5.10: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
~ Murder ~


Bierko is watching coverage on TV of Suvarov’s motorcade. His Sat Phone rings and there is a man working for him on the other end. He wants to know where the motorcade is, it is on the 118, it will be 40 minutes until they make it to the ambush point. Bierko asks that the man get everything ready. They hang up and the man brings some large guns out of a case in a nearby van.

Mike has asked Secret Service for the threat assessment on Suvarov’s motorcade route. They are most vulnerable on the downtown corridor, which is the most likely place if there will be an attack. Logan assures Mike that there is going to be an attack; they gave the terrorists the Suvarov’s route. Logan wants to come up with a statement, when the attack happens this will underscore the entire point of the treaty that they signed today. While Logan speaks an assistant comes to Mike and whispers something to him. Mike tells Logan he will work on the statement and then turns to the phone. He listens for a few seconds and says grimly that he will let the president know. When Mike hands up, he sighs and Logan asks what it is. Mike hesitates and Logan prods him on. Mike tells him it was Agent Pierce and he just doesn’t know how to tell Logan what he has to say. Logan just wants him to say it so Mike does, he tells Logan that Mrs. Logan is riding with the Suvarov’s, she got into their limousine. Logan is dumbfounded; didn’t secret service try to stop her? Mike explains that they have no reason to, the motorcade is under secret service escort, they don’t think she is in any danger. Logan gives the order to call back the motorcade. Mike clarifies to Logan that this will also save Suvarov and Logan says yes. He thinks intently for a second and then changes his mind. He tells Mike to stop, if they warn Suvarov the terrorists will release the gas. Logan asks where the motorcade is, it is still on 118. Logan would like to speak to his wife, Mike starts to dial the phone while Logan sighs.

The motorcade is still on the move and Martha talks with the Suvarov’s but is obviously distracted. Mrs. Suvarov talks about her mom who visited LA in the 1950’s. She spoke about the orange trees that were there. Martha doesn’t respond to her and when Mrs. Suvarov gets her attention she claims to be trying to remember herself. In the front, Pierce answers the phone finding Logan on the other end wanting to speak to his wife. He rolls down the divider window and passes the phone back to Martha. She thanks Aaron and as soon as she gets on the phone he starts giving instructions. She cuts him off saying airily that she and the Suvarov’s are having a wonderful visit; they would like them to come to Moscow. Logan instructs her to tell the Suvarov’s that he needs her back there but she shoots him down while trying to keep a pleasant demeanour. He demands that she do it now, while he is on the phone. She refuses and he again lays out the scenario for her, he does not want to call the motorcade back because of what the terrorists have threatened to do. She tells him kindly that she is sure he’ll figure something out. Logan is frustrated and says that he’s trying but he needs her to get out of the car. She asks him to call if there is any change in plans. He swears at her indifference but she will talk to him soon. She hangs up the phone as he protests. Logan is at a loss, he panics telling Mike that she has to get out of the car, they have to stop them. He wants secret service to take her out by force. Mike sees a problem in that if Martha feels that the only remaining option is to tell the truth, Logan realizes then that Suvarov would know that he gave him up for assassination. Mike asks heavily is Logan wants him to recall the motorcade or not. Logan doesn’t respond.

Edgar is working at his station and Audrey comes over. She discreetly asks him to meet her in the server room in a few minutes. He asks if he is in trouble and she assures him he’s not, but it is very important. He needs to tell no one where he’s going. She leaves him to work and in seconds Lynn is at Edgar’s desk wanting to know what Audrey said to him. Edgar says they were going over DoD protocols. Lynn turns to the girl working opposite Edgar. He calls her Kerry and asks why the chatter is not on Lynn’s screen. Edgar stands up for her saying that he didn’t think Lynn wanted every little thing sent to him. Lynn has seen enough mistakes today and he doesn’t want any more. They are to mirror everything to his station. Curtis watches the fiasco from a distance.

