5.17: 11:00pm - 12:00am
~ vs. The World ~


We see army vehicles and martial law in effect. In a car Wayne drives with Jack, Evelyn and Amy as passengers. Jack wants Wayne to turn the radio that’s talking about martial law off and turns to Evelyn. He states that she has a recording of Henderson and Logan stored in a safety deposit box at a bank. Which bank is it? She tells him it’s City Trust and Savings, the key is in her jacket pocket. Amy is upset but Jack reassures her that everything will be fine. Wayne is concerned about the road blocks, they have to get off the road. Jack sees a motel on the right and tells Wayne to go in there. Amy cries and wants to go home, Jack leans forward and tries to comfort her saying ‘I’m gonna get you home, honey.’ Jack wants Wayne to get a room and he will keep watch. He tells Evelyn to keep pressure on her wound and gets out of the car. His hand covered in blood Jack pulls his cell phone out and dials quickly. He is calling Audrey who updates Jack that they don’t have Henderson on satellite yet, they weren’t able to reposition in time. Jack makes sure Audrey is still on a secure line and then tells her what they found, the Vice President is not the one behind what has happened today, it’s Logan. Audrey is stunned by this revelation and asks if Jack is sure. He is, Logan is responsible for everything that’s happened today starting with supplying the terrorists with the nerve gas. David Palmer found out and that’s why he was assassinated. Audrey asks if Logan ordered this but Jack answers that Henderson gave the order. The evidence shows that Logan was complacent in it. Audrey asks the nature of the evidence. It’s a recording in a safety deposit box, they are on their way to get it right now. As if Jack didn’t have enough to think about Audrey reminds him that the city is still under martial law. Jack asks for the checkpoints uploaded to his PDA and he also tells Audrey that once he has the evidence they will have to involve her father. They need someone credible within the government to present the evidence. Audrey knows that he is on his way back from a summit in Japan, she will contact him. Further, Jack wants Audrey to leave CTU. She asks if he thinks they can’t be trusted, he doesn’t want to trust anyone right now. Logan has the military, law enforcement, everything at his disposal and they have to assume he will use it to stop them. Audrey will update Jack’s PDA.

As soon as Jack hangs up the phone Wayne comes back out of the hotel. He has secured a room and also looked up the bank manager, he was listed in the phone book and his house is not far from here. They need to get Evelyn and Amy inside the hotel and as Jack starts to help Evelyn Wayne crouches down and tells Amy that they need to get inside now. Wayne gets Amy to have a seat just inside the door and Jack supports Evelyn’s weight into the room and he gently rests her on the bed. Grabbing a pillow so he can elevate her wound he has a look and tells her that it’s not safe for them to take her to a hospital yet so he wants to check the wound himself. He asks Wayne to take Amy outside and once they are out of earshot Jack starts to look at Evelyn’s wound. He assesses that the bullet went right through, he will clean it out and it’s going to hurt. He promises to get her to a hospital as soon as he can. Evelyn will be fine, she wants Jack to go and get the evidence, she doesn’t need his help. Jack asks if Evelyn is sure and she admits that she is. He tells her to put pressure on it and then goes to the door and brings Amy back in. He leaves the women and closes the door. Jack asks Wayne for the keys and they head out to the car.

On Henderson’s windshield sits a pass so he can get through the military checkpoints. He is on the phone to Logan and he gives the grim news that he has been unable to pick up a trace on Bauer. Logan’s sweating, what is there to stop him going to the media with all that he knows. Bauer is not going to make any accusations until he has the evidence in hand. Henderson is not any closer to finding out where the recording has been hidden but he knows that Evelyn was wounded, he will find them. He is monitoring hospitals and emergency channels. This is a containable problem, he promises to stop this. Logan wants to be spared Henderson’s promises. This has all gone wrong and shouldn’t have happened. Logan reflects on all the killings, it was designed to make the country stronger and protect their interests. This all spiralled out of control when Henderson decided to kill David Palmer. Henderson brushes it off, what’s done is done; now they have to focus. Logan corrects him that Henderson has to focus.

At CTU Karen asks Miles about the hourly’s, she hasn’t seen the last one yet. Miles says they are behind because of the changing of people. Karen now doubts that the takeover needed to happen at all. Miles defends their actions; they had problems and people died. Karen asks sceptically if he believes under the circumstances they could have done any better. Chloe calls to Karen that she has the president on the phone. Karen wants it transferred to the CTU directors office, that’s where she will be while there. She heads upstairs and asks to be notified as soon as Bierko is conscious.

