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The large needle that had been stuck into Tony is picked up by someone in the clinic. Tony’s body is covered with a sheet while Jack stands staring at his friend blinking repeatedly. Audrey arrives at the clinic and stops on the other side of the first set of doors. Jack turns around and meets her. She says that she is so sorry but Jack changes the subject asking if they found Henderson. He got out of CTU before they got him but the camera got a shot of him leaving. They found the car he was in a block away but Audrey thinks they may have gotten what they needed anyway. Jack asks what she is talking about, Audrey explains Chloe managed to decrypt a file from his computer and they found a name, Collette Stenger, who is an international broker of intelligence and intellectual property. Interpol has Stenger and Bierko meeting a few times over the last months. They have the name of her hotel from when she entered the country at customs but there is no saying that she is actually there. Curtis is prepping a team. Jack says that’s good and calls Curtis who is in the change room preparing. Curtis answers and says that he is going to go with the team that is leaving right now.

At the retreat they are minutes away from a press conference. A woman speaks to the press core that is there saying that there will be no Q & A after the President is finished. Inside, Logan prepares and paces. Hal asks if he is having 2 nd thoughts, his body language certainly indicates it. Logan doesn’t think this is going to be a popular announcement, putting soldiers in the streets. Martha arrives and wants a moment with her husband. Hal reminds her that he is going on TV in a matter of minutes, Martha will be brief, she would like a moment alone with her husband. Hal laves the Logan’s and before Martha can protest Logan says indignantly that he has made up his mind. Martha updates him that Mike has spoken to CTU and they have a lead on Bierko, they think they might be able to find him before he can unleash another attack. Logan dismisses this as wishful thinking but Martha thinks that might not be so. Logan is sure that the military is the best way to maintain order, the Vice President is right about that. Martha brings up the idea that he is setting Logan up to take the fall, that way next year he gets the nomination. Logan thinks this is silly, the only motivation he has is what’s best for the country. Martha is sure there will be fallout, Hal knows it and Logan knows it. From a distance Hall calls Logan, it’s time to get started. Logan has to go and turns away from his wife. Martha calls to him but he goes outside and is in front of the cameras. He starts to speak reading the teleprompter scrolling in front of him. He says that America was hit today but a series of terrorist attacks beginning with the assassination of former President Palmer and carried through to the attack at Ontario Airport and the attempted assassination of President Suvarov. These terrorists are operating within the borders of the US and recent intelligence suggests that they will strike again and soon. Logan vows to do his sworn duty of providing safety for the people of his country and because of that he is issuing an executive order and imposing a curfew on all civilians in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It will be enforced by the military. As disruptive as this is, he urges the public to remember that they are at war.

Bierko sits at his safe house and watches the conference with interest. Buchanan also sees the events at CTU with Chloe standing nearby. She informs Buchanan that the DoD wants the names of the casualties at CTU but Buchanan isn’t letting it out until next of kin has been notified. Chloe leaves and Buchanan sees Miles and Karen and a few other Homeland Security lackeys arriving. Miles observes that CTU is a sinking ship, why aren’t they taking it over completely. Karen says that once the nerve gas is found they will do that. Buchanan arrives to greet them and he already knows Karen. She introduces Miles Papazain to Buchanan and she then tells Miles to check they networks at CTU. Buchanan takes the chance to tell Karen that they really don’t need her there, CTU will be okay. Karen tells Bill that the white house has ordered them there so they need to figure out how Homeland can best assist CTU. Buchanan invites her to his office. They walk away and Miles goes over to Chloe. Checking his files he deduces that she is Chloe O’Brian. Hunched over her computer she snaps at him asking who he is. He says he is from Homeland Security but she asked for his name, not who he worked for. Miles is looking for a vacant station and after looking again at his list he has Edgar Styles listed as a casualty. Chloe pauses in her typing and sulkily stares at her monitor. Miles asks if that is right and Chloe finally says yeah. Miles concludes that that space is available then, he has to set up and reinstall the programs for everyone in their group. Miles wants Chloe’s key card but she denies him. Miles states that he is at CTU on a priority administrative directive and Chloe can confirm that with her supervisor on her own time. Grudgingly she hands the card over to Miles and, happy for the small victory, he makes his way to Edgar’s desk and hangs his jacket on the chair while Chloe hunches over and gets back to work staring angrily at him and shaking her head.