Chloe works with Audrey, the terrorists have found out about or are in contact with the company that manufactured the gas, Omicron. Audrey asks about Henderson, Chloe explains he’s the senior VP there and Jack says he knows him but he won’t talk about it. Audrey picks up the phone and calls Jack. She fills him in that Omicron definitely made the Syntox. Jack wants Audrey to help him work up a cover because there is someone there he wants to talk to and he can’t go in as CTU, he doesn’t want this person to know he is coming. Audrey asks if this someone is Christopher Henderson. Jack admits that it is. When questioned he tells Audrey that he was the person that recruited him to work for CTU. Audrey says that Jack never talked about Henderson and Jack tells her that things ended badly between them. Jack was part of an investigation that uncovered information about the sales of classified information to defence contractors. There wasn’t enough evidence to indict Henderson but he lost his job and his command. Even as he left CTU he maintained his innocence. Audrey asks if Jack was convinced of his guilt. Jack was at the time. If the company was making syntox gas, legal or illegal, Henderson knew about it.

Edgar shows up where Chloe and Audrey are working. He wants to know what Chloe is doing there, she tells him rudely that she is working, they are helping Jack. Edgar tells them that Lynn has issued an arrest warrant for Jack. Audrey is aware but Lynn is losing it. He is incapable of leading CTU through this crisis. Edgar clarifies they are working behind his back. They are concerned that if they tell Lynn he will blow their only good lead. They need Edgar to cover for Chloe until she gets back. Edgar is worried they will lose their jobs but he eventually agrees. Edgar walks out of the room and Chloe gets back to work.

Mike speaks on the phone and when he hangs up he updates Logan that he was talking with Secret Service, the motorcade has made it’s way thus far without incident. Logan stresses that the terrorists will attack without warning. It will be fast and merciless. Logan wants to speak to the man that called him and tell him that Martha is in the car. He can recommend that they hold off until Martha gets out of the car. Mike doesn’t think he is going to change his plan. Logan snaps that he has to know his wife is in the car. Logan whines he can’t lose her. Mike tells him that the only way to keep her safe is to turn around the motorcade. He asks about CTU and is told there are no active leads. Logan is sure he is missing something; he asks Mike what it is. Mike says he’s not missing anything. Any action to save Martha will save the Suvarov’s and the terrorists will release the gas. Clearly, Mike says “Unfortunately, it’s that simple.” Logan says then there is nothing more they can do. Unless he warns them, Martha is going to die with the Suvarov’s.

Martha knocks on the glass partition in the limo. Aaron rolls it down and Martha wants to know if there are any changes to the route. Aaron has no revised instructions. She thanks Aaron and turns back around. She smiles at the Suvarov’s. Mrs. Suvarov asks if she is alright. Martha is, she just wants to make sure they don’t want to run into heavy traffic. Suvarov watches Martha squirm.



Lynn heads to Kerry’s desk. She hangs up the phone and he demands to know who she was on the phone with. She says it was Homeland Security. Lynn asks again about the information being mirrored to his system. She says it is in the works so Lynn, seeing Edgar coming up, tells him to finish her tasks, Kerry is done. She questions what he means ‘done’? Lynn clarifies it for her, she is fired, she doesn’t work there any more. Edgar tries to defend her but Lynn threatens that he will be walking out with her. Edgar is quiet until Lynn asks where Agent O’Brien is. Edgar covers saying she had to step away and he doesn’t know where.

Jack shows up in the parking lot and Chloe sends his credentials to the company. She has to do it manually. Audrey says the name he is going in under is John Barrie with Eclipse LLC. Jack walks towards the building and repeats the information. Chloe hasn’t planted the information yet and Lynn walks into the room. He asks what they are doing and Audrey says that she asked Chloe to help her with a DoD protocol. DoD has priority over CTU but Lynn is angry, Chloe is a department head, Audrey can’t take her away. Chloe is the only one that can fix the problem but Lynn snaps that everything in the office runs through him. Chloe still works on placing Jack’s page in while Audrey argues that she wants to get past this thing, Lynn wants Chloe back. Chloe is done anyway, she apologizes to Lynn as she rushes out of the room.

