5.07: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
~ More Revenge ~


Walt continues to explain his dealings with the terrorists to Jack and Logan. He is handcuffed and looks thoroughly defeated. The name of his contact was James Nathanson. He has been in contact with him for 6 months. Nathanson is former CIA who was recruiting like-minded individuals for this initiative. Logan questions the word ‘initiative’ and reminds Walt that he helped terrorists acquire weaponized nerve gas that they are going to use against American citizens. Walt defends himself; this was not supposed to happen. He says that Logan is making it sound like the goal was to kill American citizens. Logan wants to know what the goal was then, Walt says they are patriots; they are protecting the national interests and securing oil for the future. Walt asks how that is not in the national interest. Chloe is calling for Jack, she has the number that called Walt. Jack places Walt’s phone in front of him, he has to stay on the line until Jack gives him the signal. Chloe dials the number from her end but has no connection. Walt says there’s nothing they can do, he has gone dark. Logan yells, “Dammit Walt!” Walt says that they can’t help them now, and neither can he. Jack thinks Walt is telling the truth so Walt instructs Aaron to get Walt out of there. Aaron says yes sir.

After Walt is out of the room Jack turns and abruptly heads for the door. Logan stops him asking what he is doing now. Jack explains he is going to debrief and then he is leaving. Logan questions Jack’s actions; he wants him to help CTU in their search for the canisters. He asks why Jack is leaving. Jack tells Logan that he has a daughter who right now doesn’t know that he is alive. If he has to disappear again, in all fairness to her, he doesn’t think she should know. Logan reminds Jack that there are terrorists in possession of canisters with nerve gas. Jack understands but he is sure CTU can handle it. Logan implores Jack to stay and help, his experience can make the difference in a situation like this. Logan is very aware that he and Jack have a history and he doesn’t expect any kind of personal allegiance but he knows of Jack’s dedication to this country and he will give him all the support he needs. He is prepared to reinstate Jack. Jack simply stares at Logan who continues that they need to recover the canisters before it is too late. Jack absently looks at his watch.

Erwich and one of his men stand outside the truck where the canisters are. Erwich is sure that Rossler will call; the man thinks that their real enemy is Russia and they should be heading home, not wasting their time using it against the Americans. Erwich punches the man and he falls to the ground. He threatens the man that if he questions him again he will kill him. The Americans have closed the ports and they can’t use the gas against Russia so they will use it against America.

Lynn McGill’s cell phone rings. The girl on the other end is close to his age but appears to be living on the street or close to it. Lynn calls her Jenny and says that this is a bad time. She really needs to see him, she needs help. He asks if she needs money and she doesn’t answer that question but tells him that she is clean and working two jobs. She is busting her ass to put her life back together. He asks how much she needs and she says $500. She offers to come to where he is but he says absolutely not. She asks if he is afraid she will embarrass him and he admits bluntly that he is. She has no one else to turn to and can’t go back on the street again. She cries and threatens that if he doesn’t help her she will hurt herself. She implores him, she is his sister. He relents and agrees to meet her in the parking lot across from CTU in 20 minutes. Lynn sighs and then heads downstairs where Buchanan is leading a briefing with the rest of CTU. Lynn enters and apologizes for being late. Buchanan says that Cummings has provided them with a schematic of the canisters, they are only able to be activated by satellite since the old detonator codes are now inactive. They discuss the evacuation scenarios but they can’t do much unless they get a target. They are attempting to track the canisters by satellite scan. Lynn tells the agents that the kill zone would be 1 to 3 square miles for each canister. That would work out to hundreds of thousands of people, maybe over a million.

Erwich answers his phone and Rossler is the one calling him. Rossler is situated in a nice apartment and is in front of a computer. He has received a call from his friend in Moscow, he understands that he needs to reconfigure the triggers for an Atox Chemical Delivery System. He will need to start be cutting into the canisters.

