them. They have labels on them and Jack gets an idea, he can get them out of there. A guard looks in and Jack looks down trying to look like he’s not doing anything. He tells Audrey to watch the door and Jack gets up. He steps on the pipes running beside them. He works his way up using the pole he is tied to to secure himself. He gets to the top and reaches up on his toes to one of the pipes. Jack holds his plastic binds onto the hot pipe while also touching his wrists to the heat. Smoke emits from the binds and Jack’s skin and he grunts with the pain. Finally they binds break and Jack gets down and grabs some pliers nearby to snip Audrey’s bonds as well. He heads to the door and Audrey sees a guard on the other side. Audrey says Jack’s name and he slams his body into the door knocking the agent off his feet and unconscious. Jack takes the agents gun and runs out yelling back for Audrey to use the restraints in his pockets to secure him.



One of the agents from Heller’s escort gets out of the plane and then crosses under it trying to raise someone on the radio. Sensing something is wrong he gets out his gun but Jack is already in position and yells for him not to move. The agent is defeated and Jack tells him to put his gun on the ground and kick it over to him. The agent hesitates and Jack yells to do it. He does and Jack wants his hands where he can see them. Jack approaches the agent and says to give him the recording slowly. He reaches into his pocket and hands it over to Jack. He gets the agent to his feet and he asks what Jack did to his partner. Jack says he is fine. They hear a chopper approaching overhead and Jack yells for the agent to take cover behind the wheel. They both run to different wheels as the chopper lets fire go. The agent wants to know what’s going on and Jack quickly explains that they’re here for the recording, if they are going to get through this alive they are going to have to work together. Jack shoots in the direction of the chopper and the agent asks for his gun. Jack tosses it over while Henderson gets off the chopper and gives orders to his men. Henderson goes inside the building and leaves his thugs to shoot at Jack and the guard. They exchange fire and soon the guard is hit. He and Jack had managed to take out most of the thugs anyway and Jack goes to his body and takes his gun. Jack shoots some tanks behind the last group of thugs and it explodes disabling them. Jack runs into the building after Henderson and once he’s in we see Henderson watching form a covered position. Jack checks the area, gun out and then calls to Audrey. Henderson calls back that he has her as Jack finds cover for himself. He threatens him to not make him kill her, there’s been too much killing already today. Jack yells for him to let her go, he will after he has the recording. Jack wants to know what Henderson is doing, why is he protecting Logan? Henderson is not protecting Logan, he is protecting much more important, the integrity of their government. Jack yells back that their government has no integrity as long as Logan occupies the presidency. Jack says they can make it right, they can stop him. Henderson isn’t buying it, he wants the recording. If Henderson lets Audrey go Jack will give him the recording. Henderson doesn’t believe Jack but is willing to meet him half way. Frustrated and scared Jack wants to know what that means. Henderson puts his hand over Audrey’s mouth and her muffled scream can be heard by Jack. Jack calls out swearing at Christopher who promises she is coming. He whispers to Audrey to walk out slowly or he will kill her. She takes a few steps away from Henderson before we see that there is blood running down her arm. Henderson tells Audrey that it’s far enough and Jack looks at her and demands to know what he has done to her. He explains that it’s the left brachial artery, she has 3 minutes before she bleeds to death. Henderson wants the recording. Jack pauses and Henderson reminds him that she’s 15 seconds closer to dying. Audrey stands shocked but begs Jack quietly not to give the recording up. Henderson urges that Jack is running out of time, she again wants him to not give it up. Jack makes his decision and slides the recording along the floor to Henderson. Now holding what he wants Henderson springs up and unleashes a couple of shots for cover. Audrey screams Henderson manages to get out the closest door. Jack rushes to Audrey and holds onto her easing her down onto the floor. He encourages her to stay with him and she weakly tells him to go get Henderson. He again says for her to stay with him and says he will be right back. Jack goes to some nearby cables and cuts off a piece. He comes back and uses it to tie Audrey’s arm above the wound trying to stop the bleeding. She groans and he picks her up saying he needs to move her. She is in pain as he lifts her off the ground.

Heller hands a paper over to Logan and all that he needs is a signature. Logan asks if there’s another way to handle this, something that he might be able to give him, something that he wants. Heller is getting exactly what he wants. Gardner comes in and greets Heller and admits that he thought he was on a plane to Washington and asks what he is doing there. Heller will let the President tell him. Hal looks to Logan and before he can say much his phone rings. Logan slips it out of his pocket finding Henderson on the other end. Henderson quickly says that he has the recording. Not giving anything away to his visitors Logan just says really. Henderson is going to call back after he secures a vehicle. Logan thanks him and hangs up. With little pause Logan tells Hal that he has asked for Secretary Heller to tender his resignation and he asked Hal there as a witness. He came to the retreat to accuse Logan of being complacent in the attacks. As if it’s ludicrous Logan doesn’t know how he could of thought that, he looks to Heller calling it insane. Heller tells Hal that Logan sanctioned David Palmer’s assassination, he has the evidence to prove it. Logan asks innocently where that evidence is, if he has it show it to them. Heller stands stunned for a second and then demands to know who made that phone call. Logan isn’t answering and says he wants his resignation on his desk tomorrow morning. Heller is angry while Hal stands confused as Heller threatens, ‘If any harm comes to my daughter…’ Logan calls the secret service in and has Heller escorted out of his house. Heller leaves without force and Hal stands bewildered.

