5.12: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
~ Switch ~


Ostroff leaves Jen and Dwayne’s apartment with the key card. He has changed into a suit and he stops to pick up the bullet casings on the floor. He opens the door and leaves the apartment. Walking out he kicks open the gate and gets into his vehicle. Booting up his laptop and after swiping the key card to read the information he calls Bierko. He is reprogramming the CTU card now. The challenge is to change the ID but preserve McGill’s executive entrance privilege. Bierko says that the other canisters have been delivered and he will be launching those attacks after Ostroff is done at CTU. He will call in when he gets there. Using the laptop, Ostroff changes the photo on the CTU card by putting his head on Lynn’s body.

Buchanan and Audrey are on speaker with Logan and Mike. Buchanan tells them that they have neutralized the attack on the hospital but they have no idea what the next aBuchannan and Audreyttack might be. They are preparing by upping security on the highest value targets. Logan expresses frustration and snaps that they are just waiting around for Bierko to hit them again. Mike paces around appearing to dislike the comments. Buchanan explains they have one promising lead, Jack Bauer was able to bring in Christopher Henderson who was working for the defence contractor that brokered the deal for the nerve gas. Mike pipes up asking if this is the same Christopher Henderson that used to work for CTU. Buchanan confirms that he was the head of field op’s until Jack brought him down on corruption charges. He is bringing him in. With the call complete, Kerry enters the room and tells Buchanan that Tony Almeida has been asking for Bill from the clinic. Bill is busy right now. Kerry also has a message for Audrey, Kim Bauer is here at CTU, and she is clearing security right now. Audrey asks Kerry to put her in the field op’s office and stands up looking for Kim. Buchanan also sees Kim just coming into CTU and they watch Kerry go over and shake hands with her. She is accompanied by a man. Buchanan asks quietly what Kim Bauer is doing there. Audrey says that Jack asked her to call her. Buchanan asks if she knows, not yet. Buchanan’s next question is who is with Kim. Audrey doesn’t know but she will find out from security. Audrey excuses herself from the room with Buchanan and makes a call to Jack.

Jack is driving with Henderson on the way back to CTU. His phone rings and Jack picks it up. When he realizes it’s Audrey he asks if they are prepped for the medical interrogation. They are and Audrey tells Jack that Kim just arrived at CTU. Demeanour changing, Jack asks what Audrey said to her. She has said nothing yet and Jack says that’s good, he wants her to hear it from him. Audrey is unsure about this; she suggests to Jack that it might be easier if she knows he is alive before she sees him. She continues, ‘This morning, when I first saw you it’s just…’ Jack cuts her off, ‘Yeah, I know. I understand.’ When Audrey talks to her Jack wants her to be sure to explain that the reason he couldn’t tell her he was alive because he was trying to protect her. Of course Audrey will. Jack thanks her and they hang up. Henderson, listening to Jack’s end of the call, says that Kim is at CTU right now. Jack moves his lips but says nothing audible. ‘You know, after you died, Chase left her and she hit bottom, do you know that?’ Jack’s reaction is minimal and Henderson tells Jack, ‘Right now she’s putting her life back together. Maybe you did know but couldn’t do anything about it.’ Jack’s heard enough, this doesn’t concern Henderson. Christopher thinks it does, “Miriam and I were there for her when you weren’t. Whatever you think of me, Miriam and I love that girl.” Jack just stares ahead.

Kim stands in the Field Op’s office looking out over CTU. The man with her, Barry, asks if she is okay. Kim sighs and says that both her parents died here. She swore that she’d never come back to this place. Barry suggests that they leave right now but Kim sees Audrey coming. Audrey smiles at Kim and she introduces Barry Landis. They shake hands and Audrey introduces herself to him. Kim gets right to the point, she wants to know what is so important. Audrey wants to speak in private but Kim doesn’t agree, whatever she has to say she can say in front of Barry. Audrey doesn’t let it go but Barry says it’s fine. Not entirely happy Audrey starts anyway, it’s about Kim’s father. Kim asks what about him. Audrey blurts out, ‘He’s alive’ as a smile crosses her lips. Kim stares blankly at Audrey who says that he really wanted to tell her but he couldn’t in order to protect her. Someone inside the government wanted him dead so he staged his death and went underground. He knew that she wouldn’t be safe if he told her he was alive and Audrey didn’t know either until this morning. Kim just stares with very little reaction. Audrey explains that she thought maybe if she told her before she saw him it might be easier. He is on is way into CTU now.

