5.16: 10:00pm - 11:00pm
~ Twist ~


Buchanan and the others on the floor at CTU look at the monitors and watch what is happening at the gas facility. Audrey rushes to a desk and grabs an earpiece so she can communicate with the teams. She asks Curtis directly if there is any sign of Jack. Curtis has nothing, just the flaming remains of what was a natural gas plant. He has men searching the area for him and fire and rescue just arrived, they are assessing the situation now. Bill asks Chloe what she is getting from the air surveillance but she doesn’t answer, just watches the screens whispering, ‘Come on, Jack.’ Buchanan asks her again and she snaps out of it saying that she has nothing. Buchanan fills them all in that the explosion worked, the amounts of gas in the air are not enough to be dangerous. Karen and Miles are kicking around in the atrium of CTU and Karen wants to be updated if anything changes, she calls Miles and they go upstairs. Buchanan returns his attention to Curtis who has a search underway for Jack, they know for sure he didn’t go out the north exit. The tension at CTU continues to rise as Curtis stares into the smoky haze hoping to see something. After a few seconds a silhouette appears and drawing closer it comes into view through the haze. Jack is walking slowly out of the disaster carrying an unconscious Bierko on his shoulder. As soon as he realizes what he is seeing Curtis tells CTU that Jack is okay. Curtis orders a medical team right away as Audrey composes herself. Curtis rushes to Jack’s aide and Jack wants a hand putting Bierko down. Curtis guides the unconscious man as Jack grunts releasing him. Jack, charred from the fire, kneels over Bierko and calls his name trying to bring him around. The medical team comes over and Jack backs away saying he needs him conscious. Jack questions Curtis about the gas and if it left the plant. Eyeing Jack suspiciously Curtis confirms that it worked, none of the gas got out. The medical worker informs Jack that Bierko is going into severe shock, they need to transport him now. Jack orders him back to CTU medical and tells Curtis to assemble a team to get Bierko back to CTU alive. Curtis starts to call his teams as Jack makes a call on his cell phone. Walking through CTU, Buchanan’s phone rings and Jack makes sure that he is still on a secure line. Buchanan is and he moves away from the crowds. Jack asks for the status on Henderson and Buchanan says that he’s still an active protocol. Jack wants him made a priority. He urges Buchanan to listen, he knows Henderson and he couldn’t have planned this. However misguided Henderson is he believes he is doing what is right for the country, he was willing to let his wife die to protect someone very powerful and they don’t know who it is. Jack continues, “Bill, I’m scared. I think this is bigger than anything we’ve ever imagined.”

The Vice President is on the phone with Karen and Miles. He urges her on with the plan at CTU, they have made one misstep after another and he doesn’t know why she is hesitating. She explains that CTU is looking for Henderson and if they start moving people they could interfere with the investigation. Gardner insists that they get started with this. Karen seems doubtful of the plan, Buchanan is not going to take this lying down. Despite what they say CTU has saved a lot of lives today, if they launch this action it will be reversed later. Miles has an idea. He wants to find someone to speak out against CTU, to admit that Buchanan superseded Lynn McGill’s authority and compromised CTU allowing the launch of the nerve gas. Karen can’t see that happening, Buchanan’s people are extremely loyal but Miles is not thinking of someone from CTU, he is thinking of Audrey Raines. She has split loyalty between DoD and CTU. He asks Karen to let him draft a statement.

Buchanan leans on Audrey’s workstation and informs her that CTU is being taken over. Audrey is surprised, they can’t do that. Buchanan grimly admits that Karen told her. Audrey seems offended by the suggestion, after everything they accomplished today that doesn’t make sense. Buchanan would like to think that they have earned a reprieve because of it but he doubts it. Karen is taking orders from Vice President Gardner, he wants this to happen. Audrey asks why but Buchanan doesn’t know the answer.

A thug reporting to Henderson explains that Palmer knocked one of their men, Cobb, out and took his weapon. Henderson wants him dealt with.