Chloe’s phone rings, they got a hit on Erwich’s phones. Buchanan hangs up his phone and stops Audrey. He tells her that the president has asked that Jack be reinstated on a provisional basis.

Chloe plays the audio from the call that she captured, it originated from a land line downtown. Buchanan wants to talk to Jack. He is patched through to Jack who is in a chopper. He tells him about Erwich and the unknown associate who is located at 22 North Figaroa in the Penthouse. Eriwch is trying to get the activation code from the man there, Jack realizes that he’s trying to reconfigure the detonators and they are running out of time. The man’s name is Rossler and he has a file for identity theft and is a programmer. Jack asks for the schematics for the building and Curtis to meet him at the location with a small CTU team of 4. Jack tells the guy driving the chopper where they are going.

Chloe is concerned about the security system at the apartment that Rossler is in, she doesn’t think she can hack into the system in time. Buchanan says to get Edgar to help but she says that Spencer is better, he can do it faster than both of them combined. Edgar has been watching from his station and comes over. He reminds Chloe that Spencer was spying on her, he was spying on all of them. If Spencer doesn’t help this won’t get done. Buchanan relents but says that Spencer will have to wear a security band and be escorted by security at all times. Chloe snidely says ‘fine.’

Jack makes a call to Audrey. He lets her know that he has been asked to stay on at CTU. Audrey realizes what this will mean for him, he will be exposed. She says that he doesn’t owe them this. Jack knows and he asks a favour of Audrey. Kim doesn’t know that he’s alive and he doesn’t want her to find out the wrong way. Audrey asks if he wants her to tell Kim but he says no, just bring her in to CTU, he will tell her when he gets back. He makes sure that she is comfortable doing this for him. She is.

A large truck arrives at a motorcycle repair shop. The guy that is working there is on the phone telling a customer what he needs repaired. He says they are open until 5 and then hangs up. Erwich comes into the shop and asks if he has a precision tool for cutting metal. The mechanic says they do and Erwich asks where everyone else is. They are on lunch and then asks why. Erwich pulls out his gun on the mechanic and says that they need some work done and they need it fast. If he does it he will live. The mechanic is scared by the gun and agrees telling Erwich to take it easy.



Logan is yelling into the phone about an update. He slams the phone down and his wife appears. He asks how she is feeling and she is well for someone whose husband tried to have her committed without speaking to her. She apologises, she didn’t come down there to fight. He admits that she has every right to. She asks if he remembers when they used to be a good team, she was the one that he used to come to. Logan remembers. She wants to get back to that relationship, he is going to need her and everything she can give him. Logan doesn’t know what to say. Abruptly, she slaps him across the face. She warns him to never do that to her again. Logan has yet to recover from the shock when Mike knocks on the door. Logan invites him in with a glance at Martha. He apologises to Mike but Mike understands, Logan was put in an impossible situation. Logan admits that he panicked, plain and simple. He is not proud of how he handed this. Mike offers to resume his duties and Logan says of course. Logan explains that CTU is in the process of tracking down the canisters and they still have to deal with the issue of Walt Cummings. Mike glances in Martha’s direction and Logan reassures him that he would like Martha’s input on this. Mike says that they can’t detain him indefinitely; they should keep him out of sight until this is all over. Martha sees it as a cover up which would cause the administration unnecessary humiliation when it comes out. Mike argues he was complacent in David Palmer’s murder and knew about the nerve gas. Martha thinks if they go public then the president won’t be the only casualty, the office will be a joke, Logan did nothing wrong, he trusted Walt. Logan fears she may be overestimating the public’s capacity for forgiveness. Martha thinks the only thing that they won’t forgive is being lied to. Logan figures Martha is right, he asks her to help work on the speech with him. Mike looks sceptical.

