5.08: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
~ Decisions, Decisions ~


Lynn has re-entered CTU after being beaten and robbed by his sister’s boyfriend. He straightens his tie and fixes his suit. Using the back of his hand he wipes a trickle of blood off of his face and fixes his hair. He heads into the main floor of CTU and goes right to Buchanan wanting an update on the situation. Buchanan sums up everything that has happened, Rossler is dead, he was shot by his female companion. This is a problem for them because the intended to use Rossler to send a chip with a tracker on it to Erwich and follow him back to the canisters. They didn’t know the time or place yet for the exchange, Erwich was supposed to finalize it with Rossler. They have been picking up increased chatter in the mean time, the terrorists have been contacting sleeper cells and asking for help in launching the nerve gas around the country. Chloe has a call coming in on Rossler’s phone, she’s assuming it’s Erwich. She puts it on speaker so Buchanan and Lynn can hear.

At Rossler’s apartment he is dead on the ground. The phone is ringing and Jack also assumes that it has to be Erwich. CTU is on the line so Jack just answers the phone with a “Yeah.” Erwich starts to talk without another word from Jack saying that they will meet in 5 minutes on the roof of the garage at White Oak and Madison; they will be in a blue van. Erwich hangs up and Jack thinks that they caught a break. He wants the chip and then calls in for Buchanan. Buchanan confirms they were listening and doesn’t agree that they caught a break, Erwich is sending someone else, that’s bad. Jack argues that he can pass himself off for Rossler. They don’t know Rossler because Erwich said he was sending a blue van, he wouldn’t have said that if they knew him. On CTU’s end, Audrey jumps in warning Jack that they probably are going to kill him whether they believe he’s Rossler or not, it ties up a loose end. Jack doesn’t think they have a choice, they’re going to have to take the trigger to Erwich and that will lead them to the gas. Buchanan gives his okay to do it and asks Chloe and Edgar to get started, they are going to have to tech support Jack through the chip installation. The chip is genuine but it is useless without the unlock code. The tracker is built in. Jack speaks briefly with Curtis, he is going to play this passive, he wants them to think that he is scared of them. Curtis gives Jack a new Com unit, it has fresh batteries and they will be able to hear anything with 20 feet of him. Jack tucks it in his ear so it is unseen. Curtis will be watching Jack’s back, Jack thanks him.

Erwich sends his men on their way; he wants to know if there are any problems. There is another man working on the canisters, he says that there might be another way to release the gas other than the remote. Erwich says that he sent Polakov and Komar to meet Rossler. The other man says that a remote will always be the most effective way, if they can get around it someone will have to be there with the canisters when the gas is released. Erwich says to get it done.

Logan gazes out the window and Mike comes in. He informs the President that Walt’s body has been moved to the secret service outbuilding for the time being. They still need to issue a statement about his death. Logan doesn’t want to do it until his wife has been notified. Mike has no problem with this but admits to Logan that he doesn’t mind saying this is an opportunity. The statement that he and Mrs. Logan had planned to release saying that Walt was involved with the nerve gas and David Palmer’s death, it might render all of that moot. Logan tells Mike to go on so he continues that little will come by dragging Walt’s name through the mud. It will be devastating for the country and even more so if the nerve gas is used against them. They can use the excuse of a despondency over the days events and personal issues led to this, then he can go out with some dignity and not as a traitor. Logan seems to agree but says that his wife would have a significant problem with that. Mike has respect for the first lady’s moral convictions but this is Logan’s decision, not hers.

Martha works on the statement on a laptop and Evelyn comes in with a glass of water for Martha. Martha thanks Evelyn and Evelyn stands for a few seconds before asking if she can have Martha’s advice on something. Martha kindly says of course so Evelyn closes the door and says that the staff are asking questions about Walt Cummings’ death. Martha is helping the president prepare a statement that he will give later explaining everything. Evelyn doesn’t leave and Martha asks if there is anything else. Evelyn looks at the floor and Martha asks what it is. Evelyn wants to know why he did it, why would Walt kill himself? She fells she deserves to know, something violent happened to someone that she works with every day. She asks the question on all our minds, ‘What if it wasn’t suicide?’ What if they are in danger? Martha assures her that it was suicide. What she is going to tell her needs to stay in this room until after the statement is released and even Walt’s family doesn’t know. Martha continues defiantly, “Walt Cummings was a traitor.” Evelyn is unbelieving and Martha continues that he was involved in the things that happened today. The President just found out and it seems like Walt didn’t want to deal with a long public trial. Evelyn wants to know if he was working with the terrorists but Martha doesn’t give a straight answer just that their enforcement agencies are trying to figure it out.

