5.11: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
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Buchanan arrives at the CTU clinic. The doctor that speaks with him I think is Dr. Besson from last season. Buchanan asks how long he has been conscious, it has been about 10 minutes. Besson tells Buchanan that Tony has been asking for his wife, Buchanan clarifies that Tony doesn’t remember what happened? He remembers the explosion and that’s all. Buchanan has to tell him but Besson rules it out, absolutely not. He has severe trauma and if he finds out his blood pressure will raise and it will make the vascular trauma worse. Buchanan is to hold off until Tony has stabilized. Buchanan doesn’t appear to like this but accepts it.

Buchanan goes into the clinic and asks an orderly to excuse them. She leaves and Buchanan approaches Tony who is laying in bed still, gauze bandage covering half his face. Bill sighs and asks how he is feeling. Tony doesn’t answer but says right away that they told him that they took Michelle to Cedars. Buchanan confirms that, they couldn’t treat her here at CTU. Weakly but with determination, Tony asks how bad she was hurt, why did they take her there? Buchanan lies smoothly that as far as he knows she is okay. Tony asks what the hell is going on, ‘They killed President Palmer and they tried to kill Michelle and me.’ Buchanan starts explaining that Palmer was the primary target and he was killed because he was going to expose someone working with the terrorists inside Logan’s administration and they set Jack up to take the fall. Tony asks quietly if they got Jack. No, they didn’t, he is working with CTU on a provisional basis for today. Tony wants to talk to Jack but Buchanan advises Tony to rest. Tony snaps that he doesn’t need rest, he needs to talk to Jack, now. Bill will tell him. Tony thanks him and then asks for a favour. He asks Bill to get a message to Michelle, tell her that he’s okay. After a slight pause Buchanan says he will. Gently, Buchanan puts his hand on Tony’s shoulder and tells him, “Tony, we need you to get better.” He leaves the clinic.

At the scene of the motorcade attack they are putting out the fires and starting to clean up. Martha stands alone looking frightened and Pierce is given the okay after a check up. He heads over to Martha while Suvarov speaks on the phone in Russian. His wife sits in the car and when he finishes on the phone he moves over to his wife. They hug. Pierce radios his two way and says that “Blacktop 1 is standing by.” He tells Martha that a navy chopper is on the way to pick them up and take them back to the retreat. Martha is still recovering from the shock of the attack but stutters to Aaron that ‘he’ didn’t warn the motorcade. Aaron is confused asking ‘Ma’am?’ She continues breathily that Charles knew about the attack. This rouses Aaron’s interest; she tells him that he just let it happen. Trying not to dismiss her he shakes his head and says ‘That can’t be true.’ Martha says that he didn’t just let it happen, he gave the terrorists the Suvarov’s motorcade route. Aaron is puzzled, ‘Why would he do that?’ She doesn’t answer and then they hear the helicopter coming to get them.

Bierko is still with his men and they are working on the canisters. They will be ready in a couple of minutes and Bierko wants them to maximize casualties. These are supposed to appear as though they are the primary targets. It is being taken care of. Bierko calls Ostroff and asks about the key card, he is told it will happen within the hour. Bierko is tense, he is using up a canister to create this diversion and without the key card its all for nothing. Bierko is assured that he will have the card.

Ostroff hangs up with Bierko and calls Lynn’s sister Jen’s boyfriend Dwayne. He is using the key card to help him make up lines of coke. Ostroff will be there soon and Dwayne asks about the money. He will have it, Dwayne says that then he will have his precious card. He hangs up the phone and turns to Jen who has her finger in the coke. He smacks her hand she warns him to be careful, that’s all they have left. Dwayne says that in a while they will be able to buy all that they want.