Karen goes upstairs and picks up the phone. Logan asks right away if she knows where Jack Bauer is. She expected him back at CTU 30 minutes ago. Logan is issuing an executive order for the arrest of Jack Bauer. He orders her to run point on it and make it a priority. Since she is heading it up she wants to know the charges. Bauer is being charged for his role in the assassination of David Palmer. Karen doesn’t understand, Logan reinstated his credentials. Logan has new evidence, he is looking at it right now and he will forward it to her at the appropriate time. He urges her that this is very sensitive information and he wants her to treat the origin of the warrant as confidential. She understands and hangs up. She orders Miles to put out an alert on Jack Bauer to all federal agencies and NSA. Karen doesn’t really like the idea of pulling people off the search for Henderson without knowing the evidence. Miles reminds her that this is a direct order from the President. They agree that if they want to find Bauer they need to be on anyone that may contact him starting with Audrey Raines. They see her below picking up a folder while holding onto her jacket.

Down in the CTU atrium Audrey moves towards Chloe and puts a folder down in front of her. She hurriedly instructs Chloe to make it look like the folder is what they are talking about. While appearing to speak about the folder Audrey asks if she can get a secure channel for her. Chloe can do it. Audrey spoke with Jack and she tells Chloe that Gardner is not the one behind the events today, Logan is. Audrey is leaving to go and help so Chloe tells her to take a CTU walkie with her. Chloe’s computer beeps and she turns to have a look at what’s coming through. Chloe is surprised to see Jack’s face staring back at her attached to an arrest order. Audrey finds out and says ‘It’s starting.’ Chloe wants to know what to do but before she can answer Karen appears behind them asking Audrey if she is heading out. Audrey lies that she is going to head out and try and get a few hours of rest. Karen brings up the warrant for Jack’s arrest and explains that it is because of new evidence on the David Palmer assassination. Chloe defends Jack, she was there when the man that did it confessed, it’s in the logs. Karen knows that’s in the logs, there’s new evidence. Audrey probes if she has seen this evidence which, of course, she has not but she also lies that she is not at liberty to say. She asks when the last time they spoke with Jack was. Audrey spoke with him an hour ago. Karen says that she doesn’t have to remind them that they have a legal obligation to notify them if Jack contacts them. Karen continues she is sure this seems odd to them, it does to her as well, but it is in everyone’s best interests to bring Jack in peacefully. She wishes Audrey a good night.

While walking Karen places a call to Valerie who we last saw attempting to take over Chloe’s workstation last episode. Karen tells Valerie that Audrey is on her way, Valerie is putting the transponder on Audrey’s car right now. Karen warns that there aren’t that many cars out right now so she wants her to keep her distance and stay out of sight. She doesn’t want anything to stop Audrey from leading them to Bauer.



Jack drives with Wayne as the passenger. Wayne points out a house saying that’s the one they’re looking for. Jack stops the car and asks for the name of the bank manager. It is Carl Mossman. Jack pulls out his gun and makes sure Wayne has his. Wayne doesn’t understand why he needs it and Jack explains that they are showing up in the middle of the night and he is not going to let them in unless he has to. Wayne just wants to tell him the truth. Jack asks Wayne “Would you believe us?” The only way he is going to let them into the bank is if he’s scared. If Wayne is uncomfortable with that he can wait there. Jack’s heard enough arguing and gets out of the car leaving Wayne to make his decision. Wayne follows Jack who has not arrived at the fence surrounding the perimeter of the house. Jack assesses the tall concrete fence and finds something to hop up on so he can scale it. With reasonable ease Jack gets to the other side with Wayne following. The pair walk up to the house and Jack peeks inside. He sees the alarm system and gets out a case. Jack affixes an alarm bypass to the door and then goes to work on the lock crouching and putting his gun away. Jack picks the lock and gets them in and as soon as they open the door they can hear a TV in the distance.