Pierce parks the SUV and gets out. He moves around to the back seat and picks up a first aid kit. Keeping an eye out Pierce goes all the way to the back of the vehicle and lifts the hatch back door. Under the cover lay Wayne still unconscious. He comes to with a grunt and Pierce comforts him. Wayne moves around and Pierce advises him to take it slow, he tells him he is at the Presidential retreat. They get Wayne into a sitting position off the back of the vehicle and Aaron starts to work to bandage Wayne’s injured hand. Aaron is worried about Wayne and thinks that he needs to get looked at. Wayne doesn’t have time for that, Aaron asks for an explanation, why did they try and kill him. Wayne explains quickly that David had a source inside the White House and someone is trying to prevent him from seeing her. Aaron wants to know who the source is. Wayne says it’s Mrs. Logan’s assistant, Evelyn Martin. David and she have been trading emails and Wayne needs to find out the content of them. Wayne thinks that this is why his brother was killed.

Martha speaks with her assistant, Evelyn. They have drafted a letter to the victims’ families from the Sunrise Hills Mall. Evelyn has to be back at 9am for a morning briefing. Martha asks if everything is okay as Evelyn appears distracted. She brushes it off saying it’s been a long day. She is ready to leave and Martha checks kindly if she has her credentials with her, there’s a curfew still. She digs her ID out of her bag and shows Martha she indeed has what she needs. Evelyn closes the door and Martha looks as if she suspects something unusual.

Evelyn is out in the hall and Wayne sees her. He rushes up to her and really needs to talk to her. She wants to leave but Pierce steps in, this will just take a minute. They head around the corner to another room and Evelyn steps inside. Looking like she knows what’s coming she waits nervously as Wayne loosens his tie and undoes the top button on his shit. He knows that she had been exchanging emails with his brother. She claims not to know anything but Wayne traced the account, he traced it right to her account. He needs to know what she told him. He has record of their correspondence but David deleted the content. He asks her not to lie to him again. He argues that someone killed David and they just tried to kill him, Wayne thinks they knew that he was coming there to see her, she is in danger. She isn’t willing to give anything up and tries to leave. Wayne grabs her and growls for her to give him what he needs. After a pause he snaps, ‘Talk to me!’ Evelyn begins to cry and whimpers that they kidnapped her little girl, her baby. They said that they would give Amy back to her if she gave them the evidence. She has proof about who is behind everything that happened today. Wayne wants the information, and he tries to persuade to her saying they are not going to give her back her daughter. She is resistant to answer them and Pierce steps up, he says that Mr. Palmer is right, she knows too much and they will kill them both. Evelyn thinks for a few seconds and then sighs. She will give them the evidence she has if they help her get her daughter back.



Sheri works at her station, she has pulled Henderson’s work record and there is lots of material there. Chloe wants her to start data mining it as they both see a group of people entering CTU together. Audrey also sees them and they know that this is Jim Hill from Homeland. Jim shakes hands with an agent and deploys his people. Soon a girl appears over Chloe’s shoulder wanting to take over her station; she needs all her relevant access codes. From the walkway outside the CTU director’s office Karen explains that these people are from Homeland Security. They have just authorized a unit wide backslash protocol and CTU is being absorbed by the Department of Homeland Security. She realizes that this is sudden and this has been a difficult day but she urges them to cooperate to make the transaction as smooth as possible so they can get their work done. Bierko is on his way in and Henderson remains an open protocol. She retreats to the office and CTU is left to absorb this information. Miles comes over to Audrey and asks casually if she would join him in the situation room. She wants to know why but Miles wants to speak in private. She agrees and they leave as Chloe watches.

Jack is driving when his cell phone rings. Wayne Palmer identifies himself to a surprised Jack and then asks if Jack is alright, he just heard about the explosion at the gas plant. Jack is fine and tells Wayne that he wishes he could tell him that all the people responsible for the assassination of his brother are in custody but he can’t. Wayne may be able to help with this. He explains he is at President Logan’s retreat with Evelyn Martin, Martha Logan’s assistant. She knows all of the people involved in the plot to kill his brother but she won’t tell them because her 8 year old daughter has been kidnapped and will be held until she hands over the evidence. Jack takes this well and immediately knows this has to be Henderson. Jack will come and meet them and CTU can provide operational support for this. Jack asks where to meet and Wayne remembers passing a barn about a mile west of there on Service Road 19. Jack will be there soon and they hang up. Wayne wants to leave right away and they realize that they may be being watched, they shouldn’t leave together. Wayne wants to separate and send Evelyn to her car and then they will meet up in the parking lot at her car. Pierce opens the door and she leaves, they wait for their time and Wayne says he will see her soon.