Vice President Hal Gardner has arrived at the retreat. Logan comes in the room with Mike on his tail and Mike thought that Gardner was in Salt Lake City. Logan explains that he cancelled his engagements to be there, he thinks Mike would agree that they need all hands on deck to deal with the sytox situation. Logan asks what is on Hal’s mind. Gardner believes that the plan that CTU has to deal with the events today is inadequate. Mike doesn’t agree, they were drawn up after careful study after an attack of similar magnitude. CTU is coordinating with first responders but Hal thinks something far more is warranted by the attacks. He calls on an assistant, Andrew, to put the plans up. He has revised CTU’s numbers. If the terrorists attack places like malls and sports arenas the lowest number he came up with was 400,000 casualties. That is considerably higher than CTU’s numbers and Gardner doesn’t think they are taking the attack seriously enough. Logan asks considering the revised number what he recommends. Gardner thinks they should be looking at Martial Law. Mike disagrees immediately, it should be a last ditch effort to prevent panic, not a pre-emptive one. Logan tells Mike to go on and Mike explains that it will create panic; also, he needs approval from congress. This will not stop the panic. Hal says they can do it without congress if they call it something else. Mike argues that there has been no panic yet but if they impose Martial Law they will have to tell the public what is going on. They discuss declaring an emergency session of congress but they don’t have time. Logan says that if CTU can’t find Bierko they are going to get hit. It would be smart to have control of the streets. Mike obviously does not agree but says nothing.

Jack pulls into the CTU parking lot with Henderson. He gets out of the truck and goes around to the passenger side to get Henderson. Henderson urges Jack that he is making a mistake; he doesn’t want to do this. They walk towards the building and Henderson says that he would get immediate immunity if he talks but he’s not going to ask for it. He is not trying to protect himself, he is trying to protect his country. Jack stops Henderson and they face each other. He asks what he means. Henderson warns Jack that he doesn’t want to know what he knows, he would be opening Pandora’s Box. Jack wants Henderson to tell him and let him judge for himself. CTU guards have arrived and Henderson says nothing. Jack mumbles, ‘That’s what I thought.’ Jack hands Henderson over and tells them to set him up in holding. Henderson calls to Jack as he is taken away. Jack is left outside as the sun sets looking at the flags flying outside of CTU.

Ostroff enters CTU and the guard asks for his key card. He scans it and the altered identification comes up. The system beeps and above another guard walks as Ostroff looks around. He is given the all clear to go ahead. He smiles saying nothing and goes into CTU.



Chloe hangs up the phone and tells Audrey that Curtis is on the way back from the hospital. Jack has entered CTU and comes around into the main area. He calls Audrey and she comes to meet him half way. He asks if she spoke to Kim and what her reaction was. Audrey admits she’s confused. She wants Jack to know that she is there with someone and it might be a boyfriend, his name is Barry Landis. Jack takes it well and Audrey tells him that they are in the Field Op’s office. He looks up and Kim’s blonde hair is visible. Jack inches closer while staring up there and thanks Audrey. Jack starts walking to the office.