Carl and his wife lay on top of the bed, both in their pyjamas watching TV. He hears something and asks his wife is she hears it too. She says no but he wants to investigate. He gets up and heads out of the room promising to be right back. Once Carl arrives in the kitchen Jack grabs him and holds him against the wall, gun on him and tells him not to move. Carl gets a hit in on Jack and manages to yell for his wife, Rose. Jack quiets him and hustles him down the hall to stop his wife from making a call. With the couple seated on the bed Carl starts giving Jack information about things in the house, the money and jewellery are in a safe in the closet. Jack is not interested in that, he wants to get into Carl’s bank. Carl can’t do that and Jack raises the gun at him. Carl explains that it’s not that he won’t, he can’t, he only has access during bank hours. Jack calmly explains that every bank has a procedure to allow access during an emergency. When Carl hesitates Jack points the gun at his wife. Carl grabs his wife and pulls her close to him saying that he will take Jack to the bank. Jack tells him to get up get dressed. Carl goes into the closet and Jack asks for 4 neckties as well, he tells Wayne to tie his wife to a chair and make sure she doesn’t move.

Audrey drives through a checkpoint and is on the phone. She asks the person on the other end to speak to Secretary Heller please, her father. James Heller sits on a plane and works on a laptop when a man comes in and says there’s a call coming through on an over air encrypted channel, it’s his daughter. Heller picks up the phone and asks Audrey if everything is okay. She says that it is but she needs his help. She asks if this line is secure to which her father responds, “Very.” He wants to know from her if this is about the arrest warrant for Jack, he just heard. Audrey can’t go into details over the phone but Jack is being set up. Heller wants to know whom, he got a call this morning from her saying that Jack was alive and now he’s a suspect in Palmer’s assassination again. She asks Heller to reroute his plane, she can’t talk about this over the phone but she would not ask unless it was extremely important. He pauses to think and then relents saying he will do it. She tells him the closest air port to her is Van Nuys and Heller is about an hour out, he will call her when he is on final approach. They hang up and Heller calls the man who told him about the phone call, Doug. He says that he needs to make a stop in LA and they need to keep it off the manifest. Doug says yes and Heller goes back to work.

Audrey pulls into a gas station and prepares to pump gas. Valerie following orders her driver to pull over saying that she stopped at the corner of Alverton and Davis. Audrey makes a call to Chloe and they make sure the line can’t be listened to. Chloe asks if Audrey took the CTU walkie which she did, she doesn’t know what to do with it. Chloe says to put it on channel 17 and turn the sensitivity up all the way to see if she can pick up a pilot signal. Audrey runs the device around her car until she hears an awful squealing. Asking if Chloe can hear it Chloe says that she figured they’d put a tracker on her. Audrey reaches into the wheel well and finds the small black transmitter. Seeing a hydro truck nearby Audrey thanks Chloe for helping her and Chloe advisees her to disable her phone by taking out the battery as soon as she can. Audrey is waiting for a call from Jack but she will as soon as he contacts her. Audrey grabs a paper towel from the dispenser and walks over to the hydro truck. She casually plants the tracker on the other truck and then moves back to her own car getting in and driving away.

Logan works in the office and Pierce enters reminding him that’s it’s almost time. Logan pauses for a second thinking and Pierce clarifies that it’s the press conference. Gardner comes in the room and asks for a moment with Logan. He just got word that there was a warrant issued for Jack Bauer’s arrest. Pierce inches closer to the conversation before Logan excuses him. Gardner wants to know what this is about, it’s an Executive Branch Warrant and since it didn’t come from him it must have come from Logan. Logan admits to it and Gardner argues that he was put in charge of all the things to do with the CTU/Homeland transfer and he thinks he should have been told about the warrant. Logan appreciates Gardner’s concern but the last time he checked he was still the commander in chief. Hal concurs but he has gone over the files, Bauer should be a hero. Logan says that Cummings was part of the cover up and he was protecting Bauer. Hal asks why but Logan is reluctant to answer beyond saying he has intelligent sources confirming that Bauer was the shooter. Hal presses why but Logan tells Hal to ask Bauer himself when he is taken into custody. He asks sharply if that suits him. Obvious that it doesn’t Hal says it does. He leaves the room.

Amy tries to get the attention of her mother but she is sleeping on the bed at the hotel. Amy heads off to the bathroom to wash up and once she runs the water finds she has a lot of blood on her hands. Hands still unclean Amy turns the taps off and begins to cry. She curls up in the corner of the bathroom and her sobs wake Evelyn. Evelyn calls to her but she doesn’t answer, just cries some more. Painfully, Evelyn gets up and makes her way towards the bathroom. She nearly gets there before she passes out and hits the floor. This gets Amy up from the floor and she shakes her mom. She doesn’t come around and so Amy goes to the phone and dials 9-1-1. She tells the operator that her mom has passed out and she can’t wake her up. She gives her own name and her mothers full name.