Logan and Hal watch the FOX newscast of what is happening in LA. Martha is also in the room listening as they talk about military being unleashed in a major metropolitan area. Martha has heard enough and turns to leave. Logan asks where she is going and she says coolly that she is going for some fresh air. She pauses and then heads out of the room. Passing by Pierce she opens a new pack of cigarettes and mumbles ‘I don’t trust him.’ Aaron asks who she is talking about and she answers the Vice President. She walks away and Aaron turns to close the door revealing a patch of gauze still on his head from the Suvarov attack. Once he’s back in position his phone rings. To everyone’s surprise it is Wayne Palmer on the other end. He is driving in his car and identifies himself to Pierce. Immediately Aaron launches into an apology about Palmer and says that he meant more to him that he can describe. Wayne knows how close Pierce was to his brother and he can assure Aaron that David felt the same way about him. Pierce is flattered and Wayne continues that David is the reason that he is calling. There is something he needs to give to Pierce that’s from his brother. He needs to give it to him personally. Wayne is on the road and he will be there within the hour. He knows it sounds imposing but it has to be sooner rather than later. Aaron says there’s a curfew in effect but Wayne left before it was brought down. Pierce seems somewhat uncomfortable, this is an odd request. Wayne knows that his brother trusted Aaron with his life and he is asking Aaron to now trust him. Aaron agrees and Wayne asks him to keep the meeting between them. Aaron will find a discreet place to meet and Wayne will call when he is close. They hang up and Aaron resumes his position.

Logan and Hal continue to watch the news and the discussion is now on the ripple effect that the imposition of this action will cause. The reporter continues that legislators continue to debate the legality of this move. Logan turns off the TV and angrily turns to Hal asking about the words “Debate the legality of this action”. They are talking like this is some kind of illegal action. Hal assures Logan that it is in control, their legal team is working on it right now. Logan is dissatisfied but changes the subject and asks about CTU’s progress. They are still following up on the Bierko lead and as soon as they get something to report Logan will be the first to hear about it.

Karen speaks with Buchanan, he tells her that the attack they are expecting is on a larger scale than anything else they have seen today, that’s why they think they attacked CTU, to cripple the response. Karen says that the losses at CTU were worse than Bill originally thought but he says once they bring in the necessary people they will be back on their feet. Their lead, Colette Stenger, is being brought in, they have sent a Tac Team to her hotel.

Theo Stoller lies in bed and observes that he enjoys watching Colette get dressed almost as much as he enjoys watching her get undressed. She suggests that he also get dressed. Offhandedly he says that he hopes she is going to get a lot of money for this deal. She seems surprised and says that she doesn’t talk about her work; he says that Marcia called. Colette will call in 45 minutes; he is to go to the airport. He will be there.



Karen hangs up the phone and Buchanan storms into the office. He has seen that they have ordered proficiency evaluations for everyone at CTU. She brushes it off as a formality and there is no time to do it right now anyway. Buchanan presses her, it’s in the pipeline, though. He accuses her of being there to shut down CTU, the evaluations will be filled in later. She starts to tell him that the White House sent her but Buchanan yells that he knows what she told him, now he wants the truth. She admits that CTU is being absorbed by Homeland, from now on every operation needs to go through her. Buchanan takes a few steps away to absorb this information and Karen asks what he expected, they lost 56 people today and the rest are demoralized. Buchanan is fired up, they are not demoralized, they are angry and they want to fight back. They are ready do lay down their lives, some already have. Karen says it’s done, the decision has been made but they don’t want to interfere with the ongoing protocols, she asks him to keep this information between them at least until the crisis plays out. Buchanan leaves the office and goes downstairs. Audrey catches up to him and says that Homeland has been overly aggressive with their survey and glances in Miles’ direction. Buchanan says that this is just a formality, they will be gone when the crisis is over. He asks about the Military mobilization and Audrey updates him that Martial Law is in effect in 9 of the 15 areas, they are setting up check points with the rest of them now. Buchanan hopes that the President is doing the right thing.