Upstairs, Kim is pacing the office and Jack arrives at the top of the stairs. Once there he stops dead in his tracks looking at Kim through the glass. Kim turns around and meets eyes with her presumed dead father. Her sigh alerts Barry who also looks at Jack. He comes in the office as Kim looks him over. Awkwardly Jack says “Hey” and Kim starts into him, “I don’t know what you expect me to say.” Jack seems unsurprised by this and tells her quietly that she doesn’t have to say anything. Frustrated Kim asks why he couldn’t just tell her that he was alive but Jack couldn’t, if she knew he was alive she would have been at risk, he had no choice. Barry snaps at Jack that he could have chosen to trust her. Jack gives a look of certain death at Barry studying him for a minute and then tells curtly that he would like to speak to his daughter alone. Barry doesn’t think that’s a good idea and Jack smoothly tells him he doesn’t care what he thinks. Barry is sure he doesn’t care, he doesn’t care about his decisions even if they effect the lives of those who love him. Not angrily Kim asks Barry to leave them. He listens to her but not before walking over to her and touching her arm. He says he will be right outside. Once he has gone Kim warns Jack not to judge him, he was there for her when no one else was. Jack doesn’t peruse it and studies his shoes for a second. He turns his attention to Kim again says softly, “The most painful Jack and Kimthing I’ve ever been through was having to walk away from you. Even more painful than losing your mother, but it was the only way to make sure that you would be safe.” With tears in her eyes Kim says, “I buried you.” Jack knows and he sighs. Tone changing she tells Jack, ‘You know, there’s something wring with people like you.’ Jack holds his surprise as she continues, ‘You can’t hold onto anything, Chase couldn’t either. He tried for a while and now he’s gone, just like you. And now you’re back and now I’m just supposed to…’ She pauses, ‘I’m happy you’re alive, I am, but I can’t give you what you want right now.’ Jack, now fighting his emotions says he understands. Audrey appears outside the door as Jack tells Kim that he needs her to know that he’s sorry. He takes a step towards her and she stops him saying, “Please, just go.” Audrey takes this chance to lean in and tell Jack that Burke needs him in holding. Voice breaking Jack snaps that he’ll be there in a minute. With Audrey gone Kim says she has to go, Barry has a conference to go to and they have to catch a plane. Jack asks Kim to stay just a while longer; there are still a few things he needs to tell her. Kim doubtfully says that she will talk to Barry. Jack says that’s fine and heads out the door. Before he reaches it he hears Kim start to cry. Pausing for a second at the door Jack turns at looks at his daughters back. He continues out the door and Kim gets a hold of herself.

Ostroff moves freely throughout CTU and swipes Lynn’s card again getting him into the ventilation room. He finds the end of the vent system.

Tony sits on the edge of his bed still not hooked up to his IV. He rocks back and forth in intense pain as a cup of pills and a cup of water are delivered to his bedside. Buchanan has made his way down and asks Tony if he called for him, what’s going on. Doubled over Tony repeats the same question, that’s what he wanted to know. His wife was killed this morning right in front of him and no one has told him anything. Buchanan says that the investigation is on going but this makes Tony angrier. He used to work here and he knows that that is what you tell people when you don’t want them to know the truth. Buchanan relents, fine. The truth is that Tony is not an agent any more and he can’t tell him. Even if he could there’s nothing he can do. Pain showing again Tony angrily snaps ‘Of course there’s nothing I can do, look at me for God’s sake. I think after all the years and sacrifices I made for this place I deserve to know don’t you?’ Buchanan admits to Tony that all he can tell him is that it is part of a bigger plan to supply terrorists with sentox nerve gas. Tony asks who is behind it. Buchanan says the highest they have been able to go is someone Tony might know from when he worked here, Christopher Henderson. Tony is surprised and Buchanan says that’s all he knows. Tony begs Buchanan not to let him get away with this; don’t let him cut a deal. Buchanan heads off and Tony looks away squinting. He turns his attention to the pills that were delivered and takes them followed by the water. He winces once more.