Henderson drives his car and gets a cell phone call. The voice on the other end has a 9-1-1 call coming in at 1850 Protovalley Drive, a request for assistance for Evelyn Martin. Henderson will be there shortly.



Logan begins his press conference saying, “My fellow Americans...” He continues saying that the terrorist threat that the nation faced is now over. An hour ago federal counterterrorist agents under his direction thwarted an attack on innocent civilians. The public was not told with their best interests in mind. Pierce stands back and watches from inside the retreat. Martha appears and steps behind Aaron observing that he really did it. Aaron gives her a questioning, ‘Ma’am?’ and she elaborates that he stopped the terrorists, he said he would handle this crisis and everything would be okay and it is. She should have trusted him. With nothing else to say Aaron simply says, “Yes, ma’am.” Sensing him not completely supportive she steps up behind him and asks what’s the matter? He sighs and quietly says, ‘I’m just a little battle worn.’

Jack drives Carl the banker’s car with Wayne and Carl in the back. He pulls them into a parking lot and stops the car. Wayne asks why they are stopping there and Jack explains, consulting his PDA that there are too many checkpoints in this area, they will have to go the remaining mile and a half on foot. Jack’s phone rings and he picks it up checking his call display. Seeing that it’s Aaron Pierce he says he will be right back and gets out of the car. Aaron makes sure that Jack is aware that there is an arrest warrant out for him in David Palmer’s assassination. Jack takes the information in stride, it makes sense. Aaron asks cautiously, ‘The Vice President isn’t the one behind this attack, is he?’ Jack admits to Aaron that it is not, the person behind it is Logan. Aaron warns Jack to be careful; he’s going to have everyone out looking for Jack. Jack will be passing the information to Secretary of Defence Heller. Aaron asks if there is anything else he can do for Jack sounding like he really would like to be in the field with him. Jack asks Aaron to keep his eyes open at the retreat. Aaron will do so and they hang up. Jack goes back to the car and pulls Carl out as Wayne gets out the other side. They head over an embankment and down to a road. Down the street they see military vehicles and Jack whispers for him to take cover. Wayne gets in the bush on the other side of the road and Jack pushes Carl down lying next to him Jack warns him not to say a word. In the distance a vehicle gets close, pauses, and then turns down a street to the right. They are safe for now.

Hayes is in the CTU directors’ office when a call comes through urgent from Valerie Harris. Valerie is calling from a quiet road and informs Karen that she lost Audrey Raines. She found the tracker and transferred it to a DWP truck. They don’t know how she could have found the tracker, she has no field experience. Valerie admits that the only way they even found out that she’d switched it was the truck stopped to check some power lines. They hang up and Karen calls Miles. She asks him to redirect satellites to find Audrey Raines. They already have most of their people on the search for Bauer, Audrey should lead them to her. Miles will do what he can and let her know when he has something.

Jack, Wayne and Carl have arrived at the bank and Jack orders them against the wall. Jack moves ahead and Wayne cautions Carl to just do what Jack says and he will be home before he knows it. Jack asks Carl about the emergency procedures in the bank which involve a code and a key of Carl’s. Jack warns Carl not to enter the wrong code and alert the police, it will only take one call from him and his wife is dead. Carl understands and they enter the bank. He enters the code and puts the key in. Jack asks where the safe is and Carl points him in the right direction. Jack wants them to stay away from the windows and asks Carl for the 12 digit safe code. There’s a delay on it so they can trigger the alarm in the event of a robbery. Once Jack has the code he tells Wayne to take Carl to one of the desks and keep an eye on him. Wayne just looks at Carl saying, ‘You heard him.’ Once Jack is away Carl takes the time to observe that he knows Wayne. Wayne says that he doesn’t as Jack works on the safe. Carl is sure that Wayne is David Palmer’s brother, he saw him on TV this morning. Wayne was there when he was shot, he wants to know what he is doing in his bank and, motioning at Jack, who he is. Wayne asks Carl to listen, ‘I know it’s absurd to ask you to trust me under these circumstances but trust me, you don’t want to know.’ Carl argues that he and his wife have been threatened with a gun and he has been kidnapped and now they are robbing his bank, he thinks he deserves to know what the hell is going on here. Wayne gives in and explains briefly that he and Jack believe that something in one of his safety deposit boxes will lead them to who is behind the assassination of his brother. Jack has finished with the safe and seeing Wayne speaking with Carl calls him over. Wayne gets up and heads to Jack who asks what’s going on. Wayne explains he recognized him, what did he want him to say? Jack says it’s okay and then he goes to Carl and asks how long the delay on the safe is. It’s 5 minutes and Carl asks Jack if it’s true what Wayne said. After Jack confirms it Carl asks why they just didn’t wait until the morning and get a subpoena. Carl is warned that the people that are behind this will not let it get that far, Wayne pipes up that they tried to kill him twice tonight and they are going to try again the very first chance they get.