Jack, Curtis and 2 other agents head towards the hotel room where Collette is supposed to be. The other teams are in position so they move in. They use a key card to enter the hotel room and silently make their way through the rooms inside. Jack is leading the team and is the first to make it through. He goes out onto the balcony and looks around. Looking up he thinks that she went for the roof, he asks them to cover the stairs. Curtis goes back out with the others and head up the stairs to the roof. The roof is covered in areas and they emerge from the stairs shielded from the rest of the roof. Curtis silently orders his team to go one way while he goes the other. Once he comes out on the open roof and looks around, gun out. Suddenly Theo jumps down from the structure above and lands on Curtis. Theo gets to Curtis’s gun first and holds it to him. Jack is heard before he is seen and demands that Theo drop the gun. Theo orders Jack to stand down or Curtis dies. Curtis stands in the middle of everything and a look of concern briefly crosses Jack’s face. Jack keeps his gun trained on Theo who orders him again to stand down. Jack tells Theo that their people are all around him, Theo asks what people and who they are. Jack says they are from Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit, Theo wants ID. Slowly Curtis pulls his badge out from under his vest and shows it to Theo. After inspecting it Theo reveals that he is from the German Federal Intelligence Service, his name is Theo Stoller. Jack wants to know what he is doing in this country and Theo explains that he is there as part of an undercover operation, a special assignment by agreement from their governments. He wants CTU to get out of there before they destroy his cover but Jack isn’t about to let that happen. He calls Chloe and asks her to check the SA list for Theo Stoller. She gives Jack a description that matches the man in front of him, 5’11”, brown hair, brown eyes, trained in England at MI-6. Jack cuts Chloe off thanking her and hangs up. He explains to Theo that he was with Colette Stenger and she is tied to Bierko who is behind the terrorist attacks that have happened today. She is the only way to find him. Jack asks where she is but Theo can’t help him, if CTU finds Colette it will jeopardize his operation. He has been undercover for 6 months collecting Intel, she is too valuable to give up. Jack tells Theo what is on the line, hundreds of thousands of lives. Theo doesn’t see eye to eye with Jack, their agendas are different. Jack’s objective it so save American lives, his is to save German lives. He wants Jack to ask himself what he would do in Theo’s position, he is asking Theo to betray his country. Jack growls that Theo should start asking himself what he would do in Jack’s position. Jack grabs Theo by the arm and leads him back towards the stairs. Theo is there on the permission of the US government, Jack can’t touch him. Jack answers casually, “Right.” They head back into the hotel.



Colette shows up in a shiny red Lexus and gets out. She pulls her gun out of her thigh holster and hands it over to the man working security for Bierko. The man in turn frisks her and seems to enjoy himself. She grabs her bag out of the car and he wants to search that as well. She is given the go ahead to go inside.

Audrey speaks on the phone and wants the person she is speaking with to make sure their supervisor understands that if the attacks happen their country will be held accountable. In a meeting Buchanan says that Audrey will be joining them soon. Karen Hayes is also there and they are on speaker with Jack and they tell him that Logan can’t get in touch with the German Chancellor for another hour but Jack says that they don’t have that kind of time. Audrey comes in and says that German Intelligence is refusing to force their agent to cooperate with them. Jack says to keep trying and he will call if Theo changes his mind. He hangs up and then goes to Curtis asking for a minute with Theo alone. Curtis warily asks what Jack is doing but Jack quietly reassures him that it’s alright. Curtis tells his other agent to go and he follows leaving Jack alone with Theo.

Jack informs Theo that the Intelligence Service denied their request, Theo is unsurprised, she is a golden goose and they are not going to give her up. Jack goes to the mini-bar and pours Theo a drink. He walks it over and hands the glass to the other agent. Jack says he might be able to provide Theo with something, he would give him something more valuable than Colette Stenger. Theo doesn’t know what that might be and Jack offers him a roster of all known terrorist suspects working around the world, their WET list. Theo is aware that they have requested it before but NSA always says that it will jeopardize their operations around the world. Jack admits it will but he doesn’t work for NSA, he doesn’t work for CTU either. This is personal and he has not been given another choice. Theo would give Jack Colette in exchange for the WET list. Jack will see what he can do. He gets on the phone and starts to dial. While he waits for the call to connect Theo says that he is aware of a few of the names that should be on that list so he shouldn’t think about faking it. Chloe answers and Jack asks if she still has a backdoor to NSA’s main frame. He wants her to download the WET list and send it to his PDA. Chloe is hesitant, this is as top secret as it gets and Homeland is there at CTU. Chloe is not saying that she won’t but she can’t because they took her key card. He asks her to do what she has to and get back to him.