In the split screens we see Logan, Jack helping Audrey, Heller, Henderson breaking into a car, Jack telling Audrey that this is going to hurt, Chloe working with Buchanan, Martha, Miles, Karen and Logan pops up again in the centre.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:


-It was weird having the credits coming up in the middle of two horizontal boxes, top bottom. Different and kinda cool.

-One would think after this whole thing with the recording that Logan would learn not to talk about sensitive information over the phone. More proof that he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

- Henderson’s expression when Logan hangs up on him is hilarious.

-In this episode Karen is starting to show that she is a real, thinking person that is not just on a mission to take over CTU without question.

-Miles, on the other hand, could be another story.

-This episode seems to bear the question of what WILL be going out when the morning news cycle begins. If it’s not news of Jack’s capture as Palmer’s killer and it’s not Logan’s resignation what’s it going to be?

-It was very nice to see Buchanan back. James Morrison is a fine actor and brings a lot to the show. Now we have a CTU Derivative running from Buchanan’s house.

-I’m thinking the hardest person for Jack to convince that he didn’t kill Palmer would be Wayne. If Wayne believes him then everyone else should too.

-Line of the Week contender: Buchanan to Wayne/Jack, “My God, you’re serious.”

-Even though Buchanan has been given the royal boot he still has enough allegiance to CTU and the country to jump at the chance to help Wayne when Jack asks him.

-Where exactly does Buchanan take Wayne, anyway? I guess he could be stashed upstairs in Buchanan’s house taking a nap or he might be just hanging out in the kitchen as Chloe gets there but it seems strange that he’s disappeared. Hopefully he will reappear and hasn’t gone to join the likes of Curtis and Bierko, they’re probably hanging out playing crib somewhere.

-Heller trusts the men in his security detail with his life. Well, you don’t say, since they’re, well, bodyguards.

-It felt like Wayne is some piece of evidence or something that can just be locked up in a safe somewhere or put in a pocket. “Keep it secret, keep it safe.”

-Jack sure knows how to make an entrance. There’s nothing like speeding onto a tarmac in a stolen police car.

-I was wondering if Audrey needed ‘A minute’ before telling her father everything because she wanted Jack to do it or because she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

-I have trouble believing that Heller’s security would allow him to go out of view with a known fugitive who is believed to have already killed a government type person today.

-Heller has a point about Jack, he is acting like he is guilty if they are unaware of the real issues here.

-Jack looks reasonably relieved to see Heller, a friendly face that he knows he can trust. Too bad that didn’t work out for him.

-That’s a whole load of information for Heller to take in about the events of the day. It’s 18 hours worth of information, actually.

-I knew something was strange the way Heller left Jack and Audrey, like it was an inconclusive conversation. I guess this is the best we could hope for other than Heller just doing what Jack asked. At least he’s not with Logan.

-That would have been nice and easy for Jack to go dark until the AG came out with the info. He could have gone to Buchanan’s and hung out with Wayne, maybe had a few drinks and played some pool.

-Either Heller’s feeling vindictive for being out of the loop about this whole thing or he just really believed that Jack would come after him for trying to reason with Logan instead of doing what he asked. That’s the only reasons I can come up with for Heller to go after Jack the way he did. Unless, of course, he’s angry for Jack leaving Audrey out of the loop about his death. I imagine she would have been pretty upset after finding out he died.

-Holy was that scene ever dramatic.

-That poor girl that Chloe corners about the briefing. She doesn’t know anything, obviously but Chloe keeps Chloeing away.

-Chloe can be very smart and very very stupid. If she suspects that they are on to her, why would she let the phone ring that many times to allow the trace to happen. You never know, if they had sent a tac team, they could have sent it to the wrong place but either way she has to know that they are going to be watching her.

-Karen had the right idea asking why Audrey wasn’t picking up. She suspects something, I just hope she acts on it.

-How come the security guards are wearing white now? They used to and then they changed to red a couple of seasons ago, now they’re back to white after the CTU attack. They must come with the complete Homeland Security package.

-Miles is very complacent to the higher up’s here. I’m wondering what his agenda is. Is he trying to not ruffle any feathers so he can move up or does he know more and maybe have a connection to Logan?

-That was also a neat split screen when Logan hangs up with Karen and we keep him until he connects with Henderson.

-If Audrey doubted Jack why did she stay with him?

-The question I have for Heller is what made him think that Logan would deal with him? He should know as much as Jack does.

-It’s good to see Mike Novick back. I guess they couldn’t afford to payroll him with everyone else.

-David Palmer’s body is being flown back to DC at 7am. That, coincidentally, is the same time this show ends. If Jack lives to see 7am I think we can bet on some kind of emotional reaction as Palmer’s body is loaded onto that plane. Hopefully Jack will be exonerated with Wayne by his side.