Spencer appears looking mildly pleased. He is directed by Chloe to station 3 who promptly reminds him that time is running out. Spencer thanks her for getting him out but she quickly puts him in his place, he is only out to get Jack through the high security area, not because she forgives him. She puts in an ear piece and tells him to get to work. He tries to reason with Chloe, he thought he was following the presidents’ orders. She doesn’t care.

Curtis waits for a chopper to land and once it does he approaches it and Jack jumps out. Curtis has CTU on the phone and 2 units with him, one at the east entrance and one at the west. Jack yells into the phone over the noise of the chopper to Chloe. She updates Jack that Spencer is countervailing the security protocol for them. Jack asks what she is talking about, Spencer is under arrest. Chloe tells Jack that Buchanan released him and Jack is fine with that and wants the information on the guards. Spencer is on and tells Jack that there are 2 guards on Rossler’s floor, he can shut down the cameras for 60 seconds but after that they will come back up. That’s all the time they will have the secure the lobby guard. Jack is across the street from the building.

Erwich is ready to cut into the canisters, Rossler tells him over the phone to cut 10 cm from the top of the casing to reveal the numbers. The outer casing is 5mm thick. Rossler tells Erwich to call him with the numbers when he’s done.

Jack and Curtis have crossed over to Rossler’s building and go in the back entrance. There is a guard in the lobby as expected and Jack is ready to go. Spencer needs a few more seconds to access the system and then gives the word that they are good to go. Jack and Curtis storm into the building with guns drawn. Jack goes right to the guard yelling that he’s a federal agent and wants to see the guards’ hands. Curtis wants the elevator code which is 4073#. In another room the security guards have lost cameras A and C and they radio the lobby guard. Jack tells the man to tell them that everything is okay so the man gives a ‘Status check blue’, all clear. They are running out of time on the camera and Jack tells the guard to back up to him which he does. The elevators are on the way and they are 10 seconds from the camera reboot. Jack and Curtis wait until finally the elevator arrives. They manage to get in and out of sight when the camera comes back up. From the security office the man notices that the door guard is gone. He radios him and Jack holds a gun to him instructing him to tell them that he’s in the men’s room. After he ends the transmission Jack knocks him out.

In the security office they are on to the idea that something is wrong. He calls Rossler and tells him that there may be a situation. He advises him to stay in his office until he gets the all clear.

Chloe is watching the feed and tells Jack that the guards look suspicious, one has an automatic weapon. The elevator arrives and Jack and Curtis are prepared. Bullets fly and in the chaos Curtis is knocked to the ground by a bullet. Jack kills both guards and Curtis is on the floor breathing heavily, he has been hit in the vest. Chloe tells them that Rossler is on the move, Jack crashes into the apartment with Curtis on his heels. He sees Rossler with a gun and shoots at him, hitting him in the leg. Jack tells him to drop the weapon and Rossler complies throwing it away. Jack tells him to put his hands behind his head, Rossler follows the orders grudgingly. Jack handcuffs him and radios that he has Rossler in custody. He orders the back up teams to come in and Chloe tells Jack that there is someone else in the apartment to Jack’s right on the north side. Jack heads into the adjacent room and he swings the door open with his gun drawn. No one is visible and Jack focuses on the other side of the bed in the room. He demands the person to come out, he wants to see their hands. Slowly a young woman appears, hands in the air. She is scared and bruised on various parts of her body and wearing only a small nightgown. Jack is shocked when she asks him not to shoot at her. He asks who she is, she introduces herself as Inessa. Jack asks her who did that to her but she doesn’t answer. She asks Jack if he is the police through her accent, Jack answers that he works for the Counter Terrorist Unit in LA. She admits that ‘he’ is holding her there, she wants to go home. Jack gapes at the young woman.