After hanging up the phone Chloe sulks for a second at her station and watches at Miles is brought a cup of coffee by another worker. This gives her an idea; she gets up and goes to his station. Before she can get very many words out she knocks Miles’ coffee onto his lap. He springs up from his chair and Chloe apologises as he asks what’s wrong with her. He storms away towards the bathroom as Chloe yells to his back that she will pay for his dry-cleaning. He takes his jacket and tie off while walking. Chloe starts working as soon as he is out of sight grabbing her card from a black box sitting on the desk and inserts it into the slot under the desk. This provides her the access she needs and she picks up the phone and calls Jack back. The NSA server loads and Jack asks her right away if she has the file. She says not yet there’s an extra layer of protection around it. She works on getting past it and when she does she says she is uploading it now. Jack gets his PDA out and quickly has the file come in. Chloe hangs up, closes the windows down and puts the card back where it belongs. She hurries back to her station as Miles returns, shirt open, and cleans his chair off and then sits down. Thinking for a second and seeing the box with the card he opens it up and checks inside, the card is still there. He glances at Chloe who is working away at her station again hunched over the computer.

Theo looks at the WET list and says it appears legit, Jack assures him it is and holds out his hand to get it back. He will not be able to keep it until Colette Stenger is in custody. Theo thinks that is fair enough and takes the card out of his PDA and hands it back to Jack. Theo says they should go now, they need to get the toe Van Nuys airport. He doesn’t know what kind of car she will be driving but he is supposed to wait in Lot C. Jack tells the teams where they are headed.

Colette is on the phone, she tells the voice on the other end that when the funds are received they are to go to the Cayman’s account. She says the bank is ready for the transfer and she hands the card over to Bierko and his man. The man gets the program running and finds it is encrypted. He asks for the key but Colette wants the funds transferred first. Bierko gives the nodding okay to his man and soon the funds are sent and the transaction is complete. She gives the key as CA39 and it brings up the schematics of an unknown building. It is what they wanted and she leaves saying ‘Until next time, gentlemen.’ She leaves them. Bierko asks if the men are ready, which they are. He gives the order to toss the place, they are moving out.



Hal tries to smooth something over on the phone and threatens the man that he can give the orders for the National Guard or he can federalize them, it’s his choice. Hal hangs up and an unnamed man comes in and says they have a situation, Wayne Palmer is insisting that he be let through the road blocks, he claims that he still has his clearance and he is on his way there. He will not give the officer in charge any information and Hal is asked what he wants to do.

Wayne sits in his car at the road block asking the officer to check to see if he has clearance for this. They have to wait until it comes down through the chain of command, Wayne asks who is in charge of the military’s role in this. The phone rings on the officer and the officer is told to let him through and he will have access all the way to the retreat. Wayne thanks the officer and then speeds off.

Jack and Theo are at the airport waiting, Jack in the back of the car hiding. Curtis is in position and no one is to move until they confirm that it is her. Theo is concerned, Colette will take off if she senses anything is wrong. Theo asks what will happen to Colette once they have her and Jack doesn’t know. Theo was curious and asks if Jack has ever been in his situation. He has been undercover for a long period. Jack has been there. Theo continues that also being involved with a woman. Jack just stares and doesn’t answer. Theo seems to be thinking out loud, there is no question that they are doing what is best for their countries but sometimes it’s harder than others. Jack says nothing.

Buchanan asks Chloe to go to the situation room. Once she does she sees Miles, Karen and Buchanan there. She asks what’s going on but they want her to tell them, she was caught hacking into a top secret NSA archive. Chloe claims to know what they are talking about but they know that whatever she took she uploaded to Jack Bauer’s remote node. Chloe doesn’t answer and Buchanan wants Chloe to tell them, it’s going to get worse if she makes them run a back trace. Chloe admits sulkily that Jack needed the WET list. A collective intake of breath shows the severity and Karen asks why she would give him that. Theo Stoller wouldn’t lead them to Colette Stenger without it. The brass is angry, this could be disastrous and they could lose years of work. Chloe just snaps that Jack needed it, okay? Buchanan storms that it’s not okay. Karen dismissively taunts Bill that he expected them to give his agents a chance. She wants Bauer on the phone.