Jack goes to the security desk and introduces himself as John Barrie with Eclipse, he has a 4:30 with R&D. Jack is found on the page and he gives them his thumb print. The photo comes up and he is told to go on in. He thanks the guard and walks slowly. He finds the right office and heads in. A secretary is on a speakerphone with Henderson. When they are finished she turns to Jack who asks politely for the men’s room. She directs him to the second door and points. Jack thanks her and walks out. Once out of sight she dials the phone and Audrey answers. He needs her to lose the secretary, her name is Joanna Tandy. Audrey will take care of it. She uses the computer to call up the number and calls the Secretary. She identifies herself as Jane Espinson from accounting, she wants Joanna to come down and look at some of the cheque invoices. Joanna doesn’t know what she is talking about, Audrey says it’s hard to explain on the phone. Joanna will come down. She tells Henderson over the phone where she will be and leaves her desk.

Jack draws his gun and slowly makes his way to the door to Henderson’s office. He listens, gun drawn, and heads quietly in. Suddenly, Jack is hit in the neck with a tazer. He hits the ground in a heap. Henderson walks over to Jack’s unconscious body and takes a breath. He takes his glasses off and thinks for a quick second before breaking some salts under Jack’s nose. Jack jumps as he comes to and coughs. Henderson sits down with Jack’s own gun on him. While Jack rubs his neck Henderson says casually, “For the record, I never believed you were dead.” He continues asking what he is doing here. Jack explains the situation, earlier terrorists gained control of a large quantity of syntox gas and Omicron manufactured it. Henderson knows that his name was on the executive list, he works there. They had contracts for syntox gas and every gram of it went to the Dod. Jack taunts that that can’t be true, 19 canisters are missing and in the hands of terrorists. Henderson asks indignantly what Jack is accusing him of, being in bed with terrorists? Jack is following leads, Henderson says they were wrong. DoD destroyed the stockpile of gas but Jack tells him that this is what was responsible for killing people at the Sunrise Hills Mall earlier today. Henderson argues that it was chlorine gas. Jack counters that that was the story that was leaked to the media, Jack calls him Christopher and says he knows how this works. Terrorists have threatened to release the rest of the gas. Henderson sits forward muttering ‘good God.’ He gets up and says whoever implicated him must know his background with CTU. He was an easy target and this isn’t a coincidence. Henderson knows that there have been problems between them but he swears that he had nothing to do with this. Jack will not take is word for it, 11 people died in the mall and the terrorists are threatening to release the rest of the gas. Jack wants proof that he can trust Henderson, he glances at his gun. Henderson turns it over and gives the weapon back to Jack. He then asks for complete access to the syntox program. Henderson explains it was run from a bunker across campus. Jack wants to go there, Henderson grabs a clipboard and some papers and they head out.



Edgar checks Lynn’s office to see he is busy and then goes to Chloe’s desk. He informs her that the NSA chatter analysis just came in, they have decoded words and phrases and there are mostly number strings that they are catching. Chloe figures that they are freeways, President Suvarov’s route. The chatter started 30 minutes ago.

In his office, Lynn chats with Curtis about the search for the nerve gas, they are at a dead end. Chloe and Edgar come in and Chloe tells Lynn flat out that they think there may be an attack on Suvarov’s motorcade. Lynn sees this as them being off task analyzing chatter that has nothing to do with the nerve gas. Edgar defends that it came through his filters. Chloe asks if he is going to alert secret service but Lynn is not about to. Condescendingly, he adds, he won’t do it based on speculation from a couple of analysts. He has been embarrassed enough for one day. Chloe wants to put some people on it, Lynn snaps that maybe he wasn’t clear enough: No. He dismisses them downstairs. After they go Curtis thinks for a second and then suggests that maybe it’s not such a bad idea to pass along the intel about the hit on the motorcade. Lynn doesn’t want to hear another word about it.

Again Bierko calls his lackie for an update. The Russian President is 20 minutes away. Bierko is positive Logan won’t interfere, he knows the consequences. Bierko wants a call when this is all over. At his side, there is a man working on the canisters. Bierko asks him to keep them out, if things don’t go as planned then they will use them here.