Henderson is set up ready to be interrogated. Jack and Audrey watch from the other side of the two way mirror, Henderson is tied down by arms, legs and midsection. Without taking his eyes off Henderson he asks Audrey about the man with Kim. Audrey says he is registered with the state as a clinical psychologist. In disgust Jack asks if she was his patient. Audrey thinks so. Burke says from Henderson’s side that he’s ready and Audrey looks at Jack. Jack explains that whatever Henderson is not telling them is important, he knows what’s coming. He is willing to tolerate in inhuman amount of pain, Jack says to the guard to open the door. Jack goes to Henderson’s side and Henderson just waits. After a few seconds Jack starts saying that he doesn’t think he did this because of self interest, he honestly thinks that he believes he is doing what is best for the country but this is not Henderson’s choice to make. Henderson coaxes Jack saying that’s good, disarm the subject with empathy for their agenda. Jack snaps that this is not a joke, thousands of lives are at stake, these are people that they were supposed to protect. They have enough time to stop this insanity. Henderson apologises to Jack but he can’t tell him what he wants to know. Jack looks at his mentor and tells Burke to start it, he leaves the room. Audrey still is watching and Jack stands nearby watching as Burke loads a large needle and injects it into Henderson’s arm IV. Almost instantly Henderson starts to wince as Jack and Audrey watch.



Martha walks outside and lights up a cigarette. Mike follows her and calls her name. She walks away but he persists, he would like a word. She turns to face him and says that if this is about Aaron it doesn’t concern him. He agrees and he is not here to discuss that. This country faces a crisis and the president needs her. She scoffs but Mike presses on. He tells her that if she thinks the decision that the president made about the motorcade was easy for him it wasn’t. Mike was with him when he got down on his knees and prayed. This has Martha’s attention and Mike says that Logan loves him and he didn’t want to lose her but with the lives of so many people in jeopardy he had no choice. Martha wants to get to the point, he has known her a long time and she wants him to stop talking about what a positive influence she is on Logan and tell her what he wants her to do. Mike says that Vice President Gardner wants to impose Martial Law in LA without congressional sanction or a timeline to lift it. Martha is surprised, he can’t just rewrite the law but all Mike knows is that the president is listening to Hal Gardner and it can only help the country by having him listening to her as well.

Ostroff works on a computer and logs in under Lynn’s name. He gives the command do shut down the air ventilation system in CTU. On the floor, Kerry works until an alert comes up on her system. She alerts Edgar that one of the environmental systems has given an alert of a change. Edgar brushes it off thinking that it’s probably a scheduled change but she checked, there is nothing scheduled. Edgar angrily says that he is coordinating the first responders right now and he doesn’t have time for this. She defends herself that he doesn’t have to snap at her she just thought someone should check it. He tells her to check it out then. She turns on her heel and leaves the floor. Edgar realizes he was a jerk and calls after her but if she can hear him she doesn’t respond. In the back room Ostroff is setting up the canister to go off

Martha is still outside and Logan is out near some patio furniture. While she looks the other way he turns and sees her coming. Ignoring her she comes up behind her husband and puts her hand on his shoulder. He leans toward her and asks if she can forgive him. She says that he acted like the President of the United States. He admits he did, but she wanted him to be her husband first. She can’t pretend that she didn’t. She still loves him as much as she always did. He wants to continue talking to her but she says there will be plenty of time for them later, he has to get back to work. The country needs him now more than she does. He turns to face her.

Kerry goes into the room that Ostroff has been in. She calls hello and asks if anyone is in here working on the system. She sees the fans going for the system and then she sees the canister sitting on the ground. She gets out her cell phone and dials but Ostroff comes out of the shadows and stabs her. She falls to the ground.



Ostroff has cut a hole in the protective mesh around the fan and he puts the canister in the vent. He arms the timer for 15 minutes and takes the display with him.