Jack and Theo continue to wait and Jack’s phone interrupts the silence. Theo instructs Jack to put it on speaker or he’s getting out of the car. Jack puts his hand up and pulls out the phone. Putting in on speaker he answers ‘Bauer.’ Bill speaks first saying that Karen Hayes is with him. She pipes up that if Theo Stoller is with him he needs to find somewhere where he can talk privately. He can’t, they are in the middle of an operation right now. Jack confirms that Theo has the WET list but he hasn’t sent it to his people. They want Jack to get the list back. Sensing the deal falling through Theo goes for the door. Quickly Jack draws his gun and trains it on Theo which stops him from trying to leave. Jack can’t take it back or Theo won’t cooperate, he wants Bill to explain it to her. Karen wants Jack to retrieve the list now or she will order Agent Manning to do it. Jack explains that this is the only connection to Bierko and if they lose him she will be responsible for every life lost in the next attack. Hayes thinks she is being threatened but Jack says that’s a fact. Karen is concerned what would happen if the Germans got the WET list, they would move prematurely and impede operations underway by doing so. They will need the President’s permission to hand over the WET list. Jack snaps simply to get it. Jack says they need to deal with this situation first. Curtis has Colette coming and Jack wants to know if he has to abort this mission. It’s the call of Mrs. Hayes and she says that they don’t know for certain that this will lead them to Bierko. Jack says not for certain but it’s their only lead. Is she willing to take this chance? She thinks for a minute and gives the go to proceed but she reminds Jack that this is a complicated situation and there will be repercussions. Jack snaps fine and hangs up. Still with the gun on Theo he asks if they are alright. Theo is fine and Jack puts the gun away. Curtis updates that there is a red Lexus on the way, no one is to move until Jack gives the go. Colette parks her car and Jack wants Theo to move the centre mirror so he can see her. He does so and Jack says to get her out of the car. Theo gets out and approaches Colette who is getting out of the car. They greet each other with a kiss and as they turn Jack has a positive ID on her, he tells the teams to move in. Jack gets out and yells for her to put her hands where he can see them. Before Jack gets that close Colette tells Theo to get in the car, go with her. Before he responds Jack yells for Theo to get out of there. Shocked Colette asks who he is and Jack says to let Theo go, he has given them what they want. He wants Colette to put her hands up and face the car. Jack demands she put her hands on the roof of the car she watches Theo leave. After Jack gets her to follow the order he frisks her finding the gun strapped to her inner thigh. He puts her in cuffs and asks where Bierko is. Jack knows that she is working with him, where is he. She doesn’t answer so Jack says to take her back to CTU, he orders a team searching the car, everything goes back to the staging area.

Theo drives and dials his cell phone. He is enroute to his hotel and he is going to upload something they have wanted for a long time. He fires up his PDA and puts the card in that Jack gave him. Theo punches some buttons and puts it back down on the seat smiling to himself. Within seconds the PDA starts to shoot sparks and smoke. Theo is angry and before he can react his phone rings. It’s Jack and he apologises. Theo reminds him that they had a deal. Jack gives Theo his word that when this is all over he will help him rebuild his investigation. Theo snaps that he had Jack’s word and now he knows what it’s worth.



CTU agents work on Colette’s laptop, they have nothing, no sign of what she sold to Bierko. Jack and Colette take a walk a few steps away and Jack introduces himself. She asks who Theo is, really. Jack explains that he is with German Intelligence and Colette observes that he must have been sold for a price because American’s and German’s don’t work together often. Jack just asks where Bierko is but Colette is stuck on Theo. She admits that the truth is she had feelings for Theo and she never suspected a thing. She always thought there were some things that you cannot fake. Jack gets in Colette’s face and asks again where Bierko is. Colette wants the other agents to leave. Curtis questions Jack, he seems uncomfortable but Jack says it’s okay, get the men to move back and give them a second. Curtis says okay and tells the agents near that they heard him. Once they’re away Colette quietly says that Theo had a price, what is Jack’s? Jack is not for sale, this is the game, tell him what she wants. She will talk for full immunity with no holdbacks signed by the President. She can’t tell him where Bierko is, he is already on the way to start the next attack. She doesn’t know where it is but she did supply him with the schematics. She has a firm policy about not knowing too much. Jack asks if she really expects him to believe that she sold schematics and didn’t even know what they were. She got them from a source and they were digitally encrypted, if Jack gives her immunity then she will give him the source. Jack doubtfully says that she hasn’t given him much, he walks away saying he will see what he can do.