Erwich instructs the mechanic to cut into the canister 10 centimetres from the bottom, the casing is 5 millimetres thick and he can not puncture the inner lining. The mechanic, Cal, wants to know what is in these but Erwich is not telling him. Cal asks what this is all about; Erwich asks if Cal has a family. Cal has a wife, Erwich also has a wife, but his is in prison. She has been there for 7 years and her only crime was to support him while he fought for his country. Erwich also has a son who lives in a state run facility; he doesn’t even remember what he looks like. This is about justice, about ending tyranny. Erwich doesn’t want to hurt Cal, he is not his enemy. He gives him his word. Cal begins, putting his safety glasses on and starting to cut slowly around the edges of the canister.

Jack comforts Inessa and they wander over to the couch. Agents are everywhere in the penthouse and Rossler looks over to Inessa who quickly looks away. Jack tells her to take a seat and kneels down in front of her. He takes both her hands and tells her quietly that she is safe now. He asks for a medic to come and look at her and for CTU to run a background check. He gives instructions for Rossler, they can dress his wound but no pain killers. Jack looks menacingly at Rossler and Curtis puts him in a chair. Jack walks right to Rossler and dryly introduces himself. 25 minutes ago Rossler made contact with Erwich, what is he doing for him. Rossler wants a lawyer and when he gets what he needs he will give Jack the information. Jack tells Rossler of the situation, Erwich is in possession of 10 canisters of VX nerve gas and has threatened the US with it. Rossler is conspiring with and aiding known terrorists so Jack can hold him as long as he wants. Rossler refuses to help Jack and Jack steps back and leans on nearby furniture taunting Rossler, “You don’t want to go down this road with me.” Rossler tells Jack to go to hell so Jack moves over to Rossler and tells him quietly that that is exactly where he is going to send him if he doesn’t cooperate. Jack asks Rossler, “So, you like hurting girls?” After no response Jack calls Curtis’s name and he comes over and steps on Rossler’s wound. With the pressure applied Jack tells Rossler, “By the time I’m done with you, you’re gonna wish you felt this good again.” Jack asks where Erwich is and Rossler is ready to cut a deal. He wants full immunity, unfreezing of all his assets and transport to a foreign country of his choosing. He also wants Inessa. That’s the deal. Jack is not sure he is making himself clear. He is not making any deals. Curtis applies more pressure to Rossler who groans. Lynn speaks in Jack’s earpiece. They don’t have the luxury of time for this; he gives Jack the order to accept the deal. Lynn signs off and tells Buchanan and Audrey to make sure Jack follows through, he will be back in a few minutes. Audrey appears upset and Buchanan gives a resigning sigh.

Jack begrudgingly tells Rossler that he has been instructed to accept his deal. Rossler wants a certified agreement signed by the Attorney General and then he will tell Jack what he wants to know. He reminds Jack that he wants Inessa.



Rossler’s agreement is being drawn up so Jack asks where Erwich is. Rossler has no idea, he doesn’t know the man, not even what he looks like. He spoke with him 30 minutes ago, he was put in contact with them through Sergi Mononov, he is part of the Russian resistance. Erwich wants to reprogram the trigger; the time frame is within the hour. Rossler is supposed to deliver the chip. Jack wants it but Rossler says it is in a safe place and once he sees the paperwork he will show it to Jack. Jack tells Curtis quietly that he wants the chip fitted with a transponder so they can track it. He then calls Buchanan and asks where they are with the agreement. The Attorney General has sanctioned it and it should be there in a few minutes. He also has a little bit of information on the girl. Her last name is Covaleski and was reported missing 19 months ago. She was probably kidnapped by traffickers in the sex slave trade. Buchanan tells Jack that she is 15. Jack repeats the number in disbelief looking at Inessa. He thanks Buchanan and says he will get back to him. Jack looks at Inessa and then walks over to Rossler. He can not take the girl, Rossler says there is no deal without her. Jack wants Rossler to leave her out of this but Rossler insists that Inessa is all he cares about, she comes or Jack is going to lose Erwich. Jack looks at Inessa sitting on the couch.