Evelyn is woken up by a paramedic that is crouched over her. Amy is also at her side and once she is somewhat awake the medic says kindly, ‘It’s okay Mrs. Martin, you’re in shock but you’ll be okay.’ Evelyn asks groggily that he knows her name. Before the medic can answer shots ring out and the medic falls dead. Henderson is standing away from them. Gun drawn he asks where Bauer is. Amy screams.



Logan speaks on the phone and as he finishes Martha comes up. He thought that she was in bed but she wasn’t, she watched him with the press. Logan says Maury thought it went pretty well. She sits next to him and takes his hand. She tells him that he dealt with more crisis today than any president has in their entire term and he was magnificent. He admits to liking the sound of that, especially coming from her. She kisses his hand and says that she is proud of him. She admits that she hasn’t helped him much but he brushes it off saying she walked up to the edge a couple of times but he doesn’t think anyone noticed. She lightly laughs and will try and find a compliment in there somewhere. She puts his arms around him and they kiss. She says that he had so much on his plate today; he didn’t need her piling more things on. He tries to retort but she stops him, she wants him to accept her apology which he does. Logan’s phone rings and he pulls it out and has a look. He wants to take this privately and she wants to know who it is. He asks what difference it makes, he asks her please. She mutters she thought the crisis was over. Logan settles for stepping away and turning his back. He answers with a ‘yes’ and Henderson knows Bauer’s location. He says Evelyn gave it up, he is heading there now to take care of it. Logan wants to be called when it’s done. He hangs up and turns back to his wife who is curios about what is being done. Logan makes an excuse that he asked Jamie to write a speech for him for tomorrow morning.

Miles comes up to the office, he has found a position on Audrey Raines, she’s heading north toward Mulhulland. Karen wants to be connected with Harris and tells her the information.

Sheri runs into a problem at her computer and goes to Chloe asking if she has a minute. Chloe says no but Sheri persists saying that someone has taken control of some satellites using class 1 override. Chloe will look into it. After Sheri leaves Chloe pulls it up and sees that they are following Audrey. She glances up to the office and whispers, ‘Crap.’

Henderson ’s thugs roll into the bank and take positions, guns out. One of them calls Henderson and reports that they have all points covered, he even briefly had a visual. Henderson gives the order to tell the men, as soon as Jack Bauer steps out of that bank they are to take him down, kill the others and secure the recording.

The vault has been opened and Carl says that it’s box number 23. As Jack works on it Carl turns to Wayne and says that he admired his brother a great deal, he was a great man. Wayne thanks him. Jack has his hands on the recording, the only thing in the box is the silver recorder. He presses play and the voices emerge:

Henderson: It had to be done, sir.

Logan: I decide what has to be done Mr. Henderson. I never authorized you to kill David Palmer.

Henderson: He was nosing around about your involvement, he called your wife.

Logan: I can handle my wife. I’m trying to keep this from collapsing like a house of cards. Every thread ends with Cummings he thinks he’s running this and we have to keep it that way.