Jack calls CTU and tells Buchanan what he has learned. If she is telling the truth they don’t have a lot of time. Hayes threatens that this better work. She asks Miles to get Novick on the phone. She is concerned that this is a steep price to pay, the fallout from losing the WET list will be huge. Jack corrects her that the fallout will be from German Intelligence, he set the list up to self district. Karen asks why she wasn’t told before but he reminds her that he couldn’t since he was in the car with Stoller. They will get back to Jack when they are finished, Jack warns them to move fast. After hanging up Buchanan smartly says that it’s clear that even though CTU was hit they are still doing their job. He believes that this is an argument to maintain their autonomy. Karen icily agrees and continues that they are giving a free pass to a terrorist collaborator and she has yet to see what they are getting from it. She doesn’t like this.

Wayne speeds up an empty open road when a van pulls out behind him from the bushes. He sees the van in the rear-view and it’s gaining on him. Wayne floors it but the van keeps up and eventually pulls up beside the car. The sliding door opens and gunfire rains down on Wayne’s car. He loses control and his car slides off the road onto an embankment. It pauses for a second and then rolls over landing upside down. The van slides to a stop and a handful of men get out. At Wayne’s car he starts to move, he shoves the door open and manages to get out. He holds on to his hand which appears to be injured and then hears the men coming. He takes off running through a drain pipe and comes out in a field while the men converge on his car.

In the split screen we see Buchanan, Karen, Miles, Logan, Pierce checking the time, Theo driving and Bierko possibly in an elevator

Colette speaks to her lawyer and asks if they have received the agreement and it meets their approval. It does, signed by the president. She thanks them in French and hands the phone back to Jack. She is now ready to talk and says that the data came from a contact at DoD. Jack asks what his name is. She corrects him: “Her name, Audrey Raines.” Instantly Jack grabs Colette by the throat and holds her against the wire fence. Jack challenges her, ‘You’re lying to me.’ Colette coolly says, ‘She sold me the information Mr. Bauer. Apparently she had a price.’ Looking lost Jack lets her go and snaps for them to put her in the car. Trying to absorb this information Jack swallows hard, Audrey pops up in the split screen.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Well, any questions about the death or non-death of Tony should be wrapped up with the bringing out of the white sheet. I’m 99% sure that they don’t bust that out for no reason at all.

-That was certainly a fast recovery by Jack, in 24 time about 8 seconds ago he was on the ground cradling Tony’s dying body and crying. All of a sudden he’s up and standing watching while they cover him up. That was fast.

-Speaking of fast, holy cow, talk about getting over it fast. Jack had all of about 15 seconds of mourning over his only friend until he gets back to work and is asking Audrey about the lead. I’m disappointed.

-Actually, scratch disappointed, I’m angry. Angry angry angry. I feel cheated and ripped off of this moment that probably never should have happened. The writers have now taken away arguably the second best character on the show, the one that makes all the non-Jack stuff interesting and really anchors Jack, and now they have robbed him of a proper death. I hope that this is not the end of this…. Angry, angry, angry. Jack Bauer may not need time to grieve but I think we do and we’ll all feel better about it if Jack is with us. Phew, okay, end of rant... for now.

-How is it possible that Henderson GOT AWAY?!?!?! Honestly. It better be a ‘live so he can be killed by Jack soon’ situation and not under any circumstances a ‘vanished and never heard about or from again’ character because that makes Tony’s death even worse.

-I haven’t spent a lot of time going through customs but I have a few times and I’ve never been asked what hotel I was staying in.

-Even if I was asked there is no way if I were a terrorist that I would actually stay at the hotel I told them I was. Especially if I was planning on doing some dirty business while I was in the country.

- Logan is all insecure until his wife shows up to question his decisions, then he’s rock freaking solid. This guy is practically bi-polar.

-It’s funny how psycho-Martha can go from one of the most hated to one of the ones who we are looking to to save the day. You know it’s bad when you’re looking to the President’s psycho wife to help them out of a situation. Says a lot for the President.

-I’m not sure what’s scarier, the idea that at the election next year Logan could be re-elected or the idea that Hal could be elected.

-Listening to Logan talk about the attacks all together like that made me want to hide in my house anyway, forget imposing the curfew.

-The expression that Bierko wears while watching the press conference was interesting. Do we think that this will impede his plans? If it is he hasn’t let on.

-It really sucks that Miles from Homeland is going to ruin the name Miles for me. It’s such a great name, especially as a Miles Davis fan.

-Greedy, greedy those guys from Homeland. They want it ALL.

-Chloe’s like a hunchback leaning over the computer like that. All the years of CTU work are catching up to her.

-Chloe should have got up smacked Miles for being such a compassionless nitwit about the whole Edgar thing.