Chloe works on her computer as Kim comes down from the field op’s office. She says Chloe’s name and Chloe says hi back. Kim observes that Chloe is still at CTU, she is. Chloe is averting Kim’s eyes and seems uncomfortable. Kim says that her father said he had to do something, does Chloe know how long he will be? She doesn’t and Kim senses something wrong, she starts to say something but Chloe is busy. Kim spits it out, she accuses Chloe of knowing her father was alive. Chloe slows down what she is doing and Kim says that for a year and a half she knew. Chloe says she did and Kim says, ‘He trusted you.’ Chloe says it was only because she helped stage his death. Kim doesn’t want an excuse but Chloe sums it up for her, ‘4 people knew that your dad was alive 2 are dead, Palmer and Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida’s in critical condition.’ Kim asks in surprise that Michelle is dead? Chloe looks up, the only reason she is alive is because Kim’s dad found her in time. ‘I know it’s hard for you and it’s none of my business but you should try to cut him some slack.’

Buchannan enters the room where Lynn is being held. Lynn wasn’t expecting him and asks what’s going on. He starts but then stops putting his hands on his waist. Lynn asks what it is and Buchannan says that he just got a call from LAPD, they found his sisters body in her apartment, she’d been shot. Lynn doesn’t believe it, he just talked to her, he saw her today, it’s impossible. Buchannan apologises but the police identified the body. Lynn turns away in shock and tries to deal with the news. Buchannan kindly says that if he needs a phone to make some personal calls and to talk to the police he can. Lynn knows that her boyfriend did this to her, he wants to know that he is in custody. Buchannan asks if his name is Dwayne Tompkins and Lynn confirms it is. Buchannan is sure he didn’t do it, they found his body too. Lynn stares at Buchannan who says that the police are trying to make sense of something, does Lynn know if his sister or her boyfriend were involved in dealing drugs or organized crime in any way. Lynn admits that she was into drugs and was a pretty serious user but there’s no way she’d be into organized crime. He asks why and Buchannan says that the killings were clearly the work of a professional. Lynn realizes what this is about and closes his eyes. He needs to see the preliminary reports and speak to the officer in charge. Buchannan can arrange a meeting but Lynn needs it to be now. He needs them to search the apartment and see if they have his key card. Buchannan is puzzled and Lynn says that she has his CTU key card, it was stolen from him. Buchannan wants to know why he didn’t report it but Lynn is reporting it now. He wants to see if anyone has used it to access CTU in the last 4 hours. Buchannan gets on the phone to Chloe and has her check to see if anyone has used McGill’s key card in the last 4 hours. Chloe asks ‘Isn’t he standing with you?’ and Buchannan barks for Chloe to just do it. Chloe finds a match, less than an hour ago someone used the card to gain access to CTU at the executive entrance. Buchannan wants a lockdown now, Chloe does as she is ordered.

Agent Burke still works on Henderson and calls out to Jack saying that he doesn’t know what is going on, he should be talking by now. Henderson is twitching in pain and Jack comes in the room. He rushes to Christopher and says that this is enough, he doesn’t want to do this, he wants Henderson to talk to him. Henderson breathes that he can’t. Burke needs to stabilize him at the clinic before they can do another dose, Henderson starts to crash. Jack’s phone rings as the lockdown alarms go off. Buchannan says that CTU has been compromised, someone used a key card to access the building. Jack says he will be right there to help, he wants Henderson taken to medical to be stabilized and no one is to go near him.



The alarms continue at CTU and Buchannan tells Jack that the exits are sealed, the intruder hasn’t left the building. Jack asks where Kim is and is told that she is still in the Field Op’s office with Landis. Jack wants a team watching her and her brought down into the atrium of CTU. They are searching the building room to room, Jack deploys to the north side. Buchannan notices that Kerry is missing and Edgar says she’s checking a B socket.