Jack arrives at the parking lot in Rossler’s silver car, Curtis has pulled over to the side of the road and tells CTU that Jack is there. He is going to maintain his distance and then sees the blue van arrive. He gives the plates to CTU. Edgar runs them at CTU as Jack climbs to the right floor in the garage and parks. Curtis doesn’t know who was inside the van and Edgar has a hit on the plates, they don’t match the van, it was probably stolen and then clean plates put on it. Jack sits inside the car as the blue van parks and two men get out. Jack murmurs ‘Showtime’ as the tension at CTU thickens. Audrey listens carefully as Jack heads towards the men and says nervously, “Erwich told me there’d only be one of you.” One of them asks if that is a problem and Jack answers that he doesn’t like surprises. They tell him to relax. Still a distance away Jack asks if they have the money. They’re not showing it until they see the chip. Jack flashes it to them; they do the same with the money. They want Jack to install the chip so Jack approaches and asks for the trigger. He opens the back crouching and using the open back of the van for a table he gets to work glancing cautiously at Polakov and Komar looking afraid of what they might do. Chloe starts giving Jack instructions on how to change the chip, he needs to remove the back and as he starts to work he continues to watch the pair. Chloe says to carefully pry the old chip out and when he is done he is to clear his throat or something. Jack obeys the directions and then coughs. Chloe finishes that he needs to put the new chip in and press reset and then he’s good to go. Jack slowly puts the device back together and starts it up. The sound of it warming up can be heard as he hands it back to Polakov saying he can activate the canisters now. Polakov threatens that he better hope that it works; he is coming with them to make sure. Polakov punches Jack hard in the stomach and then in the back. Komar helps shove him in the back of the van and they close the door. CTU hears what is happening but can’t see what they have done to Jack. As the terrorists walk around the van Jack grunts, “We’re on the move” while still recovering from the blows. Komar is driving and Jack speaks to Polakov. This was not the deal he made with Erwich. He reconfigured the trigger and he was just supposed to give him the money. Curtis is standing by to move in and Audrey thinks that is the best plan. They should take Jack and make the terrorists tell them where the gas is. Lynn says no, this is their only shot at finding the gas, there is no time to break them. Audrey pleads her case to Buchanan who has nothing to say. Audrey continues to argue that Erwich has seen Jack at the airport; if they take Jack to him they will know that he is not Rossler. Curtis just watches and when he sees the van asks if they are letting them take Jack. The orders are given from CTU to stand down for now and mount a follow operation. Curtis tells his teams to stand by while Audrey looks angrily at Lynn. Buchanan says that Lynn is right, whatever they’re doing, Jack can handle it. He has to.



Martha is still working on the speech and Evelyn comes in. She says that she has the press release about Walt Cummings, it’s not what she said it would be, the release is saying that Walt Cummings was a hero, not a traitor. Martha reads a little bit of it and storms out of the room.

Mike finishes his phone call and tells Logan that CTU is mounting an undercover operation in hopes that they will be led to the canisters. Logan doesn’t think that hoping is good enough. He needs results and he wants Mike to be abundantly clear about that. Mike understands. Martha comes storming in telling Logan that she has just read the press release. She reads some excerpts in a mocking tone and accuses her husband of covering everything up. Mike starts to make an exit excusing himself but Martha stops him saying his fingerprints are all over this. She turns back to her husband asking what happened, she thought they agreed. Logan thinks that Walt taking his own life changes things. Mike says that a full disclosure was necessary for justice to be served but his death makes it a non-issue. This was the best thing for his family. Martha accuses Mike of not caring about Walt’s family any way, it’s about him. She begins to tell Logan that he is wrong but he cuts her off saying this is enough. He has made his decision and he is the president. She warns him to tell the truth or she will. Logan challenges her to start with Suzanne Cummings, she will be there soon to collect her husband’s body. She can go ahead and tell her that her husband took the cowards’ way out and disgraced the country. She says it is the right thing to do.