Mike tells Logan that the Suvarov’s and Mrs. Logan are being picked up now by a helicopter. Logan doesn’t know what he is going to say to his wife but Mike says Logan was in an impossible situation. Logan says it is his job to handle impossible situations and he failed, not for the first time. Logan doesn’t think he should have ever given into the terrorists, he should have ordered the motorcade back. Mike doesn’t want Logan to doubt himself; this is no time for self incrimination. Logan failed, Mike says he assumed that they would make good on the threat to use the nerve gas on American soil. Logan asks angrily about CTU, if they have anything or if they are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Mike explains they’re fishing for a lead, working the scene of the attack.

Curtis speaks with Buchanan, the bodies from the terrorist attack on the motorcade are on the way to CTU. He is going to be in the morgue checking them out. Jack is on his phone to Audrey and asks for a personnel update. Bill has been reinstated and McGill has been relived of duty. Jack updates Audrey that Christopher Henderson is the one that set up the deal of the gas with the terrorists. He knows because Henderson just tried to kill him but Henderson managed to destroy the servers with all the information. Obviously Jack escaped and wants to know if they can hack into the office computer. Chloe, listening and working, says that she is in and it’s clean. He has wiped the hard drive but there is a link to an active socket, it’s going to 5714 Terawood Drive in Teluca Lake. Jack realizes right away that this is Henderson’s home address and is surprised. Buchanan will send a tac team over there but Jack stops him. Jack wants to go alone, he can get there undetected because Henderson left him for dead, he is the last person that he’d expect to see. Buchanan wants Jack in constant contact with CTU.

Henderson is driving and makes a phone call to the Bank of Buenos Ares. His ID code is 8477C and he wants after hours access to his personal security deposit box.

Curtis calls Buchanan from the morgue, he found a schematic of a ventilation system on one of the terrorists. Since that’s the most efficient way to use the gas they can assume it’s for an attack. He has no indication of the building but he’s sent it up to building safety, Buchanan asks for it to be sent to Chloe and Edgar as well. Curtis has also noticed a number in the margin, it’s 1800 hours. Buchanan turns to Audrey and tells her that the attack is set to happen sometime in the next hour. He reviews the information Curtis has given him and they see that the building is large enough to hold several thousand people. Buchanan wants it found.

Dr. Besson comes in the clinic to check on Tony. He says that he’s fine and asks if he heard anything on his wife’s condition. Besson lies that he knows nothing new and apologises. Tony senses that he is lying and watches Besson leave. In a hurry he pulls off his oxygen and rips out the IV. He gets up with a groan and rips off his gown revealing a black CTU t-shirt. Quickly Tony hobbles to the door and looks around outside the small window seeing nothing. He steps back and notices a mirror on his right side. Observing himself for a second Tony decides to pull the gauze pad off. Once it’s off he looks at himself in the mirror, he has cuts and scrapes and stitches around and below his ear and his cheek. He throws the gauze in the sink and goes back to the door. He opens the door and goes out and then closes it behind him. Seeing a nurse working on a computer through the glass he waits until she leaves. Tony limps out the door and to the computer leaning heavily on the desk for support. He quickly types in the name “Michelle Dessler” and waits. Once it’s up he continues to move around the file on the computer and Buchanan and Besson show up in the clinic. They’re both surprised to see Tony standing there and Besson moves on Tony grabbing his arm and saying he needs to go back to recovery. Tony pushes him off and continues to type. Besson looks at Buchanan who is just standing there and then tries to move Tony again. This time Tony shoves Besson and yells for him to get away from him. Buchanan just watches and waits knowing what’s coming, the word comes up over Michelle’s file, “Deceased.” Now Buchanan goes to the shell-shocked Tony and urges him to move away. Tony pulls away from Buchannan and sees photos of the burning car and then Michelle’s lifeless body on the lawn. Tony tilts his head at the screen and then his legs give out and he collapses. Buchanan and Besson are quick enough to catch him and an orderly appears as well. Tony quietly cries Michelle’s name as Besson and the orderly support Tony’s weight back into recovery.