During the conversation Wayne’s eyes show that the conversation affects him. Carl recognizes the voice of the President. Jack takes the chance to apologize for putting him and his wife through this. Carl wants to help if he can. Jack admits that he could use his car and Carl says sure, it’s insured. They go out of the vault and Jack catches a glimpse of the snipers outside. He rushes them back in the vault and asks if there is another way out of the bank. For security reasons they only have one. Jack will be right back, he tells them to stay there. Staying low so as to not be seen Jack makes his way out to the front part of the bank. He ducks behind a desk and gets out a scope looking out into the parking lot. Jack finds the men out there and heads back to Wayne and Carl jogging along past the desks again. He informs them that Henderson’s men are out there in position and Carl thinks they should turn themselves in. Jack tells him that they aren’t there to capture them, they’re there to kill them. Right now they are protected by the bullet proof glass in the bank, they’re waiting for them to leave. Jack asks how to set off the silent alarm. Carl has a key for it but then the cops will come and take the recording when they take them into custody. Jack knows that Henderson’s men don’t want the police to have the recording any more then they want them to have it. The hostiles will engage the police. Carl asks how them shooting at each other will help their problem. Jack plans to use that as a diversion so they can get away. They will trip the alarm, Jack says to get ready.



Chloe goes into the server room and pulls up a terminal booting it up. Upstairs Miles works tracking Audrey while Karen wanders around behind him. Valerie is about 2 miles from the car, Karen orders her to close the gap to 1 mile. Chloe works to corrupt the signal and upstairs Miles’ feed goes fuzzy. Karen says that the feed is breaking up, Valerie is having the same problem. They don’t know what’s going on, Miles says that the satellite is positioned correctly; the corruption is coming from the server. Miles gets up and looks down onto the floor noticing that Chloe is gone.

Chloe finishes what she is doing, deletes the files and after looking around leaves the room. Miles is on the way to find her and quickly he is in the room she was in. He looks confused as he looks around not finding her and leaves. As he passes the ladies washroom Chloe comes out. He stops dead and in an accusatory tone asks what she was doing. Chloe asks what he is talking about and he reiterates the question. In her Chloe stupid voice she asks him, “Are you kidding? If you really want the details I’ll write you a report.” She leaves.

Jack is ready to move forward with Carl and Wayne. They keep low with Carl in between them. They get to the glass and peek around the corner, Jack says that they are there. He turns to Carl and addresses him as Mr. Mossman reminding him that like he said before it might be safer for him to stay there. Carl figures that if they find him they’re going to assume that he knows and probably kill him anyway, right? Jack’s lack of response is an answer in itself as he looks back out the window. Carl will take his chances with them. Jack advises him to stay as close to Mr. Palmer as he can and once they leave the bank they need to break left. Carl looks ready to go.

The lead thug is on the phone with Henderson and tells him that the police are there. Henderson can’t leave Bauer, he orders them to take the police out. They start to fire on the cops and a gunfight ensues. Jack, Wayne and Carl leave the bank with Jack also laying down cover fire. Jack catches up to Wayne and Carl as a military vehicle arrives and also gets involved. Taking cover behind a vehicle Jack wants them to get to the cop car. Wayne opens up the back door and Carl, who is trailing Wayne, gets hit by a bullet. He falls to the ground and Jack grabs him shoving him into the backseat with Wayne’s help. Jack hops in the drivers’ seat and they speed away from the scene, Jack making sure they are not followed.

In the split screen we see Audrey arriving at the airport, Heller, Logan, Miles and Karen watching Chloe.

Jack asks Wayne how Carl is doing, Wayne looks up and snaps that he’s dead. Jack calls Audrey and says that he’s on his way to her, he asks if her father agreed to meet. She tells him he is landing in Van Nuys in 15 minutes. Jack has the evidence and has listened to it; there is no doubt that it’s Logan. After a pause Jack asks, ‘You understand what this means? We are talking about taking down the President of the United States.’


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-I’d just like to know how in the hell they lost Henderson?

-Jack was right to be scared… this is bigger than they ever imagined. And now he’s in a lot of trouble

-Whose car is Wayne driving? Henderson took Evelyn’s and she drove them there.

-Evelyn must have talked fast to Jack and Wayne to tell them the information about the safety deposit box between the end of last show and the beginning of this one.

-I could really do without the whining child. Call me crazy, though.

-Although, Jack is really cute with her. Wayne, on the other hand, was a little scary when he said that they were going to get her inside now. I would have gone running the other way.

-What is a motel still taking people for during a city-wide shut down and martial law?

-With that said, what is the gas station still doing open? Sure people need gas but the workers are disobeying the martial law thing.

-Jack is never going to get the blood stains out of the cracks in that cell phone.

-And when Jack is on the phone with Audrey he continues to spout forth knowledge that he probably couldn’t have gotten in that amount of time.