Curtis gives Jack’s location, CTU has it on satellite. Inside the van, Jack is sitting up and asks where they are going. Polakov asks why it matters, Jack answers that he has an appointment, he just wants to know if he is going to make it. Polakov says that they are almost there but how long it takes once they get there is up to Jack. Jack would like clarification so Polakov continues that they have to make sure the trigger will work on the canisters. He reaches down between the seats and reveals one of the canisters lying harmlessly on the floor of the van. Jack gapes and for the benefit of CTU says, “You brought one of the canisters with you?” CTU responds to this and Jack complains that he doesn’t want to be within 50 miles of that thing when it goes off. Polakov’s gun is also now visible pointing loosely in Jack’s direction. He says casually that they have masks.

Curtis is also listening and wants to move in to get the canister and Jack. Lynn says no, not until they have a visual on the canister. Chloe is watching the path of the van and notes that they have turned north and that is not good. The potential target is the Sunrise Hills Mall. Jack sits in the back of the van chewing his nails as they drive in the parking lot. Buchanan lets Curtis know what the target is and Chloe uploads the schematics to the tactical teams. Curtis is going to set up on the 2 nd level of the parking structure. Curtis and his team drive in and they watch Jack and the terrorists get out of the van and start to prepare to enter the mall. Curtis confirms he has a visual on Jack, they are in the south parking lot. He orders team A to set up a perimeter and team B to enter in plainclothes to the mall. Jack tries to stall Polakov and Komar by asking some questions. They are going to be putting the canister in the air conditioning for the mall, if anyone asks they are working on the system. Jack didn’t agree to this, he refuses to go in. Audrey, listening at CTU, says that Jack is trying to stall so they can move in. Jack continues to argue with the pair that there are cameras inside, they will see their faces, this is not his fight. Polakov says that they want the American people to know who did this to them. The gun is back now pointing at Jack. Polakov tells Jack to hand him the jackets, Audrey tells Jack that they are moving the tac teams into the mall. Grudgingly Jack puts the white jacket on as Chloe says she is sending redeployment orders to the teams to stop them. Lynn stops her, if they take the terrorists and the canister know, Erwich will know that they are onto him. Audrey looks at Lynn like he’s crazy and asks if he’s not seriously thinking about letting them go through with this. Lynn is talking about accepting what 1 canister can do versus the other 19. Audrey is horrified, this is insane. She turns to Buchanan but Lynn storms that Bill is not in charge here, he is. Buchanan tells them wisely that they need to call the president. Curtis watches as the terrorists and Jack move into the mall, canister concealed in a bag.



Chloe is working and says that she has gotten into the camera server at the mall, they should be able to see Jack. Jack and the two terrorists walk through the mall. There are people everywhere and Jack quietly takes stock of those there. There is a group of small children that they walk past, Jack watches as a balloon is let go into the air until one of the terrorists pushes him on. They enter the bowels of the mall and Jack is told to knock on the glass in the security office. He does as instructed and the guard comes out asking what they are doing there. They are here to work on the air conditioning but the guard has no record of that. Polakov shoots the guard and Jack looks away. The pair stand together and look at the plans of the mall. They decide this is as good of a spot as any and they take off the white jackets, Jack does the same. The bag is opened and the canister is revealed by one while the other cuts a hole in the side of the air conditioning vent to place the canister inside.

At CTU, Logan is on the phone and Audrey tells Jack what he will be listening to. Lynn explains to the president that he is there as well as Buchanan, Audrey Raines, Chloe O’Brian, Edgar Styles present. They are calling for a decision on a critical operational matter. Jack Bauer is undercover with the terrorists right now. They are expecting Jack to help them release a canister of the nerve gas at the Sunrise Hills Mall. Logan snaps that they are to arrest them. Lynn continues that if they do, Jack will not be able to maintain his cover and they may not be led back to the other canisters. Logan has a similar reaction to Audrey by asking if Lynn is proposing that they release some of the nerve gas, is he out of his mind? Buchanan steps in with his opinion, he thought the same thing at first but if the terrorists are able to release the other canisters with the help of other groups they will be able to release them at other, more crowded places. The loss of life could be in the hundreds of thousands. Logan doesn’t like the sounds of this.