The chopper lands at the retreat and Logan waits to see his wife. The large gun is moved out of the way and Pierce is the first off the chopper. He turns to help the others and a large patch of gauze is seen on the back of his head. Martha comes out, then Mrs. Suvarov and the President. Secret Service agents escort Martha to her husband who hugs her. She’s angry and can’t believe the choices he made, he didn’t have a choice. She stutters that he didn’t stand up to them, he should have stood up to them. He tries to continue the conversation but she moves away. The Suvarov’s are approaching next and Logan expresses happiness that they are alright. Mrs. Suvarov says it was awful and Logan is embarrassed that the attack happened on US soil. Logan promises that whoever did this will be brought to justice. Suvarov speaks in Russian to his wife and she makes her excuses and leaves. The president’s agree that they both know who is responsible for the attack, the same group that attacked the Ontario airport this morning. Logan had thought that they were all killed in the siege but they were wrong. This is more serious than Suvarov knows. Logan informs him that these terrorists are in possession of military grade nerve agent. Logan just found out but he asks the Russian President to honour the terms of the treaty that they signed today and allow the US access to their intelligence files on the terrorists. Suvarov will allow this to happen. He addresses a concern with Logan, he hopes that he doesn’t find this offensive but something has been bothering him. Mrs. Logan’s behaviour has been strange, she is not herself. Logan tries to brush it off with the stress of the attack but Suvarov noticed it before the attack. Logan makes the excuse that she has been under a doctors care for some time now for depression and anxiety. It has been difficult for both of them and Suvarov is sorry to hear it.

In a holding room Lynn waits until Buchanan arrives. Lynn wanted to see Buchanan and asks how long he intends on keeping him there. Buchanan is not letting Lynn do anything today; the Marshals are reviewing the case. Lynn wants a favour from Buchanan, he knows he doesn’t deserve it and he was unfair to him earlier. Lynn needs to make a phone call. Buchanan isn’t going to let that happen, Lynn is not going to be able to get out of this with a couple of phone calls. That’s not what he wants the phone for, he will allow Buchanan to clear the phone number, he needs to call his sister, she’s in a little bit of trouble and he is the only one that can help her. Buchanan looks at Lynn for a second and decides that he doesn’t need to clear the call. He tells the guard to give Mr. McGill a phone and some privacy. Lynn thanks Buchanan as the guard hands a phone over.

The phone rings and Lynn’s sister Jen answers it. Lynn calls her Jenny and says that he doesn’t care about his wallet, she can keep everything in it but he needs his key card. Jen doesn’t know what Lynn is talking about so he makes it clearer, his CTU access card that gets him in and out of the building. She suggests idiotically that he just get a new one, that’s what she did when she lost the key to her laundry room. Lynn snaps this is not a laundry room it is a secure government building and if she doesn’t want him to call the police she will get it back to him today. They end the call and Jen asks Dwayne about the card from Lynn’s wallet, she wants to give it back. He had told her that they would be only taking cash and a credit card. He holds up the key card saying that there is a 20 thousand dollar line of credit right there. At the thought of the money she echo’s the sum and asks who would pay him that kind of money. In the split screen the Orstoff appears.

Logan walks down the hall to his wife’s room. He knocks and Evelyn answers. He wants to see his wife but Evelyn has been ordered not to let anyone in. Logan isn’t just anyone and she somewhat sheepishly admits that he’s not, but she specifically mentioned him. Logan doesn’t have time for this, he has to get to a meeting. He asks her to tell his wife that he wants to speak to her. Of course she will and she shuts the door. Martha is nearby, within earshot of the door. She thanks Evelyn and asks her to do something else for her, find Pierce and if he’s alright ask him to come and see her.

Edgar calls Chloe and says that he has a match on the schematic that Curtis found on the terrorist. The one he has isn’t an exact match because there are 2 layers, the one Curtis found was structural but this one is electrical. The location is a hospital in Westwood. Buchanan is already on the phone asking to be put through to their security.