Ostroff hides behind a pillar and takes out a CTU guard who is running. He falls heavily to the ground and Ostroff says he’s going to help him get out of there. He walks using the guard as cover; he is in the northern corridor and is seen on the camera. Edgar asks Chloe to cover for him while he goes looking for Kerry. Ostroff shoots the camera out and heads down some stairs. He wants the guard to enter his pass code but he says they’re in lockdown. Ostroff says to do it anyway. He does and more alarms sound. For this Ostroff pushes the guard away from him and shoots him. He takes the radio off the Kim and Barrybody and heads away. Buchannan tells Jack that he is in the north hallway, sublevel B. Jack reads Buchannan and he heads down a hallway, gun drawn. Jack finds the guard down and goes down the stairs to the body. Checking the pulse the man is dead and Jack notices the radio is gone. Jack tells Buchannan that he thinks the man is in the stairwell. Buchannan corrects Jack saying he doesn’t think so, it’s been cleared already. Audrey calls Buchannan over to look in the camera monitor and Jack gives a palms up sign to them. Jack says that he thinks the intruder is in the stairwell, he can double back and get to the roof. Jogging down the hall Buchannan claims to be sending back up to help Jack. Once Jack is away Ostroff comes out from his hiding spot. Jack has been waiting and comes back yelling for him to freeze, he wants to see his hands slowly. Ostroff complies and when Jack sees the gun in one hand he says to drop it. Ostroff does but in the same movement he swings around, gun out in his other hand. Jack shoots twice and kills Ostroff. Jack radio’s Buchannan and says that the man is dead, it was the only shot he had. Buchannan wants an ID on him but Jack is checking Ostroff’s pockets and realizes that they have a bigger problem. He has found a devise that looks like a relay switch, in reality it is the timer off of the nerve gas. Jack says the man had a PDA and once he fires it up Jack breaths, ‘oh my God.’ Buchannan in near panic himself asks what and Jack says it’s a schematic of CTU, the ventilation systems. They quickly order an evacuation, Buchannan yelling from the atrium that they are code 6; everyone needs to get out, now. Audrey tells Jack that she has Kim and Jack radios Burke to get Henderson out of there as fast as he can. Chloe makes a call to Edgar telling him to get out of there now, they need to evacuate. Edgar takes a second to call for Kerry and soon finds her body. He leaves the room just as the canister starts to deploy. Audrey is rushing people out of CTU and with Kim and Barry they move to the door. On the other side of the glass they see people falling to the ground infected with the gas, Chloe realizes what’s happening, the ducts run from the outside in. Barry asks what that means as Buchannan asks what room they can lock down. They are the situation room, upper offices and clinic isolation. Jack tells them to go, now. The group run into the situation room and Chloe, immediately at the computer, is told to seal it for bio, seal off all the rooms. A plastic cover comes down over the windows and a strip comes down over the join in the door. As it’s done a girl comes and knocks on the window, she wants in. Jack says they can’t break the seal; she needs to find another exit and hurry. Jack confirms that all the room are sealed. Henderson is wheeled into the clinic and in the CTU atrium people are getting to the windows and then falling down.

The split screen appears and we see Henderson, the nerve gas, Buchannan, Tony looking at Henderson next to him and finally Kim and Barry. They watch as Jack says for everyone to stay calm, there is nothing they can do for the girl outside now. Chloe’s eyes become wide as she sees an out of breath Edgar emerge into the atrium. He stares at them through the glass and Audrey whispers ‘oh no’. Chloe goes to the door and Edgar says her name. She says his name back but it can’t be heard through the glass. Edgar coughs and Jack watches, also affected by the scene. Chloe watches in sadness as Edgar winces and then falls to the floor. Barry and Kim watch and Jack looks down. Chloe’s eyes fill with tears at the sight of Edgar dead on the ground.

Clock ticks silently.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Again I marvel at how much these terrorists will say on the phone.

-Very cool imaging software Ostroff has there.

- Logan is so quick to expect CTU to perform miracles. If he’d ever been anything but a politician he’d realize that things just don’t work like that.

-I’m wondering how far before Season 1 the Henderson take down happened at CTU.

-Also, to say that Henderson was the head of Field Op’s is interesting. In seasons 1 and 2, unless we weren’t told about it, CTU was just one unit, everything working out of the same building, same director (Jack and then Mason). It wasn’t until Season 3 that there was a Field Op’s because Jack was head of that and Tony was the head of the rest of CTU. It seemed like they were just adjusting to this change at the beginning of season 3 because Adam and Chloe were bickering over things.