-Some more self promotion for FOX. Not just a regular no-name newscast but a FOX newscast.

-Martha is wiser than she may have originally seemed. She knows not to trust Hal, now she has to convince her husband.

-Not that I want Pierce to not be there or anything but I’m wondering what it would take for someone to give him the rest of the day off. He was nearly killed in the attack and probably has a concussion but he’s still there, patch on his head, working to protect the President.

-Why wouldn’t Wayne try and get a hold of Jack? Not that there’s anything wrong with going to Aaron but he just spoke to Jack a few hours ago. Unless, of course, that the thing he is bringing has a direct effect on the President.

- Wayne is risking his life to come to Pierce, hopefully the information he is coming with isn’t that Walt Cummings is a traitor. I mean, maybe he hasn’t been watching the news.

- 2 things that made me happy about Wayne calling Aaron. One was that we got to see Wayne again. He is a good actor and a strong character in the show. The scene with him and Jack in the beginning of the season was almost (but not quite) as enjoyable and Jack’s scenes with David. Also, the major point is that all the Palmer and possibly Tony/Michelle stuff has not been dismissed and forgotten so easily. Hopefully we will get more information and it will be more heavily intertwined in the season. They still haven’t answered the ‘Why Jack’ question.

-How is it possible that Logan is angry about the whole ‘legality’ thing. What did he expect? It’s not like he wasn’t told.

-‘Talking like it’s some kind of illegal action’ – really, you don’t say. Is he really that dim?

-It’s nice to see the oh-so-cool Buchanan getting riled up at the thought of the absorption of CTU by Homeland Security.

-Buchanan wants the truth. Karen should have said, “You can’t HANDLE the truth”- Sorry, wrong Kiefer work.

-Oh goody, can’t wait for ‘every operation’ to run through Karen. Looks like we have a lot of in-fighting to come.

-Out of everyone that Buchanan probably should have told about the Homeland Security takeover, Audrey probably is one. Since her Dad works for the DoD I’m pretty sure that she’s going to find out anyway.

-I vote Bill Buchanan in the next election. He’d make a good President.

-So it’s not really martial law, or its martial law in disguise. Whatever Hal has convinced Logan to call it, Audrey is calling it like it is and so is Buchanan.

-Wow, Jack, that’s impressive. Just from looking up he can *tell* that the terrorist went to the roof. Man, that’s scary good. Too bad that he hyper-sensed the wrong person going up there since it was Theo and not Colette.

-How did Jack get up on the roof? Did he climb up off the balcony all spider-man style? He didn’t appear to follow Curtis and the others out of the room but he got there just after Curtis did..

-No brave “Do it Jack!” moments from Curtis, huh? He has nothing to say but near panic in his eyes as Theo holds the gun to him.

-That’s the ultimate pig-in-the-middle game, isn’t it? Two guns and nowhere to go.

-Obviously Theo knows nothing about Jack, there’s no way Jack would just leave.

-Well, in Theo’s position Jack would have shot Curtis and run off I think before they would even talk.

-I’m curious what the big deal is. I know that Theo is there out of dedication to his country and that he wasn’t to save lives in the future but really, isn’t a life a life? German, American, Canadian, Mexican, who cares? It should boil down to saving immediately in danger people versus danger in the future.

-Simply based on that ‘Right’ I was positive Jack was going to torture Theo. I started thinking of the Paul Raines situation for some reason.

-That is quite the car Colette has. In case you were wondering (I was) it’s a Lexus SC430. I hope the producers got this on loan because this car will run you, base cost, just a little over $65,000. Talk about a terrorist in style (Lexus Web Page).

-Well, that’s an *ahem* suggestive place for Colette to put her gun. But I guess when you have no where else to hide it…

-That thug that frisks her, is he even able to speak? I don’t think he says one word to her.

-Are we surprised to hear Jack say they don’t have that kind of time? Not so much.

-Curtis was probably remembering what Jack did to him earlier today when Jack asked for a minute with Theo.

-Did they ever make up after that? You know, maybe Jack apologize for knocking him out? Or is there some sort of unseen knock out clause with agents.

-If I’m Theo there’s no way I take that drink from Jack.

-Jack could do with his own stiff drink at this point.

-They say that the WET list doesn’t actually exist. It stands for Western European Terrorist list.

-It’s good to hear Jack acknowledge that this day is personal for him, I think we’d nearly forgotten about that and maybe the writers had wanted us to. I’m going to be honest with all of you (both of you? ;-)) and say that I’m not so convinced that the writers are going to wrap up this personal thing with Jack. I really hope they do, but I have yet to be convinced.