At the hospital a terrorist named Viktor loads the canister on to the bottom rack of a gurney and conceals it. He wheels it out into the hospital.



Jack and Audrey speak on the phone, Jack is on speaker at CTU. He is outside the Henderson house and is creeping around the back. Audrey updates Jack about the hospital and that the attack is happening within the hour. Using his knife he slides up the hitch on the gate and carefully creeps around the side of the house. Jack sees Henderson’s wife in the kitchen through the window. He says that he sees Henderson’s wife, he is not there. He will get back to them as soon as he has access to Henderson’s computer.

Curtis is in a van heading for the hospital. He is speaking to Tom Wegman the head of security at the hospital. He explains the situation and Wegman has already called a second shift in. He calmly tells Curtis that it will take an hour maybe two to empty the hospital. Curtis reiterates the importance of evacuation, it needs to be done within the hour because if the gas is released everyone inside will die. He has to get the people out of the building.

Miriam Henderson washes some red peppers in the kitchen. Jack is now inside the house and quietly moves out from behind a wall into the open kitchen. Standing in the centre of the kitchen Jack says evenly, “Hello Miriam.” She whips around in surprise and is even more surprised to see Jack standing in front of her. “I thought you were dead.” Jack has no greeting except asking where ‘he’ is. She wants to know what Jack is doing and he is impatient and draws his gun asking more forcefully where Christopher is. Shocked, she admits he’s still at work. Jack asks if he called her but now Jack is scaring her. He yells at her if in the last hour he called her. She says no and wants to know what the hell is going on. Jack wants to see Christopher’s computer and when Miriam doesn’t answer he points his gun at her asking again. She is not telling him anything until he tells her what is going on. Jack hurriedly explains that Christopher developed a chemical weapon system with Omicron and it is now being used against civilians in Los Angeles. He asks again where the computer is but Miriam resists, she wants proof. Jack tells her that Christopher brokered a deal with Omicron and less than an hour ago he tried to kill Jack in an explosion at his office. Miriam glances over her shoulder and Jack follows her gaze to see the computer. He instructs her with his gun to move towards the living room. They keep walking to the den and he tells her to take a seat on the couch. She impatiently tells Jack that he doesn’t need the gun, he is not going to shoot her. He safety’s the pistol and holsters it at his side. Jack drops his bag and sits down at the computer while she looks out the window. Jack tells Chloe over the phone that he needs to access Henderson’s hard drive. She will walk him through it as Miriam watches.

Pierce arrives to see Martha. She invites him in and once the door is closed she says that she didn’t get a chance to thank him before, he saved her life and she knows that he will just say that it was in the line of duty. Aaron tells the first lady that she is welcome. Gazing at him she observes that the military is lucky to have men like him, she’s lucky. Somewhat seductively now Martha grabs his hand and says that she hopes he will allow her to say that. Before another word is spoken Martha is called by Mike Novick. Pierce snaps his hand away from the First Lady and looks guilty as Mike excuses him from the room. Pierce heads out of the room and Mike goes to Martha. Mike is there on behalf of the president who has been trying to reach her. She doesn’t want to see him and Mike asks if she would like him to convey that to the president. Martha doesn’t care, he can convey anything he wants to him. Mike has heard enough and leaves. Walking past Pierce he follows Mike trying to get his attention. He wants Mike to know that nothing happened in there. Mike crisply says that whatever didn’t happen; make sure it doesn’t happen again. Mike walks away from Pierce.

The hospital evacuation is coming along and CTU shows up. The head of security, Tom Wegman, identifies himself to Curtis and has prepared double security at all basement points. No one can get down there unless they go through them. He tells Curtis that there are 26 ICU patients that can not be moved, 7 of those are babies that can’t be moved without special equipment. Curtis asks for a visual sweep of all points in the hospital and the team moves out.