Audrey reads the statement that Miles has prepared. She echoes some of the sentences in disgust and says that he can’t expect her to sign this. It is a distortion of the truth designed to place the blame on Bill Buchanan and CTU. They saved a lot of lives today. Miles counters that if they had been operating effectively the lives never would have been at risk. Audrey couldn’t disagree more. She shoves the statement back at Miles who says he respects her loyalty to CTU. She gets up and starts toward the door until Miles reminds her that she is a representative of the Department of Defence and part of the blame for the events today will fall on her and her career. By signing this she isolates the fallout to Buchanan and CTU, where it belongs. Audrey walks back to Miles and leans over the statement looking again. She snaps at Miles that she is proud of what they did here today, the people of CTU are heroes, especially Bill Buchanan. This takeover is completely unwarranted and she is not going to help Miles justify it. She leaves the room.

Once she is outside her phone rings and Jack is calling. She asks where he is and he explains that he is on his way to se Wayne Palmer and that Evelyn Martin has evidence about who is behind everything but she won’t give it up because her daughter has been kidnapped. Jack thinks Henderson is behind the kidnapping, he will trade the evidence for the girl. Audrey is surprised by all this information but Jack wants her to re-task the satellite. Audrey says that will be difficult because CTU is being rolled up and replaced by Homeland. Jack wants more information; Audrey says that all she knows is Karen is taking orders from Vice President Gardner. Audrey suggests that Jack speak to Karen himself about it but Jack doesn’t want to. He tells her that when he was interrogating Henderson it was obvious he was protecting someone, someone very powerful and now Gardner is involved in stopping CTU from finding Henderson. Chloe has been let go along with everyone else, Jack tells her to find a way. They hang up and Audrey realizes what she has to do.

Miles and Karen are back to square one, Miles can approach some of the senior CTU staff. Karen shoots him down and Audrey comes in. She has reconsidered, she will sign the statement. Karen is curious as to why she had a sudden change of heart. Audrey doesn’t necessarily agree but she sees the need to shield DoD from any controversy that could reflect back negatively on her father. She sits down and Miles hands her a pen. As Audrey looks and starts to sign the paper she wants one thing in return, she wants Chloe to be kept on and assigned to her. They want to know why Chloe specifically and Audrey explains that she needs server access to do her paperwork and with Chloe’s help she can do it in half the time. Miles argues that there are other people that can do it but Audrey has a working relationship with Chloe, she is an asset they can’t afford to lose. She asks if they have a deal. Karen agrees and Audrey signs the paper.

Henderson checks his watch and says that Martin will be leaving soon, it’s almost time for them to get going. One of his thugs asks about the girl. Henderson ominously says he will take care of her. Evelyn’s daughter sits near looking scared.



Evelyn is on the phone with Wayne. She is at her car and there is no one around. They hang up and Wayne and Aaron walk through the retreat. Pierce is uncomfortable sending Wayne away without any protection but Wayne says he will be fine, if Pierce leaves they will be at risk of raising suspicion. Pierce still doesn’t like it. As the pair get near a corner, Gardner comes around it. They are shocked to see each other and Wayne slyly hides his bandaged hand behind his back. Gardner kindly tells Wayne that he didn’t know he was coming, he asks if he is here to see the President. Wayne is not and Pierce explains that Wayne is there to give him a memento from his brother. Wayne says it was a service medal. Wayne knew that he and the President are dealing with today’s crisis and he didn’t want them to feel obliged to see him. Hal assures Wayne that it would not be a problem, especially under the circumstances. Genuinely, Hal says that Wayne’s brother was one of the greatest men to occupy the office, his loss to all of them can never be expressed in words. Wayne thanks him and Hal offers to get the President, he is sure he would like to express his condolences himself. Wayne has to go, he has to fly David’s body back to Washington. They shake hands and Aaron says he will walk Wayne out.