-Is Audrey kidding doubting Jack and asking if he thinks they can’t trust CTU? They just found out they can’t trust the PRESIDENT, I think he’s going to be calling all cars here.

-How did Wayne find out the bank managers name to look it up in the phone book?

-What ever would we have done if Jack had forgotten to pack his PDA in that man bag of his.

-The maid that cleans that hotel room is going to have some surprising things found in there… pistol shells, bloody pillow, bloody everything for that matter, possibly even some dead bodies.

-I find it hard to believe that Jack wouldn’t even take the time to dress Evelyn’s wound or do something to help her out. I quick cleaning would have only taken a matter of minutes. I understand this is huge but if she dies from infection Jack is going to feel very bad.

-Exactly how many thugs does Henderson have at his disposal anyway? He’s killed a bunch so far plus the ones that are doing the ‘monitoring’. They must be hanging out where the spare CTU field agents are.

- Logan sounded pretty redneck when he was talking about “all them killin’s” with Henderson.

-This is the perfect evolution for Logan who continually blames others for his problems. He can never take responsibility for the things that go wrong and here is a perfect example, him blaming Henderson for the problems with Bauer and Palmer.

-I’m starting to wonder who could have talked Logan into this thing. We all know that he couldn’t have come up with it himself, could he? It seems like there was probably someone somewhere that had this idea (possibly even Henderson) and then they talked Logan into it. For the record, I’m not defending Logan., just stating that he’s an unthinking blame-passing idiot that couldn’t come up with something like this.

-I am, however, going to take a second and defend Karen. She came in like a lion but she has been fair with the exception of the stuff that Miles has been pushing on her. Now she is rethinking the CTU take over by Homeland asking if it was the right thing to do. Bravo.

-Line of the week contender – Karen to Miles: “Do you really think we could have done any better?”

-Oooh, oooh, we haven’t completely forgotten about Bierko! Look, they actually mention his name in this episode. Granted he’s in CTU “Death” Medical but at least he is mentioned. Now if we could only find Curtis.

-Big question, has Logan manufactured more evidence that Jack is behind the hit on Palmer or was he lying flat out to Karen about the fact that he’s looking at it right now. Because we didn’t see it it makes me believe the latter.

-Right now it makes sense for Logan to be calling to Jack Bauer with an arrest warrant. Why, though, did they choose him at the beginning of the season to be the scapegoat? Wouldn’t he be the LAST person you’d want storming back trying to protect his name on the day of your evil plot to do some screwed up shit?

-Well, Audrey lies about sleeping, does that count as something?

-Jack go in peacefully? Obviously Karen doesn’t know Jack.

-Homeland must cross-train their agents. Valerie was set up to take Chloe’s position and now she’s out in the field tracking Audrey.

-Line of the week contender: Jack to Wayne: “Would you believe us?”

-Apparently I’m in the wrong line of work. Look at that nice house the bank manager has. Not to mention his car.

-I’m happy that Wayne went with Jack instead of waiting, we probably never would have heard from him again if he had just stayed in the car.

-That’s a conveniently placed box on the other side of the tall fence. If you’re going to spend all that money for a nice fence like that, I think you’re gonna make sure that there’s no way it can be easily scaled by placing a step next to it.

- Wayne just doesn’t look as cool with the gun as Jack does, maybe like he’s not really sure what to do with it? On the other hand, he looks way cooler than Jack scaling the fence.

- Wayne’s expression when Jack worked on the security system was great. Practically saying, “I’m SO glad we spend on training our agents.”

-At least Jack took a few seconds to pick the lock this time. Sometimes on this show it’s practically instant and it’s just not that easy.

-Points for Carl, he’s brave. It takes some serious guts or some serious stupidity to hit someone with a gun in your face.

-Somehow it’s not ironic at all that a bank manager would have a safe in his house.

-I like Carl better than Henderson about 30 seconds after we meet him – he doesn’t allow Jack to shoot his wife to conceal information.

-I was surprised that Jack let Carl go into the huge closet with the safe in it to get changed. Maybe Carl has other stuff in the safe… you know, like a gun? I didn’t see that turning out well, although it did.

-That’s something that’s really good about Heller, he has a level head and tends to do the right thing. He even covers his tracks by keeping it off the manifest.

-At least Chloe thought of tacking Audrey’s cell phone. The guys from Homeland didn’t and they could have until Jack called Audrey at the end of the episode.

-One problem, Audrey didn’t pay for her tank of gas.