Viktor is dressed as an orderly and is in the middle of everything. He parks the gurney and calls Bierko and expresses concern, he has been found out, all the elevators and stairwells are guarded. Bierko tells him to calm down. He gets the schematic in front of him and finds another entrance to a sub basement and there’s a good chance it’s not guarded. Bierko tells Viktor he needs to finish his task, even if it means he doesn’t get out.



Audrey tells the President that DoD finished with the Russian Intel, the man they are after is named Vladamir Bierko. He has made millions in weapons and oil dealings. He is a separatist and more than just a sympathizer, they think he is working on this himself. The information has been posted to servers and a brief is out to local law enforcement. Logan wants them to find him before the hospital attack. The most promising lead they have is Christopher Henderson. Logan hopes Jack succeeds; they need to stop this madman.

Jack is still at Henderson’s desk and asks Chloe if she found anything. All she has uncovered is domestic stuff, bills and downloaded music. Jack snaps that Henderson is not trading downloaded music with his office, he tells her to find what he is hiding. Miriam poses the idea that Christopher is innocent. Jack repeats that Henderson tried to kill him but Miriam asks if he was defending himself. No, Jack corrects her, he blew up the server room while he was still inside. Miriam is familiar with this, Jack accusing her husband of being a criminal. She asks him why Jack hates him so much. Jack just looks at her and she continues, ‘Christopher never hated you, even after what you did to him. After we thought you died he looked in on Kim, he cared about your daughter, we both did. Just like we cared about you, you know that.’ Jack’s mind appears to be working overtime until Chloe tells him that she found a shadow drive containing satellite phone numbers from the last year. Miriam asks sarcastically if the fact that Christopher had some files implicates him. Jack asks if Miriam has the password but she doesn’t. Jack gives her the stakes, thousands of lives are at stake and this attack will happen within the hour. Jack needs to know now but she can’t help him. Chloe will have to try to hack into it, she will see what she can do.

Tom is stopped by one of the other guards, they caught an orderly on camera that he has never seen before. He also has no business being where he is and this makes him a possible suspect. Curtis uplinks to the facial recognition software and at CTU they look for a match. Curtis heads downstairs and soon Edgar finds a suspect, Viktor Gregorian. He’s a Russian National and into drug smuggling and weapons. Curtis tells the teams they have a confirmed hostile. Viktor, meanwhile, gets the canister ready in the sub-basement. The vent is directly in front of him that will feed air to the hospital. He sets a timer for 10 minutes and then takes the display with him and leaves the room.

Curtis moves his teams in to the sub-basement and they see Viktor running. Curtis calls for him to freeze but Viktor doesn’t comply and Curtis shoots him twice in the chest. He puts his gun away and comes over to the body turning it over and revealing that he is dead. Another agent wants Curtis to come and look at something to he orders one nearby to search the dead hostile. Curtis follows the lead of the other agent and they pause and put their gas masks on. Inside a room they find the canister all set to go. They do not move it for fear of it going off and they call the Chemical Response Team down right now to stop the armed canister from going off.



The evacuation is still going on at the hospital and the CRT team moves to the canister, masks on. Curtis alerts CTU that they’re coming and there are still a lot of people in the hospital. Buchanan orders a mandatory evacuation of the downtown core.