The girl that is taking over Chloe’s station is asking her some questions. Chloe excuses herself because she sees Buchanan on the other side of CTU. Futilely, the girl calls after Chloe that they aren’t done while Chloe gives chase to Buchanan. She wants to know how they can get away with this. Buchanan assures her that this is not over. He tells her to just follow their instructions. Chloe is upset because they’re saying everyone is fired. Buchanan says the order will be rescinded once the information about what happened today gets out. Miles comes up to them and tells Chloe not to transfer her station, she got a pass. Chloe is unhappy even though this means she gets to keep her job. Why does she get to stay while everyone else goes. Frustrated, Miles says because Mrs. Raines asked for her to stay on. Bill is baffled, he asks what Audrey has to do with this. Miles explains with satisfaction that Mrs. Raines singed a statement documenting the missteps that happened today by CTU and Buchanan in particular. Buchanan is floored, Audrey would never sign anything like that. She has come up behind them and from a distance admits that she did. They turn to face her and Buchanan, in a hurt tone asks why. She says lightly it is the truth. Buchanan still can’t seem to understand, he makes sure that she realizes this kills any chance they have of rescinding the order. She understands.

Wayne drives Evelyn’s car and explains that she got a call an hour ago from a man that said she would never see her daughter alive again if she didn’t follow his instructions. He let her talk to her daughter, she sounded scared. The person that called warned her not to tell anyone, if she did he would know. Wayne promises that he will do everything he can to get her daughter back. She sees where this is going, she is not giving him any information until she gets her daughter back. Wayne asks why she called David with the information. Evelyn says that she knew him and he and the first lady were friends. David was truly a wonderful man. Evelyn is upset now and Wayne with his own voice breaking agrees that he was. Wayne still can’t accept talking about his brother in the past tense; he can’t believe that he’s gone. Evelyn told David this information because she trusted him, she never thought for a moment that it wound endanger him. ‘I have your brothers’ blood on my hands and for that I will never forgive myself.’ Wayne reassures her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Evelyn’s phone rings, she knows that it’s them. Wayne quickly calls Jack and says that the call is coming through. Jack is patched in and Wayne makes sure Evelyn is ready for this. She is and Wayne answers it and hands the phone to her. Henderson is on the other end and immediately asks her what took her so long to answer. She makes the excuse that she was going through security. He makes sure that she is alone and asks why Wayne Palmer was at the retreat. She repeats the name and Henderson jokes, ‘He was there for a reason and it wasn’t to drop off a resume.’ She didn’t know he was there, she didn’t see him. With Wayne and Jack both listening Henderson accuses her of lying. She argues she is telling the truth. He threatens that his daughter will suffer if she is not telling the truth. She has brought what they discussed and she wants to speak to her daughter, Amy. Henderson bends down and crouches in front of Evelyn’s daughter. He calls her sweetheart and says that her mommy is on the phone. She takes the phone and speaks to Evelyn who tells her that she will be there soon, she needs to keep being brave. They exchange ‘I love you’s’ and Henderson takes the phone away saying, ‘That’s enough, sweetheart.’ Henderson tells Evelyn to take down the following address: 4615 Tarpin. Jack has heard enough and hangs up his side immediately calling Audrey. She listens to Jack but watches Buchanan pass by. He has his briefcase and jacket in his hand and pauses just long enough to give her a questioning look and then he continues out of CTU. Audrey refocuses on Jack and confirms that Chloe is back on line with them. Jack wants the satellite on the address that Henderson gave Evelyn, they will be there in a few minutes.

After hanging up with Jack Audrey crosses the CTU to Chloe’s station. Audrey asks Chloe to come with her but Chloe is not interested in what Audrey has to say. Audrey persuades her, it’s for Jack. She grabs Chloe’s arm saying that Jack needs her help. Chloe looks at Audrey and finally agrees. They walk towards the back rooms, Audrey still hanging on to Chloe. Chloe asks what the hell is going on and Audrey explains briefly that she had to sign the statement to keep Karen from replacing her. Audrey didn’t have a choice, Chloe is the only one that they trust and he needs the satellite re-tasked. Chloe wants more of an explanation but Audrey is unwilling to give it now, she will but right now Chloe needs to hurry.