Chloe heads over to where Spencer is working, he is almost finished the protocols he is working on. Chloe wants him to send them to Edgar because he will be finishing his task. Spencer doesn’t understand what’s going on so Chloe spells it out for him, he doesn’t work at CTU any more. He had been temporarily reinstated until Rossler was in custody. Spencer argues that there are still things to do but Chloe has pulled people from Division. Chloe says that security will escort him out. Chloe moves over to stand near Edgar who sympathizes with her saying he knows that was hard for her but she did the right thing. She tells him to shut up and walks away. Edgar smiles to himself.

Martha is working on a speech with her husband and she reads back what she has written. He likes what she has and will run it by Mike. He thinks it is the right move and he is glad to have her help. She says it’s been a long time since they worked together. Logan’s phone rings, it’s Mike calling. He is subdued and asks Logan to come to the west hallway right now. He wants to know what’s going on but Mike just tells Logan to come.

Cal works on some more canisters, Erwich looks at the numbers, 143 12 63. He says good.

Logan and Martha walk down the hallway. Martha sees something that effects her and the pair come to a stop gawking. We finally see what they are looking at, Walt Cummings is hanging by his tie from a ceiling beam. Without a word from Logan Mike turns and gives the order to cut him down. Logan just stares.


Lynn walks across a seedy looking parking lot and it only takes a few seconds for his sister to arrive. She thanks him for meeting her, the pair look like they couldn’t be farther from each other in every way. She asks if he has the money, he didn’t bring the money, he brought the name of a doctor. He is a good man and he wants to call him, he will pay all the expenses, they can call together. She can’t do it. As soon as the words are out a guy about the same age as Jenny appears and punches Lynn in the back. Lynn goes down without much of a fight and the guy hits him a few more times and grabs his wallet. Jenny urges him to hurry up as he thumbs through the wallet and pulls out Lynn’s cash and CTU access card. Leaving Lynn in a heap by the dumpster, his sister apologizes and they take off. As Lynn makes an attempt to get up we hear a motorbike driving away.

Curtis tells Jack that the teams are on stand by and no one is moving until Erwich makes the call. Jack rubs his head and waits for Audrey to pick up the phone. Once she does Jack asks if she got a hold of Kim. Audrey has had no luck, she wasn’t in so she left a message. Jack asks if Audrey would mind trying again for her. Audrey agrees to and they hang up.

Inessa tells Jack that she wants to contact her family, they are worried about her. Jack tells her softly that he needs to talk to her. He asks her to sit down and she does. Kneeling in front of her again and seems lost for words. With hesitation he slowly explains that for now they need her to go with Mr. Rossler. He hurriedly adds that it’s just for now. Men like him, agents are going to follow then and when they get what they need they are going to move in and take her away from him. Inessa doesn’t want to go, Jack doesn’t know what he does to her when they are alone. Jack promises they won’t be alone. She doesn’t believe him, she begs for him to let her go. Jack can’t do that, she accuses Jack of being no different than Rossler. Jack implores her that he is not Rossler, he promises not to let anything ghappen to her. Curtis calls Jack and Jack needs Inessa to get dressed now. She nods and he thanks her as he shuts the door to the bedroom.

The last of the canisters have been opened by Cal and Erwich puts his hand on his shoulder and then draws a gun and shoots him. Erwich enters the last code into his Blackberry and gives the instructions to load the canisters and get rid of the body. Erwich dials and calls Rossler who is instructed to pick it up. Erwich has the identifier keys and he is messaging them to him now. Rossler gets them and can reprogram the chip and deliver it in 10 minutes. Erwich asks if Rossler is coming personally and he says he is unless Erwich has someone that can install and reprogram a binary chip. They hang up and Jack wants Rossler set up for a wire, he will get the girl. Jack gently knocks on the door and opens it up. Inessa has gotten changed into a t-shirt with a sweater over top. She plays with the zipper on the sweater as Jack leads her out of the room.