Chloe tries to crack the password on Henderson’s computer but it’s an interlaced encryption key, it’s going to take her half a day to crack it. Jack doesn’t have that kind of time. Miriam sees her husband’s car pull in the driveway. Jack sees this as well and while talking with Chloe moves away from the desk. Chloe updates the progress at the hospital to Jack and is sure to tell him that they haven’t been able to evacuate everyone yet. Jack, moving down the hallway, advises her that she needs to stay focused and asks if they can get more people working on the password. Chloe already 3 people working on it. Henderson enters his house calling for his wife. He stands at the entry way and tells her to pack a bag. Before he gets anything else out Jack hits him on the back of the head and Henderson goes flying down the two stairs onto the hardwood floor. Getting up painfully Jack tells Henderson to get on his knees and handcuff himself behind his back. He follows the orders and Jack orders Miriam back on the couch. Henderson is told to go join his wife there and he asks if she is okay. Jack, gun trained on Henderson, asks how to find the nerve gas. Christopher doesn’t answer and Jack asks how to find it this time pressing his gun to the top of Henderson’s knee. Henderson says casually to start with the knee, just like he taught him. Jack asks where it is, Henderson claims not to know so Jack moves the gun up to his neck. CTU found a canister at a hospital armed, people are going to start dying, how do they find the rest of the canisters? Miriam comes to her husbands’ defence saying that he doesn’t know anything. Jack asks sceptically if she really trusts him and goes to get the brief case. Jack sweeps everything off the coffee table with it and tosses the keys next to it. He instructs Miriam to unlock it and when she does Jack opens it up and dumps out the contents, piles of cash. He tells her to ask him where he got all that money. She looks incredulously at her husband and asks if he has been lying to her all this time? Are these things true? He says it’s not that simple but she defended him. He defended her too, against things that he would not want her to know because he loves her. Nothing he did was out of self interest or greed, even when he was fired, when he was framed, he served his country. Jack doesn’t care how Henderson justifies it, he wants to know how to find the rest of the nerve gas. The gun is back at the knee and Henderson challenges Jack to go ahead, shoot him, kneecap him. He begs Jack to do it and making a split second decision Jack pulls the gun away from Christopher and shoots Miriam in the leg instead. She screams and Henderson yells at Jack calling him a son of a bitch. Jack roars that he shot her above the kneecap, she can still walk. If he makes him shoot her again she will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Jack asks Henderson not to make him do it again. Miriam, rocking back and forth from the pain and gripping her leg begs her husband to tell him what he wants to know. Henderson looks at his wife and softly says that he can’t, he’s sorry and asks for her forgiveness. Shocked by this Jack whispers, ‘You son of a bitch, you don’t care about anybody, not even her.’ Henderson just looks at Jack who turns around and goes to his bag kicking something in his way in frustration. Digging in his bag Jack radio’s Chloe and with emotion creeping into his voice Jack tells her in a panic that he needs an ambulance on site, Miriam Henderson has been shot in the leg. He is bringing Christopher Henderson into CTU, he needs a room set up with hioscine-pentothal. Meanwhile Jack has pulled a white cloth out of his bag and ripped it into pieces. Hearing the stress in Jack’s voice Chloe asks if Jack is okay, he says he’s fine and applies the cloth to Miriam’s leg trying to stop the bleeding.

At the hospital they are trying to diffuse the canister. An agent comes to Curtis and shows him the timing device he found on the hostile, it’s counting down from 1:12. Curtis asks the agent if he can stop it, the tech can but not in 60 seconds. Curtis goes to pick up the canister but he is warned that it might detonate. It’s a chance he’s willing to take, he wants to move it to the containment unit. Curtis comes running up the stairs with the canister and out past patients still evacuating the hospital. Once he gets outside he runs with it through the crowd and puts it into the back of a van inside a glass case. He looks at the timer as they seal up the case it ticks down the last few seconds. The canister detonates inside the containment unit. Curtis radios the information to CTU who tell him good work.

A gun cocks and as the camera pans out Jen, Lynn’s sister, cries. She is bound and gagged, as is Dwayne. Ostroff shoots Dwayne in the head and Jen screams into the gag. Ostroff cocks the gun again and kills Jen. He then calls Bierko and tells him that he has the key card. It will take him 5 minutes to reprogram it and then he can access CTU. Bierko says that is good.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-It’s good to see Dr. Besson again. He was one of the few that made it out of the CTU Clinic of Death last season.

-Doin’ a little dance that Tony is awake. Now we just have to keep him ALIVE.