-Another Field Op’s note, why don’t they just call it Curtis’s office? Since he’s the head of Field Op’s that should be his, yes? Instead the continually call it “The Field Op’s Office.”

-I was surprised by Buchannan’s emotion at seeing Kim and how he seemed to care what she knew about and who she was with.

-I think Henderson is the only prisoner I’ve ever seen ride shotgun. That may be because Jack is keeping an eye on him though.

-Audrey has a good point about Kim hearing it from Jack. I mean, she wouldn’t really be hearing it from him, as soon as she would see him she would be very aware of what he was going to say. Also, she might think she is hallucinating.

-I am very disappointed that they wrote Chase out of the story. They probably have some plans for Barry and that’s why he’s there but I’d rather see Chase.

-I guess we’re assuming that Jack knew that Chase left Kim. If just feels like a big burn out, after all that to-do about it in Season 3, and that relationship, the Jack/Chase/Kim was one of the best points of the season. It feels less potent now knowing that it was all for naught.

-Sorry, Christopher, can you pass the salt so I can shake some more on the wound here? He must know how this affects Jack.

-And again I wonder if there was an ulterior motive in Christopher’s mind about Kim. Was he with her for anther reason? Could he have been the one that recommended Barry? Was he supposed to get close to Kim so they could find out if Jack was alive? Remember, Henderson never believed Jack was dead. If that was true and he had it in for Jack what’s to stop him from using Kim to find out what she knows? He claims to love Kim, but he also claims to love his wife.

-Audrey and Kim seem to be familiar with each other, did they only meet at Jack’s funeral or were there other times they saw each other before Jack ‘died’?

-That would be a fun meeting, first, chances are Kate would have been at the funeral, Audrey would go, she would probably introduce herself to Kim… well, that could be a 24 day in itself.

-I guess there’s no easy way to say that Kim’s dad is alive other than just saying it.

-As much as I hate it I think they are setting Jack up to be with Audrey, she smiles telling Kim that Jack is indeed alive.

-Well, at least Audrey can get Jack’s story right. All the news articles I have read about this show say that Jack went underground as an alternative to going to prison. It wasn’t that way, it was to avoid being killed by his own government.

-I already hate the Vice President. Really, he’s the Vice Vice President since Logan was originally the Vice President… my brain hurts now.

-Mike obviously worked with Palmer, look how against doing the wrong thing he is.

-I want to really speculate that Gardner is in on everything but that might just be coming out of the fact that I don’t like him.

-I didn’t think it was possible for there to be someone in 24’s government that I hate more than Logan. 24 writers top themselves again.

-What is this stinking big secret that Henderson has? I’m just dying to find out.

-Greek Mythology lesson: The phrase ‘Pandora’s Box’ comes from ancient Greek Mythology. Pandora was the first woman on earth. Pandora was given a jar (or box) that contained all evil in it. Naturally curious she opened it up and evil spread throughout the world. The only thing left in the jar: Hope.

-I tried to see what flag that was that Jack was looking at outside CTU as the sun went down but I had no luck. I don’t have HDTV and it’s just not all that clear. Some have said that it’s the Chinese flag but I don’t know, it looks like it has a lot of white on it for that. UPDATE: I have recieved information that it is likely the flag for the state of California (link to image of flag ~ Thanks Jo)

-I’m guessing the ‘Executive Entrance’ means that you don’t get searched.

-Wondering about Curtis, at 17 after he was on the way back from the hospital. Unless they stopped for some take out he should have been back by then. There’d be a great image, Curtis and his team show up with a burrito and pop, walk into the atrium of CTU and see everyone dying. “What, they weren’t BEAN burritos or anything!”

-Oh Jack. He just can’t win. If he had told Kim she surely would have been killed today, now she doesn’t want anything to do with him, she might as well have been.

-Obviously, Barry has no idea just how dangerous Jack is. If he did he wouldn’t talk to him like that.

-Another classic example of ‘If looks could kill’, Barry wouldn’t even have made it through that sentence to Jack.