-Chloe has such an allegiance to Jack. Can he trade Kim in for her?

-Miles, by the time Chloe explained what was wrong with her you’d be sitting in dry clothes again.

-I hope that coffee was really hot and Miles now has burns all over his … ahem. Anyway, lets just say I’m on Chloe’s side here.

-What a dumb place to put that card. Miles deserves to get figured out by Chloe.

-I’d like to know what hotel Colette was staying at. Holy cow, that room is bigger than my apartment!

-Also, it has the coolest lamp ever near the patio door.

-What kind of distribution center are we talking about here, anyway? Distribution of food? Those little bottles of ‘clean air’ you can buy as a novelty? Most people don’t open those anyway. I’m confused about how they can manage to kill 200,000 people from one place.

-Hal is making laws, he even threatens too on the phone there.

-Isn’t it Logan’s decision if Wayne gets through? Oh, who am I kidding, he’d probably turn to Hal for advice on that too.

-Judging by how long it took Jack and Curtis to get to the hotel it must be close to CTU which is in downtown LA last time we checked. So, I have the distance from downtown LA to Van Nuys airport at 25 minutes. Jack and Theo made it in about 8, and that’s stretching.

-Something about the lighting when Jack was in the back of Theo’s car was great. It just illuminated his features and you could see exactly what he was going through. He is quiet now, possibly thinking about the day thus far? Then when Theo starts questioning him about being in love while undercover Jack’s expressions tell all. Obviously he has been there, at least once that we know about: The whole Claudia storyline from Season 3. Another person that ended up dead because of Jack.

-An interesting little confessional with Theo and Jack in the car. There sit two men that have the kind of lives that you usually can’t talk about. Even if you can you rarely are able to talk about it with someone who has been in the same situations as you. Too bad Jack didn’t take advantage of it as well. Confession is good for the soul.

-Buchanan’s had a rough day too. I’m waiting for him to bust out his service revolver and go postal. I hope that the Homeland guys are on the receiving end of that.

-Just when we got rid of one knob from higher up (Lynn) we get another pair. Cut off one head and 2 grow back in its place.

-Can Jack really answer the phone ‘Bauer’, after all, he doesn’t exist anymore.

-I thought Jack was going to give Theo the WET list once Colette was in custody. He gave it to him earlier than that because he had it by the time they were in the car.

-Isn’t Hayes and agent? Why does Jack call her “Mrs. Hayes”?

-What is Buchanan going to explain to Karen that Jack can’t?

-Jack’s simple but effective question to Theo ‘Are we alright’ was great. I think Jack may be fishing for some new friends.

-What is Colette planning to do as Jack and the agents converge? She hardly could have gotten away.

-Why do I maybe sense that this whole screwing Theo over thing will come back to haunt Jack? Maybe because Theo is plugged into the intelligence community and he could easily find out what Jack’s story is. One quick call to the Chinese and it’s all over for Jack, for real this time because there's no David Palmer to make it his life's work to free Jack.

-Has Colette been working with Nina? Jack knows all too well about the things that you can’t fake.

-For a nano-second the thought crossed my mind that Jack might just take a deal with Colette. He has nothing left to live for anyway.

-It appears that Sean Callery is branching out on his music. He is the spectacular resident composer for the show but I don’t really think I like what he did while Jack took Colette into custody. It was weird and kind of obtrusive. Just my personal opinion, though.

-Not only is Karen a bitch, but she’s stupid. Well, let me think, I could exactly blurt out the secrets with the guy I was keeping them from sitting right there. Oh yeah, no, it’s fine, in fact, I’m planning on screwing Theo over. Yeah, so, how about that Colette?

-All these years and bad things STILL happen around purple vans.

-Are we sure Wayne wasn’t driving to Van Nuys? He must have gotten lost coming up that long, straight, empty road to the retreat.

-All I have to say is “Run like the wind, Wayne! Run like your life depends on it ‘cause, well, IT DOES!”

-Wow, didn’t see the Audrey thing coming. I thought it was maybe her dad, not her. I’m still not convinced it’s her, actually. But that means it’s probably not her dad either, he wouldn’t set up his own daughter.

-Audrey could have had a price though. She did lose Jack and Paul because of the government. She must have been expensive. I hope she got a Lexus out of the deal.