Wayne and Evelyn wait at the meeting point. Wayne stands still while she paces impatiently. They hear a car pull up outside. The car stalls, lights go off and a door is heard. Evelyn looks to Wayne as they wait. After a pause they hear steps and the unmistakeable sound of a gun cocking. Wayne thinks there’s something wrong and he pulls Evelyn so that they are hiding. From the front side we see a figure come in the back side of the barn. After a few seconds the person calls Wayne. Wayne recognizes the voice as Jack and sighs. The pair shakes hands; Wayne says it is good to see Jack. Jack spies Evelyn watching them and he goes to her and introduces himself as Jack Bauer. He promises to get her daughter back. She nods and closes her eyes. Jack wants to know what she knows. She is resistant. She already told Wayne that she is not telling them anything until she has her daughter. Jack takes it well and asks to be excused for one second. Jack dials his cell and walks away. At CTU Audrey answers and Jack wants to speak to Chloe. Audrey puts Jack on speaker and they discuss the possibility of the Vice President being involved. Chloe has the satellite images of the meet coming up now, Jack asks that it be sent to his PDA. Chloe counts 10 men at the meeting place. Jack wants real time images sent to his PDA. Wayne has come up behind Jack and once Jack hangs up the phone he explains that he is going to go with Evelyn in her car to the exchange. Jack instructs Wayne to find somewhere safe and stay there until this is over. Wayne isn’t about to do that, he is going with Jack. Jack cannot allow this, it is extremely dangerous. Wayne reminds Jack that he was a marine but Jack knows that Wayne never saw combat. There is a difference between training to kill someone and actually having to do it. Jack can’t put Wayne in harms way out of respect to his brother, his family needs him now. Jack walks away from Wayne but when Wayne speaks again it stops Jack in his tracks. Wayne explains, ‘These are the people that killed my brother, Jack.’ Turning to face Jack Wayne continues, ‘They shot a bullet through his neck and then he died in my arms.’ Jack sighs and Wayne looks away. He asks Jack, ‘Put yourself in my position, could you just walk away?’ Jack answers ‘No’ and Wayne says that he can’t either. He is coming with Jack. This time Wayne walks away from Jack.

Logan speaks on the phone with a Prime Minister, he is happy and thanks him. Hal Gardner is in the room and Logan gives him a nod and finishes up the conversation. Once he hangs up he happily tells Hal that it will take the better part of the day to return all the phone calls. World leaders are lining up to congratulate him. Hal just smiles and then asks if Logan is aware that Wayne Palmer was on the premises. Logan is surprised and Hal explains it was about half an hour ago and he just left. Logan didn’t speak with him, he was there to give a service medal of his brothers to Aaron Pierce. Logan says this is understandable, Pierce and David were very close. Hal is bothered by the fact that Wayne didn’t want to speak to Logan. Logan can understand it, it was no secret that David and Logan had their share of disagreements over the years. Wayne may harbour ill feelings towards Logan. Hal is satisfied with this response.

Jack, Wayne and Evelyn have arrived at the meeting point. Evelyn stops the car and they all get out. Evelyn expresses concern as to if she can go through with this. Jack asks her if she wants to see her daughter again. He reminds her that they didn’t hesitate to kill President Palmer and they won’t hesitate to kill her and her daughter if they get in the way. Jack checks again that Evelyn knows what to do once she has her daughter in her arms. Evelyn doesn’t repeat it but says she knows what to do. Jack promises that they are going to get her daughter back and then sends her on her way. She starts the car and Wayne and Jack are left behind. Once she is out of sight Jack starts toward the building nearby. Wayne trails and Jack tells him to call out ‘Testing, 1, 2, 3’. Wayne obeys and Jack makes sure Chloe got that. She is sending uploaded schematics to Jack’s PDA. He is at the south east corner entrance and Chloe tells him there’s a tunnel that leads to a conveyer belt that lets out in the middle of the plant. There’s a hostile at a nearby exit. Wayne looks nervous as Jack prepares to enter. Jack pulls out his gun and turns to Wayne instructing him to do the same. Wayne does and Jack goes in first.



The facility is all quiet, Henderson looks out some doors and asks for a checks with his sniper, all units are holding.

Jack has his PDA out and finds the right direction, he and Wayne move. Jack has a hostile on his PDA and hesitates then sneaks up behind the man and shoots him repeatedly through the torso at close range. Silently Jack moves on and Wayne looks at the dead man and follows. They come to a point where Jack needs Wayne’s help. He asks Wayne to take out one of the guards so he can climb up and take out the sniper and then another about 100 yards away. Wayne can do it and he starts off in the direction Jack told him. He gets about 3 steps before Jack calls for him to wait, there is someone moving. Jack has one man coming towards them and once he is close enough Jack shoots him. He sends Wayne and watches.