-Fox had the little clip of Buchanan lying to Tony on their website before this show aired and I was shocked to see that Buchanan would lie to Tony, he’s a straight ahead honest guy. Seeing the whole episode with Besson telling him why he couldn’t say it made some more sense.

-I’m wondering what Tony wants to talk to Jack about? Does he just want to say hi to his friend and make sure he’s okay or does he have some information about the goings on of the day.

-Could this have anything to do with who the pair of them were supposed to meet today?

-I know that they said that Tony and Michelle were targeted for a diversion and to further frame Jack but we really haven’t found out WHY they chose Jack as the scapegoat. Was this Henderson’s doing? It still feels like there is more of this story that has to be cleaned up. Hopefully Tony can provide some insight into it.

-Buchanan’s a nice guy. When he showed up last year and was all crazy with Tony because of Michelle I was not too into liking him but he’s grown on me, he’s generally level headed, he cares and he tends to do the right thing. Just the kind of person that probably won’t live all that long in 24-land.

-As much as I hate Martha Logan, Jean Smart does an excellent job with her character.

-And also again, Agent Pierce is great. While we’re on the topic of great actors, from day 1 Glenn Morshower has done a magnificent job of creating a character that we just love, even though you probably wouldn’t have to take off your shoes to count how many lines he’s had over all 5 seasons.

-So, in case we didn’t catch what Bierko was talking about, the hospital was a diversion for the CTU attack… I think.

- Logan is all about having someone to blame. He’s not exactly doing anything constructive to find the terrorists, now, is he?

-Mike has a good point, Logan will have plenty of time for LOTS of self incrimination once this day is over. He has a lot of thinkgs to blame himself for.

-A slight eggageration Logan gives the Russian President about how long they’ve known about the nerve gas, you know, ‘just found out’ and ‘known for about 7 hours now’ are slightly different but who am I to pick, right?

-Anyone else find it hilarious when Suvarov addressed Mrs. Logan’s behaviour as “Strange” and then said that was out of the ordinary? I think that ‘strange’ doesn’t quite cover it, try ‘completely psychotic’.

- Lynn knows who to suck up to when he needs something, doesn’t he?

-Jen must be on some serious drugs… it’s about 8 minutes before she asks Dwayne for it that he uses it to cut up some coke…

-In retrospect, Buchanan probably could have sent a tac team since Henderson wasn’t even there when Jack got there.

-Even if Buchanan is a great liar, Besson is a terrible one. Have they forgotten that Tony is an ex agent?

-That was a big piece of gauze for not exactly the biggest set of cuts. It covered more of Tony’s face than was actually injured.

-And again, Tony is the amazing healing man… sort of.

-He’s got a lot of strength for someone who was just in a coma. He nearly knocks Besson off of his feet.

-Tony re-finding out that Michelle is dead is one of THE saddest moments in the show. His reaction was acted perfectly and the lead up was vintage Tony. 24 writers are my heros.

-The surprise about Buchanan not telling Tony was made all okay by him not even trying to stop Tony from finding out Michelle’s fate but offering support after he did find out.

-Well, I expected much worse from Martha about this whole thing, I had pictured her standing on the rooftop of the retreat screaming “HE KNEW!”, so this little confrontation was a bit more subtle.

-I knew Suvarov was onto Logan, and I’m not convinced now that he completely belives the story about Logan’s wife. Maybe at the end of this year Logan is the one that has to go into hiding… from the Russians.

-One of the friends that I watch 24 with suggested last week after seeing Martha’s reaction to Pierce when he was injured that there was a little somthin’ somthin’ going on there. I told him he was nuts, there’s NO WAY Pierce would get involved in something like that. Not only is he the best Secret Service Agent EVER but he probably has a wife, we know he has a son. He is a man of high morals blah blah blah. Well, now here’s Martha all over him like white on rice and I was shocked to see his delayed reaction to the events. Maybe he was just formulating a sentence before Mike walked in but I was just stunned beyond words. Meanwhile, my friend is doing the “I was right” dance in the middle of my living room.