Audrey enters Lynn’s office and he promptly snaps that he’s busy. Audrey has seen the chatter report and she thinks that they should let Secret Service know about this. Lynn again says no but Audrey thinks that the same people might be behind this as the nerve gas. Lynn says that is unverified but if she’s so worried about it she should hand it to NSA. Audrey doesn’t think that’s good enough, it will take them a long process to get it done; CTU can get the information out faster. Lynn has had enough. He unleashes on Audrey yelling at her that they don’t have time to do this. He is loud enough that those downstairs at CTU can hear him and they gawk at the noise. Back in the office Lynn finishes that she is to let his people focus on their work or he will have her escorted out of there. Audrey turns and leaves, taking the yelling well. She comes downstairs and goes to the nearest computer sending an instant message to Edgar and Chloe for them to come and meet her. She heads down a corridor and waits and soon Chloe shows up with Edgar on her tail. Audrey is going to call Secret Service against Lynn’s orders but they won’t act unless he verifies the message. She wants them to hack in and make it look like it came from him. Chloe tells Edgar to put a blanket on her system to look like she is doing something else. Edgar is again worried, they could go to jail. The lives of the Russian President, his wife and about 35 Secret Service agents are on the line and they will all be dead in a few minutes if they don’t do something. Audrey wants to know as soon as it’s done. Edgar will help but repeats for the record that this is not a good idea.

After they leave her Audrey sees Curtis moving across CTU. She parallels him and then makes her way over to him. She gets his attention and wants to talk. She says there’s a problem with Lynn but Curtis already knows, he’s not listening to anyone. Audrey is concerned that it’s going to start costing lives. Curtis figures that he’ll come around eventually. Audrey implores that they don’t have time to wait, they need Buchanan out there. Curtis says that that is not going to happen but Audrey thinks it can. Curtis can use section 112 on the grounds that Lynn is incapable or running CTU. Curtis is hesitant to go against his boss, making the jump to ‘unfit’ is a stretch. Audrey doesn’t think so and with Buchanan out Curtis is the ranking agent. Curtis doesn’t buy it yet, it would take a lot of ground work to get it done, even if he did agree. Audrey figures that the record of what is going on now is enough. Curtis isn’t going to budge, Audrey just asks him to think about it.

As the motorcade barrels along Martha looks nervous. Her husband appears in a split screen. We go full screen to Logan who is looking at a photo of his wife. Mike creeps up to the door and speaks to Logan. He invites Mike in and Mike updates him that the motorcade is 15 minutes from the airport. Mike moves around to face the President. Logan seems distant and says airily that his father always told him that life was about problem solving, every problem has a solution. He wants Mike to tell him what the solution is on this one. Mike has a seat and just shakes his head. He does not have an answer but if Logan wants the Suvarov’s motorcade to turn back he needs to do it now. Logan looks at Mike, eyes red, and leans forward. They know that the terrorists want to kill civilians. This would be on the low end of the casualty numbers. There are thousands of lives on the line. Mike is aware. Logan continues that he said before he couldn’t risk all those lives for one man and he can’t risk those lives now, even to save his own wife. Logan swears at his absent wife for putting him in this position, she brought it on herself. Mike seems to have trouble swallowing this and sits back. Meanwhile, Logan gets on his knees and asks Mike to pray with him. Mike doesn’t move, he tells Logan ‘With all due respect, this is a personal matter.’ Logan asks again and Mike joins the president. Logan puts his hand on Mike’s shoulder.

Audrey asks Chloe when she can send the info to Secret Service. It will be a couple of minutes, they are almost hacked in. Suddenly the screens go blank and they realize they have been cut off and there’s nothing they can do. Lynn arrives, security in tow, and goes to Edgar’s desk. He asks if he really thinks that he wouldn’t notice him accessing his computer. Audrey starts to speak but Lynn rudely tells her to shut up. He wants Edgar taken to holding and Audrey escorted out of the building. Curtis has finally seen enough, he says that Lynn is not being rational. Lynn gives the order to have Curtis put in custody as well. While the CTU security stands stunned Curtis places his hand on his gun challenging Lynn that if he follows through with that order he will draw his weapon. Lynn orders the security guards to shoot Curtis if he does. Lynn yells for them to follow his orders. After a second of inner struggle, one of the guards turns to Curtis and asks what he would like him to do. Curtis wants Lynn taken away under section 112. Lynn is not going down without a fight, or at least some threats. He yells as he is hauled away that there will be repercussions for all those involved in this. Once out of earshot Curtis makes the call to have Buchanan released and then orders everyone else back to their stations.