Chloe follows Wayne on her screen and asks if he can hear her. She gives him directions to his target and when he gets close he finds cover and peeks at the man. Waiting he takes a breath and then comes out facing the mans back. Wayne hesitates and stands with his gun aimed at the target until he finally turns around to face Wayne. Finally, Wayne pulls the trigger and kills the man. He gives the all clear to Jack who then climbs up a ladder and moves along the catwalk using his PDA to give him directions. Jack comes behind a sniper and who is speaking into his two-way to Henderson. He says that he hears a car and starts to walk back to where Jack was standing just moments ago. He tells Henderson that he has a single female occupant in a car headed north. Jack jumps down and slits the man’s throat. Henderson speaks into the radio calling for the man again and Jack starts to work on the radio creating interference and distortion. After a few seconds Jack speaks back to Henderson saying there is a woman alone in the car, he repeats. Henderson copies.

Evelyn arrives at the meet and shuts down the car. Jack tells those listening that they have taken out 4 of the hostiles and Evelyn is in. Wayne is waiting for the signal from Jack who reminds him not to shoot to kill. Henderson phones Evelyn and instructs her to open all the doors and the trunk of the car. Evelyn follows the instructions and once Henderson is satisfied he tells her to put her keys on the ground. He asks if she has the evidence with her and she says that she wants her daughter. Jack watches through the snipers scope and Henderson tells his people to hold their position, he is coming out. Henderson and his two lackeys come out with Amy. Jack has a visual on Henderson and the girl. Once they are close enough Henderson asks for the evidence from Evelyn but Evelyn isn’t giving it up until she has her daughter. Henderson tells Amy to go and see her mom which she does. Jack watches and waits for the right time, he whispers for Evelyn to get down knowing that she is impeding his shot. Evelyn grabs her daughter and hugs her pulling her close to her and the pair of them are shielded by the vehicle. Suddenly Jack and Wayne engage shooting at Henderson and his thugs. They take out the thugs with relative ease but returning fire, Henderson grabs Evelyn’s keys off the ground and gets in the car. Jack tells Wayne via radio that he didn’t get him, if he has a shot he can take it. Wayne has a shot as Henderson drives by but all Wayne does is shoot out the window, Henderson ducks in time to miss the bullets. Henderson takes off and Jack wants Chloe to follow him on satellite. Chloe’s coverage isn’t that extensive, she snaps at Jack that he asked for coverage of the plant and not the entire neighbourhood. Jack catches up to Wayne who has gone to the aide of Evelyn. She has been shot in the leg and cries while she clutches her daughter.

In the split screen we see Chloe, Audrey, Amy and Evelyn and Karen watching over CTU.

Jack checks Evelyn’s wound, the bullet passed through and didn’t hit an artery. It’s not serious but it will have to be dressed. Jack wants her to tell them what she knows. Who is behind this, the Vice President? She doesn’t respond and Jack asks again if it is the Vice President. Through gritted teeth Evelyn snaps that the Vice President has nothing to do with this.

Henderson is reporting to his superior who is in a darkened room so that we can only see him from the back. Henderson hadn’t counted on Jack Bauer showing up but Bauer and Wayne Palmer won’t be around long enough to tell anyone what they know. Henderson is putting another team together and he vows not to let him down. The man on the other end of the phone turns while he says, “See that you don’t.” He is revealed to the audience as none other than President Charles Logan.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Jack just seems to leave trouble wherever he goes. One minute customers in the LA area have natural gas, the next minute they don’t.

-Audrey’s concern for Jack is heart-warming. Wow, something heart-warming in 24, you don’t see that every day.

-If my house is burning down I want the fire rescue team that went to the natural gas plant to show up. If I call them before I start cooking next time, they’ll be at my place before the oven even heats up.

-Where was Jack headed at the beginning of this episode? He didn’t’ appear to be going anywhere in particular.

-You’d think the guys at CTU would be used to the idea of Jack being dead by now. Those who thought he was dead haven’t even had a chance to get reattached to him yet.

-Miles is like Karen’s little lapdog, all she has to do is say his name and he gives chase, tongue hanging out and everything.

-I guess Bierko shielded Jack from the blast. Jack still looks pretty rough but he cleans up nice in the end. It’s hard to believe that Jack got out of that without a scratch on him.