-What kind of grade 2 mentatlity would have Evelyn passing messages fr… oh, never mind. -I didn’t see if Henderson has a garage but if he does how could Jack possibly tell that he is not home by the fact that his wife is in the kitchen?

-That hospital security guard either doesn’t get it or just doesn’t care because he is just way too calm when Curtis tells him that everyone in that building is very close to dying.

-Something about the way Jack snuck up on Miriam was great. I think it was just strage seeing Jack in this pseudo-happy home.

-This woman is completely unphazed by having a presumed dead ruthless CTU agent standing in her kitchen pointing a gun at her. Obviously, her marriage to another CTU agent has a role to play in this.

-It’s just funny when Jack talks about people that tried to kill him. He should add something like “for real” or “again” when he says this since he’s died twice now.

-Jack Bauer can find anything, computer chips inside dead terrorists, moles inside CTU but he needs an ex-agent’s wife to tell him where the computer in the house is? When it is directly in his sight line? Okay, whatever.

-I’m curious how Martha was intending on saying thank-you to Pierce, if this was going to go a little further if Mike hadn’t walked in.

-I laughed out loud the way Pierce snapped his hand away from Martha when Mike walked in. He looked like an 8 year old not wanting his friends to know he has a girlfriend.

-Does Mike even know Pierce at all? He has worked with him all the time, he should know that psychotic Martha was the instigator in all this and Pierce was just along for the ride.

-The more we learn about Jack’s past the worse I feel for him. He had to turn in his own mentor for criminal actions, all the while doubting that it was true but following the evidence. With a nice wife like Martha around that cared for Jack and his family it must have been even harder.

-My curiosity is piqued about the comment about Henderson looking in on Kim. Is there significance in this?

-It nearly breaks my heart to hear Miriam say that they care about Jack. It’s just never that easy for Jack, always complicated, convoluted circumstances. Jack looks somewhat blindsided by this information as well.

-I’m just going to assume that one of the techs have created the timer as another way of arming the mechanism for the nerve gas. I will not get angry that now the entire reprogramming the remote trigger and bogus meet/mall test were a complete waste of time.

-So, they woke Tony up for two scenes in the whole episode. I don’t like it but I can accept it. The thing I can’t accept is that they haven’t told Jack about it yet. Don’t they think that he’d want to know and talk to his friend? I can overlook and not get angry about the trigger stuff but this makes me very very mad. There’s no way Buchanan wouldn’t have told Jack.

-Obviously Curtis is no Jack. Jack would have injured the terrorist and asked him questions. Curtis gives him two shots to the chest and is surprised when he’s dead. Obviously, he wasn’t trained by Henderson.

-Was I the only one that didn’t think Jack saw Henderson come home?

-That was a nice chess set that Jack just tossed across the living room.

-Also, by the way, that’s a really nice briefcase that Henderson has.

-Well, Jack shooting Miriam was about the last thing I expected there.

- Henderson is going to be a tough nut to crack. If he can keep all this from his wife even he isn’t going to give anything up easily. Also, he’s the man that TRAINED Jack freaking Bauer. Honestly, I don’t know if they’ll get anything out of him. We’ve all seen what Jack will take in the face of torture. Henderson is probably the same.

-One point for Henderson in this round, Jack obviously isn’t feeling too good about shooting Miriam.

-At the end of this day I’d really like Jack to inventory the contents of that green bag he’s been carrying around all day. Handy little devil, that’s for sure.

-Curtis, note to self for next time, if you’ve evacuated a building, it’s not the best idea to bring the reason that the people have been evacuated THROUGH them in the last seconds before it explodes potentially killing all of them. Just a thought.

-At that point, why not take the chance of it detonating when he moves it? It’s going off anyway, if he makes it happen 60 seconds sooner so what?

-Ah, another crazy family member bites the dust