-I try to be fairly accurate in my summaries and not add to many little bits, that’s what this part is for. As far as the “look of certain death” goes, well, I felt that was pretty accurate and not really going to crazy.

-Well, Kim buried Jack, Jack went underground… it kind of works.

-Here’s a question. What happens to the identity of Jack Bauer? He is dead for all intents and purposes (to quote a great president) so now does he not really have an identity anymore? He already has a grave as Jack Bauer, I mean, you can’t just dig it up… I guess you could re-label. Also, is that next to Teri? What will happen when the real Jack Bauer dies? I know, caught up on semantics. Wouldn’t it be weird if Jack went and visited his own grave?

-I don’t think Jack was expecting the ‘There’s something wrong with people like you’ comment. It kind of came from nowhere.

-It’s good to see Kim back in such a strong way. The scene with her and Jack was great and it would have been a shame if she came back to something that was poorly written or acted (Although, that’s not all that common here).

-I feel immensely bad for Jack, especially when he moves in on his daughter and is told to just leave. He waited all this time knowing that he couldn’t go and see her or speak to her. Now that he can, she doesn’t want to.

-So, Barry is much closer to Jack’s age than Kim’s. I’m surprised Jack didn’t whip out his gun and put two shots in him just for being there.

-Jack still hasn’t been told about Tony and I think that it might do Tony some good to have Jack come and see him. I’m sure he could find some time. IN fact, if Jack doesn’t know about Tony’s consciousness, he’s going to be downright ticked off.

-Also, I just can’t accept that Jack hasn’t asked about Tony’s condition. This is an oversight by the writers probably because there is so much other emotional things happening in this episode they didn’t want to pile on another one. I could have done with some Tony, though.

-Tony looks rough. He’s so stubborn that he won’t just lie down and get better.

-Forget the pills, will someone PLEASE get Tony a hairbrush?

-I’d really like Tony to make it through this season. I think it would be interesting character development to see where he goes from here. Also, the show just isn’t the same without him.

-I wonder if Jack’s reaction to Barry would have been different if he knew that Kim was his patient when he first saw him?

-That’s a tough interrogation, the guy that taught you everything. He knows what oyu’re going to do and you know it.

-I’d love to have that presidential retreat as my house, beautiful grounds and building.

-Since when does Martha smoke?

-As far as I’m concerned it’s all Edgar’s fault that Kerry dies.

-As much as I dislike Martha and Logan, I really enjoyed the scene they had together, it was very touching.

-Kerry finished dialling before she was killed, what happened to the call? Ostroff doesn’t pick up the phone.

-Points for Chloe on the cutting Jack some slack speech.

-Buchannan doesn’t snap all that much but it was classic when he yelled at Chloe to just do the search on the key card.

-So many things at once, Henderson crashes, still won’t talk, CTU lockdown, nerve gas… Jack’s day is just going to hell in a handcart.

-I was trying to figure out what that signal meant that Jack gave Buchannan… no luck though.

-At least Jack’s initial idea was to shoot to injure, not to kill. Sounds like Henderson should have trained Curtis too.

-That’s a handy little trick, the sealing the rooms air tight. I’d have to assume that there’s only so much air in there so they better move fast to get them out. You’d think, though, that they would store some gas masks or something in there if they were going to make it sealable.

- Henderson is still being wheeled into the clinic after Chloe says she has locked all the rooms down.

-Tony and Henderson in the same room. Tony out for revenge of the death of his wife, Henderson being the one that is responsible for killing her, neither of them can get out. It’s going to be an interesting next hour.

-Poor Edgar, never got to see his little thing for Chloe realized, he died a hero on the job at CTU. His mother also died in a terrorist-related incident, the Power Plant melt down.

-Very very sad for Edgar, he was a good guy that just sometimes was stupid. Perfect for Chloe. Deep inside I believe he had a good heart, he’ll be missed.

-This time it's CTU that needs the help and to be saved, that's a switch.