At the mall, the terrorists place the canister in the vent. Logan is told if the gas is released in the mall it would infect 8 or 900 people, Audrey pipes up that many of them would be children. Lynn continues that they can’t evacuate the mall without the terrorists knowing. Logan is told that they know with 100% certainty that they are going back to the other canisters after this, they will be able to follow the terrorists and retrieve them. Logan asks CTU for their opinion on the matter, Lynn says that he and Buchanan agree that the greatest good would be served by releasing this single canister. Audrey gives her opinion that they have no right to sanction the death of all these innocent people. At the mall, the terrorists are nearly ready. Lynn urges Logan to make a decision but he backs out saying it’s a Field Op’s call, it’s up to him. Buchanan won’t take that for an answer, they have no legal authority to make this decision, it is up to Logan. Logan observes that this is a terrible decision and puts CTU on hold. He turns to Mike asking him for an answer. Mike isn’t going near it, he says coolly that CTU has laid out the facts very well but he has to make the call. Logan thinks for a minute and then takes CTU off hold. He says that the terrorists are forcing them to make a tragic choice. He will go along with CTU’s plan and let them release the sentox but ‘you better find the other canisters or these people will have died in vain.’ Lynn tells the teams and Jack that they have heard the president’s decision.

At the mall Jack is thrown a mask and Polakov asks for the unlock code on the trigger. They are ready to go with the gas masks and Buchanan, looking over Chloe’s shoulder, tells Jack quietly that the code is alpha, kilo, Charlie. Buchanan repeats the information but Jack just stands there. Polakov snaps at Jack to give him the code. Buchanan repeats it in Jack’s ear but Jack doesn’t respond again. Finally, Jack speaks the words Echo, Bravo, Charlie. Buchanan looks at Lynn who demands that Jack give the correct code and release the gas, now. Polakov has entered the code and it’s not working. He turns to Jack saying that it’s not working. Jack suggests that it might have been damaged. Polakov, gun out, threatens Jack to make it work or he will kill him. Jack storms back at him that there’s nothing he can do. In anger, Polakov strikes Jack with the gun and Jack falls to the ground unconscious. Lynn asks Jack if he can hear him, Audrey appears worried. Polakov makes a call to Erwich and explains the problem asking if he should kill Rossler. Erwich says not yet, not until they are sure they have another way to release the gas. Andrei, the man working on the canister with Erwich, thinks he might have another way. Polakov tells Komar to put Rossler in the other room. Jack is dragged, still unconscious, into the next room where the security guard lay dead. Komar grabs the guards’ cuffs and handcuffs Jack to a steel table. The transmitter in Jack’s ear can still hear the terrorists; Polakov says that there may be another way to release the gas. Those listening at CTU exchange glances.



Jack, one arm chained to the table, winces and comes to. He looks around focusing. He can hear Komar and Polakov speaking, Polakov is listening to Andrei give instructions, he puts him on speaker because he needs both his hands to manipulate the wires. CTU still listens as Andrei cautions that the canister may go off without warning if Polakov makes a mistake. Jack tries to get in a position to see what they are doing but finds that the handcuff is inhibiting him. Jack tries to reach the guards keys but recoils soon wincing and putting his hand back on his cracked rib.

Audrey argues with Lynn about going into the mall and stopping the attack. Lynn isn’t doing anything; they have an order from the president. Audrey argues that the president is not looking at these children. Lynn asks how many will die if they don’t get the canisters. Audrey wants Lynn to look at these children, right now, that will die. Buchanan tries to stop Audrey but she thunders on asking Lynn if he were there, looking at all these people, if he would release the gas. Lynn says yes, in fact, he would if the order came from the president. In anger, Audrey says that she hopes that’s not true, for Lynn’s sake.

Andrei tells Polakov to put his mask on, the next splice of wires will open the valve. Polakov tells his partner to kill Rossler. Audrey shakes her head in disgust as the canister starts to open and spew gas. Komar enters the room where Jack lay and he pretends to be unconscious until Komar gets close. With a fast move, Jack kicks his feet out from under him and chokes him using his legs. He grabs Komar’s gun and gets a few shots off in the direction of Polakov, who had been alerted by the noise from the other room. Andrei tries to get Polakov’s attention as he runs out of the area dodging the bullets. Jack pulls the mask off of the dead terrorist and puts it on himself. Moving quickly he tries to pull the dead guard closer to him and soon Jack manages to get close enough to grab the guard’s radio and use the antenna to get the handcuff keys. He unlocks himself from the table and stands up, ready to shoot if necessary. No one is there however, Jack heads to the canister. CTU calls for him; they are unaware what is going on while Jack works to get the canister closed again. Once he does he responds to Lynn who is asking for a status. Jack has stopped the flow of gas but some of the gas was released. One of the terrorists is dead and the other took off, they should start looking for him. Buchanan gives the order for Curtis’s teams to move in. Curtis starts the car muttering, ‘About time.’