Buchanan, now released, walks through CTU with Curtis. He wants an update and Curtis tells him about the chatter and that the attack will most likely happen in the downtown corridor. Secret Service has not been notified and Chloe can do it but she needs Buchanan’s level 1 access card. He hands it to her and she also tells Buchanan that she needs Kerry back as well, Lynn fired her for no reason. Buchanan is told that Jack has traced the syntox to Omacron, Edgar has the president on the line. Buchanan tells Logan that there is intel that the motorcade of President Suvarov may be attacked in the next few minutes. Logan clears his throat and asks if that is so. CTU is in the process of notifying Secret Service but the attack will likely come in the downtown corridor which is where they are now. Logan looks at the floor while Buchanan tries to get Logan to respond to him. Across the table Mike identifies himself on the phone and states that the President is at a loss for words, his wife is in the Suvarov’s limousine. Buchanan is unhappy with this news as well and he is thanked, Mike says that he has done a good job. They hang up and ponder what they are going to do. There is nothing they can do, CTU will inform Secret Service and they will no doubt take defensive measures. This will make the attack on the Suvarov’s less likely to succeed.

The motorcade rolls into the terrorist hot zone where they are waiting. The guns are ready on the nearby roof tops and stairs. Inside the limo, Pierce gets word of the impending attack. He immediately snaps into action commanding that they are in a protocol red, they are to hold tight and they will turn around. Pierce has rolled down the partition to speak to the Suvarov’s and Martha. Suddenly one of the lead motorbike officers is gunned down, right away the second one is taken out. Pierce radios that they are under attack. Secret service agents stop their cars and try to hit some of the gunmen but they are hit instead. A missile is shot at the limo and the front end flies off the ground and back down. Chloe can see the missile from CTU and announces that the motorcade has been hit. Inside the limo Martha calls to Aaron trying to rouse his unconscious form, blood around his mouth. She touches his head as the Suvarov’s try and stay low out of the line of fire. Terrorists converge on the limo and riddle it with bullets. Obviously the limo is bullet-proof so they change to a flame thrower. They attempt to roast the car as Pierce comes to. He moves quickly to open his door and practically falling out of the side of the car he guns down the remaining terrorists just as the police arrive. The Suvarov’s are scared and Martha cries as Aaron sits up. She asks him if he is okay and again touches his head as he nods.

Mike’s phone rings and he looks to Logan. He answers and a man named Frank is on the other end. He tells Mike that the motorcade was hit badly. Mike asks about Mrs. Logan and after he has the information he hangs up. Logan waits until Mike says that his wife has survived the attack. Logan gratefully nods, CTU intervened in time. After this shock wears off he asks about the Suvarov’s. They were shaken but they’re okay. Logan leans over the table and realizes that they are going to think he tipped off CTU. It’s not going to matter that he tried to keep his end of the bargain, they need to prepare for the terrorists retaliation.



In a smaller box we can see Aaron hold the Suvarov’s and Martha Logan out of the limo.

Jack and Henderson walk down a corridor. Henderson explains that the access was extremely restrictive, every company Henderson & Jackinvolved had a separate bunker with nothing going in and nothing coming out. Jack looks around and takes in the surroundings as Henderson works on a computer in one of the bunkers. He says that this will take a few minutes because he might have to merge some files to find out who was working on the project. Jack doesn’t believe that Henderson is a Senior VP and he doesn’t know who was working on it. Henderson defends himself, there are 8 thousand people working for the company. While he waits for the program to finish Henderson asks Jack who the honcho is at CTU. Jack tells him it is Bill Buchanan. Henderson scoffs and calls Buchanan a stiff. They keep getting rid of people that can do the job. Jack argues that Henderson made his own bed but he says he was framed. Jack asks “By who?” Henderson answers passively, “Nina Myers, George Mason, it doesn’t matter.” He continues that it hurts him that Jack didn’t believe him. Jack says that Henderson made it impossible to believe him, he didn’t defend himself. Henderson wasn’t given the chance. The files are done, he has something, one of the lead scientists. Jack wants to talk to him but Henderson notes that he died in a chopper crash in Geneva. Jack wants to know what else and Henderson, surprised, says that the other senior scientists, one drowned, one burned to death in a car accident two weeks later. Jack tells Henderson to send CTU the access files. Henderson needs a tech to help him with that; he says he’s going to go get someone from IT to help. Jack goes to the nearest phone to call CTU and let them know. Henderson leaves and Jack picks up the phone but finds nothing but static. Toying with it for a few seconds Jack puts it down and goes to the other nearby phone which has the same problem. Catching on, Jack puts the phone down and goes for the bunker door. He finds himself locked in and seems to smell a trap. He looks around and spies the clip board that Henderson brought down with them. He goes straight to it and opens the lid finding the makings of a bomb inside. He whispers to himself, “How could I be so stupid?” Jack closes the lid and looks around for ideas.