In the split screen we see Jack, Inessa, Erwich loading up canisters and them moving the body, and Curtis.

Curtis speaks about tracking when Inessa pulls a gun out of her waistband from under her sweater. Before anyone can do anything she shoots Rossler. Jack yells no and steps in the line of fire, stopping the agents from shooting Inessa. He yells for a medic for Rossler and then turns to Inessa who now has the gun trained on Jack. Curtis attends to Rossler while Jack asks Inessa to give him the gun, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. When she seems indecisive he disarms her himself and asks Curtis if Rossler is going to make it. With one glance at him it’s obvious the answer is no. Curtis sums up the problem, he was their only lead and Erwich is going to call any minute. He is the only lead to the canisters.


Miscellaneous Thoughts:

-Erwich sounds so much like “earwig” I’ve nervy typed that a few times instead.

-And one more time, I can’t believe 24 decided to get into the whole ‘war for oil’ thing. Dangerous. That’s what I love about this show.

- Logan has been hanging around Jack too much, the DAMMIT! Is contagious. The only problem is Logan isn’t nearly as convincing at is as Jack is.

-That was a quick exit for Jack. At the end of last episode he was going to stay on until they recovered the nerve gas. Now all of a sudden he doesn’t want to stay on, he wants to get out before he is exposed. Is this a continuity error?

-I wonder what Logan’s deal is with Jack. He obviously knows Jack’s history and his dedication to CTU and the country. I wonder if he feels somewhat guilty for looking the other way while Walt ordered Jack dead. I also wonder if this is going to come out in it’s entirety before the season is done. It would be a good way to get Jack forgiven.

-Jack’s little glimpse at his watch is just a great silent reminder that the clock is ticking and he has been sucked back into this life.

-Does Erwich have a potential weak link in his team? There is at least one man working for him that thinks they are not doing the right thing.

-Erwich is in such a hurry. Why do they have to use the gas today anyway? The ports will reopen eventually and then they can take the canisters to Russia or whoever they want to take them. Why does it have to be today?

-I hope with all my might that the McGill sister storyline has more plot than what we saw in this show and it’s not some hokey cheesy distraction for no reason at all.

-The sister reminds me of some sort of psychotic cross between Mya Driscoll and Kim Bauer. Two people that could never be crossed.

-Lynn and his sister must have been adopted because there is not a single thing about them that is even close

-He shouldn’t have given her the money, then hopefully she would have hurt herself. By the way, that was some terrible acting.

- Lynn is guessing pretty early at the kill zone and numbers for the canisters. Who says that they are not going to release them in very busy places. 1 to 3 miles around a football game, for example, would kill a lot more people than 1 to 3 miles around someone’s house.

-“Chemical Delivery System” – almost sounds harmless, you know, like UPS or something.

-Is Jack being redundant when he asks for a “small team of 4” or is he asking for short agents?

-How does Jack expect Audrey to convince Kim to come into CTU? Knowing Kim as well as we do, she probably resents CTU for taking both her parents away from her, Teri and Jack were both “killed” inside the walls CTU. Now Jack expects Audrey to call the last remaining Bauer and just invite her over for some camomile tea or something? Well, they are going to be telling secrets.

-I guess the guys in Cal’s bike shop have late lunch, all together. Strange.

-WAHO Matha! Probably about the only person who could slap the President and NOT be arrested by secret service.

-Anyone else wonder how long Mike was watching the Logans?

-Mike seems to like that phrase, “an impossible situation”. I’m pretty sure he’s said it before.

-There’s a switch, the President wants to lie to the public and the first lady is trying to convince him otherwise. Usually it’s the President wanting to tell the truth and the 1 st lady telling him he’s nuts (with a few exceptions of course).

-For some reason, I just love how Spencer says “Lobby Guard”.

-Poor guards at Rossler’s building, they are just doing their job. I especially feel bad for LobbyGuard, he had to talk with Jack.