Jack runs into a security guard and shoves him against a nearby wall. Gas mask on and gun out he quickly tells the guard what is going on. This is not a joke, a robbery or a drill, he tells the guard to call for the evacuation now. The shutdown for the ventilation is near the food court, the door is right beside them. Jack runs out the door and finds himself in the middle of the mall. At the sight of Jack combined with the evacuation announcement, people are screaming and start to run. Jack runs in the opposite direction, towards the food court. As he gets closer he sees people coughing and some lying on the ground unconscious and apparently dead. He sees a vent overhead and then heads back inside the back passages of the mall. He finds the control room and shuts down the system by pulling down 4 power levers. Jack tells CTU that the nerve gas seems to be centralized around the food court; he counts 11 people down and needs assistance. Curtis hears this and they are on the way. Jack sees a young girl alone sitting down on the ground. She is becoming infected with the gas and Jack kneels beside her. He quickly tells her to hold the mask to her face when he takes it off. Jack takes his mask off and gives it to the girl. He picks her up and makes his way out of the mall, running past a woman who lay dead on the ground. Outside, Curtis is ordering his team to put masks on when Jack comes running out with the girl. As soon as he is out of the doors he yells that he needs a shot of atropine for a child under 12. He puts her down and tells Curtis to hand him a jacket for her head. He checks the girls pulse and yells that he’s losing her. She is unconscious as Jack is given the needle. He takes the lid off with his teeth and jams the syringe into the girl’s leg. He urges her to come back around and with his hand on her pulse he says it is stabilizing.

Buchanan says that CTU is covering the exits but they don’t have the terrorist, he must have gotten out of the mall before it was locked down, he may be lost but they can track the trigger. Chloe says that he is on foot moving away from the mall. Curtis tells an agent named Michaels that he is in charge of the mall. The young girl Jack saved wakes up while he still leans over her. He tells her that she is alright and not to be scared. He motions to the agent next to him saying that this man will take care of him. Jack gets up and runs after Curtis to the SUV and gets in.

Polakov jumps a small parking divider and goes down into a parking lot. The first car he finds he uses his gun to break the window and gets in. He pulls the cover off and gets under the steering column pulling out a bunch of wires. He hotwires the car and throws it in reverse, squealing tires to get out of the mall.



Coming back from commercial we see Jack wincing in one of the boxes.

Polakov calls Erwich and stutters that Rossler or whoever he was killed Komar and tried to stop them. Erwich asks what he is talking about but Polakov doesn’t know, they activated the device and he got away. He is sure he’s not being followed, he will be with Erwich soon.

Chloe is watching the tracker on the screen; she tells Jack and Curtis to take a left. Lynn calls Logan and tells him that he thought he should tell him that what is happening is not what he ordered. Logan yells to Lynn that he sent him over to CTU to make sure it was running smoothly in a time of crisis and that is not happening. Lynn defends himself, Bauer disobeyed a direct order, there was nothing he could do. Logan threatens Lynn telling him to do his job or he will send someone over there that can.

Mike briefs Logan on the deaths in the mall, between 10 and 20 people. They are not telling the media anything yet, CTU has a terrorist under surveillance and there is a good chance that he will lead them to the terrorists and the other canisters. Also, Mike continues, Suzanne Cummings has arrived to claim her husbands’ body. Mike adds significantly that Martha is on her way to speak to her now. Logan thanks Mike.