-For the first while Curtis’s constant expression of waiting for Jack to keel over was interesting and kind of amusing. Now it’s just plain annoying. Can they give this guy something else to do other then asking Jack if he’s okay and waiting anxiously for Jack to pass out?

-Yeah, sure, take Bierko to CTU medical, he’s probably pretty much dead anyway, might as well finish it off.

-How come all these soldiers get to be in the loop with Henderson but not CTU or Jack? Who are they and where did they come from?

-That’s a quick change of focus for Jack, was he thinking about Henderson when he was carrying Bierko out of the fire? He seemed to have a plan already.

-Jack admits he’s scared, now that’s impressive. The only other time I can remember that he did that was in Season 1 when he was holding the waitress, Lauren. He was partially unconscious and muttered that he has never been this scared. This time he admitted it to someone that he is actually going to have to see again, we think.

-Just because the gas plant could have killed 200 thousand people doesn’t mean that Henderson doesn’t think it’s for the best. I hope that wasn’t the only way that Jack drew that conclusion.

-Although I hate Karen she made a good case to keep the CTU workers on a little longer. She lost, but at least she tried.

-It has been way to obvious if Gardner was the bad one since he hasn’t been exactly keeping it a secret.

-Miles is such a slimy bastard but I’m still not inclined to believe Sheri’s story about him, especially how she reacted to Buchanan.

-I think Audrey would know about what was happening at CTU well before anyone else since she does have ties at DoD.

-There’s some of that story that the thug isn’t telling Henderson. How about that Wayne had help and got away?

-I thought there was nothing but bad news for Wayne when Pierce had him in the trunk.

-That would be an interesting thing to get caught doing on the side of the road – stuffing an assassinated ex-president’s brother in the trunk of a military SUV.

-That’s it, I just found my next car, if you can stuff an over 6 foot Palmer in the BACK? Think of all the cargo space!

-Points for Pierce on this entire situation.

- Wayne has had a rough day. He and Jack should compare notes some day, but not today, they’re busy.

- Wayne must be pretty good with computers to track those emails between his brother and Evelyn… he could work for CTU when this is done.

-Why wouldn’t David tell Wayne about all of this? If he had the time to tell Evelyn then I think he would have had the time to bounce it off his own brother.

-Great, Jack has no more kids to kidnap so they’ll kidnap someone else’s daughter.

-Why is it always a daughter?

-A Backslash Protocol? It sounds like something a little too computer related to me. Maybe it’s just so they can abbreviate it.

-Is that ‘\’ or ‘/’ ? Better get it straight, if someone at CTU abbreviates it to the wrong thin they might blow up a country or something. Then they’d have some serious explaining to do.

-Karen’s expression while she watches over CTU is like a hawk watching her forest.

- Wayne is probably about the last place Jack expected to get a lead from.

- Wayne doesn’t need a PDA with a map, apparently he has photographic memory. Either that or he was in the market on the way there for a secret meeting place.

-If Wayne had to get through security to get in, did he have to pass through it to get out? If the barn was a mile away, due to the time it took him to get to the retreat after he was stopped, I think the checkpoint was more then a mile away. If that’s true then Jack would have had to come through a checkpoint and well, I didn’t see any credentials on him.

-Audrey obviously has been taking lessons form Jack. She doesn’t care about her career as long as she is doing what is right.

-It’s nice to hear Audrey refer to Buchannan as a ‘hero’. He’s not out in the field killing people but he’s doing what’s right from CTU.

-Audrey’s ability to think on her feet has gotten better and better. It’s impressive how she just came up with those crazy stories

-The craziest one of all, that she has a ‘working relationship’ with Chloe. I was unaware that anyone had any kind of relationship with Chloe other than a strained one.

- Wayne couldn’t have come up with an excuse for the cut on his hand? Like maybe that he cut it while crawling around in the glass after his brother was shot?

-The way Hal reacted to Wayne and the kind words he had about David made me sure that he was not a bad guy.

-How does Wayne know what kind of car Evelyn drives?

-It churned my stomach hearing Wayne talk about flying David’s body back to Washington. No fun. He seemed not happy with that prospect either.

-If I’m not mistaken I never saw Evelyn working for David. I think that she probably only knew him by reputation or if he ever came to speak to Martha. She’s pretty worked up for someone that she didn’t even know. Further, she trusted him an awful lot.