Outside, Henderson is on the phone. He tells the person on the other end that he listened to Bauer and he doesn’t have enough to hurt ‘us.’ As Henderson gets in the car the voice asks him about Bauer. Henderson says that in about one minute he’ll be dead.

Jack is attempting to save himself from the bomb. Jack finds an anomaly in the floor and discovers a crawl space under the floor. Keeping that in mind he takes the clip board and sets it next to the bunker door. He then closes an inner door and moves a 4 drawer filing cabinet over to stop it from opening.

Henderson drives out of the parking lot and once on the road he pulls out a remote detonator. Deliberately, he pushes the button.

Inside the room where Jack is the bomb explodes with enough force to knock around and break most things as well as knocking panels off the ceiling and walls. After a few seconds a grunt is heard and Jack pushes open the panel in the floor coming out of the crawl space.

In the split screen we see Henderson, Aaron and Martha, Jack with his gun out, Lynn and the canisters of nerve gas.

Mike asks what they are going to tell the press about this, Logan doesn’t know. Diplomatically they can play up the fact that Martha was in the vehicle, it would get rid of the suspicion that they might have known. Logan’s cell phone rings and Logan looks at it fearfully, it’s him. Slowly Logan answers the phone. He assures Bierko that he had nothing to do with the rescue attempt. Bierko says that it was his job to make sure nothing happened. Logan told no one but Bierko threatens if Russia does not pay with the life of its president then its new ally, the US will pay with the lives of its citizens.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Ah, Fox news returns. Nothing like shameless self promotion.

-Are the secret service agents working around Logan deaf? They just seem to ignore him and his troublesome ramblings about important things like assassination.

-Did the motorcade stop for some drive thru? By my calculations it was more like 52 minutes between the beginning and then they were hit, Bierko was set for 40 minutes. If an entourage like that was behind without checking in there would be lots of stress. “Yeah, can I get 25 Big Mac’s, 30 large fries…”

-How to make a bad situation worse, put your psychotic wife in the middle of it.

-It’s really funny the way Mike says that she “got into” the limo. Like, the little kid got into a box of chocolate cookies.

- Logan does a very good job of being very indecisive. Gregory Itzin, Even though I hate his character, is really growing into this character and doing a very good job of making him who he is.

-Good thing Martha is not a Federal Agent, she’s about the worst liar we’ve seen on this show, with the exception of maybe Chloe.

-Did Logan really expect Martha to do what he said? Stubborn.

-Hey maybe if they go to Moscow Suvarov will set Logan up for assassination. That would be a good way to get rid of him.

-Really, what does Martha expect Logan to do? Sure, if he hands over the Suvarov’s it’s murder but if he does save them it’s murder too, of way more people I might add. Is Martha saying that all these people are worth less just because she doesn’t know them?

-It’s always amazing how freely those working against current CTU Brass (in any season) can move against them. It seems that Lynn does a better job than any previous director of trying to thwart this action. Too bad he’s wrong and those doing the sneaking are right.

-So, we’ve already been given the impression that there is someone else in the government behind this. The words DoD seem to be coming up a lot lately… is there a chance that Daddy Heller is involved in all of this?

-Audrey sounds surprised that Jack never talked about Henderson. Does Jack really seem like the kind of person to sit around with a beer and reminisce about people he used to work with? “This one time, oh it was so funny, Nina…” Not likely. He probably wouldn’t talk about those that didn’t turn out to be moles, there is an element of secrecy in this line of work as well.

-Does Jack have any normal friends or relationships?

-Is it just me or is Chloe getting more unbearable? That conversation with Edgar about what they were doing, she didn’t even say a regular sentence.

-I’m with Mike, telling the terrorists that Martha is in the car is not going to make a difference to them.