-Pierce is so cute inching forward to make sure he hears the conversation between Gardner and Logan but not wanting to get caught listening.

-As soon as Hal said, “Bauer should be a hero” I wanted to hug him. At least there is someone in the White House that still has his head. And suddenly Hal doesn’t look so bad for giving Logan all the blame when things don’t work out so well.

-“Intelligent Sources”, as opposed to ‘Unintelligent Sources’?

-Evelyn, next time you’ve been shot and your stupid daughter is crying in the next room, have her come to YOU! …grumble….

-Although, the daughter did do the right thing under any other circumstances, she called 9-1-1 when she was in trouble. Too bad this is the last thing she should be doing in this situation.

-The guy Henderson has on the phones is good.

-Do people actually watch Unnan1mous? It looks totally ridiculous to me. A bunch of idiots trying to show how greedy they are. What a waste.

-Martha, you have no idea what is and isn’t okay.

- Logan just has to get in the ‘under my direction’ about stopping the terrorist threat.

-My heart totally went out to Aaron when he admitted to Martha that he was “a little battle worn”. I sense, though, that this is not what’s making Aaron seem that way. He’s go the equation figured out and he knows damn well who is bad.

-When did Jack have time to program “Aaron Pierce” in his cell phone?

-If that military truck had come down that street they would have been in serious trouble, Carl is wearing khaki, he stands out like a sore thumb in the bush.

-It’s absolutely hilarious that Audrey, untrained DoD desk jockey outsmarted the big bad Homeland Security and they were left following a service truck. Granted, Audrey had a lot of help.

-Assuming Jack was bluffing about killing Carl’s wife… who would he have do it? Audrey?

-Carl should have trusted Wayne, he really didn’t want to know.

-Why would Carl ask Jack if Wayne is telling the truth? He doesn’t even know Jack, and he threatened to kill his wife.

-Did anyone else chuckle when Carl asked who Jack was… Who is HE? Like Jack is some mystical creature or something.

-Ahh, Carl, poor, naive Carl. Unfortunately, life isn’t always as simple as following the law for Jack.

-What happened to Evelyn? We know that she gave up Bauer’s location but I doubt that he would let her live… she knew everything. I hate non-closure.

-Although both Logan’s have been in my bad books this season, the little happy time between them was sweet.

-LIE of the week: That Logan has dealt with more crisis in one day than any President has in an entire term.

-When Jack asked for the safety deposit box number I was SO sure it would be #24. I guess that was too obvious so they picked 23 instead.

-I’m very curious how Evelyn obtained this information and how she knew where to look. What made her suspect something and then contact Palmer? How could she possibly have been listening to the President’s phone calls?

-Carl’s one sharp guy to recognize the voice of the President. I’d never be able to do that.

-Carl has either seen to many action movies or knows what Jack will probably do to his car… Sure you can borrow it… it’s insured. I.E. I know I’m not getting it back in one piece.

-Well Jack, using the bad guys and the police to distract each other sounds like a completely insane plan, lets do it.

-What’s with the Mac beep when Chloe boots up the computer in the server room?

-Also, what’s with the James Bond music? I’ve always liked Sean Callery, the resident composer for the show. He’s shown maturity beyond his years in the way he incorporates the music into the show and had it become part of the background, part of the scenes and makes them more powerful. If I wanted to listen to music from a James Bond movie, I’d WATCH a James Bond movie. I miss the days of the suspense-building cymbal run and eerie sounds.

-Line of the week contender: Chloe to Miles: “Are you kidding? If you really want the details I’ll write you a report.”

-Carl appears ready to take off like a runner when Jack tells him to be ready to go.

-Were those thugs driving Dodges?

-We should have taken bets on if Carl was going live or die.

-That said bets on if Wayne lives or dies once this day is over?

-Poor Wayne, not used to all this senseless carnage that Jack leaves in his wake all the time. He seems very upset that Carl died in his arms. If you’re going to hang around with Jack, Wayne, you better get used to it.

-Although on any other show that would probably be a serious shocker, we already knew that Logan is bad and it felt like a non-climax saying that they are going to be taking down the President. It felt like, “Well, no kidding. That’s what you’ve been working on for the last hour.”

-So Jack can’t turn to the police, he can’t turn to the bad guys, he can’t turn to CTU. It really is Jack versus the world out there, and he’s using it to his advantage.


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