Martha enters the room where Suzanne sits trying to cope with the day. Martha gets her attention and sits beside her on the couch. Suzanne says tearfully that she can’t believe that he’s gone. They hug and Suzanne cries. She should have been with her husband today, she wanted to be but Walt had told her to stay in a hotel. Martha doesn’t want Suzanne to blame herself. Martha assures her that they love her and no matter what she needs they will always be there for her. Suzanne says that this doesn’t make sense; she doesn’t understand why Walt would do this. Martha starts like she is going to explain everything. Looking at Suzanne she says Walt’s name and then pauses. She can’t do it and finishes the sentence saying he loved this country. Logan is listening at the door and appears relived. Martha says Walt loved Suzanne and tries to hold back tears herself. Suzanne would like a moment and so Martha excuses herself. She gets out the door and passes by her husband who says nothing. They look at each other for a few seconds and Martha continues on her way.

Polakov makes it to Erwich’s place and he pulls into the parking lot. He slows down and stops, Chloe tells Jack and Curtis where he is. Jack wants to enter hard and fast, set up a perimeter and begin the approach. Jack tells them to put their masks on which Curtis does while he drives.

In the split screen we see Audrey, Buchanan, Logan, Martha and Suzanne.

Polakov comes in and Erwich isn’t there, he is watching from across the street in a vehicle. Jack and Curtis pull up, guns out and head to the building. Erwich calls Polakov and tell shim that he was followed. Polakov doesn’t know how but Erwich says it doesn’t matter, he was and he knows what to do. He draws his gun and raises it up. Jack comes around the corner just in time to see Polakov shoot himself. Jack yells “No” but it’s not doing any good, Polakov is dead. The teams in other locations have nothing, there is no nerve gas in the air either. Jack tells CTU that Erwich is gone, the canisters are gone and there is nothing there, “Dammit!”

Erwich starts the old truck he is driving and leaves the scene.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

- Lynn obviously hasn’t ever seen Jack interrogate someone. He has twice now decided to take easier ways out than interrogating subjects. Let Jack do it, he can get it out of them no problem.

-How did McGill get back into CTU without his card?

-Not that this would be all that bad but Logan was staring out the window for a while. Precedent from today says that that is a dangerous habit.

-The laptop that Martha is working on looks suspiciously like the one that Sherry Palmer was using in the first season. Does it come with the first lady gig?

-Isn’t Buchanan just a little bit curious as to where Lynn has been for the last 15 minutes? Especially since he came from the entrance of CTU.

-Please tell me that that whole sister storyline was just a diversion for 15 minutes or so. Actually, I might prefer if it is, then we don’t have to see the cracked out sister again.

-What, no dirt on Lynn’s suit?

-How come Chloe knew there was a call on Rossler’s phone and had a chance to put it on speaker before Jack and Curtis even hear it.

-What happened to the girl, Inessa, and all the other agents that were in Rossler’s apartment? They evaporated in about 2.5 minutes.

-Wouldn’t that suck if Erwich dialled the wrong number. “Oh, sorry, I was looking for my terrorist co-conspirator, not the local number for the FBI. Sorry about that, I’ll actually ask the person on the other end to say a few words to make sure I have the right phone number next time before I start blabbing about my otherwise impenetrable terrorist plot.”

-My point is, it could have been anyone that he was talking to, at Rossler’s apartment or not.

-We must have missed Rossler giving the chip to Curtis.

-It’s interesting how all of a sudden everyone cares about Jack. For the love of Pete, he’s already been assumed dead for the past 18 months, you think they’d get used to the idea. Now Curtis has his back, Audrey’s all worked up, even Buchanan seems to want Jack to make it. I guess they like him better alive than dead. They’re not alone in that, either.

-I like Rossler’s car.

-Being Canadian I was happy to see them use the word “ Quebec” for the Q on the van’s licence plate, especially since a whole bunch of the workers/actors and actresses have been Canadian as well. I would have cried, though, if CTU asked how to spell Quebec.

-Jack does a good job of sounding scared around the terrorists.

-Really, the installation of the chip didn’t appear all that difficult, I don’t know why Erwich’s men couldn’t have done it themselves. Especially the one that is tinkering with the canisters.

-Martha has a big mouth. No wonder Logan doesn’t go to her for advice anymore, the advice would be spread all over the white house.

-I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t counsel those who worked with Walt immediately after the event and offer them at least the rest of the day off.

-If Martha goes far enough to tell Evelyn that Walt was working with the terrorists she should have just told her everything. This half truth stuff will only cause more problems down the road.