-Mike knows Logan pretty well. It’s great how he continues to lay out the facts and force Logan to make a decision. The man needs to make his own decisions for a change.

-Line of the week contender: Mike to Logan: “Unfortunately, it’s THAT simple.”

-President Suvarov obviously knows that Martha knows something. He’s not stupid and she’s making it very apparent.

- Lynn got what he deserved. In fact, he deserved worse than he got.

-Kerry, the one that Lynn fired, appears to be the only semi-normal analyst that CTU ever hired.

- Lynn seems to have serious short-man syndrome. I bet he drives a HUGE car.

-So, if Jack is supposed to be a big wig with some company, how come he’s showing up to a meeting in jeans and a zip hoodie? He looks just a wee bit out of place in that building.

-John Barrie, Jack Bauer. Couldn’t they do any better than that?

-The photo that came up with the fingerprint scan seems to be the same one from season 3.

-I think Jack went the opposite direction that the secretary pointed for the men’s room.

-How did Henderson know that Jack was coming? Cameras maybe?

-That was the fastest turnaround for Jack getting knocked out and Henderson waking him up. We didn’t even see him pick the gun up. I sense we missed something.

-Line of the week: Henderson to Jack: “For the record, I never believed you were dead.” He must know Jack well.

-The conversation between Jack and Henderson was great. To ex-ally’s having it out.

-Question, though. If Jack and Henderson were good buddies, why does Jack call him Christopher and not Chris?

- Henderson put on a good show for Jack.

-Edgar has sure grown a spine in the last few years.

-Audrey is really starting to grow on me. It’s unfortunate because I really did enjoy not liking her all the much.

-I think Lynn’s yell at Audrey is the worst tongue lashing we’ve had yet, and she took it exceptionally well.

-It was so cute when Pierce called Martha “ma’am”. Only someone with an accent like that could make it sound that cool.

-Speaking of accents, that terrorist that Bierko talks with, the head of the ambush team, has the worst accent I think we’ve ever seen in the show’s history. I’m not even sure where he’s supposed to be from.

-It’s interesting that we’ve had Curtis now for a year and a half and we are just now learning about his morals and convictions. He doesn’t want to do the wrong thing even if the outcome is right or jump to any conclusions, right or wrong. He’s a good match for Jack who is the complete opposite.

-I’m not even going to touch the praying thing. Draw your own conclusions.

-Okay, the only thing I will say is that Mike was doing the right thing attempting to stay out of it but in the end, the President is always right.

-Hey, look at that, on his own, Logan didn’t make the complete wrong decision. Good work.

-CTU security guards have a use, very nice.

-Does it seem a little ironic to anyone else that they have separate security guards? I mean, the agents that work there are probably better trained then the guards.

-Waho for Curtis doing the right thing!

- Lynn’s threats as he was hauled away were just great. What exactly is he going to do about it?

-SO worried that Pierce was dead. He, Jack and Tony are the only ones still alive that have appeared in all 5 seasons.

-Those terrorists are stupid, did they think that the Suvarov’s would not be in a bullet-proof limo?

-That was the first time Pierce has actually fired his gun in 5 years.

-It took Logan long enough to ask about the Suvarov’s.

-I tend to agree with Jack, how COULD he be so stupid? The people I was watching it with and I knew Henderson was bad, why didn’t Jack?

- Henderson is right, Buchannan is a stiff, but he’s good at his job.

-I think we’re all wondering about the allusion to Nina Myers and Geroge Mason. He may have heard that Nina was bad but why Mason? Was it just because of the $200,000? Or did they just want to remind us that those two existed at some point?

-Those aluminium filing cabinets empty, like the one that Jack moved, are not very heavy.

-3 ways of dying, helicopter crash, drowning and fire, ways that make a body not found or really unable to tell how they were killed.

-I’m just going to assume that Jack couldn’t use his cell phone because of the security features of the bunker.

-Do we think Henderson was behind the deaths of the scientists?

-Note to Henderson, don’t try and murder Jack Bauer. He should know better, especially since he recruited Jack. A born killer, remember?

-I’m wondering if Henderson had anything to do with framing Jack for the murder of Palmer. After all, he didn’t think Jack was really dead