-Since when is Hal able to be diplomatic? Did he just recently sprout that ability because he sure wasn’t able to do it earlier but here he is with Mike seeing both sides of the coin.

-So much for Logan’s rest. That got shot to hell after Heller called.

- Logan must have been thinking of excuses while he was sitting there before Mike came in because he is all kinds of prepared.

-“Special circumstances” I.e. needs to be killed.

-And, after 18 hours, the Chinese are mentioned. Is this foreshadowing? I still can’t see Jack being able to get off the hook with the Chinese.

- Logan shouldn’t be complaining about the crises he’s been dealing with, after all, he planned most of them.

-I tend to agree with Chloe, I’m not sure Miles is as big of a jerk that he pretends to be either. He just has short man syndrome or something

-Isn’t this the second time Chloe has been in custody in 18 hours?

-Chloe pulled a serious Jack move on Miles. She is learning.

-How did that guard not see Chloe leaving about 4 feet away? He’s the worst guard ever.

-Chloe is a pretty bad liar.

-That’s a convenient place for a laptop, isn’t it?

-Chloe needs that printed on a t-shirt, “Jack Bauer did not kill President Palmer.”

-Chloe must be speaking from experience about the psychiatric evaluation thing.

-Something about Logan kissing Martha just creeped me right out. It’s not the acting because they are both fine actors and seem to have great chemistry together. It just gave me chills, the bad kind.

-Heller’s tone when he tells Logan he is in LA is just hilarious. Like, “I’m in LA, sir. Just wanted to grab a bite to eat and was wondering if you wanted to play a round of golf.”

-Reading between the lines when Heller says that he knows exactly who he is talking to. He’d love to say something else.

-Who possibly could have heard Pierce and Martha talking? Logan was nowhere close and very busy with Heller the entire time. Either there’s someone else in Logan’s camp that’s involved or we are just supposed to buy this and not ask any questions.

-Martha wants Pierce bad. I can’t see Pierce being unfaithful to his (supposed) wife or coveting thy President’s wife, but I’m starting to wonder if there maybe has been some kind of other … interactions… between them other than security.

-That’s cold of Heller not to shake Logan’s hand. And Logan’s reaction was classic, balling his hand into the fist. For a second I thought he was going to punch Heller, but then I remembered that he was a spineless twit.

-They’re just tossing around the word ‘insane’ in this hour. Although, when Logan used it while speaking of Heller he may have been out for revenge.

- Logan has an interesting take on the whole thing but there has to be another way to deal with this problem. How about alternative energy? It’s gotta be better than killing all these people.

-Actually, Heller, I believe that the blood of Palmer was technically on Wayne’s hands, but that’s neither here nor there.

- Logan hadn’t even threatened Heller’s daughter yet. Operative word being yet.

-Buchanan’s got some nice digs. If I remember right he is single, they must be paying him well at CTU to afford that place.

-Chloe has been hanging around Jack too much, blaming herself if CTU has Jack. How could it possibly be her fault?

-Mm, nothing like the smell of burning flesh in the morning.

-Good thing Jack isn’t about 2 inches shorter or that plan wouldn’t have worked.

-In one of the 24: Declassified books, Jack does the same thing with the plastic binds and a lamp.

-Are they trying to convince us that Jack couldn’t knock the pliers off the table that was about 5 feet away from them so he could get them free? We’ve seen this guy do amazing things with is legs.

-What kind of agent is the guy that Jack gets the recording from? He looks like he’s new to having someone demand he put his hands up and actually looks scared of Jack. We all know that agents are frequently detained, or is that just Jack and people that hang around with him?

-Anyone surprised that the agent with Jack died?

-How did Henderson know that Audrey was inside or that anyone was inside? Was he just running to save his own ass?

-Did that agent that Jack knocked out not have a gun on him? Why didn’t Audrey take it? How did Henderson get his hands on her so quickly?

-Jack was very exposed when he entered the hangar looking for Audrey. I hate to say it but I think if I were Henderson I would have shot him in the leg or something and then used that as an interrogation advantage about the recording.

-No kidding, Christopher, about the too much killing today already. Most of it has been his fault.

-Jack is seriously stressed, it starts to show when he is asking about Audrey. His questions are with more passion than usual and some of them are downright pushy, asking what Henderson means and what he did to Audrey.

-All of a sudden Audrey is ready to die at the hands of Henderson. She gets bravery points.

-Jack’s pretty brave to toss the recording that forcefully. How much would it suck if it shattered on the way over?

-By the way, under pressure that was a nice slide going exactly where he wanted it too.

-I totally thought that Henderson shot Audrey when he starting shooting and she screamed.

-Where did Heller get the document from for Logan to sign?

-Poor Gardner, all he did was what was asked of him and he leaves after walking through a shitstorm simply confused.

-Holy split screens! The ending of this show hurt my brain. Too many screens, they just keep popping up. All of them with Logan in the centre.


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