-I can’t believe Henderson is stupid enough to not think that Jack or someone is in on the call, especially after the delay. You would think that he would have some sort of protection in place.

-Anyone else find it funny the way Jack gave Chloe the address, it was like 4 ………6……… 16tarping

-It’s almost grossly sweet seeing how nice Henderson is to Amy. It doesn’t make me doubt that, if he watched Kim grow up as Jack’s friend, that he would help her out when they believed Jack was dead.

-Poor Bill. I really do hope that’s not the last we see of him. Not only is he a good actor but he’s an asset to CTU that does the right thing.

-Am I the only one that really wanted Audrey to go after Bill and explain why she did what she did?

-Those are always the magic words with Chloe, aren’t they, “Jack needs you.”

-You can call Chloe a lot of things (it’s a BIG list) but one good one is extremely loyal.

-So, it’s pretty convenient that Evelyn’s daughter is with her in LA. What’s going on with that? Doesn’t the President live in Washington, DC? Doesn’t it make sense for the advisors of the President to live there too?

- Wayne may have been a marine but probably not a very good one judging by the way Jack was able to sneak up on him like that.

-Did Jack have time to go over Wayne’s Marine service record on the way over or does he have that stored in the PDA as well?

-I’m not sure why Jack even bothered to ask Wayne to find somewhere to hide. It just makes sense that he would want to avenge his brother’s death.

-Apparently Tony’s angle this season was supposed to be revenge, I wonder if this would have played out differently had Tony not been killed needlessly. It could have been Jack, Tony and Wayne in the field.

-It’s sweet to see Jack still protecting Palmer, even though he’s dead. He is protecting his family.

-Even though we know that Jack is very good at his job and ‘a born killer’, it’s nice to hear him refer to it as having to kill someone, as much as Jack is a machine, he is still human.

-listening to the details of David’s death is probably enough to make Jack do anything, including allowing Wayne to come.

-Well, at least this time when Wayne is being congratulated he is somewhat responsible…sort of.

-10 bucks says that if Wayne didn’t “harbour ill feelings” towards Logan before he sure as hell will once he finds out that he was responsible for the death of his brother.

-The innuendo that Logan gives the statement about David not seeing eye to eye with him made it almost sound like Logan blamed David for it. You know, like he wasn’t the one responsible for Jack being ‘killed’ at the end of last season due to his inaction.

-One second Evelyn doesn’t want to do this, the next she doesn’t want the instructions again from Jack. Make up your mind, woman.

- Wayne was all gung-ho about this back at the safe barn, before they go in he looks like he’s rethinking it. He really looks like he’s rethinking it before he shoots that dude.

-Convoluted instructions Chloe gives Jack when he gets to the plant. Okay, go up 12 feet, take a left, now stand on your head and bark like a dog…

-It felt like Jack was going to have to drag Wayne through this when he had to tell him to draw his weapon.

-Jack also seems to be out for revenge, 2 hostiles met a grisly end this hour, the 3 bullets at close range and the slit neck.

-By the way, if you play 24: The Game, you can kill people like that, the slit neck. It’s kinda gruesome.

- Wayne looks very impressed at Jack’s killing ability, or maybe a little scared of his ruthlessness.

-To me, Jack still sounded like Jack on Henderson’s two-way. Why wasn’t Henderson paying attention?
-That sure looked like a shot to kill from Wayne, he was shooting at Henderson’s head through the window.

-It was cool watching Jack watch Evelyn though the scope on the sniper rifle.

-It sounds like Evelyn could have had the instructions gone over again… it took her forever to get down and out of the way.

-Why didn’t Jack and Wayne shoot out the tires so Henderson couldn’t get away?

-Trust Chloe to cop attitude at a time like Henderson getting away.

-I think that the sentence “It’s not serious” is the last thing Evelyn wants to hear right now. I’m sure it feels pretty serious.

-Ask me later how I really feel about the Logan twist. Its unexpected somewhat. It was too obvious for it to be Gardner. At the same time, it can’t be as simple as ‘the President wants to kill Americans’. What’s the hidden force behind this?

-What happened to Curtis and Bierko? It took them about 30 seconds to get to that location and now it took all hour to get back to CTU?

-What ever happened to “Jim Hill” from Homeland? He also seems to have evaporated after assigning some lackeys.

-Finally, WHY JACK?