-It’s nice that instead of controlling the President, Mike tries to get him to make his own decisions.

-Audrey is hardly an objective opinion about all this Jack stuff. What is she really even doing there anyway?

-Mike’s attempt at a sly exit when Martha came in yelling was wonderful. Too bad he got busted.

-I’m not too sure where Martha gets off telling Mike that he doesn’t care about Walt’s family. How does she know what Mike’s real motives are? I’d be pretty ticked off it I was Mike. Actually, that’s one think he and Palmer share in common, they don’t get all that angry all that often, but when they do, woah, they are ang-ry.

-The inflection when Jack asks if he’s going to make his appointment was kinda funny, almost doubled in connotation. “Make it” like show up but also “Make it” like survive.

-I’m thinking that this is the same mall that Tony was shot in. The tile is very similar and the colours.

-Speaking of Tony, where the hell is he? Does Jack even care that the only friend he has left in the world is still unconscious and it’s pretty much his fault? He hasn’t even asked about Tony since he first came back to CTU about 6 hours ago. We need Tony.

-Buchannan, always the level headed one. Instead of arguing among our knowledgeable selves, let’s call the inept and clueless president. Well, at least in theory he’s doing the right thing.

-Did Lynn really have to name everyone in the room? If he did, he forgot Jack. Or was that a kind of refresher for us that realized that Chloe and Edgar haven’t really done all that much for the last few episodes to remind us that they are still there.

-I find it hard to believe that no one came by the area where Jack and the terrorists were working. Not even an employee coming out for a smoke or anything. Not likely.

-The only reason that Logan doesn’t want to make any decisions is so when it goes south he has someone else to blame. Well, this time he made the decision, it went south and he got to blame Jack anyway. Is he happy now? Will he grow a spine? Probably not.

- Lynn is not a very convincing yeller.

-Audrey’s going to get herself in a lot of trouble if she doesn’t stop crossing Lynn like that. I think the only reason she is still there is because a) she doesn’t work under Lynn, she’s DoD, and also, b) her Dad, last time we heard, was Secretary of Defence.

-I seriously doubt that Lynn would allow the terrorists to release the gas if he was in Jack’s shoes. It’s easy to criticize when, by the looks of the ‘fight’ from last episode, you’ve never been anywhere near the field.

-Why would they bother to go kill Rossler/Jack if they are just going to release the gas and kill everyone in the mall anyway?

-Nothing like putting everyone in a panic by running out of the inner workings of a mall bearing a gas mask and a gun. Good job, Jack.

-That must be a weird sensation for Kiefer, people running away from him. Usually people are running TO him.

-Nice touch having Jack save that girl. Very cute.

-You know, I’m almost getting tired of pointing out every time someone gets away because the perimeter teams are inept but yet here it happens again.

-Michaels, the one Curtis puts in charge at the mall… 10 bucks says he doesn’t make it to the end of the season.

-Thank you Polakov for that enlightening course: How to Hot Wire A Car 101.

-Speaking of Polakov in the car, did he even look in the rear view mirror before he assured Erwich that he wasn’t being followed? He didn’t appear too concerned about it, that is, until he had to blow his own brains out.

-Is it weird to anyone else not having Jack drive?

-So it’s good news bad news for Logan. Good news, only 10-20 people died at the mall. Bad news, about a million more are set up to die if they don’t find the canisters.

-An interesting note about the mall. This is the first time I can think of that Jack has disobeyed an order in order to save some people. He has definitely disregarded more than his share of orders and been responsible for more than his share of deaths but here, he couldn’t kill the innocents. Interesting change in the Bauer character since he died and came back to life (again).

-It’s too bad that Suzanne Cummings has to be in the middle of all of this, she appears to have had no idea what her husband was up too.

-I’m not sure about that room she was in, were we supposed to believe that Walt’s body was in there? They didn’t show us Suzanne’s right hand side, did they not show him because they didn’t want to pay the actor for another episode or were they being compassionate? Or, was it just the way the room was laid out? So confusing as to what we were supposed to believe there.

-Ultimate ‘I told you so’ from Charles was his lack of words to his wife when she doesn’t tell Walt’s wife about her husband. Problem now being Evelyn knows the truth, I hope she doesn’t try to console Suzanne and tell her about what really happened.

-Let me guess, Erwich will get right through the perimeter teams.