-Is Jack technically still a Federal Agent?

-I thought for sure that “status check blue” meant “Get down here right now and save my sorry ass.

-I thought for sure that was the end of Curtis. He was about the only field agent to survive last year and also is in the cursed position of head of anything at CTU. These kinds of positions seem to attract death and destruction.

-After that big trailer and all the speculation about who was on the other side of the bed that was nothing other than disappointing.

-The only thing that made up for it was Jack’s reaction to her.

-Oooh, good-y. The word of a terrorist. Together with a token it just might get you on a subway.

-You saw Cal, kids. Safety first.

-Line of the Week: Jack to Rossler: “You don’t want to go down this road with me.”

-Few things get Jack as fired up as girls. I almost pity Rossler… almost.

-Does Lynn pull the plug on Jack’s interrogation because they really don’t have time or because he’s WAY late for meeting his sister?

-If Lynn had said he’d be back in a few minutes and wasn’t meeting his sister, we could almost assume it was a bathroom break. Although, he took long enough to get over there that he could have stopped on the way.

-I guess we can assume that Rossler told Curtis where the chip is between the time he told Jack he wasn’t telling and the time he died.

-Oh yeah, Rossler really seems to care for Inessa. Just look at her, can’t you tell?

-Either Edgar enjoys being verbally abused by Chloe or he is happy that Spencer is now out of the picture. Strange match, Chloe and Edgar. Could you imagine the children?

-Can we say suspicious? Walt’s death has Mike’s name written all over it. Mike, as we have seen before, is the kind of guy will do whatever it takes for what he thinks is right for the country. If he truly believed that keeping quiet about the Walt situation was the right thing to do, Walt dying has created a situation where they should keep it quiet since there can now be no consequences. It’s almost surprising Logan didn’t catch on. Palmer would have.

-Does Lynn have any training? All that guy had to do was look at him and he landed on the ground.

-I find it hard to believe that Kim Bauer doesn’t have a cell phone.

-That was the fastest reprogram in history by Rossler. If the chip is ready to do before he dies he did that in about 25 seconds.

-Inessa shooting Rossler in this fashion reminds us, unfortunately, of one of the worst parts of Season 3, when Gael’s wife shot Saunders. Terrible. This is a little more effective but the comparison and similar fashion makes this bad by default.

-The redeeming feature of this scene was Jack jumping in the line of fire so that Inessa doesn’t get shot by the agents. The look of panic and fear on his face reminds us that Jack has been out of this line of work for a while.

-Jack nearly regretted standing in front of the gun, I’m thinking that Inessa would have shot him if he said the wrong thing.

-Inessa’s a good shot. She could have a career as an agent.

-Curtis is just a fountain of information, isn’t he? Not only does he answer the stupid question of Jack’s about Rossler being alive but he sums up the entire last hour in about 2.5 seconds at the worst possible time. Thanks for that.

-You know, I'm kinda glad Walt is dead. It is a bit of revenge for ordering Jack killed at the end of last season. IF Mike did do it, he could have had that and David Palmer's murder in mind when he did.

-To me, this episode felt surprisingly lacklustre for a show that had so much plot development and important points in it. I think that we are slipping back to pre-Tony/Michelle/Palmer season 4 style where the characters just aren’t compelling enough to make us care. Personally, plot wise, the only characters I get excited about are Jack, Tony, Pierce and occasionally Audrey, Buchanan, Chloe and Mike. Anyone else just doesn’t do it, especially if they are alone in a scene. McGill and his scumbag sister, who cares? Logan and his psychotic wife? Doesn’t matter to me. As far as I’m concerned, at this point, there are simply not enough characters that we are invested in as viewers that can keep the ball rolling like Jack can. Hopefully when Tony wakes up he will be carrying his own independent plotline so that more of the show can be spent with characters that are compelling and well developed. In the mean time, I guess we just try and enjoy what we have